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Found 35 results

  1. I also met a very nice guy named Brutezilla. Or maybe Brucezilla? Not sure...
  2. Looking to buy (or rent if you'd rather hold on to it) a Drag 'n Derp USB cart for Gameboy. I am not interested in any SD card flash cart.
  3. Hello People, this Topic will contain 2 Topics in one Topic 1:Change Roms on Activision Anthology GBA Is there a way to change just 1-5 roms on the GBA Version of Activision Anthology, if yes can i then get a Guide how? Topic 2:Concept for Atari Anniversary Advance Volume 2 I have a very good idea for a Volume 2 Version of Atari Anniversary Advance This Version should contain 6 Arcade Games from Atari via META Emulation Technology (That is, what the disclaimer said.) and contain a little Bonus, Just like Volume 1 contained Atari Trivia Challenge. Here is the Little Comparison List Volume 1 Volume 2 Asteroids Asteroids Deluxe Battlezone Red Baron Centipede Millipede Missile Liberator Command Super Warlords Breakout Tempest Black Widow or Major Havoc Atari Your Choice between: Trivia -Army Battlezone Challenge -Atari 400 BASIC (with Virtual Keyboard) (Bonus or Content) -Arcade Gallery what do you think?
  4. Hi all I'm thinking about releasing the OST of Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death (when the game is released for Colecovision), but I want to make a very high end release even if is only digital. My first idea was a Caverns Of Death OST with the music of every port of the game. But I think "Why not making a ENORMOUS RELEASE with the music of Sacred Tribe too and with music of at least 6 systems, an acoustic track and a bonus ROM with serial for the first 25 orders?". Basically like 60 tracks (or more) So, my idea is the next one: Sydney Hunter Definitive OST! - Sydney Hunter and the Shrine Of Perils music of Intellivision - Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe OST music of Intellivision, MSX, NES. - Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death OST music of Colecovision, Sega Master System FM Sound, Gameboy. - A special acoustic song of Sydney Hunter and Sacred Tribe. - First 25 orders gets a ROM with the OST of both games for Intellivision. (Yes, even the Caverns Of Death music!) - Digital release, high quality FLAC files without compression. - Physical release? If the people wants, sure! Any ideas? Anybody is interested? Thanks for reading c:
  5. Takes me back to my teenage days!
  6. From the album: RetroElectroDad Console Collection

    Game Boy Advance SP Classic NES Edition.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  7. gulps

    GBA/GBC/MGB link port

    Adaptor for cable link port for GBA, GBC, and MGB consoles. They have a bump along one edge exactly the same as the GBA link port, but will accept the cable plugs from a GBC and MGB console.

    © http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/gba-gbc-mgb-link-port

  8. gulps

    GB GG Resolution x3 480p

    Resolution comparison from GameBoy (GB) and Game Gear (GG) with zoom x3 (160x144 x3 = 480x432) at 480p. Perfect pixel zoom.
  9. gulps

