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  1. ♪ "Who's the leader of the club That's made for you and me O P C O D E G A M E S... Yeah, Opcode, yeah, Opcode Yeah, Opcode Game Club, yeah" ♫ COMING SOON...
  2. Wormhole 2000 (home brew) for the ATARI Jaguar: Very soon to be released on cartridge at: http://tjocktv.se/shop/
  3. Our beloved TI99 will be 40 years old within few months, so we need to prepare the celebration. Since the game Astrosmash for the Intellivision will also be celebrating its anniversary and we do not have if for the TI, I decided to create this Super Astrosmash version! 🙂 Super Astrosmash has the same game mechanics, score system, number of levels, type of enemies of the original version, however I've introduced some changes to better adapt to the improved TI99 resolution, added some speech, etc. The game is not a direct porting, but rather my own interpretation of a possible TI99 conversion. The initial release will be only in SSS module format. In the era of digital downloads, let's return back to the roots! With the precious help of Ciro (aka ti99iuc from the TI99 Italian User Club) we are now working to prepare a small batch of SSS, complete with labels and manual. The module will have two versions of the game: the Super Astrosmash and the Legacy version. It runs on the console + 32K memory expansion, supports joystick and keyboard. The Speech is optional. If you are interested in the SSS, please contact the TI99 Italian User Club using the website (http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pagina=contacts) by the end of September, so it will be possible to determine the final cost and prepare the shipping for Christmas. In attachment a video of the gameplay from the beginning of the game up to level 2 and a preview of the manual/cover design. We will post additional material/info in the next days, so stay tuned. Super Astrosmash TI99.mp4
  4. I looks like I screwed up. A little while back I posted a blog about Harry's 40 column routine he created for the TI-99/4a. I also added a the game Civil War. After rechecking the blog I discovered the two files I posted were the wrong files. ACK! So, here are the right files and a little more. I have the T40XB utility on .DSK and my XBBOOT.DSK which included the T40XB on a menu along with TML & KXBII. And I have a directory with all the games I have posted so far. Here is the correct files. Downloads.zip
  5. Converted my Atari 800 game Uno card to TI-99. I used the KXBII extensions to create multi-color text. (see earlier blog post for Uno for Atari 800 and KXBII extensions for TI-99/4a). Plays at TI-99 XB speeds, which is to say, fast enough. The multi-color text is part of the KXBII extension package. Works rather well & fast enough and bug free. Only weird glitch is 1/2 character random flicker in one letter (you'll see it) when text being printed. I created a CALL PR(X,Y,TEXT$,fore-color, back-color) SUB-routine for printing to simplify conversion from Atari 800 MSBASIC. attached is a booklet and the .DSK bootable disk game. Enjoy. uno.zip
  6. Hello, I have just released an ALPHA version of my little summer project : a breakout style game written in assembly 68k for the Atari STE. This alpha release may work on other STs as I do not use the blitter and the DMA sound yet. It is functionnaly complete (no menu screen, only the game that start over after 3 balls) and is played with a joystick. Press any key on the keyboard to quit. The link above to the release give access to the prg file. The project page is there : https://github.com/sporniket/sporny-wrecking-ball Regards, and have fun.
  7. I'm working on several different TI-99/4A related projects at any time (there's a Top 10 out of 146). Surely giving it more thought than actual coding. Most certainly less than an hour of coding per week. Much is design and decisions anyway. Committing is perhaps crucial but then again. Real life is a bitch. Lately I've got this headache. Right now the plan is; get away from the computer, get away from screens - tv and gaming, get some exercise, go for a walk and get some fresh air, be positive and enjoy, be serious, commit and take responsibility, take action and stick to it, navigate and listen, and be there for the family. Your input is appreciated.
