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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.mickmuze.com Hey everyone, I'm Mick. A little while ago I decided to try and learn batari Basic and finish what I hope would be considered a good game in 30 days of programming. I kept a daily journal as I did this and the game is now complete. I am currently working on creating the artwork and designing the manual but thought I would release my development notes as a blog in the mean time. So the link to the daily blog is above if you are interested. Cheers Mick
  2. I saw in the latest zph stream that someone was making a multisprite kernel hack with scrolling, well I made a dpc+ hack a a while ago, that allows horisontal scrolling, I followed sprybugs way of doing it, I would have no idea where to start without that, it's really easy to use and allows different pf resolution, I can make a short tutorial video if anyones interested? Thanks to Darrell Spice Jr. for allways going out of his way to help!! Here's a little rough demo I made to try it out, would be nice to know if it works on real hardware? You don't have to this metroid style scrolling if you don't want, I just wasn't happy with anything below one column per frame so I did this, Thomas Jentzsch style. LATEST
  3. Unless bugs are identified this will be the final release of Heist. This release fixes a number of small bugs and implements a few additional features such as Bezerk style directional shooting (selectable via the Left Difficulty Switch). This release also makes (3) lives standard. Single life games are still selectable as games 4-6. I hope you enjoy. - Tim Gameplay Capture the money while avoiding the police and laser defenses. Once the money is in your possession a door will open. You still need to make it out of the bank to clear the level. All of this must be done before time runs out. Some levels are easier than others and the time is adjusted accordingly. Note that the police will not notice you until you are in their general proximity or you have taken the money. Once you capture the money all police become aware of your presence and they move with an increased sense of urgency (i.e., faster). There is a total of 20 levels using 10 playfields. Each playfield is displayed twice. The second time through you are given less time and the police move faster. If you complete all twenty levels you will flip the game and have the chance to play through them again. This time, however, the police will move faster and you will be limited to (4) bullets. Controls Movement: Use the left joystick to move left, right, up, down and on diagonals. Pause: Set the COLOR/BW switch to BW to pause the game. The playfield walls will turn lite gray and the player will face left to indicate that the game is paused. Set the switch back to COLOR to continue gameplay. Shooting: Behavior dependent upon position of Left Difficulty Switch. In either mode, the bullet travels in the direction that the player is presently moving. Mode A (Left Difficulty Switch A): If player is standing still then the bullet moves in the direction that the player last moved. This is similar to the behavior implemented in Berzerk released by Stern Electronics, Inc. in 1982. Mode B (Left Difficulty Switch B): If player is standing still then the bullet moves horizontally to the left when the player is facing left. Similarly, the bullet moves horizontally to the right when player is facing right. Game Variants Use Game Select switch while on Title Screen to cycle through game variants Game 1 – (3) Lives, Limited Time, Limited Bullets (Normal Game) Game 2 – (3) Lives, Unlimited Time, Unlimited Bullets Game 3 – (3) Lives, Unlimited Time, No Bullets Game 4 – Single Life, Limited Time, Limited Bullets Game 5 – Single Life, Unlimited Time, Unlimited Bullets Game 6 – Single Life, Unlimited Time, No Bullets Scoring $1000 for each money bag stolen. On games where you have more than one life you will lose the money if you are caught/die before clearing the level by making it through the exit door. Hints It may help your overall strategy to get the police to chase you. You can get their attention by moving close to them. This works even if you are protected behind a wall. Level Timers (Games 1 & 4) Level Time 1 30 seconds 2 24 seconds 3 30 seconds 4 24 seconds 5 20 seconds 6 16 seconds 7 28 seconds 8 24 seconds 9 14 seconds 10 12 seconds 11 20 seconds 12 16 seconds 13 20 seconds 14 16 seconds 15 36 seconds 16 32 seconds 17 20 seconds 18 16 seconds 19 24 seconds 20 20 seconds HEIST.bin HEIST Game Manual.pdf HEIST.bas I'm including the source code as it may help someone. I'm sure there are plenty of areas where the code could have been written better. Sometimes the 'hack' is actually a means of doing something without using additional variables. Other times what looks like a hack is truly a hack. It can be a little intimidating showing how the sausage is made... and there is no claim that anything performed by the code is the best way to do it.
  4. Hello all, I'm wondering if there are any clever workarounds to the flicker that occurs when two virtual sprites overlap in the DPC+ kernel. For some parts of my game, I have the sprites on separate rows, so that's not a problem. But on several stages, the player (player0) needs to touch a goal sprite (player2) that's fixed in position while player1, an enemy, can chase player0 all over the playfield. So inevitably player1 and player2 will overlap at times. I tried alternating drawing player1 and player2 each frame, but that only induced a perma-flicker. (Is that what bB is doing to make the flicker in the first place?) My guess is that there's no way around this, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks for any advice!
