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Found 57 results

  1. Well, after a year and a half of starting this group, we have an official SVCGG event happening at Lost Levels arcade in Claremont, CA from 12noon till 8pm. This event will include vintage computers from the 70's, 80's and early 90's from companies such as Commodore, Atari, Apple, Texas Instruments, Tandy, Timex Sinclair and MANY OTHERS. All set for freeplay This event is FREE!! but we appreciate any donations to help our events to continue to grow. If you would like to go into the Arcade, there will be a cover charge. Here is a list of computers that will be present (more will be added) Commodore 64 Commodore 128 Commodore Amiga 1200 Commodore Amiga 500 Atari 800XL Atari ST Atari Falcon Apple ][e TI-99/4a Mattel Aquarius 486 List may be subject to change. We hope you make our first event special and hope to see you there! If you have any equipment you would like to show off at the event, please let us know!! Lost Levels arcade is located at 530 W 1st St, Claremont, CA 91711 See you Oct 5th!! https://www.facebook.com/events/389250568450963/
  2. SOLD! Vic20 Lot (Non-working Console, 14 Boxed Games, Unused printer) - $130 (plus shipping) The console doesn't appear to be fully working. The red light turns on and I get a flicker in the video signal but no other activity. Boxed Cartridges (untested since I don't have a working console): Cosmic cruncher, Jupiter Lander, Mole Attack, Number Nabber/Shape Grabber, Omega Race, Pinball Spectacular, Raid On Ford Knox, Road Race, Seawolf, Speed / Bingo Math, Super Alien And what appears to be two copies of: The Sky Is Falling, Vic Avenger and Radar Ratrace Commodore MPS-801 Printer APPEARS TO BE UNUSED! I got this in trade along with my C128 but I don't need it and am including it with this lot. The box is falling apart but can be included or left out at the buyers request. I wasn't told that it was unused but it appears to be as far as I can tell and is further evidenced by the tag pictured below attached to a tube that is meant to be removed before use.
  3. Hello Atariage, I'm writing to let you know that I've finished programming a website for the front end to the Gamebase database. This website (in theory) shows every game made for the Commodore PET (and coming this week, Vic-20 games). There are download links, and you can search alphabetically, by publisher, author. Deep search option soon to be implented. There's a possibility people can soon edit the entries and submit their own games too. www.commodoregamebase.com
  4. Hi everyone, I'have VIC20 that I bought in 80's. During this days I tried to turn on it, after 20 years well-deserved rest. If I try to lauch a game, I don't hear any sound, except like "pc speacker". Reading the manual, I found POKE comand, so If I try to digit POKE 36878,15 (volume max) and than POKE 36874,222 or 36875,222 or 36876,222 I don't hear any sound (with the tv audio volume set to max), but with 36877,222 I hear a noise like "pc speacker" Also, only once, the VIC20 connected to TV via RF modulator, the screen became grey color e it began to flicker, so I tried to connect the VIC via scart cable e TV said "no signal". Now this trouble never appereance again. I would to replace the MOS 6561-101, but I want to learn your opinion first or any suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Controller board for the 1581. Tested and working. $70 or best offer. eBay shipping to US and Canada, only, but open to other countries if contacted. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 122962109588
  6. Need a working C64 PS. Shipping would be to 78640, or I can pick up in the Austin/San Antonio area. Thanks.
  7. RetroElectroDad

    Commodore SX-64

    From the album: RetroElectroDad Computer Collection

    Commodore SX-64, the first colour portable.
