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Found 241 results

  1. (Before posting in this thread, please review the rules of conduct outlined below. By participating in this thread, you agree to abide by these rules, and by the community guidelines.) Round 2! The idea of this thread is to have a place to discuss the new Amico console. In addition I would like to try and keep the first post to information we know about Amico amd update it as new confirmed stuff comes out. I will be honest the games will be the hardest part as I don't want just a list of licenses they can make. So the game list will be shorter than actuality. Thank you for your patience. Amico, what is it? Amico is Intellivision Entertainment's new console. The goal of the Amico is to be a family friendly casual gaming console that brings a strong couch co-op experience back to the living room. What are the specs? -Console Dimensions / 11in x 9.5in x 2.5in CPU / 8 core, 1.8Ghz Memory / 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash Connectivity / HDMI, 12V power, 3 USB (2 charging, 1 memory expansion), SD card Video / 1080p HDMI Wireless / Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID Focus of the games will be 2.5D. That means 3D on a 2D playing field. -Controllers Quantity / Two shipped with console Dimensions / 6in x 2.75in x 1in Wireless / Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID Charging / Integrated wireless contact and/or wired USB C Screen / 3.2” diagonal, 320 x 240 TFT color touchscreen Audio / Speaker and microphone Disc / 64-position disc with pressure sensing and interactive LED lighting Buttons / 4 over-sized ambidextrous shoulder buttons, home button Motion Control / gyroscope, accelerometer (wrist straps included) Additional Features / Haptic force feedback, dedicated CPU and on-board memory Additional controller 2 pack will include a charging dock. Controllers are USB 3 and could also be charged that way. With download of a special app you can connect your phone as an additional controller. Console will have the capability of having 8 controllers connected at once, and can be a mix of phones and controllers. What about games? Games will be curated by Intellivision Entertainment with a in house rating of 7 out of 10. The focus is more on a fun and unique gaming experience than graphics. Games are said to be exclusive to Amico via special use of the controllers that other game systems won't be able to replicate, (touch screen on controllers, etc), AND/OR by adding more content/updated graphics. Every game is said to have multiplayer support as a must. Games will not be rated higher than E10+. No foul language, or gore. The initial plan was to come with 5 to 7 pack in games. It then changed to 5. Now it currently will come with 6 games. Pack in games listed below. Physical games. There will be physical media. It will require internet to make physical media work. After scanning and downloading the internet would not be needed. There may be online leader boards but not online multiplayer. Games are priced around $2.99-$9.99. Physical games price range is not known yet. Console Cost: Initial price was around $150-$180. Later changed to around $200. Then talk of the Founder's Edition suggests retail is around $220-$230. Tommy recently suggested (February) focus groups would be good with a $249 console price. (Retail price not officially set) Limited woodgrain from offered directly from IE will be around $259-$279. Other Limited colors will also retail around $259-$279. Prepaying and Founder's Edition: On June 18, 2019 it was stated that they wouldn't collect money before you could play the system or games. That has recently changed. As of January 27, 2020 you will be able to put down a $100 prepay for the Founder's Edition. Founder's Editions are sold out. While the final retail price is not set (as of January 25), the Founder's will be set at $299. It is the woodgrain version. It will be signed and numbered (out of 2600). There will be some extras like a gift card to the Amico store, and posters that come with preordering the system. The Founder's Edition is not the only way to get the woodgrain version of the system. Second round of preorders, called VIP, will start on March 31, 2020. Price of preorder is $100. Woodgrain ($279) and White & Black ($259) versions will be available. These will not be limited or numbered like the Founder's Editions were. 6 Games that come with system: 1. Skiing Trailer Demo 2. Cornhole Trailer Demo 3. Shark! Shark! Trailer Demo 4 Astrosmash Trailer Demo 5. Farkle Trailer Demo 6. Confirmed games being worked on: Still being worked on: "Animal Fighting Game" Armor Battle/Tank game/Combat? Asteroids Astrosmash Auto Racing BackTalk Party "Ice Cream Recording game" BINGO Bi-Planes BurgerTime Breakout B17 Bomber "Carnival game" person shot out of a cannon game Cloudy Mountain Cornhole Dyna Blaster "Bombmerman" Farkle Missile Command Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles Night Stalker Nitro Derby PONG Pool "Running Man Game" Shark! Shark! Skiing Slot Racers? SideSwipers The Big Blue? / Ecco? name unconfirmed ToeJam & Earl Questionable status (games started but maybe not finished): Snafoo (formerly SNAFU) [status alluded to as not going as planned] Frog Bog [mentioned as possible pack in but not referenced recently] Completed games being ported/updated/reworked: Evel