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Found 36 results

  1. Some days sports games are all that you find!
  2. Hi, I am a long standing member of Atari Age but I also have a retro game Etsy store. You do not have to sign up or be a member of Etsy to purchase, you can buy as a guest. Here is the Wii: Homebrewed Nintendo Wii Bundle. Plays GameCube and Retro | Etsy Thank you for looking. Everett
  3. Hi, I am a long standing member of Atari Age. I also run a Esty store. You do not have to sign up or be a member of Etsy to purchase, you can purchase as a guest as many Atari Age members have. Here is the Gamecube: Nintendo Indigo purple GameCube Homebrewed with Lots of | Etsy Thank you for looking! Everett
  4. You don't have to mod your Cube, but there are still a few steps to follow!
  5. clearing out some of my random video games. all prices are firm. shipping paid for by buyer. $45 Ps4 Controller version 2 New in box *2 of these* $40 Super Mario Oddessey $10 Walking dead season 2 Ps4 complete *rental sticker on disc* $10 Walking dead season 1 XB1 complete $ 3 Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories GBA cart only Wii: $15 plus shipping Goplay Lumerjacks *complete Wii play *complete* Glacier 3 the meltdown *disc only* Samurai Warriors Katana *disc only* Samba de amigo *disc only* Cranium Kabookii *disc only* Guinness world records the video game *disc only* Shaun white world stage *disc only* Ssx Blur *disc only* Sega Superstar tennis *disc only* Battle of the bands *complete* Hannah Montanna the movie *complete* My word coach *disc only* Gamecube $5 plus shipping for the pair *complete unless noted* $3 naruto clash of ninja 2 *missing booklet* $3 Hulk *missing booklet* Ps2 game lot: $20 plus shipping World Championship poker Howard lederer's dvd edition *complete* Tiger woods 2003 *complete* Ghost recon *missing booklet* Ps2 disc only: Snoopy vs the red barron SIngstar latino The Incredible Hulk Rebel raiders operation nighthawk Rouge Trooper Fight Night 2004 Sims 2 X Squad
  6. clearing out some of my random video games. all prices are firm. min of 2 games per sale to save on shipping material. shipping paid for by buyer. PC: $5 StarCraft 2 Legacy of the void ps3: *complete* $10 Wet $8 Alien Isolation Nostromo Edition $8 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition $5 Heavenly Sword *missing booklet* $5 The Last of us $5 Assassins creed black flag $3 Front Mission Evolved $3 Saints row IV *redbox sticker on disc* $3 Brutal Legend $3 Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 $3 Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 $3 Two Worlds 2 $3 Max Payne 3 $3 Assassins creed 2 $3 Fifa Soccer 12 $3 Fifa Soccer 10 $1 Singstar Ps3*loose* $3 Call of duty black ops 2 $3 Final Fantasy XIII $3 Army of Two $3 Eat lead the return of mat hazzard $3 Dark Void $2 Tiger woods 08 $2 Nba 2k9 Xbox 360 *disc only, most have some jagoffs name on it. looks like it would clean off easy.* *in paper cd sleeves* $3 each The Bureau Xcom Declassified *complete* Hitman Absolution *disc only* Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Ghost recon future soldier Halo Reach Frontlines fuel of war Battlefeild bad company 2 Assassins creed Assassins creed 2 Assassins creed 3 Assassins creed Brotherhood Assassins creed Black flag Assassins creed Revelations Dark Sector Battlefield 4 Air Conflicts Secret war Halo 4 Crysis 2 Crysis 3 Hunter edition Mercenaries 2 World in flames The Crew Mortal Kombat vs dc universe The outfit Wii: $3 Bleach Shattered Blade *missing booklet* $2 Wii play *complete* $2 Glacier 3 the meltdown *disc only* $2 Samurai Warriors Katana *disc only* $2 Samba de amigo *disc only* $2 Cranium Kabookii *disc only* Xbox *complete* $4 XIII Gamecube *complete unless noted* $3 Hulk *missing booklet* Ps2: $2 World Championship poker Howard lederer's dvd edition *complete* $2 Tiger woods 2003 *complete* $2 Ghost recon *missing booklet* 4k Movie: $4 The Divergent Series: Allegiant *4k disc and case only* Bluray Movies *blu ray only. no dvds or digitals* *with case* $3 Sausage party $3 American history x $3 Star wars The force awakens $3 Dirty grandpa Unrated $3 SpongeBob Sponge out of water $3 The Smurfs $3 The Internship Unrated $3 007 Skyfall $3 Money for nothing *new sealed* $2 The Goonies *artwork is beat up* Bluray Movies Disc only $3 The Revenant $3 Deadpool $3 The Divergent Series: Allegiant $2 