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  1. Below is a list of all my extras that are now up for sale. I had shown my basement full of items that needed to be purged last month. Here is the first round of what's available. I will be adding other systems to the list as time goes on. Pictures available upon request for items of interest. I'll get back to folks in order of request so my response may not be immediate, but I will get respond at least within a day or two. Items below currently include: Colecovision Arcadia 2001 Virtual Boy Coleco Telstar Arcade carts OMNI Entertainment System tapes Commodore 64 carts Mattel Aquarius Computer Turbografx 16 games Fairchild Channel F games Vectrex games Magnavox Odyssey 2 Coleco ADAM system in box Astrocade Milton Bradley Microvision handheld Updated 7/28/21 Colecovision - Tested and working Cart, Box, Manual # Price Coleco 2434 Cosmic Avenger 1 $16.00 Coleco 2602 Destructor 1 $23.00 Coleco 2601 Donkey Kong Jr. 2 $15.00 Coleco 2433 Lady Bug 1 $13.00 Coleco 2668 Roc 'n Rope 1 $26.00 Coleco 2443 Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle 1 $10.00 Parker Bros 9800 Q*Bert 1 $22.00 Probe 2000 2153CL War Room 1 $35.00 Cart & Box Coleco 2622 Mr. Do! 1 $17.00 Coleco 2448 Omega Race 1 $20.00 Coleco 2605 Pepper II 1 $14.00 Coleco 2606 Rocky Super Action Boxing 2 SA Overlays 1 $26.00 Coleco 2614 Subroc 1 $14.00 Coleco 2435 Zaxxon 1 $10.00 Activision VS-003 Beamrider 1 $25.00 Parker Bros 9660 Montezuma's Revenge No insert 1 $45.00 Parker Bros 9810 Popeye 1 $12.00 Box Only Coleco 2617 Spy Hunter 1 $70.00 Coleco 2422 Super Action Football 1 $12.00 Parker Bros 9660 Montezuma's Revenge Box top only. 1 $12.00 Cart Only Coleco 2618 2010: The Graphic Action Game 1 $16.00 Coleco 2429 Anarctic Adventure 1 $14.00 Coleco 2430 Burgertime 2 $15.00 Coleco 2682 Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park 1 $8.00 Coleco 2600 Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show 1 $9.00 Coleco 2445 Carnival 1 $3.00 Coleco 2434 Cosmic Avenger 1 $4.00 Coleco 2411 Donkey Kong 8 $3.00 Coleco 2601 Donkey Kong Jr. 4 $5.00 Coleco 2607 Dukes of Hazzard 1 $20.00 Coleco 2613 Frenzy 1 $20.00 Coleco 2650 Front Line 1 $10.00 Coleco 2449 Gorf 2 $6.00 Coleco 2621 Illusions 2 $8.00 Coleco 2439 Ken Uston Blackjack / Poker 1 $5.00 Coleco 2433 Lady Bug 3 $8.00 Coleco 2603 Looping 2 $5.00 Coleco 2622 Mr. Do! 1 $7.00 Coleco 2419 Mouse Trap 6 $5.00 Coleco 2605 Pepper II 1 $5.00 Coleco 2668 Roc 'n Rope 1 $9.00 Coleco 2492 Slither 1 $5.00 Coleco 2697 Smurf Paint 'n Play Workshop 1 $9.00 Coleco 2443 Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle 2 $5.00 Coleco 2415 Space Fury 4 $5.00 Coleco 2447 Space Panic 4 $6.00 Coleco 2491 Super Action Baseball 2 $5.00 Coleco 2632 Tarzan 1 $9.00 Coleco 2633 Time Pilot 1 $8.00 Coleco 2413 Turbo 2 $5.00 Coleco 2417 Venture 3 $5.00 Coleco 2446 Victory 2 $5.00 Coleco 2637 War Games 1 $8.00 Coleco 2435 Zaxxon 1 $5.00 Activision VS-004 Keystone Kapers 1 $22.00 Activision VS-007 Zenji 1 $22.00 Atarisoft 70004 Centipede 3 $7.00 Atarisoft 70006 Galaxian 1 $40.00 Epyx 590 Jumpman Jr. 3 $15.00 Imagic O6611 Dragonfire 1 $35.00 Imagic O6207 Moonsweeper 1 $8.00 Imagic O6607 Nova Blast 1 $12.00 Interphase 2-003 Squish 'em Featuring Sam 1 $11.00 Micro Fun The Heist 1 $9.00 Micro Fun MCL521 Miner 2049er 3 $11.00 Parker Bros 9990 Frogger II: Threedeep! 1 $16.00 Parker Bros 9820 Mr. Do's Castle 1 $43.00 Parker Bros 9810 Popeye 4 $10.00 Parker Bros 9800 Q*Bert 5 $10.00 Parker Bros 9940 Star Wars: The Arcade Game 1 $30.00 Probe 2000 2153CL War Room 1 $6.00 Sega 009-21 Up 'n Down 1 $38.00 Sierra Vision B.C.'s Quest for Tires 1 $17.00 Sierra Vision SLD-902 Sammy Lightfoot 1 $62.00 Spinnaker FMK-CV Facemaker 1 $7.00 Sunrise 1601 Gust Buster 1 $38.00 Sunrise 1605 Mountain King 1 $40.00 Xonox 99022 Artillery Duel 2 $15.00 Xonox 99061 Slurpy 1 $53.00 Manual Only Coleco 2618 2010: The Graphic Action Game Repair Manual 1 $2.00 Coleco 2429 Anarctic Adventure Poster 1 $7.00 Coleco 2669 Congo Bongo 1 $5.00 Coleco 2434 Cosmic Avenger 1 $3.00 Coleco 2411 Donkey Kong 4 $3.00 Coleco 2439 Ken Uston Blackjack / Poker 1 $3.00 Coleco 2433 Lady Bug 1 $3.00 Coleco 2419 Mouse Trap 1 $3.00 Coleco 2492 Slither 1 $3.00 Coleco 2617 Spy Hunter 1 $10.00 Coleco 2422 Super Action Football Playbook 1 $3.00 Coleco 2413 Turbo 1 $3.00 Activision VS-005 H.E.R.O. 1 $12.00 Atarisoft 70004 Centipede 1 $4.00 Atarisoft 70002 Defender 1 $5.00 Atarisoft 70006 Galaxian 1 $10.00 Interphase 2-003 Squish 'em Featuring Sam 1 $5.00 Parker Bros 9800 Q*Bert 1 $3.00 Overlay Only Coleco 2439 Ken Uston Blackjack / Poker 3 $1.00 Coleco 2419 Mouse Trap 4 $1.00 Coleco 2491 Super Action Baseball SA Overlay 2 $3.00 Coleco 2422 Super Action Football SA Overlay 3 $3.00 Coleco 2637 War Games 1 $2.00 Probe 2000 2153CL War Room 2 $1.00 System includes 1 working system with box. Complete with 6 games 1 $175.00 Donkey Kong 1 working system complete with 6 games 1 $150.00 Donkey Kong Jr 1 working system complete with 6 games 1 $150.00 Lady Bug 1 working system complete with 6 games 1 $150.00 Mr Do 1 working system complete 1 $125.00 Smurf Rescue 1 non working base system with bad power supply 1 $50.00 Zaxxon 3 flaky/bad power supply 2 $10.00 3 working controllers 3 $20.00 each 1 Controller box 1 $15.00 8 partial Working/bad controllers 8 $4.00 each 1 Atari Module - Working - with manual 1 $25.00 1 Driving Module - Working 1 $42.00 1 Roller Control - Working 1 $70.00 1 gas pedal - flaky 1 $5.00 1 SA Controller - Working missing ball 1 $17.00 1 SA Controller - partially working - sticky blue & red triggers 1 $17.00 