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Found 199 results

  1. The first episode of a new Atari 8-bit podcast, Player/Missile, is available at http://playermissile.com It should be in iTunes soon. I'm going to look at games and classic magazines that covered the Atari 8-bit systems, and go chronologically. This first episode is an introduction, and next episode I'll start covering 1979. My goal is to review one game per episode as well, and for the first episode I'm going to review Star Raiders. Sort of like Ferg's 2600 game-by-game podcast, I'll be looking for feedback from folks about the games that I'll talk about, so I'll announce the games in advance if you'd like to send in stories about the games. I'm looking forward to playing some of these games again, and maybe finding games I missed. If you have any suggestions, let me know!
  2. Atarigage XM update thread - latest news on the XM's status. Currently due out when it's done. With the 7800 expansion Module (XM) project in the works, I thought it might be useful to put together a comprehensive list of games that utilize the XM's features. Since not all who will be buying the XM will be 7800 veterans, having one will help a lot of people out. For those not in the know, the 7800XM is an hardware add-on for the Atari 7800. In a nutshell, it plugs into the cartridge port of the 7800 and acts as a pass-through device. It is compatible with existing 2600 and 7800 games and and adds additional features for 7800 games programmed to use them. The XM comes with the following features: High Score Cart (HSC) - The High Score Cart feature saves and stores player high scores from compatible games. Scores will be saved even if the console is turned off. Some original 7800 releases are compatible with this feature as it was a product that Atari planned but never released. High score cart games (that do not use the Music/RAM features) will work in a 7800 without the XM module, though high scores are not saved without it. For the moment, this feature is not available in PAL (available in Europe) games. POKEY/YAMAHA - Games with this feature utilize the XM's POKEY and/or Yamaha YM2151 sound chips for enhanced music and sound effects. The POKEY sound chip was developed at the same time as the 7800 and was intended to be added to 7800 game carts for enhanced sound beyond what the 7800's native hardware could produce. Due to Atari budget cuts, only the original 7800 games "Ballblazer" and "Commando" were released with it. The Yamaha YM2151 is an 8 channel FM sound chip used in some arcade machines in the mid to late 1980's. While never used in an Atari console, it adds the possibility of more accurate arcade sound. Games that use XM POKEY/YAMAHA will not work in a 7800 without the XM (unless otherwise noted). RAM - The XM contains an additional 128KB of ram for use in creating enhanced graphics pallets, additional sprites, larger levels and the like. Games that use XM RAM will not work in a 7800 without the XM. Expansion Ports - The XM has two expansion ports, a SIO Port and a 15 pin expansion port. The ports are intended for various add on projects such as keyboards or storage devices. The XM is confirmed to be XEGS keyboard compatible, though so far, only a tech demo demonstrating the keyboard working on the XM has been presented. (The XEGS was a console/computer hibred released by Atari in the late 1980's.) Pass-through Functionality - The XM is designed as a pass-through device, meaning that once it is plugged into your 7800, you can leave it in and play both 2600 and 7800 games without ever removing it. The cartridge guide has been modified in the XM to allow certain 2600 games that never fit properly in the 7800 to fit in the XM. Most, though not all 2600 games will fit into the XM. A list of compatible games is below. Keep in mind that not all 7800 homebrew in this list may still be available. It is rumored that a few other non-listed XM games are in the works, but are as yet, unannounced. If a game is on the list but is yet to be released, it will be marked as such. Updates will be made as more information appears. LAST UPDATED: July, 8, 2016 - Super Cobra, Dungeon Stalker, Armor Attack II, Astro Fighter, T:ME Salvo added. Added links to other listings. Other minor fixes. Special thanks to Trebor's fine list of homebrews for helping me update. March 18, 2015 - Rezolve added. Updated DK XM. Moved Frenzy to released. Revised status of projects with no known activity in the past few years. July 31, 2014 - AstroBlaster added. DK moved to released June 30, 2012 - Bentley Bear: Crystal Quest added November 11, 2012 - Updated Pokey Kong with new link and name. Updated Dig Dug XM listing November 25, 2012 - Froggie status change per author request, November 26, 2012 - Bentley Bear Status Change due to PacmanPlus leaving. Added Blocdrop. Totals (not including in progress games): HSC games: 28 Music games: 2 RAM games: 0 Expansion port items/games: 0 In progress/Unreleased games: 15 ------------------------------------ Legend: HSC = High Score Cart Compatible POKEY = uses POKEY music chip YAMAHA = uses Yamaha music chip RAM = uses XM RAM EXP = uses XM expansion ports DUAL = Can run in a 7800 without the XM. Music will default to original 7800 hardware without the XM. All HSC-only games are automatically DUAL. Example: Pac Man Collection Pokey – HSC / POKEY Original 7800 Releases – (HSC compatible/DUAL) Asteroids Dig Dug Centipede Food Fight Galaga Joust Ms. Pac Man Robotron 2084 Xevious Desert Falcon prototype Game Hacks Donkey Kong XM - HSC / POKEY - Donkey Kong hack, added level, music & cutscenes Super Cobra - HSC - Scramble Hack Homebrew Releases Armor Attack II - HSC Asteroids Deluxe - HSC Astroblaster - HSC Astro Fighter - HSC BeefDrop - HSC Beef Drop VE - HSC / POKEY / DUAL B*nQ - HSC Crazy Brix - HSC Crazy Otto – HSC Dungeon Stalker - HSC FailSafe - HSC Frenzy - HSC Jr. Pac-Man - HSC Moon Cresta - HSC Meteor Shower - HSC Pac-Man Collection - HSC Rip-Off - HSC Scramble - HSC Space Duel - HSC Space Invaders - HSC Super Pac-Man - HSC Homebrew Games - Completed but unreleased Bentley Bear: Crystal Quest - HSC / POKEY - (Complete/Awaiting release) Froggie - HSC / POKEY / DUAL - (Complete/Awaiting XM