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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all! I'll be getting my Sega Master System pretty soon. I'm so psyched about it! Does anyone here do modding for the system? ...HDMI, capacitor replacement, or the beloved FM synthesizer mod? I look forward to your posts! Thanks!
  2. You want to use your F18A enhanced computer, vintage game machine or other VGA equipped classic computer on your fancy new big screen television set? Think again, most new affordable TV’s no longer support VGA or S-Video inputs. Don’t you just love planned obsolescence and cost saving methods? What’s a hobbyist to do? There are many different VGA to HDMI converters available for sale. The Sewell Hammerhead is on the upper end of the price scale, but there are other more reasonably priced devices that will not ‘break the bank’ and still do the job quite well. Items that you will need 1) VGA to HDMI converter (comes with power cable) 2) HDMI video cable 3) Optional power supply if you don’t use the USB power on the TV. There are numerous lower priced knock-off units out there, some in the $6.00 -$11.00 range. I cannot guarantee results with any of those as I do not have any first-hand experience with them. One, like I purchased is listed in <<THIS LINK>>. This unit sells in the $23.00 range and is confirmed to work quite well with the F18A in my TI-99/4A. Thanks to Atari Age user JediMatt42 for bringing this specific unit to my attention. If you do not already have an extra HDMI cable, you’ll probably want to purchase one at the same time. Be aware that if your VGA output is only 640 X 480, like with the F18A, you’ll have to adjust the setting on your TV to display it at the full or proper size. This thing is a snap to install, however the audio output on many different devices varies, so no matter what converter you end up purchasing, you may have to purchase or make your own converter for the audio plug. INPUT WANTED If you end up purchasing a device in the under $10.00 price range, I'd like to read your comments and a review. Thanks.
  3. The F18A Video Enhancement Board Retro Computing on the TI-99/4A can be a blast from the past for many of us, but nothing can ruin the experience faster than blurry, distorted or snowy images. Were we really going to dump hundreds of dollars into re-acquiring old equipment, as well as the cool new toys coming out, only to view a crappy picture over some lousy old TV or monitor? Heck NO, and we didn't have to, because as many of us in the community learned, before it was discontinued, Matthew Haggarty came to our rescue with the truly affordable F18A Video Enhancement board. UPDATE --- 02/02/2019 --- At one point, among Atari Age users, the F18A was the most used video output device for the TI-99/4A. After being discontinued, the 9918 has regained that spot as more new users have entered the TI community. Of course, the F18A MK2 will probably change that again after it's release. There were so many reasons to get one of these video upgrades, some of the most obvious were: 1) Crisp and sharp video 2) Ability to use modern HDTV's and computer monitors 3) Ease of installation 4) Reasonably priced However, there were more not so obvious reasons as well: With age, numerous TI systems developed different video issues, the F18A card fixed all of these problems without the owners having to waste literally hours, days or weeks trying to diagnose and identify the specific video chip at fault. They also avoided the hassles of removing the old broken components. Since this is a socketed device, it was a fix even a newbie with no soldering skills could perform. It was only advertised as a functional 9918 replacement, but quite frankly, it had a few tricks up it's sleeve that went above and beyond a crisp, clean, and flicker free picture. This board had HUGE additional benefits that many people, myself included enjoy... ...80 COLUMN MODE... Yep! The F18A displays 80 columns in programs like the Multiplan, BOOT, 4A/DOS, Force Command and the Tursi modified BA-Writer and many more. With the sheer number of F18A's out in the wild, it had become the de-facto standard. I'm hoping more stuff becomes available for it's replacement in the coming years. Here are a few screenshots taken from my system.... The attached PDF file below contains all the known programs to currently take advantage of the F18A's 80 column mode or enhanced graphics capabilities. (As of 1 January, 2015) You can download a few of the major 80 column compatible programs << HERE >> This was the #1 upgrade for the TI-99/4A. Everyone gained from this device, from the lowly newbie or returning user with only the basic console, to the rabid TI zealot with a totally over-blown and radically expanded system. As we wait patiently for the F18A MK2, Another Atari Age user, Vectrex Roli made a neat little You Tube video about this card, take a peek here... *** UPDATE -- 09/21/2016 If you want to use this device on a modern flat screen TV that only has an HDMI connector << CLICK HERE >> for more information about VGA to HDMI converters. TI-F18-Extra.pdf
  4. Heyo! The same company that did the HDMI for Xbox adapter (Pound Technology) is working on a PS1 / PS2 HDMI cable. For whatever reason, it's available for pre-order through Limited Run Games. (Not dogging on them, just seems an odd choice for this type of product.) https://limitedrungames.com/products/pound-technology-ps2-ps1-hdmi-cable Heavy Metal Jesus did a preview of it as well. What little I can see there, I'd gladly use this for a PS1 setup, but I would probably stick to component for PS2. Figured I'd share just in case you missed it during all the Mega Sg hype!