  8. Here we will have a look at the good old Commodore VIC-20: And here the same video in 3D:
  9. What see is what you get. $10 or trade for 8bit atari, 7800 or Colecovision stuff.
  10. NEVERMIND. Going to sell the 128... Admin please delete this thread.
  11. Hello all, I just posted some Ebay auctions - one for a Jaguar Alien vs. Predator boxed. It comes with everything except the marine overlay. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120923686145 I also have a couple of nice C64 disk drives for auction. One is a Commodore brand 1541-II, the other is a Blue Chip drive. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120923929693 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120923710115 There's no reserve - bidding starts at $0.01. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hi all, Just to let you know, I've done a video of me attempting to play the insanely mad, Phantom Attack, on the Commodore Vic 20. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think or share your memories of this game. Steve. Video: http://Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_KYHT55ywA
  13. I'm forwarding this on behalf of the SRCS admin because I think some people here could find this interesting. Come one, come all, to the Seattle Retro-Computing Society's regular monthly meeting! It will be held Saturday, August 25th from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Do you do any of the following with old computers? Will you be near Seattle on Saturday? + Use, collect, and/or restore them + Play games on them + Write programs for them + Develop new hardware for them + Help other people do any of the above If your answer was "yes," then the SRCS is for you! We exist so you can show off your awesome stuff, bounce ideas off of fellow enthusiasts, and be inspired by one another's achievements, plans and aspirations. No idea is too big or too small, and we're not picky about what flavor of vintage machine you prefer! Come on down and tell us about it! The meetings are graciously hosted by the Living Computer Museum, which is gradually fitting out a computer museum in Seattle's SODO neighborhood. There will be refreshments, a Buy-Sell-Free-Trade table, and enough table space & power to set up anything you may want to show off! For further details, please see our web page at http://www.seattleretrocomputing.com/ and our mailing list at http://groups.google...attle-retrocomp . Hope to see you there! Gordon "gsteemso" Steemson SRCS agitator-in-chief
  14. Prices do not include shipping. Vic20 Lot (Non-working Console, 14 Boxed Games, Unused printer) - $150 The console doesn't appear to be fully working. The red light turns on and I get a flicker in the video signal but no other activity. Boxed Cartridges (untested since I don't have a working console): Cosmic cruncher, Jupiter Lander, Mole Attack, Number Nabber/Shape Grabber, Omega Race, Pinball Spectacular, Raid On Ford Knox, Road Race, Seawolf, Speed / Bingo Math, Super Alien And what appears to be two copies of: The Sky Is Falling, Vic Avenger and Radar Ratrace Commodore MPS-801 Printer APPEARS TO BE UNUSED! I got this in trade along with my C128 but I don't need it and am including it with this lot. The box is falling apart but can be included or left out at the buyers request. I wasn't told that it was unused but it appears to be as far as I can tell and is further evidenced by the tag pictured below attached to a tube that is meant to be removed before use. Pentium Pro server parts $100 I believe these came from a Compaq Proliant server I used to have. I have no way to test them but I believe they were working when removed. 3 Pentium Pro processors (two SL22z 512K and one STB32 256K) 8 32MB EDO memory sticks (compaq part # 228468-001) 6 Processor Voltage Regulators Vintage Pocket Computers Compaq 2015C C-Series Pocket Computer (Complete in box!) $10 This was my wife's computer, bought new and barely used. When I checked it out it looks like one of the hinge covers has cracked so the lid doesn't stay in place. I saved the other half in a ziplock back inside the box so it can be repaired. Doesn't boot off batter but that may be due to dead button cell battery (usually Cr2032). It does boot on AC. Compaq Aero 2180 (Complete in box) $20 I bought this brand new around 1999 when I was working for Compaq and got a deal good enough to make me upgrade from my Palm Pilot. It was the first color pocket computer of this form factor if I believe. This was the deluxe top of the line package that included a spare battery, largest storage capacity, and charging base with spare battery charging port. I used the pretty regularly and even used it as a music player storing MP3 on a CompactFlash. I charged both batteries and was able to boot to the setup screen from battery. Sharp CE-125 $40 I got this in trade a while back and haven't used it much so I can't speak much on its functions. I was able to test powering it on and running a few simple basic commands. Boxed Atari 7800 Baseball (no manual) and Chiplifter! (with manual) $9 For more pictures see my previous sale thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262562-choplifter-and-realsports-baseball-for-7800-boxed-12 Star Wars Toys $14 Jabba Glob and Chocolate Empire figures VHS Tapes $13 Just a couple I still have hanging around that I thought might be of interest here. Blade Runner Director's Cut, Ghost In The Shell (English dubbed), Pink Floyd The Wall, Stargate, Highlander 10th Anniversary Director's Cut, Highlander 2 Renegade Version Samsonite Palm Pilot Case $5 Brand new, never used, still with store tag. Travelstar 8E external hard drive (untested) $7 Apple II or Apple Macintosh "Open Me Third" folder with decals, Registration Card, Warranty card, etc. $10 SOLD -Atari 2600 Game Lot $29 Boxed with manual: Amidar & Moon Patrol Manual & Cart: Chopper Command, Donkey Kong, Super Challenge Baseball Loose Games: Battlezone, Bowling, Centipede, Combat, Football, Keystone Kapers, Ms. Pac-Man, Pitfall, Starmaster, Super Challenge Football, Tennis
  15. Hey guys, I'm new here, but I recently saved a load of stuff from the garbage. A lot of this stuff I have no idea on the value, so I'm posting it here in hopes that people will find it interesting and make fair offers. I don't expect to get "ebay prices", I'd just like this to go to people who will enjoy it. Pictures are below. I realize most of them are inadequate, so if you'd like to see something in more detail, let me know and I'll post more pictures! I ship from Provo, UT. Local pickup is totally acceptable! Not pictured: 7x 1541 Commodore disk drives. Probably not worth their shipping weight, but if you can think of something let me know!