release) Ms. Pac Man 320 - HSC / POKEY / DUAL? - (Complete/Awaiting testing) Pac man 320 - HSC / POKEY / DUAL? - (Complete/Awaiting testing) Pac Man Collection Pokey - HSC / POKEY / DUAL - (Complete/Awaiting testing) Super Circus AtariAge - HSC / POKEY - (Complete/Awaiting testing) Homebrew Games in Progress Arkanoid - HSC / POKEY? - (In progress/PAL version being adjusted) BlocDrop - POKEY? / YAMAHA? / DUAL? - (in Progress) Dig Dug XM - HSC? / YAMAHA - Dig Dug music hack. (in Progress) T:ME Salvo - HSC - (In Progress) Unknown 2 controller based game - Unknown - (Mentioned but status unknown) Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars - POKEY? - (Possibly Dead) Apple Snaffle - POKEY / RAM - (Possibly Dead) Dungeon! – HSC / POKEY / RAM - (Possibly dead) Fruitarian - POKEY / RAM - (Possibly Dead) Halloween - POKEY / RAM - (Possibly Dead) Outpost 23 (formerly Monster!) - POKEY / RAM - (Possibly Dead) Rezolve - POKEY - (Possibly Cancelled) Pinout - Unknown - (Canceled due to technical issues) Warbirds - HSC / POKEY? - (Probably canceled [programmer banned]) XM Expansion Port Hardware XEGS Keyboard compatible. No software support as yet.
  3. Hello fellow Atari enthusiasts! I just started my retro gaming journey with a console I have loved since I was a kid. I decided that I would share my retro gaming experience with the world through my new YouTube channel. My first video is up and it is an unboxing of the 2600 Vader console and some games I have picked up so far. If you’re interested, please check it out. And constructive criticism is very welcomed. Thanks! Unboxing Atari 2600 Vader Console
  4. I got a good sized collection so far even got some rare stuff. Rockin the Vader cus it’s the best vcs in my opinion.
  5. Mille Borne is a French card game of auto racing currently being sold by Parker Bros. The actual card game can be played with 2-6 players but the computer game is 2 player only; you vs. computer. The object of the game is accumulate enough mile cards to make it to the finish line. But there are hazards along the way that will keep you from that goal. If you haven't ever played the game refer to the manuals I have included with the game .zip file. in this computer version there are a few differences. a.) to start the game you can choose a long game (standard 1000 miles/5000 total) or short game (700 miles/3000 total). b.) when playing a safety or Coupe Fourre you don't get an extra turn. (it was too much trouble to implement). I think everything else is the same. some history on the program. This game is a translation of a game I have had on the Atari 8-bit forever. I have no idea where it came from on the Atari. I would love to credit the programmer but have no idea who he or she is. On programming the game. As I said, this is a translation from Atari 8-bit BASIC. At first I thought that it would be a direct translation but the differences in how the strings work on the Atari BASIC to convert to TI-XB turned out to be too time consuming. So, basically, I just rewrote the TI-XB with guidance from the original program. Some of the code looks a little, out of place. this is usually the code I pulled directly from the Atari BASIC. This probably makes the code a little slower than if I had programmed it in TI-XB from scratch but I didn't want to spend an additional week to just fine tune for a few seconds of speed. Anyway, enjoy the game. UPDATE: forgot to mention, I have a small simple routine that redefines the character set to true lower case. only takes about 3 seconds to load in XB. should even work in console BASIC. just cut a paste into your program. millborn.zip
  6. Many A8 homebrew games have awesome packages so I started this thread. Oddly, I haven't found a photo of Yoomp! package on the Internet so I made a photo of mine (didn't remember a pencil was included...). I am a bit lazy so all photos (Yoomp! and Dungeon Hunt apart) are from Internet. I want to point out that the following games are available for free; you had to pay only if you wanted the boxed edition. Nevertheless, they sold many copies. Dimo's Quest (cart isn't available yet) Bomb Jake Yoomp! Hobgoblin Robbo Forever Dungeon Hunt Thetris-Rolltris Kolony 2106 Bomber
  7. Hello Everyone, I have a few games I wanted to post for sale on here prior to posting them on ebay so that someone who wants them can enjoy them. There are games in box and loose. None of the games have been tested since last use. If anyone is interested in any of the games, PM me and let me know what you would be interested in and what you would want to pay. I have controllers and consoles available as well that also have not been tested. I can provide more detailed images per request. Thanks!
  8. SEASON 12 -- Starts 9/16/2019 Hello fellow Jaguar gamers. What would you like to see played in Season 12? Make a list and i'll tally them all up before starting the next season. The games with the most votes will get a play. 12 rounds, so 12 suggestions would be great; or just your top picks. Trying to go more egalitarian this round as regards game selection. In other exciting news: CJ Has announced that he will be making three (3) cart-only special LED releases, Rebooteroids, Superfly DX, and Downfall available for the top three winners of this round! That should be a good enticement for some new people to get involved and crush some high scores! Might i suggest that at least one of these games be played in our HSC season. I am thinking Superfly since it has been the longest since it's been included. Thanks again for your input and participation; looking forward to another GREAT season of the Atari Jaguar HSC!!!
  9. Alfred: I don't quite know where to post this, so I am posting it here, this is a 10 min AtariAge Promotional Video, I took over 3 hours to create it, It is on YouTube for everyone to see... Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it, Russ Atari Age Promotional Video Alfred: feel free to move it into an appropriate area.....
  10. I always wanted to ask: why were there such great games (original and ports) for Commodore 64 that never made it to Atari XL/XE series? Was the reason only hardware issues? What are the key factors that determined this situation? Forgive my ignorance, - Y -
