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Found 286 results

  1. Refurbished and Composite modded console with 2 controllers with ball knobs and straightened cords and original power supply $199 + shipping Set of black controllers refurbished with ball knobs and straightened cords $60 + shipping Set of Tan (Adam controllers) with ball knobs and straightened cords $50 + shipping. Thank You AtariAge for over 7 years of ColecoVision mods! I've modded over 500 ColecoVision consoles and over 1200 controllers. Feel free to contact via messenger if your looking for any ColecoVision services. ***Newest offering F18A install. $169 + return shipping that's parts and labor. Great mod connect directly to HDTV with VGA port, or use a converter to go from VGA to HDMI. *** Ask about availability of ColecoVision hardware. I may have expansion modules or modded console(s) with or without controllers and power supply. If available Atari expansion module $20, steering wheel $25, Roller Controller $30, RGB modded console (console only) $199. Complete system with RGB, composite, pause, intro skip BIOS, 2 controllers and power supply $329. Plus shipping for all these listed items. RGB mod: Here is a link to a thread in the ColecoVision Forum: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/232809-new-rgb-colecovision-mod/ Here is a quick video I made with cell phone showing the RGB mod connected to the Framemeister and the HD Video Converter on a Vizio LCD TV. RGB mod outputs awesome video signal and dual mono audio through a discreet 8 pin mini din jack on the back of the console. This mod was designed to be used with a RGB to HDMI scaler. The XRGB mini Framemeister and the HD Video Converter (sometimes referred to as Panlong) are my tested and recommend scalers. They provide awesome picture quality on LCD/LED TVs. This RGB mod should also work with any monitor that accepts a 15khz video signal, although I have not tested on any monitors and cannot make any guarantees. https://www.amazon.com/Panlong-Converter-Scaler-Coaxial-Consoles/dp/B00D86UYBS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1420692028&sr=8-1&keywords=scart+hdmi&linkCode=ll1&tag=atariage&linkId=6f51c402c5548c619cfeae00ff569b61 I have also seen them on Ebay for around $43 with free shipping. RGB Cables: Your choice of one of the three cables listed below is included with the RGB mod service. One or both of the other cables can be purchased at the time of service. I won't sell cables separately at a later date. 1. male to male 8 pin mini din cable. This will plug directly into the back of the ColecoVision and directly into the 8 pin mini din jack on the Framemeister. $10 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. 2. male 8 pin mini din to male 21 pin connector wired EURO SCART. For use with the HD Video Converter. $15 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. 3. male 8 pin mini din to male 21 pin connector wired JP-21(Japanese 21) RGB. This will plug into the 8 pin mini to female JP-21 adapter that is included with the Framemeister. $15 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. DIY Composite video Mod board (cord included) Picture below DIY purchase price for mod board with a/v cord included $29 shipped anywhere in the USA. This board was designed and tested for NTSC. The ColecoVision outputs only mono sound and this mod outputs the mono to both left and right. (dual mono). If you choose to buy a Composite modded system from another seller on Ebay, Craigslist ect...make sure they are using the LM318 amp chip and not the transistor mod. The transistor gets super hot and is prone to failure and there are brightness issues. Installation Instructions: ColecoVision DIY Mod Installation.pdf Prices: Repairs requiring chip replacement extra. Console refurbished with no mods. $40 + return shipping. Console refurbished and A/V mod board installed $69 + return shipping, a/v cable included. Console refurbish and RGB mod installed $109 + return shipping. $20 off if you send a working console that I have previously serviced for upgrade. Your choice of 1 of 3 RGB cables listed above is included and the other cables are available for the listed prices. Add composite video mod to RGB modded console for $29 (DIY price with free install) a/v cable included. Controller refurbishing $20 each or 2 for $30 if combined with console refurbish and mod install. Ball knobs and cord straighteneing are free options with controller refurbishing. Intro Skip BIOS $15 and Pause Button $35. Or both together for $40. BIOS and Pause only available additionally with console refurbish and RGB and/or A/V mod. All my mods are shown in this I made, with the exception of the Intro Skip BIOS and RGB. Here is a link to my Intro Skip BIOS thread http://www.atariage....nstall-offered/ and here is a link to my profile. I have links to all my mod threads on my profile. http://www.atariage....r/23318-yurkie/ If you have any questions please feel free to ask. LEDs are now 3mm red. These are much more discreet than the 5mm blue. I added 2 clear LEDs that light up blue. Power LED comes on when power switch is turned on. Pause LED blinks when Pause switch is flipped on. 4 second video showing blinking pause LED. LEDs $15 each. Power Mod: This mod eliminates the unreliable original power supply. A 12V regulated supply with barrel plug is inserted in barrel jack on the back of the console. 