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Found 41 results

  1. merryc.bin merry.rpk - - - - - Things to do: * Christmas music * Christmas tree * Something else ...
  2. EDIT: BREAKOUT 2000 SEQUEL RELEASED! Download the sequel for the SuperCharger from the Atari 2600 forum thread BREAKOUT 2002 LASERBEAMS NTSC Improvements: More action, a score, a level indicator and a goal - make it to the playable treasure room ending scene on level 10! For Zero or more Players! CPU plays both characters, players can join in any time! Camera follows the Ball and only the Ball has Laserbeams, the Atari Logo is much harder to play, like Tails. Characters can perform a forward roll through any contiguous line of bricks, also influenced by the Sonic series. LASERBEAMS controls are reversed, button conserves the Laser because who doesn't want to use it all the time? 😎 The Logo can only be Killed with a Direct Hit, similarly a glancing blow from the Logo is non-fatal; it must nail the Ball head on. Additional cool game tunes and musical effects, I'm planning to post the BASIC source code on the programming forum to share the techniques. Have fun, have a ball! Comments and questions welcome! Older version below with support for the Flashback Portable, haven't recompiled a version of the new one yet. BREAKOUT2000_V2_SuperCharger.bin BREAKOUT2000_v2_AFP.bin (Slight difference - the SuperCharger version can reach the top row) SuperCharger audio file: BREAKOUT2000_V2_SuperCharger.wav
  3. Yes! It's finally here. The playable Demo of Robot Zed. Years in the making! I spent all day trying to figure out this game breaking bug that's been plaguing me for months and finally figured it out. Now I can finally release this thing. You're a cute little robot that can obtain the powers of certain enemy robots once you defeat them. You can use those powers in your quest to rescue all of your Robo Buddies! This is just the opening level that everyone plays before you get access to any of the other levels. This game is also a rogue like with inspiration from Mega Man and Kirby. Here are the control instructions: Left / Right - Moves in that direction Up - Fires current weapon power Fire Button - Jumps Fire Button AND Down - Cycle through your powers to select (if you've obtained any). You only have one life and an energy status. Every hit by enemy fire, an explosion, or even running into an enemy will knock it down. To the right is the your power ability number. Every time you use one of your selected abilities, it will drain this. Once you are down to zero, you will return to normal power Zed. You can obtain life energy from the regular bots that don't give you any special powers. You can obtain special powers from the robots with special abilities. You receive their ability plus 10 power ability points. If you already have their ability, you will receive 5 power ability points instead. When you lose all your life energy, it's game over. When you destroy an enemy, it will release their power module and will follow you until you collect it. The regular bot won't always give you life energy. So, have fun, tell me what you think, and if you run into any crazy bugs. I will also be updating this demo with additional window dressing so to speak, to make it look even better. Once I make any additions, I will upload the new version. Note: Quick edit. Minutes after uploading I realized I forgot to remove a recent bug checker I added to the code. I removed it and have uploaded the correct version. RobotZed_07.bas.bin
  4. Finally managed to finish what I started many months ago Screen is hexagonal grid of characters (every second row is scrolled half a character to the right). All 128 chars are used for smoothing of edges. Each blob moves in random direction. If it touches another, it gets stuck to it and doesn't let go Question is: what now ? Any ideas how this could be improved to be more interesting or used for something completely different ? ps. Music is not playing from Atari liquid.xex.zip
  5. Hi, I have just released a new demo for the PAL VCS on the Revision demo party. You can find it here, if you are interested: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=62944 Direct download link: ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/parties/2014/revision14/demo_oldskool/tim1t_cluster.zip I would like to thank you all for being such a great resource of information and help, especially Omegamatrix, SeaGtGruff, Thomas Jentzsch and Spiceware. This is my first production for the VCS, and almost every time I had a question, I would search this forum first and invariably find an answer to it by one of you a couple of years ago already. This demo wouldn't have been possible without you. (And to pre-emptively answer Thomas Jentzsch: I know I have 3 frames with a scanline count of != 312, which I will fix in the final version. Right now I'm terribly exhausted and glad I met the deadline at all. ) -Kylearan
  6. Hi all, I made this little new year music demo. because I always loved the music from outrun and I always felt that we Atari ST guys were cheated on. Firstly, there was a track missing. Secondly, it kept shifting between the two other tune every time one would die. Lastly, I do not think that David Whittaker did his best. The music files are YMT format running at 300hz and the reason the program file is so big. In the new year I will make a new sound format, still as fast, but be taking less space but you will need a 2mb Atari to run this. Thanks to everyone for listening and I hope you like this? Thanks, Peter. Btw there are 2 prg files, one is pack using Ice Packer and the other one is not packed. Outrun.zip Steve from AtariCrypt have uploaded a video.
