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Found 11 results

  1. Unveiling the completed: ColecoVision ** Donkey Kong Edition - Super Arcade Controller ** Starting originally as a Hori HSS-09 Sega Saturn fighting stick, it's been converted to a proper arcade style controller for use with the ColecoVision. Features: * Seimitsu LS-32 Joystick, capable of being configured as an 8-way, 4-way, or 2-way horizontal or vertical joystick by adjusting the internal sub-gate. Currently it's set up as a 4-way for Donkey Kong. * Ultimarc GoldLeaf pushbuttons. * Eladdin CV Easy I/O Board w/ Keypad. * Controller base custom painted to closely match the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. * Custom Control Panel Overlay modeled after the Donkey Kong arcade CPO. * Joystick style (black, ball-top), and Pushbutton color (orange) matching the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet ---2nd button added for maximum game compatibility, colored red to camouflage with the CPO. * Custom red keypad overlay to camouflage with the CPO. * The controller's original "Start" button dyed blue to match the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet's P1/P2 buttons, and wired as a 2nd * key, to restart game after game ends. So now that I got it finished up tonight I had a couple of hours to give it a test run, and wow, what a difference compared to a standard Coleco hand controller, even versus a hacked d-pad controller. Playing Mouse Trap while holding my index, middle, and ring fingers of my right hand over the keypad for the controls plays so much better. It's also amazing for Tapper. Its really the controller the ColecoVision deserves.
  2. UPDATED (2/21/2013): One year after the last batch... COLECOVISION BOXES HAVE RETURNED!!! Starting out the current run: DONKEY KONG I have had just enough time to make a short run of 20 boxes. Life's been busy the last several months, but I still love doing this, and I hope you do too! Get 'em while they're hot! The current revision has some noteworthy differences, namely: New DK video game cabinet Redesigned side text Slight change to copyright text Greater accuracy in design layout More true-to-original overall Boxes are priced at $14.00 USD + Shipping price of $2.50 in the continental United States. Shipping to Canada is now $8.55. Shipping price to Europe is now $12.75. Please PM me if you live in Europe just to verify. PM me if you would like to order and I will reply with a confirmation. Make sure your address is either in Paypal or your PM for faster shipping. Boxes will ship today through next week. Thank you AtariAge/Colecovision Community for all of your support! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Up next... Original description of replica boxes follows below... -------------------------------------------------------------- The box layout has been faithfully redrawn in CAD format using precise measurements from Coleco stock. This box is printed using high-quality laser toner, printed from 600 dpi files, and printed on heavy card stock that is on par with original Colecovision box releases. Inside you will find a redesigned insert that keeps the cart and instructions snugly in place. Finally, the box is treated with a UV-protective finish that gives each box a terrific glossy shine and firmness that will keep your box looking sharp for years to come. The box design was produced in the style true to the primary releases of U.S. Colecovision cartridges in August 1982. The artwork has been completely redrawn with no copied or jpeggy pixelations here! The screenshot on the back of the packaging has been modified from the "artist's rendering" on tube-type television to an actual flat-panel type screen cap. --------------------------------------------------------------
