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Found 22 results

  1. I'm starting a project to create a Vectrex kiosk display and would love any feedback you might have. I just completed the "first phase" of the project and will post my progress at http://www.skywaytwi...trex/Kiosk.html Phase II will include affixing a plexiglass door to the front of the kiosk with shelves to display game boxes. Phase III will determine if I will fashion a top to the display to mimic the vacuum molded plastic of the original Phase IV will be the construction of the curved "backdrop" behind the Vectrex Console Phase V will analyze my costs for all of this and see if anybody might want one of their own! (cost suggestions appreciated)
  2. My family didn't have an Atari until well into the crash, when they were on clearance tables with double-digit price tags. Before that, my time on the VCS / 2600 was mainly on the displays in the stores. There wasn't a Sears, Kmart, or Woolworth's within walking or biking distance for me--let alone any arcades--so I had to wait until the folks went to the store. And then, it was game on! Maybe. If there was a pile of bikes by the store entrance, then the store display was usually mobbed with kids all waiting for their short turns to play whatever cartridge was being featured. If there were any 13-15 year olds in the crowd, forget it. They'd hog the controls until the store closed, while the pre-teens like myself looked on helplessly. Any polite requests to play were met with stony silence. Sometimes we'd resort to watching the unplayable demonstration cartridge repeat itself over and over on the nearby Intellivision display. Another obstacle was grouchy sales clerks, usually old ladies with curly hair, horn-rimmed bifocals and perma-frowns. Couldn't get within ten feet of the display without being halted by a snappy "Don't touch that!" But other times it was wide open, and I got to spend some quality time with Asteroids, Berzerk, Pitfall, and Seaquest. Some of my best Atari play sessions were at the Air Force BX...there weren't usually many other kids there, my folks would shop for hours, and the sales clerks were young and friendly. Sometimes they'd even play a game or two with me. Got any memories like these? Please share! Larry
  3. So my good friend and I were out driving around this afternoon. We stopped at this little game store in Cobleskill, NY, a smaller town in upstate NY. I walk into the classic gaming room and the entire wall is covered in Atari 2600 games! There were a few decent finds there; I ended up picking up Buck Rogers for $5. The guy said his Atari games weren't selling too well so he used them for wallpaper. Since then he said he's sold a few. Haha! He had them stuck to the wall with that blue sticky stuff, I forget what it's called, they used to use it in the classroom I remember. Didn't seem to damage the cart (or wall) at all. I might end up doing something similar with my walls! (If so I will be sure to post a pic).
  4. So I am stuck at home with a Hurricane screwing everything up, mind you it is not here nor is it bothering me but my Local, State and Federal Government are playing it safe, so with that being said I want to take my time and type up an idea. Now I don’t know how exactly to implement this idea, but I hope by posting it here, better minds can discuss it, fine tune it and maybe just maybe figure out how to proceed. That idea would be a flat screen LCD gaming monitor, a retro capable screen, for me that would be something with the following specs: · 4:3 aspect ratio (no more than 16:10) · 20-27 inches diagonal size · Inputs like SCART, YPbPr, Composite, VGA and an HDMI · Able to handle input resolutions like a OSSC or better yet just have an OSSC processor/firmware inside · No remote control – ease to use on screen setup (of a very ease remote to navigate the On-Screen Menu) · One power cord · Built in speakers This all came about after recently trying to figure out how to get a reasonable video output out of a few of my classic video gaming systems (In my case Sega Genesis, Neo Geo [consolized] & a PC Engine). This seemed really simple, turned out it really was not. I ordered an YPbPr cable (component) and got an older LCD 20” TV connected up the Genesis and ‘no signal’ was displayed on the screen. This caused me to have to go out and learn about all the frequencies, resolutions and aspect ratios. All I wanted was to play the games with a decent picture – simply. So that led me to the OSSC and Framemeister type devices and the myriad of cables required to do this what a headache. Side Note: I also bought an Analogue Mega SG and although wonderful with HDMI output that looks great I have to play it on a screen that is 16:9 (widescreen). See I don’t really want to play my games on my 65” living room TV, which might not be the case for everyone, but for my having a smaller dedicated gaming screen that I can setup on a desk and play games would be ideal. So my hope here is to start a conversation about this and maybe get someone that is smart enough or maybe has experience with this kind of thing and maybe, just maybe, could either convince a monitor manufacture to make a dedicated ‘retro gaming’ display or someone starts a Kickstater type thing to do just this. I personally do not have the knowledge and experience to do so, but I would back one – instantly! So I look forward to a conversation about this, and seeing if I am the only one dreaming of this or if there really is a market. Because the old monitors I am going to have to use now are not going to last that long as they are 10 to 15 years old now.