Knieval (Google Play $1.99, iOS $0.00) - Game Review [Footage may have been from mobile version and may not represent reworked Amico version] Emoji Charades (Google Play, iOS, Steam $9.99 ) - Game Review [Footage may have been from mobile version and may not represent reworked Amico version.] Other: Earthworm Jim (shown Jim moving animation, https://youtu.be/CaogPd_Eu40) Other interesting things: Will include the jzintv emulator. It has not been specified as in how it will work. Original Intellivision games not to be released until 2021. Will most likely come in 'bundles' with multiple games. Important dates: October 22, 2018: Amico Reveal Trailer August 19, 2019: Amico Gamescom Trailer (shows console and brief game footage 17 games) October 19, 2019: First 'Meet Amico' video (LED disc) December 3, 2019: Second 'Meet Amico' video (Updated controller designs & features) December 9, 2019: Amico Breakout game demo January 24, 2020: Nightstalker 1st look game demo January 26, 2020: Third 'Meet Amico' video (Dice Rolling demo) January 27, 2020: Founders Edition Preorder opens and Astrosmash 1st look game demo February 2020: Moon Patrol extended mobile demo - (not yet released as of 3/11/20) March 16, 2020: New trailer release with 22 games featured. See next post.. March 17, 2020: New trailer release with 22 23 games featured. March 23-March 31, 2020: Meet Amico videos showcasing Amico and controller. March 25: Fourth 'Meet Amico' video to be released (controller & Missile Command) postponed to next day March 26: Fourth 'Meet Amico' video to be released. (Controller & Missile Command) March 27: Announcement via social media 5 of the 6 pack in games. Five demos trailer. March 30: Fifth 'Meet Amico' video to be released. (SideSwipers game demo) March 31, 2020: Second round preorders labeled as VIP. June 9-11, 2020: E3 expo big reveal, launch lineup announced possibly? (Possible cancelation due to virus) E3 canceled due to Covid-19 June 2020: Big reveal online June 2020: production begins September 25-27: Mom 2.0 Summit October 5-10, 2020: Founder's Edition shipment? October 10, 2020: System Launch with Skiing and 4 other games included 2021: Intellivision Classic software releases 2021: EarthWorm Jim by the original team Unofficial Alluded to MLB licensed game. Not officially announced yet. Snafoo announced as a pack in game. Later retracted as not being official. Alluded to not going as planned. Astrosmash and Frog Bog announced as either or as a pack in. Stated later as unofficial. May or may not have subscription service. Depends on market. 🥓🌮🥓🌮🥓🌮🥓🌮🥓🌮🥓🌮🥓🌮 Have fun and play nice everyone! 🌈🐇🦄❤
  2. Kiosk Multiplexer The electronic brains behind the large kiosk displays used in stores to sell Mattel Electronics’s Intellivision games and consoles. This deep-dive video covers a lot of material. This video is the culmination over almost 1 year of research including dumping and disassembling the ROM code as well as working out the schematic. Reverse Engineering documentation is located here: Mattel Kiosk Multiplexer Reverse Engineering Notes - 2020-03-11.pdf https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UDeJS-M6uQRu5MVHvmfKoLmsXHp4RZuBjOPrJtoSaD4/edit?usp=sharing The schematic has been worked out. Kiosk Multiplexer Schematic v2.pdf Here is some of the reference material used is the research: “Intellivision Store Display” video by Trade-N-Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oJyhXORYpc “Mattel Intellivision Kiosk Demonstration” video by cylonrdr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW4O57cOiuQ Papa Intellivision main site: https://papaintellivision.com Papa Intellivision document that briefly mentions POP hardware: https://papaintellivision.com/pdfs/CCF10232011_00026.pdf I would like thank @intvnut, @decle, and the owner of the Rev B Kiosk Multiplexer for their help in this project. Mattel Kiosk Multiplexer Reverse Engineering Notes - 2020-03-07.pdf Kiosk Pre-1982 ROM and Disassembly.zip
  3. MY COLLECTION HI everyone, I'm Lorenzo, I'm collector of Intellivision cassettes and I live in Italy. I want to show my collection of various photographs, which I have done over of these years. It is detailed photos, which reveal all the contents of the cassettes. I would start with the photographs of the legendary 125, and I just took a cue from beautiful lists that made cmarts, in his post "original-125-checklist". Then they will have pictures of my entire collection, which now has 456 well-game cassettes Intellivision, with over 80 double boxes, 105 boxes NEW, and differences between various boxes, booklets and various versions. To put all my photos, I think it will take days, so, be patient .. There will also be photos showing the various versions of the box. Will follow in the end, more and more of miscellaneous photos of the magnificent Mattel world. I begin with 125, which in my case will be 124, because to me is still missing, Spyker Super Pro Volleyball, of which I have only the REPOBOX and 2 overlays ... you do not have one for me? ...Today the my 124... Action Network(14) Arcade Network(1) Gaming Network(4) Learning Network(2) Space Network(4) Sports Network(11) Strategy Network(5) Non Network Games(10) Intellivoice(4) INTV Corporation(21) Dextell Ltd(2) Activision(7) Atarisoft(3) Coleco( eight) Imagic(14) Interphase(2) Parker Brothers(6) Sega(1) Also I want to be a silver member ...to be continue...
