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Found 29 results

  1. The Game Modem PlusCart exclusive Fluid City B Side Throttle Control is an interactive Atari 2600 game that runs at up to 60 FPS of full screen animation. Game Loader the Atari 2600 Emulator for the Commodore 64 I am working on is running the game at full speed and my camera cannot keep up with the CRT Television image at 60 FPS of animation: This is true Atari 2600 emulation on the C64 I haven't changed any code in the game from the link above, Game Loader dynamically recompiles the source to add Commodore Graphics to Atari 2600 games and loads them on the C64 as standalone binary. VICE jammed for some reason but not the real hardware this time, sometimes it's the other way around.
  2. Running Atari 2600 programs on my NTSC C64! This is a Cross Compiler for the C64 that runs Atari 2600 programs written in Assembly and BASIC (SuperCharger BASIC and Flashback BASIC) with no changes to the BASIC or Assembly code. This is accomplished by abstracting the Atari 2600 virtual machine RUNTIME including a soft ANTIC blitter like Atari home computers bringing display list technology to the Commodore 64! Double the fun of racing the beam with the classic Television Threading Model on the Commodore 64 allows game loops that repeat 30 or 60 times per second with full screen animation each frame creating faster action scenes than are usually seen with the C64 design. The rich BASIC provides graphics and sound support and a camera object for panning around the virtual world, or with abstract Assembly programming (ASDK api). The next version will add color and audio support, check out some of the Atari 2600 BASIC and Assembly games that will be supported online here: http://relationalframework.com/Atari2600gamesonline.htm The Commodore 64 and the Atari 2600 Video Computer System are the two most popular retro computer consoles, write programs that run on both! Details: The soft blitter, camera object and display lists are running and functional, I dropped the compiled Atari 2600 BASIC Assembly code and the bitmap right into the 64 Framework and it ran the same in the abstracted VM on my Commodore 64. I can cross compile some of the BASIC at this point and am adding the RUNTIME subsystems that are missing. Adding sprites, sound and color next... the Tracker/Sequencer for the TIA chiptunes is going to be tremendous fun on the 6581! C64 Extra tile detail: The VM abstracts each 1 bit textured phat tile the TIA draws into 4 characters on the VIC-II text screen allowing both tiled patterns and background patterns to be drawn, I chose the same graphic for the 4 background tile quadrants in the demo. There's inspiring concept innovation with prior art if a prototype was ever produced!
  3. Not as long as I’m still shopping there!
  4. I just finished programming a music program into my Commodore 64 in BASIC. I ran it before saving, and it worked fine. I saved it and turned the computer off, then back on and loaded it, then typed 'list' to make sure all the lines of the program were there. They were. So I ran it. All that I could hear was (the best way I can describe it) a clicking sound rather than the musical melody that was there before saving and loading. The program ran for it's regular cycle and exited like it was supposed to, but the sound was messed up. I tried this a few times with the same results. Thinking that perhaps my sound chip was burned out, I loaded games on both cartridge and floppy disk. They worked fine. So my next step was to type the program again, save it under a different name and on a different disk, and run it. Same results.The last thing I did was turn the computer off and back on, then type the program into it again. I ran it without saving and it worked fine. Bad drive maybe? It's just weird that I can load it and the program shows all the lines, but it won't work right. And only after loading it from a 5.25 floppy. Any ideas or thoughts? Just so you know, I am doing this on original hardware. I am using an actual breadbox C64 with a 1541 disk drive and disks that were brand new in the packages(DD Fujifilm). They formatted just fine too. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  5. Anyone here remember the 1983 game B.C.'s Quest for Tires? Based on the comic strip B.C. by Johnny Hart (1931-2007), this is basically a clone of Moon Patrol. You play the character of Thor from the B.C. comic strip (not the Marvel comics character), who rides on a stone wheel dodging obstacles on a quest to rescue the Cute Chick. I played the port of Colecovision. It was also ported to the Atari 800, Apple II, MSX and Commodore 64. It was a fun game. Given its similarity to Moon Patrol, I'm surprised that it never got a port to other platforms like the Atari 2600, 5200 or 7800. (Cue to homebrew developers out there!) Anyone else play this game?
  6. All disks were tested and loaded to the title screen - beyond that I cannot guarantee anything. The only disk I had an issue with was Magnetron - I couldn't get it to load. Also, the Dr Doom game is the B disk. If I can find the A disk I'll throw that in but as of right now I can't find it. Might and Magic, Pool of Radiance (all 4 disks), The Bard's Tale, Super Huey, some Loadstar disks, Worlds Greatest Football Game, 1541 test disk & 128 CP/M. $25 shipped? If that's too much make me an offer. Thanks!
