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Found 7 results

  1. After a 10-month quest full of rabbit holes and red herrings see attached updated FinalGrom99 firmware to make it run on the QI as well as on the non-QI. At this stage it has been tested by a couple of members with mostly positive results; one member was unable to get the update to run on either console. I suspect this could be a problem with the SD card, FG99 is quite finicky with these (Ralph mentions this on his website as well). Another member had the same problem initially but after switching to another SD all is well. Anyway, if you can please test this firmware on either a QI, non-QI or (even better) on both and report back the results. FG99 is an awesome cartridge, the QI is a great console so the two should be finally able to meet 🙂 Instructions: - make sure SD card is either FAT or FAT32 formatted - save update CPLD file as UPDATE.PLD file in / of the SD card - stick SD card in FG99 and press reload button - LED lights up for a while - after LED turns off remove SD card - delete UPDATE.PLD file - reset FG99 - save update AVR file as UPDATE.AVR file in / of the SD card - stick SD card in FG99 and press reload button - LED lights up shortly - after LED turns off remove SD card - delete UPDATE.AVR file - stick SD card back in FG99 - reset FG99 Cheers and thanks! Jochen JB_update.avr JB_UPDATE.PLD FG99ORG_update.avr ORG13_UPDATE.PLD
  2. Has anyone ported the Terminal Emulator II cart to a FG99 bin? I was working on a personal project of a simulated (aka: fake) Turing-Test using speech and TI_Basic, and it's a pain that I have to swap carts to access TEII speech-support. It is one of the few tools that I don't have on the FinalGrom99. (I have text-to-speech for Extended basic on disk which would actually make my life far simpler, but I really don't want to restrict myself with the memory hit that causes.)
  3. NOTE: FinalGROM only files are listed near the bottom of this entry. FlashROM 99 Compatible Files Last update: 02/13/2021 STARTER PACKS There is a link to a rather large starter collection of files OFF-SITE at WHTECH, the files were compiled by the creator of the FlashROM99 . For these files, please << CLICK HERE >>, it's easy to overlook. If you are running a TI without a 32K memory upgrade in one it's various forms, you'll probably want to download the nice 'Starter Pack' compiled by Atari Age user 00WRex. It's available << in message #12 of this thread >>. There are lots of files for the FlashROM 99, and it's very easy to lose track of all the programs! If there is something you've not been able to find (like a Rasmus game) be sure to check the starter packs! There is also package for the FinalGROM 99 for that link, << CLICK HERE >>. UTILITIES 32kexptest.bin 32K Memory Expansion Tester Message #113 AMSTEST4-8.BIN SAMS Memory Tester v4.0 (Requires 1024K SAMS) Message #566 ARC303G32KB8.bin Archiver III Message #290 ARC40G8.BIN Archiver 4.0g Message #115 BANKTEST.BIN Check out your new cartridge Message #4 CARTESAVE32Kb8.BIN Cartridge Saver (Req. Gram Kracker & Widget) Message #663 cf2k_8.bin CF2K v2.1 Message #503 CF2K_V2.4.bin CF2K v2.4 Message #502 CFHDXP32k8.bin CF7+ Version of CFHDX Message #986 CFHDXS32k8.bin NanoPEB Version of CFHDX Message #986 ClockMaster32Kb8.BIN Clock program (Requires MBP Clock) Message #662 copycatC.bin Copy-Cat Message #654 CRUTEST32kb8.bin CRU Test Message #636 DISKTOCASS32Kb8.BIN Disk To Cassette Message #458 DISKFIXER21.BIN Disk Fixer 2.1 Message #813 EA5CART_C.BIN EA/5 Loader (Requires Storage Device) Message #3 EAII.BIN Editor/Assembler II Message #353 EAII80Edit-8.bin Edit/Assembler II with 80 Column Editor Message #28 eaprom_IV_NON.bin Edit/Assembler II with debugger 40/80 Columns Message #591 ENCRYPT32KB8.bin Encrypt / Encode It Message #23 EXPLORER32KB8.bin Explorer Keyboard Strip Message #290 DISKMANAGER32KB8.bin Disk Manager 3 Message #319 DISKMASTER32KB8.bin Disk Master Message #318 DM100061.BIN Disk Manager 1000 Version 6.1 PDF Message #182 DM2K26.BIN Disk Manager 2000 Message #62 (Updated 3/31/2020) DSK2PC32k8.bin Disk to PC Program for the HDX (Requires HDX) Message #986 DSK2PCV12-8.BIN Disk to PC program for the HDX (Requires HDX) Message #100 DU_2K-8.BIN Disk Utilities 2000 Message #215 fastterm32k8.bin Fast Term Message #994 Browser9.2 Stuart's Internet Browser Message #468 KBCART.BIN A neat little keyboard utility. Identify row,column & address for the TMS9901. MESSAGE #2 (Added 01/01/2021) KJTEST32kb8.bin Keyboard / Joystick Tester Message #636 LEXP_v21a.bin Paisley Version of Millers Graphics Explorer Message #38 MGEXP.bin Millers Graphics Explorer Message #1 NPDSK2PC32k8.bin Nano Compatible version of DSK2PC Message #986 PREDIT803n.bin Program Editor Message #19 PALEA5.bin PALEA5 (Requires F18A) Message #301 QR32KB8.BIN QR Code Generator (F18A Compatible) Message #21 RENAME FOR USE scratchpad_loader_ROM.zip Load E/A5's from DSK Message #1144 SETCLOCK8.bin By: Gazoo (Works with CorComp & BWG) Manual Message #41 The Explorer Ver 1.0.ZIP By: Tarik Insani (Texcomp) Message #2 TIMXT3n.BIN TIMXT Communications Program (Requires F18A) Message #353 TIPIMENU_8.BIN TIPI Menu Loader (Requires TIPI) Message #3 TIPI CLOCK.zip Clock Display Program for TIPI equipped TI's Message #109 CLASSIC & TI CARTRIDGE GAMES 5CARDDRAW32KB8.bin 5 Card Draw Message #253 9900BREAKT.bin 9900 Breath-Thru Message #523 A-Maze-ing.BIN A Maze-ing Message 121 Adventure.BIN The Adventure Module Message #87 AGENDA9932Kb8.BIN Agenda 99 Message #459 Alpiner.BIN Alpiner Message #104 ALTMUNCH32KB8.bin An alternate version of Munchman Message #429 ANGLER8.BIN Angler Dangler Message #187 ARTHROPOD32KB8.bin Arthropod Message #338 ASTRO32KB8.bin Astro Fighter Message #265 ASTROBLITZ32kb8.BIN Astro Blitz Message #452 BACKSTEINE32KB8.bin Backsteine Message #434 BANGBANGSUB32Kb8.BIN Bang Bang Sub Message #396 BERLIN32KB8.bin Berlin Message #253 B-B32KB8.bin Billard & Breakout Message #338 BADWALLS32KB8.BIN Bad Walls Message #563 BlackjackPoker.BIN Blackjack & Poker Message #134 BREAKOUT32kn8.BIN Breakout Message #441 BuckRogers.32K8.BIN Buck Rogers Message #1074 BURDIE SLANG8.BIN Burdie Slang Message #180 Burgertime.BIN Burgertime Message #121 BUZZARD32KB8.bin Buzzard Bait Message #424 CBALL32KB8.bin Cannon Ball Blitz Message #310 CAVE32KB8.bin Cave Creature Message #434 Carwars.BIN Car Wars Message #104 Caverns.BIN