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Found 72 results

  1. HI my name is Carlos and i have found an OVERKAL console in a family deposit, i dont know if it works i havent tested it, it seems that is incomplete, it doesnt have the chips or the money, all the 14 transparencies are there, the board too. i want to sell it i have no use for it, even though i´m a gamer i know someone would really like this one for their collection if anyone is interested, fell free to contact me
  2. I'm selling my CDX console with a couple disc only games. I have that "make offer" option there for a reason lol. Or if you want just the system and not the games or any variant of what I have listed, let me know on here and we can work something out. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2F251296465125%3FssPageName%3DSTRK%3AMESELX%3AIT%26_trksid%3Dp3984.m1555.l2649 I can't get the BBCode thing to work, it just takes you to a page that says "this item is no longer available". Sorry about that :/
  3. ive just leared of the little oddity known as "marx tv tennis". its an electro mechanical pong console, I never would have guessed such a thing existed. I know electromechanical arcade machines were popular before affordable displays became avalible, and ofcouse in timeless classics like pinball and skiball, but never had heard of such technology in a home console. does anyone know of any other electromechanical home consoles? the marx tv tennis 1974 odd isn't it? you know, in that I must find one now kind of way.
  4. I have a couple assembled NES Super 8 systems ready to use including the rare RGB PPU chip. The NES Super 8 is a Nintendo clone that uses the origingal CPU / PPU. One is blue, the other is white. They have the version 1.1 PCB inside. Tested and working great. Asking $399 which includes the power adapter and shipping. I also have RGB NS8 v1.1 assembled PCBs for $95 CPU / PPU not included bare PCBs are $25 For more information: http://atariage.com/...ct/page__st__75 PM me if interested! Thanks!
  5. I many classic titles available for good prices, make an offer. I havent listed any on Ebay yet... Donkey Kong F18 Hornet Commando Video Jogger Mario Bros+++ Atari 7800 and 2600 Games - I attached Photos of The System - Joysticks - Games Complete All Original PCDOS Nice Joysticks and even the Pro Stick IBM Personal System 2 - Look At IBM on UTUBE _> >>> Model 30 286 I can accept Paypal and All Major Credit Cards Visit my store on Ebay - http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fmyworld.ebay.com%2Farizonasurplusauction
  6. From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Microsoft XBox with the Steel Battalion controller.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  7. Hi all. First post on cool forum I have been reading for some time. I have a(possible) technical retro gaming related issue to bring before the board. I bought a Retrobit Super Retro-Cade some time ago primarily for casual play and occasionally rough treatment at parties (where I wouldn't bring any of my precious vintage consoles :-) But I have been trying to figure out something that has been driving me crazy for some time, and I hope that someone else on here might have faced the same issue and found a solution. How do one remove a previously added game from the Favorites list? I kinda hope its an obvious oversight on my part and just a case of me being thick, but in case it might be a bug... Anyone run into the same issue?
  8. Hey, I recently picked up a 2600A woodgrain 4 switch and I'm looking to complete it in box but I don't know all the documentation that came originally with it. Does anyone here have a CIB unit that can tell me exactly whats supposed to go inside it. It would be appreciated. I posted a few pictures of what I have so far. The owners manual seems to be as photocopy. Thanks
  9. HI guys, I'm afraid I don't quite understand how to link to the Gallery like the pinned post said. I don't see the code they are saying to copy on my Gallery page. I hope using a URL link is okay instead. http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/1747-darth-dukes-atari-corner/
  10. BEWARE: I have not tested this but, it is so simple and I can see no reason for it not to work. If you have already installed this 32K console SRAM mod, then it won't take much more work to fully populate the RAM space at >8000 to >83FF. That would give you 1024 bytes instead of just 256. It seems to me that disconnecting the CS* from the 6810s and moving that signal over to pin 4 of U504 C2 (first remove the +5VDC from it) should be all that is necessary. I see two possibilities for doing this. I think this might be the easier of the two but, you may find other possibilities that I didn't consider. The signal could be removed from the 6810s by cutting the trace coming from pin 8 of U507. Run a jumper from pin 8 of U507 to pin 4 of U504 C2. Do not forget to remove the 5VDC from pin 4 prior to