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Found 199 results

  1. updated my Awari game for the Color Computer. You can now choose the background color to standard green, inverse green and orange. Simple addition to a simple little fun game. AwariV2.zip
  2. Here is MilleBorne version 3 for the Tandy Color Computer. There is a some improvements from the one I posted to colorcomputerarchive.com (v2), such as redrawing the screen faster and some bug fixes. still use 51 column utility for a wider longer screen. It made the translation of the program from other computers much easier. RUN"MB" to play. MBV3A.zip
  3. "Many years ago, a beautiful country lost all the money suddenly. It could be the poisonous spider's doing." Holy Sssnake, it's finally here! The website that nobody demanded! Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate www.diskman.com/presents/supervision If you're familiar with the Supervision, you're probably laughing right now. If you're not familiar with the Supervision... oh boy, are you in for disappointment. This website is the result of 15 years [!] of research and collecting, and today (Oct. 4th, 2018) is its world debut. I'm sorry. There's also lots of other nifty, geeky, classic gaming stuffs on the main site, which you may enjoy a lot more than this Supervision nonsense... www.diskman.com
  4. Another new project on AtariOnline.pl; binary available... Dude Story - WIP (Google Translated)
  5. Well I didn't quite make Christmas... But I did get it done in 2020! Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown is now released! Digital edition is available immediately, collector's editions are in pre-order and will ship late January/early February. I've put together a website for it here, you'll find links to the store to purchase it on the product page: http://quixotic.adamantyr.com/ If you have questions, check the FAQ on my website for answers, and post here if you can't find what you need. I'll update the FAQ accordingly! Excelsior! Time to see how long before I have to release a new build...
  6. Original release: restc.bin Instructions: restless.ii.instructions.onepage.pdf Request. Aliens have colors: rest.color.c.bin Request. Stars in the background take a break. rest.ciro.c.bin - - - - - Below is an early XB game, also now known as "Restless I". Thread goes ahead and develops "Restless II", a game written in Assembly and released as a binary for cartridge. Move your ship left and right using the joystick. Shoot by pushing joystick up. 100 CALL CLEAR::CALL SCREEN(2)::CALL MAGNIFY(3) 110 CALL CHAR(64,"01010103070F001B376FDF00D47F1F03808080C0A0D000B8B4DADD0055FEF8C") 120 CALL CHAR(68,"0043AF19193F3F78073B72637339100001C2F42828F4F43AE0DCCEC6CE9C08") 130 CALL CHAR(72,"0103030301010101010100010100000180C0C0C08080800080808080008") 140 CALL CHAR(76,"000000107C3828000703117D39280000000020F8701040E0FCF8F0B01") 150 CALL COLOR(6,5,1)::FOR X=1 TO 20::CALL HCHAR(X,RND*32,76)::NEXT X 160 CALL SPRITE(#1,64,16,170,96,#2,68,16,10,96,2,0,#3,72,10,200,256) 170 CALL JOYST(1,X,Y)::IF X THEN CALL MOTION(#1,0,X*4) 180 IF Y=0 THEN IF RND>.8 THEN CALL MOTION(#2,1,RND*32-16) 190 IF Y THEN CALL POSITION(#1,Y,X)::CALL SPRITE(#3,72,10,154,X,-16,0) 200 CALL POSITION(#3,Y,X)::IF Y>154 THEN CALL DELSPRITE(#3) 210 CALL POSITION(#2,Y,X)::IF Y>154 THEN CALL DELSPRITE(#3)::Y=1::GOTO 230 220 CALL COINC(ALL,X)::IF X=0 THEN 170 ELSE Y=2 230 CALL MOTION(#1,0,0,#2,0,0,#3,0,0)::FOR X=3 TO 16::CALL COLOR(#Y,X)::CALL SOUND(-300,-6,(X*2)-6)::NEXT X 240 CALL PATTERN(#Y,76)::FOR X=3 TO 16 STEP .2::CALL COLOR(#Y,X)::NEXT X::GOTO 160
  7. Wormhole 2000 (home brew) for the ATARI Jaguar: Very soon to be released on cartridge at: http://tjocktv.se/shop/
  8. Hi everyone, Anyone can help me with this? I wanna use 3 or more sprites in same screen, using the system of flickering, something like in Adventure, I don't know how to create something like a "corroutine" in this, so if anyone can help me, thank u.
