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Found 18 results

  1. Freshbroods_NinjaKombat.bas.binIf anyone is interested, I feel my "proof of concept" passion project has come along enough now to upload it and show you what is possible. I've been fiddling with this off and on for a couple years now. Firstly, this is my very 1st game designed on anything, anywhere. I know zilch about assembly or any other programming language. I delved into Batari Basic as a learning experiment and intro. I know we all prefer originals, but I found a template of an existing game was easier to follow while I learned. While I appreciate all the efforts I've seen from other homebrewers to create fighting games on the VCS, I just knew it was more capable of what's out there now. Some notes: This is a "pixel perfect" version. What I mean by that is that I wanted to recreate as faithfully as possible the higher def graphics using the chunky pixels in Batari- Instead of fighting the program I tried to work within it. Using the more "svelt" bodytype of the MK3 ninja fit very nicely into the 8pixel wide/doublewide frame of batari. I painstakingly studied and overlayed the batari grid over actual Sega Genesis graphics then tweaked them to look as close as possible. (still being tweaked) including jumping arc, height and attack reaches. (still working on the speeds, telegraphs & hit strenghts) but it is possible to get a very playable version that feels like a newer gen I think. I hope you enjoy what I have so far. I'd say it's about 65% complete) The missile has flicker, but at least I can have fully detailed and custom multi colored missiles. I even have barely enough variables left over to create homing missles while the player moves about. (Not implemented- Maybe in "Ninja Kombat 2" There is no sound yet. Not my forte, but if anyone is inspired by what you've seen so far and would like to contribute, I would credit you, maybe even pay a small fee or create a pixel art version of your face and add you as a character? As limited as my knowledge is, I tried to focus on style and substance. Gameplay is #1, graphics a close 2nd. The chunky pixels actually work in favor as every character is a pallete swap but with multiple colors that make them look distinguishable. MK is easier to do than SF2 imo because of the similar body types and fighting styles, but each character will not only have different specials, but also different speeds and hits (when I'm done. Not there yet but very possible to implement- i.e. a fast but weaker uppercut vs. a slower but stronger one) I've tried to recycle sprites as much as humanly possible to get a nice, natural anthropomorphic movement. (Low and high punches for throwing missiles, recycled spin ani for throws, etc..) Holding down+fire while jumping is punch. Just fire- long kick, fire+up, highkick, fire+back, roundhouse.. Others should be intuitive. Standing block will be ala SF2 so you continue to move instead of freezing in place. If hit while holding away, block sprite activates. All specials are down, back, fire.. down, forward, fired.. or rapid down/up. (Not only ease of programming but works better with the stick imo) Yes, I know many are still broken. Still a work in progress.. I am very nearly maxed out on graphic/sprite space.. but there will be fatalities.. of some sort. Anyways.. I've removed a lot of the hit detection and damage- also no A.I. yet in player 2- still working on it. Alot of junk code and notes will be removed by final. Please let me know your thoughts so far, and if you happen to discover any "intentional glitches" please keep those a secret for now so other players can enjoy them! *For a 2p game/demo press Joy1fire on the select screen. After P0 chooses P1 will be able to select. Freshbroods_NinjaKombat.bas.bin
  2. Hi, I'm happy to present (on behalf of the team: Xeen, stRing and myself) the preview of our little game "Assembloids XE" which is being prepared for ABBUC Software Contest 2013. It's a reflex/reaction game based on C64 "Assembloids" published by RGCD last year (http://www.rgcd.co.u...s-c64-2013.html), which in turn was based on flash game "Quartet" by Photon Storm (http://www.photonsto...m/games/quartet). What could be interesting for you, it is the first Atari game that uses a combination of GR9 and GR8 (changed every second line). So we have low resolution graphics mode with 16 luminances and we mix it with hires mode (adding PMG underlayer) which jointly gives quite unusual graphical effect. Hope you like it Programming: Marek "Xeen" Cora / Agenda Graphics: Adam Wachowski Music & sound effects: Michal "stRing" Radecki / Agenda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjzV_DzKW_w
  3. With the upcoming Godzilla movie arriving in May, I wonder if these MSX games would be candidates for Colecovision conversions...ie do they fit within the specs that the other conversions have? Godzilla vs Three Major Monsters Monsters Fair Godzilla-Kun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvMO_yeRc8M