5V and -5V are internal. This mod is $50 + return shipping. Power supply may very from pic, but will 6' or longer total length. Pictures for reference. ColecoVision DIY Mod Installation.pdf
  2. I accept PayPal payments, will ship anywhere in the world at the actual cost of shipping using USPS Priority Mail from area code 60056. Any order over $50 should include the purchase of additional USPS Shipping Insurance... completely up to the buyer.. Check out the pics and PM me if interested in any of the items or you have any questions and please include your zip or postal code so that I can work up the shipping costs.. If you live in my area, we can also work out a meet so as to save on shipping cost. If you have any questions, such as condition of boxes, just ask. I will provide details and time permitting, individual pics. Also, always open for discussion re. pricing or quantity discounts. ColecoVision Cartridges C B M O (C = Cart, B = Box, M = Manual, O = Overlay(s) x x x 25.00 Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom x x x 35.00 BurgerTime x x x 40.00 Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park x x x x 35.00 Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show x x x 25.00 Campaign '84 (Silver Box/Gold Label) x x x 45.00 Congo Bongo x x x 25.00 Destructor x x x 200.00 Donkey Kong x x x 200.00 DragonFire x x x x 35.00 Front Line x x x 35.00 Illusions x x x 50.00 Roc'N Rope x x x 40.00 Tarzan x x x 120.00 Victory (extremely rare "ColecoVision Presents" cartridge label with common CV & ADAM Box) x x x 35.00 Victory (CBS Software version) x x x x 30.00 WarGames x 12.00 B.C. II: Grog's Revenge (B/W Alt. Label) x x 15.00 Dam Busters, The (Canadian Title Screens) CONTROLLERS, ATTACHMENTS & ACCESSORIES 100.00 Hand Controller (Black) (CIB)
  3. I want this stuff gone so make an offer if you see something you like everything works fine unless noted I'll be getting pictures posted as the day goes on prices do not include shipping atari 2600 6 switch av mod, 2 atari nice atari controllers, paddles, 2 keyboard controllers, atari ac, 28 games 90 (pictured system and games (krull and galaxian aren't included) power led added 4 switch, 2 nice atari controllers, 10 games 25 (the games are commons, dk, combat, space invader etc) Private eye 10 Adventure 7 crazy climiber (rough label, no end label ) 25 7800 dark chamber 6 xevoious 4 karateka 4 robotron 5 atari 800 super cobra no label 6 cassette drive with some thorn emi software (one game) the drive works but doesn't rewind 7 colecovision system with 2 good controllers, ac adapter and the following games dk, dkjr, pitstop, baseball, q bert, defender, , miner 2049er sewer sam and a repro flipper slipper 80 adam keyboard, works, escape key and a function key are broken off, but included so the can be repaired 10 printer, supplies power, doesn't type 10 cassette vision games cart only yosaku 10 battlevader 10 galaxian 10 big sports 12 10 monster mansion 10 monster block 40 cib astro command 25 galaxian 15 pak pak monster 15 gakken tv boy games mr bomb 70 super cobra 110 memorex vis with controller and 4 games(if they can be called that), missing outer part of power switch works fine though 225 intellivision thunder castle in box 45 (on hold) commando cart only 18 shark shark cib 12 studio 2 lot pictured games plus extra black jack 15 tec toy master system games all cib rambo 20 shooting gallery x2 15 afterburner 20 4 switch 2600 console shells 1 dollar apeice 3rd party atari compatible controllers 1 missing boot atari controllers 2 nice 2600 controllers 3 sega genesis menacers all are tested and working (no games included) complete unit (damage to one eye piece rail) 15 gun, stock, sensor 10 gun only 5 remember, I will be quick to take offers on this stuff, I want to clear it out
  4. That's right!! A great news for the whole ColecoVision community! CollectorVision found & preserved another unreleased game! This game has NEVER been dumped before and this is the only cartridge in existence! The game is not a prototype, it's the full game We're going to post more informations about this awesome find, soon!