  11. Need these last few commons for a CIB Atari 5200 set. Hoping to snag all,or a bulk of them together. Separate they are hardly worth the trouble with shipping costs. Must be good/great condition and complete in box with all manuals,inserts,pamphlets, and overlays where applicable. Centipede Defender Missile Command Ms. Pac Man Space Invaders Somewhat Less common but, also need these CIB Atari VCS Adapter Masterplay 5200 Joystick Interface (larger red box version) DM me if interested in trade. I have bits of everything from pong to ps4 and cant really list or photograph it all.
  12. 😀 Hello all Did you miss me? Back with another game review this time Burning Fight. Its a good beat'em up but unfortunately got crowded out back in the day. Feel free to check out my game review, hope you enjoy it. Anthony hope I got this right LOL as the format has changed a little and its been a while.
  13. What games should have AtariVox voice hacks and what should they say? Would you want have Keystone Kapers say: I am going to get you? Would You want tips and ET catchphrases to ET? Would you want taunts and expletives to be had in Outlaw? Would you want menacing voices and taunts from the Boss in Yars' Revenge? Post what games you would think would be beneficial to have AtariVox voice support and what lines you would want to hear.
  14. As an experiment, I decided to whip up a port of the "Graphics Match" game from the TI-99/4A User's Reference Guide in JavaScript, using the p5.js JavaScript library. Here's what I came up with: https://zacharyfruhling.github.io/GraphicsMatch/ Enjoy! Zachary Fruhling
  15. To the Odyssey 1 (1972) community: I'm excited to be able to be able to release 10 copies of our new game pack for the Odyssey. It includes three brand new games, a newly designed game card with an attached controller, and the first ACC controller besides the original light gun. These kits are 100% hand-assembled. The overlays are full laser prints on translucent film; no transparencies (which do not display properly), no ink (which can smear), and no undersized or partial overlays. These are all the full, original Magnavox size for 19in screens. Note that we do not have the ability to manufacture 26in overlays. The Tannhauser Gate overlay includes a fully opaque element (the black hole), which is applied as a separate, opaque layer of special material to the back of the overlay. To learn more about the games and hardware, see this thread. To learn more about the OdysseyNow project, see this thread. The entire set of hardware and games comes in the following cylindrical case: Complete list of contents: OdysseyNow Game Pack cylindrical case Card 13 Card 13 Switch Controller Damocles Controller Damocles Controller power supply Tannhauser Gate overlay Tannhauser Gate instructions Tannhauser Gate cards (3 decks) Fukushima overlay Fukushima Meltdown Cycle card Fukushima instructions Super Cat and Mouse: Cheesy Castle overlay Super Cat and Mouse instructions Bonus Game: Trumpocalypse instructions Needless to say, nothing like this has ever been released for Odyssey before, and we are proud to push the platform forward, 47 years after the console's release! The price is $150 for the set, plus shipping. At only $50 per game, plus substantial new hardware, this is less than the other significant homebrews of the past. However, I am only releasing 10 copies, so this is an extremely limited release. I just want to get a few copies of our work out there for people to enjoy; we don't have the capacity or interest to manufacture large numbers. Any money we bring in from this release will go straight into further game and hardware development; we are not doing this for profit. All items have been manufactured and will ship within one week of your purchase. To purchase, PM me with your Paypal email address and shipping address and I'll send you a Paypal invoice. The first 10 payments received will get the set. Any others will be canceled/refunded. I'll update this post when all 10 copies have been sold. Thanks for your interest and support of the Odyssey!
  16. Hello, all. As part of my continued spring cleaning efforts I'm selling my Taiwanese video game collection for PC (DOS) and Mega Drive. Also included are two American games. Some pretty cool stuff here, most are rather difficult to find: PC: 熊貓大進擊 (aka Panda, Go!) <- Two versions: One complete (CD version), second is disks and manual only. 西楚霸王項羽 (aka Xiang Yu, The Overlord of Western Chu) <- Complete except for outer box. 西遊記 (aka Journey to the West) <- Two versions: Both complete (CD and disk; disk version not pictured because box looks exactly the same). 爆笑保齡球 (aka Hilarious Bowling) <- Complete. VR網球96 (aka VR Tennis '96) <- Complete. 排球原人 (aka Volleyball Hominid) <- Disks and manual only. 天才寶寶大進擊 (aka Little Geniuses, Go!) <- Disks and manual only. Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes <- Complete. One Must Fall 2097 <- CD w/manual & all inserts. MD: 麻雀惡魔塔 (aka Devilish Mahjong Tower) <- Complete. 悟空外傳 (aka Legend of Wukong) <- Complete. 世界職棒爭霸戰 (aka World Pro Baseball '94) <- Complete. All disks/CDs in great shape. Recently all were tested. All CDs are fine. Floppy disks however, ~95% read OK w/no errors. However I cannot guarantee any of the data on the floppy disks due to age. Game cartridges likewise are recently tested. They work fine. I originally bought these games for research purposes, including making scans. Staples were removed from the manuals in order to get the highest quality scans. Sold "as-is." Please keep this in mind when considering a purchase. I prefer to sell the collection complete, for USD$350 -> USD$300 (includes shipping within USA). Please inquire about international shipping. Please get in touch by PRIVATE MESSAGE if interested. And don't litter the thread with "PM Sent!" messages. Nobody cares. Pardon the lackluster photos. Thanks for having a look.
  17. What do you guys think are some of the best games made in the last few years that were done in 100% (or nearly 100%) BASIC? Any version of BASIC for the TI. Compiled BASIC OK. By "best games" I mean the ones you enjoy playing the most and/or show off impressive features.
  18. From the album: My Game Collection

