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Found 89 results

  1. I've heard some good things about the Genesis's racing games library, and with my recent acquisition of my very own console, I was hoping that some of y'all could fill me in on some of the good racing games to try. I've currently got Super Monaco GP, and Hard Drivin' in my collection, I'm just curious as to what else I could add in the future. Sports games are a genre I haven't really dabbled in much, but from what I've heard, the Genesis is basically the go-to console for 90s sports games. Seriously, from what I can tell there were an ungodly amount of sports games released for it. With that said, what do you think the best ones are?
  2. Had a chance to inventory my extra games. All games have been cleaned and tested. Please send me a PM if you're interested in a title or five; I'll respond with pricing and if that works on your end, I'll take pictures so you know exactly what you would be receiving. All orders of three or more games will ship for free in the US! Here's what I've got available: Intellivision Sealed Astrosmash Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack NFL Football Complete in Box Armor Battle Astrosmash Beauty and the Beast (cart not working) Boxing Demon Attack (with Activision tray) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (Sears) Major League Baseball NBA Basketball (x2) NFL Football PGA Golf SOLD Q*bert (thin-style box with top flap) Space Battle (x2) Star Strike Sub Hunt Tennis *NO GAME* Triple Action Utopia (missing manual) Cart Only Armor Battle (minor cosmetic damage) Microsurgeon Pac-Man (Atarisoft) SOLD Pitfall! Triple Action (minor cosmetic damage) Worm Whomper SOLD Manuals Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Ice Trek (rough shape) Lady Bug (rough shape) Mattel Intellivision games booklet Soccer (Sears) Space Battle Tron Solar Sailer SOLD Aquarius Complete in Box Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin (missing cartridge tray, right keyboard overlay and one controller overlay) Night Stalker Snafu (box is in rough shape; missing one controller overlay) Tron: Deadly Discs Genesis Complete in Box Barney's Hide & Seek Game Risk Box + cart Side Pocket Sports Talk Baseball (missing cover art on box) Cart only Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast Ecco the Dolphin John Madden Football 92 Jurassic Park Lethal Enforcers Lion King Madden 97 Madden 98 NBA Showdown 94 PGA Tour 96 x2 Sonic & Knuckles ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Triple Score World of Illusion Starring Disney's Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck X-Men 2: Clone Wars
  3. Has anyone made a Genesis repro with a Master System ROM on it, thus eliminating the need for a powerbase converter? I've checked around but I haven't been able to find any information on how to do this (if it's even possible).
  4. Hi, I am a long standing member for Atari Age. I also have an Etsy store where i sell Retro Game Items. You do not have to join Etsy to purchase anything...you can do it as a guest (many have) This is the second Sega Nomad, the first sold immediately. It comes with different cartridges and different case. Take a look: Sega Nomad Handheld w/ Extras Plays Genesis Cartridges can | Etsy If you have any questions you can contact me on my Etsy store or leave a message here. Thanks, Everett
  5. Hi, I am a long standing member for Atari Age. I also have an Etsy store where i sell Retro Game Items. You do not have to join Etsy to purchase anything...you can do it as a guest (many have) I just acquired two Sega Nomads and have just post the best one. Take a look: Sega Nomad Handheld w/ Extras Plays Genesis Cartridges can | Etsy If you have any questions you can contact me on my Etsy store or leave a message here. Thanks, Everett
  6. I have searched and have not found a complete list of incompatible carts, I just assume Virtua Racing & maybe early titles like Star Control won't work... Does anyone have a full list? I know there is some variance with each of the Atgames sega releases, this is the 81 built in games 2017 model. I just picked this up last night cheap with my GF because we just moved and wanted some quick 2 player Mortal Kombat lolz... anyhow, ANY help would be most appreciated!
