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  1. LIVE every Tuesday & Friday Your BEST source for the NEWEST Atari 2600 & 7800 games, LIVE on Twitch! SUBSCRIBE & WATCH: Twitch Livestream | YouTube Archive _________________________________________________________________________________ WATCH THE NEWEST STREAM (Click on Date to Watch / Set Video to 1080P60 for Full Quality): 20210618 Let's Play: K-Jo Chases The Cheese (Exclusive Final Binary), Mr. Yo-Yo (Exclusive Final Binary), Runes of Moria (WIP), The Legend of Dungeon (Exclusive WIP Premiere), ElectroBall (WIP) 20210618 Let's Play After Dark: Peril (WIP Update) _________________________________________________________________________________ UPCOMING LIVESTREAMS on TWITCH (Click Time Listing for Your Local Time) 20210622 Let's Play: KiloParsec (Exclusive World Premiere | 7800), Cosmic Canyon, Words Game (WIP), Dragon Defence (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day) 20210625 Let's Play: Pac-Man Eat n Run (WIP), Katamari (WIP), TBD (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) 20210629 Let's Play After Dark: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day) 20210702 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day) 20210706 Let's Play After Dark: Zoo Keeper (for 2021 Harmony Games), Doggone It! (for 2021 Harmony Games) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day) 20210709 Let's Play: TBD (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) 2021xxxx Let's Play: Dan Kitchen's Casey's Gold (Exclusive World Premiere) 202110xx Let's Play: Halloween Homebrew Special: Last Stand: Halloween (7800), Deadworx (Cakewalk Hack), Halloween III (Kaboom Hack), TBD 202112xx Holiday Homebrew Special: Christmas Salvo (7800), TBD 20220212 Event: 4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards Presentation Upcoming ZPH After Dark: Super Cobra Arcade, Crystal Quest (Retail | 7800), Mean Santa (Level 3 Unlock), Space Game, Deepstone Catacomb (Level 2), Caverns, Reindeer Rescue, Stay Frosty 2, Cave Run, Kelly Kangaroo (WIP), Venture Reloaded ARCHIVED STREAMS (YouTube): 20210611 Let's Play After Dark: Wizard's Dungeon (WIP Update | 7800) 20210601 Let's Play After Dark: The End 2600, Robot City, Tower of Rubble (2600 High Score Club S11) 20210529 Let's Play After Dark: Slide Boy in Maze Land (WIP | 7800 |100% on Easy) 20210523 Let's Play After Dark: Turbo Arcade 20210521 Let's Play: Turbo Arcade (Exclusive WIP Premiere) w/ Interview John Champeau & Nathan Strum 20210518 Let's Play: Marco Johannes New Game Engine (Exclusive WIP Premiere), Iron Grip: Destroyer of Worlds (7800 WIP), Animal Dentist (WIP), Life (In Space) (Exclusive WIP Update), Venture Reloaded (Exclusive Retail Premiere) 20210514 Let's Play: Atlas (7800), FailSafe (7800) 20210511 Let's Play: Tanq to Tanq (WIP), Robot City (Retail Update | for 2021 Harmony Games), Cannonhead Clash (Retail Update | for 2021 Harmony Games), Plaque Attack: (PATCH EARNED! 37990/35000) 20210507 Let's Play: Slide Boy in Maze Land (WIP | 7800), Crystal Quest (Retail | 7800), Edtris 2600 (The 2600 High Score Showdown S5) 20210504 Let's Play: C.A.V.E. Apocalypse (Exclusive WIP Premiere), Panic! Rooms (Exclusive Retail Premiere), Best Friends (WIP), Deepstone Catacombs (Exclusive Retail Update) 20210501 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Event: AtariAge Day (LIVE Unboxing of New AA Homebrew & Developer Interviews!) MORE ARCHIVED STREAMS (2018-2021) Future Episodes & Games: HOMEBREW, IMAGIC & ACTIVISION PATCH CHALLENGES List of Completed & WIP Games: Atari 2600: 2019, 2020, 2021 Atari 7800: 2019, 2020, 2021 Atari 8-Bit/5200: 2019, 2020, 2021
  2. This is Rob: This is Banks: Together they are... Rob 'n' Banks So, here we go again. I've been talking about another port I wanted to do and this is it. If you haven't already figured it out, it's time to bring Lock 'n' Chase to the Atari 5200. So, here's a list of questions you may have and my answers to them. 1. Is this a port of the arcade game, or the Intellivision game? It's a port of the arcade game, but the Intellivision game will be a useful reference for how to approach certain things. One problem with this game, and many other arcade games from this era is that the arcade game used a vertically oriented screen. The Intellivision port actually cut down on the vertical size of the screen, chopping out an entire "row." I want to get the entire maze on the screen, and I've just barely managed to do that. This takes up the entire vertical space, so I'm going to need to get creative with how I place the other stuff on the screen. I've seen some Intellivision games that run the score vertically down the right side, and I'll probably do something like that. 2. I see you have two characters there. Will there be a 2 player mode? At a minimum the traditional alternating two-player mode will be there. I really want to try to pull off a two player simultaneous mode, and I think I can do it. Time will tell, though. There's a chance this plan will need to be scrapped. 3. What about the little car? I don't care what I have do, what features I need to cut, this little car is going in the game. I won't be able to use it like the arcade game does since I don't have the vertical space, but I'll think of something. 4. Is this a side project like Intellidiscs was? Yep. My PC game is still my "day job" and this is a fun diversion for the weekends. Expect things to progress the same way Intellidiscs did. 5. How do we engage with you, yell at you, and just generally give you grief about this project? I'll be updating this thread roughly every week with my progress, just like Intellidiscs, so you can yell at me here. I also plan to stream live development sessions on my Twitch channel from time to time, typically on Saturday or Sunday mornings. I'm also usually in the AtariAge discord #homebrew-chat channel so you can bother me there. Between the Intellidiscs release and getting this maze built I'm probably done for this weekend, so regular updates should start next week.
  3. Alright, I think it time for one of these threads again. So let's start off with Intellidiscs beta 1. The game is now feature complete, and there are no bugs that I'm currently aware of. There's a version identification string 256 bytes from the end of the ROM that says Beta 1, 4/11/2021. This beta is mostly silent. I've been working with @Synthpopalooza to get some sound here, and there's a cool little tune on the title screen that should be familiar to Tron fans. Just a warning, many emulators can't handle the stuff he's doing with POKEY, so the title may sound weird on certain systems. On real hardware it sounds fine. I've incorporated his sound engine into the game, and I had to scrap the garbage sound effects I had before because they wouldn't have worked with the new sound code. Future test releases will have more and better sound. I'm going to continue to test this build and work on getting the rest of the sound in there. The finish line is in sight! Once I've got a build that I'm happy with, I'll release the source code with the 1.0 release. I'm sure someone will do an A8 port pretty quickly. intellidiscs.bin
  4. Hello, I finally have a game to show, after having the project sleeping for many years, it is a fully playable game. Now, with the core of the engine done, I am working on the game variations and additional features. It is a top down racing game with a fully deterministic infinity road, each track with its own speed. I would love if any of you can test the game, and give a sincere opinion. All details about it are here: https://github.com/opbokel/hellway From my repo it can be downloaded or played online (direct links bellow). Play online https://javatari.org/?ROM=https://github.com/opbokel/hellway/raw/master/bin/hellway.asm.bin ROM https://github.com/opbokel/hellway/raw/master/bin/hellway.asm.bin The game update automatically every commit I do on my git master branch, so, the links are always in the latest version. I want soon to publish as a physical cartridge and donate all profit. If someone from AtariAge can contact me, I really appreciate. Have a very nice day, I hope you like the game. PS: I will be glad to discuss any detail of the code.
