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Found 21 results

  1. I was reading the Dos 3 manual (ducks) while sitting in the smallest room of my house (guess which one that is) : "In addition to the Master Diskette 3 (CX8104), your ATARI Disk Drive comes with an ATARI Formatted Diskette 3 (CX8111). Although this diskette has no files or program data on it, it has been preformatted at the factory. Preformatting means the diskette was divided into tracks and sectors before packaging (Figure 3-1) so that it has an improved sector layout. This improved sector layout makes it possible for you to store and retrieve information more rapidly than is possible with diskettes formatted on your ATARI Disk Drive." How do these improved sector layouts work? Or is this bogus and Atari just wanted you to buy these "improved" disks from them?
  2. Hello, everyone! We at Super Fighter Team are pretty jazzed to reveal our latest passion project to the world: Sango Fighter Special Edition. 馃槃 Official website and Direct download You know Sango Fighter, don'cha? Published in 1993 by Panda Entertainment, it was one of the first fighting games to truly make a big splash on MS-DOS based PCs. It certainly left an impression on me, to the point where I acquired the rights to it in 2009 [!]. Now here we are in 2021, and what do we have to show for it? Well... quite a lot, actually. Our new edition of the game features: 路 All of your favorite generals, + that pesky li'l soldier! 路 MS-DOS and Super A'can versions of each general, with some BIG differences between 'em! 路 A high energy remix of the soundtrack, with add'l tracks. 路 Improved, rebalanced fight system. 路 We even brought in a Taiwanese voice actor to serve as the fight announcer! 路 Oh! And support for 3 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese. Neat!! So if you've always loved the MS-DOS version of Sango Fighter but it left you wanting more, and / or if you're intrigued by the hobbled Super A'can version but don't want to waste hundreds of dollars to buy it... then I think you'll be fairly pleased with what we've accomplished here. Ah... but wait! I know what some of you purists might be thinking: "Bah! What's with all these newfangled 'features?' The original game is fine just the way it is!!" or "What the hell is a Super A'can?!!" And that's fine, 'cuz we planned ahead for that: In addition to the new & improved "Enhanced" mode, Sango Fighter Special Edition features a "Classic" mode, which ONLY uses content from the MS-DOS version, including 100% hardware accurate recordings of the Ad Lib (YM3812) soundtrack! W0w! Truly there is something for everyone. It's a Christmas miracle. So! Please try out the game. Share it with your friends. And feel welcome to share your feedback with all of us. Thanks! Enjoy!! And best wishes for 2022.
  3. In Issue 60 (May 1988) of Analog Magazine I had an article published called DOS CD. I had purchased my very first Double Density disk drive and could not understand why DOS was telling me I could not load any more files on the disk even though there were plenty of sectors available. It turns out that, on double density disks, Atari DOS only writes to the first 128 bytes of the directory and leaves the second half of the directory blank. In other words, even though the sectors are 256 bytes in length, Atari DOS treats the directory as if it were still single density. Therefore you cannot write more than 64 files to the disk even though there is still plenty of room. So I wrote a patch to DOS that allowed it to write 256 byte directory entries. That meant that you could now store up to 128 files on a double density disk. Back when I wrote the article, the version of DOS CD that was published was incompatible with regular Atari DOS. If you booted into regular DOS and tried to see the files on a DOS CD disk, you got nothing. This always bothered me so years later, I rewrote DOS CD to make it more compatible with regular DOS. In the new version, if you boot into regular DOS and issue a directory command on a DOS CD disk, you will see files 1 through 64. Files 65 through 128 will be invisible to regular DOS. But boot from your DOS CD disk and all 128 files are visible and usable. Finally I added one more patch. Because of a bug in Atari DOS, sector 720 is never used. Atari DOS cannot write to this sector. I hate waste, so the new version of DOS CD now can read and write from sector 720. There is nothing you have to do to make this work; DOS CD will simply write to sector 720 whenever it is free. For instance, when you create a brand new disk, format it and write DOS files to it, one of the sectors that DOS.SYS resides on will be sector 720. DOS CD is smart. You can install it on both single and double density disks. If the disk is single density, DOS CD will act exactly like regular DOS. But when it senses a double density disk, it will write 256 byte directory entries instead of 128 byte entries. If anyone is interested in using DOS CD, download the attached ATR. Boot from it and then use INIT to format a new disk. It does not matter if the new disk is single or double density. Then write new DOS files to the formatted disk. If you want a more detailed explanation of how DOS CD works, you can read the magazine article here: http://www.atarimania.com/mags/pdf/analog_no_60.pdf. Keep in mind though that the version of DOS CD mentioned in the article has been supplanted by this new version. DOSXL with DOS CD.atr
  4. I am wondering if anyone has an .ATR file for the Atari 8 bit system that was a joke DOS that someone created. What happened is that when you did the A [ret] [ret] you got a directory with all the same file. There was some other stuff that made it seem like you were formatting your disk when you weren't, etc... It was quite funny prank to put on my friends Atari 800 when I had the actual disk.