  3. With the SGM 4th run now shipped, I think it is appropriated to start discussing 2018. But first... A big thank you to all the 400 people who pre-ordered the SGM during the 4th run. That totally blew me away, was never expecting that many orders. With that, the SGM installed base has now surpassed 1000 units, which I believe is a pretty amazing for a console that is 35 years old. Had someone told me 35 years ago I was going to create a platform inside a platform, I would have never believed... or ever wrapped my head around it. Even the wildest dreams can sometimes come true, guys... But with great powers come great responsibilities as they say (although I generally prefer to quote Star Trek as my source for wisdom). That means I actually admit game offer has been a little lackluster. I mean, the SGM was supposed to bring the arcade ports home on the ColecoVision, but I don't think that has happened just yet. So let's focus on that next. But first there are some stuff I still need to put behind me, which will hopefully happen from now until mid May. That includes shipping the 50 additional SGMs I have, shipping the 2 color line games I started offering back in December (shipping this week guys), shipping back a couple of replacement SGMs, nameplates for the 2nd run. I also have two additional and probably final color line games that were completed last year but that I still need to offer. Then we get to actual new content for 2018. First one is Donkey Kong. Then I have Pac-Man DX which I completed last year but still have to ship. And hopefully there is one more surprise that I am still not ready to disclose, but hopefully will make a few arcade fans here really happy (it will at least make me happy). Truth be told, last couple of years have worn me out a bit, fighting a couple of very persistent and annoying a**holes, but hopefully the joy of the hobby will get back to me this year. I also miss interacting with people here more, the many friends I made here over the years. That is something I also want to focus this year. The worst part of becoming a publisher is that the volume of things you must take care of crushes some of the spontaneous interaction you have with other fans. It is sometimes hard to avoid, but I will try my best to correct that too. So yeah, let's keep our beloved ColecoVision (or any classic Atari era console for the matter) alive and kicking! EDIT: To do list: - Ship extra 50 SGMs to AtariAge - Ship all color line games (Guardic and Penguin Wars) - Ship nameplates 2nd run - Ship replacement SGMs - Fix Penguin Adventure Opcode Games 2018 release schedule (tentative) - SGM 4th run (shipped) - SGM 4th run addendum release (shipping soon) - Color line Guardic and Penguin Wars (shipping) - Donkey Kong Arcade (TBA) - SGM 5th run (TBA) - Pac-Man DX (TBA) - Gradius rerelease (TBA) - Additional color line games (TBA)
  4. Donkey Kong 2: Lost Levels This is a hack of Garry Kitchen's Donkey Kong. The ramp and rivet screens of the original have been converted into the elevator and conveyor screens respectively: donkeykong2lostlevels.bin So why even bother with a 4k Donkey Kong hack, now that we have such great looking homebrew versions out there? Because I always liked Garry's port, notwithstanding the missing screens. Garry said in an interview he would have done all four levels if Coleco had given him more time and an 8k cart. In any case, he put out a great version of DK within the framework he was given, and I hope this will be a fitting tribute to his accomplishment. I was also inspired by batari's great work on this thread; without his disassembly and example none of this would have been possible. There are still a few remaining bugs. The elevators have no platforms, the conveyors will take you right off the screen, and the whole game often crashes completely after restart. But it's playable straight through, so this is a good time to open it up for testing and feedback. Just bear in mind that I still have only 4k to work with. _____________________ Edit 10/18/2014 Nukey combined the above hack and the original game into a playable 4-level Donkey Kong. The sequence goes: ramps, rivets, elevators, and conveyors, and then repeats. The latest version of the 4 level game can be found here: donkeykong4levels-2.bin