2Guns $2 Hit & Run $2 Harry Potter and the sorcers stone $2 Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets $2 Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix $2 Twilight Breaking dawn part 2 $2 The Incredible burt wonderstone $2 The Lone Ranger $2 Corpse Bride Tv Seasons DVD: *complete* $3 Family Guy Volume 4 $3 Family Guy Volume 1 Seasons 1 & 2 $3 South Park The COmplete 3rd season $3 Ugly Betty The Bettyfied Edition season 1 $3 Sleepy Hollow Season 1 $3 How i met your mother season 3 $3 Cougar Town season 1 $2 The Office All season *has the uk & us version* 17 discs 1st season of bolth. there are scratches on some the discs untested Dvds: with case $4 How to train your dragon 2 *sealed* $4 Ice Age continental drift *sealed* $3 Happy Feet *sealed* $2 WWE No Way Out 2004 *Eddie vs Brock for the title* $2 WWE TLC 2009 $2 WWE DOuble Feature Twist of fate & Shawn Michaels story $2 Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary Edition $2 Coming to america *sealed* $2 Scary Movie 4 Unrated *sealed* $2 Stone Angel *sealed* $2 American Pie 4 Play Pack *band camp,naked mile,beta house,book of love* $2 Wild Hogs *sealed* $1 New York Doll $1 Jackass #2 Unrated $1 Austin Powers Goldmember $1 Saw $1 Saw 2 $1 My Cousin Vinny $1 Veggie Tales The Star of Christmas $1 Call'n Bears - They Come to Eat! Hunters Specialties $1 Dragons world a fantasy made real $1 Grudge 2 Dvds Disc Only: $0.75 Each Hit & Run Crazy in Alabama Jerry Maguire The Virgin Suicides The Guardian Dantes Peak Cant Hardly Wait Smokey And the bandit part 3 Four Christmases The Nutty Professor The Mother Hips Beauty rock live at the catalyst Alfie Hot Boyz The incredible burt wonderstone Rocky Bullwinkle/ Josie and the pussy cats double disc Mchale's navy/ Thunderbirds DOuble Disc
  7. Hello! For those who didn't know, there is a Gamecube mod available to allow for video output superior to composite without paying for the ridiculously low quantity and overpriced component cable. I won't go into all the details, but basically someone dumped the information off of the fancy component cable and it's conversion chip that is in it. The information is freely available to read and use. Here's a link to the Github if you want to read more. You can find a couple different people showing the results on Youtube, and I'd like to say it just looks AMAZING via an HDMI cable. There's one example below of the amazing results but a not very amazing installation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyYyQy3oTPY&t=51s There are a couple people working on this project in various fashions, and there are a few major services to get this mod done, but they aren't looking overly healthy right now. BadAssConsoles has a preorder bit that's been up for around a year or so now, and he doesn't update consistently and has recently changed opinion from an internal mod to an external adapter. He's doing great work and all, but there's no real idea of when it'll get finished up. There is also VideoGamePerfection in the UK. They don't have nearly as ambitious a project going for this, but they're also so backed up on preorders that they have a waiting list for their waiting list. There's a few odd modders I've seen around that have their own plans in production, but there's not a good list to choose from of people to do it. Overall, I'm greatly interested in the mod. It offers HDMI for one of my favorite systems that doesn't have a great selection of options, and much like the N64, it doesn't really look great on HDTV via S-Video... Even through the Framemeister. With all this being stated and said, is there anybody who could possibly do this mod for me? I'd be willing to pay all the expenses needed and provide all the parts. I just don't feel confident in my soldering ability. I mean... I managed to replaced a power port on a couple SNES. That's about it. Here's the links below of some details plus the parts needed. (In case someone is interested in this for themselves and whatnot) Pluto FPGA Board - The circuit board that makes the magic happen! The one you'll want is the Pluto IIx . The site even sells some preprogrammed with the software. 3D Printable HDMI Mount - Link to the files for 3D printing a fancy plastic mount. Not required at all, but it looks really nice paired with the board. The Mod Details - The direct details to the mod itself on Github. Has anybody else been watching this?
