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Found 16 results

  1. So after finally getting my Incognito working (see below thread if you are interested in the issues that I had), but am having trouble getting the memory card set up. Configuration: Latest (3.10) ROM from @flashjazzcat's website. XL/XE, 1088K RAMBO, Stock XL/XE OS, Basic disabled, SpartaDOS X enabled, boot to loader disabled, PBI BIOS enabled, Hard disk enabled, SIO drivers HSIO (also tried disabled). When I run FDISK, it says "Enumerating devices..." followed by "No APT devices found". I have tried three different SanDisk 32GB microSD cards, all formatted under windows 10 to FAT32. Is it a card incompatibility issue? Could the faulty ribbon cable (see above link) supplied with the Incognito have damaged something? These are the cards & adapter that I am using.
  2. I finally got around to installing my Incognito. I had to wait for my DuPont crimper & connector kit to come in. I just finished the first part of the install on my 800. I used the directions on @lotharek's site as well as the @flashjazzcat's video. I added the two jumper wires, replaced the two resistors, and soldered on the 6 header wires. I made my own DuPont header, so my wire colors don't match. I am using: 1=Green 2=Blue 3=Purple 4=Grey 5=White 6=Black I pulled out the 74LS42 and plugged in the ribbon cable. I plugged the two cables into the Incognito board & plugged it & the CPU board into the 800. I power on the unit and nothing happens. I get a black screen and no "fart" noise. So I unplug the Incognito & the ribbon cable and put the 74LS42, ROM board & RAM boards back in. It then powers up properly. I swap out these parts and try the Incognito again. Same thing - black screen & no fart. I've included the pics of my mods, in case someone sees where I made a dumb mistake. I've already tried beeping out the connections from the back of the connector on the Incognito board to the 800, to verify that my first-try DuPont connector is making proper electrical connections. I also beeped out pins 1-16 of the ribbon cable from the back of the Incognito board to the 800 board, so the ribbon cable connections are seated properly. Any idea where I went wrong? Or maybe some other diagnostic that I can do?
  3. Listed my Incognito on ebay. item# 182011281277 Shipping anywhere, no reserve set. It's a glorious device, but I'm just never going to get around to installing it.
  4. This is very preliminary, and not everything works as it should, but it does do something... board is connected through standard vbxe breakout board for atari xe series that was soldered in as low as it was possible on CPU board, and then ribbon cable with male and female connectors was fed through the cutout in expansion bay plastic cover just under aluminium casting as for clock, you need to remove Q103 and connec a wire from VBXE 3.5mhz clock out signal to pin D of CPU board connector D6xx signal is present on pin P of SLOT3 expansion connector and all the other signal are provided by Incognito PBI connector for CSYNC, output from LUMA signal (R189) was used and this concludes current state of the installation do not treat this as a definitive guide, as just some things do work, but maybe some of you would like to try to install it anyways
  5. I have been looking for quite a while and I cannot find a manual for the Incognito's basic function. I'm interested in keyboard shortcuts and basic functional instructions as well as using the SIDE component of it. Is there a good page or PDF? I see many great resources for installation, but this unit was installed by someone else who at the time was experienced. Nowadays I'm sure I could do it myself if needed. And the board did work before, so I would assume it's functional. I've figured out a little from reading threads but here is what I came up against: Side loader ('L' from Incognito menu) just shows flashing characters on the left, whether I have a flash card installed or not. I tried switching to SpartaDOS and now the 'atr' key and reset only bring up SpartaDOS. It worked before. I can't get back to the Incognito menu. I was mainly hoping to use the SIDE function to play some games and update the firmware in the Incognito and SIDE as needed. I'd love to do more like try the new GUI, but first things first. I used the system a few years back but just pulled it out to mess with it again. I've been mainly using an XL with a Harmony cart.
