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Found 44 results

  1. Hey everyone. Had a quick question for those of you familiar with Hardware because I really am not. i have a video issue with only certain homebrews and hacks. Original release 2600 games play fine, all 85 or so i own. It doesn't happen every time with the effected games, and when it does happen usually taking the game out and reinserting it once or up to 3 times will make the issue go away. could this be a power issue? Capacitors or something inside the system failing? Or simply just RF interference of some kind? I'm using a light sixer on a CRT through RF. I'll post a picture of one of the affected games and then a couple of pictures of regular games playing fine. thanks alot everyone.
  2. Announcing the release of Dig Dug 37th Anniversary Edition to the AtariAge community!   This hack started as a graphics update to a fine hack known as Dig Dug Arcade.   What I changed:   1) All of Dig Dug's animation frames.   2) All of the animation frames for the falling rock.   3) All of the fruit/vegetable bonus items.   Things that I'd still like to see done with the hack (but are beyond my capabilities):   1) Static (unloosened) rocks using the first frame of the falling rock animation instead of the ball sprite.   2) Terrain (strata) divisions made wavy instead of straight.   3) Terrain having a dotted pattern instead of lined.   4) Tops of some of the fruit/vegetable bonuses (carrot, turnip, tomato, pineapple) made a different color than the main body.   5) The mushroom and garlic bonus items changed to colors that better match the arcade.   Please enjoy the new version! Dig_Dug_37th_Anniv_Ed.bin
  3. Welcome to Moominvalley! This is the home of Moomin and his friends and family. For over 60 years children around the world have been fascinated by the stories of Moomin, Snufkin, Little My, and the others. In recent years these characters have started to become recognized in America, whereas they have been a cultural phenomena in Northern Europe, the UK, and Japan for years. Game Story: Stinky is at it again! This time he tricked Snorkmaiden into visiting a giant's house on Lonely Mountain. He told her that he'd seen a beautiful tiara and that the giant would gladly let her have it. After she climbed onto a high shelf, Stinky ran off laughing! Now poor Snorkmaiden is stuck and cannot get down. Only Moomin can save the day! Guide Moomin through Moomin Valley past the giant hattifattener, across the winding river, up the steps into lonely mountain, past that darn Stinky, and finally rescuing Snorkmaiden from the high shelf! Once you rescue her you have to do it again, and this time it gets harder! Not only do you have to deal with the same hazards as before but a mean old crow, a pair of hattifatteners and a bat are trying to stop you! How many times can you rescue Snorkmaiden? This game wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of doctorclu. He spent many hours working on and perfecting this game. Even when I thought it was okay and passable, he kept on, wanting it to be great. It was my daughter and I's idea but it was his vision. Moomin-neo.bin
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen Today i am going to Present my A2600 Hack collection made with Bithacker these games are based on the topic: WWI Biplanes All rights belong to the original game authors Thanks to Atari, BAtari, M Network and everyone whose the original games belong to Atari 2600 WWI Biplane Series.zip
  5. Hi, I am happy to have this console, but wanna know if anybody tested hack that was present from 2017-2018. I not speak Japanese and not wanna brick console or sth. Just wanna know if there is possibility to reflash stock fw. Saw some videos on Twitch where Mupen64 was used, there is also possibility to use other emulators/cores. Link to GitHub page of project https://github.com/hissorii/retrofd Link to some blog posts http://blog.livedoor.jp/akira2005/ Nintendo 64 on Retro Freak https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169903803?filter=highlights&sort=time
  6. The "River Raid Bold" thread got me thinking about this game: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/293861-river-raid-bold/ So here's a simple River Raid hack. The terrain and enemy placement is partially randomized, based on player input. Basically the LFSR that's used to generate the map is clocked an extra time, every time the player fires a shot. The "preview" you see before starting the game is still the original layout. Whichever level you start out on, looks like the original map for at least the first screens' worth, until you start shooting. Carefully counting your shots will result in repeatable maps. The random enemies still follow the rules of the game: the balloon doesn't appear until level 3, the diagonally-moving enemy planes don't appear until level 5, etc. Lower levels have fewer enemies, as usual. As usual, even-numbered levels split into multiple paths with islands in the center of the river, and odd-numbered levels only have one path. The random terrain doesn't actually make the game more difficult, except that it means you can't memorize the maps. The "Press START key Use joystick 1" text has been replaced with "Randomised by Urchlay", so you can tell which version of the game you're playing. Also, for reference, the md5sum of the ROM is 0842355056c3f7f8598a9ae38df3ccfe. Download here: http://urchlay.naptime.net/~urchlay/src/river_raid_random_hack.rom This is a raw ROM dump. In your emulator, select "Standard 8KB cartridge". If anyone's really interested, I can post a .xex file and/or a .car file with a header.
  7. I was hoping to find some information about if the Atari Flashback 9 firmware is able to be modded to use something like the Genesis Game Manager. I can't seem to find any information about the Atari FB9, only info about the 2018 Genesis HD. Anybody more knowledgeable than myself able to shed some light on the matter?
  8. What games should have AtariVox voice hacks and what should they say? Would you want have Keystone Kapers say: I am going to get you? Would You want tips and ET catchphrases to ET? Would you want taunts and expletives to be had in Outlaw? Would you want menacing voices and taunts from the Boss in Yars' Revenge? Post what games you would think would be beneficial to have AtariVox voice support and what lines you would want to hear.
  9. From the album: Hacks