  9. Finally my tiny tribute to Phoenix! Download it in various format from here: https://www.bleepbit.com/2020/12/27/phoenix-tribute-for-ti-99-4a-extended-basic-basic-compiler/ Bye
  10. Titanium is my first game for the Ti-99/4A written purely in assembly language. The name is a reference to the C64 game Uridium - a favorite of mine - from which I have borrowed many ideas, and, of course, to the TI. The game engine and the graphics on level 1 are based on my half-bitmap mode, vertical scrolling demo. (I would like to do a proper port of Uridium for the TI at some point, but that should be based on a different technique for the scrolling.) The game requires a disk drive, a 32K memory expansion, and a E/A cart or similar to run it. To start the game, insert the disk in any drive and use E/A option 5 to run DSKX.TITANIUM. I have not tried it with a real floppy drive, but I expect it to work. The gameplay is very simple: shoot all the targets, e.g. pyramids, to reach the next level. Avoid the blinking spheres and the enemy ships. Use joystick 1 or S, D, E, X + space to control the ship. P pauses the game. I don't know if it's too easy or too hard - it's difficult to tell when you have tried it so many times. This is the first game I'm aware that’s using the F18A, but only to avoid the sprite duplication issue that exists in the old VDPs (9918A, 9928A) in half-bitmap mode. If an F18A is detected the program uses a standard half-bitmap mode with only one pattern table. If an F18A is not present it uses three pattern tables, but still only one color table. This eliminates the problem on the old hardware, but also lowers the frame rate because it doubles the amount of data that must be sent to the VDP. If you press F on the start page you can manually switch between F18A mode and standard mode. This allows you to see the sprite duplication problem in action on the old hardware, and can also be used to increase performance on MESS where the F18A is not detected (the F18A is detected in Classic99). I'm using Tursi's mod player for the music on the start page. I tried to compose my own music, but it ended up sounding very similar to the Blade Runner, so I decided to use that as my main theme. Within the game I'm using my own, simpler sound player and excerpts from Bach's 'toccata and fugue in d minor' - a reference to Gyruss, which is another favorite of mine. I consider the game in its present stage a beta version. I welcome suggestions for improving the gameplay, but major additions at this point are likely to slow down the game. For now I will fix any reported bugs and release the first version, and in a month or two when I regain some energy I may release a version 2. More levels/maps could easily be added without affecting performance. I include the full source code and data files. The maps were created using Magellan, the music using mod2psg2. Thank you to everyone who has helped me on this project. It has been very interesting and a great learning experience, and I think it demonstrates that there's still some potential left in the old TI. [Edit 14 Aug 2013] Added version 1.0 attachment. Titanium_1.0.zip. An XB loader is now included, and the E/A 5 file is called TITA. 64K bank switched (379) ROM image: Titanium3.zip
  11. 2019.12.29 I've found a bug, that only shows up in the disk version here at my end. I forgot to clear a memory location used for scoring. Files updated. blockc.bin block.dsk Filename: BLOCK - - - - - The idea will be to insert pairs of colored blocks into two piles, one on either side of the screen. Create a group of three or more adjacent blocks of the same color and they'll disappear, gaining you points. Pile up too many and you lose the game.
  12. Hello fellow Atarians! Our game "Adam Is Me" as Christmas gift is available to download for free! 🙂 http://aim.atariscene.pl/ If you have any feedback, comments or questions, do not hesitate to ask. Wishing you all the best, Jakub 'Ilmenit' Dębski + the rest of the team!