  8. sstars8.bin - - - - - Just a bit of fun ... ... to be continued
  9. "Many years ago, a beautiful country lost all the money suddenly. It could be the poisonous spider's doing." Holy Sssnake, it's finally here! The website that nobody demanded! Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate www.diskman.com/presents/supervision If you're familiar with the Supervision, you're probably laughing right now. If you're not familiar with the Supervision... oh boy, are you in for disappointment. This website is the result of 15 years [!] of research and collecting, and today (Oct. 4th, 2018) is its world debut. I'm sorry. There's also lots of other nifty, geeky, classic gaming stuffs on the main site, which you may enjoy a lot more than this Supervision nonsense... www.diskman.com
  10. WHAT IS ZOMBIE OUTBREAK and what makes it special? Zombie Outbreak is my 3rd homebrew game for the original 1972 Magnavox Odyssey system, the world’s first video game console. This is the SECOND homebrew game for the 1972 Odyssey that uses the Rifle Accessory (My Hunting Adventure was the first). This game will also feature a NEVER BEFORE RELEASED CUSTOM GAME CARD that makes this game possible. The FIRST custom game card for the Rifle accessory! This is also a SINGLE PLAYER game which is rare for this system however there is a multiplayer game option. GAME DESCRIPTION: STORY: Deep in an underground lab at an undisclosed location, a virus was created while doing research on a biological warfare program. Routine experiments were performed on live human captives. Their bodies piled up outside as they perished from the virus. They thought that the virus would die along with the dead but something else happened. The virus started to mutate and survive inside their flesh. The Zombie Virus was created! The bodies became re-animated and attacked the lab workers, feeding on their flesh. The virus spread through their bites which started the “Zombie Outbreak” that soon spread over the world. A small group of survivors decided to fight back and formed the Z.D.F. - Zombie Destruction Force. This group is dedicated to the cause of eliminating the Zombie population. Your best chance at survival is to join this team. You must prove yourself worthy by passing a series of tests and missions. GAME PLAY: I don’t want to give too much away about these Top Secret Missions that you will find inside each Secret Mission file folders included in the package but I will say that the game starts out in a “Training Phase” where zombie heads are launched DIAGONALLY across the screen after being fired out of a modified war cannon. You must be able to shoot 5 in a row with only one round per head in order to move on to your next mission. This is like Skeet Shooting in the Apocalypse. There is 3 different game overlays and 4 different missions each with a unique style of game play so that it does not get repetitive. To WIN at this game in a single player game mode you must complete each challenge back to back. If you fail one mission you DIE and must start from the beginning. This adds a nice challenge to the game and it’s really fun to try and make it all the way through. CUSTOM GAME CARD DESCRIPTION: This custom game card I designed has multiple advantages and will be used in different ways throughout this game. This brings a new level of excitement and challenge to the Rifle that was not possible before such as the DIAGONAL flying target used in the Zombie Head Cannon. Another NEW feature with this game card is the ability to launch the target with only the push of 1 button which makes setting up each game mission a lot easier than ever before. Game card 9 required a second person to move the target and game card 10 was a pain to get the target set up with both player controllers and both English controllers. All you have to do with this card is set ONE target with ONE controller in a certain position as described in each mission file and press a button, that’s it! This feature makes it possible for a single player to be able to launch his own target without the need for a second player. Another NEW feature with this game card is that it had different effects with different reset buttons and different set up procedures. This really adds another level of unique game play to the Rifle that was not possible before adding new challenges. GAME CONTENTS: 1. A FULL SIZE professional hand built Limited Collector’s Edition box numbered 1-25 of 25 (You can reserve your number if available, AA members that bought my H.A. will have first opportunity to get a matching number) See picture for size comparison to original game box. 2. A matching certificate of authentication. 3. NEW designed Custom game card. This is a unique game card that has NOT been released before! It is required to play and this game would not have been possible without it. This game card will look totally different than the original Magnavox cards. Picture coming soon. 4. (3) Large size game overlays. These overlays are larger than the original “small” overlays but slightly smaller than the original “large” size overlays. They look and work great! 5. A standard size and formatted instruction sheet 6. 4 TOP SECRET mission file folders. Each one of these when open up, contain a description of the mission and game play instructions. 7. Zombie Outbreak First Aid Kit 8. Plastic box protector case to keep your game safe during shipping, storage and looks great for your display. Thanks, Stupus for the tip! I decided to buy a bunch of these and include them as part of the game release to help protect them during shipping. I worked so hard to make these I want them to reach you safe and sound. What is NOT included in this game that is needed to play? · Original 1972 Magnavox Odyssey system · Electronic Rifle (Unless it is the Deluxe kit) How much does it cost? This game will be slightly more expensive then the last release due to the following additional costs: Custom game card, Clear box protector included, purchased key board boxes for shipping (It was too much work making custom shipping boxes so I purchased keyboard shipping boxes that are slightly larger) $85 Plus shipping OFFICIAL RESERVATION LIST: * LIST KEY: [(P) = PAID] [(S) = SHIPPED] [(D+R)= DELUXE PACKAGE + RIFLE] [(D-R)= DELUXE PACKAGE - RIFLE] [(NUMBER BY NAME) = L.C.E. NUMBER ON THE MAIN GAME BOX] 0. ManCaveArcade Ianoid (P) (S) RESERVED (P) (S) STUPUS (D-R) (P) (S) Captain J (P) (S) Dastari Creel (P) (S) EEbuckeye (p) (s) STILL AVAILABLE TPR (P) (S) zodiacprime (D-R) (P) (S) Retrogmr (P) (S) PsychedelicShaman (D-R) (P) (S) Blazing lazers (D+R) (P) (S) Captain Combat (P) (S) ZHorton (P) (S) Atari2008 (D+R) (P) (S) STILL AVAILABLE SOLD (P) (S) BuckeyeFan_4eva (D-R) (P) (S) WalkingCarp (D-R) (P) (S) SOLD thejers (P) (S) SOLD SOLD STILL AVAILABLE SLYDC (P) (S) DELUXE SETS ARE ALL SOLD OUT AS OF 5/8/2020 DELUXE SETS + RIFLE $250 + shipping BOTH RESERVED: This includes the entire game kit above + Rifle + Additional overlay + Bonus material + Large Custom box that will hold all of these items. (D+R) Beside your name. DELUXE SETS - RIFLE ($TBD) + shipping: This includes the entire game kit + Additional overlay + Bonus material + Large Custom box that will hold all of these items. (D-R) Beside your name. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY MONEY UNTIL ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE BUILT AND READY TO SHIP! The first prototype game is mostly complete and the rest are still in the production process. I am doing this pre-order based on your integrity to pay in full at the time of project completion which is estimated sometime in MAY or JUNE at the latest. So to reserve your copy, you must make a post here AND send me a PM with your FIRST AND LAST NAME, FULL SHIPPING ADDRESS (This is required to determine shipping, identify you when you make a Paypal payment and for actual shipping), and I will add you to the list. Please do not get on the list if you are not 100% certain that you want one and are willing to pay. I am only making 25 copies of this game because it is such a time consuming (and expensive) project so I don’t want to turn away any serious members who want one and then end up with extras due to non-payment. Be assured that this is a ManCaveArcade quality project and I WILL DELIVER IN A TIMELY MANNER. If there is any delay at all for any reason, you will receive weekly updates. My last games got great reviews so feel free to check out my old pre-order threads for feedback. MORE PICTURES COMING SOON!
  11. I have finished a new game I've been working on. Its based on the text based game Big Rig. I have tried to keep the feel of the original game while improving the interface and visual aspects. Ive wanted to do an Oregon Trail style game since I was a kid. I could never really think of a good topic to do and didn't want to do a clone. I felt this would be a fun project. So basically this game is a 1990ish sorta edutainment simulation style game where you drive from Los Angeles to New York. If anyone feels like checking it out here is a link. https://elijahgardner.itch.io/...ing-ms-dos
  12. Another new project on AtariOnline.pl; binary available... Dude Story - WIP (Google Translated)
  13. Hello Atari Age members Funny story - I am an american football nut (later coached football as an adult) and as a teenager in the 80's attempted to code a football game on my Atari 800. My vision was to build game that had somewhat realistic variations and outcomes based on the offensive and defensive plays that were selected, the trends of events in the game, etc. I was able to construct a basic shell- define the graphics, the layout of the screen, the core graphics approach, and a basic "prediction engine" that somewhat realistically produced an outcome of each play. For example, a nickel defense would provide better coverage against most passes, but may be vulnerable against a surprise run...or a blitz would have a greater chance of sacking the QB, but would leave some vulnerabilities in pass coverage if the sack didn't happen, etc. As a high school student, I drew out each formation, pass coverage, etc. and also produced a computer "AI" (if you can call it that) to pick the best plays depending on the game situation. I created the skeleton of the game, some run plays installed, no pass plays, and you couldn't actually play a game - you could play 3 or 4 downs and the game would stop because it was incomplete. This was in the mid-1980s...then life got in the way and I got too busy/lost interest in 8-bit programming as I went to college, etc. However, a couple of years ago (I'm now in my 50's!) I began to wonder if I could resurrect and complete the game. I managed to locate the original 5.25 diskette which luckily was in a plastic case, bought an interface cable, moved the code to my PC, got an emulator, and began trying to remember the code and approach I had started 30+ years before. To make a long story short, after a lot of re-training myself and looking at some old paper documents on the prediction engine, the game is complete. My kids and I have play tested it about 60 times. After 30+ years I finally got it done. The graphics, as you will see are rudimentary and laughable. However I do think we've achieved some interesting game play that makes it a kick to play. I've had games that were 50-7, others that were 7-6 dogfights, games that had 300+ yards passing with 4 touchdown passes, others where the pass game simply didn't click and it was a ground focused game. I'm about 50/50 against the computer AI. It's not perfect, but for folks who are interested in football strategy as well as Atari 8 bit games, it may be a little bit of nostalgic fun. The disk image is attached- the game itself is called "BOWL8BIT" and is written in Atari BASIC. Would love to hear any comments, good or bad, either on the football aspect or on the Atari aspect. Some interesting Atari coding notes: * People will recognize the graphics characters as a redefined character set - I wrote my own joystick-driven "INSTEDIT" type character editor as a teenager and used this to generate the code and data statements that form the shapes of the football players and graphics * I stole the code from some magazine (Antic, I think) to create the custom display list, with Graphics 0 at the top and bottom and the Graphics 1 mode which makes up the football field Game play notes: * You can choose a "long" or "short" game- in long games plays take 30 seconds of clock time each, in a short game plays take a minute of clock time each Best regards to all Atarians Mr. CTIA Final 2020 Football Disk.atr
  14. I wasn't sure if this would be the right place to post, but I was wondering if there was a way to get in contact with folks that did game repairs. I have quite a few things I want to have fixed, and just don't have the time or resources to do it myself.