  7. I'm putting selling these on hold until next year. SOLD OUT I don't think I'll be finding any more of these in this size. Will keep thread up for Info reasons. Can't find a replacement reset switch like the original from the genesis model 1 and 2? Hate the hard click of the switches you can find? Here you go! I figured a lot of people here could use one. Alps brand soft tact switch - New old stock - Works just like the old one, but little firmer. $6 total for one with shipping anywhere in the US. Two for $8, 3 for $ 9. Any additional switches after the first three are $3. (Price increase due to USPS postage increase.) Please PM me Thru Atari Age forum - It's free to sign up! Thanks Pics:
  8. Have some genesis games I'm looking to sell. All are repros except for Golden Axe. MKII unlimited is in an original MKII cart and uses its original pcb. Truxton uses a sega cart and pcb as a donor as well. The labels for those are glossy and professionally printed. Golden Axe is original in original box and artwork. no manual Zero wing is a repro the whole way. It uses the now infamous European translation. The PCB is a high quality Muramasa with a rom chip, not a flash chip. The cart is clear and painted glossy silver on the inside for a gun metal type effect. Professional quality box art and label too All games are NTSC, Shipped in a box USPS first class, US only please. If you buy all of them at once or a few I'll ship priority mail. Payment through Paypal, I will provide tracking. Golden Axe 25 shipped MKII unlimited 25 shipped Truxton 20 shipped Zero Wing 45 Shipped
  9. Some background info: The MegaKiosk DS-18 by Will Gentry has inspired me to build an Arcade Cabinet for my Sega Genesis. (Yes, a Flashcart would be less work, less money and offer more games but below is the route I wan to take.) MegaKiosk DS-18 The MegaKiosk DS-18 offers two features that I think make this project really cool. 1) You can cycle between 8 original game cartridges. 2) The hardware identifies the active slot with an LED. So (in theory) I can build an Arcade Cabinet with a button to cycle to the next game and I can have an EL Panel that lights up to match the currently selected game. This would operate just like a Neo Geo MVS 4-slot/6-slot. But my skill are very much in the realm of hobbyist. I've replaced capacitors, batteries and repaired my Neo Geo 4-slot EL Panel to give you an idea of what I can do. I started by building a control panel that will work with a Sega Genesis. It works great and by far the hardest part was the wood working. The two small red buttons are not in use yet. They are intended to be a Reset for the Genesis and Cycle to the next game on the MegaKiosk DS-18. I'm currently looking into what to buy for my 8 Mini Marquees. So far, I think this will work: A6 electro-luminescent panel with leads and connector ($10 USD each) https://glowhut.com/a6-electro-luminescent-panel-with-leads-and-connector/ I believe this inverter can power eight A6 sized EL Panels all at the same time. Electroluminescent inverter for A3 size EL panel AC 100-240V ($30 USD) https://glowhut.com/electroluminescent-inverter-for-a3-size-el-panel-ac-100-240v/ *I may only need to power one at a time. **I'm not sure when someone would want AC vs DC for what I'm planning. I asked Will Gentry how to tap into the LEDs that indicate the active slot. This was his answer: "You can simply remove the LED and solder some wires where the LED was to a new LED" Now for my Question: How should I run power to each EL Panel and how do they connect to the MegaKiosk DS-18 slot LEDs? The EL panels should only be getting power from the Inverter. I was thinking about wiring all the EL Panels to the Inverter such they all light up when the inverter it switched on. Then finding a way to break the circuit unless there is a signal coming from the MegaKiosk DS-18 active slot. What do you guys think? THANKS!