  13. I'm a huge gba fan, it's easily my favorite system, but I've never gathered the collection up for pictures until now. I went with thumbnails over full size pics but most blow up quite large. First up is my AGS-101 Kiosk which sits on my phone stand. It's got Mario Tennis in it. I've been meaning to get more insert/demo combinations, but that hasn't happened yet. Next up is my wireless dueling set in a waterproof case. In there are two charging cables, a double charger, two flash carts, two wireless links and two custom re-cased two-tone AGS-101 models. Here are my Game Boy Micros and related accessories. The two 'budget pack' micro systems are both still sealed. Here are my other two GBA SP units. The black one is a 001 and the pink is yet another 101. With them are my flash carts. Somewhere around here I also have an FA128 and a parallel linker, but they went AWOL for the photo shoot. Here are my oldschool gbas. The white one is Afterburner modified. With them are some odd accessories. The two that are more rare are the 'GBA transverter' which attaches to the back and outputs a TV signal, and the 'Game Wallet' which loads flash carts from smartmedia through the link port. Both were used in an attempt at making a larger handheld with a tv out and joystick port (pre-gamecube gameboy player). I never made it a case, but it worked well and was sure fun to play: Here are my unlicensed games. 3 are sealed, which is odd for unlicensed games since most didn't come that way. The second pic is a close up of the pirates (which have neat labels), the third pic is hacks/homebrew. The kirby game is just a packaged up NES emulator that plays the first kirby game, and Blast Arena Advance is my only scratchbuilt homebrew cart (and it's awesome). Above are my standard commercial games--the games on the left are factory sealed. Of the sealed ones, I expect pocket professor and mazes of fate to become quite rare. Of the unsealed, Payback and Racing Gears Advance might increase in demand. I can't really imagine ever parting with any of them, though. And last but certainly not least, is my personal Game Boy Advance 'Holy Grail.' A NIB Visteon Dockable Entertainment Center with install kit. For those who have forgotten, this was a 10" portable dvd player which also played GBA games and came with a car dock.
  14. Lynx Quest - preview credits: New Generation code: Solo, Laoo music: Miker graphics: Tiger, Alcopop, FinalBossBlues Here some information about our new production - a brand new action-adventure game for Atari Lynx. The game was created for 30th Lynx Competition by AtariGamer. We already submitted a small preview version - but please dont mind it. It doesnt have proper gameplay loop (will be avaiabler in a week) nor levels, enemy shoting, AI. Almost all is done but we couldnt provide it for the first deadline (because the game was crashing; it is solved already). Please wait for next week:). Current status is: - 90% of the code is done - 100% of the music is done (about 10 songs) - 80% of the graphic is done Instructions for the rought sneak peak: Killing few monsters "brutally" move (resets) you to the next level then killlling some more to move to the boss (without boss AI). After the boss you can see mystical cave, when you will get blessing for some passive skills/upgrades. In the mystical cave (with a statue) you can press "B" button to go back to the map. Proper gameplay loop will be of course different (proper; ) and all will be self-explanatory. A player will have upgrades (better bows, arrows, critical, hp - clasic stuff) and will adventure throu 4 different themes (plains, cementery, hills and winter). Lets say typical top-down shooter action rpg game. The game is written in 6502 assembler. The engine is capable to process about 64 objects (enemies, shots etc) with all collisions (tile and hitboxes axis-bounded). Tiles has 2 layers (also with flyer status) and can show animated elements. All run at 30 FPS. Levels are semi-randomized: - 24 layouts for every small level and fully randomized small tiles like grass or similar - abuot 384 level layouts in total for more replayability Tools we used: - LNGS (our devground that makes all the magic - compiles, links, manage assets, makes cart and have core API routines) It was written by Laoo (took him 2 months, still in alpha stage) for our Lynx journey. Its helpsd a lot to develop stuff for Atari Lynx. - Mad Assembler - WUSDN - Chipper - Handy Music player (we adapted it to our LNGS system) In the final version of the game there should be: - 4 different worlds - 4 bosses - chests with loot - score system - finished UI - full map logic - proper level transitions (self explanatory, story will tell more about it) - dozen of different enemies - postprocess effects - proper gameplay loop;) Screenshots:
  15. I release a new homebrew for the Atari Jaguar today, the game is called SpideX. It was originally released in 2019 for the Vectrex, however, I have re-worked all the graphics (now featuring raster graphics) The new game now also has a 2 player mode, and music by Rimsky-Korsakov, and Khachaturian. It can be ordered here: http://tjocktv.se/product/spidex-atari-jaguar/ Enjoy
  16. snakec.bin - - - - - Origin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_(video_game) Back in 2005 I did a routine for scrolling a line of text. Added a few bits to make a demo. It scrolls the text and reacts when you press fire, but otherwise stalls / stalled (wasn't brought any further).