  15. Just an update from the developer of Knabber Rob. Knabber Rob is my idea of "What if the Bat had to put back the treasures he stole?". How would it feel to control said Bat? The game has two hand designed 256 screen maps with a third semi randomized map. 8 treasures must be found and placed in their specific chest. Easy mode gives you an echolocation clue to each chest. Neo Games and I have been polishing Knabber Rob further in an attempt to get this game launched. I've incorporated some of the feedback that was gathered between finding new publishers. Some changes with release candidate 3: * New Knabber Rob and Dragon graphics * Completely new world 1 map * All new versions of screens to traverse * Clock timer (6:00:00) changed to hourglass (⏳60) counter. * After 60+ hourglass ticks you *may* get additional time. Chances for additional time eventually go to zero. * Had to change horizontal scrolling a bit due to technical issues
  16. Hi, Burning Disc is not dead. Final name about my Winjammers project for Colecovision is Wind Edge. Link to Wind Edge Completed : - Entirely playable - Six functinals courts - Efficient AI about moves - Specials attacks working - Include sounds - Operational two player mode To do list : - Fix a lot of glitches (especially in one player mode) - Add more gfx - Improve AI about attacks and opponent behavior (too efficient about the latter) - Add more music and sfx - Optimize code
  17. Jaguar HSC__SEASON 14 Game Selection Congratulations to our top three finishers from last season Machine, doctor_shred, and masematte! Congrats on a great season and winning an awesome prize! The HSC will be taking a short break and returning with a new Season (14--did 13 already) on May 1st 2020! **Please let me know below the top 10 games you would like to see in season 14.**
  18. Ever since i laid eyes upon Laurens Simonis and Yiri T. Kohl's TNT Terry, i wanted to know if there was more beyond the existing prototype cartridges and potos showcasing the game playable during one of the old JagFests. That led me in contacting Yiri, who worked as graphic artist in the project (http://yiri.maniac.com/ego_lynx.html) via Facebook and sure enough, i found him in October 2018 but took a year later for Yiri to respond my DM. He told me about his experience working for the Lynx, stating the following: - "I hear you! Unfortunately developing stuff for the actual hardware is,or at leas was, at the time, not as simple as, say, pick up a c++ devkit for making something run a a gameboy advance.... Which is why I never picked up the project again in later years." Afterwards, i told him if by some miracle he had artwork for TNT Terry after all these years, since they could be lost for some reason. Luckily, he did and send me a .zip file containing all of the surviving artwork for the project. I want to thank Yiri T. Kohl for preserving his decades-long work and allowing me to showcase it for everybody. Here's the .zip file for all to enjoy. I hope someday that a .ROM of the TNT Terry demo is preserved for historical purposes... :) Also, check out Yiri's other website, which hosts a GBA homebrew conversion of Oil's Well: https://shintaro.home.xs4all.nl/shinlabs/index.html tnt_terry.zip TERRY.tif
  19. Take a cartridge like the 2600 Adventure, and there’s numerous “hacks” (someone changed the original binary). Some of which have just changed graphics, but some may have changed sounds, maps, number of lives, and beyond changing data, some may even have changed code. I thought about speeding up Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man, or changing graphics, colors and more with TI Invaders. Also I thought about a utility to have maybe a definition file for each cartridge locating “objects” like graphics, sprites, colors, sounds, text, invulnerability etc., and then the ability to easily “inject” changed objects. Anyway, I ripped TI Invaders graphically. I start out with an 8K ROM and one 8K GROM. Now it looks like the ROM is only 4K (same chunk repeated). I expected the GROM to be 6K, but then almost 1K looks rather empty. The last 2K obviously being “leftovers” and looks like intertwined repeats. Well, just thought I’d tell you. I’m having a few ideas about a hacked TI Invaders. Should have a twist, be slick and fun too.
