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Found 15 results

  1. Hi I have a problem with every game I on the Atari 2600 juniour, here are the pictures I can record a video too if needed. In most of the games those vertical lines are gust a graphical glitch, bun in early games like Adventure and Combat those lines are solid walls and your character can not pass threw them . I cleaned and checked all slot connections .
  2. I've recently found the glitch on Bubsy 2 for Gameboy. I basically found the glitch, which you can have infinite life bar! But that wasn't easy to find, because when I made this glitch by an accident, I didn't know what I did. So I had to try it again and again and again, until I found the way to do it. So here's how you do it: Step 1: Go to Bubsy 2 for Gameboy (duh) and choose grand tour. Step 2: When you're here, choose the plane level. Step 3: Finish this level. The next step is a bit hard. Step 4: When you touch the finish line, go down fast as you can. If you do it, this will happen: Then go down some more, and it will automatically go threw the tunnel. Now the next is like this: when you see this rock, go towards the rock, and this is gonna happen: - either you get in and get stuck (which you have to be stuck in it) - or you'll bounce away (if that happens, it won't work) If you get stuck, great! Now you just release bombs quickly by pressing the B button. Then you should hear this sound: 8.mp3 A sound of game over, but cut shortly When you finish it, Bubsy will flash, like this: If that happens, congratulations! You've made the glitch! Now go ahead and choose the level. As you can see there should be a head of Bubsy as a life bar, but when you do the glitch, it's empty. But it won't be empty, when you touch the enemy. This will happen: If you hit more, the sprite will change. And now you have unlimited life bar. But that doesn't mean it's over. There are 3 conditions you have to know: 1. Don't fall damage 2. Don't waste time 3. Don't touch more than 2 checkpoints If you fail them, it will automatically fix itself and then you loose the power. So there you have it. I hope that this trick interested you. I sure like this glitch. If you wanna try it, go ahead and tell me if it works. Credit is all to me!
  3. Has anyone ever fixed the scrolling glitch at the bottom of Action Biker's play area? Because i haven't properly tested it past collecting a couple of items as such, bu-ut... Action Biker (fixed).zip (i'll be stunned if nobody has done this before to be honest, because it is essentially just changing one byte in the display list... but if there isn't already a version out there it exists now. =-)
  4. Hey all, I recently purchased a Philips VG8020/00 MSX Home Computer. I'm having some trouble getting a decent video signal out of the thing. When I hook it up to my VCR/DVD Combo via the RF out and convert the signal into composite, I get a glitchy screen, jumping from left to right, going from color to black and white. However, the MSX boot up text is present, and when I press keys on the keyboard, they do get added to the screen. I used the automatic tuning options on my VCR/DVD combo, but it sadly does not improve the quality. I also tried connecting a Sega Mega Drive RGB connector to the Monitor out on the computer, but that didn't do anything apart from making some pop noises. I might have to get a different cable to test that out. I also know for sure that my set-up isn't the problem; I've connected other coaxial game-consoles the same way (Atari 2600, Videopac G7000) and they all work. The unit looks fine and all (no mayor external damage). What I did notice though, was some noises inside the machine when I held it sideways; there could be some dirt in there. Also, some buttons get stuck from time to time (especially the directional buttons). I'll open it up and give it a good clean one of these days. Has anyone here experienced similar problems and got them solved? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! I hope the damage (if it has any) is not to severe; would be awesome to get it up and running again! Thanks!
  5. Ok this may be one of the dumbest questions asked on Atariage but I'm curious. It was a few years back me and a friend had struck out at the bars. We went back and played a game of RBI baseball before crashing. Within the first inning the game began to glitch. Anyone with an NES has seen this glitch I think. Different elements of the game become numbers, letters. The game was still playable so we just kept going. Before swinging, the bat was always replaced by a 3 digit number. It never seemed lower then 200 or higher then 900 if I'm remembering correctly. The batters with the higher number seemed more likely to get a hit. I'm not sure if that was the case or if we were just wasted. Do you think the game may have been displaying the code that determined the batters batting average? Or were we just a couple of drunk dudes making sense of random numbers? I was curios if anyone else had experienced this type of glitch, and if it were possible to reproduce this glitch in a way that could be useful in other games?
  6. Hello, upon the advice of a friend I decided to ask here to see if you guys could please help me with a problem I'm having. I have an Atari Jaguar and a few games all of which seem to run correctly. I decided to play I-WAR yesterday, and instead of hearing the awesome techno MOD music that plays at the logo screen I was greeted with silence. At first I thought I might have hit a number key by mistake so I pressed all of those, still nothing. So I took out the cartridge and cleaned the contacts with a Kleenex and blew out the Jaguar's cart port with an air duster. Still no music. All of the sound effects play correctly, just the music is missing, every song. The cartridge never has any loading problems like the red screen of death or anything. This happens every time I put the game in and has NEVER happened before until yesterday (it used to play music just fine, loved it's soundtrack! :3 ) All my other games (Tempest 2000, Wolf 3D, Aliens Vs Predator, Kasumi Ninja, Iron Soldier, Doom) play correctly with music, so it's just this game. Any ideas? I'm COMPLETELY baffled. Thanks for reading this, I really appreciate it. :3 oh I should probably specify it'ts a US Jaguar and I-War cart, and it's running through RF (not that third party s-video cable...)
