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Found 15 results

  1. ♪ "Who's the leader of the club That's made for you and me O P C O D E G A M E S... Yeah, Opcode, yeah, Opcode Yeah, Opcode Game Club, yeah" ♫ COMING SOON...
  2. Hello, all. I hope you're having a good day. The Amico's special controller reminds me a lot of these two consoles. It's hard to believe both consoles came out so long ago. What is your favorite game(s) for these two wonderful machines? Why do you consider it your favorite?
  3. Whats the best "fun" racing game on the PS3? I'm really a fan of the old Need for Speed games where the cops chase you. Anything like that that truly kicks butt on the PS3? I used to be into the Grand Turismo, F1 and simulator type games but the time and general dullness of them no longer appeals to me. Thanks in advance. By the way open to any kind of racing....cars, trucks, boats, atvs, on road or off...
  4. What, in your opinion, are the best "pick up and play" games for the 3DO? Games that you can just jump into anytime. I will start: Bust-A-Move This game is fantastic because you can play until you die, then have the option to save, and then the next time you play you can just pickup where you left off. This game is addicting, has peppy music and bright visuals, and it's easy to add a second player for head to head if you want to.
  5. Are there any known Easter eggs in the TI-99/4A or some of it's software? With Easter coming up, I thought it would be fun to ask.
  6. If you love the arcade style fighting games like Marvel VS. Capcom or Street Fighter then you will LOVE Mugen. Mugen is Dream Deathmatches Galore.In Mugen,almost any character you can think of can be put in the game in either a 1 on 1 or 2 on 2(all fighting at the same time) deathmatch(ever wanted to see He-man and Liono VS. Link and Shredder,well in Mugen you can) from Marvel and DC to the Megaman bosses and the Ninja Turtles and to top it all off,there is NO character limit(the highest roster I have seen had 8000 characters) and basically the WHOLE game is customizable from the menus and the health bars to the sound effects no skills needed(you can have the Mortal Kombat menus,the Street Fighter's life bars and the MVC's sound effects).Now since most of the characters were ripped straight from their games they feel and play just like they did in their games and they fit perfectly(the SF characters fight and play just like a regular SF game aswell as any of the other ripped characters).Mugen is everything you want in a fighting game,an unlimited character roster and the ability to put almost any character you want in the game,what more could you ask for?.In short,(well not in short )Mugen is a FANTASTIC 2D fighter that everybody who loves the arcade 2D fighters will enjoy.http://elecbyte.com/mugen to see just how many characters you can download and play as:http://mugencharacters.org/load/ http://infinitymugenteam.com/ http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/The_MUGEN_Database P.S.To add characters(which can sorta be a pain) you have to download(obviously) and extract the character into the Chars folder and then go into the Data folder and open up the select.def folder with Word pad.Then scroll down to where it says add characters and you type in the name of the extracted folder(if the folder says Megaman_Bass then that's what you type where it says add characters) then save and enjoy!)
  7. What is this? Some people were apparently born to be trolls - they can come up with rude, annoying, and inane comments all day long, with seemingly no effort. At the other extreme, some people are so bound by arcane concepts like "good manners", "respect for others", "common courtesy", etc that they couldn't possible be trolls, even if their lives depended on it. But what about people in the middle? Maybe you WANT to be obnoxious, and irritating, and drive other people crazy, but you just can't come up with enough annoying things to say? Does this describe you? If you are in this middle group, and you have an Intellivision (or a compatible emulator), then you are in luck! Intellivision to the Rescue! This revolutionary program takes ancient mad-lib technology, combines it with the new multi-random capabilities of IntyBasic 1.1, and couples it with the power and fury of the Intellivision 16 bit processor to generate more trollish comments than you could possibly want or use... Best of all, it's absolutely free (for a limited time…) Give it a try… tcg.rom (disclaimer - no actual intend to insult or offend anyone is intended or implied. If the program offends you, please delete it…) Edit: Here's a gif. Click to animate...