  5. Regular round scores from round 3: James O :10pts Brian M: 9pts Tanya O : 8pts Charles W: 7pts Dan I: 6pts Bonus round Scores: Thomas J: 9pts Charles W : 8pts James O :7pts Tanya O: 6pts Brian M: 5pts Dan I: 4pts ---------------------------------------------------------- Leader board scores after Round 3: James : 53pts Charles : 51pts Tanya: 43pts Brian M: 29pts Dan I: 27pts Thomas J: 9pts Leaderborad get updated after each round finishes
  6. A SPECIAL game demo is available on the JS7800 emulator. This demo includes Novice & Expert. Popeye gets 2 lives, but he can earn a 3rd. The game ends after the ship, so POINT PRESSING IS A MUST! Thank you to: @RevEng, @mksmith, @Synthpopalooza, @Pat Brady, @Trebor, & @playsoft (<-see credits below). Special thanks to @ZeroPage Homebrew, @Jinroh, @raz0red, and all who have been supportive on AtariAge, Twitch, and YouTube! The game is still in beta status, but I figure it is at a place where the public may enjoy it. The difficulty is currently balanced with the arcade, unlike softer home versions. There is a Novice mode in the final version. I have included a long-play video below. Please check it out. The final version includes a Novice, Arcade, and Expert difficulty. Novice - Rev F Popeye Faster; Spinach resets after losing a life; Extra @ 26,500 Arcade Comparable to arcade difficulty; extra life at 40,000 Expert Brutus is faster and more aggressive; Bernard is craftier; Items fall really fast Thanks to all who voted Popeye as 2020's "Best Homebrew Atari 7800 (WIP)". The game is 1 or 2 player alternating. Video: Below is the DEMO version (Most recent to oldest). Players can play 1 or 2 player. Players now get 2 lives and can earn a 3rd. Players cannot unlock the cheat mode in the demo. Arcade mode is the only level available. Novice and Expert are exclusive to the final version and the version on the JS7800 emulator. 3/3/2021 - RC3.5 Concerto still has issues at times. Dragonfly now seems stable. These issues do not happen on the final cart media. The mcpdev is also very stable. There are some minor cleanups. Fixed the color on the high score erase screen. This is it, unless some bugs come up that need attention. Popeye(RC3.5_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.5_Demo_BUP).a78 2/25/2021 - RC3.4 Fine tuning. Brutus now jumps at an angle, like the arcade. It's not quite as drastic. Popeye(RC3.4_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC3.4_Demo-BUP).a78 2/22/2021 - RC3.3 Tile change on first level. Was able to add a rail to the ship's crow's nest, during the intro and level clear. I also found out that Olive doesn't scold Popeye if a Letter falls into the water, on the ship level. I have corrected that inconsistency. I assume it doesn't make sense, since she's captured in this level. Popeye(RC3.3_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.3_Demo_BUP).a78 2/21/2021 - RC3.2 More minor graphical changes. Now the title Popeye head has a brown pipe, like the arcade. Tile tweaks on the first level. Also reversed the ship mast shading, to match the arcade. Popeye(RC3.2Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3.2Demo_BUP).a78 2/21/2021 - RC3.1 Minor update. Has a few tile changes Popeye(RC3.1_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC3.1_Demo_BUP).a78 2/20/2021 - RC3.0 This version has a lot more changes than a "release candidate" should have. From this point out, I would like to stick to bug-fixes. Fixed a high score issue, which was introduced by adding the High Score Clear. I noticed this while watching the @ZeroPage Homebrew stream. Each difficulty should line up properly now (Novice, Arcade, and Expert). No high score device should read "Top 5 Chart". That is the header for the arcade table. High Score Clear is accessed by holding RESET and pressing both buttons on the first stick! Also seen on ZPH: Brutus doesn't get stuck in the bottom left corner when Popeye has the spinach. (He gets stuck in the bottom left corner of the Notes board, but that is by design. That happens in the arcade.) @Defender_2600 had color suggestions: Popeye's drawn with a different hue of blue. The ship has a more midnight blue background, and the floors are more golden than yellow. (The arcade is a dark blue-ish purple when I play on an actual arcade machine. It seems similar in MAME.) Defender2600 had level suggestions: The Notes screen tower is now slightly thinner. The floor that leads to the see saw no longer extends to the end of the building. This required a lot of work in adjusting the logic. (See below) Fixed some tiles on the ship level. More color adjustments. REV F ROM set (Novice is based off an easier Popeye arcade ROM) has more of a burgundy background, on the Hearts level. The arcade REV F has a pink-ish background. I think this works well. The old "brown" was mistaken for green. Popeye now turns red, instead of pink, when he eats the spinach. Logic adjustments with see saw logic: This was about 8-10 hours consuming. I had some logic in place. Moving the floor exposed a couple holes in that logic, given a very specific alignment of the stars. In making the level adjustment, I got to recreate the 1%. It was still extremely hard to recreate. If Brutus kicked into pursuit mode, right as Popeye jumped onto the see saw, Brutus could still jump on top of Popeye. I believe I worked this out. I can't seem to get it to happen again. Tune adjustment: If the last item gets collected from the water, the game does not revert to the level tune. Last Note & Last Letter would sometimes still be present. I think I took care of that issue. Fixed some garbage that would flash after dying on the Notes stage. Popeye(RC3_Demo_NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC3_Demo_BUP).a78 2/9/2021 - RC2.9 Many fixes and updates. I am concerned that "Arcade" difficulty feels a little easier to me. That might encourage more people to play the arcade difficulty. I do want it to feel like the arcade challenge though. I can run this for hours on my Dragonfly and versa-cart, without any issues. It does crash at times on Concerto. It seems to be when idling in attract mode. 1. Fixed remaining issues with Brutus's pursuit music. 2. Colors and spinach timing are different for NTSC and PAL systems. 3. Reduced slowdown by limiting collision detection-per-frame. 4. Better proportioned Bucket. @KevinMos3 5. Adjusted the better proportioned bucket to fit Brutus's head 6. Lessened the use of flicker in some areas, due to the overhead saved in adjusting the collision. 7. Minor bug fix: Popeye disappears if collecting the last note when starting up or down the ladder. 8. Updated the Windows on the Notes Level. 9. Found duplicate tiles, and used the extras for "Thru" posts on level 2. 10. Last player 1 and player 2 scores display in blue during demo. 11. Fine-tuned Popeye's punch. ** 12. Popeye walks off the screen when wrapping around on the levels. ** 13. Brutus doesn't gain super speed when Popeye gets the spinach. 14. Brutus imitates the quirky behavior of the arcade when he's stuck in the corner, by the see saw. (When Popeye has spinach) 15. Brutus logic tweaks. 16. Fixed some artifacting when returning from demo play. Popeye(RC2.9_Demo-NTSC-PAL).a78 Popeye(RC2.9_Demo-BUP).a78 Most will not notice this change. Eliminates a flash of garbage after Popeye dies on the notes and ship levels. Popeye(RC2.9a_Demo_NTSC-PAL)s.a78 Popeye(RC2.9a_Demo_BUP).a78 2/1/2021 - RC2.8 Update. Only need one version for A7800, Concerto, and Dragonfly. BUP has a special version. I can play this version all day on my Dragonfly or versa-cart, and it doesn't crash. It plays pretty long on the Concerto, especially once things are warmed up. There's nothing I can do about that at this time. That was the inspiration to clean much of the back code up. A LOT of behind-the-scenes cleanup & some polish The bottles rotate slower - @tep392 Olive doesn't constantly walk on the Notes and Ship. (This affects game play in other ways that I won't disclose.) When Brutus gets his burst of energy, the bottle throwing music now plays, like the arcade. Popeye's house now has window panes. I can't believe I missed that. Popeye's now falls below the water line when he dies. On the arcade, Popeye reappears at the waterline, following the splash. I made Popeye bob back to the top. I like arcade purity, but I think they did it that way for sprite overlap issues with the water. The demo play scene is now more versatile. Popeye gets scolded often, like the arcade. Fixed rare combination that would silence music on the Notes level. Popeye(RC-2.8_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC-2.8_Demo-BUP).a78 As always, play the point-pressing version on JS7800! 