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Found 26 results

  1. Hi guys, I've got an Ultimate Intellivision Flashback, which is a Flashback that has the internals replaced with a Raspberry Pi, and have never had any problems with it. However, this week it suddenly started coming up with "No gamepad detected" when I boot it up. I'm just using the standard Intellivision Flashback controllers (as I always have done) so I don't understand why it's suddenly stopped recognising them. I've tried pressing 0 on the controllers to try to get them to register with it, but nothing happens. Does anyone know how I can get it to recognise my controllers again? I'm trying to take part in this season's Intellivision HSC so you can understand how urgent this is!! 😁 Edit: BTW, I've checked the internal connections and it doesn't look like anything's come loose. Any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks, gezkc
  2. Refurbished and Composite modded console with 2 controllers with ball knobs and straightened cords and original power supply $199 + shipping Set of black controllers refurbished with ball knobs and straightened cords $60 + shipping Set of Tan (Adam controllers) with ball knobs and straightened cords $50 + shipping. Thank You AtariAge for over 7 years of ColecoVision mods! I've modded over 500 ColecoVision consoles and over 1200 controllers. Feel free to contact via messenger if your looking for any ColecoVision services. ***Newest offering F18A install. $169 + return shipping that's parts and labor. Great mod connect directly to HDTV with VGA port, or use a converter to go from VGA to HDMI. *** Ask about availability of ColecoVision hardware. I may have expansion modules or modded console(s) with or without controllers and power supply. If available Atari expansion module $20, steering wheel $25, Roller Controller $30, RGB modded console (console only) $199. Complete system with RGB, composite, pause, intro skip BIOS, 2 controllers and power supply $329. Plus shipping for all these listed items. RGB mod: Here is a link to a thread in the ColecoVision Forum: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/232809-new-rgb-colecovision-mod/ Here is a quick video I made with cell phone showing the RGB mod connected to the Framemeister and the HD Video Converter on a Vizio LCD TV. RGB mod outputs awesome video signal and dual mono audio through a discreet 8 pin mini din jack on the back of the console. This mod was designed to be used with a RGB to HDMI scaler. The XRGB mini Framemeister and the HD Video Converter (sometimes referred to as Panlong) are my tested and recommend scalers. They provide awesome picture quality on LCD/LED TVs. This RGB mod should also work with any monitor that accepts a 15khz video signal, although I have not tested on any monitors and cannot make any guarantees. https://www.amazon.com/Panlong-Converter-Scaler-Coaxial-Consoles/dp/B00D86UYBS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1420692028&sr=8-1&keywords=scart+hdmi&linkCode=ll1&tag=atariage&linkId=6f51c402c5548c619cfeae00ff569b61 I have also seen them on Ebay for around $43 with free shipping. RGB Cables: Your choice of one of the three cables listed below is included with the RGB mod service. One or both of the other cables can be purchased at the time of service. I won't sell cables separately at a later date. 1. male to male 8 pin mini din cable. This will plug directly into the back of the ColecoVision and directly into the 8 pin mini din jack on the Framemeister. $10 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. 2. male 8 pin mini din to male 21 pin connector wired EURO SCART. For use with the HD Video Converter. $15 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. 3. male 8 pin mini din to male 21 pin connector wired JP-21(Japanese 21) RGB. This will plug into the 8 pin mini to female JP-21 adapter that is included with the Framemeister. $15 if you choose another cable and want to add this one. DIY Composite video Mod board (cord included) Picture below DIY purchase price for mod board with a/v cord included $29 shipped anywhere in the USA. This board was designed and tested for NTSC. The ColecoVision outputs only mono sound and this mod outputs the mono to both left and right. (dual mono). If you choose to buy a Composite modded system from another seller on Ebay, Craigslist ect...make sure they are using the LM318 amp chip and not the transistor mod. The transistor gets super hot and is prone to failure and there are brightness issues. Installation Instructions: ColecoVision DIY Mod Installation.pdf Prices: Repairs requiring chip replacement extra. Console refurbished with no mods. $40 + return shipping. Console refurbished and A/V mod board installed $69 + return shipping, a/v cable included. Console refurbish and RGB mod installed $109 + return shipping. $20 off if you send a working console that I have previously serviced for upgrade. Your choice of 1 of 3 RGB cables listed above is included and the other cables are available for the listed prices. Add composite video mod to RGB modded console for $29 (DIY price with free install) a/v cable included. Controller refurbishing $20 each or 2 for $30 if combined with console refurbish and mod install. Ball knobs and cord straighteneing are free options with controller refurbishing. Intro Skip BIOS $15 and Pause Button $35. Or both together for $40. BIOS and Pause only available additionally with console refurbish and RGB and/or A/V mod. All my mods are shown in this I made, with the exception of the Intro Skip BIOS and RGB. Here is a link to my Intro Skip BIOS thread http://www.atariage....nstall-offered/ and here is a link to my profile. I have links to all my mod threads on my profile. http://www.atariage....r/23318-yurkie/ If you have any questions please feel free to ask. LEDs are now 3mm red. These are much more discreet than the 5mm blue. I added 2 clear LEDs that light up blue. Power LED comes on when power switch is turned on. Pause LED blinks when Pause switch is flipped on. 4 second video showing blinking pause LED. LEDs $15 each. Power Mod: This mod eliminates the unreliable original power supply. A 12V regulated supply with barrel plug is inserted in barrel jack on the back of the console. 5V and -5V are internal. This mod is $50 + return shipping. Power supply may very from pic, but will 6' or longer total length. Pictures for reference. ColecoVision DIY Mod Installation.pdf
  3. Many people will already know me for the range of keyboard membranes I have had produced for Sinclair, Amiga and Amstrad machines. A recent discussion on Facebook suggested that there was a need for replacement membranes for the Intellivision controller, so I thought this would make a good project for 2016. I know someone has already produced a replacement using microswitches, but I think in order to ensure that no modifications are required to the existing controllers, the best solution would be to produce a direct replacement for the membrane. So, the questions are: a) How much interest would there be in this project and at what sort of price point? b) Should the membrane be a flat membrane (as per the Intellivision II controller) or use bubble technology above each key (as per the original). c) Will the same membrane be suitable for all of the original controllers or are there any differences? d) Is there anything else we need to take account of when making the replacements?
  4. Since the Amico game system controllers support Bluetooth, I'm going to take a stab and supporting them in the MrBoehm project. (See my AA blog for more details). I'm looking for someone with an in-depth understanding of the original Intellivision controllers who might be willing to provide guidance on how I can configure the MrBoehm controller output so that I can provide Amico controller support for the original Intellivision systems. PM if you're interested in volunteering. Thanks, Aaron
  5. I have pictures below of items I have that I would like to get rid of. EXCEPT, I'd like to have one of the controllers refurbished and one of the trackball controllers refurbished so I can play with them. All cartridges are unboxed. All games work, except for Defender and the Sean Kelly multi-cart. Instruction manuals are included for these games: super breakout, did dug, choplifter, centipede, pole position, qix, defender, galaxian, berzerk, space invaders, ms pac man, missile command, pac man, super cobra, star wars, pitfall, meteorites No manuals for these games: qbert, joust, star raiders, astro chase Assorted 5200 system manuals are pictured. Assorted keypad overlays are pictured. The box top is in very bad shape but the bottom is ok. None of the controllers work completely. Some start games and move characters but most all buttons do not work. The trackball controllers work but not completely (one will only go up but not side to side, the other has buttons that don't work). The Wico controller works well and comes with the Y adapter. The Competition Pro controller comes with the Y adaptor. It works but you have to really push up to get it to go up.