  10. For sale are the following items. Paypal only, please All items will be safely and securely shipped - I will cover the shipping (CONUS only, sorry). All items are coming from a smoke/pet-free home. All items have been tested and are working good. Please assume that it is the original battery in any carts that may contain a battery for saving progress. Please see pictures - any further questions shoot me a PM Sega Genesis bundle $100 (includes Genesis system, RF module, power adapter, one controller, and the following games: Alien 3- CIB Centurion - CIB Kid Chameleon- CIB Mortal Combat- CIB Flashback- CIB World Series Baseball- CIB Virtua Racing (box and cart only - no manual) Ghouls n Ghosts- cart only Awesome Possum- cart only WWF Super Wrestlemania- cart only Art of Fighting- cart only Aladdin- cart only X-Men- cart only Batman Forever- cart only The Lion King- cart and manual ECS w/ World Series Major League Baseball, Mindstrike and Mr. Basic $100 Tested and working ECS in very good shape. Comes with power adapter, WSMLB cart and 2 overlays (no manual), Mindstrike cart, 1 overlay and manual, Mr. Basic Meets Bits 'N Bytes cart, 2 overlays and manual NES game lot $65 All are cartridge only Bubble Bobble Super Mario Brothers 3 Ikari Warriors Karnov Baseball Stars Jackal Nintendo World Cup Rad Racer Skate or Die 2 Rush 'N Attack TNMT II The Arcade Game Bionic Commando 1942 Kung Fu Sesame Street ABC & 123 Atari 5200 Rescue on Fractalus CIB and Space Shuttle w/one overlay and manual $30.00 (for both) Used DVD Lot - ALL OF THESE for $40.00 Kolchak: The Night Stalker complete TV series King of the Hill - complete seasons 4-6 Christopher Lee - 4 Dracula movies. New! (DVD is still in the shrink wrap) Aliens - Blu-Ray The Return of the Living Dead - Blu-Ray
  11. I started this round of the swap box and it came back fully loaded to the gills!!
  12. Having an affinity for and owning Sega Genesis and Genesis 2 consoles, I found myself intrigued by AtGames' new Sega Genesis Flashback. I have experience with AtGames' Sega Genesis Classic and Portable which I found lacking to some degree though usable, but the promises of an updated emulation engine and built-in HDMI were a draw which I could not resist. I have spent some time since the November 10 release to give it a whirl and I am far more satisfied than most early reviewers. Leading up to the official launch I watched videos and read articles by a number of reviewers who had been graced with review models. I cannot recall one overly positive review. I am not a professional reviewer and I am not a marketer so I shall jump right in to the meat. First, all of the AtGames Genesis devices are built on an emulator called "FireCore." From my own experiences and what others have posted around the webs I find FireCore has some limitations which seem unnecessary given how well other emulators play Genesis titles, including the free "MD.emu" which I run on my HP TouchPad†. I am left to wonder what the quality would be if Sega rolled its own emulation core the way Nintendo did for its NES and SNES Classic Edition products. The built-in HDMI makes the device a welcome addition now my entertainment system is digital at its core, though anyone familiar with using emulation on a high resolution screen should be able to relate to its one woe. I really do not mind the large pixels and blocky graphics resulting from scaling a "240p" screen to 720p. Many emulators have some kind of filter which provides output which roughly approximates the output on a TV, CRT, or other low-tech display. The Sega Genesis Flashback has only a scanline filter which puts faded lines between what would be the scan lines in an attempt to achieve the look of TV scanlines, and it really does not look good at all. Clean and crisp audio is also carried on the HDMI. While I lack the abilities to test, I suspect this configuration will not suffer the "240p problem." In fact, the only issue I have with the HDMI port is a problem playing nice with my ioGear Wireless HDMI kit, but a power-cycle of the ioGear transmitter resolves the issue. Speaking of power, while the Sega Genesis Flashback is rated to run on 5V DC at 2A, AtGames elected to use a barrel power connector instead of a micro-USB port like its recently-released Nintendo competition. I was able to power mine using a USB-A to 3mm/1mm barrel on an appropriate USB power supply, and the system under normal use pulls under 500mA. This made providing power to both the Flashback device and the ioGear HDMI transmitter much easier and makes the system more portable: both run just fine on my Anker PowerCore 26800. Getting back to the audio, playing some of the games I am certain I hear something different about the FM synthesized instruments, almost like the FireCore emulation uses different but similar instrument set (like a MIDI sound font.) To test this I whipped out my trusty Sega Nomad and ran games on both systems but I was not able to punch down any specific differences. So far on everything I tried the sound was near perfect. Video was another complaint on just about every pre-release review list. Glitchy graphics and sprites, and lagged screen scrolling being chief among the criticisms. Indeed, my prior experience with FireCore in the previous Sega Genesis Classic edition as well as the portable was not entirely perfect. Several of my cartridge games are not recognized by the Classic, and on both units my favorite game, Skitchin', suffered from missing graphics and sprites making it unplayable. I was very pleased to find Skitchin' works almost perfectly on the Flashback. I noticed on several games scrolling would suffer a short freeze which does not appear to be a frame-skipping problem as suspected in one of the early reviews. In fact, it appears the problem generally does not affect the entire screen but rather only a portion. For