  5. Atari 7800 HSC Season 7 Game 12 Donkey Kong Game Information Game Name: Donkey Kong Released By: Atari 1988 7800 HSC High Score: 123,900 by Mord Settings: STANDARD Link to manual & ROM: http://atariage.com/software_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=685 ALL NEW SCORES MUST BE POSTED HERE, NO OLD SCORES ALLOWED POST YOUR NEW SCORE HERE AT THE HIGH SCORE CLUB FIRST, THIS WILL AVOID CONFUSION OF "WHEN" A SCORE WAS RECORDED! Bonus 1. Write one paragraph regarding how you feel about playing a Nintendo game on Atari hardware (or via Atari emulation) for [+2] bonus points. 2. Break Mord's previous record of 123,900 for [+2] bonus points. All who surpass this score will receive the points. Contest Ends Sunday, December 14th, 2014 at 10:00 PM EST High Scores 1. 106,900 treismac [+11] 2. 96,100 oyamafamily [+10] 3. 95,300 NIKON [+9] 4. 90,800 Darthkur [+8] 5. 71,500 12k [+7] 6. 63,900 atomickneedrop [+6] 7. 52,000 Gorfy [+5] 8. 51,800 Roadrunner [+4] 9. 44,900 LidLikesIntellivision [+3] 10. 42,800 Chuckwalla [+2] 11. 41,900 nosweargamer [+1] 12. 35,300 JacobZu7zu7 [+1] Write Bonus Lid [+2] treismac [+2] NIKON [+2] oyamafamily [+2] JacobZu7zu7 [+2] Rankings 1. oyamafamily [163] (11) 7 1 2. LidLikesIntellivision [118] (11) 1 1 3. S.BAZ [116] (11) 1 4. NIKON [101] (8] 2 5. darthkur [83] (10) 6. roadrunner [79] (11) 1 7. JacobZu7zu7 [47] (6) 8. Gorfy [43] (6) 9. Slaytanic [31] (1) 10. mbotelho [30] (3) 11. Ashkin2002 [27] (2) 12. Atarichris [22] (3) 13. 12k [18] (2) 14. classicgamer_27330 [15] (3) 15. jblenkle [15] (4) 16. chuckwalla [13] (2) 17. Mister-VCS [13] (3) 18. treismac [10] (3) 19. atomickneedrop [9] (1) 20. nosweargamer [8] (1) 21. DrVenkman [7] (1) 22. MAC-42 [5] (1) 23. DonPedro [4] (1) 24. segasaturn [4] (2) 25. SpiceWare [1] (1) [ ] = Points ( ) = Rounds Played GREEN = Games Won GOLD = Seasons Won
  6. From the album: Donkey Kong Arcade Sales Flyers

    These are the original sales flyers used to promote the original DK & DK JR arcade games in the 1980s. As a huge ColecoVision fan I wanted to share these. And while they may not be specifically for the ColecoVision, Donkey Kong was a huge part of the legacy of that system. I'm also a huge Nintendo fanboy, so I bought them to frame behind my Donkey Kong arcade cabinet! Enjoy! =)
  7. From the album: Donkey Kong Arcade Sales Flyers

    These are the original sales flyers used to promote the original DK & DK JR arcade games in the 1980s. As a huge ColecoVision fan I wanted to share these. And while they may not be specifically for the ColecoVision, Donkey Kong was a huge part of the legacy of that system. I'm also a huge Nintendo fanboy, so I bought them to frame behind my Donkey Kong arcade cabinet! Enjoy! =)
  8. From the album: Donkey Kong Arcade Sales Flyers

    These are the original sales flyers used to promote the original DK & DK JR arcade games in the 1980s. As a huge ColecoVision fan I wanted to share these. And while they may not be specifically for the ColecoVision, Donkey Kong was a huge part of the legacy of that system. I'm also a huge Nintendo fanboy, so I bought them to frame behind my Donkey Kong arcade cabinet! Enjoy! =)
  9. Hey everyone, I have recently become interested into Nintendo Game & Watch, mainly because of all the cool exclusive sequels to real arcade games. I have discovered lots of Mario games, but even more Donkey Kong games. There are actually 7 DK games, but only 4 are platformers! I have already bought DK, DK Jr. Widescreen, and DK II. DK Jr. Tabletop/Panorama is really fun on my computer as well. I wanted to introduce these excellent LCD handhelds to you guys, as we all love Donkey Kong. If you have never played these games before, or don't have much money, I have provided the following links for you: http://www.pica-pic.com This site has both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. New Widescreen http://www.madrigald.../sim/dnload.php This site has both Donkey Kong Jr. Tabletop and Panorama versions, and The legendary Donkey Kong II Have fun.
  10. I have a good amount of systems for sale... 1 qty = Color Computer 3 WITH 512K 3 qty = Color Computer 2 64K Extended BASIC 1 qty = MSX1 64KB All machines tested and working, very clean and packed carefully. I have sold countless CoCos on eBay and have great feedback. My machines are cleaned inside and out. The link below is to a list of all items.. https://www.ebay.com/sch/colorcomputerstore/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= p.s. Wondering how the Color Computer 3 is as a game machine? Check out this AWESOME Donkey Kong and Pac-Man transcoded versions !!! (Defender is being transcoded as well !!!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yl9Be8es_c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1sFduK9Bjo Thanks!
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