  5. Anybody have the original software that came with the Trak AT Series drives? They're supposed to come with a utility/patch called DDINIT, which will modify Atari DOS 2.0S to support double-density. Failing that, I'd settle for a copy of DOS 2.0S already modified with this utility.
  6. #Atari8bit #FujiNet on atari-apps.irata.online, I have updated fnc-tools.atr to have new relocatable N: handler. The DOS directory now contains more than a dozen DOSes with fnc-tools on them. The DOSes that have been tested with the N: handler are: * Atari DOS 2.0S/DOS 2.0D * Atari DOS 2.5 * Atari DOS 3 * BeweDOS * MyDOS 4.5 * OSS DOS XL 2.30p * OSS DOS XL 2.30X (XL version) * OSS OS/A+ 2.10 * OSS OS/A+ 4.10 * ICD SpartaDOS 1.1HS * ICD SpartaDOS 3.2d * Eclipse TOP-DOS 1.5 * Turbo-DOS XE * XDOS 2.43 (While SpartaDOS X will load the N: handler, and applications can use it, the command processor will not be able to use it, until we write a proper driver for it.) Got one you want to try? Make a system master disk, and if it works, we鈥檒l fold it into the DOS directory on atari-apps. To @mr-atari 鈥 LiteDOS needs additional work to be able to use the N: device (while it can load files off of N:, it will not display a directory from N:), to reproduce: use a devicespec like: N1:TNFS://ATARI-APPS.IRATA.ONLINE/ -Thom
  7. Hello, all. Long time, no post. I'm Brandon Cobb of Super Fighter Team, whom you may remember from Beggar Prince / Legend of Wukong / Star Odyssey for the Genesis / Mega Drive, and Zaku for the Lynx. How y'all been? I'm here today with news of our two newest free games [!], for Windows... Sango Fighter 2 lets you choose from 16 different generals in China's Eastern Han Dynasty, fighting it out to see who will control the entire country. Originally developed by Panda Entertainment in Taiwan, it is now available in English for the first time, with new features and enhancements. Try it out @ www.sangofighter2.com Super Fighter Special Edition is a new version of our company's namesake, built from the ground up in honor of the game's 20th anniversary. It features a new soundtrack, new attacks for each character, nearly 100 new frames of character animation, and more. Try it out @ www.superfighter.net Thanks for your interest. Have a nice day.
  8. Infocom crafted some of the best stories and characters in their 80s text adventures. I talk about two compilation sets that hold over 30+ games plus Leather Goddesses of Phobos. What do you think of Text Adventures? Did you play them back in the day...or still play them today? Which were your favorites?
  9. http://youtu.be/mOWfaZ5o35U Six Racing games that time and most gamers have forgotten. Does anybody else remember the awesome racing game called Stunts? Suggestions for Part 2?
  10. Hello, all. As part of my continued spring cleaning efforts I'm selling my Taiwanese video game collection for PC (DOS) and Mega Drive. Also included are two American games. Some pretty cool stuff here, most are rather difficult to find: PC: 鐔婅矒澶ч叉搳 (aka Panda, Go!) <- Two versions: One complete (CD version), second is disks and manual only. 瑗挎闇哥帇闋呯窘 (aka Xiang Yu, The Overlord of Western Chu) <- Complete except for outer box. 瑗块亰瑷 (aka Journey to the West) <- Two versions: Both complete (CD and disk; disk version not pictured because box looks exactly the same). 鐖嗙瑧淇濋健鐞 (aka Hilarious Bowling) <- Complete. VR缍茬悆96 (aka VR Tennis '96) <- Complete. 鎺掔悆鍘熶汉 (aka Volleyball Hominid) <- Disks and manual only. 澶╂墠瀵跺澶ч叉搳 (aka Little Geniuses, Go!) <- Disks and manual only. Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes <- Complete. One Must Fall 2097 <- CD w/manual & all inserts. MD: 楹婚泙鎯¢瓟濉 (aka Devilish Mahjong Tower) <- Complete. 鎮熺┖澶栧偝 (aka Legend of Wukong) <- Complete. 涓栫晫鑱锋鐖湼鎴 (aka World Pro Baseball '94) <- Complete. All disks/CDs in great shape. Recently all were tested. All CDs are fine. Floppy disks however, ~95% read OK w/no errors. However I cannot guarantee any of the data on the floppy disks due to age. Game cartridges likewise are recently tested. They work fine. I originally bought these games for research purposes, including making scans. Staples were removed from the manuals in order to get the highest quality scans. Sold "as-is." Please keep this in mind when considering a purchase. I prefer to sell the collection complete, for USD$350 -> USD$300 (includes shipping within USA). Please inquire about international shipping. Please get in touch by PRIVATE MESSAGE if interested. And don't litter the thread with "PM Sent!" messages. Nobody cares. Pardon the lackluster photos. Thanks for having a look.