  7. Note: I will be updating this post over time as needed. I collect Atari 2600 VCS and Odyssey 2. I am also currently looking for a few Commodore, Intellivision, and Atari 5200 items. Please note that where I specify the condition, it is usually because I already have a copy in lesser condition that I am looking to replace. My primary wants at the moment (Atari 2600 unless otherwise specified): Alpha Beam with Ernie: CIB nice condition NTSC Espial: manual Front Line: box Frankenstein's Monster: box Gravitar (silver): box, manual, cartridge with nice condition silver label Polaris: box, manual Quadrun: box, manual Spy Hunter: complete Stronghold: manual Wing War (PAL): manual, box Demon Attack+ (Jopac) cart, manual Flash Point (Videopac+) cart, control holder Super Bee (Brazilian Odyssey) Tutankham (Odyssey 2/Videopac) Activision patches: Secret Society of the Dolphins, Dreadnaught Destroyer (Intellivision version), Beamrider (half-moon), H.E.R.O. Atari patches: Video Game Masters, Centipede World Championship Data Age Video Game Club of America newsletter, membership card, catalog, accessories/merchandise Imagic dealer catalogs, shirts, posters, and promotional items reproductions of unreleased Atari 2600 games Further details on additional items I am looking for are below.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is the complete list of my wanted items for the VCS: LOOSE GAMES (NTSC or PAL) ======================= Firebug (Suntek) Immies and Aggies (CCE) Out of Control (Avalon Hill) Pizza Chef (CCE) River Patrol (Tigervision) Spider Maze (K-Tel Vision) Swordquest: Waterworld (Atari) Wall Defender (Bomb) LOOSE GAMES (NTSC only) ========================= Cakewalk (CommaVid) Crack'ed (prototype reproduction) Glacier Patrol (Telegames) Gravitar (Atari) NTSC silver label good condition only Mangia (Spectravision) Rush Hour (prototype reproduction) Stuntman (Panda) Stronghold (CommaVid) Thwocker (prototype reproduction) Universal Chaos (Telegames) LOOSE GAMES (PAL only) ========================== Aquatak (John Sands) Asteroids (Atari) PAL red label Battlezone (Atari) PAL red label Commando Raid (Carrere) Defender (Atari) PAL blue label Ghostbusters II (HES) Eggomania (Carrere) Exocet (John Sands) near mint label Frisco (Home Vision) Hell Driver (ITT) Infernal Tower (Carrere) Joust (Atari) PAL red label Laser Base (ITT) M.A.D. (Carrere) Mario Bros (Atari) PAL red label Missile Control (Video Gems) Mission Survive (Video Gems) Octopus (Carrere) Panda Chase (Home Vision) Pengo (Atari) PAL black label Peter Penguin (ITT) Pharaoh's Curse (TechnoVision) Picnic (Carrere) Pumuckl I (ITT) RealSports Tennis (Atari) PAL red label RealSports Volleyball (Atari) PAL red label Robot Fight (HomeVision) Save Our Ship (TechnoVision) Sneak N Peak (Carrere) Space Jockey (Carrere) Steeplechase (Video Gems) Surfer's Paradise (Video Gems) Treasure Below (Video Gems) World End (Home Vision) LOOSE GAMES W/ NO ACTI-PLAQUE =================== (near mint labels/not blue label/NTSC only): Alpha Beam with Ernie (Atari) Big Bird's Egg Catch (Atari) Boxing (Activision) Chopper Command (Activision) Cookie Monster Munch (Atari) Cosmic Commuter (Activision) Cosmic Corridor (Zimag) Dishaster (Zimag) Double Dragon (Activision) Freeway (Activision) Frostbite (Activision) I Want My Mommy (Zimag) Kaboom (Activision) Keystone Kapers (Activision) Kung Fu Master (Activision) Laser Blast (Activision) Oscar's Trash Race (Atari) Plaque Attack (Activision) Pressure Cooker (Activision) River Raid (Activision) Seaquest (Activision) Sky Jinks (Activision) Sorcerer's Apprentice (Atari) Space Shuttle (Activision) Spider Fighter (Activision) Spitfire Attack (Milton Bradley) with end label Spy Hunter (Sega) Tanks But No Tanks (Zimag) Up N' Down (Sega) LOOSE MANUALS/INSERTS ========================= Assault (Bomb) Asterix (Atari) Boing (First Star) Cakewalk (CommaVid) Centipede "Bug Off" contest insert (Atari) Espial (TigerVision) Guardian (Apollo) I Want My Mommy (Zimag) Kung Fu Master (Activision) Mangia (Spectravision) Miner 2049er II (Tigervision) Out of Control (Avalon Hill) Quadrun (Atari) Rescue Terra I (VentureVision) Rescue Terra I contest rules insert (VentureVision) Springer (TigerVision) Stronghold (CommaVid) Submarine Commander (Sears) Superman (Atari) international version Superman (Sears) blue cover - near mint only Swordquest: Waterworld (Atari) Swordquest: Waterworld comic book (Atari) Wall Defender (Bomb) Wing War (Imagic) BOXED GAMES OR EMPTY GAME BOXES ================= ABSOLUTE: Pete Rose Baseball Tomcat F-14 Simulator ACTIVISION: Laser Blast - box near mint only Stampede - box near mint only ATARI: Alpha Beam with Ernie Asterix Gravitar (silver box) Hangman (silver box) Klax (near mint only) Quadrun Raiders of the Lost Ark Rubik's Cube Sentinel (near mint only) Swordquest Waterworld Taz Track & Field COMMAVID: Cosmic Swarm (second version.. not the cartoon box) COLECO: Front Line DATA AGE: Frankenstein's Monster IMAGIC: Laser Gates - box near mint only No Escape - box near mint only Wing War (PAL) M-NETWORK: Masters of the Universe - near mint box only Tron boxed set - near mint only PARKER BROS: Frogger II Gyruss - box in very good condition only Mr. Do's Castle Montezuma's Revenge Super Cobra - near mint box only SEARS: Blackjack (picture label) Defender Pac-Man (picture label) Poker Plus (picture label) Submarine Commander Superman Yars' Revenge SEGA: Spy Hunter Up N Down SPECTRAVISION: PictureMate SongMate TELEGAMES: Adventures on GX-12 Glacier Patrol Universal Chaos (NTSC only) TELESYS: Demolition Herby Ram It - near mint box only TIGERVISION: Miner 2049er II Polaris XONOX (boxed single-enders): Artillery Duel Chuck Norris Superkicks Ghost Manor Motocross Racer Robin Hood Sir Lancelot Spike's Peak Tomarc the Barbarian HARDWARE ========================================== Atari Kid Controller - no broken prongs on back KY Enterprises FingerTip Controller (photo) Micro-Händler Joystick (photo) Sega Spy Hunter "Dual Control Module" joystick holder (photo) Suncom TAC-2 joystick MISC =============================================== Atari 2600 carrying case (photo) Canal 3 cassettes (with case/insert) Tigervision plastic trays (holds cartridge inside box) Uncommon Atari 2600 game manuals PATCHES/STICKERS/ETC =============================== ACTIVISION (2600 versions): Beamrider (half-moon version: photo) Bell Ringer (Boxing fan-made patch) Decathlon Silver Decathlon Gold Secret Society of the Dolphins (Dolphin) Order of the H.E.R.O. (H.E.R.O.) All-Star Hockey Team (Ice Hockey) near mint only Kabashers (Kabobber fan-made patch) Explorers Club (Pitfall) near mint only Cliff Hangers (Pitfall II) Cross of Excellence (Robot Tank) Star of Honor (Robot Tank) Space Shuttle Pilot (Space Shuttle) Space Shuttle Commander (Space Shuttle) near mint only ACTIVISION (Intellivision versions): Dreadnaught Destroyer (Dreadnaught Factor) Trailblazers (Happy Trails) Explorer's Club (Pitfall) Trail Drive (Stampede) ATARI: Battlezone: Video Game Masters Centipede: Atari World Video Game Championship Gravitar: Video Game Masters Quadrun: Video Game Masters IMAGIC: Moonsweeper button SEGA: Sega Mundo ODYSSEY 2 ========================================== Hardware: Voice of Odyssey 2 CIB Misc: Odyssey Adventure (magazine) Odyssey Aventura (Brazilian magazine) Issues 3 and later Odyssey 2 Quest for the Rings poster Odyssey 2 stuffed dragon toy Videopac cases in nice condition (empty cases, minimum of scratches) Games: Barão Vermelho Bombardeio Submarino!/Tiro ao Alvo! Desafio Chinês! Flash Point (Videopac+) GoSub Missão Impossível/ Viagem Programada! Morse (w/manual only) Mr. Roboto O Gato e o Rato O Segredo do Farao Pong Puzzle Piece Panic Super Bee (Brazil version) Telegrafista Tutankham Manuals: Catch the Ball / Naughts and Crosses (Videopac) Morse (Videopac) Neutron Star (Videopac) Super Bee (Videopac version) COMMODORE ======================================== Hardware: Commodore Magic Voice module - CIB only Commodore 64 computer PAL only Commodore Plus/4 computer PAL only Amiga 1200 computer NTSC or PAL Amiga CD32 NTSC or PAL Games (C64): Batman: The Caped Crusader (Ocean / Data East) C64 NTSC disk version Enigma Force (Beyond) C64 CIB Firefly (Ocean) C64 complete Gaplus complete Neuromancer CIB Revenge of Defender CIB Toy Bizarre (Activision) C64 cartridge version CIB Wizard of Wor (Commodore) CIB only Games (VIC-20): A.E. (Broderbund) VIC-20 Mountain King (Beyond) VIC-20 Polaris (Tigervision) VIC-20 Springer (Tigervision) VIC-20 Video Vermin (UMI) VIC-20 Xonox cartridges for VIC-20 (any except Sir Lancelot/Robin Hood) Boxed Xonox VIC-20 games Manuals: Batman: The Caped Crusader (not cassette version) Enigma Force Firefly Max Headroom Games (Amiga): Blood Money CIB Killing Game Show CIB Strider CIB Uridium 2 CIB INTELLIVISION ============================================= BOXED GAMES (nice condition only): Centipede (Atarisoft) Commando (INTV) Defender (Atarisoft) Dig Dug (INTV) Diner (INTV) Fathom (Imagic) River Raid (Activision) Truckin' (Imagic) White Water (Imagic) good condition only Worm Whompers (Activision) LOOSE GAMES: Blockade Runner (Interphase) Commando (INTV) Congo Bongo (Sega) Defender (Atarisoft) Dig Dug (INTV) Diner (INTV) Hover Force (INTV) Kool-Aid Man (Mattel Electronics) Lady Bug (Coleco) Sewer Sam (Interphase) Turbo (Coleco) Venture (Coleco) ATARI 5200 =============================================== HARDWARE: GIM Electronics Fire Command for Atari 5200 MAGAZINES/COMICS/CATALOGS/ETC =========================== Activisions vol 1, 3, 5 Electronic Games (magazine) Electronic Fun with Computers and Games (magazine) Imagic dealer catalogs Imagic posters Odyssey Adventure (magazine) Tron (Slave Labor Graphics comic) Issue 4 Video Games Magazine (pre-crash magazine) Vidiot (magazine) OTHER STUFF ============================================== Books on high score strategies for arcade games, Atari 2600 games, and pinball Any contest-related or mail-order only items for the Atari 2600 Elite: any "Order of the Elite" items (pin, jacket, shirt, parka, etc) Power Lords Shaya and Sydot action figures Tron-related merchandise (comic books, action figures, artwork) Tron-themed Xbox controllers Atari/Video game-related posters or artwork Any spiral notebooks, binders, or folders from the early 1980s (pre-crash) with Atari or video game artwork on the cover.
  8. I thought I would include a Commodore 64 video from the same guy who reviewed The Mystery of the Missing Princess, the Army Men games, Kileak: The DNA Imperative, Captain Claw, and various NASCAR games. Warning: Contains cluelessness and nasty language.