  17. Thanks to the hard work of Anthony Beauchamp of 8-bit Unity, the version of 8-bit Slicks now has a #FujiNet version for the #Atari8bit! It works very well, and provides solid data on what we can do to make arcade games work better over FujiNet.
  18. The BAHA SOFTWARE group (a brand for collaborative efforts of BAKTRA Software and HardCore) from the Czech Republic presents its second game for Atari 8-bit computers named TRAIN. Train is a port of the Vlak game for IBM PCs from 1993 created by Miroslav Němeček. The Game You are a cargo train driver and your mission is to collect and load all items on the screen. For every item loaded, the train is elongated by one car. During the run, you must not collide with any obstacles or with the cars of your own train. When you load all items, a gate opens and you can proceed to the next screen. To win the game, you must finish all 50 screens. You also play for a high score. You begin the game with three lives. For each item collected and loaded, you are given 10 points. If you finish a screen, you are awarded 200 points for each remaining life. If you lose a life, 300 points is deducted from your score (a payment for the lost cargo). You get a new life for each 5000 points. The game ends when you lose all lives. A new game can begin from any screen you have already reached. System Requirements Atari 8-bit computer with 48 KB of RAM, one joystick.The stereo upgrade is supported, but not required. The game is NTSC tolerant. Credits HardCore: Idea, music, most graphics, screens Baktra: Code, sound effects, some graphics Utilized Hardware Comparison Vlak: 8086 (4.77 MHz, 1979), VGA (320x200x256, 1987), IBM PC Sound System (1981) Train: 6502B (1.77 MHz, 1978), ANITC+CTIA (1979), 2 x POKEY (1979) Screenshots Vlak (PC, MS-DOS, 1993): Train (Atari 8-bit, 2018): Download Train Download from the BAHA SOFTWARE's website (Czech): http://baha.webowna.cz/ Download Vlak The original game (run in DOSBox): http://www.retrogames.cz/play_487-DOS.php?language=EN
  19. #Atari8bit @Savetz has ported Adventure Intl's 3D-Tic-Tac-Toe to #FujiNet! It is on atari-apps.irata.online in the Games folder.
  20. minec.bin - - - - - I got sidetracked (again) and spent a few hours on making perhaps yet another version of Minesweeper for the TI. The link above tells you a little something about the game, rules etc. As of now you can't play it, but please do test and report. Version 0.1 is attached here: You can move the cursor around. And you can press 1, 2 or 3 to start / generate a new game. So obviously there's a few things to add. What I like is how relatively fast a new game is generated. The premise is, and pretty much has been with many of my efforts, stock TI, no memory expansion, and game on cartridge in a Atarisoft style of 8K or 16K ROM only. We're at 35% of 8K capacity, and plenty of room for saving bytes later if necessary.
  21. Cosine Systems has released my game, Chiller 2! This is dedicated to Cosine's C&C, T.M.R who is still in hospital at the time of release. I desperately wanted him to play test and approve before release and feel bad about releasing it before, but this needs to go out now. Download includes game on a .d64 and .tap file plus all the source code and work files for graphics and music. Download here: https://csdb.dk/release/index.php?id=198231 Merry Christmas!
  22. Hello, I have just released an ALPHA version of my little summer project : a breakout style game written in assembly 68k for the Atari STE. This alpha release may work on other STs as I do not use the blitter and the DMA sound yet. It is functionnaly complete (no menu screen, only the game that start over after 3 balls) and is played with a joystick. Press any key on the keyboard to quit. The link above to the release give access to the prg file. The project page is there : https://github.com/sporniket/sporny-wrecking-ball Regards, and have fun.