1 SA Controller - Working 1 $27.00 Arcadia 2001 - Untested Emerson 1012 Brain Quiz Cart only 1 $15.00 Emerson 1001 Cat Trax Sealed 2 $35.00 Emerson 1009 Ocean Battle CIB 1 $25.00 Hanimex 1019 Space Mission Sealed 1 $50.00 Virtual Boy - Untested Nintendo 1995 Galactic Pinball Cart Only 1 $35.00 Nintendo 1995 Red Alarm Cart Only 1 $28.00 Nintendo 1995 Teleroboxer CIB 1 $44.00 Coleco Telstar Arcade - Tested and working Coleco Number 1 Cart only 1 $16.00 Coleco Number 2 Cart only 1 $20.00 Coleco Number 3 Cart only 1 $25.00 Coleco Number 4 Cart only 1 $75.00 OMNI Entertainment System - Tested and working Milton Bradley 1980 Sesame Street Tape only 1 $5.00 Milton Bradley 1980 Sesame Street CIB 1 $10.00 Commodore 64 - Tested and working Atari RX8505 Centipede cart only 1 $12.00 Commodore C-64 635 International Soccer cart only 1 $7.00 Commodore C-64 602 Kickman cart only 1 $7.00 HES C537 Minnesota Fats Pool Challenge cart only - no label 1 $3.00 Aquarius Computer Mattel 4023 Advanced D&D: Treasure of Tarmin Box, Manual, & overlays only. 1 $25.00 Mattel 4023 Advanced D&D Manual only 1 $5.00 Mattel 4595 Night Stalker Overlay 1 $1.00 Mattel 4028 Snafu Overlay 2 $1.00 each Turbografx 16 - Tested and working NEC TGX020001 Keith Courage in Alpha Zones Case, Box, Manual 1 $13.00 NEC TGX030064 TV Sports Hockey Complete 1 $16.00 NEC TGX020001 Keith Courage in Alpha Zones No manual 1 $8.00 NEC TGX020021 Pac-Land No manual 1 $20.00 Fairchild Channel F - Tested and working Fairchild C005 Space War CIB 1 $12.00 Fairchild C011 Backgammon / Acey-Deucy Manual only 1 $6.00 Fairchild C012 Baseball Manual only 2 $3.00 Fairchild C002 Desert Fox / Shooting Gallery Manual only 1 $2.00 Fairchild C009 Drag Strip Manual only 1 $2.00 Fairchild 1 System Unit Tested and working - No dust cover - 1 $80.00 Right controller fire button not working All other functions seem to work Vectrex - Tested and working GCE 3633 3D Narrow Escape Cart & Box 1 $120.00 GCE 3302 Berzerk Cart only 1 $12.00 GCE 3102 Rip-Off Cart only 2 $20.00 GCE 3103 Scramble Cart only 1 $12.00 GCE 3306 Spike! Cart only 1 $20.00 GCE 3107 Star Trek: The Motion Picture Cart only 1 $17.00 GCE 3106 Starhawk Cart only 1 $20.00 GCE 3306 Spike! Non Working 1 $5.00 Vectrex System Includes controller, fully working Pickup NW Ohio only - No shipping 1 $320.00 Odyssey 2 - Tested and working Cart, Box, Manual Magnavox AJ9403 Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AJ9404 Bowling! / Basketball! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AB9431 Conquest of the World! Incomplete Pieces 1 $18.00 Magnavox AJ9411 Cosmic Conflict! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AA9423 Electronic Table Soccer! 1 $5.00 Magnavox AJ9402 Football! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AK9414 Invaders From Hyperspace! 1 $5.00 Magnavox AC9447 Killer Bees! 1 $20.00 Magnavox AC9429 The Quest for the Rings! Incomplete Pieces 1 $18.00 Magnavox AC9438 S.I.D. the Spellbinder! 1 $25.00 Magnavox AC9400 Speedway! / Spin Out! / Crypto Logic! 1 $3.00 Cart & Box Magnavox AJ9411 Cosmic Conflict! 1 $3.00 Magnavox AC9443 Keyboard Creations! 1 $20.00 Cart Only Magnavox AC9445 Attack of the Timelord! 2 $7.00 Magnavox AJ9408 Baseball! 1 $2.00 Magnavox AJ9410 Computer Golf! 1 $2.00 Magnavox AC9406 Computer Intro! Partially works 1 $10.00 Magnavox AB9431 Conquest of the World! 1 $10.00 Magnavox AA9423 Electronic Table Soccer! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AJ9402 Football! 1 $3.00 Magnavox AK9420 Hockey! / Soccer! 1 $3.00 Magnavox AC9442 K.C.'s Crazy Chase! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AC9435 K.C. Munchkin! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AJ9401 Las Vegas Blackjack! 1 $3.00 Magnavox AJ9405 Math-a-Magic! / Echo! 2 $3.00 Magnavox AC9439 Nimble Numbers N.E.D.! 1 $7.00 Magnavox AC9437 Pick Axe Pete! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AC9424 Pocket Billiards! 1 $4.00 Magnavox AC9448 Power Lords! 1 $80.00 Magnavox AC9443 P.T. Barnum's Acrobats! 1 $7.00 Magnavox AC9400 Speedway! / Spin Out! / Crypto Logic! 3 $2.00 Magnavox AC9440 Type & Tell! 1 $7.00 Magnavox AB9430 UFO! 3 $3.00 Magnavox AK9417 War of Nerves! 1 $7.00 Imagic 720075-1A Demon Attack 1 $26.00 Manual Only Magnavox AC9445 Attack of the Timelord! 1 $2.00 Magnavox AJ9410 Computer Golf! 1 $1.00 Magnavox AJ9402 Football! 1 $1.00 Magnavox AK9414 Invaders From Hyperspace! 1 $1.00 Magnavox AC9439 Nimble Numbers N.E.D.! Both included Manuals 1 $5.00 Magnavox AC9437 Pick Axe Pete! 1 $1.00 Magnavox AC9424 Pocket Billiards! 1 $1.00 Magnavox AC9440 Type & Tell! 1 $3.00 Magnavox AB9430 UFO! 1 $1.00 1 Magnavox Console, Odyssey 2 (hard wired controllers) In Box w/ power. No inserts 1 $50.00 Magnavox Odyssey 2 Box only 1 $25.00 NAP The Voice! Module 1 $75.00 Coleco ADAM - Untested Coleco 2645 Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom Tape&Case 1 $2.00 Coleco 2628 Donkey Kong Tape&Case 1 $15.00 Coleco Adam Computer in box tested 1 $200.00 working CPU, keyboard, printer, 2 controllers. Tape drive not working Pickup in NW Ohio only, no shipping Astrocade - Tested and working Astrocade 5005 Artillary Duel 1 $3.00 Bally 2007 Bally Pin 1 $15.00 Bally 2004 Clowns / Brickyard 1 $5.00 Astrocade 3002 Football 1 $5.00 Astrovision 2011 Galactic Invasion 1 $12.00 Astrovision 2014 Grand Prix / Demolition Derby 1 $5.00 Astrocade 2017 The Incredible Wizard 1 $15.00 Bally 2003 Panzer Attack / Red Baron 1 $8.00 Bally 2005 Star Battle 1 $4.00 Bally 2005 Star Battle No Label 1 $2.00 Bally 3001 Tornado Baseball / Tennis / Hockey / Handball 1 $2.00 Astrovision Astrocade system - $100.00 No cover - Non working w/ 2 controllers 1 controller working / 1 controller partially working Microvision Handheld - Tested and working - Box, Cart, Manual Milton Bradley 4176 Alien Raiders 1 $15.00 Milton Bradley 4063 Baseball 1 $10.00 Milton Bradley 4971 Connect Four 1 $12.00 Milton Bradley 4177 Cosmic Hunter 1 $30.00 Milton Bradley 4064 Sea Duel includes foam inserts 1 $20.00 Milton Bradley 4973-X2 Star Trek - Phaser Strike includes foam inserts 1 $20.00