1/26/2021 - RC2.7 The levels are now more in-line with the arcade aspect. Many tiles were re-drawn and repurposed. This was a 14-hour day (with hour break) and a few hours the following evening. The characters now know the levels, the attract modes are up to date, and everything seems fine. Let me know if there are any issues. @Defender_2600 suggested that I address the issue with the crammed levels. I didn't think I'd have enough tiles, but it worked out in the end. I think it was worth the effort. He also recommended toning down the yellow a little. Redrew the tiles Reprogrammed the tile graphics to line up with the new tile indexes (Hearts in the house, Whimpy and the see saw, etc.) Reset the coordinates for the staircases Reworked the self-play intro Cleaned up some sprite plotting. Adjusted some areas where the text colors were not flipping correctly. Popeye(RC2.7_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.7_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(RC2.7_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/23/2021 - RC 2.6 This version has major tile re-work. I started cleaning up the first level. This simulates the lower-res look of the arcade. In doing so, this cleans things up. Bricks are no longer 1px apart vertically, the stairs have 2px underneath. The floors are thicker, including the bottom level. I am unable to color the bottom blue, but I have a water shadow of sorts, to keep in the arcade spirit. On the logic side, I adjusted Brutus's randomness. He is less likely to jump down, based on difficulty, round, and number of items collected. This may not be obvious, because he will still jump down a decent amount of the time. Changing logic meant adjusting the demo play. The demo play now starts with an example of a heart falling into the water. Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/16/2025 - RC 2.5 I wasn't going to do this, due to the amount of work, but I had to. New upper playfield on Level 1. The tileset with the grass are now one row lower, allowing more arcade-accuracy. Transferred tiles from one tileset to another, which caused an offset in tiles re-aligned plotted tiles (hearts in Popeye's house) Olive will now center herself after throwing the last heart. This keeps the large heart from being drawn off-screen. Fixed the staircase "bricks" to be blockier, like the arcade Revision F has a plum background, to match the arcade ROMs Flower doesn't disappear when level 1 is cleared Popeye(RC2.5_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.5_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(RC2.5_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/14/2021 - RC 2.4 Got rid of random off-pitch item collection noise, @playsoft This makes the game more stable using the Concerto. The sound seems to behave similarly to other games I tested. This has gotten rid of complete songs playing out of tune or missing parts. Updated sprites and palettes Title music plays every other loop; Atari Today only plays when the game is turned on. Olive doesn't walk in space after scolding Popeye Popeye's footsteps are closer to the arcade pattern. Overhaul of Popeye's ladder climb Fix some reset behavior The JS7800 Demo will also be updated, which allows Novice & Expert to be played. Popeye(RC2.4_Demo).a78 Popeye(RC2.4_Demo_Bup).a78 Popeye(RC2.4_Demo-Concerto).a78 1/2/2021 - Beta 2.9 Two-Player with shared joystick option. I figure this will be helpful for people with only one joystick. Sometimes I just like to play a two player game by myself. This should also help @ZeroPage Homebrew too ;). New death sound by @Synthpopalooza Updated the credits page More Popeye sprite tweaks Updated self-play sequence Brutus is smarter when Popeye has the spinach. Olive screams "HELP!" on the ship level. "Popeye Catch!" call out is present on the Notes level now. (Yes, the gray does show through the letters on the arcade too!) If the punch button is pressed during an intro or pause before a level starts, Popeye will punch when the level begins. This is a personal detail I wanted to include from the arcade. I am out of space in the hearts bank, so that level doesn't have a pause after the intro. No room. Shifted some code for less bank switching on the hearts level. Brutus is back to throwing a minimum of 2 bottles, instead of 4. This reduces slowdown, which is a better experience. All systems of the day made exceptions. He will still throw up to 4, if Popeye is in his line of site. Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo-BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.9_Demo-Concerto).a78 12/25/2020 - Beta 2.8 - Many Changes. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Thanks to @tep392, I have confirmation that POKEY sound on actual hardware matches emulation. Just in time for a late Christmas release! Sound will still cut in and out on the Concerto, but some sound is better than none! Since it's Christmas, I have changed the "DEMO" version to include 2 lives (an extra life can be earned). The game now ends after clearing the SHIP. Updated sprites and colors Brutus has different color outfits to match each level Other various changes *** Brutus now throws all 4 bottles, like the arcade. I am not sure that I want to keep this, but I wanted to try it for a version. In a previous version, I added code to allow Brutus to stop throwing bottles after the second one, if Popeye leaves his line of sight. This helps eliminate some minor slow down. Also, there are certain areas where Brutus and the bottles will cause sprite overload. This is found on the Notes level. Should I sacrifice arcade pureness for this to eliminate slowdown and what ends up being flicker? I might go back in the next version. Will that be the final version? Updates some of the self-playing demo routines. Updated the credits. That still needs tweaked and cleaned up, but I wanted to get it out there. Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo_BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo-Concerto).a78 Popeye(Beta2.8_Demo).bin 12/8/2020 - Beta 2.7f - Fixes and clean-up. Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo_BUP).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo-Concerto).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).bin 11/27-2020 - Beta 2.7 Popeye(Beta2.7_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7_Demo).bin 11/24/2020 - Beta 2.6 Updated high score routines No High Score device - "Todays Top 5" will be stored with initials until power off. High Score device - "Novice Top 5", "Arcade Top 5", and "Expert Top 5" saved permanently. Brutus will wait for Popeye to clear the see saw, like the arcade. He did before in most cases. I fixed this when Brutus is in pursuit mode. Fixed artifacting on Title screen, found when level was selected in 2.5b Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.6_Demo).bin 11/23/2020 - Beta 2.5b - Update Popeye's fall (slower), fix bottle collision at far left, align some title elements. Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo_BUP).a78(BUP disables high score saving, to work with BupSystem emulator) Popeye(Beta2.5b_Demo).bin 11/23/2020 - Beta 2.5a - Fix collision issues with items (still broken on some far-left bottles); Set Popeye stance after punch; slowed notes on higher levels Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo).bin Popeye(Beta2.5a_Demo_Bup).a78 11/09/2020 - Original public demo Popeye(Beta2.1_Demo).a78 Popeye(Beta2.7f_Demo).bin
  7. ** The latest demo ROMs can be found in this post. Have fun! ** Hello all, Now that Mappy is almost complete and awaiting it's release at the Portland Gaming Expo in a few weeks, Champ Games would like to announce our next game... Wizard of Wor Arcade! For those who may not know, Champ Games started a Wizard of Wor rewrite back in 2007 that was never completed. That code has been resurrected and the current version takes full advantage of the latest technology, including CDF bank-switching for enhanced graphics (created by Nathan Strum) and all the arcade mazes, arcade-like sound effects and speech (created by Mike Haas) using the AtariVox+ (over 50+ phrases!). Additionally, it will support Nathan Tolbert's re-vamped multi-joystick adapter which will allow 2 joysticks to be plugged into one port while leaving the second one free for in-game speech with the AtariVox and high score saving! Special thanks to CDS Games and Nukey Shay for their blessing and amazing work on the Wizard of Wor 2: The Arena hack which provided the inspiration for some of the cut scenes and mazes, and it was also the game that Mike's AtariVox speech were originally developed for. The game is about 95% complete and and will available to play (with Nathan T's multi-joystick adapter and AtariVox+ speech) at this years Portland Gaming Expo. My brother Paul and I will be on hand if you're up for a challenge! Here is a screenshot of the title screen. I will be posting more info as the PRGE approaches, with a playable ROM to be posted sometime after the expo.