instance, in the original Sonic the Hedgehog one of the background planes stutters while animation on the rest of the screen continues. Realistically, I do not think most people will even notice, and if this is indeed a problem with the emulator or the horsepower of the machine I would further speculate AtGames counts on that presumption, as well. In this regard I noticed a couple of times when Skitchin' will completely freeze for a few jiffies, more of a short and quick stutter, but ultimately the game is still playable. Cool Spot is another great game which plays very well, though this is one of the games in which the FM music seems a little off-instrument but still perfectly acceptable. Shadow of the Beast will not play past the Electronic Arts logo, Flashback is not recognized at all while Out of this World plays beautifully, Frogger plays perfectly, and while the system comes with Mortal Kombat 3, my Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate results in just a red screen. The last game I tried was Primal Rage, which suffered from strange graphics glitches which did not stop game play, such as a black line separating the vital stats area at the top of the screen from the battle area, and green borders around all screens except the title screen. This does not show on the Nomad, but I have not yet tried the game on a full Genesis console connected via standard video output so I cannot say for certain whether the green borders are normal. I would test with the Nomad but I seem to have misplaced the video output cable. Ah, well. I will repeat what prior reviews have said about the menu system. It is awkward, non-intuitive, and just weird. I have not found myself using the saved game nor rewind features, but I can see the value of both and imagine I will use them at some point in the future. Let us now focus for a few seconds on the hardware itself. The included controllers suck out of the box, with a capital "suck." The range is bad enough to prevent sitting across my living room and maintaining control, noting that my home environment is completely devoid of internally-generated 2.4GHz signals under normal circumstances: my phones are DECT, my wireless is 5GHz, Bluetooth devices are disabled unless in-use, and all 2.4GHz-only devices are turned off. Demonstrably, I have no locally-generated 2.4GHz signal interference. Initially it appeared they did not work even close-up, but the rebuild I describe shortly fixed this problem. The controllers just suck. When I originally un-boxed my Flashback I did not stop when I got to its rather touching rendition of the original console's gloss and textured black body and red "cylon eye" in front of the cartridge port. Inside I found three chips on a small circuit board, and what looks like one of those Arduino add-on modules, reminiscent of a "Bluetooth Shield" module. Soldered onto the antenna of this module is a red wire about six inches long, which is identical in both module and attached wire in each of the controllers. It looks like AtGames was aware of the poor range of the controllers and tried to engineer a quick-fix. As implied, I did take apart one of the controllers in the hopes of a rebuild improving its functionality. I found the standard complement of button, rubber nipples with contact pads, and exposed circuit pads one would find in regular controllers of the era. I grabbed my contact cleaning pen with harsh fiberglass bristles and gave the metal pads a few rubs each. Upon reassembling the controller I found to my relief it worked far more reliably and I could actually play games and even enter Mortal Kombat's "blood code." Thankfully the Flashback does support real Genesis controllers even if it only supports six-button units -- this remains untested for me, including the six-button arcade controller, as all my Genesis console hardware is stashed away for the moment. There is a USB port on the Flashback main board. It is a shame AtGames did not expose this out the back as a power port, though I suppose the reason is to prevent easy access to what I suspect is a hackable interface to the heart of the machine, probably in the near future -- not by me as I lack time for that kind of adventure. My assessment over-all is this is not a bad machine to have and use. If you do not have a Sega Genesis you should consider this as a possibility, weighing the benefits and caveats which are, as I see them: Pros: AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback Currently available for under $100 Built-in games (both Sega and classic Master System games) HDMI output (720p) Capable of using real cartridges Capable of using real six-button controllers Real Sega Genesis Not difficult to find Not too expensive depending upon source, most under $100 Some sellers will include a few common games Compatible with all Sega Genesis hardware Possible to expand with a Sega CD Cons: AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback Alternate source pricing will double or more if and when stock runs out Included controllers SUCK Emulation is not quite 100% Not all cartridges work Does not recognize three-button controllers (not verified, and who really cares?) No guarantee homebrews or demos will work Real Sega Genesis Analog-only output requires up-scaling for digital home systems (on the up-side, the Genesis 2 has YPrPb component RGB output) No games built-in Upscaling will suffer the "240p problem" Old hardware is, well, old and subject to fail If you already have a Genesis, I believe the Flashback makes a viable surrogate for a digital entertainment system provided any lost compatibility is acceptable. † "MD.emu" is excellent on the TouchPad, including support for the iCade Core Bluetooth arcade joystick. It is available and actively developed for Android in both free and paid editions. I highly recommend this emulator.
