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Found 13 results

  1. Heroes & Shadows Website: https://heroesandshadowsgame.neocities.org Screenshot Story An alien Xolan has crash landed on your planet to warn you of the Mavok an evil race of creatures that want to enslave all. The creature isn't strong enough to fight them and needs your help. Help him become the strongest creature in the universe! Objectives To grow your pet to become the strongest. Controls Left Joystick Up/Down: Select Command Fire: Use the selected icon Right Joystick Atarivox for saving progress and voice speech (Optional) Builds Latest https://www.dropbox.com/s/auqkkwoecu6bvn9/has.bin?dl=1
  2. Hi all ! To begin this new year, I purpose you to play my new hombrew game : Star Jump. This game is inspired from Doodle Jump and has been created in a week. The objective is to jump as high as possible and avoid traps. You can download it here : http://www.nicamshil...on/starjump.rar Enjoy yourself, and Happy New Year 2013 !
  3. I have 3 CRT TV sets that we need to get rid off. These would be great for old video game consoles and I wanted to give the Atariage community a chance to get them first. If you live on the North shore of Boston (Massachusetts) and are looking for a CRT TV for your video game collection this could be the chance are looking for. I am moving and we simply do not have the room to keep the TVs. The TVs all work, details below. 1] 20 inch MGA tv. This is an old TV that someone left behind at the location where we are moving. It is small and light weight. There are only two inputs: coax and a two-channel composite (has only video and single audio, like the original NES). I tested the coax and channel 3 looks perfect for gaming. The composite is messed up - maybe it just needs an adjustment, I don't know. But if you just want a simple TV that plays old Atari consoles, the coax input is all you need. 2] 32 inch Sony Trinitron SDTV. This is my TV I have been using with my video game collection. I bought this a couple of years ago from Salvation Army for $20. It is a bit scuffed up but It works. It is heavy and I can not take it with me when I move. You'll need at least two people to carry it. 3] The cream of the crop. 32 inch Samsung HDTV 1080i in beautiful condition. This is taking up a large portion of a room we need at the location where we are moving to. While the screen is 32 inches, the bulk of this TV is bigger than the trinitron and is heavier. You'll need at least two people to carry it. If you are interested in taking one, PM me. We would like them gone this weekend. We have junk dealers coming to take them away on Thursday morning if no one wants them.
  4. Atari Home Computer Zaxxon manual is claimed. Thanks for giving it a home!
  5. The following link contains high-resolution Amiga photographs. These are free for anyone to use (even for commercial projects, books, magazines, etc...) and are an attempt to supply publications with clean images of Amiga computers. The Amiga 500 in these images is new and was sealed in climate-controlled storage for almost 30 years. It was unboxed in order to take the following photos. A link to a 180 MB Zip file containing print resolution photos is also featured on this page. https://www.blitter.com/~nebulous/AmigaPhotos.html
  6. BinaryStar


    A fun little game for 1 or 2 players. Inspired by the tabletop game from the 70s. Download here : www.binarystarsoftware.com/?p=505
  7. Here is MATCH 5, the LIMITED DEMO VERSION! m5demo.rom What's limited about it, you ask? Well… 1. When your score exceeds 1000 points, the game ends. 2. We took out the "SPEED" mode, where you race against a timer. 3. You don't get more bombs as you play (like you do in the real game). 4. We took out the High Score table. Other than that, it plays like the real game. We tried to make it self documenting. Press Enter to get into the game. Get 5 in a row! Have fun, Catsfolly
  8. Hello, gamers. I was digging through some old stuff recently and unearthed the containment box for the expansion of the PC game Diablo II. I have the outer box, the inner containment box, the manual for the expansion, the manual for the original game and some other paperwork. I have no idea what happened to the discs. Not wanting to throw out some cool looking stuff, I thought maybe someone on here would be interested. All I ask is that you pay the shipping, which should be media mail rate since I can count the manuals as books. Here are some photo links: Cover Interior cover Back cover Manuals Other Stuff Here's my feedback thread.