  7. Just watched the E3 demo for the new LoZ game and I gotta say, I think this is going to go down as another Nintendo masterpiece. It looks absolutely stunning, in a graphical style that reminds me of the best parts of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. As far as gameplay, there is a lot that is breaking the Zelda conventions. I saw changeable outfits, a fully-voiced NPC character, chopping down trees to harvest resources, a more technology-driven lore, a jump button (so awesome), Prince of Persia-esque free running, items that wear out, improved combat physics, and a frankly jaw-dropping open world. It looks very, very, very cool. Up to this point I hadn't been getting very excited for this game, but I am fully on the hype train at this point. It's supposedly going to release in 2017 for the Wii U and the NX, so if Nintendo comes out with a few more games like this I definitely see an NX in my future.
  8. Inspired by Owen https://youtu.be/adN1P_8Scks?t=156
  9. Just a small demo to celebrate New Year! Enjoy! where_is_the_snow.xex ps. Hope it won't induce any headaches
  10. Highly inspired by this : http://68000.web.fc2.com/bad_apple.html I decided to do my own version of this demo for the sega megadrive I initially wanted to proof it was possible to achieve full resolution video while keeping 30 FPS playback rate. After many effort i finally completed it. 4 MB version : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple_p1.bin https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple_p2.bin 8 MB version (without bank switch) : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93332624/dev/megadrive/demo/BadApple.bin Note that the 8 MB version can work only with Mega Everdrive or custom flash cart supporting full 8 MB mapping (without SSF2 bank switch style). Also some special emulator can support it as well as this one : http://umk3.hacking-cult.org/2.11hack.zip The good point is that it does work on real hardware exactly as on emulator
  11. This video reminds me Atari Video Music effects and the girl with glasses ad, especially from 0:38. Moreover I find it inspiring for an A8 demo. http://youtu.be/acCS9ciyq5Q
  12. For those interested in the demoscene, I've released a new VCS demo this weekend: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=65838 You can also find the full source code there. I guess the main cube effect is not really relevant to you game developers, but maybe you find the extra-wide hi-res scroller interesting. Note: The source is not in dasm format; it's for KK's very nice compiler/linker k65 which will be released publicly soon. But since the format is really close to assembly, you shouldn't have much trouble reading it.