  11. Hi! My name is Greg. New to the forum. Finally getting around to posting on here. I have been collecting retro computers and consoles for a number of years now, but have yet to really participate in forums. Currently I own an Amiga 600, TI 99/4A, Atari 800XL, and now new to the stable is a Tandy 1000 EX. It was obtained second hand for $5. I spent this afternoon taking the machine apart and cleaning; as well as inspecting the hardware. The computer is all clean now and boots to a prompt for a bootable discs. Herein lies the issue... I have no discs! I don't really have a way of imaging discs for 5.25 drives at this time unfortunately. After some research, I found that I will require MS-DOS 2.11 to be able to boot this machine to run software. Here are my questions. 1. Does anyone have a copy of MS-DOS 2.11 or has the means to copy a disc for me that could be mailed? 2. What is the easiest way to image these discs nowadays? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. If you can send me a copy that would be great. I would paypal for the copy of the disc and to cover shipping.
  12. Disk Extended SuperCharger BASIC ----------------------------------------- Adding DOS commands to BASIC on the Atari 2600! How it works: ---------------- Disk Extended SuperCharger BASIC turns an ordinary cassette deck into an indexed filesystem with a directory structure for the Atari 2600 much like the ADAM Home Computers indexed Tape Drive advanced design. For full support, an auto-flipping Tape deck or an endless loop tape like this one can be used to make a regular cassette player function as a slow disk drive like the Commodore 1541. Or the player can manually rewind an ordinary tape to the beginning and keep pressing play, which can also be fun Ultra fast SuperCharger DOS - Fast Loader options ----------------------------------------------------------- The SuperCharger cart features built-in fast loading technology similar to Epyx fast loader and the ADAM high speed Tape drive in functionality, the buad rate can be increased to make SuperCharger DOS load faster. With Flashcarts and Emulators the SuperCharger Indexed File System can run lightning fast - many times faster than even the fastest Apple II disk drive! SuperCharger Disk Extended BASIC Backward Compatibility: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 100% Backward compatible with SuperCharger vwBASIC, and cross compatible with Flashback BASIC (CBS RAM). Atari 2600 platform compatibility --------------------------------------- SuperCharger Disk Extended BASIC runs on classic Atari 2600 hardware with a SuperCharger and via any multicart that supports the SuperCharger format (such as the Harmony/Encore UnoCart and PlusCart) and all emulators. Performance: --------------------- Performance can vary depending upon the emulator or flashcart being used because some also emulate wait time via the loading bars. For best performance loading bars should be avoided by flashcarts or minimized to eliminate the wait time allowing the SuperCharger FS to load faster (this will emulate the Epyx Fast Loader effect like Harmony is currently doing). Variable Sharing: --------------------- BASIC variables are shared between programs. Capacity (Floppy Disk size): ------------------------------- The PlusCart and UnoCart support a very large capacity - large supercharger Disk Extended BASIC games can have 256 directory entries, for a 2 MB Atari 2600 game! Harmony currently is limited to four directory entries but I will send batari my samples and beta so we can increase the number of entries - Even older edition Harmony carts like mine from 2011 may be able to support 30 directory entries in the SuperCharger FS, and the newer Harmonies and Encores can support even more. A good analogy is that the 2011 Harmony is expandable to have a bit more capacity than an original C64 5 1/4 inch floppy. The newer models have the Capacity of a 720K 3.5 " floppy disk and the later models and the Uno and Plus have SuperCharger disk capacity of a 1.44 MB floppy. Programmers may wish to take into account the varying SuperCharger "disk size" capacities of the multicarts when creating large SuperCharger Disk BASIC games so that the games can run on them all. Availability: -------------- SuperCharger_Disk_BASIC.zip Disk Extended SuperCharger BASIC is currently in Beta will be available free for download soon on the SuperCharger BASIC site