  8. Once again, it's time to start clearing stuff out and raising money to buy homebrews. For the moment I'm just going to use this thread list some of my newer and higher-value items. I also have an old sale thread with items that I'll gradually migrate here. Anything there is still available. Prices do not include shipping, which will always be charged at exact cost. I'm mainly looking for sales, but will consider trades for certain items on my wantlist. OK, let's dive in: Sega Genesis: CIB: Gauntlet IV - $16.00 Boxed: Superman - $7.00 Other: Game Genie - $5.00 I have lots of other Genesis stuff that'll be joining this thread sooner or later. Much of it is in the old thread linked above. PlayStation 1: Sealed games: Crash Bandicoot 2 (Greatest Hits) - price TBA Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Greatest Hits) - price TBA Shrek Treasure Hunt - $5.00 Shooter Starfighter Sanvein - $5.00 Speedball 2100 - $6.00 Spyro the Dragon (Greatest Hits) - price TBA I also have 12-15 other games available for sale, mainly Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider games. Details forthcoming. GameCube: Wavebird controller: I have one, but I don't think I really want or need it. Details TBA, or ask if you're interested. CIB games: Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (Player's Choice) Pac-Man World 2 (on the fence about selling this) Super Mario Sunshine (Player's Choice) Atari ST: Harrier Strike Force (sealed) - $7.00 (no idea what to charge for this!) ------------- Prices do NOT include shipping. Buyers within the US and Canada preferred. All items will be well-packed in a box unless buyer and seller agree on a different shipping method. Payment via PayPal; gift payment (or adding 3% to cover fees) is always appreciated, but never demanded. Also feel free to look at my trader feedback thread; I also have one at Sega-16. Please provide references if you're new to Atariage.
  9. http://youtu.be/iujiCuAyu48 Here is Part 2 for Gamecube collectors looking to find more Hidden Gems for their library! Click here for Part 1 Games shown: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Killer7 Geist Ikaruga Skies of Arcadia Legends Capcom vs SNK 2 EO Gameboy Player I'm desperately trying to find a copy of Gotcha Force for Part 3...but man, is that game hard to find for a reasonable price!
  10. For those of you with a Wii or Gamecube, I have unique controller options that enable you to have an authentic flight yoke to play Star Wars Arcade which is a bonus game in the Gamecube title, Star Wars Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III. With this flight yoke, you can also play many Gamecube flight games- and there's even a way to go wireless with the flight yoke. If you are a fan of Star Wars, this can really up the fun in these games. Check it out:
  11. Although I haven't signed into AA in ages, I have been reading the forums regularly. I'm signing back on because I'm looking to unload some stuff. All items should be considered in fair, working, condition unless noted. This means scuffed discs, sticker residue on the cases, etc. Prices do not include shipping. US customers only. Payment via PayPal. If you'd like to ask a question about a particular item, make an offer, or getting a shipping quote, please send a PM. 3DO ProPad $15 DVD Mad Men Season 4 SEALED $7 Miami Vice Season 1 $2 Miami Vice Season 2 $2 Natural Born Killers Director's Cut SEALED $5 Intellivision BurgerTime $6 Checkers $3 Chess $3 Dungeons and Dragons Treasure of Tarmin $6 Microsurgeon $6 NBA Basketball $3 Skiing $3 Space Spartans SEALED $9 Tennis $3 Neo-Geo AES Super Famicom Style Controller $24 Nintendo DS Feel the Magic SEALED $8 Nintendo GameCube Animal Crossing w/case $31 NCAA Football 2003 w/case and Manual $5 Rainbow Six 3 w/case and manual $5 Spartan Total Warrior $6 Nintendo Wii Animal Crossing City Folk w/case and manual $25 Brothers in Arms: Double Time w/case and manual $5 Ghost Squad $4 Sega Genesis Rolling Thunder 2 $30 Two Crude Dudes $18 Sega Saturn retro-bit AV Cable $5 Sony PlayStation Assault Rigs $5 Gran Turismo FREE Nightmare Creatures $8 Nyko Classic Trackball $36 PSOne Power Supply $6 Shipwreckers $5 Street Fighter Alpha 3 $10 Tomb Raider 2 $5 Tunnel B1 $5 Sony PlayStation 2 Grand Theft Auto III w/case and manual $5 Zone of the Enders complete with demo disc $8 Sony PlayStation 3 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection SEALED $25
  12. Hello there fellow console enthusiasts! My gamecube console is having a severe problem in loading up games properly and playing sound. All the sound, from the startup music to menu sounds, are all heavily distorted and buzzing. On top of that, most games are not being loaded. Metroid Prime 2 just stays dark after the red Nintendo logo. But Pokemon colosseum freezes with a green screen (more flickerish green) after I'm able to choose the frequency of my tv (either ends up with a frozen screen). I recorded the problem: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lAGaKJ1O82hp23F2pSj9u5OZRPcgxaSm/view?usp=sharing Might anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Thanks! Jason Fyi: I formerly had problems with the lens but I adjusted the resistance of the laser so that it again could read discs.