  2. I accept PayPal payments, will ship anywhere in the world at the actual cost of shipping using USPS Priority Mail from area code 60056. Any order over $50 should include the purchase of additional USPS Shipping Insurance... completely up to the buyer.. Check out the pics and PM me if interested in any of the items or you have any questions and please include your zip or postal code so that I can work up the shipping costs.. If you live in my area, we can also work out a meet so as to save on shipping cost. For all the following items, I prefer that they be picked up (Chicago suburb just north of O'Hare Airport), but will consider shipping on everything but the monitor. Everything has been tested and working except the TV Wonder Pro card (not tested) as I removed it years ago when I upgraded the Video Card to setup as an emulation/gaming PC. Contents of the Hard Drive are intact. ACE Desktop Computer - $100.00 Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz CPU Intel D865GBF Motherboard CWT 420w ATX Dual Fan Power Supply (3 unused power connections) Mid Tower Case (10 Drive Bays: 4 - 5 1/4", 6 - 3 1/2") 1.48GB RAM Western Digital Caviar Blue 160Gb Serial ATA Hard Drive Pioneer DVD-RW +/- Dual Format Drive CD-RW 32x-10x-40x 3 1/2" 1.44Mb Disk Drive 6 PCI Slots, 1 AGP 8x Slot, 2 SATA, 4 IDE, 1 FDD PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse, 1 Serial, 1 Parallel, 1 VGA, 1 Ethernet, 6 USB, Front/Rear Audio Software: Windows XP Home Edition, Intell Destop Boards, Data Lifeguard, Nero 8, MS Office 2003, PowerDVD 6, Norton SystemWorks 2005, Norton Personal Firewall 2005, NSW 2005 with Ghost v9.0 (backup), PartitionMagic v8.05 (backup), Marvel Ultimate Alliance (CIB), Kaspersky Internet Security (NIB), Social Studies Game Show (CIB), Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum (CIB), Kung-Fu Panda (CIB), Madagascar 2 Escape Africa (CIB) Numerous extra IDE, FDD, Parallel, Power and Audio cables 3 1/2" Disks (11) DVD-ROM driver (not sure of working condition, took out to install DVD-RW) Numerous system, hardware and software manuals Desktop Box with styrofoam and boxes for HD and DVD-RW VisionTek ATI Radeon X1600XT XGE - $30.00 AGP 8x Card 256MB DDR3 Memory Box, manual and installation CD ATI TV Wonder Pro - $15.00 Remote Control Edition Box, Manuals and installation CD Not tested but was working years ago when I removed it from the system
  3. Hi guys. I've been stuck for several days with a flu with only a MacBook laptop, and unable to test Mecha-9 and other games sent to me because the available emulators just doesn't handle VDP nuisances, Megacart and even less Super Game Module. So I ported my private emulator with support for Megacart and Super Game Module, you'll need to download also libSDL 2 from http://www.libsdl.org (there is a chance you should download it, because OS X v10.11.5 somehow doesn't recognize the integrated SDL library) It's pretty simple but it works like a charm at least in my Mac, and you can play any game from the original ones till Pac-Man Collection You need to boot into Terminal for using it, also you must download the BIOS coleco.rom I don't intend to update it in a looong time, so enjoy it! Edit: Sep/02/2020 v0.6.9, now allows to take screenshots while in pause. Also added my game Zombie Near to the pack of included ROMs. Edit: Jun/16/2020 v0.6.8, now allows to reverse joystick interpretation for up/down and left/right, useful with some controllers reported. I hope to not have broken anything in this release. Edit: Jun/13/2020 v0.6.7, now support for random number generation on games like Word Feud (using RAND_GEN from Coleco BIOS). Paused windows doesn't show trash if minimized/maximized or something passes over. Pause shows a message. Added Mecha-9 to the game collection included. Now finally includes libsdl to avoid installing it. Edit: Nov/30/2017 v0.6.6, now Raspberry Pi version included, also added Ctrl+Fn+F4 to save a memory snapshot and Ctrl+Fn+F9 to log PSG values in each frame. (although keys are configurable, Ctrl for these isn't) Edit: May/25/2017 v0.6.5, joysticks are now configurable, support shortcuts for full screen and saves state of it for next time (Mac Cmd+Ctrl+f and Windows Alt+Enter), enhancement of VDP emulation and undocumented modes, correction of execution time for some Z80 instructions, and solved bug where Sammy Lightfoot would crash. Raspberry version not available yet. Edit: Feb/15/2016 v0.6.4, now ADAM keyboard can be fully configured (very useful for users with non-US keyboards), and finally Raspberry version compiled. Edit: Jan/11/2016 v0.6.3, better emulation for Z80 solves pitch problem in speech in Sewer Sam and Squish'Em Sam, keys F4 and F7 are now configurable, Expertype and ADAM Bomb 2 are now working, fixed some ADAM keys for Windows, added 64K RAM expansion for ADAM, fixed bug in joystick support (not tested), added code to show joystick movement when using F7 (show codes). Raspberry not updated in this version because I didn't found my external keyboard Edit: Nov/27/2015 v0.6.2, solves small bugs in Z80 and VDP emulation. Ctrl+Fn+F4 creates