  20. Hi all, When I was a kid I used to go to the local arcade hall and play a platform game that played out in an asia / oriental world where a little guy shot balls in different colors at the enemy creatures. I wanna show it to my kids - but I cant recall the name of the game ? Help !!! =)
  21. New game in development: The game was initially planned to be released on 8bit "Forever" party in March. The party was cancelled due to outbreak of the coronavirus, which allowed the team to expand the initial scope and polish quality of the game. It is almost complete and we are well... adding even more polish and some fancy stuff like extended "intro" and "outro". There is no set release date yet, but we are providing the game trailer to make the quarantine time more enjoyable 🙂
  22. Anybody have any idea if Jeepers Creepers will ever be available in the Atariage Store again?
  23. Hi, I'm happy to present (on behalf of the team: Xeen, stRing and myself) the preview of our little game "Assembloids XE" which is being prepared for ABBUC Software Contest 2013. It's a reflex/reaction game based on C64 "Assembloids" published by RGCD last year (http://www.rgcd.co.u...s-c64-2013.html), which in turn was based on flash game "Quartet" by Photon Storm (http://www.photonsto...m/games/quartet). What could be interesting for you, it is the first Atari game that uses a combination of GR9 and GR8 (changed every second line). So we have low resolution graphics mode with 16 luminances and we mix it with hires mode (adding PMG underlayer) which jointly gives quite unusual graphical effect. Hope you like it Programming: Marek "Xeen" Cora / Agenda Graphics: Adam Wachowski Music & sound effects: Michal "stRing" Radecki / Agenda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjzV_DzKW_w
  24. Over on the Atari 8 bit forums, they are having a contest where they challenge programmers to "write a game in ten lines of basic"! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234337-basic-ten-liners-contest-2015/?hl=+basic%20+contest I wondered if I it was possible to write an IntyBasic Game in 10 lines.... Only one way to find out! So I gave it a try.... The result is snake! (Click to animate) Here is the whole program: start: cls : for i = 0 to 19 : poke $200+i,(56*+1 : poke $200 + (20 * 11) + i,(56 * +1 : if i < 11 then poke $200+(20 * i),(56 * +1 : poke $213 + (20 * i) , (56 * + 1 ' line 1 next i : food = 0 : score = 0 ' line 2 dim snake(180) ' line 3 for i = 0 to 179 : snake(i) = 0 : next i : snake(0) = 130 : snake(1) = 131 : slen = 1 : #sdir = 1 : poke $200 + 130,(56 * + 2 : poke $200 + 131, (56 * + 2 ' line 4 loop: wait ' line 5 if food = 0 then food = RAND : if (food > 240) OR (peek($200 + food) <> 0) then food = 0 else poke $200+food,(38 * + 5 ' line 6 if cont1.left then #sdir = -1 else if cont1.right then #sdir = 1 else if cont1.up then #sdir = -20 else if cont1.down then #sdir = 20 ' line 7 if (frame AND $0f) = 0 then #adrs = snake(slen) + #sdir + $200 : if (peek(#adrs) AND $07f8) = (56 * then goto game_over else poke #adrs,(56 * + 2 : if #adrs = (food + $200) then slen = slen + 1 : snake(slen) = #adrs : food = 0 : score = score + 1 else poke $200 + snake(0),0 : for I = 0 to slen : snake(i) = snake(i+1) : next i : snake(slen) = #adrs ' line 8 goto loop ' line 9 game_over: print at 25, "game over" : print at 44, "score = " : print <3> score : wait : if cont2.key = 12 then goto game_over else goto start' line 10 Here is a longer, more readable version (essentially the same program spread over more lines with some comments...) rem snake program rem copyright 2015 rem Catsfolly CONST bluex = (56 * + 1 CONST redx = (56 * + 2 CONST greenf = (38 * + 5 CONST backtab = $200 dim snake(180) ' snake data (offset from start of backtab for each snake piece start: cls ' clear the screen for i = 0 to 19 poke backtab+i,bluex ' draw the top border poke backtab + (20 * 11) + i,bluex ' draw the bottom border if i < 11 then poke backtab+(20 * i),bluex : poke backtab + 19 + (20 * i) , bluex ' top and bottom borders next i food = 0 ' food position. 