    Game Selection 6
  10. Can someone help me do a very simple hack of Space Invaders where the aliens are blue instead of green. It would also be cool if there was a title screen that said "WUW", but if this is not possible or too complicated to pull of then I understand, and it's not completely necessary for what I'm trying to pull off. Mostly I would just like for the aliens to be blue. Can someone help me out?
  11. One thing that has always bothered me about Super Breakout on the 2600 was the colors & sounds. I like the original game's much better and would love to be able to hack Super to use those. I know nothing about programming the 2600 (but I know the very basics of 6250 assembly). I have been playing around with running code at 8bitworkshop and was wondering if anyone had a disassembly of breakout and super breakout or could lend a hand in modding the game?
  12. Hello, I'm trying to hack a game that currently needs the Select switch to start the game. I want to start the game using the fire button. From my research, I understand that the Select button has the mnmonic SWCHB. It can be 1 = not pressed, 0=Pressed. It's hex value is 282. to read the joystick fire button, it's INPT4 (player 1 port). It's the 7th bit that controls this, so if the 7th bit is 0, then button pressed, else if 7th = 1, then no buttin pressed. I hope I have got this right. I'm guessing that the game will have a small loop running on the title screen, that is continually checking to see if the Select switch has been activated. I assuming that it is looking for SWCHB.1 to change to SWCHB.0. To acheive my goal, would it be as easy as changing the loop to wait for the fire button to be pressed instead of the Select switch? Now doing this in Stella debugger, do I need look for code that is monitoring SWCHB? I'm new to this, so please bear with me? Am looking at things in the correct way? Thanks in advance. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Ok - here's what I have done so far:- Changed ship sprite - hopefully it's a little more interesting Changed the score font - looks more rounded and smooth Changed text on title screen - now says Fire to Start (removed Igor's name - sorry!!) Todo:- Start game with fire button Please try it out Allia Quest hack v0-1.bin
  13. >>Newest version in this thread, Post 1: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234209-doctor-who-berzerk-wspeech/?p=3160867 Continuing the line of making original games different/better, here is a playable WIP Berzerk Doctor Who hack, with speech samples. No speech hardware required. Thread cross posted in Atari 2600 Programming Forum. Bezerk16kHack20150130b.asm.bin
  14. My friend and I have an idea for a ROM hack of pole position and are trying to use the source dumped here by Curt Vendel but haven't gotten anywhere in a while with it. I was wondering if anyone has any insight as to how to get it compiled, what compiler to use or possibly another source dump that's compatible with DASM without a complete re-write. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated and you will be noted on the credits of the hack and you will get a gold star for being generally a good person. Thanks, -M
  15. I wish there would be a patch for the Megaman homebrew on the Atari 2600. The boss is indestructible. The game is unfinished. I wish somebody could patch the Atari 2600 Megaman so that the boss can be destroyed and the game could be finished.
  16. This is strictly for fun; obviously not likely to happen (i.e. won't.) If I could change one Jaguar title, it would be to turn Double Dragon IV into an arcade style beat-em-up (and a good one) rather than a one on one fighter. I know plenty of people have had this idea but it's just always been stuck in my head as the one thing I'd do if I could. Not only would it be a good two player game but it'd be nice to have a great beat em up from the DD franchise on the Jaguar. I actually love the box art and graphic style of the game, just wish it was a different genre and the gameplay was better. What would you change, if you could change only one game? What's priority number 1?
  17. From the album: Hacks