  4. Is it possible to fasten this female into shielding like it originally was? It seems to have slipped out everytime I put in a coaxial. Otherwise it is fine. I have no clue how it originally was.
  5. Hi everyone! We're now ready to take pre-orders for Mad Bomber and MoonSweeper Look here for more informations, or contact coleco_master here on AtariAge https://collectorvision.com/product-category/intellivision/
  6. Intellivision ABPA Backgammon FCTVVO Version Complete In Box Complete in box version with the rare FOR COLOR TV VIEWING ONLY label inside the box artwork. All original materials include full color manual, no insert line cart, logo overlays with protector sleeves, and early game catalog. Game is tested and working but sold as is. Item is in a plastic game protector (as sown) and will be shipped in a box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283816389566
  7. Intellivision Armor Battle, NFL Football, Major League Baseball - FCTVVO Versions Complete in box versions with the rare FOR COLOR TV VIEWING ONLY label inside the box artwork. All original materials include full color manuals, no insert line carts, logo overlays (NBA, NFL and MLB) with protector sleeves, and early game catalogs. All games tested and working but sold as is. Items will be placed in plastic game protectors and shipped in a box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283808838380
  8. Intellivision Dig Dug Complete In Reproduction Box and Tested Game comes complete with reproduction box and reproduction manual. Actual items shown, tested and working but sold as is. Packed in plastic game protector and mailed in a shipping box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283808849412
  9. With 40 years of our favorite system we have made something very special to commemorate this milestone! THE INTELLIVISION 40TH ANNIVERSARY CUSTOM BALL KNOB STICKLER SET!!! These will be made in a numbered limited edition of 40 sets. They will debut next weekend for show and sales at the Vintage Computer Festival Mid West #14. On September 14&15 in Elmhurst Illinois: http://vcfmw.org/index.html The first small handul of sets will be available there for sale at a slightly discounted price (also no shipping costs obviously. There will also be 1 special unique vcfmw edition which will be donated to the festivals fund raising auction. This will be a 1 of a kind set. The auction takes donations to fund this wonderful show. The show is completely free to the public and this auction helps keep the show going. I highly recommend coming to the show if you have never been there and live anywhere near the chicago area! A few of us atariagers are there every year! These will be available otherwise in 2 versions. The original style (brown and brass): And the spaceage style (red and silver): 1 set will be $54.95 plus shipping to your area. 2 sets will be $99.95 plus shipping to you area. Gift payments by paypal will be preferred. These will ship by cheapest method with tracking info provided. Buyers outside the usa and canada will be required to pay by gift and may then choose any shipping method they desire. At this time we will limit purchase to 1 of each style set per person until interest is determined. These are created as a collectable but are fully functional on all models besides the intellivision 2. We ask that you use them with care. ***There will be no warranty on them for usage.*** But they should be fine if taken good care of and not abused. They will come in a custom display box with info card on the back that is individually numbered. They have 2 ways to be used. They have a removable arcade style ball that can be unscrewed and replaced with a cap. With the cap on they are the exact specs of the original sticklers! They are really quite beautiful and we are very happy with them. This was a combined project my son and i did over the summer. He is 20 and currently studying phisics and engineering at university of illinois. He is very gifted at being able to engineer these so well, and my design ability along with both of our art abilities made for a great father son project to celebrate 40 years of intellivision! We have had alot of fun making them together and we hope you all enjoy them as much as we do! I have played intellivision since about 1981 and continuously collected videogames for many systems since about 1983. My son was introduced to the intellivision before he was even 2 years old back in about 2000. We loved playing uthopia together as well as shark shark and snafu. It helped give him a lifelong love of classic gaming! Anyway please post interest in this thread. If you want 1 or 2 sets, etc. If you would like to hopefully have a certain number or just the lowest or dont care you can mention that too. Numbers 5 and under and #40 are currently reserved. If you would like more than 2 sets please state that as well, but no promises on that. We will go off this thread for first come first serve after vcfmw is over. These are alot of work to make and we will not ask for funds until your set is ready to go. If you dont reply and pay at that time we will go on to the next interested party. Happy Sunday and happy 40th birthday to our beloved Intellivision!!!!!
