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Found 28 results

  1. Hi, all! I have a Heavy Sixer that, after a good cleaning, seemed to be working fine. I booted up Video Pinball and was playing through a second game when the game failed and goes all distorted, kind of like when the contacts don't line up properly between the system and cart. I had been playing on and off for about 15 minutes at that point, Super Breakout, then Kaboom!, then Video Pinball. It sounds to me like something is overheating and causing the failure after a little play time. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for/replacing/resoldering/etc.?
  2. hello everyone.. I'm looking for the hi-res artwork that was on the main console box. Does anyone know where I might find this... thanks! michael
  3. From the album: Digital Illustrations

    No woodgrain for you!

    © 2021 DoctorSpuds

  4. Did I break the RIOT Chip or pop a Cap in my Sixer? Left controller port Trigger line has stopped registering, but everything else on the Heavy Sixer works fine - I just watched this Atari RIOT chip replacement video and have some questions - Atari 2600 "RIOT" chip replacement - YouTube With the Heavy Sixer I see there is a Daughterboard with round caps and resistors between the Controller ports and the RIOT chip - this is missing on the Vader model in the video or integrated into the mainboard. I suspect the high potentials may have fried one of these round caps and possibly not the RIOT Chip since the Heavy Sixer is otherwise working fine. Section 4-27 of the Field Agent Service manual appears to suggest the Controller daughterboard and replacing these components - ATARI 2600/2600A VCS Domestic Field Service Manual; FD100133, Rev.02 (robotsandcomputers.com) Details on what caused the hardware fault: The left controller plug fell out of the Heavy Sixer and when I plugged it back in a large Spark jumped between my hand and the pins on the port while the Atari was powered on (freezing it) so I think the high potential overloaded a Cap or fried something in the RIOT (hopefully not, Best Electronics is fresh out).
  5. From the album: My Game Collection

    the Serial number of said heavy sixer
  6. This guy (with a rating of 100%) from the UK wants over 100$ for what he claims to be a heavy sixer, but after 10 seconds of looking at the thing you can obviously see it's an ordinairy one. ​1. the power brick is for a later VCS 2. the joysticks have TOP written on them ​3. the edge on the sides of the atari is thin ​Now it also happens to miss the bottom label and a picture of the front of the machine was never taken. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Woody-Heavy-Sixer-Console-Un-tested-Rare-Retro-Vintage-/282436802067?hash=item41c28b9613:g:Y8YAAOSwE0JY9SSM Am i overanalysing this or does anyone else think that this is, well... odd? This seller must clearly know that there's a difference between the two since it's been listed as a heavy sixer specifically ​But it's probably just poor research or something.
  7. When I took apart my heavy sixer to perform a composite mod, I noticed a paper on the bottom of the motherboard. I wanted to know if I could infer the date of manufacture from this and the serial number, since the date stamp usually taped to the top of the shield box is missing. I think I saw Rev-2 or Rev-3 on the switchboard. Unfortunately, I already put it back together, so these pictures are all I have. And yes, it had H6er internals. I'm still pretty new at this. Can't figure out how to embed local pictures inline.
  8. Hey guys, I am hoping someone can help me out with determining the value of my 2600. I bought an original 1977 Heavy Sixer at an antique mall/flea market type establishment, complete in box with the manual, warranty card, both original joysticks and paddle controllers, and all the cables, except for the switch box to hook it up to a TV. I purchased one of the coaxial adaptors so I could play it. In addition to Combat, it also had Riddle of the Sphinx, Starship and Air-Sea Battle in the box when I got it. I'm considering selling it, and I have no idea what it is actually worth. I would feel like a douche if I overcharged for it (I don't trust ebay prices as a guideline for anything) but I also don't want to give it away for too cheap either. I'm looking to either get a few more NES or Master System games instead, as I don't really care about having Atari hardware. I have an Atari flashback, and I love all the games on it. Any input would be most appreciated. Like I said, I have no idea what a fair asking price would be. Hope you experts can help me out! Thanks guys!!!!
  9. Well good news I found a heavy sixer for $20 at goodwill today. I was pumped till I got it home and started it up. Nothing but a black screen! Well I tried all the obvious stuff. Still nothing so I opened her up... No obvious problems. After a few hour of tinkering and checking voltages I decided to pull out my light sixer open it up and 1 by 1 I swapped out the socket'd chips. Bingo the little one in the middle fixed it. I didn't want to swap out the guts completely cuz I figured then its just a light sixer in heavy sixer clothes. But my light sixer is mint and the heavy sixer looks good but the wood grain has got some marks and the orange trim has definitely taken some wear. Now im considering swapping the tops. I know I cant fool the experts but I think it would make me happy to make my heavy sixer look perfect... But then again it wouldn't be perfect because I'd be cheating. What would you do?
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for an Atari H6 top shell in good condition, especially in the frontal faux woodgrain part with the logo. I have to replace mine which got ever more ruined in a rather clumsy attempt of restoration pm contact. Thanks. Andre
  11. YinBaGua