  5. I recognize I’m late to all of this, but is there anywhere/way to get a modded Jaguar controller for Colecovision? I recently got ahold of the SGM and a dozen or so games, love them! ...but, the standard and SAC don’t quite cut it with those games and I feel like the Jaguar controller is where Coleco would’ve went to. I’ve found a handful of pics online, but no solid contact. The below image is perfect, if it’s real. Thanks!
  6. Sale prices now listed. OFFERS STILL WELCOME on anything, worst that can happen is no thanks. Shipping will be additional, and deals can be worked out for multiples. Currently, everything is listed "for offer" - I've gotten most, if not all, the game details straight, but am still just starting to research prices some of these have sold for. All ColecoVision games, all from CollectorVision. Any more specifics needed, please PM. Everything is CIB and in very good/excellent condition unless noted otherwise. 1 - Bagman (US arcade box) - SOLD 2 - Bomb Jack (US arcade box) - $65 3 - Bomb'n Blast (newer 2013 release, US arcade) - $100 4 - Caterpillar S.O.S. - $100 5 - Castle boxset (The Castle & Castle Excellent, sealed) - SOLD 6 - Comic Bakery (US artwork) - $60 7 - Computer Space & Pong boxset (sealed) - $150 8 - Digger - SOLD 9 - Drol - $75 10 - Dungeon & Trolls (US artwork) - $65 11 - Earth Defend 2083 (CBS) - SOLD 12 - Electric Adventures Classics (US arcade artwork) - $65 13 - Elevator Action (US arcade) - $125 14 - Flapee Byrd (yellow cart) - SOLD 15 - Galaga (US arcade) - SOLD 15a - Galaxian (US arcade, didn't realize I had this one also) - $100 16 - Hang-On (US arcade) - SOLD 17 - Heli Fire (US arcade) - $65 18 - Hole in One - $50 19 - Jawbreaker II - SOLD 20 - Jumpland (CBS) - SOLD 21 - Kung-Fu Master (sealed) - $90 22 - Light Grid Racing (sketch artwork, signed, sealed with hole in the middle of the back) - $150 23 - Lode Runner (US arcade) - SOLD 24 - Mario Bros. (standard gray CollectorVision box, green cart) - SOLD 25 - MazezaM (sealed) - $50 26 - Memotech MTX Series Vol. 1 - $65 27 - Mindwalls (US arcade) - $65 28 - Moon Patrol (US arcade) - SOLD 29 - Mr. Chin (2013 re-release, US arcade) - SOLD 30 - Nibbli Son of Nibbler (US arcade) - $65 31 - Pippols - $100 32 - Rip Cord - $80 33 - Robee Blaster (US arcade) - $70 34 - Roller Ball (US arcade) - $100 35 - SASA - $50 36 - Side Trak (US arcade) - $65 37 - Smurf Challenge - SOLD 38 - So, You Want to Be a Knight? - $50 39 - Spunky's Super Car! (US artwork) - SOLD 40 - Star Soldier - $60 41 - Starship Defence Force (CBS) - $45 42 - Strip Poker - $65 43 - Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe (sealed, standard limited edition, not Expo edition) - SOLD 44 - Tank Challenge (US artwork) - $55 45 - Telebunny (US artwork) - $75 46 - The Way of the Exploding Foot (CBS) - SOLD 47 - Zanac (CBS) - $75 For OFFER: Dragon's Lair for the TI. Check out the thread if you don't know about already, for full details: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/287760-dragons-lair-is-sold-out/
  7. As you may (or might not) know, Coleco was supposed to release Vanguard for the ColecoVision back in the 80s It sadly became one of the many vaporware announced by Coleco For years, CollectorVision strived to release prototypes, unreleased and vaporware games announced by former Coleco In fact, we made it our very own commitment! Well, today I'm happy to announce yet another former vaporware game! That's right! We're finally bringing Vanguard to the ColecoVision, and we're very proud to bring you to MOST ACCURATE home conversion of Vanguard! It even includes the famous original speech synthesis, music and sfx We're also not afraid to tell you it compares in term of quality to Pac Man Collection and Mario Bros CV version, in other words..... it's arcade perfect! Yes, it is that much good!! The cartridge is 128K and is packed with full goodness! What else can I say, other than you'll have to play it to believe it! ''The best is yet to come''
  8. ~Beware... something evil is coming soon for your ColecoVision!
