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Found 5 results

  1. I don't know how much cross-over there is in this TI-99/4a sub-group with the Atari 8-bit home computer sub-forum, but I presume since this forum is hosted in the AtariAge forums that there must be at least a few people who collect for both computers. Right now, I have a six books for books for the TI-99/4a computer. They're the one's in my first TI video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoBjUDMar84 I'm looking to expand the TI books that I have currently in trade for spare Atari books that I have in my personal collection. Is anyone interested in doing trading books with me? If so, then I'd like to use this thread to post the books I have, and others can post the books that they have for trade. If a few people like this idea, then over the next few days I'll make a list of TI books that I want and a list, maybe with pictures, of the Atari books that I have for trade. So... is anyone interested in trading their spare or unwanted TI books with me? Adam P.S. Oh, and if you have no interest in Atari books, then you can always give your spare TI books to me...
  2. I'm looking for the following seven games from "Compute!'s Creating Arcade Games on the TI-99/4a" by Seth McEvoy: 1) Martian Attack 2) Martian Revenge 3) Riverboat 4) Shark 5) Mushrooms 6) Hobo Party 7) Moneybags Here's the book's cover: A pdf of the book is here: https://archive.org/details/tibook_creating-arcade-games-on-the-ti994a/mode/2up Here's the book's table of contents: I've looked around for these TI BASIC games, but I can't find them. I'd like to try them. I know that they'll be simple, but I'm curious about what this book hopes to teach the reader. Did anyone here use and read this book? Does anyone have some or all of these seven TI BASIC games on tape or disk? Adam
  3. Hello All, Does anyone know of a hi-res collection of vintage computer magazine covers? I wanted to check here before I started searching and scanning on my own. I going to make a screensaver (as well as desktop wallpaper collection) for Mac & PC's. My particular favorite magazine from my early days are the COMPUTE! for Atari magazines. Thanks
  4. I am happy to announce the final release of the re-work of my 1988 conversion of Tiles. Tiles is a one- or two-player memory game which appeared in COMPUTE! Magazine, Volume 10, Number 2, Issue 93, February 1988, Pages 30-46. The program was originally written by Rick Harrison, with versions for the Commodore 64, Apple ][, Atari 8-bit, IBM PCjr, Amiga, and Atari ST. The Texas Instruments conversion is based upon the game description in the article. The graphics are based upon the Atari ST version, with the screen layout matched as closely to the original versions as possible. After COMPUTE! dropped the TI-99/4A I obtained permission from ABC Publications and COMPUTE! Magazine to produce and distribute my TI-99 conversions of programs which appeared in the magazine. "Tiles" is one of these conversions I worked on as a budding young programmer. Like many home-produced programs, this game was originally hand-written then typed into TI BASIC. The final product presented here used much of that original code, imported from a tape to Notepad++, re-written to use @matthew180's TIdBiT TI BASIC translator, and tested with @Tursi's Classic99 emulator. Included in the attachment are the TIdBiT source files for both TI BASIC and TI Extended BASIC, a worksheet of notes about the rationing of variables (though I am missing another worksheet which broke down each subroutine and my original graphics,) a 90k SSSD disk image with the two language versions, a tape output file of each program in wav format created with Dean Corcoran's CS1er, as well as my permission documentation obtained from COMPUTE! Magazine. The two files on the disk are: TILES TI BASIC and Extended BASIC TILESXB TI Extended BASIC Quick instructions Tiles is a memory game. You will be presented with an increasing number of tiles to find in a pattern up to 30 tiles. Use the keyboard or joystick to play. Standard key scan 1 and 2 for player one and two, respectively: ESDXQ and IJKMY for up, left, right, down, "fire". Joystick 1 left answers "1" or "Y" and right answers "2" or "N" for appropriate questions. Space bar and fire are interchangeable. Press any key to end the attract mode and select number of players to begin the game. Number of player selection, play again inquiry, and surrender inquiry have time-outs which will return to the previous action. Each player starts with 500 points. You will be shown the tiles for that round then asked to hide them. Roughly every second you will hear a tick with which you lose points: 60 points if your score is 5000 or over, 40 points for 2000 and over, and 20 points for under 2000. If your score falls to 400 points a second tone is added, especially helpful as the TI BASIC version does not update the score board during this phase. Once hidden you have to find all of the tiles. In TI BASIC an arrow will appear under, and in TI Extended BASIC a box will surround, the currently selected tile space. There is no time limit nor order in which the tiles must be found. You score 100 points for each find and are penalized 100 points for each miss. The game ends if you run out of points. If one player bankrupts the other player continues. The game proceeds until both players have completed the last round with 30 tiles, both players lose all points, or one player surrenders. Your prowess is gauged by the high score you rack up. FCTN-7 (AID) will bring up a short informational line to remind you of your keyboard and joysticks options. At the end of the game FCTN-8 (REDO) will start a new game and FCTN-9 (BACK) will start the attract mode, the same as answering Y or N, respectively. A player may surrender his or her game while hunting for hidden tiles by pressing FCTN-9 (BACK.) After surrendering, any tiles not yet found will be exposed. The surrendering player's high score is not penalized but the score is wiped. The game ends when a player surrenders. To leave the game use FCTN-4 (BREAK) in TI BASIC or FCTN-= (QUIT) in TI BASIC or Extended BASIC. While I have given this release as thorough a test as I can I expect there will be a quirk or two which will need fixing. Please feel free to post in this thread if you find any, and if you enjoy the game please post screen shots with your high scores. Both BASIC versions operate identically so feel free to get competitive with either rendition. I give more information on the genesis, recovery, and development of this game in this development thread. My conversion of Tiles is not permitted to be sold as part of any collection or compendium of games for which a charge is made above the costs of media or distribution, and may be distributed as part of free public domain collections whether in on-line or media form, including not-for-charge BBSes and forums with options for free membership. I request that information included with any such distribution point to https://locu.li/tiles99 and said link is not required to be the exclusive means of description. (See the last post for the most recent release.)
  5. Hello All, Does anyone know of a hi-res collection of vintage computer magazine covers? I wanted to check here before I started searching and scanning on my own. I going to make a screensaver (as well as desktop wallpaper collection) for Mac & PC's. My particular favorite magazine from my early days are the COMPUTE! for Atari magazines. Thanks
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