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Found 14 results

  1. I've noticed newer TV's having less and less RCA and Component inputs, also S-Video is well gone and buried. I've also noticed people increasingly having issues with newer TV's and classic consoles where the AV input will keep popping up on screen or other bugs/glitches because of the old tech/new TV. Obviously we can always seek out older tube TV's and early era flat screens, but can we expect that in 5-20 years a TV won't be able to play a 2600, NES or Genesis? Will this make classic gaming inaccessible to most who don't have the time/resources/space to seek out and set up in a special area a "retro gaming" TV? What are your thoughts on this issue?
  2. I've got it up on kickstarter leading towards the onespark event here in jacksonville, where it is also registered. check it out at www.theimagic.com thoughts and input welcome!
  3. Will Start Adding Pics That Paint Picture Of Magnitude Of Product I Have....Give Me A Bit - Thanks!! Hi, I am new to this site and bought a massive collection of games recently, roughly (6k-7k games)...I've sold a lot but have a bunch more to help with growing collections....I've never sold on here before but I wanna start and my buddy said it's a great place to do it...I know what the games are worth but would always prefer offer first for any purchases you'd like to make that I have that you may need...I am very fair and been selling things a long time so I always tend to come to a fair middle ground whenever selling items in good faith that people will come back and tell others as well...Thanks For Your Interest And Don't Hesitate To Ask Questions Or Make Requests....And As Far As Trades Go, I Am Only Really Open To Rare Games I Can Sell Quickly That Are Equal In Value I’m Giving Up, Atari 5200 4-Port Video Switch Box, ColecoVision Power Adapter & Empty Game Boxes I Could Use TO Complete Some Games **Lots Of My New Games Are In Gradable Top Notch Collector Condition** Items I have available include The Following (Also Have Some Consoles, Controllers, Manuals & Accessories Available).... Atari 2600 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Complete In Box & New In Box Atari 5200 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box Atari 7800 Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual, Complete In Box & New In Box Intellivision Games - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box ColecoVision - Cartridge Only, Cartridge & Manual, Cartridge w/ Manual & Overlays, Complete In Box & New In Box Commodore 64 - Cartridge Only, Cassette Only, Cartridge & Manual, Complete In Box (Cartridge, Cassette & Floppy Disc) & New In Box (Cartridge) Commodore Vic-20 - Cartridge Only, Cassette Only, Cartridge & Manual, Complete In Box (Cartridge & Cassette) & New In Box (Cassette) Sears Tele-games (Atari 2600) - Cartridge Only, Cartridge w/ Manual & Complete In Box Sears Super Video Arcade (Intellivision) - Complete In Box & New In Box ...... And Of Course Other Consoles As Well (Also Sell Old Toys, Figures & Board Games) But Figure I Would Stay With Classic 80's Cartridge Games As Far As Details **One Last Thing...I Don't Have A List Because I Haven't Had Time And There Is Just Way To Many, But Odds Are I Will Always Have Something You Probably Need** My Personal Contact Info: Name: Andre (Dre) Number: 401-954-3295 Email: [email protected] Etsy Storefront URL (Overhauling Storefront This Coming Week): https://www.etsy.com/shop/TimelessToyStore?ref=hdr_shop_menu **Try To Sell Through Etsy Because I Can Give Better Deals - They Only Take 3%, We Come To Agreement Of What You Want And I Set Up Custom Sale For You - No PayPal Either..You Can Pay Direct With Card To Avoid Even More Fees - Which Means Better Prices** Ebay User ID/Name: TimelessToyStore Location: Rhode Island, USA (In Case Your Near Me And Local Pick Up Is Possible Or You Wanna Check Out Items In Person)
  4. I've listed a bunch of Lynx and 7800 games fulfilled by Amazon Canada, search or click through them here: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aag/main/ref=olp_merch_name_2?seller=ASVVEHBRLZEPV I didn't spend a lot of time setting prices, feel free to make me an offer on here if I've overpriced something and I'll reduce it on the site. I listed them here because I need to get rid of a whole load of stuff and I shipped it all to Amazon in a single box for CAD$10 - packing up and calculating the shipping for 60+ individual boxes is just too much effort for me. Also shipping is cheap (or free if you have Prime or order enough) within Canada, and hopefully shouldn't be too bad from the US either.