  9. Hi everyone c: I did this conversion of "Despacito" for MSX/Colecovision/Intellivision tonight, and I wanted to show it to all of you. I add the .bas file to compile on Intybasic and listen on your Intellivision. Enjoy. I will post here more of my works later. Check more of them on http://adan.eu.pn/ Despacito.bas
  10. I already know about Colecovision Box Art http://www.colecoboxart.com/colecovision_repro.htm However I could not find on the site specifics. I wanted to start production of my own boxart and labels for my upcoming games and I was hoping that somone on Atari age could give me already produced formulas. Maybe some sample material ect... Label Dimensions? Font if any...Type of label maybe current product you use. Sticky, how many colors? Printer type? Then the same with Boxes and Manuals. I wanted to be as authentic to the original Colecovision but using modern materials and printers even if I have to buy them instead of outsourcing. Come on guys, you have been doing this a long time. TIA Keep Homebrewing alive.
  11. I was looking over NIAD's CV/ADAM rarity list, and I noticed that it doesn't yet account for Epyx box variants. Cartridge variations for Pitstop are noted, however. I have a one-piece box for Pitstop and a two-piece box for Gateway to Apshai. I know for sure that there is a two-piece Pitstop box. Can anyone else confirm variants for Apshai or Jumpman Junior?
  12. Looking for an above average example of Q*Bert for ColecoVision. Obviously Parker Brothers labels are hard to find in nice shape and even harder to find mint. I'm not usually THIS picky, especially for a cheap and common game, but this is my favorite game for the system and i'd like to have a really nice example. If you have something you are willing to part with that's got a super clean (as far as parker bros goes) label, PM me with some pictures and your asking price. Bonus if it's got a box and manual! -J
  13. **Offers accepted until Thursday, August 29, 2019 @ 10:05 PM Eastern Time** So I've got one (1) each of my newest design, custom ColecoVision standard hand controllers and Spectravideo SV-103 controllers for which I'm accepting offers. If you are interested in any, please post a reply in this thread regarding which controller(s) you are interested in, along with your offer. A "starting offer" highlighted in yellow is where I'll start accepting offers, and a controller with a "current offer" highlighted in green would need to have an increase in offer of at least $5. Shipping will be an additional $10 (per controller) within the USA and about $17 to Canada, combined shipping is offered and would be calculated after the offer period is over. With all that out of the way, a bit of information regarding the possibility of more of each of these controllers being made/offered in the future. As these are all "new" designs I would of course be happy to make more of these if they were requested, probably with a pre-order scenario as I've done before. Unfortunately the availability of the dye I use is becoming more and more of a pain in the butt. The light blue and orange used here in Donkey Kong (RS), Gorf, and Popeye were from way back in 2009 when I made the original Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Junior controllers. I dyed a few extra housing/buttons back then (to use the remaining dye), and I was able to decant the light blue and spray new, the Gorf controller last week from the 1 partial can I had left. But that is all for these two colors without a new custom (expensive) order. Additionally the yellow dye used here in Pac-Man Plus, which use to be a stock color, is no longer available, without a new custom (expensive) order. So of these 6 new designs only Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom and Carnival can be easily reproduced. The other 4 may only ever see these 1 off customs get made, with no more produced. There would need to be a large demand/pre-order quantity to justify the cost of the custom dye with their new color match fee. Current offer Standard ColecoVision hand controllers: Carnival - $115.00 - CanadianTenor Donkey Kong (Radar Scope Conversion) - $200.00 - CanadianTenor Pac-Man Plus - $135.00 - CanadianTenor Popeye - $185.00 - CanadianTenor Spectravideo SV-103: Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom - $55.00 - Loafer ** There is a small chip out of the upper half housing at the front corner near the base buttons which is the reason for the lower starting offer. I'll post a pic later tonight detailing this. If no one is interested because of this defect, I understand and I will hold onto it until I can get a hold of another donor controller to replace this piece. ** Here's the chip I was referring to: Gorf - $160.00 - CanadianTenor