  13. Previous demo here It's the first anniversary of my language project. To celebrate, here is the first tool written in it: https://language.meta.frl/programs/DOS/platforms/Atari/8-bit/WHERE.XEX It's an alternative for the ?DIR command in SpartaDOS and RealDOS, the pwd command on Unix systems, and the cd command (without parameter) in MS-DOS/Windows. An amazing amount of design and research went into this tiny and seemingly trivial program. It will be a template for future programs. Here are just some of the issues with making it cross-platform: https://eklitzke.org/path-max-is-tricky For reference, here is the very same program compiled for my 64-bit Linux development system: https://language.meta.frl/programs/DOS/platforms/Linux/64-bit/AMD/where Thanks go to the people here for their advice, especially @sanny, who helped get it to work, and extended CC65. It's probably most comfortable to rename the Atari version to WHERE.COM for SpartaDOS and RealDOS. The Linux version needs to be made executable as per usual: chmod +x where On command-line systems, a few command-line options are available: where help where about where version Linux: ./where help Without parameters, on command-line systems, the program will just print the current working folder and return to the command-line. On Atari systems with a menu-based DOS, it will ask for a key press before returning, to give you the chance to read the output before the menu clears the screen. The program is really only useful on SpartaDOS version 3 and up and on RealDOS, possibly also on SpartaDOS 2. On other DOS'es, including SpartaDOS 1, it cannot get the current working folder. It will report > (the root folder in SpartaDOS format) which is correct for DOS'es that don't support sub-directories. On MyDOS, it will report "D:" which is not very useful, but not incorrect, because it denotes the current drive and working folder. where help gets formatted for 40-columns display. If you have an 80-colums driver that properly sets RMARGN, and on Linux, the output is formatted for 80-columns display. (Do wide-display drivers set RMARGN? The wide display mode in Altirra does not, so it doesn't get the wide formatting.) Any error messages are also formatted for 40-columns and 80-colums displays accordingly. Test reports are welcome, especially for SpartaDOS 2, RealDOS, and 80-colums drivers.
  14. I have finished a new game I've been working on. Its based on the text based game Big Rig. I have tried to keep the feel of the original game while improving the interface and visual aspects. Ive wanted to do an Oregon Trail style game since I was a kid. I could never really think of a good topic to do and didn't want to do a clone. I felt this would be a fun project. So basically this game is a 1990ish sorta edutainment simulation style game where you drive from Los Angeles to New York. If anyone feels like checking it out here is a link. https://elijahgardner.itch.io/...ing-ms-dos
  15. Hi. We @ Super Fighter Team did something unorthodox for us back in 2013: developed + published an Android game [!!]. Originally a commercial affair at 99垄 a pop, we recently released it as a free download. W0w. So what's the game? (Hint: It's mentioned in the subject title you clicked on.) It's Commander Keen in Keen Dreams, adapted from the original for PC (DOS). If you have an Android device and like classic games, mayhaps this is for you. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keendreams http://www.keendreams.com/ On another forum I took a moment to do a quick write-up on the game's development history, figured I'd copy & paste it here too in case people here also find it interesting. Hope y'all enjoy a little reading... We first agreed to develop the Android version as a favor to the previous IP holder. Super Fighter Team is a classic games firm, meaning we produce new games for classic consoles and computers. Doing mobile stuff -- aside from Super Fighter Block Battle for the Symbian OS that we'd done years before -- wasn't something we were interested in at the time. I didn't even own an Android device back then, I was using a Nokia N9 running MeeGo. When I finally decided to "give in" and produce the Android version, however, I admit I got a bit excited to have us embark on development for a new platform. Not wishing to jump ship on Nokia just yet -- even though just about everyone else in the world had already -- I refused to buy an Android device, instead opting to install the buggy and very unfinished NITdroid port as a dual-boot on my N9, to do my QC testing. (Our programmer had a full-fledged Android device.) And... surprise!! It turned out to be a fun project. We adapted the game from the original DOS source; there's no emulation involved anywhere. (As a purist, I'm not exactly big on emulation). The sound effects were recorded directly from the YM3812 chip of the Ad Lib sound card using special hardware called "adlib digisnap." The reason that some people seem to hear "things that aren't there" when playing the Android version is because the volume of the SFX had to be raised quite a bit. The original volume being fed to the YM3812 chip is very low. The card relies on the user to control the volume via the volume slider on the card or through powered speakers. If you play the original Keen Dreams on a DOS machine, and turn your