  9. Hi everyone, Huge update. Be sure to check it regulary, I add new item continuously. New Items: Check down below. Atari 2600 Reproductions, Homebrews & Hacks EURO 15.00 Depth Charge - CIB - NTSC - Video Soft - box damaged EURO 10.00 Miniature Golf HD (easy) - C - NTSC - Hack by Acoustic Guitar & Nukey Shay EURO 10.00 Missile Command TB - C - NTSC - Track-Ball Hack by Thomas Jentzsch EURO 10.00 NWCGE Invaders 2K4 - C - NTSC - Made by ResQsoft, Homebrew Hack EURO 20.00 Seawolf - CIB - NTSC - Made by XYPE EURO 10.00 Skeleton+ - CI - NTSC - Made by Eric Ball EURO 20.00 Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns - C - NTSC - Made by Baroque Gaming, Clear case EURO 20.00 X3V0LuX - CI - NTSC - Made by ResQsoft, Homebrew Hack, Transparent Blue Case Atari 2600 CD ROM EURO 50.00 Cuttle Cart Underground - Original Release, sealed, ROM collection for the Chad Schell's Cuttle Multi Cart Atari 2600 Hardware EURO 75.00 Mini2600 Board (no chips) from 8 Bit Domain Atari 2600 Memorabilia EURO 50.00 Activision River Raid German Poster (about 60cm x 42cm) very good condition EURO 45.00 Atari Bag (about 30cm x 45cm) EURO 20.00 Atari T-Shirt Berzerk (Size S, unused) EURO 20.00 Atari T-Shirt Defender (Size S, unused) EURO 50.00 Datasoft Poster Bruce Lee Atari/C64 (about 41cm x 60cm) very good condition EURO 75.00 Megamania – Activision 2600 – Standee (about 31cm x 22cm) good condition EURO 50.00 Spectravideo Japanese Catalog Activision Game Patches EURO 25.00 Megamania EURO 20.00 Skiing EURO 20.00 Spider Fighter All patches are original, no repros. Other Hardware EURO 10.00 Sega Game Gear Car Adaptor EURO 40.00 NeoGeo Memory Card NEO-IC8 (1) untested (have no system anymore) EURO 40.00 NeoGeo Memory Card NEO-IC8 (2) untested (have no system anymore) Commodore C64 Disk Recordstyle boxes EURO 7.00 3 Hit Games (Brian Bloodaxe, Revelation, Quovadis) (Mindscape) - complete EURO 10.00 Hardball! (Accolade) - complete - plain green artwork EURO 25.00 MainFrame (MicroIllusions) - sealed/complete - top bent due shrink foil EURO 7.00 Music Construction Set (Electronic Arts) - complete EURO 15.00 PHM Pegasus (Lucasfilm Games/Electronic Arts) - complete EURO 15.00 Strike Fleet (Lucasfilm Games/Electronic Arts) - complete EURO 7.00 The American Challenge (Mindscape) - complete Commodore C64 Disk Walletstyle boxes EURO 5.00 Leaderboard (Access) - dongle is missing EURO 25.00 Stellar 7 (US Gold) - complete EURO 10.00 The Captive (Mastertronic US) - complete Commodore C64 Disk EURO 150.00 Deep Space (Sir-Tech) complete, good condition Atari 8bit Walletstyle boxes EURO 5.00 Leaderboard (Access) - dongle is missing EURO 10.00 Sun Star (CRL) - complete Atari 8bit & Commodore C64 Disk Walletstyle boxes EURO 10.00 Action Biker (Mastertronic US) - complete Atari 8bit Disk Games EURO 50.00 Brian Clough's Fußball-Manager (CDS Software) German release, complete, like new EURO 20.00 Combat Leader (SSI) US release, complete, box rough EURO 5.00 Family Finances (Atari) US release, complete EURO 50.00 OGRE (Origin) US release, complete EURO 25.00 Prisoner 2 (Interactive Fantasies) US release, complete EURO 15.00 Racing Destruction Set (Electronic Arts/Ariolasoft) German release, complete EURO 10.00 Racing Destruction Set (Electronic Arts/Ariolasoft) German release, complete, box damaged EURO 5.00 The Pond (HesWare), US Release, shrinkwrapped, box crushed EURO 15.00 Wargame Construction Set (SSI) US release, complete, box damaged Atari 8bit Cassettes Games EURO 15.00 Richard Petty's Rennzirkus (Cosmi/Ariolasoft) German release, complete EURO 5.00 Zaxxon 16k Version (Datasoft) US release, no manual Atari 8bit Cartridge Games EURO 10.00 Millipede (Atari) US release, complete EURO 45.00 Springer (Tigervision) US release, complete Mattel Intellivision EURO 20.00 5 x Intellivision Controller (defective) Vintage PC Games* EURO 30.00 Carriers at War Construction Set (SSG) - EV - complete/good condition - PC 3.5" EURO 15.00 Crimson Skies (Microsoft) - EV - complete/good conditionfactory-sealed - PC CD EURO 15.00 Flight Commander Commander 2 (Avalon Hill) - EV - complete/good condition - PC CD EURO 15.00 Flight Commander Commander 2 (Avalon Hill) - EV - complete/good condition - PC CD EURO 90.00 Gold Rush! (Sierra) - EV - complete/very good condition/factory-sealed - PC 3.5" + PC 5.25" EURO 5.00 Homeworld (Sierra) - German Version - complete/average condition - PC CD EURO 70.00 Manhunter 2: San Francisco (Sierra) - EV - complete/very good condition/factory-sealed - PC 5.25" EURO 15.00 Operation Crusader (Avalon Hill) - EV - complete/good condition - PC 3.5" EURO 20.00 Panzer Battles (SSG) - EV - complete/good condition - PC 5.25" EURO 35.00 Ringworld (Tsunami) - EV - complete/good condition - PC 3.5" EURO 10.00 Spirit of Excalibur (Virgin) - EV - complete/average condition - PC 3.5" EURO 25.00 Star Trek: A Final Unity Collector's Edition Serie 1 (MicroProse) shrinkwrapped, very good condition - PC CD EURO 30.00 The Perfect Trilogy - Perfect General Collection (QQP) - EV - complete/very good condition - PC 3.5" EURO 20.00 Twenty Wargame Classics (SSI) - EV - complete/good condition/Originalverschweißt - PC CD EURO 40.00 V for Victory: Commemorative Collection (Three Sixty) - EV - complete/very good condition/factory-sealed - PC CD EURO 15.00 V for Victory: Gold Juno Sword (Three Sixty) - EV - complete/good condition - PC 3.5" EURO 15.00 V for Victory: Gold Juno Sword (Three Sixty) - EV - good condition - PC 3.5" * Most PC games are to big to send them as airmail letter, so they have to be shipped as parcel. Unless you buy several games is's rather intersting for German and European shipping addresses. Digital Magazines EURO 2.00 RGCD Issue #01 (February 2007) (Retro Gamer CD) EURO 2.00 RGCD Issue #02 (May 2007) (Retro Gamer CD) EURO 2.00 RGCD Issue #03 (August 2007) (Retro Gamer CD) Other Memorabilia EURO 100.00 Contra III Promo Puzzle from 1992 (shrink-wraped, bent because of the foil) Posters Atari Lynx Poster EURO 3.00 Heroes & Villains of the Atari Lynx: Pixel Art/Sprites from