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Found 30 results

  1. After much playing on the winner of best graphics winner of Original game, Kung Fu Combat 2, the only scoring system in the game as far as I can tell is obstacles stages with missiles or game variation 5. I have decided to poll for the following games: Legendary spear (this what I voted for) or Game of the bear (since there is no Public Rom for the second place winner Zarkstars, we went with Game of the Bear) Also since Game of the Bear did win for best and is one of the choice for best Graphic) we will have another poll to decide best game under orignal to play (instead of 2 choices we have have 3) Mr Yo Yo (what I voted for) ,Slide boy in maze land or Game of the Bear (Zark stars again came in second as mentioned no public rom is available so we went third place, but we still kept Game of the Bear as a choice if game of bear does win both voting chances are Game of the bear will stay on best game and Legendary spear will be used for graphics) Voting ends On March 12th,2022 at 7pm Central time All Games will be announced during AVC Live broadcast on twitch at twitch.tv/danavc at 9pm Central time
  2. today I'm discussing more great Atari 7800 homebrews. Which are your favorite? Thanks for your continued support.
  3. In this episode I celebrate the hard work of the many talented programmers who make games for this system. This will be the first of many as there are a lot of great homebrews out there. Which was your favorite homebrew? Which games would you like to see made?
  4. Hey guys, I just thought I would try to clear something up with you since the people in this forum probably know more than anyone about this subject. There has been some discussion lately within a certain group (I promised them that I would not say who) that are claiming some higher-profile programmer is working on a Resident Evil-type game for the 7800. I'm fully aware of the limitations of the system, but have heard this over and over again. Is it possible? I mean, we have games like Midnight Mutants and such, so maybe a Resident Evil is not too far off? What do you think? Have you heard anything about a project like this? I asked Al, and he hasn't heard about anyone attempting this. It would be cool just because of the title (like Halo 2600, and a well-made game I might add) What do you all think?
  5. After few years hiatus I'm happy to announce the restart of Harmony Games HSC. one small change though: instead of doing it here like before we moving it to our new forum at http://avconline.freeforums.net in the harmony games section (I'll post information there shortly how to sign up) Also we're going to use some new games games that been done lately instead doing some of the older ones.. the old harmony games page will be deleted as soon as the games start and new page will be added to the AVC Online Website (you need to register to post on forum, but you can view any topic or section)
  6. Today we discuss even more Atari 7800 Homebrews. I am always happy to share the hard work and talents of these homebrew programmers. What has been your favorite homebrew in this series? What is a game you'd like to see programmed?
  7. Here are the winners for the Haromony Games: RainBow Invaders Steve Lucas: 109,280 won at VGS (harmony cart award certifate and a 25 e-cert to AVC News Stand to be e-mailed to him) Conquest of Mars Lidario (online winner) 70,080 (I will pm you asking for e-mail so I can e-mail you the award certificate and e-cert to news stand) SeaWeed Assault: Liduario(online winner)-80,340 (see above) Good games guys maybe next year I'll do this from AVC Online website only all season instead od one time)
  8. We've just added three new Atari 2600 homebrew games to the AtariAge Store! The new games are: Omicron Pinata Flappy More details below, as well as in the store: Omicron A team of four agents, each a specialist in one of the four elements - water, fire, air and earth - have been miniaturized to microscopic size in order to investigate a mysterious new virus that appears to be of alien origin. The virus mutates rapidly, mimicking each of the four elements. But something went horribly wrong, and contact with the team was lost. Now the virus threatens to grow out-of-control. You are the last hope to stop it. Having been miniaturized yourself, you now board the Omicron - a microscopic vessel designed specifically to counter the alien virus and stop it from spreading. Can you battle your way through each iteration of the virus and destroy the threat? Piñata Whatʼs your kind of game? Do you prefer action or arcade? One player or two player? Challenging or extra hard? With Piñata, you have it all! Piñata is a collection of five challenging games packed into a 32K cartridge. Each game in this collection is unique and will have you coming back for more! Select which game you want to play from the colorful main menu, where you can view your high scores for each game. The five games include in Piñata are Heartbreak, Ping, Joyride, Fixer Fenix, Sr., and Flipside. Heartbreak, Joyride, and Flipside include a two player competitive mode. Flappy If you thought flying to nowhere was hard...now they've placed perilous pipes in your path! In Flappy, your challenge is to attend to your avian ally at an altitude avoiding alloy aerial aqueducts. How far will you fare? Flappy is an Atari 2600 take on the popular (and somewhat infamous at this point) Flappy Bird game that first appeared on the iPhone. The game was unceremoniously removed from the App Store by its author, resulting in a large number of "copycat" games being released to capitalize on the sudden vacuum of the game's disappearance. You can read more about Flappy Bird's history over on Wikipedia. You can also read about Atari 2600 version of Flappy in the AtariAge Forums. How high can you score? And will you play "just one more time" to see if you can beat your previous best? But wait, there's more! While many classic gamers enjoy buying boxed copies of homebrew games when available, others don't care about the boxes and simply want to play homebrew games in cartridge form on their console. To that end, we've added "manual/cart" versions of several homebrews released in 2013 to the store. These copies are $20 less than their boxed equivalent, so if you've been holding off on some of these games because you didn't wan't to pay for a box, now's your chance to pick them up! Here's a list of the games you can now buy without a box: Blinky Goes Up (Atari 2600) Seaweed Assault (Atari 2600) Space Rocks (Atari 2600) Armor Attack II (Atari 7800) Frenzy (Atari 7800) Power Off! - $25 Boxed And finally, we've lowered the price of Power Off! to only $25, which includes a professionally offset printed box, manual and label! That is all... ...for now!