  8. Hi, My new project. Puzzle with a ball. Work in progress - ~10 % complete. First game (2015) - https://megacatstudios.com/products/mega-marble-world-pal-mega-drive ($25 cart or $35 CIB) Russian language page: http://romhacking.ru/forum/14-522-1 Sequel (game engine demo):
  9. Welcome to Atari Dev Studio for designing homebrew games for the Atari 8-bit systems (Atari 2600 and 7800). Atari Dev Studio is a one-stop-shop for any programmer and includes a number of built-in features to allow you to design, develop and test games for your favourite system. Get started with batari Basic (2600) or 7800basic (7800) using easy to learn BASIC-like languages or go hard-core with assembly using dasm. During development test your creation using the Stella (2600) or A7800 (7800) emulators right from within Atari Dev Studio. Requirements Atari Dev Studio is an extension for Microsoft's cross-platform IDE Visual Studio Code and will run on the Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. The latest releases of batari Basic, 7800basic, dasm, Stella and A7800 are included so you can begin coding straight after installing the extension. Features Atari Dev Studio includes the following features: Develop your game on Windows, Linux or macOS Compile source code for your Atari 2600 or 7800 using batari Basic, 7800basic or dasm Use scripting (makefile, batch or shell script files) to build your dasm projects [preview] Optionally launch and test your game using the Stella (2600) or A7800 (7800) emulators Document outline support (batari basic, 7800basic, dasm) Peek/Go to Definition and Reference support (batari basic, 7800basic, dasm) Built-in Sprite Editor (also suitable for tiles and other objects) [preview] Manage your project using the File Explorer or version-control your source code directly with GitHub (and others) using the built-in features of the Visual Studio Code platform. Provide references to your own specific releases of each language or emulator rather than use the includes ones via the Settings. Additional features are planned for the future. At this time the focus is on the core functionality and ensuring full cross-platform support. Installing Atari Dev Studio What is Visual Studio Code? Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a streamlined code editor with support for development operations like debugging, task running, and version control. It aims to provide just the tools a developer needs for a quick code-build-debug cycle and leaves more complex workflows to fuller featured IDEs, such as Visual Studio. Which OSs are supported? VS Code is a cross-platform application which runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. See requirements for the supported versions. Note: Linux users on 64-bit systems will be required to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries on your system to ensure everything will run as expected. Note: macOS users will require a 64-bit operating system to fully utilise all features of Atari Dev Studio and will be required to install the SDL libraries on your system to ensure the A7800 emulator will run as expected. Installing the extension Once you have installed VS Code (available here), open the VS Code program and complete the following: From the Activity Bar, click the Extensions button to display the Extensions window. From the Extensions window, type Atari into the Search box and press Enter to display the list of available extensions. From the list of available extensions, locate Atari Dev Studio and click the green Install button. Updating the extension Updates will be regularly provided and you will be notified via VS Code when one has been made available. Once an update has been installed you will generally be prompted to restart VS Code. Using Atari Dev Studio Compiling your program To display the available extension features press CTRL+SHIFT+P to display the Command Palette. From the command palette prompt type adv to short-list the available options: ads: Open the Welcome page ads: Compile source code (Shift+F5) ads: Compile source code and run in emulator (F5) ads: Kill build process ads: Open the Sprite Editor Language Selection When you load a file the initial language will be chosen based on the file extension. For example: batari Basic (.bas, .bb) [Default for .bas files] 7800basic (.bas, .78b) dasm (.dasm, .asm, .a, .h) To change a language you can click on the Status Bar Language selector and a list will be shown allowing you to choose another language. Optionally in the Settings you will be able to either let the extension choose based on the active language or set a specific language to always compile against. Build scripts [preview] Prefer using scripts to build your dasm games? If you have chosen to override the dasm compiler (select Make via the Settings) , Atari Dev Studio will scan and detect for makefile, batch (makefile.bat) or shell scripts (makefile.sh) files which are located in your root workspace folder to build your game. Note: You are totally responsible to ensure your environment is properly configured to allow you to utilise the tools and applications you will be interacting with. No support will be provided for this feature. Status Bar Apart from using the Command Palette to select compilation, there are a number of short-cut buttons on the Status Bar allowing you to: Display the extension version (might be useful at times) Open the Welcome page Open the Sprite Editor Compile source code (Shift+F5) Compile source code and run (F5) Note: The short-cut buttons on the Status Bar can be turned off via the Settings. Sprite Editor [preview] Atari Dev Studio includes a simple and easy to use Sprite Editor allowing you to create sprites, tiles and other objects for use in your projects. It has the following features: New Project wizard allowing you to select the console (2600 or 7800), size, region (NTSC or PAL palette) and total colors of your sprites Load and Save projects allowing you to save and come back to on-going work Editing features such and palette selector, zoom, pen, eraser, fill and move modes Ability to manage your sprites in a sortable list with options to copy, paste, duplicate, resize and delete Export sprites to batari Basic or assembly source code (2600) Export sprites to .png files (7800) - either selected or all (compatible with 7800basic 3+1 and 12+1 image requirements) Load and save palettes The Sprite Editor is based on Spritemate by Ingo Hinterding (GitHub) and was suggested by RandomTerrain for inclusion in Atari Dev Studio. I have customised the source to provide the required features necessary for editing sprites, tiles and objects for the Atari platforms. This work is currently in preview and will be on-going until all required features have been added. Settings There are a number of compiler, emulator and editor configuration options available in Atari Dev Studio which can be changed via the Settings (Preferences -> Settings -> Extensions -> Atari Dev Studio). Debugging the extension During the development phase of the extension I've added some developer output to assist with any issues that may appear. To view this output, open the VS Code Developer Tools by selecting Help -> Toggle Developer Tools from the menu, and in the debugger window ensure the Console tab is activated. This information may help identify the area where the extension is failing to process as expected. Known Issues There are currently no known feature issues. If you find a problem please raise an issue on GitHub or contact mksmith at the AtariAge community. Acknowledgements This extension is only available due to the great people of the AtariAge community who have created these tools to help developers build their vision. Special thanks to the following for either allowing the inclusion of their tools or for their ongoing help and encouragement: 7800basic - Mike Saarna (RevEng) batari Basic - Fred 'batari' Quimby dasm - the many contibutors Stella emulator - Stephen Anthony (stephena) A7800 emulator - Mike Saarna (RevEng) and Robert Tuccitto (Trebor). The AtariAge community including Albert, CPUWiz, Random Terrain, Trebor, Synthpopalooza, sramirez2008, Defender_2600, Gemintronic, Karl G, ZeroPage Homebrew, Muddyfunster, TwentySixHundred, Lillapojkenpåön, Andrew Davie, splendidnut, andyjp, sexyUnderwriter, MikeBrownEmplas, Generation2Games, cwieland, slacker Mats Engstrom (SmallRoomLabs) Languages Atari Dev Studio includes the following programming languages: batari Basic (release 1.5 - 20200307) batari Basic created by Fred 'batari' Quimby is a BASIC-like language used in the creation of Atari 2600 games. batari Basic is compiled to generate a binary file that can by used on actual Atari 2600 VCS hardware via cartridge (such as a Harmony or UNO cart) or by using an Atari 2600 VCS emulator such as Stella. batari Basic is an external project and can be downloaded separately from here. Further information is about this release is available here at AtariAge. 