  8. Warning: This game is really blocky. If you absolutely hate blocky games, this is not the game for you. Might as well quit reading now. Catch you next project. Later! Bye... Still here? Good. Here's the story - Back around 2010-2011, some guy who calls himself RetroBrad designed his own portable game system. Instead of using a boring ol' LCD panel for his display, he used an 8 by 8 array of multicolor led lights. So the whole display was 64 pixels. What can be done with such a low res display? Well it turns out that his favorite childhood game was Super Mario Brothers, so he wrote a platform game for his system that he called "Super Pixel Brothers". Despite the low resolution, it is quite fun to play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sEUDSz9XuY "So what?" you ask. "What do we care?" Here's the deal - Super Pixel Brothers was written in Basic, and the source code was released as open source. And now, thanks to Nanochess and friends, Intellivision has its own basic compiler - IntyBasic! So, all we have to do is slap the Super Pixel Brothers Basic source into IntyBasic, hit compile, and we can enjoy Mario style platform goodness? Unfortunately, it's not that simple... First, RetroBrad's portable system has a unique architecture, with red, green, and blue, bit planes combining to form each pixel. The Intellivision has its own unique design, with gram and grom and backtab and the like... The controls and sound systems are completely different, too. Second, not all basics are created equal. For example, the Basic RetroBrad used (Swordfish Basic) had mult-line "if then else endif" statements, whereas IntyBasic has single line if statements. In short, it was a lot of work. But now, you can enjoy low res platforming goodness on your Intellivision. One catch. - The game requires extra cartridge ram to work. Currently (Dec 23, 2014), the only way to enable cartridge ram in an IntyBasic program is to use the --jlp extension when compiling. The resulting program will only run under the jzintv emulator with the --jlp switch enabled. In short, the command to run the game needs to look something like this: jzintv --jlp -z1 spb.rom The game will also theoretically work on a LTO flash card, but I don't have one to try it on... Currently, it doesn't work on a cuttle cart 3 or Intellicart. In theory, the assembly file generated by IntyBasic could be hacked to run on a cuttle cart 3 (since the game only uses the extra ram and not any other jlp features). But I haven't succeeded in doing that yet. Perhaps in the future more elegant solutions will arise... In the meantime, give Super Pixel Brothers a try in the jzintv emulator. It is more fun than it looks. Think of it as 20 levels of platforming fun to enjoy while you wait for Princess Quest to come out... spb.rom spb.bas The original source code can be downloaded from this page: http://www.bradsprojects.com/super-pixel-bros/ Have fun! Send comments! Catsfolly
  9. I buy mine from CD Tradepost and a local store called Gamers. I was wondering if Sears sells games?
  10. Three 10 line Games to learn programming from It's easy and fun to learn BASIC programming from typing in games, particularly if the listings are short. These three games are written in 29 lines of old-school BASIC, the kind you might have programmed your Atari 400, Apple II or TRS-80 with. The site has the quickstart guide to the SuperCharger and Atari Flashback BASIC IDE and the manual to get you up and running: If you're familiar with batari BASIC, you can use similar ASCII art graphics designers and spaces instead of line numbers.
  11. It can be done in any coding language but i think assembly will be fastest. I'm looking for solution that is faster than ATARI basic which is 50-80 muls per sec and it have loss of precision :( How many times per second can 6502c multiply 10-digit number by 10-digit number without a loss of precision?
  12. Kingdom Rush is one of my new favorites when it comes to great gameplay, and amazing tower defense style. I personally love this game with its movie references and cool up gradable towers. I f you want to play this marvel go to the link: http://armorgames.com/play/12141/kingdom-rush The game is a flash game and an app for the iPad currently by IronHide Games (wish it was free), hope they get to route the app to other tablets and smart phones. CGR did a great review on this game. Hope you enjoy playing the game. It's greatly addictive!
  13. I saw a cool video about Carnival that made me want to play it and post some high scores so I thought I would share: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/QyLKtVp1HNg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. http://youtu.be/qRqCbifUaD0 Love your Atari 2600 and buy good games for it. Please don't play games that suck. Hope you guys like the video!
  15. 😀 Hello all Did you miss me? Back with another game review this time Burning Fight. Its a good beat'em up but unfortunately got crowded out back in the day. Feel free to check out my game review, hope you enjoy it. Anthony hope I got this right LOL as the format has changed a little and its been a while.
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