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Found 18 results

  1. This topic is intended for discussing development of the Geneve 9640 operating system (known historically as MDOS). Release history: 7.30 Development goals: 1. Identify the most recent, stable source code files; recreate bug fixes as necessary - DONE 2. Integrate the TIPI development and the 6.70/7.00 development - DONE 3. Create/update relevant tools: GPL, EXEC, GENCFG, CRCOS, PFM Support - DONE 4. Release an updated OS - DONE Future Development Goals: 1. Review enhancement requests 2. Continue bug fixes 3. Continue evolving OS and support 4. Release the updated source code OS Memory Map:
  2. Here is a tool that I wrote during the last days, but which I wished to have for decades (at least since I have a SCSI controller). Don't ask me why I did not think about it earlier. If you have a Geneve with Swan EPROM (0.98) and a modern card like SCSI, you had to use drive A: to boot the Geneve, even though your SCSI drive works perfectly after booting. The old EPROM could only detect different floppy controllers (TI, Myarc, and CorComp), the HFDC, and the Horizon card. So your way would be to burn the 1.00 EPROM. If you don't feel like swapping your EPROM, this program will be the alternative. It is a boot loader that can also be adapted to other devices if desired. I added the source code on the disk image. You need GenASM/GenLink to build it; just call "MYMAKE". Copy the resulting SCSILOAD on A: as "SYSTEM/SYS". You also need a AUTOEXEC on A:, since it is still loaded from there. I also found that I have to add a "PDMA ON" to make the SCSI card work. The idea is that the EPROM will attempt to load this very small SYSTEM/SYS and run it. Then, this program searches the DSR space for a SCSI card (by the name "SCS1") and the subprogram >24 (direct file input). Having found them, it loads a file "@SYSTEM" from the SCS1 drive into pages 0-15 and then starts the loaded program. This happens to be the real GeneveOS kernel file (originally named SYSTEM/SYS). Here is a short video that shows the program in action: http://www.mizapf.eu/files/genboot.mp4 The flashing border is just a way for me to see whether all pages (each 8K) are loaded. As you can see, the load time is really cool. (The SCSI drive is a SCSI2SD.) scsiload.dsk
  3. Since there doesn't appear to be a manual for 'Advanced BASIC' on whtech (at least not one that's not buried in some inconspicuous disk), I thought I'd start a support thread for advice and tips. So far, I've found that many XB programs can be used exactly as they were designed with just a few adjustments to the program. If you used WDS# for the drive on the TI, it needs to be changed to HDS# for ABASIC on the Geneve. The other important thing is the GRAPHICS subprogram: Set screen to 32-column mode: CALL GRAPHICS(1) Set screen to 80-column mode: CALL GRAPHICS(4) Note that in 80-column mode, CALL COLOR(S,F,B) doesn't work, you must use CALL SCREEN(F,B). (This information was found on mainbyte). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a text of collected commands. This is pretty much all from the sparse documentation that currently exists, but saves having to dig through generically named RTF files. ABASIC-collected.txt
  4. Hi, I am (slowly 😀 ) rebuilding my PFM modded Geneve (384+192K) system and I really don´t know what controller/combination to use. Can/should I use the HFDC for the harddrive only plus adding a BwG (or CC9900) for the (2+HxC) floppy disk drives ? Makes that sense for an extra FDD-controller ? Maybe just to have it full or to prevent from any problems ? I have some controllers, so it is not the question to save up one. And I have no need for formats bigger than 720KB. I also want to add an HRD3000 Ramdisk, is it possible to boot from that, instead of the harddisk ? Does this make sense at all ? Or just install it without boot, just to have it ? Is there any use for the TripleTec-Card ? Speech maybe ? And use the CC9900 floppy controller instead of the BwG ? I also have the Myarc 512 KB RAM, but I think there is a special mod to be done, to use it in the Geneve ? And I will add a RS232, maybe I take the Myarc instead of the TI (?) I also have an ASCSI2-Controller, but I really do not want to use that because I want to keep my SNUG system complete. (if anyone wants to get rid off a WHT-SCSI, I am your man) What did I forget ? thx If needed, here is a picture: More detailed here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/315250-ti-994a-show-your-modded-systems-here/?do=findComment&comment=4734298