volume WAAAAY UP, you'll hear those same "things" that some people pointed out. It's all in the original code/data, folks. It just isn't easy to notice. FM sound and music are quirky like that. I'm happy to boast that our version of Keen Dreams, unlike many many MANY apps floating around out there, has absolutely NO ADS, NO IN-APP PURCHASES nor any other GARBAGE that you don't want hindering your gaming enjoyment. We at Super Fighter Team don't believe in all that crap. We're not chislers. We just want to make good, high-quality, fun games and share them with people. The game was recently released for free after my push to make it so. I personally did not wish for it to be a commercial game in the first place, but since we didn't/don't own the IP, we didn't have final say in the matter. The game cost us a good chunk of change to develop and it never turned a profit... but see, we never cared about that. We were just happy to get a license to produce and publish the game. But as has been announced here already, the game is finally FREE now since we were finally able to convince the IP holder to let that happen. So please, visit Google Play or our website and download it to all your devices, share it with friends, enemies, strangers... heh, heh. If, in the future, we end up producing and publishing versions of Keen Dreams for classic machines, those will be physical products and thus we'll charge for them. But Keen Dreams for Android is a digital download. So... go download it with our compliments. Thanks! Keen_Dreams-Android.zip
  16. Dear all, I've indulged myself with a great new 3"1/2 disk drive that I bought from "Sell My Retro". Until I can find and afford a true XF351 prototype, I'm truly happy with this disk drive. It's a hand-made clone of the XF551, with a 3"1/2 mechanism. I got it with a bootable DOS II+ disk (Stefan Dorndorf). It works fine. I tried to operate the drive with the SpartaDOS X cartridge, and formatted a 720kb disk, fine! Now, I'd like to get your expertise: SpartaDOS X allows me to format the diskette but not to make it bootable with a copy of the DOS... For a 3"1/2 disk drive, what do you think would be the best DOS, to create "bootable", 720kb formatted 3"1/2 diskettes? I would also like to get any documentation about this motherboard, to figure out what this J6 section (S1/S2/SIDE/STEP/DIR/TR00/VCC) is useful for. Thank you! Laurent (I've got more pictures of the drive and its motherboard if anyone is interested)
  17. So I just installed Chasm: The Rift on my DOS PC and I noticed something really weird. It auto-centers the crosshair whenever you move backwards in unlimited mouselook mode. It's beyond annoying. Especially when compared to Quake's +mlook (in the console) where it does none of that shite. I understand that it wasd+mouselook did not really become the standard until the early 2000s but to have any auto-centering and no way to turn it off is annoying as hell.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12zGtbW9fis Not every series of first person shooters gets a proper sequel like Call of Duty or Halo. Instead some FPS games come on the market, maybe get a sequel if we're lucky and then sadly fade into the sunset. This week these 7 unloved FPS gems get one last glance from fans of the genre.
  19. Hello, all. Just dropping in to let everyone know that Commander Keen in Keen Dreams (classic PC game for MS-DOS) is now available for Android enabled devices, under official license. We adapted the game directly from the original source code, and the sound effects were digitally recorded from the YM3812 chip of the Ad Lib sound card to ensure they were perfectly preserved. The game can be played using the touch screen or a gamepad. Check it out at Google Play... http://play.google.c...=com.keendreams Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day.
  20. Found this at a HPB years ago and was able to install Black Gate, never got around to trying Serpent Isle or Forge of Virtue (plus I didn't have a 5.5" floppy drive). Lots of goodies, including the maps, registration cards and guides and so on! It's time for it to go to someone more interested in DOS and old Origin games. If you know of any other forums that would be interested, I would appreciate it! Updated w/ intl. shipping: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 331645563799 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 331637182725
  21. http://youtu.be/yMH7QpcTVE0 Not every series of first person shooters gets a proper sequel like Call of Duty or Halo. Instead some FPS games come on the market, maybe get a sequel if we're lucky and then sadly fade into the pre-rendered low textured sunset. Well, I'm here this week to make sure these 6 unloved FPS gems get one last glance from fans of the genre. What games should be in Part 2 & 3? Let me know!
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