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Found 5 results

  1. [i started this piece as a post for here on AtariAge, but decided to flesh it out a little to post elsewhere. Pardon some of the more obvious stuff laid out for laypeople. I just thought I'd post it here anyway.] I'm thinking Double Dragon is the E.T. of Atari 2600 action/fighting games. Both of them were ambitious in concept. They're graphically advanced games on the system (for their respective times, a very long 6 years between E.T. in 1983 and Double Dragon in 1989). Both are very difficult thanks to design shortcomings of one kind or another. Neither is a truly great game because of problems with gameplay. In E.T.'s case, the infamously rushed six-week production schedule was to blame -- even Howard Scott Warshaw admitted there were some big problems with it. (Recent hacks of E.T. have apparently significantly improved a lot of the issues.) Collision detection with those damn pits was too sensitive for most, among other things. Double Dragon suffers most from trying to cram a 1987 game into a 1977 piece of machinery. The problems most people have seem to be the difficulty and the way controls are strange and a little unwieldy at first. Granted, there are plenty of differences. E.T. seems like it was cutting-edge in concept (with its quest/items/multiscreen/multi-enemy world) at the height of the system's power (just before the industry crash). A "manual reader", so to speak. Double Dragon was a quickie cash-in on an antiquated system ("Let's do a whatever we can for a 2600 version, to squeeze a few more bucks outta the licensing deal."), in a pre-"retro-gaming" era where it seemed kinda futile to even bother with outdated consoles. Though, I think despite the "quickie cash-in" origins, programmer Dan Kitchen really did a great job. (Just based on my limited experience.) For Double Dragon, the idea of having three or four non-flickering sprites on a a variety multi-colored backgrounds and environments seems absurd. And with several different musical themes! Frankly, not even the NES version did all that without flicker. And this is a Pong machine. Of course, people don't usually complain about the graphics. It's the fighting. The enemies never seem to get stunned by your punches and kicks. Meaning you don't have enough time to follow up your first strike. The enemies move so fast, it's hard to use the joystick to move, and then immediately slam into a counter-intuitive "button+direction" combination to attack. It's clumsy, but on a controller with one button, it seems like the most reasonable option. Graphical shortcomings and the "enemies can't cross the equator of the play field" thing are weird workarounds to bring the game to the 2600, but what can you expect? The arcade version of Double Dragon was dedicated hardware equivalent to roughly, what... the 16-bit Genesis/SNES era of fifteen years later? The 2600 cartridge was, what... a $20-$30 quickie? "Is it a great game?" Probably not. Technical marvel doesn't mean much without gameplay. And while I don't think this is as bad as everybody says, it's not one of those instantly-perfect combinations of player interface and onscreen action. Muuuuch better than its reputation would have you believe, though. Just like E.T. "Should it have been attempted?" I think that's kind of a strange question to ask. Why should anything be attempted? But it was, and it's got about as much Double Dragon as one could reasonably fit into a cart. Two player multiplayer, weapons you could pick up and use, different kinds of enemies, colorful backgrounds and worlds... and Abobo. I'm relatively recent to the wide world of 2600 games -- I haven't been playing consistently since back in the day like many people here. But I loooove me some beat 'em ups. And the Double Dragon series has probably been my favorite since about '87 (when I was a kid). Strike that. The first two games, mostly. Over and over. With some of the others for later generations along the way. When I got into the VCS, finding out there was a Double Dragon port was a spit-take kind of a moment. Even though it was said to be bad, I had to have it. I wanted to see. So I bought one in the AtariAge marketplace last week from a helpful member. I've had it for about two days, and I'm getting my butt kicked by Abobo. But that means I'm making it through the first screen, the second screen with the beefy guys (one with a stick), the back alley full of ladies (I use the term loosely... they're mean!), and another screen or two of baddies before a pair of Abobii kill me. And I STINK. I'm a casual gamer at best. I love the games, but comparing myself to the lists in the HSC almost makes me embarrassed. I can't even play Asteroids. It's my secret shame. Sometimes *gasp*, I even play games in Teddy Bear mode for a while when I get a new game. I've never beat the NES Double Dragon, either. But if a gorilla like me can make this game work on a worn-out joystick, it means it can't be as impossible as everybody says. I haven't even figured out how to use the reverse elbow yet. I say it's the the audacity of even porting the game to such limited technology and the relatively high profile of the Double Dragon name has led to the game being the pariah of 2600 fighting games, much like the infamous landfill has made E.T. the perfect target for scorn of other kinds, some of which it probably doesn't deserve (though I still haven't figured out how to get very far myself). But seriously, what's the competition among 2600 beat 'em ups? People say good things about Kung-Fu Master, but I'm hard pressed to come up with many other side-"scrolling" beat 'em ups for the 2600 at all, much less ones that are any easier to navigate than Double Dragon. And I can't get ANYWHERE in Chuck Norris' Superkicks. (Sadly the one joystick button is not just "roundhouse kick". That might help.) Ranting and raving about how Double Dragon stinks also opens up the "There was a Double Dragon on the 2600?" conversation. (And let's face it, there are some people love to show off like that.) People wouldn't care about some random really hard game called "Street Punch" on the 2600. People care that this game's "bad" because it's a Double Dragon game that's supposedly bad. An easy punching bag, ironically. But yeah, it's still "stupid tough". And flawed. And I don't blame people for not liking it. I'm just saying I don't think it deserves the hate it gets. Share your love, share your hate. You're not gonna sway me. It's flawed, but I like it. I'll probably never make that short list of people that have finished the game, but even though I went into it as a Double Dragon fan wanting to find a reason to like a bad game, it's proven to be much more enjoyable than expected. (My high score... so far.) (And I know all this has been discussed before, in threads that pop up every few years. Well, that was then, this is now. I was thinking of it as "tabula rasa" for Double Dragon opinions. And I didn't want to get griped at for gravedigging an old thread. Sorry either way. Go nuts.)