connecting this jumper, though. Cutting this trace at this point cuts off the connection to U606, pin 12. In all likelihood, you would want to reestablish the connection from U507, pin 8 to pin 12 of U606. This would be required, if you have the defeat switch installed, so the Scratch Pad memory would still be fast memory when the switch is in bypass mode. The 2nd solution I came up with was to pull or cut the CS* pin on BOTH 6810s. Then run a jumper from the hole that is left under pin 11 to U504 C2-4 (again, remove the 5VDC from it first). This doesn't break the connection to pin 12, U606, so nothing more should have to be done. Alternatively, you could remove both 6810s from the board since they will not be used anymore. I intend to leave them in, possibly to be used as a small buffer for another idea with which I have been toying. I made up schematics for what I call the Clulow-Guion 32K upgrade, and I am attaching them to this post. They are intended as an addendum to "Hardware Manual for the Texas Instruments 99/4A Home Computer" by Michael L. Bunyard. The largest difference between the CG32K and the BC32K is the CG32K can be switched back and forth between 0 wait states and the normal 4 wait states using a toggle switch. I don't think you can hot swap it, though I can't offer first hand test results. Even though I am going to use this as a basis for the 1st stage of my own design, I do not intend to use a toggle switch to bypass the zero wait state in mine, so chances are that I never will test a hot swap of this particular mod. I want to be able to hot swap mine via software, and perhaps a mechanical push button. Instructions for the three current Ballmann-based mods are found here: http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/16bit32k/32kconsole.html Please let me know if you think I'm in error with the schematics or the modification I've suggested. If you try it and it works, please let me know. If it doesn't work... well, that's your fault for trusting me. Clulow-Guion_32K.upgrade.tar.gz
  11. MAME 0.212 It’s the moment you’ve surely been waiting for: the release of MAME 0.212! A huge amount of work has gone into this release in a number of different areas. Starting with the software lists, you’ll find hundreds more clean cracks for Apple II, the Rainbow on Disk collection for Tandy Color Computer, all the latest Game Boy Advance dumps, and thousands more ZX Spectrum cassette images. Chess computers now support chess piece simulation using the built-in artwork, support has been added for several more chess computers from Hegener & Glaser, Novag and Saitek, and the Tasc ChessSystem R30 is now working. Three Game & Watch titles, Bomb Sweeper, Gold Cliff and Safe Buster, have been added for this release. Protection microcontrollers continue to fall, with Rainbow Islands – Extra Version, Choplifter, Wyvern F-0, 1943: The Battle of Midway and Bionic Commando no longer needing simulation, hacks or patches. In some cases, the dumps have confirmed that the protection had been reverse-engineered correctly and the simulation was correct, but it's still important to preserve these programs. It’s also important for people repairing these systems if the original microcontrollers have failed. There are three important sound-related fixes in this release: FM Towns CD audio playback positions have been fixed, Konami System 573 digital audio synchronisation has been improved, and a special low latency mode has been added for the PortAudio sound module. For more advanced users and developers, more functionality has been exposed to Lua scripts and plugins. The layout file format has been overhauled to better support systems that make creative use of LEDs and LCDs. Disassembler support has been added for the Fujitsu F2MC-16 and National Semiconductor CompactRISC CR16B architectures. And if you've been following along, you might notice that we’ve waved goodbye to a little more of our C legacy with the removal of the [tt]MACHINE_CONFIG_START[/tt] macro and its associated crud. We don't have space to list all the Apple II and ZX Spectrum software list additions here, but they’re in the whatsnew.txt file. You get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.
  12. I have a Samsung Nuon N501 available in good shape, works perfectly. I don't have remote or controllers just the system. I'm not sure what this is worth,as there's only one system on eBay and it seems terribly overpriced. Any help? Here are some pictures. If anyone is interested they can pm me as well.
  13. Hello, I'm looking to expand my system collection, and would love to add an Atari 5200, Jaguar, Turborgrafx, and Colecovision! A 2600 Vader and 2600 Jr. would be nice too. I would prefer that they come complete with the power supply, RF cable, and at least 1 controller. However, if all you have is the system, I might still be interested if the price is right! Please let me know if you have any of these available. Thanks!!!