  4. I have a favour to ask one of the programmers here on Atari Age. I am using Omniflop to image 8 bit Atari disks , however all of the bytes in the image are inverted. Basically what has to be done is each byte has to be read in and stored, then subtract that value from 255, and write it back out to a new image. This will make all of my dumps from Omniflop for the 8 Bit Atari readable. I am enclosing a sample file, here: test.zip It would be nice if the author of Omniflop wrote the files out properly in the first place, has anyone had any success with imaging the Atari 8 Bit stuff (90K single sided)? If so what format do you use? In about 2 weeks I will not have to worry about any of this as i will have my siotopc device from Lotharek, and my 1050 disk drive will be arriving next week, I have to get my 600xl upgraded to 64 K memory or get the 800Xl I was promised. Either way that will be a week or two, I will of course get Don to install the memory upgrade in the 600xl. Thanks alot for all of anyone's help in this, it is really appreciated , probably not only by me. Russ Campbell
  5. Recently I coded up a program to allow converting ASCII and ATASCII files. The program is command line driven and intended for use under SpartaDOS X (earlier versions may also work). I posted this program in the Sparta DOS 4.47 topic, but am moving it here to its own. I am hoping for testing and feedback. When the program is finally done to the level of performance I am happy with, hopefully it can be made part of the SDX Toolkit. But if not, anyone will be free to add it to their own tools collection as they see fit. So, download it and give it a try if you like. Keep the following program usage in mind because right now, very little user entry validation is performed. It is therefore important that you spell out your device:filename entries. AAC (ASCII ATASCII Converter) is designed to copy a source text file to a destination text file, doing a text translation in the process. Only the output format is specified. It will be assumed the input file will be the opposing type. For example, if an ASCII, (either DOS/Win or Unix) output translation is used, then the input file is assumed to be in ATASCII form. Usage: AAC <source> <dest> /[T|A|U|H] /T = convert to ATASCII /A = convert to ASCII (DOS/Win) /U = convert to ASCII (Unix) /H = this help summary Eg: X AAC.EXE D1:COOLINFO.ASC D2:COOLINFO.TXT /T If using COMEXE you can get by with this: AAC D1:COOLINFO.ASC D2:COOLINFO.TXT /T Download the program.
  6. We have seen them a lot lately, people making multi-cades, where people have machines made with multiple titles in one machine, even original machines have been converted in this manner. its not uncommon now to find a machine, most likely with the artwork from the original, but with new internals and controls, and a board with many different games on it. My question is, how do you feel about people taking original arcade machines and converting them into multicades?
  7. Hi Guys This is my first post here so please be gentle with me. I'm from the UK and I've recently bought a couple of Heavy Sixer's from the States. I have modded one of them with a composite video kit and it works great. However, I was wondering what else I would need to do to convert the system into a PAL unit? I've read about the TIA and how it differs so my questions are: a) Could I replace the system board only with a PAL light sixer, keeping the switch board and all other original components? Would this work? b) If I was to keep the system board and replace the TIA with a PAL unit, is there anything else I need to consider? The info on the internet I've found seems to be pretty vague. I read something about the crystal also needing replacing and maybe some other bits? Thanks in advance
  8. Lunar Jetman, awesome conversion of 1983 famous ZX Spectrum / BBC game (the source is BBC version), made by our friends Fandal and Irgendwer for FLOP diskmagazine. http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1397471519 Click on "Stad", load disk B, enter "jetman.com".
  9. Well hello my fellow Atarians. If you're like me you still use the old Atari (either real thing or emulated), but you also use a modern computer like a Windows PC, Linux PC, or Mac. In that case you probably have cause to use text files from one system on the other and visa versa. As some of you know, I developed a program for the A8 to do converting called AAC. You can get info on that over in it's own topic. This new topic is about a different program with the same name that does the same job, but runs natively on the new machines. It is written in Python so has the ability to be cross platform. So here is AAC v0.1, 32-bit Windows, for your testing pleasure. It works fine as expected in every case I have tested so far, but I like to get feedback from others too. Once any bugs (if any) are ironed out. It will get it's v1.0 release. If you need a Linux version to test let me know.