  6. I have figured out a way to use adapters and a powered USB hub to get Sega Master System and Genesis controllers compatible with the Colecovision 2 button games. In the presentation I use the controllers to play Rock 'N Rope, Space Fury, Cosmic Avenger, and HERO. The adapters and cables used are not hard to locate online, so this can be accomplished by anyone who'd want to get their favorite controllers fully compatible. Check it out, and subscribe to my channel for more controller fun:
  7. So what switch accessories are you snapping up? So far I purchased: -Insignia Carrying case-space for the Switch and 6 game cards, accessories -Tempered glass screen protector-2 pack- The switch screen is plastic and scratches easily, this was a quick order Tried to purchase -Pro controller-still can't find one locally Interested in Purchasing -A second dock-for my upstairs TV, may just have to get off the Nintendo website soon -Larger carrying case, with room for dock, cables, and a pro controller-for hooking up to friends and families TV and such -Charging grip and second set of joycons-but finding it hard to justify the $110 pricetag of that combo (sort of ridiculous really) -Some sort of stand for the switch, as it seems rather obvious at this point that the built in kick stand is flimsy and useless -I heard rumors of arcade sticks being released...and with SSFII coming out this might be interesting What accessories did you get or are you looking forward to?
  8. My intellivision controllers are borked. I was wondering what the standard procedure was for replacing them. I checked ebay for replacement controllers with no luck. Is it possible to add a port so I can use atari/coleco controllers? Thanks !
  9. Sold Here are 3 tested and working wireless controllers for the Sega Genesis with 2 working receivers. As an additional bonus I am including 1 extra untested 6 button corded Genesis controller. 1 of the 3 wireless controllers has a small piece of plastic broke off it as shown in the 2nd picture, but it does work. The other 2 are undamaged. $50 for 2 controllers and a receiver is a good deal, so an extras make it a steal.
  10. I'm looking for multiple knobs for the Atari 2600 paddle controllers that are not broke or cracked
  11. I heard at one point that just as there was an original model of the ordinary paddle which had the Atari logo instead of the word "paddle," there was also an original model of the driving paddle which similarly had the Atari logo rather than the word "driving." The closest I've seen to one is on eBay there was an auction for driving paddles "CIB" and the box had a picture of driving paddles as I described above. However, the actual paddles inside the box in this auction said "driving" rather than having the logo. Does anyone know for sure whether these mythical driving paddles exist? Better yet, does anyone own one that can post a picture? I'm trying to collect an entire set of "first run" Atari hardware including the heavy sixer with original accessories and controllers. Thanks!
  12. Hello, Ladies and Gents if you have any working bally astrocade controllers you would be willing to part with please let me know whats fair and ill buy em I need 2, please and thank you
  13. First off, they seem pretty rugged. One of the two controllers I am testing my two Color Computers with was dug out of a flooded basement years back. The screws are rusty and it was pretty stiff until I used it some today. Actually still works good. Now, I noticed another oddity. I pulled out my Color Computer 1 (memory unknown, has Extended Color Basic) and proceeded to try and plug both controllers into it. My better controller would plug in, the other wouldn't go fully past the plastic opening. After looking at both controllers, I found out why. One appears to be older and the rubber or plastic boot around the plug is tapered! The second controller has a newer date code and the rubber boot is thicker, not allowing it to go past the plastic openings around the CoCo 1's controller ports. They both work on my CoCo 2. I have a third controller I just saw a week ago, so I need to find it and see if it is tapered or not. Has anyone else ran across this difference?
  14. I am wondering if anybody here has a Fairchild Channel F System II controller to sell to me? Those controllers have the famous DB9 connectors. I'd like two of those controllers in working condition. PM me if you have those controllers.
  15. Hey all, Looking for some Orange OEM Game Cube controllers. Got kind of obsessed getting an Orange GameCube and grabbed one, so looking for a fair deal for some controllers. If they don't work, as long as they are not physically broken/smashed, as long as the deal is right, I might be interested BUT, I do want Original Nintendo ones. Thanks for your time ! -Dave
  16. So I'm sure it sounds amazingly lazy of me, but with the myriad of controllers out there, I hate having to swap them out in the console itself. I thought: man, it would be fantastic if some sort of "hub" existed where multiple controllers could be plugged in and selected via a switch. So ... does anything of the sort even exist for 9-pin controllers like those found on the 2600?