  14. COLECOVISION GAMES I have the following games and manuals for the ColecoVision. If you're interested in any of the following then simply send me a PM with the list of items you want to purchase and your address and I'll get a shipping quote to you asap. Once you send me your list of items for purchase I will place the items on hold and will mark them as PENDING in the first post of my for sale thread. Discounts will only be locked in once you request a shipping quote. Payment must be made within 3 days of the shipping quote being provided otherwise I will throw the games back out there for sale by removing the PENDING status. Discounts (subject to change at any time) 10% off purchases of 3 to 5 boxed games. 12.5% off purchases of 6 to 9 boxed games. 15% off purchases of 10 or more boxed games. 10% off purchases of 3 to 5 loose games. 12.5% off purchases of 6 to 9 loose games. 15% off purchases of 10 or more loose games. Complete In Box Games North American Buck Rogers (No.2) (water damaged manual & warranty card - box NOT water damaged) - $20 Bump 'n' Jump (No.2 - missing manual) - $30 Carnival (No.2) - $14 Chuck Norris Superkicks - $45 Cosmic Avenger (No.2) - $10 Cosmic Avenger (No.3) - $10 Destructor - $15 Fortune Builder - $65 Fraction Fever - $14 Heist, The - $30 Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker - $10 Looping (No.2) - $14 Pepper II (No.3) - $15 Popeye (No.2) - $7 Spy Hunter - $95 Subroc - $16 Super Action Football (Canadian) - $35 Tarzan (Telegames) - $15 Venture (No.2) - $10 European Moonsweeper (missing plastic tray) INCREDIBLY RARE - $90 Pitstop - $35 Super Cobra - $40 Time Pilot (UK) - $25 Venture (UK) - $20 Box Only Super Action Football - $7 Cart & Manual Combos AtariSoft <== click on link for photos Jungle Hunt (No.2) - $75 Coleco <== click on link for photos Bump 'n' Jump (Canadian manual) - $25 Dam Busters, The (missing overlays) - $25 Dam Busters, The (Canadian - missing overlays) - $20 Illusions (No.1) - $20 Illusions (No.2) - $18 Rocky Super Action Boxing (missing overlays) - $7 Spy Hunter (No.1) - $75 Spy Hunter (No.2 - missing hand controller overlays & repro cart label) - $35 Super Action Baseball (missing score pad) - $8 Tapper - $45 War Games (missing overlays) - $8 Imagic <== click on link for photos Dragonfire - $75 Moonsweeper (Euro Cart Label) - $20 MicroFun <== click on link for photos Heist, The - $15 Parker Bros. <== click on link for photos Frogger - $8 James Bond 007 - $15 Popeye (No.2) - $7 Q*bert (Euro) - $12 Sega <== click on link for photos Up 'n Down - $75 Spectravideo <== click on link for photos Frantic Freddy - $50 Sunrise Software <== click on link for photos Campaign '84 (No.1) - $25 Campaign '84 (No.2) - $25 Quest for Quintana Roo - $20 Telegames <== click on link for photos Fathom - $20 Time Pilot (white label - blister pack - sealed) - $6 Xonox Software <== click on link for photos It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - $35 Motocross Racer - $30 Cart Only Activision <== click on link for photos River Raid - $15 CBS European <== click on link for photos Gateway to Apshai (Euro) - $15 Coleco <== click on link for photos Time Pilot - $8 Parker Bros. <== click on link for photos Montezuma' Revenge (Telegames Cart & Label) - $10 Xonox Software <== click on link for photos Artillery Duel (No.1) - $20 Chuck Norris Superkicks (No.1) - $18 Manual Only <== click on link for photos Coleco BurgerTime - $4 Carnival - $1 Front Line - $4 Mr. Do! - $4 Roc'n Rope - $4 Rocky Super Action Boxing - $5 Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle - $4 CBS European Tarzan (No.1) - $3 Tarzan (No.2) - $2 Epyx Gateway to Apshai - $5 Imagic Fathom - $12 Nova Blast - $12 Wing War - $12 Micro Fun The Heist - $4 Parker Bros. Frogger - $4 Mr. Do!'s Castle - $15 SpectraVideo Frantic Freddy - $12 Other Items for Sale Retro Video Game Magazine Issue No. 4 Back issue in perfect condition: US$9 US$7 US$6 US$5 Shipping and Payment Unless otherwise stated, shipping will be at actual cost with no mark-up or handling fee. If you're interested in one or more items then please PM me your name and address and I will send you a shipping quote. I accept payment by PayPal in US Dollars or by Cheque in Canadian Dollars (conversion rate will be based on the rate used by PayPal on the day of the sale).