  16. Oil's Well - a new PET game Ultra Invaders - Space Invaders adapted to work on older PETs as well as cheat menu Space Invaders MR NOP.zip Oils Well 2013 (Commodore PET).zip
  17. Revival Studios is proud to announce that they started development and publishing for the Commodore PET home computers. Their first release is a port of their game Avalanche. The game will be the first physical release in years for the aging computer system. Avalanche is a fun action game people can just pickup and play. The player has to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen. The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol of his ship with the symbol on the gems. The game will automatically increase in speed, but by strategically shooting gems you can align up to 5 gems in a row to gain points as well as slowing down the game for prolonged gameplay. Game Features: - Available on Cassette Tape and as Free Digital Download - Works on the all PET computers (except PET-2001) - Fast, flicker free, arcade gameplay - Sound support You can see the game running on a real Commodore PET system at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BSZTqwrWb0 The game is available on Cassette tape and as free digital download. For more information about this and other upcoming releases for the Commodore PET, including screenshots and packaging photos, visit: http://cbmpet.revival-studios.com/
  18. So, I recently got a Commodore 64 from one of my neighbors along with a 1541 disk drive, Commodore 1701 monitor, and I found a psu for it at a local vintage video game store. I tested the psu and the 9v and the 5v lines are working. So, I plugged it in the Commodore 64 and turned it on. The LED did not turn on and the screen was a solid black color. I took a look inside and everything looked visually okay. So, next I poked around with my multimeter and found only 1 volt on the cassette port. I know the 5 volt line makes it to the board because I measured the voltage on the power switch and the input and output voltages were 5 volts. So, I let it sit for about 3-4 minutes and then checked the voltage again. For some reason, the on board voltage was at a healthy 5 volts, but the screen remained a solid black color. I don't know what to do at this point. Could it be a bad capacitor, chip, voltage regulator, or something else? --Other info-- Board Revision: B Using RF output for the display Z key missing Thank you.
  19. What Is It? Hayesduino is an Arduino sketch that provides a bridge between the world of the Internet and small devices that do not have built-in ethernet capabilities. Old computers, such as the Commodore 64, Apple II and Atari 800 have serial ports, but do not have readily available Internet solutions with wide software support. While specialized solutions do exist for these platforms, they all require specialized software to use them and do not lend themselves to more general usage such as simply opening a socket, sending some data, and/or receiving some data. Hayesduino bridges this gap by emulating a Hayes compatible modem. This allows users to initiate Internet communications via sockets that are opened by "dialing" to a hostname and port. An example would be initiating a telnet session with a host by simply typing atdt hostname:23 and waiting for the host to respond. Using this technique, any online socket can be reached and communicated with. Hayesduino could have accomplished this without emulating a modem, but there needed to be a good way to allow the small machine to receive incoming connections. The three platforms listed above were all very popular systems for hosting BBS (bulletin board systems) which would accept calls over a telephone line via modem. Hayesduino simulates the incoming phone call whenever the software receives an inbound connection on port 23 (this is changeable in the code). When an incoming connection is detected, the Hayesduino will toggle the DCE-DCD line to trigger the remote software to answer the incoming "call". In this way a classic BBS can be hooked up directly to the Internet. http://hayesduino.codeplex.com
  20. Top 10 AMIGA games. Well, certainly such lists are subjective and I am not saying all or any were exclusives, indeed some may have been better or more popular elsewhere but my fond memories of them originated on AMIGA so simply I will name 10 games that I highly enjoyed going back to those may years ago when I had original Amiga hardware. I will go with - 1. Lemmings 2. Stunt car Racer 3. SkidMarks 4. Turrican 5. The Chaos Engine 6. Battle Squadron 7. Zany Golf 8. Zenon II Megablast 9. The Secret of Monkey Island 10. Flashback To be clear, this was literally the first things that sprang to mind off the top of my head and could likely change dramatically from moment to moment and I could literally think of dozens if not hundreds more and that is not even including various PD / Shareware / Demos and well if I am honest tons and tons of pirated titles I traded for back in the day. Was such a wonderful platform.