  14. The Computer Spiele Museum visit. The Computerspielemuseum Berlin (Computer Games Museum Berlin) was founded in 1997. From 1997 to 2000, it had a permanent exhibition in Berlin. Afterwards, it became an online only museum. In 2011, it reopened its permanent exhibition in Berlin’s neighborhood of Friedrichshain. During the first month of its permanent exhibition, it had 12,000 visitors. Some pictures of this great museum : http://gameplayerspecial.com/2012/08/23/computer-spiele-museum-computer-game-museum/ Thanks.
  15. Thrift Store: $5 each Cosmetically, both are in great shape. They use those huge C and/or D batteries and might be able to use a ac adapter as well. Other than that, they use RF. Anyone know what their values are? I'm assuming not a whole lot, but I don't even see any past ebay or previous sale listings online
  16. Is the Atari 5200 worth collecting? This is meant to be an overview for people who have never owned the console and know very little about it. I did a big shoutout to AtariAge in the video. Hope you guys & gals like it...
  17. I've got it up on kickstarter leading towards the onespark event here in jacksonville, where it is also registered. check it out at www.theimagic.com thoughts and input welcome!
  18. Hi guys!!! I'm new here! I'm a brave NES/SNES collector who wants to dig even further into the past... So yeah, it's not that hard to find a 2600 console around here, but can't find someone who is willing to ship it worldwide... It sure ain't easy to be a collector from Israel... Anyhow, I'm looking for an Atari 2600 (don't care if it's a 6 switch or a 4, just want it wood grain) with 2 joysticks. Paddles could be nice, and a few classic games to kick-off the collection could be even nicer! Some one? THANKS!
  19. Many of us buy and sell consoles over the years, but some have stood the long test of time. So what consoles computers have you had since you were under 18 years of age? It's surprisingly few for me... Tell us about your childhood consoles that you still love and cherish. What are their stories? Computers: Mac--I have a Mac Classic that I acquired on the cheap when I was in high school. It is sadly not running currently and I believe it just needs new caps on the motherboard and PSU. Got this computer for free from a computer lab at my high school which was retiring it. PC--My high school HP is still in my parents basement. The computer itself is unremarkable but has a Voodoo 2 or 3 in it which I need to salvage for posterity for some point. I may have it framed, or use for a Windows 98' PC build. This was the "family computer" but I paid for the Voodoo 2 out of pocket with part time work. Consoles: NES--My original NES was sent to an authorized repair center to have the 72 pin connector replaced. I was pissed to realize they gave me another (more worn) console as a replacement!! Still...that was my early teens and I still have that NES toaster to this day. I've since defeated the 10-Nes chip and replaced the 72 pin connector at least one more time. It's currently in storage as my NES toploader is my go-to, but I will probably be hooking it up to my living room TV soon as I now have the space/capacity for it. The NES was a Christmas gift around 1990 or so. N64- My high school N64 (black launch model) was stolen at a party, but the translucent orange funtastic machine I replaced it with is still in my possession, bone stock with the Nintendo Ram Upgrade only, and is hooked up to the big flat screen at my parents for when I visit there. Paid for out of pocket with summer job money. Gamecube- My launch edition black gamecube was fried when my roomates in Germany (Army) plugged it directly into the wall instead of a transformer. I replaced it with a Platinum edition GameCube which I still have to this day and is currently in storage. It was my last purchase at 18 that qualifies. It will be coming out soon to keep my Wii U company in my gameroom, as the Wii U is moving downstairs having been replaced by my switch. Paid for with my earnings while in the military. Every Atari, Sega, Panasonic, Nec, Phillips, or Microsoft was acquired after, either new or at Play N' Trades. I wish I still had my childhood Super Nintendo but my parents never bought me one!! lol. I had to put my N64 on layaway as it was with "the bank of mom" Speaking of which, please do add fun stories of how you PAID for your consoles back in those years.
