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Found 12 results

  1. We thought it would be good to start a dedicated thread for what now seems to be turning into Doom : Slayer Edition. We'll post updates in here as they happen etc. This first post will also be updated with all the news to keep it in a easy to find location. There's also a Q&A section after the news News Music added in levels with new volume slider in Options. - Music now plays during gameplay, not just in the Intermission. Pro-controller Support added. - Shoulder buttons strafe - Some weapons on the number pad had to be moved due to this, but it's worth it! Cheat menu added. - Easy to access cheat functions and fixed the map cheats that were previously inaccessible. JWad Support Added. - 'Drag drop' levels in the build process. Spider Mastermind Added. - All sounds, graphics and AI included. E3M8 added for good measure. Spectres Implemented. - Spectres (and other game objects) now correctly apply a 'shadow/trans' effect. Videos Initial preview (lots has changed since!) Q&A - What are the release/distribution plans for this? -- Not even thought about that yet. There are obviously careful considerations that must be made. - When will it be finished? -- When it's ready!
  2. Doom Doom II Doom 3 The first two games are $5 each and they're small Doom 3 is $10 and it's like 8GB
  3. Hello, (this is my first post). I recently purchased a copy of Doom. I noticed it was slightly different than the photo posted on Ebay and I'm confident it's not the one in the photo. I'm okay with that, but I want to make sure it's a real game. The box seemed a little shinier than other Jaguar boxes and I'm afriad it's a reproductions. I spent about $160 (CAN) on it so I really want it to be 100% original. Is there anything I can do to make sure it's original? Also, I was not able to test out the cartridge because I had a water leak and had to box up all my consoles while they replace the carpet.
  4. Just a note to say that the development 'blog' playlist has been updated again: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNs6Jw4V4vlvafSs0H3Ww_M5nMm10m0UM
  5. I have been on a "big box" PC game kick lately and am on the hunt for a variety of games from the 1990s, mostly first person shooters. I am interested in buying outright, or potentially trading for. Send me a PM if you can help out. I may or may not be interested depending on price/condition/etc. Boxes don't have to be perfect, but I do like them in respectable shape. I am strictly looking for the USA versions. I'm up for CD or floppy formats, it doesn't really matter to me as long as the packaging is original for said format. If you are interested in working up a trade, see my collection here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iUJsvvRxhyS9RXg1IHLCcbBxxeo1Uh1C1ZmZm788ApM (Since I'm mostly flash carts now, it's heavy on the PS2, XBOX, PS1, Wii, Wii U, etc). Here's what I am looking for: Ultimate DOOM Duke Nukem 3D PowerSlave Quake Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders Stargunner Chasm: The Rift Shadow Warrior Killing Time Wolfenstein 3D Spear of Destiny Blood Final DOOM DOOM (original mail-in release) Witchaven and Witchaven 2 Quake 1 Expansion Packs (Dissolution of Eternity and Scourge of Armagon) Return to Castle Wolfenstein (big box version, not the small box) Unreal (Original, not the Gold release) Alone in the Dark Unreal Tournament (original blue box, not GOTY edition) Mortal Kombat 1, 2 or 3 Mega Man X I feel like I am missing some games, but I will add them here over time if I can think of them.
  6. I'm new here but not necessarily to the Jaguar library. I was looking for a thread on underrated/underappreciated Jaguar games and didn't find anything, so I'm sorry if I missed something. I feel like some Jag games don't get the love they deserve and I'm curious to get some other takes on this (either OG or homebrew titles). Here's my list: Brutal Sports Football -- I think this and NBA Jam are THE BEST 2 player games on the console and pretty much anytime I dust off my Jaguar I always gravitate towards this game. There's just something about watching old muscle heads with gray hair stabbing lizard men with knives and kicking their heads around the field. I love how Overtime is essentially a literal interpretation of "Sudden Death." I always felt the controls were excellent and I know that while it was originally released on the Amiga, they planned on ports for the SNES and Genesis. I'm sad we never got them, but the great pixel art combined with a cool single player tournament mode and pretty solid play mechanics has kept me coming back to my Jaguar for years. Doom -- I know Doom on the Jaguar gets some love, but I think it deserves more recognition due to it being the only port of the game coded by ID Software and became the anchor which nearly every other port of the game, including the excellent PSX version, were derived from. You could either spend all your parent's cash on a crazy expensive PC, play a handful of crappy console ports, or play the Jaguar version which still holds up today. Iron Soldier -- I hate mech games, but I adore Iron Soldier (never played the sequel). The first time I played this game and looked down at a tank shooting me from the ground, I was blown away that I could actually see my giant mech feet stomping the crap out of everything in the environment, including the poor tank! I still think the destruction on larger buildings looks pretty good, and this is still the only time I've ever felt like I was controlling this lumbering mechanical monster with a machine gun (and eventually a friggin' chainsaw). Rayman -- The original is still my favorite version of the game, and I know it's insanely hard and not perfectly balanced the closer to the end you get, but I still think this Jaguar game is one of the best on the console and pretty much any other retro console for that matter. Debatably the best looking game on the Jaguar, Ubi Soft really showed off how well the system could push a bunch of colorful sprites around the screen. The controls are pretty much perfect and the core gameplay is really fun, it's just the level design ranges from excellent to "huh?" after the first couple of stages. Power Drive Rally -- Another great looking Jaguar game, my only complaint with PDR is that the controls feel a bit stiff. Once you learn how the cars handle though, this is probably my favorite overhead racer in existence. There were some great ones for the Neo Geo, but I felt that you need ludicrous reaction time in those to survive, and I think that PDR found the perfect balance of warning signals and track design. This is another must have for me, even though I know it doesn't push the Jaguar very much, it just has a certain charm to it that you don't get in a lot of games today.
