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Found 7 results

  1. Sale prices now listed. OFFERS STILL WELCOME on anything, worst that can happen is no thanks. Shipping will be additional, and deals can be worked out for multiples. Currently, everything is listed "for offer" - I've gotten most, if not all, the game details straight, but am still just starting to research prices some of these have sold for. All ColecoVision games, all from CollectorVision. Any more specifics needed, please PM. Everything is CIB and in very good/excellent condition unless noted otherwise. 1 - Bagman (US arcade box) - $125 2 - Bomb Jack (US arcade box) - $65 3 - Bomb'n Blast (newer 2013 release, US arcade) - $100 4 - Caterpillar S.O.S. - $100 5 - Castle boxset (The Castle & Castle Excellent, sealed) - SOLD 6 - Comic Bakery (US artwork) - $60 7 - Computer Space & Pong boxset (sealed) - $150 8 - Digger - SOLD 9 - Drol - $75 10 - Dungeon & Trolls (US artwork) - $65 11 - Earth Defend 2083 (CBS) - $65 12 - Electric Adventures Classics (US arcade artwork) - $65 13 - Elevator Action (US arcade) - $125 14 - Flapee Byrd (yellow cart) - $65 15 - Galaga (US arcade) - SOLD 15a - Galaxian (US arcade, didn't realize I had this one also) - $100 16 - Hang-On (US arcade) - SOLD 17 - Heli Fire (US arcade) - $65 18 - Hole in One - $50 19 - Jawbreaker II - SOLD 20 - Jumpland (CBS) - $50 21 - Kung-Fu Master (sealed) - $90 22 - Light Grid Racing (sketch artwork, signed, sealed with hole in the middle of the back) - $150 23 - Lode Runner (US arcade) - $90 24 - Mario Bros. (standard gray CollectorVision box, green cart) - $150 25 - MazezaM (sealed) - $50 26 - Memotech MTX Series Vol. 1 - $65 27 - Mindwalls (US arcade) - $65 28 - Moon Patrol (US arcade) - SOLD 29 - Mr. Chin (2013 re-release, US arcade) - SOLD 30 - Nibbli Son of Nibbler (US arcade) - $65 31 - Pippols - $100 32 - Rip Cord - $80 33 - Robee Blaster (US arcade) - $70 34 - Roller Ball (US arcade) - $100 35 - SASA - $50 36 - Side Trak (US arcade) - $65 37 - Smurf Challenge - SOLD 38 - So, You Want to Be a Knight? - $50 39 - Spunky's Super Car! (US artwork) - $75 40 - Star Soldier - $60 41 - Starship Defence Force (CBS) - $45 42 - Strip Poker - $65 43 - Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe (sealed, standard limited edition, not Expo edition) - SOLD 44 - Tank Challenge (US artwork) - $55 45 - Telebunny (US artwork) - $75 46 - The Way of the Exploding Foot (CBS) - SOLD 47 - Zanac (CBS) - $75
  2. is proud to announce: 4XV For the Mattel Intellivision! A homebrew game to be released this Winter 2015/2015. The game most similar to 4XV would be THRUST. But not a clone or port. More details coming soon. Stay tuned. This thread is only an announcement. NO pre-orders at this time. [name not final] [GAME IS A WORK IN PROGRESS] CLICK TO ANIMATE http://intellivisionrevolution.com/entries/intellivision-homebrew-games/e3-2014-4xv-for-intellivision [This game is in no way affiliated with Intellivision Revolution] just helping out with promo!
  3. As the title says Is this a game you would like to see for the ColecoVision ?
  4. CollectorVision has acquired the trademarks and trade names for both Acclaim and Exidy. Why do this? We all grew up fans of both companies, and want an opportunity to revive the brands for future generations to continue to enjoy, like we did growing up. Sweet, does this mean that CollectorVision will be publishing both Acclaim and Exidy’s classic games, or releasing new sequels to these classic games? No, we don’t own the IP rights to the old games for either company, and only intend to use the names for select new games that we develop. But why not just use CollectorVision’s Games name? Why bother with reviving old trademarks that have been dead for so long? CollectorVision Games has been producing quality games since 2008 and we have built up a solid reputation in the gaming community. We still plan on releasing games under the CollectorVision Games name, and will only use Acclaim and Exidy’s names on select titles that we fill fit those brands. We want to make both brands proud. The quality of our games will speak for themselves no matter who the game is published under; Acclaim, Exidy or CollectorVision Games. We are simply reviving these brand names to pay homage to the company brands that we grew up having a great deal of respect for. Reviving old trademarks is nothing new and has been happening for decades. Game companies bring back other old gaming IP’s all the time from defuncted old game companies and revive those. In this case it’s no different, just CollectorVision is reviving a company name instead. If you guys have any questions, feel free to post here on AtariAge, and we’d be happy to answer them for you. Thanks, -The CollectorVision Games Team
  5. It's been a long time! In fact, I've been a bit away from AtariAge working on various projects Last week, Toby and I did a panel a the Festival Retro in Montreal, Canada (see photos below) The project thay keep me busy the most is certainly our very first Wii U game; Sydney Hunter & The Curse of the Mayans I've spent 2000 hours in designing the game to make sure people will enjoy it as much as we've creating this game......and I'm not even done with the design part yet For the artwork, we decided to go again with our friend Joe Simko who's an artist working at Topps Trading Card making Garbage Pail Kids artworks You can see the sketch artwork below.... So..... What's coming up for the Colecovision you may ask Well, we've 4 games coming up real soon - Digger - So you want to be a Knight? - Starship Defence Force - Bombjack Some other titles will also come up before the end of the year, but they will be announced when the right time come What are you doing this summer?!! Come and meet us at the Game On Expo in Meza, AZ on August 28-29-30 John, Toby and I will be there, we'll be happy to meet you in person! Later!
  6. Hi guys I'm still working on a brand new Colecovision game called: Sacred Tribe You're an adventurer who has been travelling to South America seeking for treasures During one night, you've been captured and made prisoner by a Sacred Tribe Even if they don't want to hurt you, they won't let you free either..... Your only way to escape is to collect at the very least 100 Diamonds so you'll be able to open the Sacred Door. Featuring: - 100% all original game - 8 different enemies - Intro story - Over 100 different screens - Secrets - Classic arcade gameplay - Great replay value I'll keep posting progress of the game here
  7. Time to pre-order your Castle Boxset! Limited to only 100 copies only, all numbered (1 to 100) Get it now while you can as I'm pretty sure it's going to be soldout very quickly! https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/the-castle-boxset/
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