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Found 10 results

  1. I am coding a 10-liner in Atari BASIC but I cannot copy paste small characters/inverse/small inverse characters onto Altirra or any other emulator. What should I use to edit a BASIC program on the PC in a way that can be transferred on to an emulator? I have tried Memo Pad but its files cannot be opened by Altirra or I don't know how to open them. Altirra cannot even import simple plain small letters by copy/paste without converting them into capital letters.
  2. I will be using this thread to document the development of a new programmer editor for the TI-99/4a called "TiVi". (pronounced "TV" or "TeeVee") As you might expect from its name, the editor is somewhat inspired by the unix editor "vi" and will also take elements of "tmux". So what do I have in mind: Designed from the ground up for 80 columns mode, specifically using the F18A but 9938 will be supported as well. Designed from the ground up for using SAMS card, albeit 32K memory expansion should work as well. Will support FinalGROM 512K bankswitched RAM in addition to SAMS and 32K memory expansion, useful for those without SAMS and PEB. Programming language of choice is TMS9900 assembly language The editor itself will run from cartridge space (multi-bank cartridge). Uses my spectra2 library as foundation (been doing major changes in the last couple of months, not related to games) Will have some "API" so that I can integrate with external programs and go back and forth between programs. Would like to add some kind of mouse support. This will not be a GUI in the traditional sense. If you used tmux with a mouse before you know what I mean. Possibility to have multiple editor panes open at once. Should handle files with up to 65536 lines when using SAMS or FinalGROM 512K bankswitched RAM. Undo functionality, well up to a certain extent that is. Language awareness, e.g. behave differently based upon language (e.g. assembly, C, Basic, ...) Internal text representation will be decoupled from what actually will be rendered on screen. Should make the editor more responsive when dealing with large files, allow split panes, etc. Reconfigurable keymaps, possibility to swap between keymap with single key combination. Not everyone is into VI This is the start of a large project and I don't expect to have a truely useful version anytime soon. I expect this project to take multiple years, but you gotta start somewhere. Now I've taken my mouth full, I will use this thread to keep myself motivated :-) There aren't too many resources out there discussing the architecture of a text editor, so cross-linking here. Dr. Dobb's Journal 1993 - Text Editors: Algorithms and Architecture Gap Buffers: a data structure for editable text Rope (data structure) - Wikipedia Vi Editor: Why Programmers Think This Old Editor is Still Awesome Threads on Atariage discussing topics -somewhat- related to TiVi: F18a 30 rows 80 columns mode F18A high-resolution timer CRU scan sample code, my implementation of a CRC-16 Cyclic Reducancy Check DSRLINK Code Tutorial File operations in assembly language E/A file access Favourite text (programmers) editor on the TI-99/4a Better keyboard scanning? Others:tmux for developers
  3. Patterns (1 sprite): HTML: http://sometimes.planet-99.net/patterns.html Mad Max: http://sometimes.planet-99.net/patterns.swf Patterns32 (4 sprites): HTML: http://sometimes.planet-99.net/patterns32.html Mad Max: http://sometimes.planet-99.net/patterns32.swf http://sometimes.planet-99.net/0013.640x480.swf Unlike the old version, where you had to push a button to get patterns to your clipboard, your clipboard is now updated continuously whenever you make changes to the patterns. And then there's a new input text field. It's the wide rectangle at the bottom. I've tried to set focus and put a cursor there, but not all browsers pick up on that by default. The usual functionality, like Ctrl + A to select/highlight all text, should work. Try typing in and copying garbage to the input field, - should be pretty robust.
  4. I am looking for a Windows or Linux based editor for manipulating for editing 4 colour pictures. I then want to save the file to a raw bytes format. The bytes which it saves also need to be packed, so that 1 byte contains the contents of 4 pixels. I am not interested in a chain of tools, i.e. You draw it in Paint and then import it into somewhere else and then run it through something else. In this particular instance, I have a 128 x 24 pixels image which I want to be able to write straight to a file of 768 bytes. I do not need any colour information encoded into the file, just pure pixel values.
  5. what the heck is the difference between the super cart and the editor assembler and should I care?
  6. Is anyone in possession of the missing documentation for the later version (release version) of Envision? Darren Schebek has the original documentation, but says the documentation for the enhanced XE version didn't survive (at least in his possession).
  7. It seems that I'm the only user on AtariAge whose posts have broken layout. Whenever I include some text using the code layout code code code code code code the surrounding text is way too close to the box. It doesn't even matter how many blank lines I insert in the editor window (in this particular case I used two blank lines each); in the final post spacing is always too tight. This is ... irritating -- as a Python programmer, I'm rather sensitive to whitespace. Others seem to get this right, so I assume that it's my using Chrome on Linux. Any insights on this?
  8. Hello, This project is a visual tool for making visual novels for the Sega 32X. It uses Blockly as a visual editor; the design is then used to generate a C file, which is then compiled into a playable Sega 32X ROM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh5M_RHXBfg The current release is version 0.4.0 GitHub page: https://github.com/haroldo-ok/BlocklyVN32X Topic on SpritesMind: http://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2409
  9. ... a PC based Turbo Basic editor which can write directly to a file within a .atr file?
  10. sorry if it might sound offtopic, since it’s not exactly about programming, but it is actually about development http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=66976 i guess it can be useful, because it has an interface very DeluxePaint-like - it has tms9918 as display option it is multiplatform (made on Processing/Java)
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