all officially released Lynx games - Size: A3 - 420 x 297 mm (folded to A4) - Paper: 135g glossy 4/4 color digital print Atari 5200 Poster EURO 3.00 Heroes & Villains of the Atari 5200: Pixel Art/Sprites from all officially released 5200 games - Size: A3 - 420 x 297 mm (folded to A4) - Paper: 135g glossy 4/4 color digital print EURO 3.00 Poster 5200 Games Library: All officially released 5200 games on one poster - Size: A3 - 420 x 297 mm (folded to A4) - Paper: 135g glossy 4/4 color digital print Atari 7800 Poster EURO 3.00 Heroes & Villains of the Atari 7800: Pixel Art/Sprites from all officially released 7800 games - Size: A3 - 420 x 297 mm (folded to A4) - Paper: 135g glossy 4/4 color digital print EURO 3.00 7800 Games Library: All officially released 7800 games on one poster - Size: A3 - 420 x 297 mm (folded to A4) - Paper: 135g glossy 4/4 color digital print Intellivision Poster EURO 3.00 Heroes & Villains of the Intellivision: Pixel Art/Sprites from most officially released Intellivision games - Size: A3 - 420 x 297 mm (folded to A4) - Paper: 170g glossy 4/4 color digital print 18 German TeleMatch videogame magazines (complete set minus the Star Wars Sonderheft/Special Edition + 11/1984) EURO 250.00 Set of 18 Telematch Magazines Language: German Condition: The items are used and in average condition (please check pictures), details down below. The magazines might have some writings inside as well as missing coupons. Nr. 1 Dezember/Januar 1983 (Cover is loose) Nr. 2/3 Februar/März 1983 (1 coupon is cut out) Nr. 4/5 April/Mai 1983 (worn) Nr. 6/7 Juni/Juli 1983 Nr. 8/9 August/September 1983 Nr. 10/11 Oktober/November 1983 Nr. 12 Dezember 1983 Nr. 1 Januar 1984 (Cover is loose, market place coupon is cut out) Nr. 2 Februar 1984 Nr. 3 März 1984 Nr. 4 April 1984 Nr. 5/6 Juni/Juli 1984 Nr. 7/8 August 1984 Nr. 9 September 1984 Nr. 10 Oktober 1984 Nr. 12 Dezember 1984 (2 pages in the middle are loose) Nr. 1 Januar 1985 Nr. 2 Februar 1985 (Several pages overglued with different articles) Shipping Information I am located in Germany. The shipping options are: - GERMANY Regular Parcel (EURO 5.50) - EU Regular Parcel (EURO 17.00) - USA/CANADA Airmail Parcel (EURO 37.00, runtime about 14 to 21 days, insured, tracking) or Airmail Letter option for USA & Canada: I can offer airmail letter in robust box for 2 regular-sized boxed Atari games/parcel for EURO 4/parcel (no tracking, no insurance, runtime about 5 to 7 days) *** Payment Information - Payment by Paypal/EURO only. If you have any questions, please drop me a PM. - Exchange rate is about 1.00 EURO -> 1.12 US$ Be sure to check this topic from time to time, I am adding games on a daily base. If you have any questions, please drop me a PM. Thanks for reading, Marc. --- SOLD ***EURO 10.00 4K4U Demo - CI - PAL - Demo made by Simon Querenhorst, Limited Edition #07/26 ***EURO 10.00 Adventure Plus - C - NTSC - Made by Steve Engelhardt, Adventure Hack ***EURO 10.00 Alfred Challenge - CI - NTSC - Made by Ebivision ***EURO 20.00 Alien Adventure - CIB - NTSC - From Lost Classics, clear case box, #32, gold label ***EURO 5.00 Alphanumeric Madness - C - NTSC - Made by John Harvey ***EURO 20.00 Atari 30th Anniversary- CB - NTSC - Made by Shawn Davis Sr., Multicart, Box by Marc Oberhäuser ***EURO 7.50 Atari Shot Remixed Limited Edition - C - NTSC ***EURO 20.00 Atom Smasher - CIB - NTSC - Video Soft ***EURO 7.50 Bobby needs Food - C - PAL - Made by Christian Amman ***EURO 15.00 Candy Catcher - CB - NTSC - Made by Grant Thienemann ***EURO 20.00 Cat Trax - CIB - NTSC - Reproduction of an unreleased prototype from UA Limited ***EURO 60.00 Combat Two - CIB - NTSC - Reproduction of an unreleased prototype from Atari, #002/250 ***EURO 7.50 Donkey Kong Escapes - C - NTSC - Made by Salemfrost, Homebrew Hack ***EURO 10.00 Dragonsfire! - C - NTSC - Made by Scott Dayton ***EURO 10.00 Duck Attack - CI - NTSC - Made by Will Nicholes ***EURO 5.00 Edtris 2600 - CI - NTSC - Made by Ed Federmeyer ***EURO 25.00 Encaved Limited Edition - CIB - PAL - Made by Simon Quernhorst #4/75 ***EURO 20.00 Endless Snow - CIB - NTSC - Made by Rudy J. Ferretti ***EURO 10.00 EuroCon 05 Demo - C - PAL - Made by Simon Quernhorst, #6/33 ***EURO 10.00 Eurocon 2007 Retrogames Demo - CI - PAL - Made by Simon Quernhorst ***EURO 20.00 Funky Fish - CIB - NTSC - Reproduction of an unreleased prototype from UA Limited ***EURO 20.00 Genesis 3D - CIB - NTSC - Video Soft, 3D google inclusive ***EURO 20.00 Ghost Attack! 3D - CIB - NTSC - Video Soft, 3D google inclusive ***EURO 125.00 Good Luck, Charlie Brown! - CIB - NTSC - Made by CPUWIZ; #22, shrinkwrapped ***EURO 20.00 Gunfight - CIB - NTSC - Made by XYPE ***EURO 20.00 Havoc 3D - CIB - NTSC - Video Soft, 3D google inclusive ***EURO 3.00 Hozer Video Promo Card - C - NTSC - Made by Hozer Video ***EURO 10.00 I.Q. 180 - C - NTSC - Made by CPUWIZ; Reproduction of a Suntek game ***EURO 25.00 I Project Limited Edition - CIB - PAL - Made by Simon Quernhorst #1/35 ***EURO 10.00 Immies & Aggies - C - NTSC - Made by CPUWIZ; Reproduction of an unreleased ZiMAG-Prototype ***EURO 30.00 KC Monster Maze! - CIB - NTSC - Cassette game for the Starpath Supercharger, Made by Mr.SQL ***EURO 10.00 K.O. Cruiser - CI - NTSC - Made by Devin Cook ***EURO 40.00 Malagai - CIB - Made by FND Collectibles, Limited Edition #4/10, Original Game Chip with Custom Box ***EURO 75.00 Malagai/Gauntlet - CB - NTSC - Double ender made by CPUWIZ ***EURO 25.00 Mental Kombat Limited Edition - CIB - NTSC - Made by Simon Quernhorst #29/100 ***EURO 10.00 Mystery Science Theater 2600 - C - NTSC - Made by Tim Snider ***EURO 5.00 Oystron - CI - PAL - Made by Piero Cavina, #13 ***EURO 10.00 Pressure Gauge - CI - NTSC - Made by John Harvey, Packrat Video Games Edition ***EURO 25.00 Raster Fahndung - CIB - P/N - Made by Simon Quernhorst, #03/75 ***EURO 20.00 S.A.C. Alert - CIB - NTSC - Video Soft ***EURO 20.00 Sea Battle - CIB - NTSC - Reproduction of an unreleased MNetwork game ***EURO 15.00 Seaweed Assault - CIB - NTSC - Made by Duane Alan Hahn ***EURO 10.00 Skate or Die - C - NTSC - Made by Shawn Davis Sr., Homebrew Hack, #8 of 20 ***EURO 5.00 SoundX - CI - NTSC - Made by Ed Federmeyer, #93 ***EURO 30.00 Space Raid - CIB - NTSC - Made by CollectorVision ***EURO 10.00 Super Mario: Rescue in Bower's Castle - C - NTSC - Made by Shawn Davis Sr., Homebrew Hack of Smurf, #8 of 25 ***EURO 20.00 Swordfight - CIB - NTSC - Reproduction of an unreleased MNetwork game ***EURO 10.00 Telepathy - C - NTSC - Made by CPUWIZ; Reproduction of an unreleased Atari-Prototype ***EURO 10.00 The Unknown Game - C - NTSC - Made by CPUWIZ, © Datatech Ent., #3/25 ***EURO 5.00 This Planet Sucks - CI - NTSC - Made by Greg Troutman ***EURO 5.00 Thrust - CI - NTSC - Made by Thomas Jentzsch ***EURO 25.00 Turbo - CIB - NTSC - Enhanced Reproduction ***EURO 10.00 Venture Arcade Edition - C - NTSC - Made by Fred X. Quimby, Homebrew Hack, #14/20 ***EURO 5.00 Video Time Machine - CI - NTSC - Made by Chris Cracknell, #87 ***EURO 120.00 Stella gets a new Brain - Original Release (serial number #012, signed manual, very good condition) ***EURO 15.00 Atari Coin Connection Newsletter Vol. 8, Issue 1 ***EURO 20.00 Coleco Flyer Looping 2600 ***EURO 20.00 Coleco Flyer Tarzan 2600 ***EURO 20.00 Coleco Flyer TimePilot 2600 ***EURO 20.00 Coleco Flyer Wild Western 2600 ***EURO 20.00 Coleco Flyer Zaxxon 2600 ***EURO 20.00 Starplex Flyers Deluxe Video Game Controller ***EURO 75.00 Set of 4 Atari Games Audio Records ***- Yars' Revenge - LP (record looks ok) ***- Yars' Revenge - Single (shrinkwrapped, shrink a bit damaged) ***- Breakout - Single (shrinkwrapped, shrink a bit damaged) ***- Missile Command - Single (shrinkwrapped, shrink a bit damaged) ***EURO 45.00 Barnstorm ***EURO 10.00 Chopper Command ***EURO 30.00 Decathlon Bronze ***Make an offer Decathlon Gold ***EURO 10.00 Dragster ***EURO 20.00 Freeway ***EURO 15.00 Kaboom! ***EURO 20.00 Pitfall! ***EURO 65.00 Pitfall! Triangle Patch ***EURO 100.00 Pitfal 2 ***EURO 60.00 River Raid ***EURO 15.00 Robot Tank Medal of Merit ***Make an offer Robot Tank Star of Honor ***EURO 65.00 Tennis ***EURO 40.00 Stampede Belt ***EURO 15.00 Arctic Fox (Electronic Arts) - complete ***EURO 50.00 Fire Power (MicroIllusions) - sealed/complete ***EURO 10.00 Hardball! (Accolade) - complete - lawn-look artwork ***EURO 20.00 Heart of Africa (Electronic Arts) - complete ***EURO 20.00 Heart of Africa (Electronic Arts) - complete ***EURO 20.00 Psi 5 Trading Company (Accolade) - sealed/complete ***EURO 20.00 Racing Destruction Set (Electronic Arts) - sealed/complete ***EURO 10.00 The Captive (Mastertronic US) - complete ***EURO 10.00 The Captive (Mastertronic US) - complete ***EURO 10.00 Kikstart Off-Road Simulator (Mastertronic US) - complete ***EURO 15.00 Ten Years of Digital Press ... and beyond (Digital Press) ***EURO 20.00 King of Fighters R-2 - European release - plastic box !!! No game, just box and manual !!! ***EURO 65.00 Death Gate (Legend) - EV - complete/good condition - PC CD ***EURO 10.00 Berzerk (MB Spiele) German release, complete, good condition ***EURO 20.00 Centipede (MB Spiele) German release, complete, good condition ***EURO 5.00 Frogger (1) (MB Spiele) German release, complete, box has mold and is damaged, gameeboard and parts are fine though ***EURO 5.00 Frogger (2) (MB Spiele) German release, complete, box has a bit mold and is damaged, gameeboard and parts are fine though ***EURO 5.00 Pac-Man (MB Spiele) German release, complete, box has mold and is damaged, gameeboard and parts are fine though ***EURO 15.00 Popeye (Parker) European release, complete, good condition ***EURO 25.00 Q*bert (Parker) European release, complete, good condition ***EURO 10.00 Turbo (MB Spiele) German release, complete, good condition ***EURO 5.00 Turbo (MB Spiele) German release, complete, complete, box has mold and is damaged, gameeboard and parts are fine though ***EURO 80.00 Complete Lot ***EURO 45.00 Funvision (Atari 2600 Clone) ***EURO 25.00 NeoGeo Pocket Color - Aqua Blue !!! no console, just box and manual !!! ***EURO 15.00 NeoGeo Pocket Color AC Adaptor & Rechargeable Battery Pack (Blaze), box in average condition ***EURO 35.00 Baseball Stars - US release - cardboard box - complete ***EURO 70.00 Dark Arms - US release - cardboard box top slightly crushed - complete ***EURO 25.00 Neo Dragon's Wild - European release - plastic box - complete ***EURO 25.00 Neo Mystery Bonus - Japanese release - plastic box - complete ***EURO 25.00 Neo Cherry Master Color - European release - plastic box - complete ***EURO 20.00 Metal Slug - US release- cardboard box slightly crushed !!! No game, just box and manual !!! ***EURO 10.00 Pac-Man - US release - cardboard box !!! No game, just box and manual !!! ***EURO 10.00 Puzzle Bobble Mini - European release - plastic box !!! No game, just box and manual !!! ***EURO 50.00 Worship the Woodgrain - Original Release (4 CD, instructions, big CD case), ROMs in WAV files for modified Starpath Superchargers
  10. I just got a Commodore 64 with just about all the games. Can anyone recommend which are the best games? Some of your favorites? Thanks!!
