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Found 17 results

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Toshiba FlashAir W-04 32 GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card. I tried looking for a 8gig one but it was 3 times more expensive and an older version as well. Will this one work with the harmony/harmony encore?
  2. I have started programming using Batari. I decided I need to get a Harmony cartridge so that I can test my games on a real VCS. Whilst hunting on ebay, I saw the following:- http://www.ebay.co.u...sd=262985404875 The menu looks the same (minus the Harmony logo). I cannot find any information about these anywhere. Plus the tech specs seems to be the same too:- Specifics: 2600 Ninja Drive MicroSD/SDHC version NXP 70MHz ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller 8KB SRAM, 32KB Flash, and 512KB EEPROM 7MHz SPI bus controller Micro USB FTD232 serial interface Supports FAT32/16/12 with Windows Long Filenames (LFN) Bankswitching types supported: 2K, 4K, F8, F8SC, F6, F6SC, F4, F4SC, FA, FE, 3E, 3F, E0, E7, CV, UA, Supercharger, DPC, 0840, Custom Specs from the Harmony instruction manual page 9 - (http://harmony.atariage.com/files/harmony_manual_v2_online.pdf) Harmony Cartridge Technical Specifications Processor: NXP 70MHz ARM7TDMI-S microcontroller Memory: 8KB SRAM, 32KB Flash, and 512KB EEPROM SD Card Interface: 7MHz SPI bus controller USB: FTD232 serial interface Filesystems supported: FAT32/16/12 with Windows Long Filenames (LFN) Bankswitching types supported: 2K, 4K, F8, F8SC, F6, F6SC, F4, F4SC, FA, FE, 3E, 3F, E0, E7, CV, UA, Supercharger, DPC, 0840, Custom The specs are the same, even the order that they are listed. At the guys at Atariage okay with this? Or is this a legit Harmony competitor worth considering? Or should I just stick with the Harmony cart?
  3. Hi, I recently aquired a pair of Best Electronics paddle controllers with the upgraded pots. When powering on the 2600 with the Harmony and paddles connected, the menu will scroll uncontrollably from page to page and will never stop, making it impossible to select a game. Turning the paddles or pressing the fire button seems to have no effect. The paddles do work fine in-game however, with no issues that I can detect. I have tested on 2 separate 2600 systems with the same results. I have also tried an older set of paddles (with bad jitter) that do not exhibit this issue. Any idea what the problem could be?
  4. Yesterday I ordered a Harmony cartridge. I'm going to try and introduce the old 2600 to my kids, and thought that would be the way to go vs trying to re-create all of my old collection all over again. However, downloading all the roms one by one will be a tedious procedure. Does anyone (atariage?) have a downloadable zip of all the 2600 roms offered in one place? If not, I'll do it the hard way, but I was looking to save some time and grab them all at once. Does such a beast exist, and if so, where? Danke.
  5. As my first 2600 game is entering the testing phase, I'm hoping to have a number of cartridges made. I know that there's the option to have a custom cartridge made just like that and, while very tempting, I would like a number of cartridges made and it is sadly outside of my price range. So I was hoping to do so myself, as much as possible. Is there any explanation of what all is involved? From what I have heard, one would want plenty of existing games with little value which can be stripped down so their cartridges and boards may be used. It's all about needing a new EPROM, which are cheap to buy but must be burned with a pricey EPROM burner. So, my questions: 1. Is there any resource to explain how to make a custom cartridge oneself? If so, where? 2. How much can be salvaged from existing games? 3. What kind of EPROMs are required and where can they be purchased? 4. Is there anyone who already has an EPROM burner who would be willing to burn EPROMs for me on a pay-per-EPROM basis (with me paying for the EPROM, any shipping, as well as for the good individual's trouble)? Bulk orders in mind, here. 5. Is there anything else I should know about all this so I don't waste a lot of time and money on a wild goose chase? I'd very much appreciate any information folks can offer. Thanks!
  6. Hey, I was wondering what happened to the melody board option for homebrews on the AA store. I thought maybe the boards had run out or something until I noticed the option was still available for custom carts. I searched but haven't seen anything official. Is there a supply issue? Possibly an ETA on their return? I definitely want to pick up a couple extra homebrews but I'd hate to buy them and then have melody board versions become available a few days later.
  7. Can someone please help me with my new Harmony Encore? I just bought this device and it came flashed with the NTSC 1.06 firmware, I am from the UK so I want to put the latest PAL 1.06 firmware on it the problem is it does not seem to exist and I don’t understand where to get it from, assuming it even exists. The addendum that comes with the Encore manual states… “Also, we don’t recommend using BIOS versions older than 1.06.” So what do I do? use 1.05? or wait till PAL 1.06 comes out? I have tried emailing Fred with this question but I am not getting any reply from him so any help this community may be able to offer will be appreciated. Many thanks.
  8. Does anyone know if there can be any potential damage done to the Harmony Cart or the VCS by removing the Harmony Cartridge while the system is on? I *REALLY* want to play RAM Pong without the cartridge in the machine, just to see the magic in action, but I'm a little wary of damaging one or the other.
  9. Ok, I finally got the cash together to buy a Harmony Encore. So my question is this, How many games used the light gun and are they good enough to justify buying the gun for? I have two CRT tvs I can use, a 13 inch portable (which I feel is too small for using the light gun) and a 32 inch floor model. If the light gun games are well liked, I'll pick up the light gun, but if members here don't think it's worth it, I'll trust the wisdom of the forum and put the money toward a Homebrew cart or some other accessories. On an unrelated note, is there a way to get "demo" roms of the homebrews available in the store, so I can try them before I buy them?
  10. Hiya! So my heavy sixxer is off being modded so I have been playing 2600 games on my new harmony cart on my 7800 latley. I can't get "The Official Frogger by Sega" to load...The screen goes black each time I try one of the 3 roms of the game on there.. (latest v11 rom update from the 2600 forum) Anyone know of any reason these games wouldn't play via harmony on the 7800? As far as I knew the hardware was identical when the 7800 is playing games in 2600 mode.. Thanks
  11. From the album: RetroElectroDad Game Collection

    The Harmony cartridge is great and I use it mostly, but sometimes you can't beat opening up the box with the instructions and artwork to go full-retro.