  5. Hey everyone, I picked up a 2600 and I can't get any games to display on the screen. I can see the power is working because it is "trying" to put something up, but nothing recognizable. I've tried 8 different games and they all have a similar result: Thick vertical bars. Seems like different games put up different color bars... not sure that is a clue or not. No sound come through the TV. Where do I start? I really want to make this thing work. Surprisingly, it looks like it is fantastic condition cosmetically. I took the board out and checked the RF cable. It does not appear to be kinked/cut. There are no obvious "burned" parts. One last tip. It didn't come with a tv/game switch, so I got one of those F connectors to coax that I'm using. My appologies if there is already a place on this forum for this type of thing. Any help/leads you could give would be very appreciated. Thanks! Phaedrus32
  6. Hello hardware gurus! Got a problem I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. I have a Turbo Express I picked up about a year ago that's now having issues. But first, some background on the unit. When I first bought it, it was having the usual "weak sound" issue. In addition to that, it had a weird condition where, after turning it on, it would sometimes need to sit running for 30 seconds to a full minute before the LCD screen would "wake up", let's call it. Of course, I was able to fix the audio issue by replacing the related electrolytic caps. Audio still isn't super strong like an Atari Lynx, but was good enough that I could play it without headphones in a reasonably quiet room. So today, it's been 2 or 3 months since I got it out to play around with it. But on a whim, I decided I wanted to enjoy some Devil's Crush on the small screen, so I pulled its carrying case off the shelf, popped in some fresh AAs, and turned it on. And while the audio kicked in just fine, with the game playing in the background, the screen stayed lit but black. At first I just assumed I needed to let it run for a while, like before. But even after leaving it running for over 5 minutes, I still wasn't getting any display output. I'd read that sometimes running off the DC adapter's power can help, so I popped out the batteries and plugged in the wall wart. Waited another 5 minutes, but still nothing. Any guidance here? I know there's more electrolytic caps inside this thing that I can replace on the PCB, but most of what I've read online seems to suggest that generally doesn't help with this problem. Has anyone else run into a similar issue with their TE or PCE GT that they were able to successfully diagnose and resolve? Thanks much in advance for any help and/or suggestions! - [email protected]
  7. Hi guys. I am a new member here, but I wanted to give the AtariAge members first dibs on this Kiosk before I list it on eBay. I have looked through the forums, and it appears the last Kiosk sold in 2014, but I don't see what price it sold for, and one in 2013 for I am assuming $750. I don't think one has popped up since then. This kiosk does not have the built in brain board. I purchased this from an older couple who got it from a K-Mart in 1986. It has been sitting in their basement ever since, and does show some signs of wear, but nothing major. Most damage as you will see in the photos is along the front control panel laminate. There is some moisture damage on the underside at the base in the rear, but you can't even see it when up against a wall. Also, it appears to be missing two of the bottom shelves, but a piece of MDF would suffice in replacement, it is pretty basic. T-molding all looks pretty decent, plexi has some scuffs but not too bad. Around the control panel there is some staining from what looks like Pepsi or something, but not too bad. I tried to clean it the best I could but with a little extra work I'm sure it could be restored further. The controls work great. In fact, it makes playing 2600 enjoyable lol. The paddles might need a shot of electronics cleaner, but they both still function fairly well. It is currently stationed in my garage, up on pallets. The featured photo shows it all decked out with merchandise (and photoshopped into a nicer looking room rather than a garage, lol) - sorry, games not included. Please click the imgur album link to see more photos. Included is the kiosk itself, the gnarly Sony Trinitron, and the 2600 console. I am in the Springfield/Dayton area in Ohio, and I assume most of you would prefer to pickup so you could see it in person first - but if I can get close to my price I might consider doing a delivery, make a weekend out of it. It would be delivered disassembled of course (assembly is like 12 screws). Here is my eBay user account if you'd like to check my feedback/whatever; http://www.ebay.com/usr/poisongoomba Link to imgur album with more photos: http://imgur.com/a/auJBu Please feel free to ask me any questions about it. I don't have a lot of room to store it, and I would love it to go to a good home where it can be preserved. Thanks! EDIT: I currently have a standing offer for $1500, the buyer wants to meet me in September. So I will put a hold on until then.