  19. Polybius

    Atari 2600 part 8

    From the album: My Game Collection

  20. From the album: My Game Collection

    Group shot of all the Third party 2600 games in my collection
  21. Polybius

    Xbox 360 GTAV

    From the album: My Game Collection

    Current modern game im playing, GTA 5.
  22. lulrik

    Dog anoying

    From the album: lulrik collection

    stoic dog

    © lulrik

  23. From the album: CatPixtures

  24. Granted, I still post on my Livejournal a bit more regularly. Been starting to buy games for the Wii/360/PS3 generation even though I still don't own either of the systems. I know I'm going to end up getting them eventually so what's a prepurchase here and there amirite? To this end, almost all of the games I've been buying are in the > $20 range. I think all of the Wii games were at the 10 dollar price point. The only game above the 20 dollar mark was Deathsmiles since I bought the limited edition. I've always said it, I'm a sucker for limited editions. Well, limited editions that have physical bonuses. I saw that one of the new Game of the Year editions coming out will just be having a voucher for the DLC content rather than actually having it pre-packaged or an extra DVD containing it. So... yeah, not all that interested in it. Last two games bought were Assassin's Creed and Bioshock on the PS3. Wal-mart's anniversary sale pushed the price of the games down to the 15 dollar mark. I won't be getting the systems themselves until next year sometime. Due to needing a new computer for minecraft, I may end up getting a new PC before getting the consoles. Not tossing this PC away when I get it though, as it runs everything else perfectly still.
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