Caverns Message #134 Cerberus.BIN Cerberus Message #186 Chisholm.BIN Chisholm Trail Message #104 CLOWNS32KB8.bin Clowns Message #239 COMPUCAR32kb8.BIN Compu-Car (Non English) Message #207 CongoBongo.BIN Congo Bongo Message #121 CROSSFIRE32KB8.bin Crossfile Message #239 CUBIT32KB8.bin Cubit Message #310 Demon.BIN Demon Message #104 destruct.bin Mission Destruct Message #491 Dragon.Zip Dragon (EA/3 Disk Conversion by: sprot Message #7 Added (5/25/2019) DRIVINGDEMON32KB8.bin Driving Demon Message #468 DTC_32KB8.bin Defend The Cities Message #360 ENTRAMMENT32KB8.bin Entrapment Message #318 ESPIAL.BIN (Included in ZIP) (Message # 4919) (Added 02/28/2020) Thanks acadiel! ET_AT_SEA32KB8.bin E.T. at Sea Message #229 ET_on_land_32KB8.BIN E.T. on Land Message #208 FATHOM32K8.bin Fathom Message #229 FIREBALL32KB8.bin Fireball Message #486 Football.BIN Football Message #134 freddy32KB8.zip Freddy Message #537 FROGHAVEN32KB8.bin Frog Haven Message #340 GALAXIA32KB8.bin Galaxia Message #239 GAME OF LIFE32Kb8.BIN The Game of Life Message #661 GOMUKU32Kb8.BIN Gomuku Message #661 Hangman.BIN Hangman Message #134 HENHOUSE32KB8.bin Hen House Message #310 Hopper.BIN Hopper Message #134 INTERCEPT32KB8.bin Intercept Message #310 Invaders.BIN TI Invaders Message #104 Jawbreaker.BIN Jaw Breaker Message #121 Jumpy.bin Jumpy Message #176 JUNKMAN32Kb8.BIN Junkman Jr. Message #453 KABOOM32KB8.bin KaBoom Message #239 King.bin King of Castle Message #176 KIPPY32KB8.bin Kippy's Monster Nightmare Message #397 LASSO32KB8.bin Lasso Message #253 LIVINGTOMB32kb8.BIN The Living Tomb Message #457 LOBSTER32KB8.BIN Lobster Bay Message #199 LUNARLANDER_8.BIN << DOWNLOAD LINK >> (Added 12/18/2019) MACROMAN32KB8.bin Macroman Message #486 Microsurgeon.BIN Micro Surgeon Message #121 MMASON.bin Midnight Mason PDF Message #510 Miner Miner 2049'er Message #84 MISSIONX32KB8.bin Mission X Message #239 MOONBASE32KB8.bin Moon Base Message #253 Moonmine.BIN Moon Mine Message #134 MOONSWEEPER32KB8.bin Moon Sweeper Message #427 MOUSEATTACK32KB8.bin Mouse Attack Message #338 MPINBALL.bin Micro Pinball I Message #504 MUNCHMAN32KB8.bin Munchman Message #429 NIBBLER32KB8.bin Nibbler Message #253 OHMUMMY.BIN Oh Mummy Message #189 Othello.BIN Othello Message #134 PAC-MAN32KB8.bin Pac-Man (Homebrew version) Message #340 PADDLEBALL32KB8.bin Paddle Ball Message #310 PARSEC8.BIN Parsec Message #48 PERFECT32KB8.bin Perfect Push Message #253 PHETA32kb8.BIN Space Station Pheta Message #206 pitfall_rev_b.zip Pitfall Message #1 PIZZA32KB8.bin Pizza Message #318 Popeye.BIN Popeye Message #121 PINGPONG8.BIN Ping Pong Message #180 RiverRescue8.BIN River Rescue Message #188 RobotFighter32KB8.zip Robot Fighter Message #517 RockRunner8.bin Rock Runner Message #370 RUSHHOUR32KB8.bin Rush Hour Message #427 S-AGRESSOR32KB8.bin Space Aggressor Message #434 Scrabble.BIN Scrabble Message #155 SCHNOZ-OLA32KB8.bin Schnoz-Ola Message #560 SCUDBUSTER32KB8.bin Scud Buster Message #434 SEAWOLF32kb8.BIN Sea Wolf Message #462 Sledacer32KB8.zip Sled Acer Message #517 SLYMOIDS32KB8.bin Slymoids Message #310 SNEGGIT32Kb8.BIN Sneggit Message #408 Soccer.BIN Soccer Message #134 Solitaire.BIN Solitaire Message #138 Spacebandits.BIN Space Bandits Message #134 SPOTSHOT32KB8.bin Spot Shot Message #253 Submarine32kb8.BIN Submarine Commander STRIP PDF Message #191 STARFORT8.BIN Star Fort Message #180 STARGAZER32KB8.bin Stargazer Message #229 STARMAZE32KB8.bin Star Maze Message #253 StarWars.bin Star Wars Message #176 Stranger32KB8.zip Mike Ward's Stranger Message #517 ST-NICK32KB8.bin St. Nick Message #340 Qbert.BIN Q Bert Message #121 Tetris2-9.bin Tetris 2 Message #036 TheAttack.BIN The Attack Message #121 HUSTLE32KB8.bin The Hustle Message #229 TAFARA32KB8.bim Tafara Message #340 THE MINE8.BIN The Mine Message #182 TI-MAZOGZ32KB8.bin TI-MAZOGZ Message #559 TI-TREK.BIN The Classic TI-Trek Game! Message #115 SPRINGER32KB8.bin The Parachutist (Der Fallschirmspringer) Message #253 TTOADS32KB8.bin Terminal Toads Message #310 TreasureIsland.BIN Treasure Island Message #134 TOD8.BIN Tunnels of DOOM Message #49 Tombstone.BIN Tombstone Message #121 Videochess.BIN Video Chess Message #155 VideoGames1.BIN Video Games 1 Message #155 VideoVegas.BIN Video Vegas Message #155 WARZONE32kb8.BIN War Zone Message #391 WatRescue32KB8.zip Waterville Rescue Message #517 WORMATTACK32KB8.bin Worm Attack Message #253 Wumpus.BIN Hunt The Wumpus Message #134 Yahtzee.BIN Yahtzee Message #155 ZeroZap.BIN ZeroZap Message #155 ZombMotif32KB8.zip Zombie MOTIF Message #517 EDUCATIONAL ALIEN32KB8.bin Alien Addition Message #229 ALLIFATOR32Kb8.bin Alligator Mix Message #229 GRAMMAR32KB8.bin Beginning Grammar Message #229 DIVISION32KB8.bin Demolition Division Message #229 EARLYLERN32KB8.bin Early Learning Fun Message #569 EQUATIONS32KB8.bin Equations Message #229 FROG_JUMP32KB8.bin Frog Jump Message #253 GHOST32KB8.bin Ghost Message #556 HIDESEEK32KB8.bin Hide & Seek Message #318 MATHCATCH32Kb8.BIN Math Catch Message #543 METEOR32KB8.bin Meteor Multiplication Message #229 MIND32KB8.bin Mind Challengers Message #253 MINUS32KB8.bin Minus Mission Message #229 NG32KB8.bin Number Guess Message #427 NUMBERMAGIC32KB8.bin Number Magic Message #560 PERCENTS32KB8.bin Percents Message #229 PICOARTS32KB8.bin Picture Parts Message #234 PYRAMID32KB8.bin Pyramid Puzzler Message #253 SHANGHAI32KB8.bin Shanghai Message #253 SPACEJPURN32KB8.bin Space Journey Message #253 STORYMACHINE32KB8.bin Story Machine Message #234 SYSSCAN32KB8.bin System Scan Message #338 TOUCHTYPING32KB8.bin Touch Typing Message #229 WORDRACE32KB8.bin Word Race Message #234 NEWER HOMBREWS & PORTS borzorkc.bin Berzerk Clone - with speech - Awesome! Message #15 Bounce'n'Pounce Message #1 Bouncy's Obstacle Course (Final Final Version) Message #88 DONCASTER8.bin Doncaster Racecourse Message #828 eric8.bin Eric in Monsterland Message #932 Escape North Korea By: Airshack Message #1 (Added 02/13/2021) Lunar Mission 2 32k8.BIN Message #16 MADMARVIN8.BIN Mad Marvin's Great Escape Message #967 MRCHIN.BIN Mr. Chin Message #121 MummysTomb32K-8.bin Mummys Tomb Message #2156 NIGHTSTK8.BIN Night Stalker (Complete) Message #1 PENGO.BIN Pengo port by: Bleepbit Message # 1181 Pyjamarama-1.1.zip Pyjamarama Message #50 Red_planet32k8.bin Red Planet By: Retrospect/BIN Arcadeshopper Message #13 restc.bin Restless II Instructions Message #93 Robots of Death Message #4 (Added 02/10/2021) Skyway8.bin Skyway Message #48 SCRAA.bin Sparkdrummer's Challenge Rescue At AtariAge Message #818 SNAKE32kb8 Snake Plissken Message #638 super-mario-bros-8.bin Super Mario Bros. (Requires F18A) Message #260 SuperSpaceAcer32KB8.zip Super Space Acer Message #477 squaryc.bin Squary Message #10 TILANDER_8.bin TI Lander Manual Message #697 TILES-2018R2.ZIP TILES (Cartridge Image Within ZIP file) Message #23 TI-PONG.BIN TI-Pong Message #001 tix8.bin Similar to Qix Message #38 TEXTURBO8.BIN Tex Turbo Message #977 turmoil.bin Turmoil 8K Message #1 MBX GAMES Bigfoot.BIN Bigfoot Message #110 Honeyhunt.BIN Honey Hunt Message #110 Meteorbelt.BIN Meteor Belt Message #110 Sewermania.BIN Sewer Mania Message #110 Soundtrack.BIN Sound Track Message #110 Superfly.BIN Super Fly Message #110 COMPILED BASIC and XB PROGRAMS APERTURE8.BIN Aperture Message #126 BLOXO-TI-Z8.BIN Bloxo Message #126 CAMELOT8.BIN Camelot Message #126 MARSATTACK.BIN Mars Attack Message #69 SHOOTINSTARS8.BIN Shooting Stars Message #126 TI-99/4A MEGA PACK of 150 compiled games Message #258 (Updated 01/27/2021) PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES CBASIC80.BIN Cortex BASIC Cortex BASIC Starter Kit Message #353 fbForth208.BIN fbForth 2.0:12 Message #1220 TurboForth122-8.bin Willsy's Turbo Forth Message #32 WycoveFORTH32KB8.bin Wycove Forth Message #364 GRAPHICS PROGRAMS GIFMANIA32KB8.bin GIF Mania Manual Message #303 MCPIX32KB8.bin Mc Pix Message #317 PIXPRO9932KB8.bin Pix Pro 99 Manual Message #265 SLIDESHOW32kb8.bin Slideshow Program (F18A compatible) StarterPics Message #589 SSAVER32KB.bin Screen Saver Message #349 DEMONSTRATIONS ONLY bubbc.bin Bubbles Demo Message #8 demo8.bin Texas Instruments Demonstration Cartridge Message #1008 HAPPY32KB8.bin Happy 2015 Message #585 GAMEOFLIFE.ZIP The Game of Life Simulation Message #7 ISO32KB8.bin ISO Scroll Demo Message #585 LYEAR32KB8.bin Light Year Demo Message #585 Merry Christmas Demo By: Sometimes99er Message #1 OSCI32KB8.bin Oscilloscope Demo Message #585 parac.bin Parallax Starfield Demo (uses joystick) Message #25 MISCELLANEOUS APESOFTCLOCK32Kb8.BIN Apesoft Alarm Clock (No clock card needed) Message #598 ASPL32KB8.bin ASPL Editor Message #360 AXELF32KB8.bin Axel F (Movie Music) Message #290 FINANCE32KB8.bin Home Finance Message #229 BUDGET32KB8.bin Household Budget Message #229 commando-music-60hz8.bin Commando (Video Game Conversion Music) Message #11 ConsoleCalc.BIN Console Calc Message #545 gronos8.bin Bill Gronos Sound Show (req. cass cable) Message #015 GYRUSSMUSIC32KB8.bin Gyruss Music Demo Message #338 home sentry 99.BIN Home Sentry 99 (Requires the X10 Device) Message #602 MUSICMAKER32KB8.bin Music Maker Message #229 PHYSICAL32KB8.bin Physical Fitness Message #229 SIDPLAYER32KB8.bin SID Player Message #265 TYPEWRITER32KB8.bin Typewriter Message #427 VIDEORAPHS32KB8.bin Video Graphs Message #229 ______________________________ FinalGROM 99 and compatible .BIN's NOTE: All files below this point REQUIRE a FinalGROM cartridge and will not run from a FlashROM. The letter "G" in the filename denotes a GROM based image. AID TEXT FILES aidtextfg99.zip AID Text files for FG99 programs Message #912 UTILITIES F18A_V19.ZIP F18A Update Utility to Ver. 1.9 (Multiple