  7. Dear all After I had the ultimate pleasure of talking with James Purple Hampton, I had the great honour of chatting with another Atari Jaguar legend - Bill Rehbock! Bill is probably best known for being the producer on some of the Jags best titles - these include Doom, Super Burnout, Atari Karts and Wolfenstein 3D. He also talks about his work on the Nuon console, Tempest 3000 and much more! He shares some great stories about working at Atari, his honest views on the true power of the Jag and the people he worked with! Please see all the links below to listen to this true legend: http://arcadeattackpodcast.podbean.com/e/no-61-bill-rehbock-interview/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/arcade-attack-podcast/id1174983594 https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/arcade-attack-retro-gaming-podcast Please let me know what you thought of the interview and if you enjoyed the podcast feel free to subscribe for future episodes. Kind regards Adrian
  8. I wanted to share my thoughts on the DOOM closed beta on PS4 that was up March 31st to April 3rd. They gave us two maps to play on and I was only able to get deathmatch games, but in short I loved it!
  9. BadMooD 'beta' got released today for Falcon: http://devilsdoorbell.com/binary-downloads/ No CT60 version yet - plain machine with 14mb only. Will get around to it though! Find setup instructions etc. on the site. Recommend reading at least the basics first. d.m.l
  10. In case you've missed the news Douglas Little has released an 'alpha' version of BadMooD, a fully playable Doom conversion enhanced for Falcon030. You'll need the WAD file(s) from the original game but the BadMooD binary download is hosted here: http://devilsdoorbell.com The game requires a stock (unaccelerated) Falcon030 with 14 MB of RAM. As it's the first release there are some features to be implemented, some bugs and a wish list too! If you have programming or graphics experience and would like to help then let us know through the above website! Source will be released, but probably not for a month or two while things are tidied up. A BadMooD specific level with enhanced graphics is possible. See the download binary for more Readme information.
  11. Wanted to know how many of you knew what this topic was about just by the title. Who remembers playing against your friends at a dial up game such as Doom, Duke Nukem, or Command and Conquer. The ones where you would set up your dial up modem to call your buddies house so you could battle 1 on 1. The idea is very funny to me now considering how we play multiplayer games today. I remember my friends modem calling my house to make the connection and one of my parents would inevitably answer the phone. I would yell from the basement (where we kept our pc) "MOM DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE!!!". Then I would call my buddy up and say "sorry my mom answered the phone lets try again" Of course this all took place after 8:00 pm cuz god forbid I tie up the phone line during the day. Wow kids got it so good these days............ Now I want to play some Duke Nukem 3d. I wonder if anyone made a mod or crack for that game that would allow me to play it over the net nowadays......... Think I'm going to look into that tomorrow.
  12. Bethesda/id software announced a follow-up to DOOM (2016). Here's the teaser trailer: (link) Actual gameplay live stream is supposed to happen on August 10th at QuakeCon. Fans of the classic DOOM II from 1994 will be glad to know that the Arachnotron, Pain Elemental and Arch Vile appear to be returning. Hell (no pun intended) yes! For me personally, as a big classic DOOM fan, DOOM (2016) is my favorite game from the last few years. The direction I am seeing from the trailer is exactly where I hoped for them to take a sequel. Following in the footsteps of the original DOOM II, it looks like this is going to be hell on earth once again, and more familiar monsters that were left out of the original 2016 reboot are coming back.
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