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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, All! Going to use this thread for news, support, and feature requests for iNES, my NES and Famicom emulator. The free Windows and Linux versions of iNES can be found here: http://fms.komkon.org/iNES/ The Android version is available from the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fms.ines If you have any questions about NES hardware or the .NES file format, general information can be found here: http://fms.komkon.org/EMUL8/NES.html If you have not used iNES in the past, do give it a try. If you are an iNES user and have questions or suggestions, please, post them to this thread. Marat
  2. Hi, I've made the decision to thin out my console collection and move over to emulation. US buyers only. Here is what's up for sale first (shipping from 27707 is included): AV Famicom. Comes with a new PSU, original AV cable, and a Japanese (short wire) dogbone controller. Asking $120. No games are included.
  3. How do you remove the Twin Famicom AN-505 low pass filter without causing the 2C33 audio to become extremely loud?
  4. Hey, y'all. I'm in the process of spring cleaning over @ Amibay, jettisoning some goody oldie PC hardware. Figured why not try and oust some of my vidjagame stuffs here, while I'm at it? So I pulled out a LOT of stuff. Here's most of what's available: Systems: - Turbografx-16 w/Turbo Booster - Mega Drive 2 (two different models) - Genesis 3 - Super Nintendo (European, console only) - Super Famicom (console only) - Game Boy Advance (white) - Game Boy Advance SP (silver) - Game Boy Color (see-thru purple) - Atari Lynx w/original carrying case - Atari Lynx II (stuck power button; system works fine) - Super A'can (console only) - Pioneer Laseractive w/Sega PAC <- SOLD - JVC X'Eye <- SOLD - Mega Jet <- SOLD - Nomad w/original carrying case <- SOLD - Sega CDX <- SOLD - Atari Lynx II (no battery cover) <- SOLD - Game Boy Light <- SOLD - game.com <- SOLD - game.com pocket pro (green) <- SOLD - game.com pocket pro w/backlight (grey; no battery cover) <- SOLD Accessories: - Kisado Connector (Turbografx-16) - Avenue Pad 6 (PC Engine) - Arcade Card Duo (PC Engine), complete - Mega Key (Genesis) Games/software: - Doom, Mortal Kombat II (32x), carts only - Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge (Turbografx-16), complete - Robotrek (SNES) - Street Fighter II' (PC Engine), complete - Galactic Pinball, Red Alarm, Flashboy Plus w/Hyper Fighting demo (Virtual Boy), carts only - Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Gold, GB USB smart card 64M (Game Boy/Color), carts only - Socrates Interactive CD (NTSC CD32), complete - Flash 2 Advance 256M flash card w/Mother 3 translation (cart only) - GGPro flash cartridge (Game Gear) - Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (Jaguar), complete I'm taking offers for everything. Please send by PRIVATE MESSAGE. I'll consider them all & we'll see what we can do. Note that I am NOT interested in trades. I have photos available for your viewing pleasure as well, just ask. Notes: The Sega systems -- with the exception of the Nomad, CDX and Laseractive which I properly protected -- have some scratches on their tops, due to them all just sort of resting casual-like atop each other in the tub. The "tub-'o-Sega-stuff" has a whole pile of controllers, AC adapters, and A/V cable thingies at the bottom, just waiting to welcome you. So if you buy a system from me, make sure to specify if you'd like something extra. So, yep. Feel welcome to get in touch by PRIVATE MESSAGE if you're interested in having a rap about this neato, OMG SUPER RARE LQQK!!* collection. Oh... and for the love of God, please don't litter the thread with annoying "PM Sent!" responses. Think of the children. Thx. * - "OMG SUPER RARE LQQK!!" is subjective.
  5. I am selling some of the duplicate Famicom carts I have. These have all been cleaned, tested, and working. Very nice collection of games in good condition! http://ebay.to/2m12sXT
  6. I picked up a worn out Famicom while in Japan and wasn't surprised to discover it has some issues. The first thing I noticed was a horrible buzzing sound that drowned out most game audio. I managed to fix this by cleaning the microphone slider contacts on the P2 controller. The issue I'm trying to fix now is remarkably poor video quality from the RF output. I know RF isn't going to give me the best picture, but there seems to be some uncharacteristic horizontal distortion over the whole image that I'm not getting with my NES toaster's RF output. I've tested both a third party and an official NES RF switch with the same results (the original Famicom RF switch that came with the system doesn't work at all). I've opened the Famicom and cleaned the board to the best of my ability. I haven't yet opened the internal RF component box, though. Without attempting an AV mod, what's my next best move for improving video quality?