debugging snapshots. Allows to use two keys to activate one button (both pressed at same time). Allows for two keys to activate same button (for example two controllers). Raspberry now shows status messages (important for F7 key codes). More keys are configurable: video recording, audio recording, screenshots, enable/disable roller controller. When using Roller Controller the sensitivity has been adjusted (was too fast). Edit: Nov/05/2015 v0.6.1, small bugs fixed. Pause and Reset key couldn't use joystick. Better compression for AVI and safeguard if 2GB limit is reached. PAL switching didn't update BIOS European byte. Able to exit using # and * key at same time (only Raspberry) Edit: Nov/04/2015 v0.6.0, all platforms updated! Added fast startup of Colecovision BIOS, Roller Controller enabled/disabled with only Fn-F5, VIDEO RECORDING!!! using Fn-F6 (AVI with ZMBV codec, playable with VLC Player), support for Right Shift + Enter to exit in Raspberry PI (useful for Retropie). BTW, several people has donated to CoolCV for the Mac version and also for the Raspberry version, including a Raspberry PI (still stuck in snail mail) but I've got another one for the development using the donations Thanks for contributing!!! Edit: Sep/23/2015 v0.5.4, Mac only, allows controller mapping to be changed (creates Documents/coolcv_mapping.txt), changed Fn+F7 to show instead key codes and joystick button codes, support for Super Action Controllers (you need to activate buttons in mapping file). Edit: Sep/01/2015 v0.5.3, Mac only, added Fn+F10 to save PNG screenshots, now also checks for file numbers previously used and doesn't rewrite them. Now also accepts dropping ZIP files, the first ROM/COL/BIN file inside will be used as game ROM Edit: Aug/31/2015 v0.5.2, Mac only, documented Fn+F8 feature to accelerate disk/tape read in ADAM mode. Added new feature to record audio files using Fn+F9, it saves files in your Music folder. Note it reuses numbers if re-run, so copy any files you like. Now you can use Q*Bert sounds for your cellphone calls, for example Edit: Aug/25/2015 v0.5.1, highly experimental Raspberry PI version now available in post #91 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/240800-coolcv-emulator-for-mac-os-x-linux-and-windows/page-4?do=findComment&comment=3307835 Edit: Aug/08/2015 v0.5.1, controllers should feel smoother now. Solves a bug in VDP collision register (failed in Carnival) and also allows to run Super Donkey Kong prototype (1983) deactivating SGM support (it crashed because the game wrote to port 7FH) (now ZIP file includes all platforms) Edit: Jul/31/2015 v0.5 Added keypad support for controller 2 in keyboard and experimental Coleco ADAM support for DSK and DDP (check Read Me file for details) I've tested only SmartBASIC, Dragon's Lair and Donkey Kong Jr. (Aug/01/2015 added Linux and Windows versions) Edit: Jul/29/2015 v0.4 Now supports for controller 2 in keyboard. Higher audio volume. Also implemented support for two joysticks (tested by grips03) with Fn+F7 to switch buttons and now it can launch ROM files (use context menu in your ROM file, select get info, change application to CoolCV, change for all) though not sure why there is a small delay in launching. Jul/30/2015 just added Windows and Linux versions. Edit: Jul/26/2015 Now also compiled for Linux, 32 bits and 64 bits be sure to run the right version. Also you need to drop your ROM file into the window. If it's running slow, make smaller the window. Edit: Jul/25/2015 I compiled this for Windows (very early). Same as Mac version, but you need to drop your ROM file INTO the window. If it's running slow, make smaller the window. Edit: Jul/24/2015 v0.3 I've made this an integrated app for Mac. Now download it, open it, then drag&drop your ROM file over the icon appearing in task bar (bottom of screen). In fact you can put the app in the Launchpad for running it easily (no more command line!!) Edit: Jul/23/2015 v0.2 ok, I didn't resisted the temptation to add window resizing and full screen mode. Snapshot saving/restoring. -pal option. And improved aspect ratio. coolcv_v0.1.zip coolcv_v0.2.zip coolcv_v0.3.zip coolcv_v0.3_win.zip coolcv_v0.3_linux.zip coolcv_v0.4.zip coolcv_v0.4_win.zip coolcv_v0.4_linux.zip coolcv_v0.5.zip coolcv_v0.5_win.zip coolcv_v0.5_linux.zip coolcv_v0.5.1_all.zip coolcv_v0.5.2_mac.zip coolcv_v0.5.3_mac.zip coolcv_v0.5.4_mac.zip coolcv_v0.6.0_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.1_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.2_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.3_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.4_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.5_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.6_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.6_all_extra_games.zip coolcv_v0.6.7_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.8_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.9_almost_all.zip
  4. It was one of the most audacious moves in video game history - when Coleco commandeered Atari's massive game library, giving the already attractive console an even stronger position in the marketplace, challenging the very concept of "console exclusive games". The common belief is that in the ensuing legal battle, Coleco won in court, due to the Atari VCS being built from standard "off the shelf" parts, and thus there was nothing to infringe upon. However, it's a misconception that isn't true. In this video, I tried to correct the record regarding the myth, and to tell the story of Coleco's multiple variations on Atari hardware.