  11. Hello A new Commodore PET game has been released. The game is a Space Invaders shoot 'em up with a few twists including disappearing barriers and a protective shield. Available for the PET 2001, 3008, 3016, 3032, 4016 and 4032 series. PET Download Link: http://cloud.cbm8bit.com/mr.nop/Spyders%20Commodore%20PET%20-%20Mr%20NOP.D64 (2001, 3008, 3016, 3032, 4016 and 4032 series PETs) Commodore 64 version C64 Download Link: http://tnd64.unikat.sk/f_s.html#SpydersC64 Spyders Commodore PET - Mr NOP.zip
  12. Hi All, Wanted to share with you my latest project. I have made an emulator from scratch and put it on a custom made board. I know you will like it Youtube Link Regards, StaringL
  13. So, I recently got a Commodore 64 from one of my neighbors along with a 1541 disk drive, Commodore 1701 monitor, and I found a psu for it at a local vintage video game store. I tested the psu and the 9v and the 5v lines are working. So, I plugged it in the Commodore 64 and turned it on. The LED did not turn on and the screen was a solid black color. I took a look inside and everything looked visually okay. So, next I poked around with my multimeter and found only 1 volt on the cassette port. I know the 5 volt line makes it to the board because I measured the voltage on the power switch and the input and output voltages were 5 volts. So, I let it sit for about 3-4 minutes and then checked the voltage again. For some reason, the on board voltage was at a healthy 5 volts, but the screen remained a solid black color. I don't know what to do at this point. Could it be a bad capacitor, chip, voltage regulator, or something else? --Other info-- Board Revision: B Using RF output for the display Z key missing Thank you.
  14. I recently picked up a Commodore 64C with a Rev. 4 mainboard inside. It's had some modifications done to it, one of which was the installation of a 28-pin JiffyDos kernel ROM. The other change, I'm not so sure of. From what I can tell, the SID has been replaced by either a third party module or some kind of custom job. (You can see what a stock 8580 in that slot looks like here.) Of course, I'm by no means up on the Commodore modding scene. Can one of you guys take a look at the below pic of the mainboard and tell me what exactly that is in the SID slot and what it does different from the standard 8580? The "chip" in question is circled as number 2 in the above pic. I've played a few games on it, and the music and effects sound just like they do on my stock bread box, for the most part. (I did notice a very slight bit of humming a couple of times.) Any ideas? I'm pretty sure it's not the SID stereo-out mod I've read about, although it would be awesome if it was and I just had to finish the wiring. Also notice what I believe is the 28-pin JiffyDos kernel replacement ROM circled as number 1 in the pic above. There is some wiring on the back of the mainboard associated with that chip, as such: I haven't seen any instructions for JiffyDos that required soldering wire bridges on the back of the board. Was that simply for the purpose of foregoing an external switch and instead hardwiring it to keep JiffyDos permanently enabled? Thanks in advance for any help explaining things to a C= hacking newb. - [email protected]
  15. I WLL NOT SHIP, no debate please I will deliver for free up to 100 Miles from Houston 77009 zip code. Offered for sale (before I toss it on eBay) Location : Houston, Tx Price: 300$ USD, Negotiable Offering 1x Commodore 64, fully working and tested 1x Commodore model 1541 Floppy drive, cleaned heads and no issues with it. 1x Commodore Model 1702 Colour & Sound Monitor, fully functional 1x Atari type Joystick 2x paddle style Joysticks 1x set of Business Software manuals with diskettes (see photo) 1x box with approx 50-60 diskettes with bunch of games, utilities etc. ( I have tested about 20 of them an non where bad) 1x brand new Keelog PSU (worth 65$ alone). 1x Cable Computer/Drive] 1x Cable Computer to Monitor supporting sound as well. contact me privately to purchase, or ask package related questions below. thank you for looking Pictures can be viewed from my google drive : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TORhx3x-VMW476qs_YfpdQB-dKRXfMYw?usp=sharing
  16. I have a Commodore 64 Black magic cartridge with all three rom sets for sale. I'm asking $150 plus shipping. Only used a few times. Excellent condition. Comes with instructions, cartridge with ROM set #2 onboard, rom set #1 (4 eeproms), and rom set #3 (4 eeproms) Tested all three sets last night and everything works perfectly. Shipping from US 95747 (Roseville, CA) Will ship anywhere you are willing to pay. PM me if interested. Info on this item is here: http://www.sys64738.net/ddibm/ddibm.htm ROM Games List is here: Here are the games/program lists for the DDI Black Magic Cartridge ROM Sets: ROM SET #1: https://drive.google.com/file/...sp=sharing ROM SET #2: https://drive.google.com/file/...sp=sharing ROM SET #3: https://drive.google.com/file/...sp=sharing
  17. found a commodore 64 locally for $75 and was wondering if it is a good price comes in box has wires and manuals. also how can i plug this in to test it?
  18. Recently (May 2015), my Aunt, who is a Realtor, was selling a house for someone, the previous owner moved out and wanted to sell it, well, they left a ton of stuff, so my aunt tasked me with cleanup, in exchange for all the contents. one of the things was a Commodore SX-64 Executive Computer, a Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive, and a Commodore MP-48 Printer. I went to boot the Commodore, and Nothing Happened. the light was on, and i could see that the screen was on, but it was just a black screen. Any ideas?