7800basic (release 0.18 - 20210314) 7800basic is a BASIC-like language for creating Atari 7800 games. It is a compiled language that runs on a computer, and it creates a binary file that can be run with an Atari 7800 emulator, or the binary file may be used to make a cartridge that will operate on a real Atari 7800. 7800basic is derived from batari basic, a BASIC-like language for creating Atari 2600 games. Special thanks to the bB creator, Fred Quimby, and all of the the bB contributors! 7800basic is included as part of this extension with many thanks to Mike Saarna (RevEng). 7800basic is an external project and can be downloaded separately here. Further information about this release is available here at AtariAge. dasm (release - 20201109) dasm is a versatile macro assembler with support for several 8-bit microprocessors including MOS 6502 & 6507, Motorola 6803, 68705 & 68HC11, Hitachi HD6303 (extended Motorola 6801), and Fairchild F8. Matthew Dillon started dasm in 1987-1988. Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert extended dasm in 1995. dasm has also been maintained by Andrew Davie (2003-2008) and Peter Froehlich (2008-2015). The DASM team has taken over maintaining and updating dasm since 2019. dasm is an external project and can be downloaded separately here. Emulation Atari Dev Studio includes the following emulators for testing purposes: Stella (release 6.5.3 - 20210421) Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Stella was originally developed for Linux by Bradford W. Mott, and is currently maintained by Stephen Anthony. Since its original release several people have joined the development team to port Stella to other operating systems such as AcornOS, AmigaOS, DOS, FreeBSD, IRIX, Linux, OS/2, MacOS, Unix, and Windows. The development team is working hard to perfect the emulator and we hope you enjoy our effort. Stella is included as part of this extension with many thanks to Stephen Anthony. Stella is an external project and can be downloaded separately here. If you enjoy using Stella place consider donating to ensure it's continued development. A7800 (release 4.0 - 20200610) A7800 is a fork of the MAME Atari 7800 driver, with several enhancements added: Support for emulation of Proline Joysticks, VCS Joysticks, Lightguns, Paddles, Driving Controllers, Keypads, Trak-Balls, Amiga Mice, and ST Mice. Maria DMA timing has been improved further, with the addition of accurate DMA hole penalties. Improved saturated/normalized colors with palette selection. Streamlined UI including menu options to have an Atari 7800 system focus. A bug in the existing RIOT emulation has been fixed. POKEY sound emulation improvements. SALLY (CPU) and MARIA (Graphics chip) performance adjustments. Framerate updated to 50Hz/60Hz. Audio indication of no ROM loaded silenced. BIOS files no longer required and made optional. Implementation of XM control registers updated. MAME compatibility and syntax has been maintained, to allow for the reuse of MAME configuration files and front-ends. A7800 is included as part of this extension with many thanks to Mike Saarna (RevEng). A7800 is an external project and can be downloaded separately here. Further information about this release is available here at AtariAge. Releases 20210422 - Build v0.7.1 20210315 - Build v0.7.0 20210305 - Build v0.6.9 / 20210216 - Build v0.6.8 / 20210210 - Build v0.6.7 / 20201124 - Build v0.6.5 / 20201008 - Build v0.6.4 / 20200917 - Build v0.6.3 / 20200915 - Build v0.6.2 / 20200912 - Build v0.6.1 / 20200901 - Build v0.6.0 20200829 - Build v0.5.9 / 20200624 - Build v0.5.8 / 20200622 - Build v0.5.7 / 20200616 - Build v0.5.5 / Build v0.5.6 / 20200608 - Build v0.5.4 / 20200518 - Build v0.5.3 / 20200508 - Build v0.5.2 / 20200429 - Build v0.5.1 / 20200427 - Build v0.5.0 20200415 - Build v0.4.9 / 20200415 - Build v0.4.8 / 20200414 - Build v0.4.7 / 20200409 - Build v0.4.6 / 20200407 - Build v0.4.5 / 20200323 - Build v0.4.4 / 20200321 - Build v0.4.3 / 20200317 - Build v0.4.2 / 20200316 - Build v0.4.1 / 20200314 - Build v0.4.0 20200314 - Build v0.3.9 / 20200312 - Build v0.3.8 / 20200307 - Build v0.3.6/v0.3.7 / 20200305 - Build v0.3.5 / 20200217 - Build v0.3.4 / 20200129 - Build v0.3.3 / 20200128 - Build v0.3.2 / 20200108 - Build v0.3.1 / 20191022 - Build v0.3.0 20190807 - Build v0.2.8 / 20190711 - Build v0.2.7 / 20190614 - Build v0.2.5 / 20190611 - Build v0.2.4 / 20190604 - Build v0.2.3 / 20190528 - Build v0.2.2 / 20190522 - Build v0.2.1 / 20190521 - Build v0.2.0 20190513 - Build v0.1.9 / 20190510 - Build v0.1.8 / 20190506 - Build v0.1.7 / 20190428 - Build v0.1.6 / 20190425 - Build v0.1.5 / 20190421 - Build v0.1.2 & v0.1.3 / 20190420 - Build v0.1.1 20190419 - Build v0.1.0 - Initial release Manual download
  10. Time to announce the third game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament Which is CannonHead Clash by bluswimmer which won for 2nd place for best <4k Original ***Doggone it by Armscar Coder won best<4k but it also won for Best Original so instead of playing it twice we are going with second place winner *** we are playing the latest rom:cannonheadclashV4.2.zip Being that we are nearing the end of the season we are going to make it harder for you : Play on the following settings: 1 player Random levels "!" Set best of wins to 4 You must win the game for score to count Ranks will be based on the number of wins computer got. Ranking is 10pts for First Place and 2pts for last place and 1pt for each after. (in case of same scores submitted rank will be based on first score submitted) an example how ranking will work is if you beat the computer and computer has 2 wins your ranking would be 8pts (10pts is only if computer has no wins) This round starts on May 8th noon Central and ends on June 6th 2:00pm Central Name: Score: Points @ZeroPage Homebrew James O: 4 wins to 0 :10pts @Arenafoot Brian M: 4 wins to 0 : 9pts @ZeroPage Homebrew Tanya O :4 win to 0 :8pts @cwieland Charles W: 4 wins to 0: 7pts @Dan Iacovelli Dan I: 4 wins to 0 : 6pts
  11. When I first started working on Zilch for the Jaguar, I had 3 primary goals: 1. Create an affordable 6MB game using the maximum allotted ROM size the Jaguar could use, although Atari never officially made/released any 6MB games. This forced me to create a custom 6MB PCB. Thankfully they work great! 2. Implement at least 40 voice over lines using a real female voice actor dedicated to the in-game character. Some run of the mill responses but packed with a playful personality and emotion, with lines like: •Shall we play a game? (Engaging Intro) •I was born to win! (Confident Win) •Let the good times roll. (Cheesy game start) •Haaa! (Sass win player loses round) ...and 100 other lines, some which include sighing, laughing, and frustration. 3. Create matching character animation graphics using recent facial capture technologies, to be rendered across an array of high-end NVIDIA GPUs (18,944 CUDA Cores for the tech junkies) That's a lot of work and horse power for just a single (seemingly simple on the surface) game but is far more complex to achieve the desired results of an animated, photo-realistic interactive title. Much to my surprise, far more voice lines managed to fit than I had originally expected. After some optimizing, there's now 122 to be exact and at the low cost of just 1.8MB of space at 16Khz, which proves to be perfect for voice audio playback. While experimenting with using 11Khz (it would have allowed for even more) the flip side was that there needed to be balance and the higher quality of audio is preferable. Seeing as how I have already tripled the expected amount of voice lines originally intended, increased audio resolution only made sense. The audio quality difference from 11Khz to 16Khz is quite drastic with a small price to pay on the ROM usage front. As it stands, there are more voice lines than will be used in the game but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It gives room for variety.. or room to breathe with options, while possibly adding replay value. A few will certainly get nixed in the end but I'll use as many as I can to ensure the game doesn't grow immediately stale after just a few rounds of playing. There has been a lot of progress in other areas of the game that I'll soon touch on but this one has been kind of surprising in terms of usable audio assets. DO THE MATH!