  5. About 2015-2016 Forum user named "Byte Knight" was upgrading Colecovision Flashback unit to what he called "The Ultimate" Is there anyone out there who knows if this person is still doing this and knows how to get in touch with him. This information would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Diwran

    Byte Knight

    About 2016 Forum user named "Byte Knight" was upgrading colecovisin Flashback unite to what he called The Ultimate" Is there anyone out there who knows if this person is still doing this and knows hoe to get in touch with him. This information would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Working on the graphics for a future Electric Adventures release for the MSX, Spectravideo and ColecoVision, a port of Kangaroo in the arcades. Quite a decent multi-screen platform game, that I always enjoyed back in the day. Different aspect ratio, so the layout can't be perfect, but I think this captures the feel of the game so far. More detail to be added to the greenery sections and of course sprites for our main player character, little Joey and Naughty Monkeys to follow. Original arcade screen for reference: More updates to follow...
  8. Refurbished and Composite modded console with 2 controllers with ball knobs and straightened cords and original power supply $199 + shipping Set of black controllers refurbished with ball knobs and straightened cords $60 + shipping Set of Tan (Adam controllers) with ball knobs and straightened cords $50 + shipping. Thank You AtariAge for over 7 years of ColecoVision mods! I've modded over 500 ColecoVision consoles and over 1200 controllers. Feel free to contact via messenger if your looking for any ColecoVision services. ***Newest offering F18A install. $169 + return shipping that's parts and labor. Great mod connect directly to HDTV with VGA port, or use a converter to go from VGA to HDMI. *** Ask about availability of ColecoVision hardware. I may have expansion modules or modded console(s) with or without controllers and power supply. If available Atari expansion module $20, steering wheel $25, Roller Controller $30, RGB modded console (console only) $199. Complete system with RGB, composite, pause, intro skip BIOS, 2 controllers and power supply $329. Plus shipping for all these listed items. RGB mod: Here is a link to a thread in the ColecoVision Forum: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/232809-new-rgb-colecovision-mod/ Here is a quick video I made with cell phone showing the RGB mod connected to the Framemeister and the HD Video Converter on a Vizio LCD TV. RGB mod outputs awesome video signal and dual mono audio through a discreet 8 pin mini din jack on the back of the console. This mod was designed to be used with a RGB to HDMI scaler. The XRGB mini Framemeister and the HD Video Converter (sometimes referred to as Panlong) are my tested and recommend scalers. They provide awesome picture quality on LCD/LED TVs. This RGB mod should also work with any monitor that accepts a 15khz video signal, although I have not tested on any monitors and cannot make any guarantees. https://www.amazon.com/Panlong-Converter-Scaler-Coaxial-Consoles/dp/B00D86UYBS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1420692028&sr=8-1&keywords=scart+hdmi&linkCode=ll1&tag=atariage&linkId=6f51c402c5548c619cfeae00ff569b61 I have also seen them on Ebay for around $43 with free shipping. RGB Cables: Your choice of one of the three cables listed below is included with the RGB mod service. One or both of the other cables can be purchased at the time of service. I won't sell cables separately at a later date. 1. male to male 8 pin mini din cable. This will plug directly into the back of the ColecoVision and directly into the 8 pin mini din jack on the Framemeister. $10 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. 2. male 8 pin mini din to male 21 pin connector wired EURO SCART. For use with the HD Video Converter. $15 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. 3. male 8 pin mini din to male 21 pin connector wired JP-21(Japanese 21) RGB. This will plug into the 8 pin mini to female JP-21 adapter that is included with the Framemeister. $15 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. DIY Composite video Mod board (cord included) Picture below DIY purchase price for mod board with a/v cord included $29 shipped anywhere in the USA. This board was designed and tested for NTSC. The ColecoVision outputs only mono sound and this mod outputs the mono to both left and right. (dual mono). If you choose to buy a Composite modded system from another seller on Ebay, Craigslist ect...make sure they are using the LM318 amp chip and not the transistor mod. The transistor gets super hot and is prone to failure and there are brightness issues. Installation Instructions: ColecoVision DIY Mod Installation.pdf Prices: Repairs requiring chip replacement extra. Console refurbished with no mods. $40 + return shipping. Console refurbished and A/V mod board installed $69 + return shipping, a/v cable included. Console refurbish and RGB mod installed $109 + return shipping. $20 off if you send a working console that I have previously serviced for upgrade. Your choice of 1 of 3 RGB cables listed above is included and the other cables are available for the listed prices. Add composite video mod to RGB modded console for $29 (DIY price with free install) a/v cable included. Controller refurbishing $20 each or 2 for $30 if combined with console refurbish and mod install. Ball knobs and cord straighteneing are free options with controller refurbishing. Intro Skip BIOS $15 and Pause Button $35. Or both together for $40. BIOS and Pause only available additionally with console refurbish and RGB and/or A/V mod. All my mods are shown in this I made, with the exception of the Intro Skip BIOS and RGB. Here is a link to my Intro Skip BIOS thread http://www.atariage....nstall-offered/ and here is a link to my profile. I have links to all my mod threads on my profile. http://www.atariage....r/23318-yurkie/ If you have any questions please feel free to ask. LEDs are now 3mm red. These are much more discreet than the 5mm blue. I added 2 clear LEDs that light up blue. Power LED comes on when power switch is turned on. Pause LED blinks when Pause switch is flipped on. 4 second video showing blinking pause LED. LEDs $15 each. Power Mod: This mod eliminates the unreliable original power supply. A 12V regulated supply with barrel plug is inserted in barrel jack on the back of the console. 5V and -5V are internal. This mod is $50 + return shipping. Power supply may very from pic, but will 6' or longer total length. Pictures for reference. ColecoVision DIY Mod Installation.pdf
  9. I have a large catalog of labels to choose from. I will only produce those labels that I've cleaned up myself. These labels are 100% reproduced by me and printed on high quality sheet labels. The labels are then laminated and computer cut to proper size. You get a peal and stick label that is glossy and smudge proof. I have way too many labels to picture and I have more than just Coleco branded Colecovision labels. Including: Coleco, Atari Soft, Parker Bros., Activision, and many more. Please PM me for my current list of titles and prices. (Many labels are just $2.00 each) Pricing is based on the type of label. Please keep in mind there is a $20.00 minimum purchase (not including shipping charges). Shipping is $7.00 inside the U.S.A. via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping OUTSIDE U.S.A. is $12.00 USPS First Class International mail. I except payment via PayPal only. PM me if you are interested or just have questions. Thanks! P.S. Here's the thread that started all: Colecovision Labels Thread. Again, please PM me for my current list of titles and prices. Update (11/30/2016) Updated description text and picture with new costs.