  21. I used Google to translate the text to the obscure German game "F**k commodore" Does anyone here speak German? There are a few sentences below that don't make sense. Original german is on the left hand side. Google translated text on the right. druecke start um das spiel zu beginnen press start to begin the game wollen sie eine anleitung do you want instructions? sie sind ein einsamer ATARI-besitzer you are a lonely atari-owners auf der reise on a journey und weit weit von zu hause entfernt and far far away from home ploetzlich erfahren sie, suddenly you learn that dass eine commodore-gang ihre a commodore gang has atari kammeraden gefangen genommen haben captured your atari gear versuchen sie die kameraden try to free your comrades zu befreien ohne dabei ihr leben zu verlieren without losing your life viel glueck good luck ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie stehen mitten im urwald. you are in the middle of a jungle man hat ihnen mitgeteilt, we told you dass hier in der naehe that here in the vinity der commdore-unter-schlupf sein muss of the commodore under slip must be? sie sehen einen mann you see a man mit einem commodore t-shirt with a commodore T-shirt sie haben eine pistole you have a pistol und einen knueppel in der hand and a stick in your hand A mann erschiessen shoot the man B mann erknueppeln hit the man with a stick C das wc aufsuchen visit the wc (toilet) A die kugel ist viel zu schade a bullet is too good fuer einen commdore besitzer. for a commodore owner. sie sind tot (druecke start) they are dead (press start) B eine sehr gute entscheidung a very good decision C hier ist weit und breit kein wc! here is far and wide no toilet! sie sind tot und ausserdem schwul! they are dead and also gay! (druecke start) (press start) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie sehen hinter einen baum you see behind a tree eine 16jaehrige, a 16 year old, die auf einem commdore spielt playing on a commodore A 16jaehrige voegeln shag the 16-year-old B ein fuck van achteren aft a fuck van? C nichts wei weg... get the hell out? A leider hatte sie kraetze, unfortunately she had scabies, aids, pest usw usw... aids, plague, etc, etc... sie sind tot. (druecke start) they are dead. (press start) B schwein!! sie sind tot. pig! they are dead (druecke start) (press start) C das war knapp a narrow escape ----------------------------------------------------------------------- als sie weitergehen entdecken as you go sie ein grosses gebaeude discover a large building A) gebaeude betreten A) building access B) vorbeigehen B) go past it C) schweine fuettern C) pigs fuettern? A) sie betreten das gebaeude you will enter the building B) sie sind vorbeigegangen und sind tot. they have passed and are dead (warum nicht?) (druecke start) (why not?) (press start) C) sie wollten die they wanted the commodore-user fuettern. commdore-user fuettern. dabei sterben sie an pest! while they die of fever! (druecke start) (press start) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie sehen ein gitter. You see a grid. daneben steht ein commdore-computer. here is a commodore computer auf dem bildschirm steht: on the screen is: insert password insert password A) 'apfel' eingeben A) enter "apples" B) umkehren B) go back C) computer zertreten C) stomp on the computer A) das war zu hoch fuer den that was too high for the computer under stuerzt ab! computer under crashes! (uebrigens sind sie tot) (by the way they are dead) (druecke start) (press start) B) als sie umkehren wollen faellt ihnen when they want to reverse them der halleysche komet auf den kopf. falls halley's comet on the head (druecke start) (press start) C) das ist die einzige sprache This is the only language die commodore-computer verstehen the commodore computer understands! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie stehen in der grossen eingangs halle. they are located in the large entrance hall. In welche richtung wollen sie gehen in which direction do you want to go A) Richtung forschungszentrum A) direction of research center B) richtung C 128-raum B) direction of C 128 room C) richtung C 64-spiele raum C) direction of C-64 games room A) als sie das forschungszentrum as they enter the research center betreten erblicken sie ein paar bekloppte they see a few batty trying 2 kloetze to ask ????? die versuchen 2 kloetze so zu stellen dass sie nicht umfallen. so they do not fall over. ploetzlich bekommen sie einen klotz suddenly they get a chunk auf den kopf und sind tot. of the head and are dead (druecke start) (press start) B) leider gibt es keinen C128 raum. unfortunately, there is no C128 room fuer sowas lohnt sich kaum ein eimer! for something hardly worth a bucket! -> tot (druecke start) -> dead (press start) C) als sie den C 64 spiele raum in the C64 games room betreten sehen sie nichts you do not see anything ----------------------------------------------------------------------- A) licht anmachen A) turn on the light B) sekretaerin anmachen B) turn on the secretary C) licht anschalten C) turn on the lights A) als sie das licht anmachen kommt when they turn on the light der freund des lichts is the friend of light und schlaegt sie tot and beats them to death (druecke start) (press start) B) ooooh, mann du voegelst oh, man you do shagging sie so lange bis du stirbst! until you die! (druecke start) (press start) C) das licht is nun an the light is now on ----------------------------------------------------------------------- im lichtschein erkennen sie schreckliches. in the light you recognize terrible. es stehen 5 C-64 im raum! There are 5 C64s in the room! Einer ist angeschaltet. One is connected. es besteht die moeglichkeit there is a possibility WINTER GAMES III zu spielen. to play WINTER GAMES III A) computer lieben A) computer love? B) aus dem fenster springen B) jump out the window C) winter game III speilen C) play WINTER GAMES III A) ich glaube sie spielen das spiel I think they play the game nicht mit dem noetigen ernst! not with the necessary seriousness! sie sind tot. they are dead. (druecke start) (press start) B) Bravo-sie sind genau auf bravo they jumped einen amiga gesprungen exactly one amiga? C) bis sie die 1.disziplin geladen until they have loaded the first discipline haben sterben sie an altersschwaeche. they die of senility (druecke start) (press start) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie sind genau in den C 128 raum gesprungen. You are exactly in the C128 room jump sie sehen 2 moebeltraeger die gerade einen You will see 2 furniture remover C 128 ins zimmer tragen. of the just a C 128 in the room. was tun? what to do? A) moebeltraeger ein bein stellen A) mobeltraeger hiring leg B) moebeltraeger anschwulen B) mobeltraeger look at C) lego spielen C) play with legos A) als die moebeltraeger stolpern stumble as the moebeltraeger them faellt ihnen der c128 auf den kopf. falls the c128 on the head. sie sind tot (druecke start) they are dead (press start) B) als sie die moebeltraeger anschwulen as you look at the furniture remover sind diese so begeistert, so enthusiastically, dass sie den C 128 fallen lassen. the cases fall? sehr gut! very good! aufgrund des aufpralls der kiste stuerzt due to the impact of the cases falling, das ganeze gebauede zusammmen. wooowww.. the whole building collapses C) happo-happo-happo... (druecke start) Happo happo happo....(press start) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- sie haben es geschafft! they did it! Ihre ATARI-kameraden stehen vor ihnen your atari-mates stand before them VICTORY CODE: Bitte einsenden an please send to Lyoner Str.38 6000 Frankfurt 71 Fortzsetzungen folgen demnaescht sequels will follow soon DIE SUCHE NACH SUMMER GAMES II und ATARI 8-BIT BEST FUCK THE REST Demnaechst auf ihren bildschirm soon on your screen (druecke start) (press start)
  22. Recently, one of my coworkers gave me this diamond in the rough. I thought it would be neat to try to clean it up and see if it was still working.