  15. Anyone here remember the 1983 game B.C.'s Quest for Tires? Based on the comic strip B.C. by Johnny Hart (1931-2007), this is basically a clone of Moon Patrol. You play the character of Thor from the B.C. comic strip (not the Marvel comics character), who rides on a stone wheel dodging obstacles on a quest to rescue the Cute Chick. I played the port of Colecovision. It was also ported to the Atari 800, Apple II, MSX and Commodore 64. It was a fun game. Given its similarity to Moon Patrol, I'm surprised that it never got a port to other platforms like the Atari 2600, 5200 or 7800. (Cue to homebrew developers out there!) Anyone else play this game?
  16. Here's a brand new game I'm working on! Mind Controlled is heavily inspired by Berzerk/Frenzy and Superhot games. In Mind Controlled, time moves only when you move! A simple but addictive game! I'm planning to have about 36 levels in the game, with over 100 different rooms I might also do a Intellivision version once the Colecovision is done ''Mind is software''
  17. Unveiling the completed: ColecoVision ** Donkey Kong Edition - Super Arcade Controller ** Starting originally as a Hori HSS-09 Sega Saturn fighting stick, it's been converted to a proper arcade style controller for use with the ColecoVision. Features: * Seimitsu LS-32 Joystick, capable of being configured as an 8-way, 4-way, or 2-way horizontal or vertical joystick by adjusting the internal sub-gate. Currently it's set up as a 4-way for Donkey Kong. * Ultimarc GoldLeaf pushbuttons. * Eladdin CV Easy I/O Board w/ Keypad. * Controller base custom painted to closely match the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. * Custom Control Panel Overlay modeled after the Donkey Kong arcade CPO. * Joystick style (black, ball-top), and Pushbutton color (orange) matching the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet ---2nd button added for maximum game compatibility, colored red to camouflage with the CPO. * Custom red keypad overlay to camouflage with the CPO. * The controller's original "Start" button dyed blue to match the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet's P1/P2 buttons, and wired as a 2nd * key, to restart game after game ends. So now that I got it finished up tonight I had a couple of hours to give it a test run, and wow, what a difference compared to a standard Coleco hand controller, even versus a hacked d-pad controller. Playing Mouse Trap while holding my index, middle, and ring fingers of my right hand over the keypad for the controls plays so much better. It's also amazing for Tapper. Its really the controller the ColecoVision deserves.
  18. So I'm interested in learning how to program for the ColecoVision, but I can't find any good guide/walkthrough on how to do so. Can anyone please help me? I also can't find a good and active ColecoVision community/forum to join. So if someone can help with that too, it would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi all I'm thinking about releasing the OST of Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death (when the game is released for Colecovision), but I want to make a very high end release even if is only digital. My first idea was a Caverns Of Death OST with the music of every port of the game. But I think "Why not making a ENORMOUS RELEASE with the music of Sacred Tribe too and with music of at least 6 systems, an acoustic track and a bonus ROM with serial for the first 25 orders?". Basically like 60 tracks (or more) So, my idea is the next one: Sydney Hunter Definitive OST! - Sydney Hunter and the Shrine Of Perils music of Intellivision - Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe OST music of Intellivision, MSX, NES. - Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death OST music of Colecovision, Sega Master System FM Sound, Gameboy. - A special acoustic song of Sydney Hunter and Sacred Tribe. - First 25 orders gets a ROM with the OST of both games for Intellivision. (Yes, even the Caverns Of Death music!) - Digital release, high quality FLAC files without compression. - Physical release? If the people wants, sure! Any ideas? Anybody is interested? Thanks for reading c:
  20. I worked on my colecovision game when I get this message: I'm not really sure 'Evelyn the modified dog' means but I guess my one of my game turned into a monster. I'm not sure 'Conditional flow changed by optimizer' either. I will work on m game if this message keeps showing. If it the case, I might ask for help. Alright. It's late. I'm going to sleep. See you another day. Bye.