0 means no food on screen score = 0 ' score rem init snake for i = 0 to 179 : snake(i) = 0 : next i ' clear offsets (probably not necessary…) snake(0) = 130 : snake(1) = 131 ' put first 2 segments in the center of the screen slen = 1 ' there are two segments, number 0 and 1 #sdir = 1 ' direction is "1" (add one to the current address to get to the next square) poke backtab + 130,redx ' draw the first two segments poke backtab + 131, redx loop: wait rem if there is no food then try a random number. If the random number < 240 and the location at backtab rem + the number is blank, then draw the food there and set food to the random number if food = 0 then food = RAND : if (food > 240) OR (peek(backtab + food) <> 0) then food = 0 else poke backtab+food,greenF rem set the direction variable based on the controls (uses exact directions, so probably unplayable with a rem real intelliision controller if cont1.left then #sdir = -1 else if cont1.right then #sdir = 1 else if cont1.up then #sdir = -20 else if cont1.down then #sdir = 20 if (frame AND $0f) <> 0 then goto loop ' slow down the action #adrs = snake(slen) + #sdir + backtab ' get the address of the next square for the snake if (peek(#adrs) AND $07f8) = (56 * then goto game_over ' if its an x, goto game over poke #adrs, redx ' put an x at the new square rem if the new square is where the food was, make the snake longer, set food to zero, and inc the score rem otherwise clear the first square of the snake, and shift the addresses down in the array if #adrs = (food + backtab) then slen = slen + 1 : snake(slen) = #adrs : food = 0 : score = score + 1 else poke backtab + snake(0),0 : for I = 0 to slen : snake(i) = snake(i+1) : next i : snake(slen) = #adrs goto loop game_over: print at 25, "game over" print at 44, "score = " print <3> score : wait if cont2.key = 12 then goto game_over else goto start The game checks for exact up, down, left, and right values on the controls, so it might be difficult to play on real hardware. Here are the files: snake.bas snake_readable.bas snake.rom How about you? Why not take a break from your mega-epic-kroztastic-supergame project, and write a game 10 lines of basic? Catsfolly
  25. set kernel_options playercolors player1colors dim zombiewalk=a dim zombiewalk2=b dim zombiewalkdelay=c dim zombiewalk2delay=d dim zombiespeed=e dim ballwasshot=f CTRLPF=$21 playfield: ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX end player0: %1101100 %0100100 %0100100 %0100100 %0100100 %0010100 %0001000 %0001011 %1111111 %1111111 %0101010 %0011100 %0001000 %0011100 %0100010 %1000001 %1000001 %1000001 %0100010 %0011100 end player1color: $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F0 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $F4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 $C4 end player1: %00011001 %00010010 %00010010 %00010010 %00011110 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10011000 %10111101 %10111101 %10111001 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end COLUBK=6 COLUPF=244 player0x=138 player0y=79 player1x=17 player1y=79 zombiespeed=20 ballheight=1 ballx=139 bally=71 ballwasshot=0 loop drawscreen player1: %00011001 %00010010 %00010010 %00010010 %00011110 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10011000 %10111101 %10111101 %10111001 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end if zombiewalk=1 then player1: %01100110 %01000100 %00100100 %00100100 %00011000 %00010000 %00011110 %10011100 %10111000 %10111010 %10111010 %10111010 %01111110 %00011100 %00011110 %00110001 %00111111 %00110101 %00111111 %00011110 end if switchreset then reboot if joy0left then player0x=player0x-1 if joy0right then player0x=player0x+1 if !joy0fire && !ballwasshot then ballx=player0x+1 if joy0fire then ballwasshot=1 if ballwasshot then ballx=ballx-2 if player0x>138 then player0x=138 if player0x<16 then player0x=16 if player1x>138 then player1x=138 if collision(ball,player1) then player1x=16:ballx=player0x+1:ballwasshot=0:score=score+1 zombiewalkdelay=zombiewalkdelay+1 if zombiewalkdelay=zombiespeed then zombiewalk=zombiewalk+1:zombiewalkdelay=0:player1x=player1x+1 if zombiewalk=2 then zombiewalk=0 goto loop The code was compiling and executing fine a while ago, but now, wherever I place my cursor, there is a syntax error there. Any tips?
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