    Item found.
  12. From the album: My Game Collection

    same heavy sixer, closeup to reveal base
  13. From the album: My Game Collection

    Bought this at work. A guy brought it in, with a dozen games, 3 joysticks, and manuals, $10
  14. Not too long ago I didn't even own a heavy sixer. First I found my keeper and then quickly stumbled across two more. One I bought for the sears controllers it came with (my keeper is a tele-games) and the other I found on craigslist and grabbed for the CX-10's. I'm selling one of the two here (buyers choice) along with a pair of original CX-10's, Paddles, driving controllers and a few games. Auction started at 99 cents with no reserve and free shipping! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 301710555850
  15. I heard at one point that just as there was an original model of the ordinary paddle which had the Atari logo instead of the word "paddle," there was also an original model of the driving paddle which similarly had the Atari logo rather than the word "driving." The closest I've seen to one is on eBay there was an auction for driving paddles "CIB" and the box had a picture of driving paddles as I described above. However, the actual paddles inside the box in this auction said "driving" rather than having the logo. Does anyone know for sure whether these mythical driving paddles exist? Better yet, does anyone own one that can post a picture? I'm trying to collect an entire set of "first run" Atari hardware including the heavy sixer with original accessories and controllers. Thanks!
  16. Hello Atari fans. Possibly a boring post but here goes anyway. I've come across an unusual and official Atari brand CX2000/2600 power supply (UK 240V). I say "rare" because i've probably handled over 1000 2600 PSUs as I recondition the Woody 2600 light sixer models and have purchased 100s of job lots over the last 10 years. The label reads Atari CX-2000/2600 (in that order) It's similar in design to the early 1977/78 Cherry Leisure and Ingersol PSUs which came with UK Sunnyvale light Sixers and the PAL heavy Sixers but must have been made in 1982 (after the Val Proto was made obviously). As far as i'm aware it's unique and interesting that is says 2000 first as it if was made with the Val model in mind? Has anyone ever seen a 120V one of these? Probably not that interesting to most of you, but is to me considering the obscurity of the CX-2000 so I must be the only person with labelled power supply for one. A label error but shows the 2000 was on someones mind at the factory in the UK for it to be produced. Any thoughts?
  17. Since it looks like I'm in the market for a new 2600, I'm thinking of springing for a Heavy Sixer this time around. I'm wary of getting one off of eBay, but a video game store near me has a nice one in working order. Problem is, they're charging $200 for the console only. I overpaid for my last 2600 and don't want to make the same mistake again. Is it really worth that much, or should I see if I can talk them down?
  18. So I bought a sears heavy sixer in the box on ebay about eight months ago and I have some questions about the contents of the box. The controllers that came with the box appear to be cx-40's so I was wondering if any of the sears heavy sixer's came with cx-40's originally or if the controllers I got were replacements. I also didn't get target fun with the box so I was wondering if that came cart only or cib. I am missing the original power adapter and TV switch box so I doubt I would ever actually complete it, (the box is in fairly poor condition anyway) but I am still curious about it. What do you guys think about the sears heavy sixer? I personally love the silver control panel and simulated walnut wood grain. I honestly like the aesthetic better then the regular atari vcs. For $90+s&h in box I think it was well worth it.
  19. Hello everyone! After my other post I made about a year or two ago, I have been taking apart and reassembling my Heavy Sixer. I have been inspecting the switch board and motherboard, and noticed something very strange. The logic board itself (the board inside the metal RF case) has a drastically different layout than most heavy sixers. It has a more simple, greenish color than other boards, and looks like the one I will show below (picture from a different atariage user). From what he said, the serial number sticker on the back of the console was missing, just like mine. In addition, there are two stickers on the metal casing inside the console, unlike his, however. I will attach a picture of this as well. Perhaps this is a reconditioned unit? There is no sticker on the back labeled "factory reconditioned". I am very confused. Also, there is a label on the back that reads: "REV 1" and "c012173". What do these mean?
  20. I am what I would consider to be a serious Atari 2600 collector - haven't purchased anything in a few years, as other things in life have taken priority. Thankfully though it's never come down to selling anything. There is always the possibility this COULD happen though. I am asking for the community's help here, in understanding if I have a rare piece. Over the years, I have not seen any others like it. I've seen ONE out of Japan that had the grey lettering on the front, but that is the only one I've seen. I purchased this back in 2006 on a risk. As far as I can tell (and I have other sealed consoles) - this has NEVER been opened. I am not willing to open it myself to verify, because at least judging by the box, this might be a very rare piece. All of your collective knowledge and the things you've seen will hopefully help me figure it out. I'm not looking for whether you think the box is sealed - I'm specifically interested to know if you've seen any boxes exactly like this, as I have not. Thanks everyone!!
  21. Hey I need some help... My beloved sears telegames sunnyvale heavy sixer console has ran into some issues with it's audio/video output. So at first it would only display black and white, the color switch had no effect. No matter what position it was in, it was always black and white. Turned it off and on a few times and the color came back, but it was still very dull. Color switch still had no effect. As of now it displays very fuzzy and dull color. And has no sound. Tried different games, different televisions, even different video wires. Nothing helps... I suspect an internal issue with the console... Please Help! I want to get her working again.
  22. From the album: Darth Duke's Atari Corner