  6. All, It seems Candle's original page for installing the Atari 800 Incognito board is down, or gone. I used the Internet Wayback Machine to access the page as it stood before. I am posting it here with appropriate tags so others can hopefully find it with Google. I hope this is not a violation of TOS or Candle's IP. Retrieved using The Internet Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20130513213503/http://spiflash.org/index.php/block/30.html 3 Sept 2016 Multiple personalities for trusty old Atari 800 Opening your 800 This is quite easy. All you need to do is remove trap-door, all the expansion card that you have inside (this includes all three RAM carts plus Personality/ROM board. After this, you'll have to turn the unit upside-down, and unscrew 5 screws in the corners, and in the middle of front edge. Now you're able to open the case - lift top of the enclosure just enough to get a hold on keyboard ribbon - disconnect it from the backplane - please take a closer look on how it is connected - ribbon has plug wider than the connector on backplane (motherboard) and you'll have to connect it back just the way it was when reassembling the unit. Now, since you have clear view of power board and aluminium casting covering most of the backplane, disconnect the internal speaker and remove whole casting with all what is connected to it from the case. You'll find loads of screws to be removed on bottom side of the cast holding an aluminium plate to the top part. After this, disconnect 4 pin header leading from backplane to power board, and try to separate the casting from backplane - it will come off with power board, but this is the way it should be. Now the aluminium plate - it holds to the PCB by 4 expansion plugs - they are made from two parts - one is a pin that was inserted in the collar that expanded and made connection permanent, you need to use small flat-headed screwdriver to push it all the way out, so you'll be able to remove the collar. What you should have now, is the backplane PCB together with CPU board and plastic part that forms cartridge slot covers and expansion cards compartment. To get rid of it you'll have to gently pry and push four snap-ins you find accessible on the bottom of backplane PCB. Since you already have all that was required separate, you may proceed with installation. Readjusting the cutout It is nice to have Personality slot opening a bit wider than it is originally, so you can pass ribbon cable and auxiliary connectors cables freely. Please see the picture for the details. Some might think it not the best idea, but this way nothing gets compressed as it will be reassembled and the chances of getting something short-circuit are almost nil. Jumper wires You'll have to make two jumper connections on your board (see the pictures) - one connects REF signal from memory slots to the not used pin on personality slot - and this is essential for emulated MMU chip on Incognito board The other is a jumper between RNMI and COLD-RESET pins, so that CPU would be in known state when the board is re-initialised. Remember than 400/800 had no real RESET, instead it had Request NMI line (sometimes referred as to RESET NMI) that did some kind of software reset - as this was OK for 400/800 system, when ROM was connected to the system bus permanently, it's not acceptable for XL/XE when you can disconnect ROM by writing to PORTB. BIOS will handle RESET vector and redirect CPU to the valid location instead. Making connections for auxiliary header P5 This is essential for true XL/XE compatibility, as there are signals you need to tap in that are not present anywhere else in the system. These are: • pin #1 - HALT - necessary for ANTIC extended memory access (so called CompyShop mode) • pin #2 - IRQ - required by some PBI devices • pin #3 & 4 - RD4 and RD5 - controlling cartridge port in XL/XE series (mandatory) • pin #5 - RNMI - that becomes our RESET line (mandatory) • pin #6 - RDY - another signal required only by some PBI devices Please see the picture for tapping points for all these signals. Additionally, you may want to replace RD4/RD5 pulldown resistors to something ranging from 1.5k to 2.2kOhms. It will improve compatibility with cartridges, as protection resistors on Incognito board form with original ones voltage divider that may render some carts unusable. ATR change button, HDD activity LED, connector P6 If you want to use these features, you'll have to make some readjustments to power board - this way you won't have to drill any ugly holes in your 800 case, instead it will be as discreet as it can be - after this, your light conductor just under START button becomes another button, just for cycling mounted ATR files, and it still serves it purpose as power indicator plus hard disk activity indicator. P6 pinout goes as follows: • pin #1 - HDD LED anode • pin #2 - HDD LED cathode • pin #3 - switch To accomplish this, follow the pictures. Replacing 74LS42 with ribbon cable You need to remove 74LS42 chip (location Z101) and replace it with ribbon cable that was included in the kit. Fold the cable as shown. Putting everything back together Now you should have everything prepared for the Incognito board, all you have to do is to reassemble your unit. Start with taking the ribbon and the P5 and P6 header cables through the opening you cut in the plastic part of expansion boards compartment. When you done, put the compartment back in its place - it should snap back in and stay firmly attached to the PCB. Now proceed with the aluminium plate. Align it so holes in PCB match holes in the plate, and then put the expandable collars in those holes. When you put first one take that pin you've taken out of it, and put it back - this will fix the plate and easier the align of remaining holes. When completed you should reassemble the casting with the backplane PCB - just don't start screwing it tight again, as it will be better if you check everything up before you do that. Install the Incognito board in first slot (the one that was occupied by ROM board) and turn the unit on - Incognito BIOS screen should show up. If it doesn't - recheck all your connections, especially those two jumper wires and RD4/RD5/RNMI lines. Please make sure you didn't short circuit anything during the reassembly, as shorting any xilinx pin directly to the one of power rails (5V -5V or 12V) will kill it instantly
  7. I have looked all over, and not found a list of verified compatible SD and CF media for Ultimate Cart (SD) and Incognito/SIDE (CF). Is there such a list? If not, let's start one here. For example, I am using red & blue style Sandisk 4GB SD card and 1GB CF. They work well, but the CF is getting full and I want to know what to buy to replace it with a larger one. Also, in the Ultimate SD cart thread, a Toshiba FlashAir SD card was mentioned. I found both W-02 and W-03 versions of this available. I ordered the W-03 version in hopes that it will work. The thread didn't mention what version it was that is known to work, although the link pointed to a W-03, so I'm hoping I don't get burned again. So, the question is: What media do YOU use? And, just as important: What media is to be avoided? Thanks in advance.