  13. im looking for an indigo NTSC nintendo gamecube WITH a gameboy player, i dont need any cables or controllers. im looking for one with an ok or better condition, i dont really care about scratches as long as theyre not TOO noticeable, i currently have one with a burn mark melted on the nintendo logo. looking to replace it. this is my first post so sorry if it goes against the website's rules or anything
  14. http://youtu.be/YrMiPZQc8xg Even more Hidden Gems for the Nintendo Gamecube (Part 3) & Gamecube collectors looking to find more games for their library! Games Shown: Gotcha Force Tube Slider SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Pac-Man Vs. Tales of Symphonia Wario World Resident Evil 0 & 1 I-Ninja What do you think about the GameCube controller? Do you like it...or loath it?
  15. i know of the "Max Blue Chu Jelly" cheat, but all it does is give you another stack of what you already have. and that stack does nothing. so is there a cheat that adds blue chu jelly to the spoils bag? (playing on gamecube/wii with neogamma) if there isn't, can i make my own?
  16. I am just wondering...would be pretty awesome to have 3 systems in 1 if so. I'm always trying to reduce clutter and redundant systems if possible; so if i can make this happen i would like to. Since the Wii could natively play GC, and the Wii U contains Wii hardware, it should theoretically be possible? Thanks for any info.
  17. Hey all, Looking for some Orange OEM Game Cube controllers. Got kind of obsessed getting an Orange GameCube and grabbed one, so looking for a fair deal for some controllers. If they don't work, as long as they are not physically broken/smashed, as long as the deal is right, I might be interested BUT, I do want Original Nintendo ones. Thanks for your time ! -Dave
  18. I've decided to sell a few things of mine in hopes that I can get some other items for my collection. I could take them to eBay but after the fees and the hassle it almost doesn't seem worth it. And also note that all prices include shipping, and are negotiable, espeically if you buy multiple things. Anyway, here is what I'm selling. Sparkster SNES: Cart only unfortunately but its in great shape. I've had many hours of fun on this game. Asking $35 shipped for this. Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii: This comes complete. Has everything, tin case, slipcover, manual and black fold out insert. Oh, and of course the disc. The disc is nice, the manual shows little wear, the black fold out insert has a small tear because of a sticker that was on it, the case has 2 small dents as well. One on the top, and a rather small one on the front in the top right. They aren't extremely noticeable by any means but they are there. Also the top clip on the case doesn't close. The bottom one does, but the top does not. The slip cover is pretty good as well. Has some slight wear from just being used. I'm asking $65 shipped on this one. Windwaker Box: Basically mint. Has a gamestop sticker on the front of it but it is on the plastic and not the insert so it will come off very easily. No manual with this one unfortunately. But like I said its in great shape. Asking $20 shipped. Ocarina of Time/Master Quest Box and Manual: Both in very nice condition. Has the manual and the case both and like I said, in very nice condition. Asking $18 shipped on this. Super Mario Sunshine Box and Manual: The box is in nice shape and so is the manual. But, the manual has the name "Adam" printed on it. Somebody tried taking it off and has ripped part of the manual under the label. For the most part it can probably be salvaged, but it does have that flaw. Asking $15 shipped. So that is everything, like I said the prices include shipping and are negotiable, especially if you buy more than one item. I have done a few deals here on AtariAge before. Check with IntellivisionDude, Kefka14, boxpressed, and so on. Also you can check my eBay account for 100% positive feedback there as well, the name is dvskingcobra460. So thanks if you are interested in anything, please message me! -------------------------
  19. Rodea is barely played, and looking for a good home. $50 shipped CONUS. Note the tiny damage on the side of the casing. http://imgur.com/a/LCBxj Super Smash Bros Melee is being let go to help fund my increasing interest in comic books; $48 shipped CONUS. http://imgur.com/a/HmvHm If you're interested in a GameCube system to go with it (no controllers unfortunately), I can see if I can dig it up and toss it in for a $65 bundle, shipped CONUS.
  20. Who has both the box and manuals for these games on the sega master system? (Paying $5.00 each) Monopoly Black Belt Need only manuals for the following Sega Master System games: (Paying $3.00 each) Shinobi Rastan And I would like to have the manuals for these games on the Gamecube: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker ($9.00) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ($5.00) Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights ($2.00) Mario Superstar Baseball ($2.00) Mario Power Tennis ($2.00) Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader ($2.00) Finally, both the case and manuals for these games on the Gamecube: (Paying $7.00 each) Metroid Prime Pac-Man World 2
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