  13. Papa

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    From the album: Custom Arcade

    This is the Sega cabinet with the 6-in-1 cartridge showing off Sonic the Hedgehog.

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway 2015

  14. From the album: Gaming Artwork

    While this pic contains Bubsy and Rayman, it also has Miles "Tails" Prower and Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel. Drawn WAY back in '05.

    © Ubisoft, Accolade, Atari, spongefox, DeviantArt, Sega, Nintendo

  15. From the album: RetroIndieGamer's classic games collection

    This is my Atari 2600 jr. and a few other goodies. To the left of the console is an Atari 2600 joystick, an Atari 2600 plug-n-play, an Intellivision plug-n-play, and a Genesis plug-n-play. To the right of the console is a Pac-man plug-n-play which has Pac-man, Super Pac-man, and Pac & Pal, and below it is the Atari 2600 paddle controller. Actually, it is the paddle controller for the Flashback 4, but it does work with the original unit,

    © Retro Indie Gamer 2013

  16. Received my copy from Orion in the mail yesterday. I will see about doing one of my video reviews of it, but a few things I want people to be aware of and my initial impressions: First the cart itself is using one of the generic genesis like snap together shells similar to what Piko uses. Additionally it uses the new flash boards that Krikzz designed so the PCB connector edge is a bit on the thick side since they aren't tapered. Be careful inserting them into your console as I've heard reports of these PCBs putting too much pressure on some pins and bending them down into the console. Game came in a universal game case with insert and small typed out manual that explains the basics of the story and game play in several languages. Unfortunately due to the snap together design of these carts, mine arrived mostly intact but soon came separated when I pulled it out of my genesis after my first play session. Found out later one of the snap tabs apparently had broken off internally but I didn't find any loose plastic anywhere so not sure when it happened. I took care of this by finding some small slightly larger diameter machine screws and tapping the posts on the inside to match. Then drilled out new holes through the back case through the centers of the molded mock up security screw heads on the case. That is the bad out of the way... thankfully the game itself...is honestly? Excellent, and I was very pleasantly surprised by that! The videos shown of the game pretty much display the game play in full. But the game plays out similar to the game Flashback in that you control a character and have inventory of items collected and move platform style from screen to screen. However, the actual mechanics of the game play out more like N+ released a few years back on several platforms. No wall jumping, but the character control is very tight and impressive for such a little sprite! Also, all the music is PCM recorded! It does suffer from some static in music that I notice especially on the title screen and during the in game music, but it could be my modded va2 model 1 Genesis to blame for some of that. But the music itself is really well done and I found to be very catchy! I don't know exactly how many different tracks there are, but so far I've heard two different in game tracks between levels 1 - 6 that I've managed to get through so far. Title screen and Credits. And I'm going to guess that the in-game music changes after each third level? At least that is what happened on my playing of the game last night. The graphics are exactly as you've seen in the videos. That is, it is very much pixel art that I would call refined 8-bit style with 16-bit accents. It is hard to explain, but again if you seen the videos you've seen the graphics. I personally really like this art style and find that is suits this game excellently. It is also cool to see how much animation was actually applied to the main character sprite when he is pretty much the least detailed thing on the screen. And I honestly don't mean that in a bad way at all. It is impressive I think. The game provides a very fair challenge in that it is tough in places, but if you're patient, you can eventually figure out the pattern needed to get past a certain enemy. Because of this and the other game play mechanic of hacking the terminals, the