  12. I'm getting close to finished with my first Atari homebrew game, Anguna (a de-make of my Gameboy Advance homebrew game of the same name) At this point, the code/engine is mostly finished, and I'm working on cleaning up bugs, tweaking balance, and finishing world content (the world is about half-done). I'd love to get some feedback from folks at this point about it. Anguna is a zelda-like action-adventure game. You start in a dungeon with nothing but a sword, but as the game progresses, you find other items (bow and arrow, lantern, boots of water walk, dynamite, etc) as well as attack and defense powerups, and can increase your health by gaining levels fighting enemies. Anguna uses a password system and optionally the SaveKey to save your progress (I'm still awaiting an official save slot for the savekey, so it's using scratch space right now). The game uses the 16K F6 bankswitching scheme. anguna_2016_05_03.bin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx516McaEqo Some important bits of advice while playing: You can toggle the subscreen using the color/BW switch To use the bow and arrows (after you find them), press and hold the joystick button Secret doors can sometimes be opened by killing all enemies in a room, or by walking through apparently solid walls Only half of the world has been created so far. There's currently no way to cross the river, or to get the armor powerup that sits in the middle of the lake. There will be 3 more dungeons, more powerups, etc. You lose your experience when you die, but keep any level-ups that you gained. I'd love your feedback. Some specific questions are: How is the difficulty level? Are the colors/text ok on your Atari/TV? Is the Color/BW Switch too hard to use for the subscreen? Did you experience any show-stopping bugs? Were there any aspects that detracted from the fun? Thanks! If you're interested, here's the world map so far, spoilered so it doesn't give anything away.
  13. ( Latest update June 21st 2021) CURRENT PRICE: $129 Including registered shipping. For effect, the screenshots are modified using MESS screenshots that just have been edited for retro look. All pixels are real. You're paying for one Tetris Videocart, in box, with instruction booklet. PayPal: [email protected] ************************************************************* ************************************************************* Four IMPORTANT details: 1. Make sure you pay in US$ (not automatic SEK by PayPal) 2. Make sure I receive the full amount, add the whole cost of fees to your payment (for most people this is a very difficult task) or use the friends-option. 3. Please make sure I know who's paying and your address, add your alias and/or send me an email about it 4. Made to order, there's waiting time during parts order/construction/assembly. Check this thread for updates. ************************************************************* ************************************************************* Swedish guys (and gals - ha ha, sure...) can pay via banktransfer or Swish as well. (It's a pay via a cell phone service - who uses cash anymore?) Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or to the e-mail address above and I'll answer. Buyers (shipping order): 1. George E. - SHIPPED 2. Ronald P. - SHIPPED 3. Blazing Lazers - SHIPPED 4. cvga - SHIPPED 5. cjherr (reg) - SHIPPED 6. atarirx - SHIPPED 7. masschamber - SHIPPED 8. Jason K. - SHIPPED 9. stupus - SHIPPED A. VectrexRoli (reg) - SHIPPED B. eebuckeye - SHIPPED C. retrogmr - SHIPPED D. lazzeri - SHIPPED E. Sean J (reg) - SHIPPED F. Rick Reynolds - SHIPPED 10. Kelseya - SHIPPED 11. HoshiChiri (reg) - SHIPPED 12. Geoffrey (reg) - SHIPPED 13. Joe (reg) - SHIPPED 14. Nathan 15. SkyDivingirl (reg) 16. Alaskaman 17. Stefan (reg) 18. Andrew 19. Rick 1A. Ben ---
  14. The attached zip file contains final NTSC and PAL binaries of the Atari 2600 homebrew game Princess Rescue. You may use these binaries to enjoy Princess Rescue with your favorite Atari 2600 emulator or on a real console using a device that lets you load 2600 binaries (such as the Harmony Cartridge, Cuttle Cart, Krokodile Cart, etc). Permission is NOT granted to create physical cartridges of Princess Rescue. If you'd like to purchase a cartridge of Princess Rescue, please visit the AtariAge Store: AtariAge Store: Princess Rescue Princes Rescue author Chris Spry will be attending the upcoming Portland Retro Gaming Expo, and we'll have 50 boxed copies of Princess Rescue available at the show. We'll also be making available 50 more boxed copies to AtariAge members via the forum within the next two weeks. No more boxed copies will be available after these are sold. Watch for Chris Spry's next Atari 2600 game, Zippy the Porcupine! Enjoy! ..Al PrincessRescue_2600_Binaries.zip
  15. Time to announce the Second Bonus Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Tower of Rubble by Dion Olsthoorn which won 2nd Place for Best Graphics -Port. **ZooKeeper by John Champeau / Champ Games won 1st place for Best Graphics -Port but it also won for Best Port so instead having you play the same game twice, we went with second place winner** Here are the rules since we are only using 1 player demo version which can be found here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/286275-tower-of-rubble-2600-dionoid/ just play until you loose you lives (I don't think there is end screen) Scoring for bonus points start at 9pts for first place and ends with 1pt for 9th place and each place after ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page This Round starts on April 8th ,2021 noon Central and ends on May 5th,2021 2:00pm Central Name : Score : points @cwieland: Charles W: 303 :9pts @ZeroPage Homebrew : James O : 179 :8pts @ZeroPage Homebrew : Tanya O : 174 :7pts @Dan Iacovelli : Dan I : 79 : 6pts
  16. Time to announce the second game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament Which is Ninjish Guy in Low Res World by Vladimir Zuniga which won for 2nd place Best Graphics Original in the 3rd Annual Atari Awards(2020). *Unholy by Vladimir Zuniga won for Best Graphics Original in the 3rd Annual Atari Awards(2020), but since the game does not have a scoring system we went with second place winner** Here are the rules for this Round: Play game as normal scores after 2nd screen will count if you finish the game we will give an 1point for each life you have left. we are using the current public release of the game which can be found here:https://atariage.com/forums/topic/291040-ninjish-guy-in-low-res-world/ (its first bin posted on the top Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page Point scoring: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 This Round starts on April 8th,2021 at noon Central and ends on May 5th,2021 at 2pm CT Name: Score : Points @ZeroPage Homebrew James O : 7390 : 10 points @cwieland Charles Wieland : 6794: 9 points @ZeroPage Homebrew Tanya O : 5199 : 8 Points