  7. This is my modified sharp twin famicom. I added the following: True RGB with no jailbars or video interference. Using a rgb ppu chip from an arcade unit. True S-video with no jailbars or video interference. A N64 multi av port. Removed the low pass filter to remove audio muffle on the default audio circuit. A switch on the back to switch between the default audio circuit and the f-labo kit audio circuit. The expansion connector has been replaced with a standard connector so it's easy for me to wire up custom expansion hardware. Original expansion hardware still works fine with the new port. I soldered in nes controller ports so I can use any standard nes controller on this system. Demonstration video:
  8. Just wondering, those famiclone controllers come in many sizes, shapes and configurations. A few of them are very comfortable as they mimic a Playstation controller. Would there be any way to convert their Sega Genesis style plugs to use them in a real NES or Famicom console?
  9. Hello AA, I need to make some room and get rid of some of my lower on the totem pole consoles. These have served me well and need to find loving homes. Shipping within the US only. First is a composite modded Nintendo Famicom. The composite comes out of a 3.5mm jack that is placed where the RF output was, making it look near stock. I also have the Japanese equivalent of the NES advantage along with a bundle of loose carts. SOLD Scroll down for two CIB Intellivision homebrew carts and S-video Genesis 3, both available.
  10. ** UPDATE ** I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE "NTDE" BRAND CONVERTERS; BUT I MIGHT HAVE OTHER USED ONES AVAILABLE IN GENERIC BRANDS, SO JUST PING ME IN ANY CASE! THANK YOU! --------------------------------- Hi! I have some FAMICOM to NES converters for sale. (I might be getting more) They are in great condition, they look almost unused - contacts are sharp and bright. Tested in NTSC NES and famiclone - working fine. They show a little bit of storage wear. Brand is NTDE so it's not a very "cheap" item. They come boxed. Box has wear and might have some torn parts. Price for each converter is $26.99 USD. Shipping costs are $5 USD to USA and $7 USD rest of the world with the exception of Australia, Japan, Russia which is $9 USD. Item ships from Mexico - You're dealing with a honest Gamer, so don't worry. Payment is through paypal. PM me for details if interested. Thank you!!
  11. Well, this little beauty (link) hit dx.com today, and I found myself unable to take my wallet out fast enough for my liking. The Hamy has 76 built in games, seems to take famicom carts, A/V out, and costs $24 shipped--what's not to like? This is perfect for playing all those clone carts I picked up and had to play via adapter in my fc-mobile ii (since they won't play right on real nes hardware, only clones). I've also got more than a few legit FC carts around. I just thought I'd drop a quick topic here in case anybody else is so inclined to take a $24 gamble. Will also post some quick impressions when it arrives (in like a month). edit: looks like there is also another version of hamy--that example is a defective unit on ebay, and on top of it, it looks a lot worse to play. (not to mention costing more)
  12. I've been collecting a bunch of different Famiclones recently, but this one in the shape of an XBOX might be my current favorite! lol Spoiler alert! It's crap. But really I think I collect them just because they "exist" and not really because they are anything I intend to use on a regular basis. They are just funny to me!
  13. Nintendo collectors may not realize that collecting Japanese Famicom games can be a cheaper option AND get you some games that we never got! Game Collector John Riggs shows us some fun & cheap Famicom games for Nintendo fans! Games Shown: Akumajo Special: Boku Dracula-kun Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti New Ghostbusters II Parodius Da! Star Wars Joy Mech Fight Kid Niki 2 Samurai Pizza Cats Holy Diver Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! What other Famicom games would you recommend to a non-Japanese speaker like me?
  14. I've got both a Duck Hunt and Gyromite with the "secret hidden Famicom-to-NES converters". I've somewhat accidentally built up a small collection of Famicom carts, and need a converter to play 'em on. So one of my converter carts is going to get the chop. Which one? Famicom games in their plastic carts won't quite fit on the adapter, so it will need some modding. I'll be shaping down some of the plastic on the converter, and slicing the cart itself in half to use as a housing for the adapter board. (much like one person did about halfway down this page: http://vgcollect.com/forum/index.php?topic=923.0 ) But which one do I chop? Is the Duck Hunt with converter any rarer than the Gyromite? Or maybe the other way around? I figure it doesn't matter much. But I also figured it would be worth asking some experts before I put a saw to a somewhat-uncommon artifact.
  15. Which Nintendo-based version of Fantasy Zone do you prefer? After going sorta TwinBee-crazy recently, I finally got around to picking up a copy of the Sunsoft cart that was released in Japan. It's interesting to compare it to the Tengen version we got in the US. My heart remains true to TwinBee (and Parodius) as far as "cute 'em ups" go. And I know the SMS version of FZ gets the most love, but if you've played both, which of the NES/Famicom Fantasy Zone ports do you most enjoy? Why's that?