  5. Hello! For those who didn't know, there is a Gamecube mod available to allow for video output superior to composite without paying for the ridiculously low quantity and overpriced component cable. I won't go into all the details, but basically someone dumped the information off of the fancy component cable and it's conversion chip that is in it. The information is freely available to read and use. Here's a link to the Github if you want to read more. You can find a couple different people showing the results on Youtube, and I'd like to say it just looks AMAZING via an HDMI cable. There's one example below of the amazing results but a not very amazing installation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyYyQy3oTPY&t=51s There are a couple people working on this project in various fashions, and there are a few major services to get this mod done, but they aren't looking overly healthy right now. BadAssConsoles has a preorder bit that's been up for around a year or so now, and he doesn't update consistently and has recently changed opinion from an internal mod to an external adapter. He's doing great work and all, but there's no real idea of when it'll get finished up. There is also VideoGamePerfection in the UK. They don't have nearly as ambitious a project going for this, but they're also so backed up on preorders that they have a waiting list for their waiting list. There's a few odd modders I've seen around that have their own plans in production, but there's not a good list to choose from of people to do it. Overall, I'm greatly interested in the mod. It offers HDMI for one of my favorite systems that doesn't have a great selection of options, and much like the N64, it doesn't really look great on HDTV via S-Video... Even through the Framemeister. With all this being stated and said, is there anybody who could possibly do this mod for me? I'd be willing to pay all the expenses needed and provide all the parts. I just don't feel confident in my soldering ability. I mean... I managed to replaced a power port on a couple SNES. That's about it. Here's the links below of some details plus the parts needed. (In case someone is interested in this for themselves and whatnot) Pluto FPGA Board - The circuit board that makes the magic happen! The one you'll want is the Pluto IIx . The site even sells some preprogrammed with the software. 3D Printable HDMI Mount - Link to the files for 3D printing a fancy plastic mount. Not required at all, but it looks really nice paired with the board. The Mod Details - The direct details to the mod itself on Github. Has anybody else been watching this?
  6. Guys, I've heard about some type of device which allows one to connect old console to an HDTV via HDMI port. Is there such a device that works with Atari, and if so, what is it called? I have a HDMI plazma panel. I want to hook up my old console to HDMI.
  7. I've seen these units around for years, especially in the Bed, Bad and Beyond stores as well as the odd Toys R Us. Never felt inclined to pick those up, mostly due to the limited number of games and the semi-poor reviews on the controllers. So I kept using my 7800s to play the cartridges I wanted. On and off I'd be tempted to grab an Intellivision Flashback (don't play InTV that much), Colecovision (no Donkey Kong), and the 10 versions of the Atari one. Every time I would just put it back on the shelf after thinking it over. Kept also looking for a cheap Flashback 2, but realistically I don't think I would ever add a cartridge slot. I had an eye out for the Flashback 8 Activision edition just because it has pretty sizeable list of games and most of the Activision games. Well, I saw one at the local Walmart and did an impulse purchase of the Flashback 8 Gold. It was not the Activision edition, but it had some titles. What grabbed me was the HDMI connection ... So some thoughts: - I was surprised to see some M-Network games, especially Air Raiders which is one of my favourite games. Overall the list is pretty decent. - I'm very happy with the HDMI connection. It lets me keep my existing connections on my TV intact (i.e. leave my component for the 7800) so I just plug the unit into the AV receiver and am good to go. - The actual resolution (upscaled and no visible spacing between lines) is actually pretty good, and typically how I would I would play on the Stella emulator. - There are wireless joysticks which also allow to pause/rewind the game and give you the main menu functionality. I haven't put in batteries and tried these out. I've been just playing with my standard CX-40 joysticks and it works really well. - In regards to the wired joysticks, having the joystick ports in the front is really convenient. The button layout on the console is a bit odd, with the reset button the 2nd left button, and the select at the very right. There's no Color/BW button as far as I can tell, so not clear how Space Shuttle would work on a console like this. - The main menu is running at 720p and displays HD images of the boxes to select and gives you basic game instructions. It's fairly well done and also allows you to filter to just Atari and Activision games. - Frogger is some sort of arcade or newer console variation. I guess the Parker Bros rights could not be obtained. It looks great, but totally out of place with the Atari 2600 games. The thing that actually bothers me is the lack of in-game music in this version. It's also only single-player. - The Space Invaders is also a non-2600 variety. I didn't play it yet. It looks like the arcade edition. - On the emulation I started seeing some quirks; I especially noticed them in Frostbite where the ice floes would be partially rendered. The odd thing is that this is not just a visual glitch as the collision detection seems to respect the lack of graphic portion, so this totally impacted the game play. In Air Sea Battle, I saw a graphical shift at the right section of the screen for the rows (but not moving objects). - Since I got the non-Activision version, I started looking at ways I can potentially mod it. So opening it up, I see that it's an older generation Raspberry Pi and there's no USB port. On my list to-do for this week is to go to the electronics store and get some parts to do the same that BitMerge did: http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/25564-usb-connection/ - Apparently the full library of games is installed, but not enabled as per one of the comments on this post; http://www.instructables.com/id/Adding-Games-to-Atgames-Genesis-Flashback-HD/. That will be the goal to see if I can enable all Activision games, and enable all the other hidden ones (which ever those may be). I'll poke around to see how more roms could be added beyond that. I'll post back my findings once I have a USB connection enabled and see what I can find.
  8. This is an exciting new mod from user marshallh on assemblergames.com Here is a link to his website with some pics and info on the mod. http://ultrahdmi.retroactive.be/ He is only selling these to installers not to individuals. I am going to be an installer when his new stock arrives in a couple weeks. I am offering this for $199 installed and free return shipping initially. If your interested in having me install this new mod for you feel free to send me a message.
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