  21. **OFFICIAL ZAXXON CONTROLLER PRE-ORDER** So I started a thread in the ColecoVision forums about needing to get rid of some stuff and decided to make more custom ColecoVision controllers as I have done previously. I got the idea for a Zaxxon controller using the Spectravideo SV-103 pistol grip controller as a donor, to mimic the feel of the arcade cabinet. As of now I have 6 of these controllers in hand and am accepting pre-orders for a maximum run of 6. That's not to say I can't/won't make more at a later date, but for now I'm looking to sell some stuff not buy more, at least until I've freed up some space. So here are the details of this custom controller: Spectravideo SV-103 Joystick Controller --controller cleaned and refurbished --top half of base is dyed silver, matching the control panel overlay of the Zaxxon arcade cabinet --both sets of buttons dyed red, matching the fire buttons of the Zaxxon arcade cabinet --custom underlay permanently attached to keypad (overlays still usable) colored blue (matching P1/P2 buttons on Zaxxon arcade cabinet) with silver numbers in a Zaxxon font with the SEGA logo as the "*" key --custom marquee artwork reproduction label attached to the rear face of the controller base --**includes custom instruction manual styled after original joystick manual, updated for this special Zaxxon version As these controllers were manufactured in significantly fewer quantities versus the standard ColecoVision hand controllers I'm asking $85.00 per controller, plus $7.50 shipping via USPS Priority Mail within the U.S. International shipping is available, just note shipping will obviously cost a bit more. So this is the official thread to pre-order 1 of these controllers if you're interested. Initially I'm limiting the purchase to 1 per member, unless there aren't 6 people who want one, then at which case if somebody wants more than 1, they would be available, again to a maximum run of 6. I'll be asking for a $10 deposit (via PayPal, as gift payment) to secure your interest, which will be asked for once we have the 6 accounted for. So if you're interested please reply to this thread and send me a PM (note quantity in PM if you would like more than 1, if available). These will be available on a first come, first serve basis!
  22. I've got 2 Splice Vision (ColecoVision compatible) games for sale. First is DONG JR (Donkey Kong Jr.), and the second is ZIPPER (Pepper II). Both are in excellent shape and both include their instruction manuals. The labels are 3 sided (front, back, top edge) with no writing or holes, and only the slightest bit of lifting at the bottom edge on the front side. The manuals are written in Portuguese, as well as is the title screen that can be seen in the screenshots below. The games obviously play fine, and are very rare. Eduardo was kind enough to help me purchase these about 9 years ago when I found them for sale on ebay Brazil (or similar website can't remember). I'll entertain offers of $100 or more for each game/manual if there is any interest here. If not I'll list on ebay. Send me a PM if you're interested Starting / Current offer: DONG JR w/ Manual - $100.00 ZIPPER w/ Manual - $100.00
  23. I recently purchased this item at a flea market. It's a cassette port of Donkey Kong for the Coleco Adam that appears to have been released in 1984. It comes packaged in a cardboard box designed to look like the original arcade cabinet of the game. After purchasing the item, I tried to do some research on it. It was one of three arcade games that were given ports to the Adam with boxes designed after the original arcade cabinets. I only found a few pictures of the box on Google and found no current or completed listings of the game on eBay. The closest thing I found on eBay was a Zaxxon game in the cabinet-style box the was listed for about $500. I wanted to see if anybody knew about the history of the game or how much it is worth.
  24. I have both the 2600(heavy sixer)and the CV expansion module. Which one is "better"? I guess the CV lacks the "authenticity" and the and the feeling of playing on a genuine atari, but does it have any positive sides? Or should I just leave it alone to collect dust and play on my atari? What would you prefer?
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