  7. Here's a glitch I happened to exploit while playing Mr. Do! on ColecoVision (ColEm emulator): I was on scene 4, and the last Alphamonster I needed to go after was the "E" one to spell out "EXTRA" for getting an extra life. But just as I was about to power ball him, a blue Muncher suddenly dropped an apple down my path, crushing not only the Alphamonster, but also me and a Badguy. However, instead of going to the green Extra Life award screen, I instead lost my present life, and after game play resumed, all the letters in the word "EXTRA" became red! This means no Alphamonsters and thus no further opportunities for getting extra lives unless you reset your game! A screenshot of my experience is seen below for you. Have any of you tried this glitch at least once? ~Ben
  8. Wow, this is my first post here in six years, back when I got the system. Hello again, everyone! Anyway, I recently acquired a copy each of Pitfall II: Lost Caverns and Solaris, and I've been having a bit of trouble with them. Of my ~100 other cartridges, only one is broken (Home Run, which I don't care about), and the rest work fine. Judging by guides, I believe I have an NTSC heavy sixer unit (model CX-2600), but I cannot absolutely confirm that. I know there are some strange incompatibilities between different versions of the system, so I figured I'd make sure to tell you about my console. With my games, here are the problems I have. Pitfall II: Lost Caverns This copy seems to display ladders all over the place, including in lieu of the blockades between areas. The last digit of the score is also garbled. All sprites appear normally. The game plays perfectly fine otherwise. I have deep-cleaned the connectors and the inside of the cartridge to no avail. I have no idea if the cartridge or the system is faulty. And just for fun, while cleaning it, I found out you could distort the music by touching the reverse side of the board with an isopropyl alcohol-dipped Q-Tip while the game is running. Cool! Breaking Pitfall II's sound.wav Solaris This game seems to have vertical sync difficulties: WP_20141113_016.wmv This baffles me because the game is the NTSC red label release, not a PAL release where I'd expect something like this on an NTSC set. At the moment, I can only test the system on two TVs. The other one handles the sync a little better but cannot cope well with the low signal strength from the system. Here's plain old Basic Math: So my overall question is this: is there something wrong with either of these cartridges, is my system at fault, or is there a weird incompatibility involved?
  9. I'm working on a Roobarb and Custard game, and I'm editing scripts from other tutorials I've seen on 2600 programming, but whenever I do something new, especially if it involves WSYNC or something, it starts flickering! No matter how many tutorials I look up, whenever I do some code I always end up with flickering and horizontal hold/sync issues. I'm not really asking what's wrong with the code here, it's more like how can I find what's wrong with the code as well as in future projects? Thanks in advance! bum.asm bum.bin
  10. I beat Final Fantasy XV, but the ending didn't play out like other copies of the game. There was no message saying that I completed the game. The title screen changed, but only the logo changed, not the sky or the music. Is this a glitch? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  11. This topic was originally posted to INTVPROG; however, Yahoo Groups has decided it doesn't like email or group postings from me. (Or maybe from anybody, I don't know.) So, I'm moving it over here. After all, this is a broad-spectrum Intellivision Programming forum, not just an IntyBASIC forum. DZ-Jay posted the following: _______________________________ Hi, Joe (and everyone), I'm trying to track down a video glitch that I've noticed in my game just recently. In all my testing during the past couple of years I never noticed it until recently, when I upgraded to the latest version of jzIntv. That is not to say that I am blaming the emulator. I seriously think it could be a timing issue on my code that is made manifest by a more accurate simulation; although I'm hard-pressed to imagine what could cause it. I haven't had a chance to test this in the hardware, but it disturbs me when it happens during emulation. The glitch manifests as a row in the lower half of the BACKTAB being repeated, causing the screen to shift down by a row -- but only for a single frame. I managed to capture it in an AVI and then took screenshots of the frames before, during, and after the glitch (see attached). Do you know what could cause this BACKTAB delay? I'm thinking the most likely cause is a non-interruptible sequence that runs for far too long, preventing the BUSQ fetch from happening. However, I don't think I have anything running for more than ~40 cycles at a time (outside of select critical