  8. I have tried the 5 in 1 OSS cart pictured below, and BASIC-XE crashes when loading the extensions (BASICXE.OSS file). The same thing happens when loading BASIC-XE from Ultimate SD Cart. I have tried different versions of the Extensions, all with no luck. This works fine on my U1Meg 1200XL. This only involves the extensions. BXE works fine if the extensions file is not present. Any ideas?
  9. I'm pleased to announce the release of firmware version 3.02 for the Ultimate 1MB, Incognito, 1088XEL/XLD and SIDE/SIDE2. Since the update's primary purpose is to correct issues present in the version 3.00 and earlier released, it is highly recommended for all users. Please head over to the firmware page of my website to download the updates: https://atari8.co.uk/firmware/ New Features (over version 2.01) Include: Number of BIOS configuration profiles increased from three to four Massively faster and more powerful loader search facility Loader’s built-in FAT DOS now supports subdirectories Loader now remembers the last accessed FAT folder Loader scripts may include paths Loader can now open the location of any already mounted image Usability improvements to the loader and BIOS setup menu Optional synthetic ‘IO sound’ with ATRs and hard disk partitions Improved loader compatibility Auto-booting banked cartridge conversions on SIDE/SIDE2 Bug Fixes For users who previously updated to version 3.00 in July, the following fixes/changes have been implemented: Loader Fixed: Unnamed FAT entries missing from partition list Fixed: Selected entry not consistently tracked during search Fixed: SIDE2 displayed as 'SIDE1' in stand-alone loader's device menu Fixed: Logged directory cluster number corrupted after MAP file processing Changed: Boot drive override (to D1:) now issued on restart if a disk image exists on drive 1 (instead of immediately after mount operation) Changed: No boot drive override issued when 'Boot SpartaDOS X' is selected (allows easy booting from CONFIG.SYS drive after mounting ATRs) BIOS Changed: message and menu item wording Changed: progress bar code rewritten for brevity Added: L+RESET starts loader if SELECT+RESET coldstart hotkey is enabled PBI BIOS Fixed: SIO status command now reliably returns enhanced density bit in first byte (DVSTAT) for 130K ATRs Fixed: Dummy format command now returns error if enhanced density format attempted on single density (90K) ATR Changed: Boot drive override clears after first use Changed: SIO status command for device $20 now returns complement of controller error register in second byte (as per device $3x) Feedback If anyone notices any screw-ups, please let me know directly or via this thread. I sat on this update for several days purely because changing just one byte of code in the firmware necessitates the complete re-assembly of a many ROMs and ATR images, which is repetitive and even excruciating process, especially when one notices a bug while demoing the software on video. As usual: please use this thread to report your experiences, both positive and otherwise. Videos As mentioned above, I've made a couple of videos which attempt to demonstrate some of the more useful features of the SIDE Loader, both stand-alone and when used in conjunction with Ultimate 1MB. The same methodologies apply by and large to Incognito and the 1088XEL/XLD. I'll be making more of these videos, since there's still more to cover regarding advanced usage.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a place that makes original size, material, texture, font nameplates? It would most likely cost too much for a small run of 150 or so, but I'd like to know if anyone has made anything like this.