  17. Hello all, After completing Super Cobra Arcade, the CHAMP Games dev team has been busy working on our next project: A port of the Namco classic Mappy. It's been a game I've been thinking about making for over 10 years, and with the advances in technology I've finally moved forward with the development. Nathan Strum is doing an amazing job with the graphics (as he does with all my games, thanks Nathan!) and Mike Haas (ieposta) will be following up his fabulous work in Super Cobra Arcade to provide the music and sound effects (he has already posted some amazing music demos for Mappy, which in part inspired me to finally take on this challenge). I would estimate the game is about 50% complete, with all of the game physics done (walking, jumping, hopping, scrolling, platforms, trampolines, doors, bells, trap doors), all levels implemented (12) plus the bonus stage is playable, and basic collision detection (prizes, walls, balloons). Still plenty of work to be done, most notably the enemies (cats, Goro, etc) and all the no-so-fun stuff like title screens, menus, etc. There is no timetable for a release but I thought I'd share some screen shots of the progress. I'm hoping to have a playable demo done available sometime after the new year. Level 1: Jumping on a trampoline: Bonus stage: Mappy in the attic: Bells: Level 14 (trap doors, not shown correctly because of Stella screen capture): Keep an eye out for updates in the near future!
  18. A while back, I started a thread which was intended to be a place where interested programmers could go to find everything they needed to get started with assembly language programming on the Aquarius. Since then, with the popularity of batari Basic for the Atari 2600 and other homebrew-oriented languages, there has been some interest in developing games for the Aquarius in BASIC, so ... here's another Aquarius thread, just for BASIC programmers! Fortunately, the Aquarius already has its own version of BASIC, and it's built right in to the computer! When you turn on your Aquarius (without a cartridge inserted), or start your favorite Aquarius emulator, you'll be presented with a startup screen for Microsoft BASIC. This is the BASIC interpreter that is built in to the Aquarius OS ROM, and contrary to what you might have read elsewhere, it is a perfectly capable implementation of BASIC; it is not a "crippled" version that is missing such elementary features as the ability to do FOR-NEXT loops. The Extended BASIC cartridge (released in very limited quantities, and available today as part of the Aquaricart) did add a few "missing" features, such as the ability to edit previously entered lines of code, but you can easily live without most of them, and as we'll see, there are even better ways of editing BASIC programs using the tools available today. Speaking of tools, let me begin by posting a few. First is the most recent version of the Virtual Aquarius emulator for Windows, version 0.72a: VirtualAquarius.zip This distribution archive includes the emulator itself, the OS ROM, several cartridge and cassette images, and a few sample BASIC programs in ASCII text format to get you started (more on these later). This is the primary emulator that I will be writing my instructions for in this thread, since it has a few features which are especially useful for BASIC programming but which other Aquarius emulators (such as MESS) presently lack. (There is no "installer" for this emulator; just unpack the ZIP archive into a folder, move the folder to a convenient place, and open the "aquarius.exe" executable inside the folder to start the emulator. It's a few years old now, but I've used Virtual Aquarius under every version of Windows from XP through Windows 8 (in Desktop mode), and it appeared to function perfectly.) Next is a bootloader utility, generously provided by Martin v.d. Steenoven, which will convert completed BASIC programs of up to 16K into cartridge images. You can use these images in Virtual Aquarius like any other cartridge binary, or even burn them to a 16K cartridge ROM for use with a real Aquarius. In either case, your BASIC program will load and start automatically when the Aquarius is started; the users will not even see BASIC. Here is a link to the most recent version of the bootloader from the assembly thread, along with Martin's usage instructions: [AQUARIUS] Machine Language Programming on the Aquarius (Post #52) (Note that it is not necessary to use this bootloader utility until after you have completed your BASIC program. While you are writing your program, you would load it into BASIC for testing, using the procedure I will outline in my next post. If you are interested in putting your first completed program onto a real cartridge, send me a PM; I'll be offering a cartridge publishing service in the near future.) Finally, here is a dump of the original Aquarius Character Generator ROM, containing the default Aquarius character set. This replaces the "reconstructed" character set used by Virtual Aquarius: AquariusCharacterSet.zip To explain why this is important, and how to use the replacement ROM in Virtual Aquarius, I'll quote from the assembly thread: The only other tool you will need is a text editor. Note that a text editor is not the same thing as a word processor: both are writing tools, but the text editor saves your files as plain text, without any formatting information or metadata. Microsoft Windows comes with Notepad, but since this is a very simple editor, many developers choose to use editors which offer more features, such as macros and syntax highlighting. The editor that I usually use on Windows systems is VEDIT by Greenview Data, but just about any editor will do. Even plain old Notepad is a much better alternative than typing a lengthy BASIC program on a real Aquarius!
  19. Let me share some game preview/demo which (for obvious reasons) did not make it into the Lynx 2020 Programming Compo. The game is fully playable with comlynx, but restricted in several places (again for obvious reasons). With the current situation, it was impossible to do any large-scale testing, thus I cannot guarantee that it works for more than 5 players. The available game settings are chosen a bit on the not-too-much entertaining side. Two modes are single shot games with too much items at the beginning, thus cleaning up should be very fast. They differ in the way the extras affect the players. The second two modes differ in the same way, but have a much lower drop rate and (close to) unlimited lifes, thus one can build up an inventory and play a longer time (well, I wont call it a beta testing mode, but anyway). The full version might become available later this year if the situation allows. The differences between the full version and the demo version More background graphic sets More playfields More possibilities for configuring the game game mode: win points, best of n games etc start items and lifes item drop rates switching on/off for any extra, configurable if it affects all players or only you or all others loading/saving config from/to eeprom no slide show bug fixes for anything found in the next weeks ... some things I forgot ... Packaging and cartridge 🙂 Even so this should be completely clear, let me remind you that is is strictly forbidden so sell this ROM in any way (in electronic form or on cartridge). Lynx Blast Demo 2020.zip
  20. Hi there, since a few weeks I own a Lynx game drive. All "official" ROMs and lots of other home-brew or self compiled ROMs work, but I cannot get certain ROMs working. Examples for this are "Nutmeg" and "xump4lynx". I downloaded the ROMs from various websites, including Retroguru, but I just get a black screen. Anyone facing the same issue or has an idea whats the problem? I'm using a Lynx II with LCD mod and also tested it on 2 further original Lynx II and an original Lynx I that I own. The SD card in the GameDrive is 32 GB, FAT23 formatted on OSX. GameDrive firmware is V1.84 (latest one). Best regards, Blademan. PS.: If any admin is reading this: I'm trying to get my account to be approved for weeks/months now and wrote several emails regarding this - unfortunately did not receive any info, yet...