  10. COLECOVISION GAMES I have the following games and manuals for the ColecoVision. If you're interested in any of the following then simply send me a PM with the list of items you want to purchase and your address and I'll get a shipping quote to you asap. Once you send me your list of items for purchase I will place the items on hold and will mark them as PENDING in the first post of my for sale thread. Discounts will only be locked in once you request a shipping quote. Payment must be made within 3 days of the shipping quote being provided otherwise I will throw the games back out there for sale by removing the PENDING status. Discounts (subject to change at any time) 10% off purchases of 3 to 5 boxed games. 12.5% off purchases of 6 to 9 boxed games. 15% off purchases of 10 or more boxed games. 10% off purchases of 3 to 5 loose games. 12.5% off purchases of 6 to 9 loose games. 15% off purchases of 10 or more loose games. Complete In Box Games North American Buck Rogers (No.2) (water damaged manual & warranty card - box NOT water damaged) - $20 Carnival (No.2) - $14 Cosmic Avenger (No.2) - $10 Cosmic Avenger (No.3) - $10 Fortune Builder - $65 Fraction Fever - $14 Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker (missing overlays) - $10 Looping (No.2) - $14 Pepper II (No.3) - $15 Popeye (No.2) - $7 Subroc - $16 Super Action Football (Canadian) - $35 Tarzan (Telegames) - $15 Venture (No.2) - $10 European Moonsweeper (missing plastic tray) INCREDIBLY RARE - $90 Pitstop - $35 Super Cobra - $40 Time Pilot (UK) - $25 Venture (UK) - $20 Box Only Super Action Football - $7 Cart & Manual Combos AtariSoft <== click on link for photos Jungle Hunt (No.2) - $75 Coleco <== click on link for photos Bump 'n' Jump (Canadian manual) - $25 Dam Busters, The (missing overlays) - $25 Dam Busters, The (Canadian - missing overlays) - $20 Illusions (No.1) - $20 Illusions (No.2) - $18 Rocky Super Action Boxing (missing overlays) - $7 Spy Hunter (missing hand controller overlays & repro cart label) - $35 Super Action Baseball (missing score pad) - $8 Tapper - $45 War Games (missing overlays) - $8 Imagic <== click on link for photos Dragonfire - $75 Moonsweeper (Euro Cart Label) - $20 MicroFun <== click on link for photos Heist, The - $15 Parker Bros. <== click on link for photos Frogger - $8 James Bond 007 - $15 Popeye (No.2) - $7 Q*bert (Euro) - $12 Sega <== click on link for photos Up 'n Down - $75 Spectravideo <== click on link for photos Frantic Freddy - $50 Sunrise Software <== click on link for photos Campaign '84 (No.1) - $25 Campaign '84 (No.2) - $25 Quest for Quintana Roo - $20 Telegames <== click on link for photos Time Pilot (white label - blister pack - sealed) - $6 Xonox Software <== click on link for photos It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - $35 Motocross Racer - $30 Cart Only Activision <== click on link for photos River Raid - $15 CBS European <== click on link for photos Gateway to Apshai (Euro) - $15 Coleco <== click on link for photos Time Pilot - $8 Parker Bros. <== click on link for photos Montezuma' Revenge (Telegames Cart & Label) - $10 Xonox Software <== click on link for photos Artillery Duel (No.1) - $20 Chuck Norris Superkicks (No.1) - $18 Manual Only <== click on link for photos Coleco BurgerTime - $4 Carnival - $1 Front Line - $4 Mr. Do! - $4 Roc'n Rope - $4 Rocky Super Action Boxing - $5 Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle - $4 CBS European Tarzan (No.1) - $3 Tarzan (No.2) - $2 Micro Fun The Heist - $4 Parker Bros. Frogger - $4 Mr. Do!'s Castle - $15 Other Items for Sale Retro Video Game Magazine Issue No. 4 Back issue in perfect condition: US$9 US$7 US$6 US$5 Shipping and Payment Unless otherwise stated, shipping will be at actual cost with no mark-up or handling fee. If you're interested in one or more items then please PM me your name and address and I will send you a shipping quote. I accept payment by PayPal in US Dollars or by Cheque in Canadian Dollars (conversion rate will be based on the rate used by PayPal on the day of the sale).
  11. OK, reality sucks, but I am giving in to the inevitable and putting a donation button on my ADAM page. Although last time I paid for hosting and domain registration, I signed up for three years, my package runs out in 2022 and I will have to come up with money to renew or just let the whole thing go. If you're feeling generous at any point, go there and find the DONATION button at www.sacnews.net/adamcomputer.