  5. So, I have a Geneve. A few folks recently have Geneves that are in various states of repair. A handful of you all have working Geneves. --- Looking around, I see lots of software development tools and proofs of concept, but no applications... Growing up, my father used his Geneve for 80 column multiplan... That was really it. That and printing. He didn't game... He managed a mailing list, which was a TI Writer or Multiplan file with peoples names and addresses organized for printing on avery labels for things like 'Christmas letter' or the user-group's newsletter mailing. I used Myart to turn my 'C' at best homework into something that wow'ed the teachers into an 'A', or wrote little GPL snippets that crashed it. I know there was some ABASIC stuff written, but I don't know what any of it was called. In order to find anything on WHTECH you already have to know what it is. I'd love to make something like Vorticon's Gameshelf, but Geneve specific, and not limited to Games. So, I'd like to learn... what is out there for the Geneve? What are your favorite Geneve specific programs? What 4A programs were greatly enhanced by running on the Geneve (even if just for the speed)? And yes, I'd like to include those tech demos and dev tools as well. [email protected]
  6. Next to my multiple TI-99/4a home computers, I also own multiple Tomy tutors and even a Geneve. In The last 10 years or so Atariage has become the home of most of the TI-99/4a community. Unfortunately for the Tomy Tutor, the community is really scattered on the internet and it's hard to find technical details and programming details. Also have the feeling that most Tomy Tutor, 99/8 and Geneve owners are here on Atariage in the TI-99/4a section. To better focus the threads and gather additional interest I propose to create a subforum in the TI-99/4A Computers section right here on Atariage. Target group for the subforum are the close relatives of the TI-99/4a like Tomy Tutor, 99/8, DS990, ... Minimal requirement for that is that the heart of the computer, the CPU must be a Texas Instruments 16bit CPU like TMS9900 (or closely related like TMS9995). The VDP chip alone does not count, machines with a Z80 CPU (Colecovision, MSX) have their own forums here on Atariage. I have opened up a poll that goes until end of september. Depending on the poll results we can then discuss with Albert. What do you think? Please vote in the poll and comment here. 😀 Retroclouds
  7. --- Update after 30 days --- So, I set a time limit on resolving this issue. There are not enough Geneve users to sink a ton of time into this. The problem at hand was that at the low level, sending data to the TIPI on a stock Geneve was not working. This was fixed with a CPLD update on the TIPI. The update can be applied by anyone, instructions to do so are on the TIPI wiki: https://github.com/jedimatt42/tipi/wiki/CPLD-Programming-With-PI. This shows TIPI to function in GPL under ROMPAGE mode. The storage system is not supported by MDOS. Further, there are errors receiving data from TIPI when using the 'recvmsg' function in the TIPI ROM from MDOS mode. This seems to only happen when the destination memory buffer is external to the Geneve in the PEB. That points to a hardware flaw in TIPI still. But value vs. time prohibits further hardware investigation on my part. Some experiments in software workarounds are still pending. Probably the vrecvmsg routine in TIPI ROM will work just fine, as it reads into VDP memory. Again this is only a problem if you are addressing external CPU ram in the PEB, such as a MEMEX card or a Myarc 512k card modified for the Geneve. [email protected] --- Original Post --- Ok, so Tim has put in my hands a Geneve that reproduces the problem with TIPI. I've built a test cartridge that exercises the TIPI in GPL/ROMPAGE mode, and a corresponding python script. What we see is that I cannot write to the 8 bit latches in the CPLD at 0x5FFD and 0x5FFF. This is all I know so far, all the rest of TIPI works... reading from the latches set by the PI work fine, reading the ROM works fine, the crubits work fine. --- I've been sitting on this for a while. but I have a lot of other things I want to do in my hobby life... So... For the next 30 days, this will be my HOBBY priority. and if I do not have a solution by then, I am done. The only interest I have in getting it to work on other peoples' Geneves is gaining a little bit of knowledge. But I need to make a good effort, and then admit defeat and move on, or rejoice in success! ( I am hoping for the latter ) I don't build TIPIs... I won't build TIPIs. So if the outcome requires physical changes, you'll all have to find someone to build them. --- So, if you want this to work, now is a good time for you to learn how to read verilog, and assembly, and pester me. Beery has been feeding me clues for a while... Given some of what he has fed me, and the lack of information out there, I'm going to start back at the prototyping process to figure out how to latch 8 bits in the DSR address space on write. Seems simple enough... But I have to pretend I don't know how to do it on a 4A or I'm trapped in the loop. --- Interesting thing I read last night in the 9995 datasheet... the WE and CRU_CLK signal are the same pin... [email protected]
  8. Is there any information out there on the Geneve's ASIC? (documentation, datasheets, etc.) I assumed there wouldn't be very much considering that it wasn't a very popular system, but I can't really find anything at all.