  21. (Started a new thread from the GCC Topic) Finished a first working and complete version of the game. See the ZIP attached, unzip contents to DSK1 location of emulator or TIPI. Game is menu driven and controlled by either joystick or cursor keys. Still contemplating if on TI target the cursor keys are handy, as they on TI require two keys pressed (while my other targets have dedicated cursor keys). Gladly hear your feedback and suggestions. Not much room for additions though, as I already encountered before removing some test code that I completely fill the allocated expanded upper memory space. So adding stuff will also cause need to remove or reduce stuff elsewhere. Tested over here in Classic99 and on my original TI-99/4a hardware with sidecar TIPI. Full source code: https://github.com/xahmol/ludo/tree/main/TI994a (see upwards tree for the Oric Atmos code and the original Commodore 128 BASIC listing from 1992 that I programmed in my youth and that is the base) ZIP file of latest build: LudoTI994a-v199-20210412-0946.zip Changelog: v199-20210412-0946: Optimised window drawing and screen clearing routines with hchar and vchar commands v199-20210411-1322: Optimised window drawing and screen clearing routines with faster native TI methods. v199-20210410-1435: Added speech to support the TI Speech Synthesizer (or the emulation of it using an Emulator) Added boot tracking with fallback to DSK1. Should allow to place binaries everywhere you want on TIPI as long as you have AUTO switched to ON (Automatic mapping of last accessed dir to DSK1). Also supports DSK2 and DSK3 if needed. Small bugfixes - v199-20210326-1856: Changed file operations location to .DSK1 (was .TIPI) to let it work on more machines.
  22. Hi everybody, Anyone knows if its possible to change the position of live bar? I wanna put it above the score. And if anyone can explain why its so deformed in right side: And for any reason, I'm trying to take out this black line in screen, but I can't, in other projects I tried, but it always had bugs impossibilating to recompile.
  23. I guess it's time to formally announce my next project. I've posted about this on the Discord server a couple of times, but this feels more official. I would put this in the 5200/8-bit programming forum, but that's not really a place where 5200 people hang out, it's just full of those weird computer people, so I'm putting it here so people that might care can see it. Intellidiscs This one has been on my to-do list since before my first game, Ratcatcher. Tron: Deadly Discs is one of my favorite Intellivision games and I really want to see it on the 5200, so I'm going to make it happen. Here's a very early screenshot: The plan (in part) I'm going to attempt to recreate the Intellivision game play as faithfully as possible. If you're familiar with the original game, you can see that I'm not trying to copy the look of the game. I want my version to more accurately reflect the aesthetic of the Tron movie. I'm planning to do some interesting things with the controls. I have three different control schemes in mind, and I plan to support all three. Keypad Style: This is a copy of how the Intellivision game works. The numeric keypad is used to throw your disc in eight directions, the 5 key activates block/duck mode. One interesting aspect of the Intellivision game was that you couldn't throw your disc while moving. To the best of my knowledge, this was a technical limitation of the controllers. They couldn't read disc and keypad input at the same time. The Intellivision version worked around this by allowing you to use the keypad on the second controller to throw your disc. The 5200 doesn't have this limitation, so you will be able to throw your disc on the move. The 5200 keypad has its own weird issues to deal with, so some small aspects of the Intellivision's control scheme will be changed. Berzerk Style: This is also how the 2600 version of the game functions. You throw your disc by pressing a direction and the lower trigger button. The upper button will be used for block/dodge. Twin Stick: Got a joystick coupler? Play the game Robotron style using one stick to move and the other to throw your disc. I'm not sure exactly how I'll handle the block/dodge functionality in this mode. I'm thinking that pressing any keypad key will do it. To be perfectly honest, I think this control mode will not be all that effective but it's so cool I'm going to do it anyway. What isn't in the plan I'm not going to make any additions or changes to the game. My goal is to port the original in a reasonably accurate fashion, not to enhance the game in any away. If you don't like the Intellivision game, this version won't change your mind. However, I do have a few secret plans that will be revealed when the time is right. What is this thread for? I plan to post to this thread once a week to discuss what's going on with the game. At some point there will probably be some videos, but that's quite a ways off. During the week, I work on the PC version of Magical Fairy Force. This game is my weekend project. It's something I can work on to get my mind off of my main project. Posting weekly updates here will encourage me to do more work on it. Still, this is my side project so progress may not be rapid. What does it do so far? Not much! My early efforts have been on the disc movement. Right now you can move your character and throw your disc using the keypad. The complete throw/return/catch cycle is implemented, although the details are still rather clumsy. I've already had to make one change to the Intellivision control scheme here. In the original game, you could press any of the throw buttons while your disc was in flight to cancel the throw and recall it. I've implemented this, but with one small catch: you can't use the button you pressed to throw the disc to recall it. This is because of how the 5200 keypad interrupts operate, precision keypad input is basically impossible and this is the only reasonable choice. It's not a particularly onerous change. The enemies pictured in the screenshot don't function yet in any way. I just put them there to look cool. I also haven't done any player animation. You can run around the arena, but you just slide around. That's really all I have to say for now. I'll do some more work tomorrow and hopefully I'll have something interesting to report. I'm really looking forward to making this happen and would appreciate some testing help when the time comes.
  24. Hey everyone, I am trying to sell some extras i have for genesis, atari 2600, nes and N64. Nothing too spectacular, just want to make room for other things. Asking interested people to write me with offers, I will give free shipping if its over 50 dollars, depending on where its going. Pics available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GiE8zfFSz9GHE8svv-LLZXgq2w7zRY86?usp=sharing Sega Genesis, all CIB 2020 Super Baseball Road Rash Championship Bowling (need to take new pic of this) Pac-Mania Atari 2600 Star Wars empire strikes back - has manual Lady Bug (atari age custom) - has manual NES Wheel of Fortune w vanna white - has manual Urban Champion - has manual Dragon Warrior - has manual Super Dodgeball - has manual Spy Hunter - has manual Jeopardy - has manual Cabal - has manual Mappy - CUSTOM CART - no manual Golf - has manual 10 Yard fight - no manual Monopoly - has both manuals - need to take pic of this Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego - has regular manual (no book) - need to take pic of this N64 - all loose Wcw vs nwo world tour WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Nintendo Switch Bubble Bobble 4 friends - complete with case (game did not ever have a manual, i dont think any switch games do)
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