  11. I may be tempted to part with my Prototype Incognito personality board for the Atari 800 (with Candles blessing) This is one of only 10 pre-production prototype boards made. It has been signed by Candle, it is fully working so could be fitted to your 800 if required, and I will include an unused fitting kit. Open to serious offers
  12. After having it sit on the shelf for two years, I finally got around to installing my Incognito board at the Seattle Retro Computing Society meeting this weekend. Total install time was about 4 hours, which included socialization time and talking about the project with several folks. I opted *NOT* to perform the power LED / atr cycle button at this time, because (aside from trimming the plastic shield on the inside) it's the only non-easily reversible part of the mod. The one thing that really threw me, was that my CPU board was completely different from the board pictured in the original instructions. I don't know if it's an NTSC vs PAL thing, or just a revision, but the chips on my board are all oriented with pin 1 at the bottom, rather than the top of the board, so basically 180* different. Not a bit deal, I just counted and grabbed the right pins, since thankfully, the instructions were explicit about pins 9 and 15 being needed. I put it all back together and, powered it on, and the Incognito screen came up for me to set options. Yes! I set some options, saved it turned it off, turned it on and it asked to set options again...not good. I checked the button battery, figuring I didn't have it seated correctly. I pulled the entire Incognito board out of the machine to check as something didn't look quite right. When attempting to remove the battery from the holder, the entire holder popped off the board. I guess I found the issue! I made quick work of that with the soldering iron, popped the battery in, reinstalled the Incognito board and bingo, everything seemed to work as advertized. Once home, I managed to flash the alternate BIOS stuff from flashcatjazz, which is really nice looking and gives some nice options to SIDE -- or at least makes the options make sense to a newB. The only thing I'm struggling with now, is that I want to use the APT tools to setup my CF card, but the version of SDX on my Incognito doesn't include those tools. I grabbed the SDX w/ APT for Incognito rom, and uflash.xex won't flash the SDX slot. It reads it then just hangs. I've let it sit like 10 minutes and nothing. Any ideas? Other than that, its great just to be able to run some XL/XE software on my 800
  13. Following several months of development and testing and one year after the prior update (version 2), I'm pleased to announce the release of version 3.00 of the 'alt' firmware for the Ultimate 1MB, Incognito, 1088XEL/XLD, and SIDE/SIDE2. Please head over to the firmware page of my website to download the updates: https://atari8.co.uk/firmware/ New features: Number of BIOS configuration profiles increased from three to four Massively faster and more powerful loader search facility Loader’s built-in FAT DOS now supports subdirectories Loader now remembers the last accessed FAT folder Loader scripts may include paths Loader can now open the location of any already mounted image Usability improvements to the loader and BIOS setup menu Optional synthetic ‘IO sound’ with ATRs and hard disk partitions Improved loader compatibility Auto-booting banked cartridge conversions on SIDE/SIDE2 All hardware-specific HDD functionality moved to plugins Several important bug fixes This thread will cover any installation and usability issues, and discussion of any further updates and fixes. Documentation has also been heavily revised, and we have the exciting prospect of ebiguy's excellent OSS language cart conversions for SIDE/SIDE2. I will be making some quick-start videos when I get time; for now the task of simply getting everything prepared and uploaded was daunting enough. Thanks to the volunteers who tested the beta and release candidate versions, and I hope everyone enjoys the end result.
  14. Here's the link to Lotharek's website hawking a limited production of Incognito boards.: https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=275 The boards are going for about 90 bucks American and worth every cent. I just bought two and it hurts to spend the money, but I gotta have em'. Hope this doesn't step on the folks who are getting my 512k ram board, but since mine is practically free I figure you'll want em. Best, ** TNM **
  15. What current and available ways are there to 1. upgrade the memory on an 800 2. upgrade the OS on the 800 I know the incognito would be best.. but its not available.. so not an option. What other options are there? James
  16. I bought an Atari 800 a couple years ago - and found out about this great thing called the Incognito - which sadly wasn't being sold any more and was super expensive on ebay. So - during this past summer when I saw the post on FB that Lotharek was doing a new run - I fell over myself throwing money at him. I was cheap on the postage - no tracking - but it made its way to me eventually. In the meantime I watched FJC's installation videos - so I was all set when mine arrived. Last weekend, I finally cleared enough space on my bench to open up the 800 and started installing it. I got to the part in the video where he does the quick power up check. So - I hooked mine up - powered it up - and got this on my monitor I powered it off quick and double checked my connections. Everything seemed OK to me - so I took a bunch of pictures and showed them to FJC to see if a second pair of eyes would reveal my goof. He spotted I have swapped the connections from P5 Pins 3 & 4 - the ones to the resistors. So - when I got home that day - I wired them up correctly - and tried again. Same thing - blue screen with squiqqlies. It was at this point that I studied his example connections on the CPU card - and saw that it looked quite different than mine. I was confident that I followed the instructions though - and connected the wires to the right pins on the chip I identified as the Antic via a part number lookup on google. So - some more back and forth PMs and we realized I had a different rev CPU board than he did. Maybe mine is normal for NTSC machines? On both my CPU cards (I also have a parts 800 that arrived smashed from ebay) pin 1 of the large 40 pin chips is towards the card edge connector. My CPU cards are oriented in the same layout as in the 800 service manual I downloaded. I reverted my 800 temporarily back to an OS card and 48K - and it booted up fine into notepad. So I at least didn't kill the machine. I emailed Lotharek and he assured me that every Incognito is tested prior to being shipped. So - I've pestered Jonathan enough these past three days - and I thought I might see if anyone else has any ideas what might be wrong. Hopefully I didn't kill the Incognito with my wire swap accident. Mine did come with a populated JTAG header - so if there is something I can do via that - it's an option. I did originally plug the CPU and Incognito cards in the motherboard correctly - I double checked the video to see what the orientation was prior to applying power. I also had the P4 cable connected properly - the 74LS42 replacement. I have both jumper wires on the motherboard correct - I double checked against the video. (Ref from the memory card slot to the personality module slot & RNMI to Reset) Any ideas? Does anyone else have it working with this style of CPU card? I also have a TL866 if I needed to reprogram something. Help? Jim
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