  8. I have only one CRT that play all my pre 480i signal system well, a Sanyo TV flat screen CRT (and my 1979 Hitachi that do a bit of color bleed and can't be seen well now in the day as the black is now light gray). If that one die i am screwed. On a Sony trinitron (and my RCA-thompson TVs) only the C64 display ok (perhaps that is 480i also). All 240p system show different "dotted" horizontal section 1 pixel high that seem to be influenced by color or contrast (on edges mostly). In 2600 pacman, the first line of the screen is all doted and some pixel can be seen in some places. In outrun on genesis, the top line of the windshield is dotted. I can't seem to find a solution to allow all my systems to display fine on all my CRTs. It's already a pain to shop for one, imagine shopping for one not creating the problem. Trying to pass the signal into VCR don't help. I suspect some kind of interference with 2 identical line of a 240p signal with a slight delay between them. I can't seem to see signal processor for sale that do 240p composite to 480i composite. I also only see 240p to HDMI and never 240p to 480p without and hdmi out. Lot of my CRT (later ones) have a 480p (component connections) even if they are 4:3 but i would love a solution for those that are only s-video or composite IN.
  9. Once again, not mine. I also view this kiosk more as a re-imagining of the Vectrex sale and demo kiosk (display stand) rather than a strict reproduction of the original kiosks. Still a nice build effort and detail nonetheless. GameGavel.com site item URL: www.gamegavel.com/item.cgi?show_item=0000941769 " repro Vectrex Kiosk #4 of 10 Item ID: 941769 Current Time: 5/4/2014 3:02:58 PM EDT Listed: Monday April 28, 2014 8:00 PM EDT Ending: Wednesday May 7, 2014 8:00 PM EDT Ends in Ends in 3d 4h 57m + Bid Information Quantity: 1 Available Buy Price: None Starting Bid: $250.00 Reserve Status: This item has no Reserve. Bid Increment: $3.00 Bids: (History) Current Bid: -- by -- Next Bid: $250.00 Listing Details you are bidding on a repro Vectrex Kiosk #4 of 10 this unit breaks down easy! will need to ship in 2 separate boxes one for the top and bottom boards and one for the lining. these sold for 400.00 item is used but in great shape still. Shipping In U.S. - $50.00 International - See Item Description NO Local Pickup Available. Your Seller Welcome! I'm Rick Weis, Gamer, Collector and President of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. most of these items are from my collection and just looking to find them a good home! Thanks for checking out my auctions! rick63 (593) DigitalPress Member Rick Weis AtariAge Member Rick Weis NintendoAge Member Rick Weis Located in vancouver, WA Member Since May 10, 2008 View all listings by rick63 View eBay Feedback rick63 (1738) " Read more: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/984/repro-vectrex-kiosk-10-gamegavel#ixzz30mSY6alu
  10. I found a nice and inexpensive way of displaying those valuable loose carts that you may have that deserve their own spot in your collection. I think Voltron fist showed some of his prototype carts in display boxes. The main issue is finding the right size for the Intellivision carts that are smaller in comparison to others. The clear box that I am using is sold by Keep_em_minty, it's the boxes intended for the loose N64 carts. The width is perfect with 1/8" clearance and there is a clearance of 7/8" on top. I thought about ways to fill up this space but figured just to leave it as is. For the base I looked around and found a two-piece card stand that has an adjustable easel back that slides and adjusts for the best angle of display. The net cost to display one cart is $1.80. Not bad if I may say so.