  16. Does anyone offer a service for A/V modding a Famicom? All I'm finding in Google are consoles for sale that have already been nodded or kits for doing the mod yourself, and that's something I don't trust myself to do.
  17. For higher res versions of the photos: http://imgur.com/gallery/uld3G Here sits four boxes of games, which actually contained a few more than 301 games, but I wasn't counting the duplicates. Short version of the story - While I had a US Nintendo NES since the day it was released, I started working in the video games business for US offices of Japanese game publishers and we had a lot of Japanese Nintendo hardware in the office. I loved this stuff and always wanted to get back into it. So I did! I love getting boxes from Japan. I don't know why, but getting Japanese stuff from the homeland just makes it all seem more "legit" for some reason. It also could be because it's my favorite place on earth so receiving something from there makes me miss it more. I have to say all the games were packed VERY well! Huge thanks to several eBay stores I bought from including pal52, hit-japan, & terryyu27 Let's unpack, shall we? This guy even threw in a couple of bonus carts! They'll most certainly get some positive feedback from me! AND they included the alcohol wipes as well! Another awesome bonus! Ahh, nothing makes my day more than boxes full of classic, awesome, retro, Japanese video games!!! So a couple of things to note: Famicom carts come in all different colors and sizes. Most of them follow a uniform casing, but not all of them. Most them also DO NOT have end labels on the top spine, which is REALLY ANNOYING and I'll probably have to put some sort of labels on them because it makes them nearly impossible to organize. So for this exercise I'll sort the best I can. First off, I will sort by "carts with end labels" and I'll also sort them again by publisher. So for example here we have Namcot, Konami, Bandai, etc... Once I've exhausted carts with end labels then I'll sort by cart color. Sorting by color helped me find duplicates easier. There were a few exceptions that I made. For example, Taito carts did not have an end label, but they had a slightly different shell. So I included them with the black colored carts, but put them in their own category. Here's the rest of the black carts. Next we move on to more colorful carts! Because stuff in Japan is happy, fun, and full of color! (I'm not complaining! I love this!) Here's a closer look at white and red carts. I tried as hard as I could to group colors and gradients of color together, but it wasn't always easy. But really this helped a *LOT* sorting out the duplicate carts I had (which was only about 20) The blue carts seemed to have the most amount of gradients and were more difficult than any other color to separate. There were colors that were close to gray, green, purple, etc. I'll probably re-organize these again at some point anyway. The rest of the carts with the weird "poop colored" ones at the end! lol I also separated out any "Famiclone" carts as best I could. (If anyone notices clones in the rest of the lot, please let me know. I'm not up to expert level yet on identifying the harder to spot clones.) I also separated out the "oversized" carts. This just made it easier once again to spot duplicates and since all the other carts were *about* the same size, everything just looked more uniform by putting these on their own. So there you have it! My tubs of carts! I love them! They really flash me back to my early days of when I was in the video games biz (you can look me up on Moby Games!) Here's Tub #1 And Tub #2 - I'm pretty sure it won't be long now until I start Tub #3! Now it's time to start playing! Might as well start, like any good story, at the beginning! I'm curious to know how other people sort their Famicom carts? By company? By color? By alphabetical? Release date? Etc. Thanks for reading and please be sure to leave comments and feedback! EDIT! Here is an update that adds another 75ish carts to the collection! For higher res photos: http://imgur.com/gallery/3irE0 So I almost should have waited a day before posting the "Unboxing 301 Famicom carts" as I got another box in today! This one contained about 75 more carts. Like with the previous lot, I started to go through them and check to see if there were any duplicates in the mix. Thankfully only a handful of duplicates from the carts I already had and the ones that were dupes actually had better labels! So win-win there! Once again I sort of organized them by color so it was easier for me to find those dupes. Here's a closer look at the carts organized by color... Gotta love that colorful Japanese goodness! These really are some of my favorite carts ever made! In this lot I also picked up a few of the NAMCOT games in boxes. I love this packaging! Here's a look at Metro-Cross which was never released for the NES in the US. (And it's such a fun game!!!) And the backside of Metro-Cross... And the inside! If you've never played this game with either an NES or MAME emulator, check it out. It's super fun! This one cost me a bit more money but it was worth it. Since I worked on the US version of Gun-Nac and I have had it in my collection since I was handed a copy right out of the cartons we had at ASCII, I figured having it's Japanese counter part would be nice to have in my collection as well! Thanks for reading!
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