sections). If indeed it were a non-interruptible sequence causing the glitch, is there a more efficient and targeted way to troubleshoot it than to audit every single line of code? I tried using the "NON_INT" information from the debugger, but I don't think I understand it well. I thought it gave the number of non-interruptible cycles after a particular threshold, but looking at the program counter noted in the CPU history, it does not seem to match. For instance, the following line from the debugger: NON_INT = 44 at PC = RUNQ.loop ($BCF4) Points to the following code, which is obviously interruptible: RUNQ.loop: 0000 0000 0000 FF5A 01E0 BCF4 02F0 BCF4 S---I-i- MOVR R7,R5 23192833 0000 0000 0000 FF5A 01E0 BCF5 02F0 BCF5 S---I-i- DECR R5 23192839 There is indeed a critical section wrapped in DIS/EIS following the loop, RUNQ.loop: 0000 0000 0000 FF5A 01E0 BCF4 02F0 BCF4 S---I-i- MOVR R7,R5 23192833 0000 0000 0000 FF5A 01E0 BCF5 02F0 BCF5 S---I-i- DECR R5 23192839 0000 0000 0000 FF5A 01E0 BCF4 02F0 BCF6 S---I-i- DIS 23192845 0000 0000 0000 FF5A 01E0 BCF4 02F0 BCF7 S------- MVII #$0103,R4 23192849 0000 0000 0000 FF5A 0103 BCF4 02F0 BCF9 S-----i- [email protected] R4,R1 23192857 0000 0004 0000 FF5A 0104 BCF4 02F0 BCFA S-----i- [email protected] R4,R1 23192865 0000 0004 0000 FF5A 0105 BCF4 02F0 BCFB S-----i- BEQ RUNQ.bktsk ($ 23192873 0000 0004 0000 FF5A 0105 BCF4 02F0 BCFD S-----i- INCR R1 23192880 0000 0005 0000 FF5A 0105 BCF4 02F0 BCFE ------i- ANDI #$0007,R1 23192886 0000 0005 0000 FF5A 0105 BCF4 02F0 BD00 ------i- MVO R1,TSKQTL ($0 23192894 0000 0005 0000 FF5A 0105 BCF4 02F0 BD02 -------- ADDR R1,R4 23192905 0000 0005 0000 FF5A 010A BCF4 02F0 BD03 ------i- ADDR R1,R4 23192911 0000 0005 0000 FF5A 010F BCF4 02F0 BD04 ------i- SDBD 23192917 0000 0005 0000 FF5A 010F BCF4 02F0 BD05 -----D-- [email protected] R4,R2 23192921 0000 0005 017E FF5A 0111 BCF4 02F0 BD06 ------i- ADDI #$0300,R1 23192931 0000 0305 017E FF5A 0111 BCF4 02F0 BD08 ------i- EIS 23192939 0000 0305 017E FF5A 0111 BCF4 02F0 BD09 ----I--- [email protected] R1,R7 23192943 But it is 94 cycles, not 44, so I'm confused on how to use this particular bit of information effectively. Any help will be appreciated! Regards, - j.
  12. This is my first post on any atariage forum, if this is the wrong place to post this topic, then I'll gladly move it. First of all, I just need to give out a big thank you to Random Terrain for the awesome tutorial page (I use it like a bB bible), atariage for this forum, and anyone who worked on batari basic/visual bB. So while testing out my first project this weird glitch came out of nowhere, everything works fine until the player touches (collides) with player1 (the finish flag). When this happens the game starts all over. I assume either a variable was messed up or misspelled, or perhaps players can't collide? (I don't need anything else fixed, I know the movement of the player sucks as well as the collision against walls. I'll be sure to improve those in Max's Maze 2) Max's_Maze_2017_11_2_1723.bas
  13. Today I recieved Atariage's Super Pacman homebrew, and while playing it I discovered a glitch on the left side of the maze. Running over a certain spot triggers the key collecting sound effect and adds points, despite there being no key there. Is that a glitch in the original game's code, or just my copy? 20200320_215435.mp4
  14. http://youtu.be/Gd5rmyEY5Sg After commenting on a Facebook post about video-game Glitches I decided to tell my story in a video and also I request any of you to relay to me your own personal experiences with glitches in games! Leave a comment or do a video response (please send me link if you do!) or leave a comment in my Facebook gaming group (it's an awesome group so request to join if you have not already !) https://www.facebook.com/groups/maximumrdclassic/ If you make a video response send me a link and I will add it to the description!
  15. I'll get right to it - there's a problem with my 2600. After it's been running for a while, the colors begin to change. The only big one I've noticed is the transition of blue to green, though there may be more. I've attached a picture of what it looks like. It's not an actual screenshot from the system, it's an approximation made from a screenshot in Stella that I doctored up in MS Paint. Any ideas? Suggestions? Should I just throw it out? I have a theory though - I'm using a stock power supply that is damaged - I have to have the cord in just the right position to get it to work. I read a post a few years ago that said these power supplies are made of bad components and over time lose resistance, thus letting in more voltage than the system can take. This can lead to an Atari Barbecue, which I fear is happening in this case. If it helps at all, I'm also using a first-run Harmony cart from 2011. Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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