    GB GG Resolution x1 240p

    Resolution comparison from GameBoy (GB) and Game Gear (GG) without zoom (160x144) at 240p. Native.
  10. If you don't care to read but just grab it here ya go: https://github.com/AntonioND/ucity Basically what you have here is an 8bit GBC (only) version of more or less the SNES version of Sim City but with a few small minor addition such as wind farms for power. The game like the SNES has all sorts of land/water based maps that generate when you select them, but it offers a lot of save spaces too. It appears to be a MBC5+RAM+BATTERY, 128KB ROM, 128KB RAM if someone had the tech to make their own cart. Just like real Sim City you can lose, but there is no end game to win other than maxing out your space allowed. It has all the various upgrades and space promotions based upon total population size. A very solid looking game with a decent little sound track and effects to back it up as well. It's a shame no one had the smarts or will to bother doing this legit back in GBC's life time.
  11. All my Dreamcast games at €15 (excluding postage) and price drop for my genesis and gameboy game Escape 2042! http://orionsoft.free.fr
  12. A new channel is on YouTube called Video Game Stars. Anyway, this video is about the first video game in space. Packed a lot of stuff in just a minute long video.
  13. Hello guys n' gals.... I have a DMG Gameboy with a screwed up LCD. The right part is darker than the left and it has a horizontal line.... (I think I bent the H/V ribbon cables too much...) Could it be replaced??? The LCD is custom, but I have been able to find simmiliar screen sizes and resolutions on the 'Bay... I'd try to get a Gameboy Pocket LCD if I could find them. Probably a Color/Advance LCD wont fit? Any options? Thanks....... Al.
  14. I'm selling some of my prototype/eprom cartridges... Here it is the first for Gameboy on Ebay... eBay Auction -- Item Number: 171568020077
  15. With the Wii U having the gamepad screen why no DS player like the GameBoy player ? And with 3D TV's it seems like you could even play them in 3D or just 2D. I know many only like to play hand held games on hand held systems and a GameBoy player would shrink the screen size on a TV but I know there are some who like to have the option to play on the TV. Since you can play PSVita on TV with the PSVita TV system you would think Nintendo would make it possible too. Probably a stupid but I always enjoyed this option with the GameBoy series.
  16. From the album: MY Collection

    The 2nd rarest game I own. This is a copy of SML2 not for resale used by nintendo of america employees.

    © jamvan1000

  17. Super Game Boy 2 cable link allows Game Boy cartridges to be played on a Super Nintendo Entertainment System console. Additions included a link port to allow a user to access two-player mode via the link cable.

    © https://bonusstagemagazine.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/periferico-super-game-boy/