  11. It seems like kind of a dumb question, but I'm looking for a good way to store and display my atari games. I'd probably play them more if I didn't have to dig through boxes to find them. Plus my kids are starting to play atari with me, which is great, and I think they'd be more apt to putting stuff away and taking care of the games better if I weren't just throwing them in a box. I'd love something older, like a case for atari games or something but everything I've seen only holds around ten. Do you guys have any good suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I have recent purchased a 800XL (PAL) and paired it with a SIO2SD external drive, all appears to work fine, expect on a lot of games I'm getting a corrupted sprite, and I'm not sure why, would anyone be able to shed light on what may be causing this? Configuration, software, PAL/NTSC issue, RAM or Antic failure? Note that some games appear to run perfectly. Also passes memory tests fine. I apologize for the poor photos, but you can see the corrupted missile or sprite running vertically down the display, these will follow the player or enemies. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi, I'm not sure if this is doable on the Adafruit OLED display, but would it be possible to modify the TIPI RPi code such that the 2nd line is right-aligned? Instead of seeing only the header, it would be ideal if it showed the app. being run which I presume would be on the right-side of the URL stating something like "99.com/chatti" instead of "http://myti99"? Very minor request, but would be nice to see the app being accessed instead of the protocol/domain. Love the TIPI! You guys are doing awesome work, thank you!
  14. when using Boriel's ZX-Basic Compiler for coding stuff for ZX-Spectrum or MSX, or even coding directly in assembly on them, i use Halt (z80 operand) for waitvbl (video blank sync) - it seems that we can't do that on Aquarius, and there is no syncronization at all between z80 and the video processor, like happens on GEM-1000/MC-1000? should we use instead a kind of bc decrement delai routine for that?
  15. Hi, this is my first post here. I did see a similar thread to this (via a Google search which brought me here), but I don't think the problem is the same. OK, I recently picked up an Atari 800XL on eBay. I hooked it up to my TV at home (a flat screen LG) and it worked fine via the RF out/antenna. The only thing I found a bit strange about it was that every time I typed a command into its BASIC, it returned an error which suggested it only read the first two characters. For instance, when I typed in 'RUN' after typing a small program to test, it returned an error saying the command 'RU' wasn't recognised. I'm not too familiar with the Atari setup (I'm traditionally a Commodore guy), so I figured maybe there was some quirk with the UI I wasn't aware of yet. Either way, it powered up and the keyboard worked so that was enough for now. However, I returned this morning to discover that even though the unit powers on, there is now no display on the screen. I have a C64 that is hooked up to the same TV via an RF cable which works fine, and when I first tested the Atari, it was via the same channel and t worked fine, but this appears to not be the case now. I've tried retuning the TV countless times, swapped swapped the C64 and Atari RF leads to eliminate those as the possible cause, but now I get nothing more than a black screen. The only thing I did different the second time around was plug in the RF cable into the back of the XL when the machine was already powered on. Could this have fried it somehow? It seems unlikely to me, but I can't think why it would suddenly develop a problem like this. I am obviously very disappointed as I always wanted a 800XL and was looking forward to playing with it, so either I broke it somehow or I was sold a dud. I would be grateful if anybody on here could offer any suggestions regarding the hardware. Could this be repaired, or should I just give up on it? Thanks in advance.
  16. Looking to buy an original Game Boy store display tabletop kiosk, . I'm new to this site but have a good reputation on nintendoage. Willing to trade other games, rare merchandise, or PayPal. If you have one (or a similar one, let me know
  17. About 10 years ago I was given a this old laptop. When I received it, it ALMOST kind of worked. It was unable to boot. It came up with a boot error, regardless of what drive, disk, or OS it was given. It also crashed every three minutes or so. The years have not been kind, and now it refuses to try. My original game plan was to rebuild it for DOS games, but now I’m looking to take a more MAME approach. The current display is a Sanyo lcm-5494. It’s a monochrome display. I can’t find a spec sheet, or ANY further information on. I’m looking to replace it with something newer and colored so I can update the machine. I’m thinking of rebuilding it to function like an HDMI PC stick dock, so it won’t outdate. Ideally, I need a 9.5” color LCD display with a controller and orientation of 4:3. I’d settle for a 9” display. Any new displays around these measurements are usually 16:9. Using a 16:9 display will either leave better than an inch gap in the display window, or force me to use a larger display and cut out the frame to accommodate. Insult to injury, a 16:9 display would break the vintage feel to the machine. The best lead I can find was Magnavox made small 4:3 TVs well in to the HD era, but I can’t find one under 15”. If anyone has any leads on a display, it would be greatly appreciated! This is a project a decade in the planning and I’d like to get it off the ground!