  13. A while back, I came across a Synergy demo done in VT-52. I thought it was cool and made a video capture: http://breakintochat.com/blog/2013/01/23/vt-52-demo-beat-nick-part-2/ Anybody know of other VT-52 demos or animations like this? I know there used to be such things, but I don't know where to find any collections. --Josh
  14. Hello all. I new to this site and came here to see who would be interested in my pitfall 2 prototype cart. I see one on eBay for $10,000 and I was wondering the true value of this. Anyone interested please message me. Thanks Mike
  15. So a couple weeks ago Matt Scott, a friend of mine who developed Lynx music for tons of released and unreleased games sent me some Lynx ROMs he found on floppies. This stuff always gets me excited. One was the Simpsons digitized sound demo the other was 720WS.ROM. I knew that 720 was in development while I was there (the coin op was in my office) and I got very excited thinking we might have an unreleased partially done ROM but you can't just run unprotected ROMs in Handy. I asked for some help in another thread and LX.NET introduced me to Harry_Dodgson. They helped me preview the ROMS in Handy and I now understand that they are both already in circulation. The 720WS.ROM is a silent display of just the skateboard character in the center of the screen rotatable with the joypad, but what happened next was awesome... Some of you may recall that I went to great lengths to recover the RoadBlasters, Toki, and S.T.U.N. Runner source materials in 2011 (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/188836-some-pretty-awesome-graphics-for-the-lynx/page__st__25?do=findComment&comment=2413123). After recovering those materials I recovered other batches of Amiga floppies with adfread, cleaning disks with alcohol, adapting my ruby script to extract files and folders from the various versions of Quarterback used to create the opaque disk images, and after all that I had the source code and .bin files for all the technology prototypes I developed. I wanted to view the prototypes on Handy but they were in BIN format. For 22 years, the only way to see these demos was on a single VHS tape I made of them in 1991. Harry gave me a tool he wrote to convert .BIN to .O which Handy can read, but it didn't work, so he sent me the source. It was done a long time ago in a unix/mac/pc cross platform dialect of C that Visual Studio didn't like but the code was straight forward, well written and documented so I ported it over to standard C. I discovered that Handy jumps to the first byte loaded from a .O file and my code was written using several blocks with the start address typically somewhere in the middle, so I added code to patch the binary adding a 3 byte JMP START at the beginning of the code where needed (along with a couple other technical tweaks) and VOILA! My demos were now runnable on the Lynx! I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to see these demos come to life. These were all exploratory Lynx technologies I wrote for game concepts or just for fun that never found their way into released products (other than the sound drivers). Here are the highlights of my exploits... abtest0.bin.o was a true 3D drawing test (as opposed to pseudo 3D used in RoadBlasters and S.T.U.N. Runner) for a game idea called Alien Brigade, that temporary artwork is my head. The source is dated 11/20/91. fractest0.bin.o, fractest2.bin.o, and fractest3.bin.o are fractal tests. I loved Rescue at Fractalus and wanted to do a terrain based game but that code was too slow. Source dated 11/18/91 polytest.bin.o is a combination of my triangle rendering routine and my Quartet digitized sample midi music driver, press a button to start the music. quartest.bin.o is a simple sprite test and my Quartet digitized sample midi music driver, press a button to start the music. rottest0.bin.o a sprite rotation test. Sprites can be skewed vertically and horizontally which is all that is needed to pseudo rotate a sprite up to 45 degrees. it is undated but was probably done around the time I did RoadBlasters. showfroggy.bin.o shows a full color picture of a frog by multiplexing 4 bit (16 shade) red, green, and blue images. It looks better on LCD, I wish Handy had a "phosphor" setting that would simulate LCD ghosting. If I were to try to do it again, I would do it a different way. testspri2.bin is a simple sprite test with my multivoice 7 bit digitized sound driver I wrote for Al Baker 7/12/1990, either for Pit Fighter or Bill & Ted. Pressing any button plays voices saying "replay", button A plays at subsequently higher pitches, B plays subsequently lower pitches. textdemo.bin.o is a text demo I used to explore trying to improve text appearance by attempting to take advantage of the color masked pixels on the LCD to try to effectively triple the horizontal display resolution. Windows clear type does this for LCD displays now, I should have patented that one (http://www.microsoft...arTypeInfo.mspx). It is undated, I was inspired when I put the LCD into an unsupported monochrome mode - it looked terrible otherwise. :-) DScottWilliamsonLynxTechTests.zip
  16. For SillyVenture 2K17 (Gdansk 8-10 December 2017) I made The Rocky Horror Show Demo, a "silly" demo to entertain people. Nothing special, apart Miker's Time Warp tune. Title screen has 53 colors. Most of the graphics are converted from C128 game (Janet's sprite has one additional frame and is taller and narrower). Big thanks to Grey, Homesoft, Irgendwer, PAC-MAN-RED and PPS. Many thanks to Frank Ostrowski, Ilmenit, Larek, Marok, Phaeron, Raster and Tebe, authors of used tools: Altirra, Turbo-Basic XL, Turban, Rastaconverter GUI, Atari Graphics Studio, Atari Player Editor, Raster Music Tracker, Turbo-Basic XL RMT Player. Special thanks to Richard O'Brien (The Rocky Horror Show musical's author), CRL and authors of C128 game. The Rocky Horror Show Demo (2017) (Philsan, Miker) (pal).zip
  17. Hello there! From 20th to 22nd of July there will be the Nordlicht demoparty in Bremen, Germany. They established a quite interesting new competition for demos that are 512 bytes in size. There are also general rules that apply. But I think that's something that calls for entries done on the 2600. I plan to release something myself, but if there are more entries (something like 4-6), it might be nice to put them into in 4k ROM with a small menu. But that would be done most probably after the venue. Keep in mind that we Germans use PAL systems, so if assembling all entries into one ROM is an option we need to stick to that. If you insist on submitting an entry that runs on NTSC only, please let me know, so that I can provide an NTSC system for the the orgas there. And for the ones that are so close to the hardware that they need to know: the PAL system that will be definitely there, is a Junior, the NTSC system that I will take the if needed is a light sixer, both modded with a composite output. So let's make sure that the compo gets a significant share of VCS entries.