  19. I've been refurbishing old consoles and building a new retro gaming center for myself, this year. I figured I would dump the photos here from the past few months so I don't lose them. It all started when I found this really nice old Sylvania flatsceen TV that is still old enough to not be widesreen ($7 Goodwill). After that, it was a matter of cleaning dust and grime off the old consoles, which had been sitting dormant on bookcase shelves, and diagnosing which controllers worked, and which were defective. At this point, my Atari controllers were stuttering or intermittently unresponsive. The Atari was still dusty, and lots of cartridges really needed to be jiggered around to get them to work. Without any cleaning for this, the problem resolved on its own after some use swapping cartridges on the console over a few weeks. The Intellivision II functioned, but still needs serious jiggering to get cartridges to load, but none of them were found to be dead. The playstation 2 works beautifully, but none of my memory cards were recognized. Some of the controllers turned out to be broken, especially the "clear red plastic" one seen plugged in here. I found a nice woodgrain cabinet for a stand at goodwill for 5 bucks, and used an old xetec Amiga hard drive casing for the stand to raise the TV up a bit. Next, I took apart the 2 sets of Atari paddles, which suffered from "Jitter," and cleaned them. Reassembled after cleaning the residue and grease with alcohol and swabs, they worked perfectly. The next challenge was to open up both joysticks, remove the clear adhesive over the boards, clean them, and reassemble with packing tape over the boards. Both of them worked very well, aside from an issue with one of them: The cable plastic seemed pretty stiff, and would lose control if it was not held in a certain position - ultimately a small tug downwards of the connector end plugged into the back of the console got whatever connections were loose to connect. But, this one went into my "museum" for non-use, ultimately. Next, I took apart the console and cleaned the case. I found three areas on the RF cable where the plasic cord exterior had torn, but it seems that the cable is still working perfectly, so a little electrical tape was wrapped around the frayed parts to protect them. Ultimately, I want to replace the cord and fix the connectors in the B&W switch, and get a second Atari joystick, but this is good enough for now. After the next photo was taken, I popped the caps off the paddles and cleaned them some more. Next, I identified two playstation controllers that still functioned, though only one PS2 dualshock controlled worked, so a PS1 controller was borrowed from the old console which is in my "museum." I added a VCR to the mix, running the PS2 through that. Finally, I set up a spare tablet to be able to quicky hit a website with atari manuals on it, for reference if needed, and bought myself a Harmony Cartridge for the Atari for loading games from my organized rom library on SD card, which I continue to explore and learn about. My Atari Keyboard Controllers needed no maintenance - so they will be nice to have for Star Raiders. Finally, the Commodore 128 (64) computer and accompanying Commodore 1571 (Disk Drive) were set up as part of my functioning retro gaming center. It's still going to need some refurbishing to get it all cleaned up and "retro-brighted", with the 128 boot not functioning, lots of keys lacking spring or being loose, and the old RF video cable lacking proper RF shielding to prevent interference. But, it functions and I have access to all my old files and games. This was my primary computer literally from like 1985-1998. I'm making good on my "perpertual student" label for myself. Pacing myself, but aside from some repairs on this and the Atari, I still have two Commdore 64's and an Amiga 500 that will need to come back to life. The Amiga will need cleaning and retrobrighting, keyboard fixes, proper video cable, and a boot disk. The 64's with need to have their problem diagnosed. I have a Timex Sinclair 2068 with no cables, and an Atari 5200 that has a rusted end to it's RF (Power?? WTF) cable, which sparks when turned on. My playstation 1 is probably fine, but with the PS2, there's no rush on that. I'm definitely going to need a proper belkin surge protector instead of these two cheapo power strips. Projects for much later.
  20. I came across a booklet called Programming Pitdall Harry" mentioned in "Enter" Magazine, issue #11 (October 1984), here: https://archive.org/details/enter-magazine-11/page/n27/mode/1up According to "Enter," the booklet was give away at computer stores or you could get it directly from Activision for 25 cents (that sounds like a bargain). The booklet is described as allowing you to reprogram your Pitfall disk on the Commodore 64. I did find the booklet for the C64, here: https://pcmuseum.ca/Brochures/ProgramPitfall.pdf The lengthier-than-I-expected BASIC program included in the booklet allows you to "change Harry's speed," change the scene, "make Harry's shirt red... and more!" Has anyone seen this document before now? Was there an Atari version of this booklet? Adam
  21. A shrinkydink C64! https://youtu.be/sDoEAI8WGPI
  22. Here are the features and quirks of the Commodore SX-64 - the worlds first color portable computer. And it just happens to be a GREAT gaming machine too! This is a brand new video I released in the style of Doug Demuro, who famously covers features and quirks of sports cars on YouTube. The SX-64 may not be a 70s Italian sports car, but it certainly has it's share of hilarious quirks!
  23. Commodore 64 Cartridges - $5 Each plus actual shipping cost or make me an offer. PM me if you are interested. -Kevin ALL CARTS ARE NOW SOLD Sea Horse Hide & Seek Movie Musical Madness Alf in the Color Caves Minnesota Fats Pool Challenge Sea Speller Facemaker Up & Add Em Number Nabber Shape Grabber Alpha Build Big Bird's Special Delivery Kids on keys Ernie's Magic Shapes Zaxxon Sold Number Tumblers Delta Drawing Learning Program Up For Grabs Logic Levels Dance Fantasy
  24. I am a very loyal Atari 8-bit fan with cubic meters of hardware, kits, boxes and software. However, out of curiosity, I also have a TI99/4A, Apple IIe (& platinum), CBS ColecoVision (& all the add-ons), very old MS-DOS laptops, and ... since very recently, I got cheaply 2x C64, 1x C128, a 1541 drive. I bought a Kung Fu Flash cartridge (very handy) I know the Atari 8-bit games very well, I've been playing with my 800XL since I was 13, in 1984. And I still play today thanks to my FujiNet to Boulder Dash, Montezuma's revenge, The Goonies, Burger Time, Mr TNT, Drop zone, Bruce Lee, Galaxian, The Great American Cross-Country Road Race, etc, etc. But the C64 is brand new to me. I don't know where to start the exploration. I'm just looking for some advice: if you are familiar with Atari 8-bit and C64 games, which C64 games do I really need to play? Good C64 games that don't exist on the Atari 8-bit... Good C64 games that are really better made than their Atari 8-bit counterpart... (the opposite also exists, I know some)... Do you have any suggestions for me? After this escapade, I promise, the Commodore hardware will be back in the basement.
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