game is also similar to that wonderful classic game...Impossible Mission. So yeah...game play style similar to Flashback and Impossible Mission with enemy patterns, with the game character movements similar to N+. I've found the game to be quite addicting so far with that "Just one more time and I know I can get a bit further..." hook to it. I have seen at least one graphic glitch and another small bug when I picked up the 3rd pass key on the first area of the game. But nothing game breaking. Additionally, only the 3rd pass key bit has been reproducible each time. But yeah! I'm really digging this game and very glad I decided to pull the trigger on it. I do think that for the asking price of basically $60 USD including the shipping, that the cart should be in an actual Genesis/Megadrive shell and I wish these new PCBs has tapered edges on them. Luckily my 32x doesn't seem to have any issues with this cart edge, but yeah..just keep it in mind. I also hope that future versions of the game come with a more detailed manual with screen shots and illustrated cover. And while I'm not a huge fan of the universal game cases, I do think it would be cool to have the insert include additional graphics and art on the backside so it can be seen through the case since the uni cases are semi transparent. So that is my initial thoughts on the game and again I'm glad to have picked it up! If you haven't read up or heard about the game...here is Orion's video here advertising the game. The music you hear in the video is the same you hear on the Genesis but again at lower quality, mono, and at least on mine a bit staticcy. For more information or to purchase a copy for yourself, visit Orion's website below: http://orionsoft.free.fr/
  17. I'm trying to give up my computer and I'd like a way to play these old games using a handheld. It would also come in handy at the library when I need a break from studying. Is there something on the market that can play both genesis and nes titles? I'd settle for one or the other if I had to. Thanks
  18. I am giving atariage first crack at some stuff I am selling. here is 167 sega genesis lot. Most are loose, but about a dozen have boxes. I need to sell so I can get LASIK. If interested, email me at [email protected] I do have other stuff I am selling here as well so check out those threads. Included are price checks. I usually only deal in bulk and we can work out price later. Box or Shrinkwrapped ATP tour championship tennis shrinkwrapped batman box only/no cart clue box only/no cart lethal enforcers II gun fighters box ms. Pac-man box saint sword box shadow dancer box sonic the hedgehog 2 box sonic the hedgehog pinball box/instructions super vollyball box only/no cart the lost vikings box LOOSE CARTS air buster alisir dragoon arcade classics centipede/missile command arnold palmer tournament golf ballz barkley shut up and jam! battle squadron bill walsh college football bill walsh college football95 blades of vengence blockout brett hull hockey 95 bubsy bubsy II buck rogers bulls verse blazers and the NBA playoffs bulls vs lakers and the NBS playoffs centurions: defenders of rome chiki chiki boys cliffhanger coach k college basketball college football usa 96 college football usa 97 combat cars crue ball cutthroat island dark castle david robinson's supreme court death duel desert stike: return to the gulf ecco: the tides of time f-117 night storm f-22 interceptor ATF fifa international soccer fifa soccer 95 fifa soccer 95 fifa soccer 97 fifa soccer 97 frank thomas big hurt baseball generations lost hardball 3 hardball 94 hardball 95 hockey img international tour tennis insector x izzy's quet for th olympic rings jack nicklaus power challenge golf james pond james pond 3 james pond 2: codename robocod john madden football john madden football 92 john madden football 93 john madden football championship edition jordan vs bird jungle strike: th sequel to desert strike justice league task foce king's bounty la russa baseball la russa baseball 95 lakers verses celtics and the NBA playoffs lhx attack xhopper lotus II RECS lotus turbo challenge madden 96 madden 94 madden 95 madden 97 madden 98 mario andretti racing menacer 6 micro machines mike dika power football mlbpa baseball mutant league football nba live 95 nba live 96 nba live 97 nba live 98 nba showdown 94 nhl 94 nhl 95 nhl 96 nhl 97 nhl 98 nhlpa hockey 