  12. Hi guys. I am creating this thread to post general announcements not related to games or hardware. First news: the website has been and now it has our release schedule for 2016. We also have waiting lists for our upcoming games. Please, check it out! www.opcodegames.com
  13. I´m have two facts in Colecovision history what I don´t find anywhere: - What year Eric Bromley was hired by Coleco? - Year what Coleco created your P&D departament? Someone know?
  14. Complete ColecoVision Adam for sale - $265 CAD/$210 US + Shipping or Local Pick-up Tested today and working. Hardware includes printer, main console, keyboard, and one controller. Monitor is not included, however I will provide cable and instructions to connect (any monitor with composite video and audio in / separate speakers will work). Software includes Buck Rogers, SmartLogo (in box w/ manual) and Carnival cartridge. SmartLogo is a great introduction to programming for young learners! The printer works as a power supply and moves, however is no longer suitable for printing. The tape drive is working well.
  15. Sale prices now listed. OFFERS STILL WELCOME on anything, worst that can happen is no thanks. Shipping will be additional, and deals can be worked out for multiples. Currently, everything is listed "for offer" - I've gotten most, if not all, the game details straight, but am still just starting to research prices some of these have sold for. All ColecoVision games, all from CollectorVision. Any more specifics needed, please PM. Everything is CIB and in very good/excellent condition unless noted otherwise. 1 - Bagman (US arcade box) - SOLD 2 - Bomb Jack (US arcade box) - SOLD 3 - Bomb'n Blast (newer 2013 release, US arcade) - $100 4 - Caterpillar S.O.S. - SOLD 5 - Castle boxset (The Castle & Castle Excellent, sealed) - SOLD 6 - Comic Bakery (US artwork) - SOLD 7 - Computer Space & Pong boxset (sealed) - SOLD 8 - Digger - SOLD 9 - Drol - SOLD 10 - Dungeon & Trolls (US artwork) - $65 11 - Earth Defend 2083 (CBS) - SOLD 12 - Electric Adventures Classics (US arcade artwork) - $65 13 - Elevator Action (US arcade) - $125 14 - Flapee Byrd (yellow cart) - SOLD 15 - Galaga (US arcade) - SOLD 15a - Galaxian (US arcade, didn't realize I had this one also) - $100 16 - Hang-On (US arcade) - SOLD 17 - Heli Fire (US arcade) - SOLD 18 - Hole in One - $50 19 - Jawbreaker II - SOLD 20 - Jumpland (CBS) - SOLD 21 - Kung-Fu Master (sealed) - $90 22 - Light Grid Racing (sketch artwork, signed, sealed with hole in the middle of the back) - $150 23 - Lode Runner (US arcade) - SOLD 24 - Mario Bros. (standard gray CollectorVision box, green cart) - SOLD 25 - MazezaM (sealed) - $50 26 - Memotech MTX Series Vol. 1 - $65 27 - Mindwalls (US arcade) - $65 28 - Moon Patrol (US arcade) - SOLD 29 - Mr. Chin (2013 re-release, US arcade) - SOLD 30 - Nibbli Son of Nibbler (US arcade) - $65 31 - Pippols - SOLD 32 - Rip Cord - $80 33 - Robee Blaster (US arcade) - SOLD 34 - Roller Ball (US arcade) - $100 35 - SASA - $50 36 - Side Trak (US arcade) - $65 37 - Smurf Challenge - SOLD 38 - So, You Want to Be a Knight? - $50 39 - Spunky's Super Car! (US artwork) - SOLD 40 - Star Soldier - SOLD 41 - Starship Defence Force (CBS) - $45 42 - Strip Poker - SOLD 43 - Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe (sealed, standard limited edition, not Expo edition) - SOLD 44 - Tank Challenge (US artwork) - $55 45 - Telebunny (US artwork) - SOLD 46 - The Way of the Exploding Foot (CBS) - SOLD 47 - Zanac (CBS) - SOLD For OFFER: Dragon's Lair for the TI. Check out the thread if you don't know about already, for full details: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/287760-dragons-lair-is-sold-out/
  16. Does anyone know anything about the multi-cart that John Lester is playing with in this video? It appears to be by Sean Kelly, but John says it's got 154 ROMs on it, and on the menu screen we see "The Ultimate Multi-Cart". John says he picked this up at the Vegas CGE (I assume the 2010 expo). This particular multi-cart is not listed among the multi-carts in NIAD's Collector List so I just want to know if this is a previously undocumented product, maybe a CGE exclusive, and/or if it's a Sean Kelly creation.