  2. Hey all! I'm looking to finally break down and get a copy of Double Dragon for the 2600, shipping to northeast US. Loose cart preferred for cost -- I'm not looking for CIB prices or collectability. Just a playing copy with a label in decent shape (no big tears/holes/writing/damage). Black & white label preferred over the blue/white reissue. I've been watching eBay recently (listings and completed sales for the past few months are about $20-$30), and was just hoping someone here could offer me a good deal, if they knew it was going to a loving home. PayPal preferred. Please just shoot me a PM with your price if you have one you're looking to sell and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm wondering if any of you guys have played the Double Dragon remake on the iPhone or Touch. I haven't played it yet... how are the controls? What are your thoughts on the game? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for the atari lynx version of double dragon,it should be complete (box,instructions) and in near mint condition or brand new (without crashes,scratches or creases on the box). i've heard that a version exists which is just a pcb with the eprom soldered on,a later rerelease possibly ? anyway,i don't want this,i'm looking for the one with the normal cartridge. Thanks! i've changed my mind ,i'll accept both versions
  5. I’ve been trying and trying to pull back on game gathering and more on playing, but then Mrs. Shake gasps and when I ask what, she says “Nothing! You don’t want to see...”, and then here I am talking about a new console and the Great Sega Christmas Of 2015. She went wild and got me a Mega Everdrive, a 32x (!) + Model 2 Genesis, and a(nother) Model 1 Genesis for Christmas, along with a couple of cheap ’n’ common boxed games as stocking stuffers. We both have had a blast digging through the Everdrive, and the Master System library has been a really pleasant surprise. We both grew up in the 8-bit era, so we're really enjoying exploring the SMS games that were mostly new to us. She’s become a complete Fantasy Zone addict. Like everybody else, I knew one kid in early grade school who had one, but we usually played Zelda and Super Mario Bros. instead. But from the first time I saw the two-second clip in the commercial, the 3-D, psychedelic tornado of Moai heads from Space Harrier made me long for one of these sleek and advanced machines. So yesterday, I’m sitting on the couch and she does that “gasp" thing next to me. She knows that I’ve wanted to pick up a reasonably-priced, working SMS just for kicks, even though I can now play the games via the Everdrive. But she also knows about my almost pathological devotion to Double Dragon. I’m not very good. I acknowledge that its a fun-but-superficial game with a stack of crappy home versions. But I’ve always loved Double Dragon in a weird "nostalgic fixation" kind of way, and (casually) pick up every version I can if it’s cheap enough. Get a 2600? Buy Double Dragon. Finally set up a Genesis? Buy Double Dragon. Tiger Handhelds? They’re awful, but I got Double Dragon when I was a kid. I don’t have a 7800, but if I find a cheap boxed copy of Double Dragon, I’ll buy it for when I eventually get the system. Not an obsession, but let’s call it a “quirky affinity”. (Because everyone needs a taste of this.) Anyway, Mrs. S shows me a craigslist post for a $75 Sega console (in the “Sega Base System” package) with three boxed games: Black Belt, Rastan, and Double Dragon. I knew that Double Dragon goes for $15-$20. Which sweetens the price of the bundle for me. I know Rastan is a favorite for some people, and while I have no attachment to Black Belt, I clearly love side-scrolling beat-em-ups. So, despite wanting to protest, I don’t stop her from contacting the seller to get it for me as "one last Christmas present". We go to pick it up and it’s missing one controller (mentioned in the listing) but I have a light gun and a loose copy of Safari Hunt to make up for it; and the RF switcher the seller has is an NES one, not the original. But other than that, he’s got the box, the paperwork, the styrofoam, and even the "Sega" f-type converter. He kindly tests it for us, and we round up all the stuff and we’re on our way. It turns out to be cleaner than I’d expected and we set it up and have a blast. Black Belt even included a minty Sega poster that could not be more "of its moment in history", and it even has a game catalog on the back.. "Trippy..." A little reading today taught me that it’s model 3010-B, which has ONLY Hang On built in, rather than Hang On / Safari Hunt. A few places online say this is slightly “more rare”, which is curious to me mostly because I can’t find any concrete info on hardware variants online! Any suggestions on where a hardware junkie can research? [This box (that white part is printed, not a sticker) seems to verify that this console and this box went together originally, since it only says that Hang On is included, which seems to match descriptions of model 3010-B.] Regardless, I really dig it, and while it could never surpass the NES in my heart, it’s a really fun compliment and a great 8-bit system with its own character and personality. The light gun is FANTASTIC, and I’m looking forward to maybe trying a pair of the 3-D glasses. Maybe even picking up a Master Everdrive in a few months so I can play SG-1000 stuff, too... Any Boston-area gamers care to shed some light? I'm not from around here... I guess Santa got held up back in ’88-’89, because boy-oh-boy did some Sega dreams come true this year.
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