  9. The eighth and Final Round of the 2014 Harmony Games is Stay Frosty chosen by Oyamafamily Description: You were just chilling out at the North Pole, when a short-circuiting string of Christmas lights on Santa's barn set the reindeer dust on fire. Now magic fireballs are threatening to melt everything. It's up to you to put them out so you can keep your cool, however that's not an easy task for someone made of frozen water! This game was made part of the Atari Age Stella Stuffer cart in 2007, if you don't have the cart you can get the rom here (I know it can be played on via java version of stella, but I rather you use an emulator real hardware(via cart, or flash cart like harmony cart) this game was played on season 6 week 4 of the original HSC with Zero with the following settings (were using the same settings as well) Game Name: Stay Frosty Released By: Darrel Spice Jr, 2008 Left Difficulty: N / A Right Difficulty: N / A Game Mode: Default This round starts on July 21st at 3pm and ends on August 4th at 2pm CDT good luck Point scoring: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 ***Bonus Point Challenge: Play the Demo Version of Stay Frosty 2, which has been released recently here: Top 5 scores will get bonus points according to the following example: 1) Player 1 - 15,000 - (+5) 2) Player 2 - 14,000 - (+4) 3) Player 3 - 12,000 - (+3) 4) Player 4 - 10,000 - (+2) 5) Player 5 - 8,500 - (+1) get 1 bonus point more for finishing the game( 7 lelvels) plus an addition point for doing without loosing a life (AKA perfect game) (if your playing in this round we ask you to take a video of the game for proof as this a special addition) **** post your scores here (ranks will posted at the AVC Online forum and on the harmony games web page (see signature)
  10. Time to announce the first Game of the 2020 Harmony Games Tournament which is Zoo Keeper from Champ Games which won for Best Work in Progress in the 2019 Atari Awards. Here are the rules for this Round: Play On Standard only 4 lives Difficulty settings: Right doesn't matter as it only effects the play field (either solid or similar to arcade) Left set to "A" (bonus items at random spots) Play until you loose all your lives Scoring is the same like before: Point scoring: top 10: 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 Game instructions are here We are using the current build of the ROM which is here Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page This round begins on 3/9/2020 at noon Central and Ends on 4/6/2020 at 2pm Central Good Luck!! Scores For Round 1 James O(ZPH)- 395,950 10 pts Aerlan (ZPH)- 129,850 9 pts Tanya(ZPH)- 75,750 8 pts Arenafoot- 23,890 7 pts Dan Iacovelli - 10,270 6 pts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Leaderboard Scores after round 1 James O(ZPH) 10pts Aerlan(ZPH) 9pts Tanya(ZPH) 8pts Arenafoot 7pts Dan I (danavc) 6pts
  11. My UnoCart arrived yesterday! (Thanks @MacRorie!) The first thing I did was install a bunch of roms on an 8gb card and sort them into sub folders. I put the card in the cart and put the cart into my rev14 4 switch woody, fired it up and tested a few games. Pitfall II works great and I am also able to play the starpath Frogger. This thing is awesome! It’s like a RetroPi, but on original hardware! Best of both worlds! i am going to try out a few Homebrews next. How did I live without this thing before?
  12. By chance I found some pictures in Google which looked unfamiliar but definitely Atari 2600 style. So I went to this website (German only). There I found two homebrews (Hugohunt and Pilot X, the latter was unknown to me), which are down ports of German Atari 8 Bit (Hugojagd) and C16 (Pilot X) games. Have a look, pretty cool stuff!
  13. This just to let you know the date of The 2020 Harmony Games will start on on March 9th,2020. based on the categories of the 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards its narrowed to 4 that we will be used for each Round: Round 1. Best 2600 WIP: ZooKeeper Round 2: Best 2600 Graphics: Aardvark Round 3: Best 2600 Homebrew <4k: Ameba Jump Round 4: Best 2600 Homebrew: Galagon when the Tournament starts I will post new topic for each round right now this topic is locked until March 9th here's the url to The Harmony Games page at AVC Online http://www.atari-video.club/harmony-games/ which has the start times and end times of each round as well as standing from last years leader board (minus the scores from the game from last years final round) once the games start those will be cleared
  14. In this episode I discuss the homebrews nominated for this year's Atari Awards. After watching the video, please make sure and vote for your favorite homebrews, hacks, demos and more. Thanks!!
