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Found 10 results

  1. First, I know there are other threads about issues after doing a composite mod, but I haven't seen the issue I'm having. The composite mod I did was the one from tfw8bit. I followed the instructions for NTSC and it was done on a 4 switch model. I've included a picture of the issue I'm seeing. And before I did the mod it wasn't there. I've replaced the 2200uf capacitor and went back and checked all my solder joints. I'm at a loss as to where to look next. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have a 1200XL in my collection with an unknown history, but that has apparently had a hard life. Along with the nefarious physical damage, it has spent some time in a high humidity environment. The PF shield is pretty rusted, but the motherboard seems to be in decent shape. I bought a power supply for it and connected it to a Commodore 1702, but I am getting nothing but a black screen. I currently have just the motherboard on my bench and am doing some diagnostics, but not exactly sure what I am seeing, and was hoping for any recommendations. The LEDs weren't working, so I replaced them and the power LED lights up when the unit powers on. I tested the LM340s and both are putting out 5v on the output pins. I removed and reseated all of the socketed ICs. There is corrosion on some pins, but I cleaned the ones that I could see with a fiberglass pen and all the ones I tested did show continuity from the pin to the solder point on the reverse side of the motherboard. One of the pins on U16 (SN74LS114N) broke when I removed it so I replaced that IC with one from Ebay. I removed the two EPROMs and dumped them with an EPROM dumper I built and both seem good. When I use my BitScope logic probes, on boot up, I only see activity on D1,D3,D5,D6 and D7. Also, the only activity on the Address lines are that A8,A9 and A10 are high the entire time. The CPU reset line is also high. The Phase 0 clock seems fine. I also get signals from Pin 21 (COL) and Pin 25 (CSYNC) on the GTIA. They last for a few seconds. If I crank up the brightness on the monitor, the screen looks dark initially and then gets brighter. It is still blank the entire time. This corresponds with the signals on Pin 21 & Pin 25. I am a bit stumped as to why I am not getting any activity on D0,D2 and D4 nor on any other address lines. Any suggestions are welcome! IMG_1542.mp4
  3. I noticed that when my mod board is connected the 12v connection for the rf modulator drops to like 4v. also noticed that when its disconnected it's still only like 11.4v. And one of the chips on the board gets very hot. I'm wondering if this is why after a few seconds of use the picture becomes less stable (text characters basically shake) Also i took the cage off the rf modulator to make room so not sure if that has anything to do with my problem. been trying to get this thing to work for so long its kind of annoying.
  4. So im going to buy locally a faulty JVC X'eye as an future project, and i wanted to know if the problem this console has could be very easy to fix, or not worth trying. So the seller says that the system was working correctly both the Cd and cartridge system, but he recently drop the console by accident and now the consoles doesn't turn on, i tried to get some info on the internet but it seems that no one has had a similar problem, so i wanted to know if its worth my time to fix it, or just as a cool piece for display.
  5. I have just got a 4 switch woody and I am having an issue were cartridges are hard to get working on the system (takes a lot of removing and replacing to get video), the picture is snowy, and half the sprites on screen don't show up at all (for example in missile command only the left half of the bases show up and the missile explosion doesn't show up at all, and for crystal castles the title screen has missing portions and the enemies don't show up.). Any response would be appreciated thanks.
  6. Hey guys, so this time I messed up bad, no excuses here. Simply how can I fix this. Also will the product pictured below which is an conductive epoxy help? The game is Zelda for NES.
  7. Hello, i'm trying to make a 4 digit playfield score. I know it's probably not the best way to do this, but it's more difficult for me to make it as player sprite. While my code works, it looks like the every second line on playfield is missing, i tried to fix this myself, but i can't do that. So i decided to ask here if somebody can help me. This is my score rendering loop code: ldx #8 ScoreLoop: txa pha pha pha .DrawScoreOnes: adc Digit1Offset tay lda DigitsReversed,y and #$F0 sta temp .DrawScoreHund: pla adc Digit3Offset tay lda Digits,y and #$0F sta temp2 .DrawScoreThous: pla adc Digit4Offset tay lda Digits,y and #$F0 ora temp2 sta WSYNC sta PF1 .DrawScoreTens: pla adc Digit2Offset tay lda DigitsReversed,y and #$0F ora temp sta PF2 sleep 20 lda #0 sta PF1 sta PF2 dex bne ScoreLoop
  8. Hello guys, I am hoping someone can help or advise. I recently bought an Atari 520 STFM and when plugging it in the disk drive makes an awful sound and I get a red screen. I opened the disk drive and saw that the belt had broke. I think that it would probably be an easy repair but the issue I have is the red screen? Would the red screen be because of the broken disk drive, or is that a separate issue altogether? Thanks Mark
  9. I am in the middle of repairing or attempting to repair an Atari xegs for a local customer. I’m not new to fixing things (I have a multimeter, soldiering iron, etc) but this Atari has me stumped. It’s already had ram chips replaced, but still shows up green when I plug it in with or without the keyboard. However when I accidentally shorted these two resistors (I think) the image on the screen went from green to tripping out. I need help please
  10. Has anyone been playing the SillyVenture2K19 edition of Silas Adventure? I've been playing it and I'm at a point where I don't know what to do. I've been to 3 directions from the town (North forest, West path that you come from to get to the village, South graveyard). I don't see a path leading East, only a small door that doesn't seem to open. For each of the 3 directions I've gone, I've followed each to its end (ex: graveyard to the tomb and each of its levels). I'm at level 18 now and have no issue crushing any enemy I find, including the boss-like ones, but I can't find where else to go. There must be some objective I'm missing. Unfortunately, I can't save the game to come back to it later, so I'll probably have to lose my progress soon. So, has anyone played this through? Can anyone provide some tip on where to go next?
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