    Early WIP
  18. From the album: Uh, retro stuff

    The internals of the new Colecovision Flashback controller, half the info needed to design a compatibility dongle.
  19. Hi all, This is my first post on AtariAge. I created a version of Berzerk with diagonal shots. This has been done previously by Dennis Debro. This version is based on his disassembly, and I borrowed and learned a lot from his hack. Debro's hack, as I understand it, works by extending the robots' "missile box," which has to do with how close the player must be to the robot before the robot fires, both in the horizontal and vertical directions. Extending this makes it possible for the player to be close enough in both directions, even from a good distance away. In that case, a diagonal shot can be fired. (Debro also added code to combine the two missile directions.) This code is quite interesting and educational, but the actual game play is still disappointing. The robots very rarely fire diagonal shots. In addition, increasing the missile box makes the robots dumber, so that they often fire wild shots that are not even close to the player. Since only one robot can fire at a time, this ends up making the game easier. I wanted to make the game harder! Specifically, I wanted to stick to the original algorithm and only fire diagonal shots when normal shots would not be fired. However, this would seem to require a separate routine to compute diagonal shots that doesn't rely on the original missile box, and there is not enough space on the 4K ROM for such a large amount of code. So my solution was to add such a routine to a second bank, making an 8K ROM. Even then, it was hard to squeeze in enough code just for entering and leaving this second bank, but I finally managed. Debro's marking of unnecessary bytes in the original ROM was very helpful for this. Anyway, here is the modified assembly and binary. The robots do frequently fire diagonal shots, and the game is harder! I'll let you decide how much harder. This hack only includes the diagonal shots. It does not include the other changes that Debro made in his hack. Debro's original disassembly and hack can both be found at: http://www.bjars.com/disassemblies.html berzerk_dshots_johne_mar_16_2019.asm berzerk_dshots_johne_mar_16_2019.bin
  20. I am a new member to AtariAge forums, and this is my first post here. I am a lifelong fan of Atari, and I play it everyday. My latest hobby is creating artwork for MESS to enhance the appearance, and to an extent the gameplay, of my favorite titles, but that is not what this post is really about. In doing artwork for Dodge `Em, and maybe this is more a consequence of the emulation inaccuracies as opposed to the game code but I wouldn't know where to begin to explore that, I noticed that the start of a car's motion through a gap doesn't really match the start of the gap on the screen. It shortcuts it by almost half a car length. I can tell this by using the pause (P) and advance frame (Shift+P while paused) features of the emulator. Likewise the car detects collision with the wall at the other side of the gap before the car actually reaches it. This is problematic at high speed and towards the center of the screen where there is almost no margin to speak of in order to pre-empt the true gap as opposed to the visual one onscreen. With the masking and hay bale graphics in my bezel I can somewhat compensate for that, but if it really is a coding bug, I would love to see it squashed by one of the talented members of this forum. A big hello to V-Gamester Gary from your "best customer". If you are reading this Gary, you know I have a lot to show you this at the Super Flea this weekend. Cheers! To everyone else, thanks for reading, and I hope my hobby is not off-putting to any purists out there.
  21. A fellow member of NintendoAge recently purchased a Pacman with an odd maze layout. I recognise this layout from Pacman Collection 7800. Any help or advice on value, etc would be helpful. Here is the OP thread on NintendoAge: http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=5&threadid=154548
  22. Hi guys, I got myself an Atari 130 XE recently (after a 20 year gap) and I finally found the time to open it to see the conditions inside. I found a couple of hacky looking wires in there and I haven't a clue what do these fix / improve. Can someone here recognize it as a typical mod / fix? Thanks for any comments!
  23. From the album: Hacks

    New scarf graphics
  24. iesposta

    Teaser image

    From the album: Hacks

    Player has colors!
  25. In another thread, I have posted a hack to Pitfall to change the map of the game, while keep (approximately) the same difficulty as the original Pitfall. Near the end of that thread, I posted a "training game" variant of Pitfall. I fell this training game really deserves its own thread. In reply to one user who would like to see a Pitfall variant with multiple maps, I have made it possible to select from two different maps in this Pitfall map. The main map is an easier 125-location "trainer" map for Pitfall players. Despite the smaller jungle, all 32 treasures are to be found. In addition, the time limit has been increased to 60 minutes and the player now has unlimited lives; however, one minute is lost every time Harry dies. Also: There are no underground walls (every underground passage will put Harry somewhere else on the map). To play this map, download the attached file and invoke the xor.image tool in the same directory as both the pitfallT.xor file and a ROM image of the original Pitfall game: xor.image pitfall.rom pitfallT.xor pitfallT.rom (Note: pitfall.rom, the original Pitfall game ROM, may have the name pitfall.bin. If so: "xor.image pitfall.bin pitfallT.xor pitfallT.rom") This will create a ROM image--pitfallT.rom--that can be played in Stella or any other 2600 emulator. It is probably also possible to download it to a Harmony Cartridge (or even burn an EPROM) to play it on a real 2600. The resulting pitfallT.rom has the following cryptographic sums: md5 0c885840ea4b08b7709639ef95812e65 sha-2-256 2a40b2896a044bfb18dba0cf9eb0a4db0365940e32ea4010ee6ae0a5eaed1222 Unlike the original Pitfall, "game Select" does something: It places Harry in a small training course suitable for practicing movement and jumping. There are no treasures in this practice course. All of my changes to Pitfall in the attached zip file are public domain. - Sam small-jungle.zip
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