  17. Edit - this has been spoken for, thanks for the interest! I was going to sell off the rest of my Colecovision collection with a spare Colecovision console, driving console and Atari 2600 expansion module as a group deal, but as it turns out my spare Colecovision console has some issues (should have tested it 30 years ago!). The initial screen looks OK, but the graphics get more and more garbled the deeper you go. It happens on other games too, like Donkey Kong (screenshot attached to show issue, Donkey Kong is not a part of this package). Perhaps it needs a thorough cleaning or a replacement of one of the components, I'm not sure. I tested the driving controller with Turbo to make sure it works, and it does. Only after I tested it I found out that the pedal controller wasn't robustly designed to be played 40 years after it was introduced - the screws holding the top and the bottom both fell out because the plastic screw holes cracked. It should still be possible to use it, you just have to either gorilla glue the screws back together or use a rubber band around the pedal (or use a replacement pedal control). I'm also throwing in the Atari 2600 expansion module (it works fine!) just because I have 8 other ways of playing my Atari 2600 collection on the TV. Basically with a wonky Colecovision and wonky Colecovision pedal I don't see this stuff selling for anything meaningful - only as a refurb project or for parts. So I'm seeing if anyone wants this for free. All I ask is you pay shipping via UPS ground (Box is 18x16x10, weight is ~18 pounds, and will ship from Bend, OR 97702). Or if you can drive to Bend, OR you can pick it up for free. Should you be interested, you will receive: Colecovision game console (has some graphical glitches, unsure of cause) 2 Colecovision joysticks 1 Colecovision Power Supply Colecovision Atari 2600 expansion module #1 (works) Colecovision Atari 2600 expansion module #1 manual Driving expansion module #2 (gas pedal screws are broken but theoretically is still useable, driving control itself tested to work) with styrofoam enclosure and box Driving expansion module #2 instructions 4 new C batteries Turbo game cartridge (this is the only game included and was part of the driving expansion module) Turbo game cartridge manual
  18. EDIT: I put everything on ebay after the initial interest. Sorry! I built up quite a collection of pre-crash consoles and games back when I was heavily hitting thrift stores in the late 80's & early 90's, but I've decided to pare down my many consoles, primarily the ones I collected "just because they were there". My old Intellivision collection is now running frolicing on various retro game farms across the country, and next up is my ColecoVision collection. I have no boxes for any of these. Everything has been tested and verified to work with an original ColecoVision. Anything I don't sell here I'll put on Ebay. I've taken copious pictures and made youtube videos of all of thse cartridges - I am assuming this is enough for you to determine the quality of each item. If you have any questions, please ask! I certainly do not want you to receive something in a condition you were not expecting. PAYMENT NOTE: I'll be asking for payment via paypal - we can share details in PM's. SHIPPING: Up to 2 cartridges will be $8 shipping via USPS small flat rate box. 3-30 cartridges will be $15 shipping via medium flat rate box. Anything more would be in a large flat rate box ($20). All contents will be wrapped in bubble wrap. As of now I only plan on shipping where flat rate boxes will go (which I believe is just the continental USA). I will typically ship no later than the Saturday following receipt of payment. I also have some youtube videos where I show each cartridge/overlay/manual. The games are shown alphabetically: ColecoVision Games #-D ColecoVision Games F-L ColecoVision Games M-R ColecoVision Games S ColecoVision Games T-Z I also have a Colecovision Expansion Module #1 with Manual, which allows you to play Atari 2600 games on your Colecovision - $20 + 15 shipping USPS medium flat rate (can also fit some of the games below in here) Games - Unless noted, these are loose cartridges only. Prices do not include shipping. 2010 w/1 overlay ($15) Activision Decathalon ($13) BC Quest for Tires ($18) Beamrider ($15) Blockade Runner ($13) Buck Rogers w/Manual (2 screwholes visible on top of cartridge) ($8) Bump N Jump ($22) BurgerTime ($15) Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park ($10) Campaign '84 ($25) Carnival w/Manual ($5) Centipede w/Manual ($8) Chuck Norris SuperKicks ($15) Congo Bongo ($13) Cosmic Avenger w/Manual ($5) Defender ($13) Destructor w/Manual ($10) Donkey Kong w/Manual ($7) Donkey Kong Junior w/Manual ($6) Donkey Kong Junior (PAL, runs on NTSC) (1 screwhole visible on top of cartridge) ($6) Dr. Seuss Fix up the mix-up ($14) Fortune Builder ($22) Fraction Fever ($11) Frogger w/Manual ($11) Frogger II (screwhole visible on top of cartridge) ($12) Front Line ($8) Galaxian ($40) Gateway to Apshai ($11) Gorf w/Manual ($10) Gyruss ($17) It's Only Rock N Roll ($33) James Bond 007 ($16) Jumpman Junior ($15) Jungle Hunt ($38) Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker w/Manual w/2 overlays ($6) Keystone Kapers ($23) Ladybug w/Manual ($5) Linking Logic (writing on label) ($29) Looping w/Manual ($5) Miner 2049'er ($10) Montezuma's Revenge ($26) Moonsweeper ($17) Mouse Trap w/Manual w/2 overlays ($5) Mr Do's Castle ($37) Mr. Do! ($9) Omega Race ($8) Pepper II ($7) Pitfall II w/Manual ($22) Pitfall! (2 screwholes visible on top of cartridge) ($14) Pitstop ($10) Popeye w/Manual ($12) Q*Bert ($7) River Raid ($15) Robin Hood ($28) Roc N Rope ($10) Rocky Super Action Boxing ($10) Sir Lancelot ($27) Skiing w/Manual ($395) (This seems to be a pretty rare one!) Slither ($8) Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle w/Manual ($6) Space Fury w/Manual ($6) Space Panic w/Manual ($6) Spy Hunter ($41) Squish 'Em Sam ($10) Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator ($20) Star Wars the Arcade Game ($26) Subroc ($6) Super Action Baseball ($5) Super Action Football ($8) Tapper (Root Beer Tapper) ($35) Tarzan (side label looks like it could use some glue but is still on) ($11) The Dukes of Hazzard ($17) The Heist ($12) Threshold ($49) Time Pilot w/Manual ($9) Tournament Tennis with 1 page Manual ($24) Turbo w/Manual ($5) Venture w/Manual ($5) Victory ($8) War Room w/ 1 overlay ($12) Wargames ($8) Wing War ($25) Zaxxon w/2 manuals ($5) Pictures of everything - Expansion Module #1 with Manual Games - #-D Games - F-L Games - M-R Games - S (Including Skiing) Games - T-Z
  19. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my colecovision. It worked fine when I used it last week, but when I tried to play some pepper II the screen started messing up. I've attached a video. Does anyone know what causes this issue? It's not the RF cable. VID_20210215_224823.mp4
  20. I have a copy of Telegames Skiing for ColecoVision up for auction on ebay. Tested and verified to work - opening bid is $200. Good luck! https://www.ebay.com/itm/133677651723 Also I still have 28 games left of my old ColecoVision collection that are available as buy it now, prices from $5-$40. https://www.ebay.com/itm/28-Different-Colecovision-Games/133671035186
  21. Hi everyone c: I did this conversion of "Despacito" for MSX/Colecovision/Intellivision tonight, and I wanted to show it to all of you. I add the .bas file to compile on Intybasic and listen on your Intellivision. Enjoy. I will post here more of my works later. Check more of them on http://adan.eu.pn/ Despacito.bas
  22. Did you really think it was over? Sydney Hunter will makes its returns in a brand new adventure! - Direct sequel to Sacred Tribe! - Twice bigger and badder! - More features! - More enemies! - More music! - More everything! Release date: When it's done **Works in progress
  23. I don't have my CV console for testing so it's being sold as-is. Box is in great shape... no rips or tears. Plus shipping from 80138. Thank you.
  24. ~Beware... something evil is coming soon for your ColecoVision!
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