  5. This is my current setup. I'm more of a hardware nerd than anything else.
  6. Just a little rant, so I don't really expect many (or any) responses.... But I just have to get this off my chest. I am sure some of you have noticed this on Youtube and other places online. What I mean is, there seem to be ppl on there (most likely twenty-somethings and younger) who believe most pre-NES systems are 4-bit. I've seen these ridiculous statements under videos for C64, CV, 2600, etc. Other gamers tend to correct them, but it still persists. Just because a system is pre-crash and more "simple" does not make it "4-bit". To my knowledge, the vast majority of early pre-crash systems (with a few exceptions) were 8-bit, including the Atari VCS/2600 and even the Channel F.
  7. Hello fellow Atariagers!!! Well, I started my account here in 2012. But never really did much. So I've become active since the last month and really got quite comfortable around here. I like to show my game room. "The Compound. I'm going to have to do several posts in a row on this thread due to many pictures I have taken. Well, to lead it off. Here is what I have console wise. But first my televisions. I have a Sanyo 27" HD flat screen tv and a 17" RCA CRT mainly for light gun games. Here are my consoles. Please note some are not pictured. All consoles are 110% working order. :-) 1. 1977 Atari 2600 "Heavy Sixer" 2. 1980 Atari 2600 "Light Sixer" 3. 1982 Atari 2600 4 switch woody (Main choice for 2600 gaming) 4. 1983 Atari 2600 "Darth Vader" 5. Atari 2600 Jr. 6. Magnavox Odyssey 2 7. Intellivision Model 2609 8. Colecovision "Yurkievision" 9. Atari 5200 Supersystem 2 port model 10. Atari 5200 Supersystem 4 port model 11. Atari 7800 Prosystem 1984 model with the expansion port interface 12. NES top loader model 101 13. NES toaster model 001 (in closet) 14. Sega Master System model 1 15. Sharp Twin Famicom 16. Turbo Grafx 16 17. Sega Genesis model 1(no cd or 32x, never cared for either) 18. Sega Genesis model 2 19. Super NES with tabs in slot cut out to play Super Famicom games 20. Sega Saturn model 2 (Got the Action Replay 4M cart for imports) 21. Sony Playstation model 1 22. Nintendo 64 23. Sega Dreamcast 24. Sony Playstation 2 model 1 25. Sony Playstation 2 model 2 (not pictured) 26. Nintendo Game Cube with Game Boy player adapter 27. Sony Playstation 3 80 gb model 1 28. Nintendo Wii soft modded with emulators for NES SNES Atari 7800 N64 Mame 200 games burned onto 500 gb hard drive 29. Nintendo Wii U 30. Atari Flashback 2 31. Original Xbox Halo edition hard modded with Xecuter 2.6 chip and 500 gb hard drive. Has xbmc with emulators and every single game and rom for. Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Intellivision Colecovision Nintendo/Famicom Sega Master System/Mark 3/SG-1000 Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine Sega Genesis/Mega Drive/CD/32X Super NES/Super Famicom 3DO Neo Geo AES/MVS Capcom N64 MSX MSX 2 Mame Game Boy Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Atari Lynx Neo Geo Pocket Sega Game Gear Bandai Wonderswan And 150 games burned onto hard drive which is 500 gb on an xecuter 3 chip
  8. What do you do with broken stuff? I get most consoles repaired these days, but I have a few controllers I really like (a six button w/turbo genesis controller, multiple 2600 controller, and a translucent green N64 controller) that I just can't figure out what to do with. I also have an extra Apple G3 laptop that I should sell for parts or repair. As I see it we have a few options with any given item. -Hoard until parts become available and you can fix item -Fix item -Sell for parts -Toss I'm torn. I hate throwing away something thinking it could be fixed, but also don't like having broken crap taking up space in my collection. What do you do for various items?