  5. What is temp7's purpose when bankswitching? .L08 ; goto _bank2 bank2 sta temp7 lda #>(._bank2-1) pha lda #<(._bank2-1) pha lda temp7 pha txa pha ldx #2 jmp BS_jsr BS_jsr lda bankswitch_hotspot-1,x pla tax pla rts It looks to me like it's just used to push what's currently in the accumulator to the stack, and that you also push x to the stack, is that just so you can continue your code in another bank? There's no way to ldx or lda (without also assigning it to a variable) in bB, and even if there where, wouldn't it be faster to just sta temp1 stx temp2 and load them after the bankswitching lda temp1 ldx temp2 If I don't need to keep what's in a and x would this work lda #>(._bank2-1) pha lda #<(._bank2-1) pha ldx #2 lda bankswitch_hotspot-1,x rts Just tried it and I got error: Unknown Mnemonic 'bankswitch_hotspot-1,x'. Is bankswitch_hotspot a table? I can't find it anywhere.
  6. I've been trying to figure out how to use the DPC+ kernel, so I tried compiling the .bas for one of the example programs I found on Random Terrain's website. I can compile and run the code, but I am presented with a blank screen with two lines (see attached screenshot). I've been having the same problem with multisprite programs as well (same blank screen with two lines). I thought that it might be my emulator at first, but I can run the .bin version without any issues. I'm a noob so I'm out of troubleshooting ideas...does anybody know what I'm doing wrong (its probably something silly)? Thanks for the help! mini_ex_dpcfrac.bas
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to share a new homebrew I just finished up - Bit quest II. If you played the original, then I would say Bit Quest II is a logical evolution of that idea - it's much bigger and has more variety. It's an adventure-type game with an overworld and several dungeons with hidden items. It's sort of inspired by the original Zelda, along with games like Venture and Adventure for the 2600. It also incorporates a lot of feedback I received around the original. In any case, hope you enjoy! Some notes: * Joystick to move, fire button to attack. (Full instructions included) The premise is, the hero from the first Bit Quest is captured, so you have to rescue him. There are 4 keys hidden throughout the world which will unlock the final dungeon. * Uses DPC+ so you'll need to play in a compatible emulator, like Stella. * Max hearts can be increased by finding heart containers, and you can continue after a game-over. * (NEW) Sub-screen with Game Select switch Attached are some screenshots, and the download link is below. If you're interested in checking out my other homebrews including the first Bit Quest, my Atari page is here: http://atari.metalbabble.com/ Thanks & have fun! UPDATE: I've made a few tweaks to the game since the initial post, thanks to some great ideas and feedback. I'm taking the attachments off the post - to help streamline things. The up-to-date latest version of the ROM is up on my site. Direct download link below: ** CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD **
  8. I am having an issue with reading if a playfield pixel is on using bBasic and the DPC+ kernel. I have a playfield that is 32x44 pixels (each 4x4). There is color banding such that each even row (starting with 0, TOP) is the same color, and each odd row (starting with 1, BOTTOM) is another color. Each playfield pixel I am interested in is 4x8, consisting of a top colored one color, and a bottom of a different color. What I am trying to do is check if either the TOP or BOTTOM of a playfield pixel is already turned on. If it is, then get another random pixel. The code bellow will eventually fill the screen, and will loop endlessly searching for an unfilled bottom playfield pixel. I have a similar subroutine for the pfpixelTOP, but when the TOP pixel is already filled in, the code below doesn’t recognize it is already filled in, and fills in the bottom anyway. What am I doing wrong for the check top and check bottom already filled pfread calls? Is there a way in Stella to debug the DPC+ ram values or bBasic (I.e. could I assign temp5 to a bBasic variable or read/display the pfpixels status var000-var127?) __mainLoop gosub __fillPlayfield ; playfield is 32 x 44 ; each pixel is 4x4 DF6FRACTION = 128 DF4FRACTION = 128 DF0FRACINC=64 DF1FRACINC=64 DF2FRACINC=64 DF3FRACINC=64 drawscreen goto __mainLoop __fillPlayfieldBottom __checkPFBottom ; get random X pixel range 0-31 temp3 = (rand & 31) __nextVert ; get random bits covering Y range ; only need 22, since each pfpixel consists of top+bottom temp5 = (rand & 31) ; outside random range for bottom 1-43 if temp5 > 21 then goto __nextVert temp5 = (temp5 * 2)+1 ; check bottom already filled if pfread(temp3,temp5) then __checkPFBottom ; check top already filled if pfread(temp3,temp5-1) then __checkPFBottom ; not already filled, so fill it pfpixel temp3 temp5 on return
  9. Hi All, I've been trying to get brave enough to stick this game out into the ether. So here I am taking the plunge! It's basically my own take of the 8-bit game, Nadral. I did this purely for the pleasure of it (!) and to further my batariBasic skills. I didn't actually have any intention of sharing it with the world, but I figure nobody has tried to cram this game in to the Atari 2600 before! So it's not exactly a polished release... The game is called Oof Rescue! for reasons which I have explained in my blog. I hope it's okay to link to it from here? The binary is at the bottom of the blog: https://www.bpharoah.co.uk/oof-rescue/ Despite my best efforts to crunch the bytes down, I've pretty much filled up all the banks available. So the enemy AI is very basic. However, I did cram in 6 enemies, 25 maps, 8 levels and 412 rooms - so I'm pleased with that! Please be gentle with me! Edit: I've just got this working with Stellerator in the browser: Play Oof Rescue! oofescape.bas.bin
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