Formats) Message #001 GAMES alexkidd8.bin Alex Kidd (Playable Demo) Message #001 ASTIROIDS_G.ZIP Message #9 atarisoft512K8.bin AtariSoft Multicart Message #150 enigma.zip Enigma (Asteroids Clone) Message #13 flying-shark-v1.2.1-8.bin Flying Shark Message #270 jetpac.bin Jetpack Message #305 knightlore8.bin Knight Lore Message #31 parkerBr.zip Parker Brothers SUBDIRECTORY Message #890 Rasmus-8in1-cart-8.bin Rasmus 8-N-1 Arcade Message # 068 redbaron8.bin Red Baron Message #36 tilda_8.bin The Legend of Tilda Not Final Version Message #103 Tutank.zip Tutankham Message # 832 War Zone II-512K-8.bin War Zone II Message # 258 CONTEST COMPILATION(s) 4k-contest-8.bin 4K Contest Compilation of 2018 Cart Labels Message #379 DEMO's f18a-monkey8.bin Monkey Island Demo Message #282 megademo8.bin Don't Mess With Texas Mega Demo Message #282 GROM Cartridges 4ADOSFG99.zip Auto starting version of 4A/DOS (load once) Message # 1219 Note: This version will NOT work on the UberGROM board advert8g.bin Advertizer Module Message #1095 Extended BASIC 2.5 Extended BASIC 2.5 Message #798 phm311G.BIN Microsoft Multiplan Loader Message #729 Microsoft Quick Reference Guide & Keyboard Strip Microsoft Manual 80 Column Disk 40 Column Disk Extended BASIC 2.8 GEM (10/14/2020) INCLUDES DOCUMENTATION Message #288 Added (10/15/2020) phm3011G.bin Speech Editor & PDF Manual Message #800 FG-Super Extended BASIC SUPER Extended BASIC Message #780 RXB2015.ZIP RXB 2015 Message #833 TI Extended BASIC PHM 3026 TI Extended BASIC Message #745 TI LOGO PHM 3040 TI LOGO Message #746 FG-TI Mini Memory PHM 3058 Easy Bug & Mini Memory Message #744 512K Mini Memory with paging on FinalGROM 99 Message #1
  4. I haven’t had much time to work with it, but it is working. One of the games I want to try in Tunnels of Doom. I gather you need to have a scenario saved on DSK1 when you start the game? Where can I get scenarios? I would like to,start with the original ones and then move on to ones produced using the editor. Any pointers on how to get them and use them would be much appreciated.
  5. I'm new to the forum and I've recently dug out my old TI setup and just purchased a FinalGrom99. Unfortunately, although I have found most of my old cartridges and I have my PEB with 32K, RS232, and (original) DSK controller with dual 3.5" drives up and running, my old floppies seem to be missing - possibly repurposed for the PC back in the day. Is there a way to transfer files from the FinalGROM SD to the TI DSK? Either by file or disk image? It seems an obvious thing to do considering the space available on the SD, but after searching the web I haven't been able to find any software able to do it. Steve
  6. Hello all, So does anyone have experience programming a FG99? If so what did you use? My brain hurts from the weekend and I am missing neural connections somewhere. Did you use a RPI to program it? bout to try this out on my 3B+.
  7. Anyone have an extra FinalGROM99 pcb that they'd be willing to sell? I want to build one up but the ones on eBay are a little pricey after shipping. I'd also be interested in ordering a new batch to be printed if there is enough interest.
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