  23. Our beloved TI99 will be 40 years old within few months, so we need to prepare the celebration. Since the game Astrosmash for the Intellivision will also be celebrating its anniversary and we do not have if for the TI, I decided to create this Super Astrosmash version! 🙂 Super Astrosmash has the same game mechanics, score system, number of levels, type of enemies of the original version, however I've introduced some changes to better adapt to the improved TI99 resolution, added some speech, etc. The game is not a direct porting, but rather my own interpretation of a possible TI99 conversion. The initial release will be only in SSS module format. In the era of digital downloads, let's return back to the roots! With the precious help of Ciro (aka ti99iuc from the TI99 Italian User Club) we are now working to prepare a small batch of SSS, complete with labels and manual. The module will have two versions of the game: the Super Astrosmash and the Legacy version. It runs on the console + 32K memory expansion, supports joystick and keyboard. The Speech is optional. If you are interested in the SSS, please contact the TI99 Italian User Club using the website (http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pagina=contacts) by the end of September, so it will be possible to determine the final cost and prepare the shipping for Christmas. In attachment a video of the gameplay from the beginning of the game up to level 2 and a preview of the manual/cover design. We will post additional material/info in the next days, so stay tuned. Super Astrosmash TI99.mp4
  24. As many of you know, game coder Gorgh, from Agenda group, released not long ago his latest game „Literally”. There is not much information about its physical copy release on AA, so I would like to share it with you guys, and show what we are dealing with here. Game was published by Retronics this year and is 5th new game released from this company (along with Laura, Laura New Adventures, Come in 07 and Adam Is Me). „Literally” is literally (sic!) a motor racing game (similar to Speed King, although much better at the graphics and musics point of view, and it is much more playable title). As we find out from the description on the box: „In this game, taking place in Eighties, you play as Mark, a biker and an owner of a Polish-made WSK 125 motorcycle, as he crosses continents and, in various countries and weather conditions, races other motorcyclists. You can ride up to sixteen different tracks and compete with enemies from various countries. You must also dodge obstacles on the road, which could cause you to crash. In every stage, you must be the fastest to win and thus unlock the next racetrack.” „Literally” boxed edition comes in big glossy box, and contains: Cartridge with game and label. Colour game manual made from nice glossy paper. Motorcycle model (that can be chosen by order). The game is completely in English, also the manual and the description on box. Game works on NTSC machines, and need Atari XL/XE computer with 64KB of memory. The game was also presented on the Polish channel „Gramy na Gazie” by Larek and Borsuk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX8pM7B0kRE&t Authors responsible for this production: Kamil „Gorgh” Trzaska – idea, code, graphics Piotr „Piesiu” Radecki – additional graphics Michał „Caruso” Brzezicki – music Makary „Makary” Brauner – music Krzysztof „Kaz” Ziembik – history, manual Finally, let's add that the game retains the Polish spirit. Those more interested will find a bit more about the history of the automotive industry, here in Poland, in the old comunism era. The game is also a kind of tribute to the character of the Pole, Marek Michel, whom the greatest achievements were two trips he made in 1973-1974 on a WSK 125 type M06-B3 motorcycle. One to India and the other around the world. Additionally, the game features a bit of humor, as the names and descriptions of the competitors (different on each route) can make you laugh. One of our opponents will be Georgy (known from the tour to St.Petersburg), who, as we are informed by the game: „Never took part in orgy”. Those interested in physical copy release, can place orders directly at Retronics: [email protected] The game is available for $ 49 plus shipping.
  25. Hi gamers! The creators of software that helped me to make this game are: Radek "Raster" Sterba for Raster Music Tracker, Tomasz "Tebe" Biela for Mad assembler and Graph2Font, Avery "Phaeron" Lee for Altirra an Atari emulator (game was not tested on real hardware but it works! that how good this emulator is! ), Mark Schmelzenbach and Jakub Husak for EnvisionPC-Reborn 0.8.51 an atari font editor, Magnus Lind for Exomizer 3.0.2. Thank You software developers! Also thanks to: Zdeněk "PG" Eisenhammer for title and game songs, Petr "FLY" Svoboda for all graphics. For all that like games of this type You can download it here: Dr Sparkz https://atari.panprase.cz/?action=detail&co=6621 https://atari.panprase.cz/download.php?soubor=6621
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