  15. In my latest episode I discuss some of my favorite Atari 2600 Homebrews. I know there are A LOT of them, probably in the hundreds, but these are just some of them. I give all the credit in the world to the programmers who make these games, as I can't even imagine the amount of time and effort that goes into making the simplest games. I have a lot of ideas for games myself, but I lack the patience to do it! There are so many talented programmers out there, and I know that someday I'll have to do a followup. If you have any suggestions for homebrews that I missed, please let me know. Also, please don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. Thank you.
  16. Hi Guys, I am pretty new to Intellivision. Thanks to some recent Craigslist scores, I now have an original Intellivision, two Intellivision 2's, 2 voice synths, and about 50 games. I am really enjoying the system so far and I'm having a blast with it! I feel like i've "clicked" with it much faster than with some other retro systems i've picked up. At any rate, though I have plenty of the regular library I need to enjoy still, I am interested in picking up some of the home-brew titles for the system. I know the AA store has a few. I also realize that a flash cart is in development but not quite available yet. That being said, i'd love to know if any of the following titles are available ANYWHERE other than ebay for like $150; which I cannot abide. -Christmas Carol -D2k Arcade -Space Patrol -Ms. Pac Man -Ms. Night Stalker -Donkey Kong Arcade -Stonix -Super Chef BT -Super Pro Tennis Any other good homebrews out there I am missing? Thanks, and if these are all out of print and unavailable I suppose I can wait for an SD cart Thanks!
  17. I was wondering if anyone knew of anyway to put an atari rom on to a cartridge. I'm not looking for a flashcart or any emulation systems or programs. I have heard about things that you can plug a cartridge into and load it from a computer, if anyone has information about anything like this or anything else that would work please let me know.
  18. Hi AtariAge, I just was recently introduced to Atari 2600 development and wanted to share a few things I came up with... BitQuest An adventure-type game with a fairly large over-world along with some randomly placed dungeons to explore. Fishy A simple two-player competition to collect points and power-ups NanoWing A random "don't crash into things" space type game. PotHole Basically, driving in New England. In any case, the games are attached and ready to go, along with some "labels" I made up. I'd also be happy to share any source code with anyone who's interested! Have fun and let me know what you think. Thanks for letting me join in the fun on AtariAge. bitquest.bin fishy.bin nanowing.bin pothole.bin
  19. Looking to buy full CIB copies of any/all hacks, roms, and homebrews that had limited releases and are no longer availabe in the store CIB.
  20. I release a new homebrew for the Atari Jaguar today, the game is called SpideX. It was originally released in 2019 for the Vectrex, however, I have re-worked all the graphics (now featuring raster graphics) The new game now also has a 2 player mode, and music by Rimsky-Korsakov, and Khachaturian. It can be ordered here: http://tjocktv.se/product/spidex-atari-jaguar/ Enjoy
  21. Hi guys, I'm new is this forum and I've searching around to find some homebrews for Genesis/MegaDrive but I had no success. Could anyone please help me?
  22. Is it possible to join the club? Makes it easier to follow it.
  23. For those who have might have missed the post about the 2020 Harmony Games in last years games thread: The 2020 Harmony Games are now being played at Atari Video Club (Club) in Atari age. there's a Topic for Harmony games there and that is the only place to post Scores do not post them here I got it set up over there first round can be found here
  24. I’ve seen some YouTube vids about this Donkey Kong PK, having 4 stages and being closer to the Arcade in other respects too. Looks very nice indeed. But where to get it? Or how to get it? Anyone?
  25. Time to announce the Third Bonus Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Robot City by Thomas Jentzsch which one for best <4k game port. we playing with the latest release rom which is Robot_City_20200427_RC8.zip And we will be playing on level 4 (During the Atari Age Day interview on ZPH, Thomas mentioned this HSC and suggested using either 3 or 4, I played 3 but didn't think it would be good since we are coming to an end of the season I tried 4 and liked it so figured to use it. This round starts on May 8th at noon central and ends on June 6th at 2pm central Ranks start a 9pts for 1st place and 1pt for 9th and 10th place Good Luck!! Name: Score: Points @Thomas Jentzsch Thomas J: 3820: 9pts @cwieland Charles w: 2868 8pts @ZeroPage Homebrew James O : 2364 : 7pts @ZeroPage Homebrew Tanya O : 1924 :6pts @Arenafoot Brian M: 848: 5pts @Dan Iacovelli Dan I: 120: 4pts
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