  10. Estoy con el siguiente problema, necesito convertir el hexadecimal $44000 a decimal. por ende no puedo utilizar el floating point por que este solo trabaja hasta 2 bytes y un máximo de 65335, trate de todos los medios, incluso sumando de un byte a uno y comparando hasta llegar a la igualdad, pero el proceso es demasiado lento, casi 1 minuto. He revisado revistas manuales y ninguno da señal de algún código que pueda ayudar a realizar este proceso. traduccion I am with the following problem, I need to convert the hexadecimal $ 44000 to decimal. so I can not use the floating point because it only works up to 2 bytes and a maximum of 65335, try all media, even adding one byte to one and comparing until you reach equality, but the process is too slow , almost 1 minute. I have reviewed manual journals and none gives a signal of any code that can help to carry out this process. *=$2000 M=17 MEMORY .BYTE $00,$00,$00,$9B DISPONIBLE .BYTE $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$9B CALCULO .BYTE $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$9B SUMAMOSMEMORIA LDX M SUMAMOSMEMORIA? CLC LDA MEMORY+2 ADC #$00 STA MEMORY+2 LDA MEMORY+1 ADC #$40 STA MEMORY+1 LDA MEMORY ADC #0 STA MEMORY SUMAMOSMEMORIA?? CPX #0 BEQ FINSUMAMOSMEMORIA DEX JMP SUMAMOSMEMORIA? FINSUMAMOSMEMORIA RTS INICIO LDA #0 STA 710 LOOP JMP LOOP *=$02E0 .WORD INICIO como se puede apreciar en el código tengo la variable M con un valor de 16 que realiza el bucle de SUMAMOSMEMORIA sumando de a $4000 bytes que equivale a 16384 y este resultado queda en MEMORY( $04 $40 $00) y eso quedo dejarlo como disponible ( $02,$07,$08,$05,$02,$08 ). Alguna idea de como realizar la conversión. traducción As you can see in the code I have the variable M with a value of 16 that makes the SUMAMOSMEMORIA loop adding up to $ 4000 bytes that is equivalent to 16384 and this result is in MEMORY ($ 04 $ 40 $ 00) and that is left as available ($ 02,$07,$08,$05,$02,$08). Some idea of ​​how to perform the conversion.
  11. Hi, I'd like to present you our new game, an entry in ABBUC Software Contest 2013 - Atari XL/XE conversion of the legendary ZX Spectrum title "Deathchase" (1983) by Mervyn Estcourt. After the Great War, the European continent is ruled by mighty warlords in constant conflict over territory. You are one of the elite mercenaries, Riders of the Big Bikes. It's a quick way to get rich - and the quickest way to die... You patrol your forest day and night, chasing and destroying enemy riders. You can only fire at target when you are close enough - your range indicator will flash when you are in range. It is said that the greatest reward is kept for the rider who can penetrate 8 sectors - you will need every ounce of skill to find out... Authors: Krzysztof "xxl" Dudek - code Adam Wachowski - game design, upgrade of the original graphics Jarosław "Odyn1ec" Wyszyński - all black&white pictures (including the title screen), making of the video Michał "stRing" Radecki - music http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1378492628
  12. I bought the StarTech Video Converter VID2HDCON that was recommended by someone in this forum and it appears that you can't plug the Atari 800 plug directly into the composite in. What do I need to make this work. The screen shots in the post that recommended it are awesome. Thanks...
  13. Does anyone remember the game "Chicken" on 800xl, I used to play it daily it had really simple gameplay similar to frogger and was very addictive. I'm wondering if anyone has done a 5200 port, I would love to have the rom on my atarimax sd cart! If there isn't a conversion for "chicken" maybe a port of "freeway" from the 2600 system?
  14. This is my new converter (also) to Atari palette color. Programmed in FreeBASIC. Support for BMP format. Review: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Others/RetroPaint.shtml Direct download: http://www.instaluj.cz/retropaint/download Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4b1e_shan0 Conversion to ZX:
  15. Hi, I would like to announce that we (XXL, Odyn1ec & me) are working on "Hobgoblin 2" for Atari XL/XE - a conversion of BBC Micro game by David Parsons. Our version should be ready this year, and let me present you the first teaser: You probably remember "Hobgoblin" (2008), the conversion of the first part. This time there's going to be much more changes of the original game (including new in-game graphics and a new level). In the video you may see the animation for the loading screen. The team: - code: XXL - title screen and ending screens, game logo, loading animation, the video: Jarek "Odyn1ec" Wyszyński - in-game graphics, new level design: Adam Wachowski - music: XLent, Michał "Caruso" Brzezicki, Michał "stRing" Radecki
  16. I've been sat on this for too long now, the intention being to get some artwork done for a label (but I'm no artist!) so here is the binary image for you to enjoy in whatever form you like, emulation, MultiCart or get Albert to make you one The title this time is 'Speed Ace' from Zeppelin which I certainly enjoyed when it came out. Its been tried out by a small group on real h/w and feedback is that its working fine, the 1-second counter has been altered to use 60Hz for NTSC instead of the original 50Hz for PAL. Have fun! Mark SpeedAce5200Release1.zip
  17. See: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269668-bombs-away-vcs-2600/ - for the game...
  18. Hello, so a while back i decided to try to convert the 1971/78 version of The Oregon Trail (OREGON) to TI-BASIC (see here, scroll down on 1st page), and i thought it would be good to post my project, and have the text files available, because i can't use my TI and such stuff as often as when i started. MY GOALS: have a finished (or at least use-able) version by year's end have compatibility with the regular ti-99/4, but special features and hints for the 4a. have both text file and audio file versions have a completely finished version by today on 2018 have a physical tape copy of the program (witch means a audio cable soon any-who) I will also let people modify the finished versions, and will post updated versions so others can add to them. P.S if you do add something, please post the version you made here.
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