  18. Hi all, I just listed my original, vintage, New Old Stock (never set-up or used) ATARI Phoenix Mobile store display on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-PHOENIX-Store-Display-Mobile-NEW-Sealed-Original-RARE-Vintage-NOS/193902899445?hash=item2d258370f5:g:x3IAAOSwXQJgL62- Shipping to most countries available (North America, UK, New Zealand, etc) but please check auction listing or just ask me here if you reside anywhere else but are interested. I was hoping to have a dedicated Atari games room set up but unfortunately it did not eventuate due to space constraints. As such, I'm just now starting to let go of not just my Atari games and systems (large Lynx collection going up shortly with lots or rarities), but many Atari collectibles and memorabilia that I am starting to list as well. Good luck to anyone who is going to bid - I truly hope Phoenix gets to rise up in a good new home
  19. MUNCIE INDIANA LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - MUST HAVE A TRUCK OR VAN this will NOT fit in your sedan; even if your seats fold down. Have a dolly/hand-truck. 37" screen, great picture and sound. Just replaced wheels and the speaker cones were all but dust;;; replaced with some $45 car audio speakers from Wal-Mart. The speakers wouldn't fit so I cut the holes bigger with a Dremel, not the prettiest job but you can't see that because the speaker covers hide it. They sound as good/better than the original speakers. See pics, the back has additional hookups for satellite speakers, though the built ins, I believe most people would find more than sufficient (miles better than the tin-cans TVs have now-a-days). The CRT has no scuffs/scratches. The console has some minor scuffs hardly noticeable, and one pretty good one on the top right (a few inches long). The glass door on the front works, but needs re-mounted properly. I'd not used it, and when I put it back on, I didn't have the proper screws/mounts so its not on super-sturdy, but easily fixed. Dual S-Video hookups; perfect for some old school gaming. The CRT is not removable from the console/cabinet - it's all ONE PIECE. It weighs probably ~150+ pounds; guessing. When you push it across the carpet, it's so heavy it wants to roll up your carpet if your not careful. It is 45 1/4" tall. 39" wide. 21 1/2" deep (at base). and of course the CRT is 37" diagonal. Looking for $100 even. Would trade for Atari 8-bit (800/xl/xe series; not 2600) stuff, nothing particular, but even if I already have, I love spares/extra I just don't have the room for this monster floor model :-(
  20. Hey. Some weeks ago i got a 1050 drive with LED display mounted on front panel. I've foud that is an early (?) version of Happy Warp , and I decided to recreate the schematic. You can find the oryginal topic, pictures, rom, schematic etc here: http://www.atari.org...ic.php?id=11300 The eprom is marked HAPPY 3 Can anyone recognize this version? eprom: hw_V3.bin The drive is not working, someone was trying to repair it but with no luck, now is my turn
  21. Just wondering if any body had an idea what wrong with the display on this TRS-80 Model 4 I just got yesterday. While I've played with electronics all my life, CRT's are a little out of my league. I'm wondering if it's a bad capacitor or something. some times it fast rolls, the weird diagonal lines are always there as you can see in the video. I haven't test the floppies yet, got to get some Model 4 boot disk.. which could be a challenge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA82fPno-6o
  22. I'm new here! Well, not entirely. I actually lurked a bit before posting, but here I am requesting help from one of the biggest pools of knowledge on Atari anything! I just got in this 7800 from an Ebay ad that I was very disappointed with in general. That's another story though. WAY too many problems with the shipment, description, condition, communication, etc. One of two Ebay problems I've had total. Good record, I'd say! The 7800 is in cosmetically good shape. It runs smoothly (full color) for 7800 games with my RCA to RF adapter, but can only display 2600 games in black and white with hints of yellow. I tried the pause button, but nothing happened. After a bit of Google sleuthing, I came up with this page: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/88442-25-atari-7800-showing-colour-2600-mode-please How he fixed it made my heart sink a bit. My soldering skills are less than favorable, plus I don't currently have the tools for this kind of fix. I've opened up a 4 Switch Atari VCS and cleaned it with great success. Brought it back from the dead, more or less. Do you guys think I can fix this myself? Or, is there anyone out there who knows how to fix it and would be willing to help? Thanks in advance! Hope to hear some good news about this 7800's backwards compatibility.
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