  20. Hi all, I believe that retro gaming is now officially an asset bubble. If it was about experiencing original classic Atari games on the original console, adding it to your collection and then sharing information and pictures about the console and/or games - adding something to the community - cool. But these devices are being flipped, like assets. So, again I firmly believe we are deep in a retro gaming bubble. Not a high-end one like houses. As in, the ramifications will not mean that you have to sell your car, or you will loose your house. But in time, there will be people that will have a stack of investments (sorry... games) that they paid insane prices for, and will not be able to recover that ... investment. All the classic bubble hallmarks are at play here. Lets look at the classic 5 steps of a bubble:- 1) Displacement - This is when investors (as apposed to fans of retro-gaming due nostalgia, preference to the different older-style of gaming experience, the type that will add to the community, not just ask how much is this item worth-types, etc..), become interested in this "new" potential revenue stream. We are now seeing more and more people "express" an interest in retro-gaming devices and software. More and more people are aware of this, and more opportunities become available for people to invest (take) or fuel (add) to the growing retro-gaming market (like the NES/SNES mini classic for example). 2) Boom - Prices rise very slowly at first, and then BOOM!!! That game you was looking to get, that was only a couple of quid, is now 10's of pounds (and that is just for starters). And then momentum kicks. Like a stone rolling, the prices keep on rising, and at an accelerated rate. This is the boom phase. Those of us that have been playing old consoles for years, will have seen the prices of these consoles fall when they were originally superseded, and then start to rise (gently as wear/tear/damage - just the ever reducing stock of these devices/games happens) over time. But until the last few years, those increases have always been pretty gentle. Also, a key factor of this phase is recognition. Playing old consoles, or retro-gaming, is now "a thing". When you have news media, that is normally total divorced from the subject matter starts giving the "new asset" wide coverage. You seen the articles:- That old console in the attic could be worth 100's!!!!!! Top 10 games what used be worth pennies, but are now worth 100's. These are all indicators. Remember how many property programs popped up on TV during the housing market boom? This breeds the attitude "fear of missing out on that once in a lifetime investment" (NES classic anyone?). It also breeds the air of competition. Someone proudy shows their recent acquisition of the "rare" blah blah blah game. It's not a good game, but only a small number were produced. This also really drives prices up. But this uniquely gets other previously savvy retro-gaming collectors spending more than they normally would. Before they would have a spending cap of X per game. This cap slowly creeps up to Y, and then Z etc.. This is rocket fuel to the boom phase. This also increases the number of retro-gamers (investors). 3) Euphoria - In this phase, with free flowing credit and a some-what level of economic security, (and the fact that alot of people that grew up with these consoles are at the age where they may have disposable income) caution is thrown to the wind. The mindset moves to "gotta get them all" before someone else does, and miss out an opportunity to flip for a profit. Prices in this phase sky-rocket even further. You then start to get "market experts". They talk up the market. You've seen game X on eBay, been watching, debating if you should get it or not. You then see You-tuber ILUVRETROGAMESCOZTHEYAREKEWL99SAUSAGE talking about game X. Before you have finished watching the video, you check again on eBay, and the price has gone up because this popular You-tuber mentioned it, and maybe used the word rare at some point. These experts fuel the market, fuel desire, competition. This drives down levels of rational thinking. This also breeds and feeds the "greater fool theory". This theory works on the prinicple, that it doesn't really matter how much I spend on X, because there will always be a "greater fool" that will buy it off me .... for more. During this phase, you will see the introduction of new, weird and wonderful valuation measures and metrics (e.g. PlayStation one release model (SCPH-1001) is now known as the Audiophile due to having RCA presentation and a slightly better DAC - a term that has been used to greatly exaggerate the value of the console in the mind of the lesser researched/informed "investor"), all touted to justify the relentless rise in asset prices. 4) Profit taking - At this point, anyone who "is into retro-gaming" as an asset, and have the smart money mentality, will start cashing out. Impressive complete collections start becoming more and more available. This is because the "smart money" is heeding the warning signs. They are "selling out" and taking profits (which is being provided by the "greater fool") while the profits are available. If someone that would normally be completely divorced from gaming suddenly starts showing interest and some level of newly acquired savvy regarding the asset (like grandma suddenly knowing the difference between her sons old heavy sixer and a light sixer that she found in the attic), saturation point has been breached. You will see record levels of fakes at this time. And even good ones too, as the prices they can potentially sell for, justifies the extra effort from the counterfeiter. We are talking about it gets to the point that near expert levels of appraisement is required. At this point, I want to talk