  9. Send PM if interested. Maybe leave msg in thread, too. Good printer; I just need some room, and I have more printers than I can use. I'd take this to Goodwill, but I know they'd just throw it away, so before I do the same, I thought I'd find out if anybody is interested in paying shipping. I don't remember how I got these, but I paid for it (and shipping) somewhere along the way, then I forgot I had it and bought another, etc. What a fool! To save this from the dump, I'll donate the time to pack it well (and go to the Post Office, obviously). After all, if it's damaged or destroyed due to lame packing, you've wasted your money shipping garbage. These are amongst the best old-school printers for retrocomputers, because: (1) Reliable as the day is long; old-time "Made in Japan" quality and not cheap Chinese junk (2) As compatible as is possible, as nearly all classic software targeted Epson, and clone printers emulated it (3) Even in 2013, you can still get ribbons for it everywhere (Epson #8750) and all over Ebay, and we're talking around $5. Try that with other brands. Examples: Amazon Staples Walmart Officemax Office Depot Relive the sights and sounds of the 1980s by banging out some old-school Broderbund Print Shoppe! Pretty clean printer, but the top cover is busted. The fool that I bought it from did not tape it down, and put a heavy book (that was for the wrong printer, even!) loose in the box and it and the cover bounced around together and broke the cover. I stuck it back together with clear epoxy, and it seems pretty strong and sits in place to keep things from being too ugly, but it's too bad it broke. You must use tractor-feed paper with this printer. (click pics to enlarge) Here, you can better see the break in the cover in this lighting. Atari 520ST screen dump, by pressing ALT-HELP keys Self-test print by holding down LF button when powering-on; here is a link to a video of it printing the self test I was surprised to find that it will even work with Windows XP; the driver is built in to Windows! However, it is dreadfully slow in this mode, as it uses the unidirectional graphics mode of the printer to plot a bitmap on the page, rather than the bidirectional text mode. This is clearly a printer for classic/retro computer. Still a good way to test the printer, however. For use with an Atari 8-bit computer (400/800/XL/XE) you must set DIP switch 2-3 to "Auto LF with CR," rather than the default "CR only" that works with Atari ST, and just about every other computer. As you may know, you'll need a Parallel Printer Interface for use with 8-bit Atari and 8-bit Commodore computers; they're fairly common. Because people still sell these printers on Ebay, it must have some value to some retro-enthusiast - hence my reluctance to throw it in the garbage - but I don't want to hassle with Ebay fools and would rather see it go to a good home. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 350629381123 Sold for $40 + ship eBay Auction -- Item Number: 221027822565 Currently for sale $55 + ship eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230595267858 Dreamer trying to get $150
  10. I have come across two boxes full of brand new power supplies that I'm willing to give away for postage costs. They are of two different models: US power connector: 120VAC (60 Hz 38W) to 20VDC, 1.5A, centre positive polarity Brand: InterAct, made in China. It has a typical DC barrel connector, but I don't know how to properly measure it. Weight: 880 gram + packing material. I don't know for which type of application you might need a 20V power supply, hopefully you do. Estimated shipping cost to the US/Canada: $22 for one PSU, $31 for two. UK power connector: 230VAC (50 Hz 20.4VA) to 12V, 1.7A, centre positive polarity. Brand: Destiny, no country of origin but you guess. Same kind of DC barrel connector. Weight: 960 gram including box. Estimated shipping cost to the UK: £15 for one PSU, £21.60 for two. I am willing to briefly test / measure those using various step-down adaptors and plug converters, but only if you sign up to take one or more. When the clock strikes March, the remaining power supplies will go to the recycling center.
  11. These are the downloads I've offered for people to try on their Harmony carts with real hardware. My programming style is odd and eccentric, so results in emulation will vary and usually be negative. This is a screensaver like demo of an adventure/minigames cart I'd like to finish using the Multisprite kernel MKSF.bin This is a Masters of the Universe demo using the Standard Kernel MOTU.bin This is a VWBasic RPG I'm working on RPG.bin This is Run Out. A DPC+ work that I adore but is apparently not good enough to even consider or talk about.. RUNOUT.bin This is a demo of the current state of backgrounds and characters in Street Fight World 32k SFW32k.bin This is the demo of a game that will likely never be called Street Fight World DPC+ SFWDPC.bin This is arguably my best, most valuable work. A 32k bankswitched scrolling engine with massive color. Zonic. ZONICVCS.bin This is a one channel music demo that would allow for sound effects that don't interrupt ROLLINBRAIN.bas.bin This is an older demo of Street Fight World DPC+ (not likely to ever be produced) SFWDPC.bas.bin My baby, of sorts. A DPC+ volleyball game with adult themes and nudity. CONTAINS NUDITY! BVBALL.bin Older version (the one that will likely be produced, rather than the DPC+ version.) This one is special in that if you press down at the pool instead of the button you will see an example of one of the outfits in the game When she is nude at the beach chairs you may press up or down to change her stance. CONTAINS NUDITY AND PICTURES OF MY ATARI GF.. VBALL.bin A first person game that was my first venture into Batari Basic. Unfinished. up starts you running. Down stops or slows down the character. Lasersword.bin If you never finish anything then you can never die!
  12. It's early days, but I've just come across a link to a site which shows you how to use Google Drive to webhost for free. The link is here: http://www.labnol.org/internet/host-website-on-google-drive/28178/ I've tested it with their sample website file and it appears to work. I'm sure that there are some downsides to this, but I don't know what they are; with exception to there being a not very nicely named URL. Apparently it can also be used for podcasts, though I've not tested that. I thought that this might be useful for any of you who want to host websites / podcasts and are on a budget. I've not tested uploading an individual html/mp3 etc file yet though I am sure that there is a way to do this.
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