93 normy's beach babe-o-rama outrun 2019 pele pga european tour pga tour golf PGA tour golf II pga tour golf iii phantasy star III pigskin footbrawl populous power monger bad label pto: pacific thetre of operations WWF RAW richard scarry's busy town road rash road rash ii rolling thunder 3 rugby world cup 95 seaquest DSV shadow of the beast shaq-fu shinobi III; return of the ninja master skitchin sonic and knuckles sonic the hedgehog 2 sonic the hedgehog 3 sword of sodan sports talk baseball star control starflight strider summer challenge super battleship super volly ball superbaseball 2020 task force harrier taz in escape from mars team usa basketball techno clash technocop terminator bad label the aquatic games the duel: test drive II TMNT Tournament Fighters tnn bass tournament 96 todd's advetures in slime world toejam and eark in panic on funkotron toughman contest triple play 96 triple play gold edition trouble shooter turrican unnessary roughness 95 urban strike: the sequel to jungle strike virtua racing virtual pinball VR troopers where in time is carmen sandiego? winter challenge winter olympics world championship soccer II world class leaderboard golf world cup Usa 94 world heroes world series baseball world series baseball 95 world trophy soccer zero tolerance zoop
  19. I'm looking to find these listed below: Plutos for the 7800 Will update soon will update soon
  20. Got a lot to sell, all prices include shipping, PayPal payment required, ship to US only (sorry international friends!). Minimum purchase $19 total please. Everything tested and working, all games (except Sega CD / Saturn games) come with a clear box protector. Atari Age Subscribers get an extra 5% off the prices listed, just let me know when we talk about what you want to buy and I'll verify you're a subscriber. Check my feedback on here, or my ebay under: fankymaloon PM me if there are any questions, need more details, more pics, etc. Thanks for looking! 2600 Games: Defender $10 Phoenix $15 Sale Pending 2600 Hardware misc etc: Red painted Atari 2600 Jr with red painted controller, tested, works perfectly. $90 2600 Vader System complete with box, good condition. Works perfectly, includes coaxial adapter, Asteroids box is rough. $125 Sale Pending Flashback 9 system in barely used condition, includes 4gb sd card with some games on it, no HD cable included: $42 Atari 5200 hardware and misc: Atari 5200 2-port system, fantastic condition, works perfectly. Both controllers work perfectly (!), one may be a Best Electronics refurb (see pics, one has much brighter numbers on the pad than the other). With box etc, see pics. $290 shipped Atari 5200 4-port system Owner's Manual $2 Atari 7800 games: All sold, thanks folks!! Genesis games: Streets of Rage 2 (no manual) $30 Sale Pending Sega hardware: NIB Saturn Model 2 system (round buttons). I am not sure if I'm willing to sell this or not, message me for any questions or discussion, I can provide pics if there's interest. Comes with the 3-pack of VF2 / Daytona / Virtua Cop. Have opened the box to inspect it only, box is I'd say about a 6/10. Everything else looks perfect. SNES: Tin Star with Snes Mouse $27 Sale Pending Some random stuff: Naki composite / S-video 4 into 1 switcher $9 Unknown brand composite / S-video 4 into 1 switcher $8 Component / composite / S-video 4 into 1 switcher $11 Yar's Revenge Sold Vader system Sale Pending Sale Pending
  21. Before submitted this as multiple categories one for each system over 6 months ago. But people told me next time if it isn't like one or two months old too make a new thread instead of resurrect the old and because the separate threads were told to be combined anyway now be a good time to mention it. I have a big collection of video games. My life for basically organically collecting them and noticed selling them for money. I got a couple decisions to make about clutter. If I find controllers for cheap at a thrift store (good luck doing that now thanks to Macklemore's song), I usually pick them up. I tried to pick up a complete set to play any possible game on it. The three questions concern PlayStation Genesis and Saturn. I heard that every game on the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 1 can be played in theory with a PlayStation DualShock 2. no I heard some people prefer to downgrade to a DualShock 1 or even a digital-only OG controller. First