  9. From the album: Coolio's Geneve 9640

    ​These were the modifications of this board when I received it.
  10. From the album: Coolio's Geneve 9640

    These were the modifications of this board when I received it.
  11. From the album: Coolio's Geneve 9640

    These were the modifications of this board when I received it.
  12. I find binaries for the v1.00 Geneve ROM, and genmod variant. But do we have the source code for it? I'm surprised that isn't part of the source distribution for MDOS... I'd love to see what's actually in there. Gain some understanding... Or maybe it inside one of those .ark files? [email protected]
  13. Anyone remember this 'easter egg' ?
  14. I have gotten my BBS up and running for users to Telnet into at 9640News.ddns.net, port 9640. Right now, the ip address is:, 9640 I've got a bunch of file areas, and will be expanding over time. As far as file areas, I am in the process of trying to link to comp.sys.ti which I believe has very infrequent content. There is also another "Retro" network with older computers that exist out there. Not sure if the TI is supported out there or not, but if it is, I will find it. The software I am using is Mystic BBS. Within it, there is the capability if other Mystic sysops desire, files can be exchanged, etc. Anyways, the board is out there and I have it setup to handle 20 connections at one time. Beery
  15. This is a neat device that emulates 1-2 ST506/ST412 or other MFM hard disks for reading and or writing. Can be used to pull data off disks or to emulate disks for that old computer you don't have drives for. I think I read somewhere it can be passed thru to a VM. Possibly this could work for MAME/MESS emulated systems? TI-99 has been tested with the system and works for reading WDS-100 disks. Emulation works for reading, but writing fails this point. Probably have to be patched for the TI/Myarc sector layouts, directory structure, bitmaps, etc. (not enough info yet to correct, it says), but the actual writing appears to work. Works with a wide variety of other systems. List here: http://www.pdp8online.com/mfm/status.shtml There is a group buy under way right now if you want to check it out. Pricing seems reasonable. http://www.pdp8online.com/mfm/ Emulator uses a BeagleBone Black/BeagleBone Green Wireless for the actual processing. Interesting. Go team, TI! 🙂
  16. So, I'm goofing around with the Geneve emulation in mame. And as I am want to do, I like to set up minimum system, and a maximum fantasy system, and something close to devices I actually have or believe to be eventually obtainable (seriously subjective criteria ) I have been able to get mame Geneve emulation to boot from a TIFDC using a double sided single density DSSD 40 track image. But it fails to read a DSSD 80 track image. Is that a limitation of the Geneve boot rom? or is it a limitation of the mame emulation (maybe cause it doesn't have the 80track DSR image for the TIFDC)? Does a real Geneve use the hardware's DSR rom to boot? Would it ignore the 80 track state of a modified TIFDC and still boot a 40 track image?
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