    I've learned from this great website that the fact that my console says Sunnyvale, CA on the back means that it was made the first year the Atari 2600 came out and is a 'heavy sixer' model. I was really happy to find that out.

    © DarthDuke 2016

  23. Shipping is not included in prices. Post sold for the items you want then PM me for shipping quote. Thanks! Pending - 4 Switch Woody with original atari power supply - tested and working $29 Also available are 2 CX-40 joysticks $8 each and 1 set of paddles (no jitter) for $5. Each Buyer of the two consoles has first option to purchase the controllers (2 joys & one paddle set). If you aren't buying a console you can claim the controllers pending sale of the consoles and confirmation that they don't want to buy the controllers. Boxed Atari 2600 games: Midnight Magic $10 Amidar $7 Moon Patrol $10 Atari 2600 Games with manual: SOLD - Centipede $3 Chopper Command $3 Donkey Kong $4 SOLD - Pac-Man $2 Super Challenge Baseball $3 SOLD - Video Pinball $3 Atari 2600 Loose Games: Amidar $3 Battlezone $4 Blackjack (text label) $2 Bowling (picture label) 42 Centipede $2 Championship Soccer (text label) $2 Combat (picture label) $2 SOLD - Decathlon $4 Football (picture label) $2 SOLD - Kangaroo $3 Keystone Kapers $3 SOLD - Ms. Pac-Man $2 Ms. Pac-Man $2 Pac-Man $1 Pitfall $6 Q-bert $3 Reactor $3 Space Invaders (picture label) $1 Starmaster $2 Summer Games $3 Super Challenge Football $2 Taz $5 Tennis $2 Warlords $1 SOLD ITEMS: SOLD - Sears Tele-Games Heavy Sixer and original gray power adapter - tested and working with 2 CX-40 Joysticks, 1 set of Paddles, Centipede, Pac-Man, Video Pinball, Ms. Pac-Man
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