  18. Resolution comparison from GameBoy (GB) and Game Gear (GG) with zoom x3 (160x144 x3 = 480x432) at 480p. Perfect pixel zoom. Image scaled down to 240p.
  19. I'm a huge gba fan, it's easily my favorite system, but I've never gathered the collection up for pictures until now. I went with thumbnails over full size pics but most blow up quite large. First up is my AGS-101 Kiosk which sits on my phone stand. It's got Mario Tennis in it. I've been meaning to get more insert/demo combinations, but that hasn't happened yet. Next up is my wireless dueling set in a waterproof case. In there are two charging cables, a double charger, two flash carts, two wireless links and two custom re-cased two-tone AGS-101 models. Here are my Game Boy Micros and related accessories. The two 'budget pack' micro systems are both still sealed. Here are my other two GBA SP units. The black one is a 001 and the pink is yet another 101. With them are my flash carts. Somewhere around here I also have an FA128 and a parallel linker, but they went AWOL for the photo shoot. Here are my oldschool gbas. The white one is Afterburner modified. With them are some odd accessories. The two that are more rare are the 'GBA transverter' which attaches to the back and outputs a TV signal, and the 'Game Wallet' which loads flash carts from smartmedia through the link port. Both were used in an attempt at making a larger handheld with a tv out and joystick port (pre-gamecube gameboy player). I never made it a case, but it worked well and was sure fun to play: Here are my unlicensed games. 3 are sealed, which is odd for unlicensed games since most didn't come that way. The second pic is a close up of the pirates (which have neat labels), the third pic is hacks/homebrew. The kirby game is just a packaged up NES emulator that plays the first kirby game, and Blast Arena Advance is my only scratchbuilt homebrew cart (and it's awesome). Above are my standard commercial games--the games on the left are factory sealed. Of the sealed ones, I expect pocket professor and mazes of fate to become quite rare. Of the unsealed, Payback and Racing Gears Advance might increase in demand. I can't really imagine ever parting with any of them, though. And last but certainly not least, is my personal Game Boy Advance 'Holy Grail.' A NIB Visteon Dockable Entertainment Center with install kit. For those who have forgotten, this was a 10" portable dvd player which also played GBA games and came with a car dock.
  20. So I have noticed lately that the game gear case is horribly designed in this regard, placing the game cases above the screen which will eventually scratch them. My Lynx case also has stuff move around it sometimes, though I use my sun visor as a screen protector basically I tried putting a small screen cleaning rag on my GameGear but it always slides off exposing the screen to potential damage.. SO....what do you guys do to keep your screens scratch free? I swear one of the best tertiary design effects of the DS two screens layout is that it keeps the scratches off. Kids still manage to destroy them somehow. Thanks in advance!
  21. I have a lot of games I'm trying to get rid of so I wanted to offer them here before they end up at the game store. I may entertain cash offers but mostly looking for trades at the moment. Maybe closer to the end of the week for cash. I have my wishlist along with the other stuff in the attached link. Feel free to offer any items that aren't specifically on my wishlist, especially NES/Famicom, SNES, and PS1 games and/or accessories. Action/platformers, puzzle, and horror games are good for me. Send me a PM with any offers, and please get your offers in by Friday around 12:00 noon EST. Edit: Continental US only please https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/134tHlI07W4mDp5KlxVfEpaE6t_-P4xLgUSyQTTnA5sc/edit?usp=sharing
  22. I knew I would want more sooner or later so I made this thread if you want to see my vectrex "wantings" Click the link http://www.atariage...._1#entry2472800 Nothing Sealed Pls Anyways here's the list: Consoles Atari Lynx 2 Loose Gameboy Advance SP Spongebob Edition GameBoy Micro 20th annerversary of Mario thing CIB Intellivision 2 with hook ups Gameboy Light Macintosh Plus Macintosh Color Classic eMac iBook 1st gen blueberry color iPod Shuffle 1st gen Commodore PET Commodore 64 ZX Spectrum Any IBM computer from the 80s Cables Gameboy AC adapter Gameboy Micro AC adapter GBA Games I don't care if the game here are CIB boxed or comes with something Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu Atari 2600 Games loose pls will pay 50 cents each for the more common ones I would prefer if you sell to me a bunch of them in a lot or so. I also don't care for label variations Combat 2 Atari Video Cube 3D Rubiks Cube Football Air Sea Battle Casino Basic Math Golf Home Run Human Cannonball Indy 500 x2 Realsports Baseball Realsports Volleyball Realsports Football RealSports Tennis Sky Jinks Slot Racers Space Jockey Space War Street Racer Venture Star Raiders Trick Shot Haunted House Kangaroo Pele's Soccer Video Olympics Arcade Golf Canyon Bomber Bowling Frogs And Flies Tax Avoiders Grand Prix Laser Blast Megaforce Night Drivers Riddle of the Sphinx Star Trek Star Voyager Super Challenge Baseball Super Football Vanguard Video Pinball Carnival Freeway Othello Sky Diver Other things any IBM or Apple mouse any Talking Heads CD album More coming soon, I know, I'm slow
  23. i have the following games for trade/sale -Pokemon Tetris (for pokemon mini console) *SOLD* brand new ( and unused of course ) ,sealed with the strip/sticker of the official importer of nintendo products in Greece,Nortec. -Qix (for gameboy) same as the above but this time sealed with the sticker of the older importer ( up to '97-'98 ),Itochu. *Both are european versions. *The games will be shipped from Greece so they will take up to 3 weeks to be delivered to US and up to 2 to Europe
  24. Just looking to fill my collex with some fun stuff. I'm open to suggestions too. I have lots of Intellivision and Atari commons to trade if you are into that. Batman The VG GB Bionic Commando GB Bionic Commando GBC Broken Sword GBA Castlevania II GB Castlevania Sorry/Harmony/Circle GBA Catrap GB Dragon Warrior I&I GBC Kid Icarus GB Kirby Nightmare in D'land GBA Lemmings GB/GBC Mario's Picross GB Metal Gear Solid GBC Ninja Five-O GBA (Long Shot) Operation C GB Pinball of the Dead GBA Pokemon (Any RPG) GB/C/A Pokemon Pinball River City Ransom GBA Simpsons Treehouse of Horror GBC Sonic Pinball Party GBA Super Mario Advance 4 GBA The Lost Vikings GBA Wario Land 3 GBC Warioware Twisted GBA Wings GBA Zelda: Link's Awakening GB/C
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