  23. Looking for a Commodore 1581 drive.
  24. EDIT: ALL GONE. THANKS! EDIT: LOWER PRICES Hello all, I have the following items for sale. Shipping will be extra and at cost and I use priority mail in the US. PM me if you want anything, and thanks for looking. [Atari 2600] Boxed and Signed Stunt Cycle from Philly Classic 3 #10/50 BEST OFFER ON HOLD [XBox One] Halo 5 sealed $20 SOLD [Vectrex] Vectopia complete $20 SOLD -------- Everything below is NOW $4 Each -------- [Atari 2600] Slik Stik Joystick Slik Stik Joystick Wico Command Controller [Commodore 64] Access The LipStik Plus Headset - Voice Activated Fire Button Suncom Animation Station Graphics Tablet (untested, was working when last used) Commodore 1530 C2N Datasette Tape Drive (untested, was working when last used) SOLD [sega Genesis] Sega Four Player Multi-tap [Atari 5200] Atari Trackball (non working) Most of the buttons work, but the trackball itself, while moving fine, doesn't send any data to the console. SOLD [Amiga] 520 TV Adapter SOLD Master 3A1 3rd Party External Floppy Drive (presumed not working, the light came on but my Amiga 2000 could not see the drive last time I checked) SOLD [Xbox 360] Akai Katana (complete) - US version SOLD DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (complete) - Japan Version but region free SOLD
  25. Will Start Adding Pics That Paint Picture Of Magnitude Of Product I Have....Give Me A Bit - Thanks!! Hi, I am new to this site and bought a massive collection of games recently, roughly (6k-7k games)...I've sold a lot but have a bunch more to help with growing collections....I've never sold on here before but I wanna start and my buddy said it's a great place to do it...I know what the games are worth but would always prefer offer first for any purchases you'd like to make that I have that you may need...I am very fair and been selling things a long time so I always tend to come to a fair middle ground whenever selling items in good faith that people will come back and tell others as well...Thanks For Your Interest And Don't Hesitate To Ask Questions Or Make Requests....And As Far As Trades Go, I Am Only Really Open To Rare Games I Can Sell Quickly That Are Equal In Value I’m Giving Up, Atari 5200 4-Port Video Switch Box, ColecoVision Power Adapter & Empty Game Boxes I Could Use TO Complete Some Games **Lots Of My New Games Are In Gradable Top Notch Collector Condition** Items I have available include The Following (Also Have Some Consoles, Controllers, Manuals & Accessories Available).... Atari 2600 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Complete In Box & New In Box Atari 5200 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box Atari 7800 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Complete In Box & New In Box Intellivision Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box ColecoVision - Cartridge Only, Cartridge & Manual, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box Commodore 64 - Cartridge Only, Cassette Only, Cartridge & Manual, Complete In Box (Cartridge, Cassette & Floppy Disc) & New In Box (Cartridge) Commodore Vic-20 - Cartridge Only, Cassette Only, Cartridge & Manual, Complete In Box (Cartridge & Cassette) & New In Box (Cassette) Sears Tele-games (Atari 2600) - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual & Complete In Box Sears Super Video Arcade (Intellivision) - Complete In Box & New In Box ...... And Of Course Other Consoles As Well (Also Sell Old Toys, Figures & Board Games) But Figure I Would Stay With Classic 80's Cartridge Games As Far As Details **One Last Thing...I Don't Have A List Because I Haven't Had Time And There Is Just Way To Many, But Odds Are I Will Always Have Something You Probably Need** My Personal Contact Info: Name: Andre (Dre) Number: 401-954-3295 Email: [email protected] Etsy Storefront URL (Overhauling Storefront This Coming Week): https://www.etsy.com/shop/TimelessToyStore?ref=hdr_shop_menu **Try To Sell Through Etsy Because I Can Give Better Deals - They Only Take 3%, We Come To Agreement Of What You Want And I Set Up Custom Sale For You - No PayPal Either..You Can Pay Direct With Card To Avoid Even More Fees - Which Means Better Prices** Ebay User ID/Name: TimelessToyStore Location: Rhode Island, USA (In Case Your Near Me And Local Pick Up Is Possible Or You Wanna Check Out Items In Person)
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