of all, if you're introducing it to people for the first time and get together for a LAN party, would the difference between a DualShock 2, a DualShock 1 , and a standard controller be THAT important to random strangers playing it for a few hours? second if there are games which are SIGNIFICANTLY better with a standard controller or DualShock 1,. May I know which games those are, (or, if too many to list the general categories those games fall in,) and the maximum number of DualShock ones and standard controllers I would need to accommodate the maximum players of such games. Second such question concerns the Genesis. I currently have five 6 button pad and three 3 button ones. I have enough where we can play an 8 player game that would work with either type. The question is is there a game that requires more than five 6 button pads. I know of one game wheel of Fortune Sega CD which requires three standard pads to play a 3 player game and that's the maximum. Anything that requires a three-button that's beyond 3 players? Same question for Saturn. I've heard Golden Axe The Duel is the only game that requires standard controllers, but you only need 2. I've heard certain games are better with the analog controller. All the games that I've seen that use it only use at most two analog controllers. Any game in any regional world that uses more than two? any of them worth playing and considered playable to an English speaking audience? And then we got the crazy stick about light gun standards and multi-tap standards. for multi Taps use a PS1 for PS1 games regardless of the physical console and PS2 multi-tap for PS2 games. Plus I heard there's two different sizes a PS2 multi-taps. one for old machines, one for new PS2s. And for Genesis if you have two team players that could play any 8 player game, and any four player EA 4-way play game by entering the alternate mode. Finally I assumed for light guns just need two of each flavor. For the PlayStation 2, that means Two justifiers, two Guncon 1s, and two Guncon 2s. Genesis is a little more difficult because there are three flavors. I have one Menacer. Is one all you need or are there dual Menacer games? For just a fire you need a blue player one justifier that system specific and a pink Universal phone Port second player justifier. Finally I got one American Laser Games Game Gun. Is one all I need there. Also someone has a link to games that need the original hardware, and fail the run on the upstep hardware... Like unplayable 2600 games on a 7800, unplayable Master System games out of power base converter, and an unplayable PlayStation 1 games out of PlayStation 2. I know there's lots of holes in the Xbox collection partly due to incompatible technologies partly due to companies refusing to allow backward-compatible releases. The only ones that got it right we're GameCube compatibility on Wii,( I think literally everything works except the Game Boy Advance player) and the Wii games on the Wii U, except literally for Wii games that have to use the GameCube port for dance mats like Active Life and Dance Dance Revolution
  22. Hello everyone. I have a Sega Genesis Model 2 (more specifically an mk-1631). It was having problems loading known good games past the Sega Logo. These games load on two other Genesis systems that I have. So: 1. I tried to re-tension the slot. That didn't work, and the carts were still loose, so. 2. I soldered in a new cartridge slot, did a continuity test on all of the pins (it passed) so I tried again. Still, wouldn't pass the Sega screen. 3. I soldered in a new reset button at this point for good measure. The old one had a worn out rubber cap. That works correctly now. 4. So, I tested the capacitors, some were bad, so I re-capped the board. All new capacitors passed a capacitance test and the new connections passed a continuity test. So I tried again. Same issue. Won't pass the Sega screen on known good cartridges. My question is, what do I do now since, in theory, there isn't a problem with the cartridges, cartridge slot, or capacitors?
  23. All my Dreamcast games at €15 (excluding postage) and price drop for my genesis and gameboy game Escape 2042! http://orionsoft.free.fr
  24. Looking at getting an everdrive. I see the latest will play Genesis, SMS, and 32x games. Is there a version that will do Sega CD games?
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