about the "mythical" scalper. A scalper does not exist per say. What does exist is someone with more contacts, money or savvy than you to get the item you want, or got it sooner, thus cheaper than you. And then having the savvy to know that they can charge an inflated price when they decide to flip that item. Look, if everyone decided they will not spend more that £55 on a NES classic, how long to do think the "scalpers" would try and charge £200? If the "greater fool" exists, then greater prices exist. At this point, the bubble of choice has hit saturation point, it can then only take even a minor event to prick the bubble. But once pricked, the bubble is not likely to inflate again. That event could come in any shape or form. Unlike the housing, where is it some what clear what elements can cause a down-swing in the market, in retro-gaming, it harder to predict. A general loss of interest? A better more exciting (read - new) "investment" comes along, maybe? The Ataribox proves to be WAY better than anyone thought (100% perfect 2600, 5200, 7800, STe and Jaguar emulation?), thus killing the desire for anything else? Serious down-swing in the general economy (that makes people focus on the essentials, not frivolous). Retro-gaming stops being "hip". Fakes and badly repaired/modded hardware (you know - that "eBay mint" console that looks worst than an out of date dog's dinner)? It could be all of these or just one or two. It's hard to call. But the realty is that we are seeing a bubble grow, and it will pop. And when it does, phase 5 bites down. 5) Panic - If you are collecting retro-gaming equipment for the love of it and not an asset (e.g. you was doing it before it became a thing - you know when it was just called gaming or playing on my old Atari), this is the only stage that doesn't adversely affect you. In fact, this is the phase you will like. If you are in it for the profit, and you are still in it at this point - whoops!! In the panic phase, asset prices reverse, and hard. And often (as history has shown) at a more ferocious pace. Coming down far faster, that when they were on the rise. Investors at this point will flood the market in attempt to find that one last "greater fool" to buy at an apparently more reasonable price. The problem is, at this point there are no more "greater fools", just the "greatest fools" fighting to get as much back as possible, reducing their loses on a cartridge that they bought at the height of the market for £200 for example, and are now not getting any response on trying to sell it for £30. So that is my take on this subject. I think we are clicking from phase 3 into phase 4. And boy are we going to see some crazy when the SNES mini classic comes out. All the people that "missed out" of the first with the NES, will be on a mission (impossible mission?) to get one. Competition, desire and a complete lack of rational thinking is gonna kick in. Anyway, just by reading this, you can tell I am NOT even close to being an expert. This probably reads more like the mussing of a mad man. But I'm a fan, and I find things like this interesting and fun to discuss. So please let me know if you agree, disagree. I would really love to read your thoughts/ideas on this? Is this something we what to happen? It would make prices cheaper, but then you will be less likely to get devices like the NES/SNES mini classic and other ideas that can make retro-gaming interesting. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.
  21. MAME 0.206 Welcome to 2019 – we’re starting the year with a bang! MAME 0.206 is an absolutely huge update when it comes to new dumps and newly working software, especially when it comes to TV games. As far as we know, MAME is the first V.Smile emulator with working controls and the most compatible, with almost all dumped titles fully playable for one player (the second joystick isn’t working yet). A number of JAKKS Pacific games based on similar technology are also working in this release. And from Japan, you can now play the Popira and Dance Dance Revolution Family Mat rhythm games, as well as Super Dash Ball. The Namco Nostalgia and Taito Nostalgia games are now playable, too. Game & Watch coverage is steadily expanding, with Black Jack, Lifeboat, Manhole (new wide screen), and Rain Shower added in this release. Black Jack is particularly notable as it hasn’t seen re-issue or emulation before now. On the arcade side, San Francisco Rush 2049 and its Special Edition have been promoted to working, and we’ve added alternate versions and bootlegs of several supported games. Heihachi_73 has tested the Aristocrat Mk V slot machines, and dozens have been promoted to working. If you enjoy spinning the wheels, why not give some a try? If you’re aware of the effort to preserve original Apple II software in the new low-level WOZ disk image format, it should come as no surprise that MAME is on board. We’ve started documenting these dumps in a software list, and we’ll continue to add dumps as they become available. If you’re a fan of Acorn computers, you might want to try some of the newly supported BBC Micro ROM slot expansions, including banked ROM devices, RAM expansions, and real-time clocks. A few additional Electron expansion devices have been added, too. Of course, these are just selected highlights, and there are plenty more bug fixes and emulation improvements in this release. There are also some incremental improvements to MAME’s system and software selection menus. You can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.
  22. From the album: My Game Collection

    2000 Slim-Style Sony PlayStation "PS1". works good.
  23. From the album: My Game Collection

    Sony Playstation 1 Console, Given to me by my cousin in 2003.
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