  17. This person is selling an Aquarius with two hand controllers. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FMattel-Aquarius-Computer-Video-Game-System-with-Original-Box-NICE%2F221262595258%3Frt%3Dnc%26_trksid%3Dp2047675.m1851%26_trkparms%3Daid%253D222002%2526algo%253DSIC.FIT%2526ao%253D1%2526asc%253D163%2526meid%253D282172867397791385%2526pid%253D100005%2526prg%253D1088%2526rk%253D2%2526rkt%253D4%2526sd%253D350844280304%2526 But I've never seen these hand controllers. They look kind of Aquarius-like, but they only have two buttons. And there is no mini-expander, so I wonder where they plug into.... Are these hand controllers unrelated the the Aquarius? Catsfolly
  18. Hi again, Vectrex-aholics. Just wanted to share a brief glimpse of two new MiniVex creations. In the first photo is the Mini-Twist, a pint sized spinner controller that includes all four button functions (numbered 1-4, left to right) and a rocker switch on the back to scroll through on-screen menus. Like the other MiniVex spinner units, the spinner doubles as an extra fire button. In the second photo is the Driving Package...a spinner controller that includes a detachable foot pedal. You can use it like any other spinner controller, but for an added fun element you can plug the foot pedal into the back and select any button 1-4 with the rotary dial. Using it with driving games is NOT required of course, but it was indeed made with that possibility in mind. This one is also menu compatible with a rocker switch for scrolling through menus, and the spinner doubling as an extra fire button. Wish any more info? Please contact me or post here. Larry
  19. I'm looking for some very common 2600 & 7800 items and eBay prices are getting me down. Please PM me if you have anything below for sale. I'm in the US and am looking for carts only. 2600 Air Raiders Amidar Arkanoid Demons to Diamonds Enduro Fantastic Voyage Fathom Fishing Derby Frogger II Frostbite Ghostbusters Gorf Gravitar Hero Jungle Hunt Keystone Capers Krull Laser Gates Masters of the Universe Megamania Midnight Magic Millipede Moonsweeper Off the wall Outlaw Pitfall & II Pressure Cooker Q Bert River Raid Robot Tank Seaquest Solar Fox Solar Storm Solaris Sorcerer’s Apprentice Spiderman Stargate Star Wars Arcade Star Wars: Death Star Battle Star Wars: Jedi Arena Subterranea Superman Threshold Tunnel Runner Wizard of Wor 7800 Choplifter Commando Crossbow Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. Rampage Tower Toppler
  20. Hello i was just wondering if the atari 7800 flashback controllers would work with the atari 7800 as the pro line controller?I know this is a noob question but i just ordered a atari 7800 flashback and the pro line controller i have for my 7800 console is broke so could i use one of those controllers to work on my 7800 console or would i have to just buy another proline controller.I would like to buy one of those modded controllers if any can shoot me in the right direction for some new controllers that would be awesome .
  21. AusMatari

    20150727 153659

    From the album: AusM's Atari

  22. As it says on the tin up there, looking for a set of Atari Paddle Controllers and a Video Touch Pad, which I don't actually have! I figure this isn't a huge deal and people could have some for sale here. z.z. I would need them, of course, to work! Pretty sure thing on both now. Thanks for replys guys!
  23. Does anyone know why the controller ports are on the back of the machine. It seems to be an interesting design decision that was not emulated really by any other companies unless you count the PC. Did it serve a purpose other than to make room for the woodgrain. Even the Atari 2600 Jr still had the back controller ports but no woodgrain. What gives?
  24. Today I was playing my currently aquired Odyssey2 when the fire button on the left controller just quit working. Now this one has the 'wired' controllers that you have to pop the console apart to unplug. I knew I had one or two spares in a batch of controllers I saved from a damp basement, so tried them out. Well, the first didn't work at all, but the rusty one works! Thank goodness! Anyways, is there a way to repair these critters? I was looking inside the one that quit on me and... well... it looks like a gutless wonder. Actually, I should pull one of the plug in type units apart and see what the differences are. These self-center where the plug in types I have don't.
  25. Hello all, I have been keeping a bunch of Atari stuff from my childhood, but it is now time to let it go. I have a 8k 400 cansole, 16k 800 console, several controllers including the driving controllers and the paddle controllers, To many games to list. I've got catridges, floppys, and cassettes. I have the tape recorder / player, the floppy drive, a printer, and a paint like program brand new in the box. Please contact me for any details. I have a complete list that I can email if anyone is interested. David [email protected] (517)899-23 nine nine
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