  9. I am collecting for about 25 years now and usualy i search for a lot of things. this time i am focused on some not so well known consoles and games This time i am looking for the following things: Koei Pasogo (prefered boxed complete) Sega Divers 2000 Marty Fm Towns HR II Model 20, only the Power Supply cause mine is dead Vectrex Harmageddon CIB Nintendo Othello (complete) Computer/Console Nintendo TV Game (sharp version) Coleco Total 4 (console boxed complete) Entex Select-a-game (only a few games) Entex Adventure Vision (complete and also games) i already have 2 Entex AV! but loose and one is working but missing 3 lines on display Some Atari Pong Consoles (i have only 1 with blue/white box) i do not know the specific names for the differnt types like super pong and so on. Atari Cosmic? RDI Halcyon Thank you and if you have something please p.m
  10. What are consoles that (in your opinion) make owning other similar consoles of the era (or current) redundant? Here is my take on a few: -Having and XEGS makes the 5200 redundant. Both A8 computers that have been consolized, XEGS has more power and access to a larger library. -Having a Genesis makes owning a Master System Redundant, you can play the whole library on a Genesis with a power base converter or on an everdrive -Having A Genesis or SNES makes owning a TG-16 redundant. Most of the best 16 bit titles went to those two systems. -Having a Saturn/PS1 makes owning a 3DO redundant. Pretty much all the good 3DO games are on Saturn or PS1 -Having a PS2/Gamecube/Xbox makes owning a Dreamcast redundant. Most of the best titles from the DC were ported to those later systems. -Having a PS3 makes the PS1 redundant. All models play PS1 games quite well. -Having a Wii makes the Gamecube redundant, backwards compatible. -Having and Xbox one makes the Xbox 360 and Xbox redundant, the system is ever increasingly backwards compatible. -Having a Gameboy advance makes the Gameboy Color and Gameboy redundant because of backwards compatibility -Having a New 3DS makes having a 3DS, DS redundant because of backwards compatibility Thoughts?! What did I miss or get wrong in your opinion?
  11. Many of you already know about this, but just in case, I wanted to start the topic for my upcoming book, Vintage Game Consoles: An Inside Look at Apple, Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, and the Greatest Gaming Platforms of All Time, which will be released in February, but is available for pre-order now. This is the next entry in the Focal Press Vintage Games series, which started with the critically acclaimed 2009 release, Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, and the Most Influential Games of All Time. In contrast to Vintage Games, which covered 35 of the most influential computer, console, and handheld games of all time (up to the book's publication date), Vintage Game Consoles covers 20 of the greatest game playing computer, console, and handheld platforms of all time (up to 2001, which means no platforms still actively sold (i.e., their history is still being written)). It's full color throughout, with 400 images, an extensive preface, and major section introductions to complement each platform chapter, which provides a thorough history of the industry through the lens of the very platforms that helped define it. Any questions? Ask away! (also be sure to check out my other recently released book, CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer, and the next book to see release after Vintage Game Consoles, My Xbox One; March will also see the first unveiling of our major feature film documentary on the history of videogames (based loosely on the Vintage Games series books), Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution) Contents: Preface Generation One (1971 – 1984) Arcade (1971) Apple II (1977) Atari 2600 VCS (1977) Atari 8-bit (1979) Mattel Intellivision (1979) PC DOS Computers (1981) Commodore 64 (1982) Coleco ColecoVision (1982) Generation Two (1985 – 1994) Nintendo Entertainment System (1985) Commodore Amiga (1985) Sega Genesis (1989) Nintendo GameBoy (1989) Nintendo Super NES (1991) Generation Three (1995 – 2001) PC Windows Computers (1995) Sony PlayStation (1995) Nintendo 64 (1996) Sega Dreamcast (1999) Sony PlayStation 2 (2000) Microsoft Xbox (2001) Nintendo GameCube (2001) By the way, the cover art is by none other than Nathan Strum, long-time AtariAge member and renowned homebrew cover artist. For those not familiar with the style, it's meant to evoke my first (and favorite) childhood magazine, Electronic Games. I think he nailed it:
  12. Hey gang!! I searched the forums to see if this thread has been discussed previously, but don't see anything. Which console in your collection do you enjoy the most? Your most favored? Or prized possession? For me. I have to go with the Sharp Twin Famicom. I bought it a few years ago. It was released in 1986 by Sharp Electronics in Japan as a two in one system and licensed ny Nintendo. It plays Nintendo Famicom carts and by sliding a switch underneath you can play Nintendo Famicom Disk System games. It works excellent and plays flawessley. I only have a few disk system games. Super Mario Bros. 2 (The Lost Levels), Doki Doki Panic, and Moero Twin Bee. Overall it is a fun and unique system. I always wanted one of these puppies and so happy to own one. What are your favorites everyone? :-)
  13. Hello all, I have been keeping a bunch of Atari stuff from my childhood, but it is now time to let it go. I have a 8k 400 cansole, 16k 800 console, several controllers including the driving controllers and the paddle controllers, To many games to list. I've got catridges, floppys, and cassettes. I have the tape recorder / player, the floppy drive, a printer, and a paint like program brand new in the box. Please contact me for any details. I have a complete list that I can email if anyone is interested. David [email protected] (517)899-23 nine nine
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