    © Trevor Briscoe

  12. Hi guys, New to the site but, a longtime vcs fanatic. I also play OSU! on my spare time as i love elite beat agents. I was wondering how difficult it would be to create a simple port of Osu!. Here is a small video of it in action. I have been reading andrews assembly language tutorials and know some assembly language. I also own a an Atari 2600 and Harmonary cart. From read the technical specs, it looks like i will have to simplify it quite a bit. Can someone please tell me the feasibility of this? Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Vcsu!
  13. Hi All, I did the composite video mod a while ago on my Atari 2600. Didn't think so much of it. All the cartridges seem to work ok. A little bit of tearing/visible lines on the very left of screen. However, it does work and play fine. Played a round of Combat and the number at the top were fine. Anyway, when I use my Harmony cartridge. I can barely read the text. However, playing the games everything seems to play as the original cartridges do. Not sure if there is a problem with the cartridge, the mod itself, etc... Anyone else experience this? BTW, I am in NTSC land. Thanks.
  14. Hi my Harmony Encore came today which I'm thrilled with, however I think I'm doing something wrong and I was hoping that someone else has had a similar problem and would be able to provide some assistance. I'm in the UK and therefore using a PAL system, but for some reason the colours when playing games don't display correctly, specifically Blue/Purple (although there may be others). I've tried a few different games and ensured that I have downloaded he PAL version, and have flashed the cartridge with both PAL50 1.05 and PAL60 1.05 (as I can't find the firmware for PAL50/60 in version 1.06). Examples of where the blue/purple seems to be wrong are Frostbite, Pitfal II and Solaris. I don't have real copies of these games and so can't check to see if it's just how the PAL versions are. However I've downloaded the PAL roms for Q*bert and Ms. Pac-Man as I have these originals and the colours on rom/original cartridge match up. These are pictures of the actual cartridges. As I'm typing this I'm beginning to think that I may have a NTSC system...would this explain the problems? Or is this how these games are displayed on a PAL system? Of course a far more likely problem is I've done something completely wrong!! Any help most welcome! Cheers, Ed
  15. Hi! I´m using Windows 10 Pro 64 bits version. My Harmony Program Tool can´t found the Harmony Cartridge I install the drivers and apparently everything worked perfectly. The virtual com port have the following setup: But the harmony Programming Tool continued not finding the harmony cartridge The only problem in Device Manager is the following: When I insert the USB cable into the Harmony cartridge I hear the Windows characteristic sound that something has been inserted into a USB port. What can I do ? best regards and thanks in advanced, Marcelo What can I do ?
  16. These are the downloads I've offered for people to try on their Harmony carts with real hardware. My programming style is odd and eccentric, so results in emulation will vary and usually be negative. This is a screensaver like demo of an adventure/minigames cart I'd like to finish using the Multisprite kernel MKSF.bin This is a Masters of the Universe demo using the Standard Kernel MOTU.bin This is a VWBasic RPG I'm working on RPG.bin This is Run Out. A DPC+ work that I adore but is apparently not good enough to even consider or talk about.. RUNOUT.bin This is a demo of the current state of backgrounds and characters in Street Fight World 32k SFW32k.bin This is the demo of a game that will likely never be called Street Fight World DPC+ SFWDPC.bin This is arguably my best, most valuable work. A 32k bankswitched scrolling engine with massive color. Zonic. ZONICVCS.bin This is a one channel music demo that would allow for sound effects that don't interrupt ROLLINBRAIN.bas.bin This is an older demo of Street Fight World DPC+ (not likely to ever be produced) SFWDPC.bas.bin My baby, of sorts. A DPC+ volleyball game with adult themes and nudity. CONTAINS NUDITY! BVBALL.bin Older version (the one that will likely be produced, rather than the DPC+ version.) This one is special in that if you press down at the pool instead of the button you will see an example of one of the outfits in the game When she is nude at the beach chairs you may press up or down to change her stance. CONTAINS NUDITY AND PICTURES OF MY ATARI GF.. VBALL.bin A first person game that was my first venture into Batari Basic. Unfinished. up starts you running. Down stops or slows down the character. Lasersword.bin If you never finish anything then you can never die!
  17. Hey guys, I'm sorry if my question's been touched on before, I did look through the threads here and couldn't find anything that matched my question so here goes... I'm pretty psyched about rom testing on my Atari. Somewhere Random Terrain mentioned that you can test whilst the Harmony cart's plugged into the 2600 and PC at the same time via USB. So I download my bin image using the 'Develeopment' tab on the Harmony Programming Tool and feed it to my cart like you do with the bios? If so, how do I get the ARM directory? The menu says I'll lose the multicart capabilities whilst in this mode. Is that only until I turn off the console/unplug the USB? I'm scared of breaking my shiny new cart or my 2600 but on-the-fly-testing sounds very cool and convenient! Cheers, Doki!
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