  18. If any of you missed SvOlli's post, there is a 512 byte demo competition at the Nordlicht DemoParty this year. I have been working on an entry for the past couple weeks, and it is very close to being finished. The original plan was to have colorful dots slowly raining down the screen with some peaceful sounding music, but I needed something a little more interesting, so I added text as well. As of now, there is no music, but I have 45 bytes of ROM left to work with, plus plenty of unused bits from another table. I will do my best to add a 2-voice soundtrack, and if I have a few bytes leftover, I will try to fix the "R" character. (That might give you a hint to how I am doing the character graphics). I am posting the current .bin here, but I won't be posting any source code until after the contest is over. Any feedback is appreciated! If you have a PAL system and a Harmony cart, please test it out for me, since I don't have a PAL setup. I specifically am curious about whether or not the top of the kernel is aligned properly. demo2018.bin
  19. Mad respect to Spooky Squid Games for letting me try out this demo. 12 hours left so if you like what you see back the Kickstarter! http://tinyurl.com/RussianSubwayDogs
  20. Hi all, I've recently finished a demo on the Atari 2600 and thought I'd share (see attachment) This is IOCaste. It runs in PAL but works fine in Stella. Doesn't seem to do anything in Z26 though, not sure why. Since most of you are probably in NTSC land you can watch on Youtube, captured from real hardware. Enjoy. Cheers, Krion iocaste.bin
  21. I always wanted to know how software sprites worked in this demo. Here it is a dis6502 2.2.2015-04-06 zipped workspace of laser demo. I don't think i will be working on disassembling it anymore. Maybe someone will use it for something else. laserdemo.zip
  22. BinaryStar


    Download : http://www.binarystarsoftware.com/?page_id=460
  23. I've done another roundup of interesting vintage holiday home computer demos I've found out there online (videos). Sixth or seventh year now, wow. Have a look, if you like the sounds of square-wave jingling bells. (I must inform: this year I found no new Atari demos, but there are quite a few in the (linked) collections of years' past.) http://www.bytecellar.com/2018/12/13/have-a-helping-of-8-bit-holiday-cheer-2018-edition/ Ho ho ho. bp
  24. Hi there, the next attempt is on Kickstarter now. If you are an old scener, gamer or just an admirer of the Atari ST demoscene, come by and visit my campaign at: http://kck.st/2jNMse1 I have tons of new informations on the timespan between 1991–1993/94. It’s not exactly determined where the book will end. But I know you will be very surprised that I got another batch of secretive insights from industry guru Marc Rosocha. Other than that this volume will be the heart of the series, with actually over 30 persons take part with their memories. It will be so condensed that if it would be a zip-file and you unpack it, you suddenly would lying on the ground – buried under a wagonload of pages. Volume 2 is called BEYOND THE BORDERS and goes beyond – in every aspect. This volume not only presents some of the best artistic works on Atari’s 16-bit computers, but also gives the readers a chance to experience the downfall of the home computer industry from an Atari perspective. Come over to just have a look! Best regards, Marco
  25. Exsqueeze me. Bugs Bunny fan art parody. Ha ha ha ...
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