  10. Introduction Ok, so I spent a couple days reverse engineering Utopia. I now know pretty much how it all works, and now you can find out too. Here's some highlights, in case you don't want to wade through the code: Forts: Do protect a 1 unit radius against rebels Will protect parked ships that have the same owner as the fort. Radius of 1 card. Will protect both players ships when they're under active control. Radius of 1 card. Do not otherwise contribute to your score Bugs: Scoring will overflow, if you have more than 65 crops + fishing boats combined. It will also overflow if you earn more than 255 gold bars in a single turn. (Is that possible?) The "float off bottom of screen" bug is likely due to island/status collision detection interacting poorly with EXEC's boundary detection. The game can "nudge" a boat across the boundary the EXEC checks for. There is a check for this, but it only has been applied properly to the left/right edges. Delay loop in scoring display appear to want to update random number generator, but they don't actually. Code quality:Let's just say it's likely the priority was to have a compelling game, and have it out quickly, as opposed to writing the tightest, cleanest possible code. Miscellaneous: Pirates will never sail toward a parked PT boat on purpose. The "nudge" code, though, can nudge them through a tangle of PT boats. Hurricanes are 5 times more destructive than tropical storms. All three forms of weather water crops at the same rate, though. There's two copies of the "sinking fishing boat" animation in the ROM, due to how the EXEC distinguishes between background cards and MOB animations Each island has precisely 29 squares. When weather takes out something on your island, it will incur 0 to 101 casualties. If you want more details, you'll have to dig through the code unless it's covered in the slightly more detailed review below. :-) Code attached. Code Structure The bulk of the main game code can be put into one of three categories -- The Timer Tick Task, Dispatches, Scoring Logic. The rest of the code is either initialization code, or support code for those three categories. Timer Tick Task The bulk of the game logic hangs off the the Timer Tick Task. This task runs 20 times a second, and it handles everything from spawning weather to collision detection to animating certain sinking ships. It's quite a lot of code and is fairly linear. The rough order of execution: Update the weather, possibly creating new weather Update the fish, possibly creating new schools of fish Update the pirates, possibly spawning new pirates Island vs. boat collision detection Update the game clock If not end of round / end of game: Update the status line at bottom of screen Update parked sinking ships At end-of-round, fire off the scoring code and then show the scores At end-of-game, show final score and halt Dispatches The next big set of code is the set of Dispatches. The EXEC mostly works by calling various functions in response to various events. Dispatches fall into a few categories: Controller input dispatches. The action-button and disc handlers are pretty simple. The keypad dispatch is amazingly convoluted, but that makes sense when you consider everything that it has to account for. Object vs. object dispatches. These handle pirates vs. PT boats and similar such things. Object vs. land dispatches. This is what handles rain on crops, pirates sinking parked ships, or parked ships going fishing. Scoring Logic The final big piece of code is the scoring logic. Scoring happens in four phases: Income Computation, Population Update, Round Score Calculation, Rebellion. Income Computation During the round, every gold bar you earn (say due to fishing, rain on crops, etc.) gets tallied in this round's Gross Domestic Product (Round GDP), separate from your actual gold bar balance. That is, spending does not subtract from Round GDP even though it lowers your treasury balance. At the end of the round, you get awarded additional gold as follows. Each of these contributes to the Round GDP except for the "baseline 10 bars." 4 gold bars per factory 1 gold bar per fishing boat Productivity bonus: ((Schools + Hospitals) * Factories) + Hospitals, clamped to a maximum of 30 gold bars. 10 gold bars of baseline income (does not contribute to the Round GDP). Population computation -- expressed as a growth rate, resulting in exponential growth. Fertility computation Start with a baseline fertility rate of 5.0% Increase fertility by 0.3% for every crop Increase fertility by 0.3% for every hospital Increase fertility by 0.1% for every house Decrease fertility by 0.3% for every school Clamp fertility to a minimum of 4.0%. You can't have fertility below 4% even if you filled the island with schools. Mortality computation Start with a baseline mortality rate of 1.1% Decrease mortality by 0.3% for every hospital, but not below 0.2%. (This limit is applied before the next step.) Increase mortality by 0.1% for every factory. If you fill the island with factories, your mortality rate will be 4.0%, matching the minimum allowed fertility. New population: Population + Population * Fertility - Population * Mortality. Maximum allowed population is limited to 9999. Round Score Calculation -- roughly, "approval rating", 0-100% First compute the following four subscores: Housing score: ((Houses * 500) / (Population / 100)) / 3. If larger than 30, clamp it to 30. Per-capita GDP score: ((Round GDP * 100) / (Population / 100)) / 12. If larger than 30, clamp it at 30. Food supply score: (((Fishing boats + Crops) * 500) / (Population / 100)) / 3. If this value is larger than 30, clamp it to 30.Note: 65 * 500 = 32500. So, if you have more than 65 fishing boats + crops, this score can go negative. This is fixable by changing the BLE at $5B1E to a BNC, I think, so it treats the overflow case as a case that needs to clamp to 30. General welfare score: 1 point for every school or hospital Add up the four subscores, limiting the total to 100 or less. That's the per-round score. Rebellion Compare this round's score to the previous round, and consider it in absolute terms as well If it dropped by more than 10 points or is below 30 points, add a rebel If it increased by more than 10 points or is above 70 points, remove a rebel If you want to see the exact details of how these pieces work, look at the code. For example, in the scoring section, some divides are rounding divides, and some are truncating divides. The population computation is actually carried out with scaled arithmetic (ie. fertility/mortality rates are multiplied by 10, and population divided by 10 when computing numbers of births and deaths.) For anything else... see the code! ____ [Edited to fix some formatting issues in the nested bulleted lists.] utopia.asm
  11. Hi everyone c: I did this conversion of "Despacito" for MSX/Colecovision/Intellivision tonight, and I wanted to show it to all of you. I add the .bas file to compile on Intybasic and listen on your Intellivision. Enjoy. I will post here more of my works later. Check more of them on http://adan.eu.pn/ Despacito.bas
  12. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283801324403 Intellivision Super Pro Decathlon Complete in Box and Tested Actual items shown. All original and tested but sold as is. Item will be sent in a plastic game protector and mailed in an actual box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence.
  13. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283801281973 Intellivision Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man CIB with Comic Book Comes fully complete with box, cart, manual, 2 overlays & sleeves, game catalog, warranty card and THE COMIC BOOK! Cart is tested and working but sold as is (see pics 10-12). Item shipped in plastic game protector as shown and in a shipping box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence.
  14. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283801298955 Intellivision Dig Dug and Thin Ice Complete In Box and Tested Both games come complete in box. All original components plus custom overlays for Dig Dug. Actual items shown, tested and working but sold as is. Packed in plastic game protectors and mailed in a shipping box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence.
  15. I put a couple files up on Google Docs that might help people trying to get binaries working with jzIntv. Instructions: If the file's name has any spaces, consider removing the spaces. jzIntv has no problems with spaces in filenames, but the same can't be said of all the other software in the system. If the binary file is an odd number of bytes, it's probably a .ROM file. (Exception: If it's a multiple of 4096 plus one byte, it's a .BIN file that came from a particular website that added a mystery byte to their ROM images.) Rename to with the extension .ROM and try the file. If it works, stop there. If not, let's try it as a .BIN, and rename the file's extension to ".bin" [*]Look up the game title in the config list spreadsheet here: Intellivision Game Memory Maps Make a note of the memory map number in the rightmost column. [*]Copy the corresponding configuration file from this set of generic configurations to the same name as the game, only with .cfg as the extension. Example: You're trying to get diner.bin to work. Looking at the file size, it's 32768 bytes, so it's a .BIN file. Looking it up in the spreadsheet, you see it takes memory map #2. So, copy "2.cfg" from the ZIP file to "diner.cfg" et voila! It should start working. Example 2: You're trying to get diner.bin to work, but its file size 32829. That's most likely a .ROM file someone had renamed .BIN. Rename it to .ROM and it should start working.
  16. My intelvison 2 isn't outputting 12v when the rf modulator is connected. If I remove it the connection reads exactly 12v but as soon as its connected it drops to 11-6ish volts. Also was not getting any video from the rf out, and my composite mod is having problems keeping a stable signal. Wondering if the low voltage is the source of the problem. Also one of the ic's gets really hot and I'm not sure if that's related to the voltage or if that's normal. There is actually some yellowing inside the case in the area that its located.
  17. Though I've posted about my channel and videos before, I figured keeping a central place in one thread would make more since. While I have done more videos than I will likely ever post in here, I thought it would be good to start off with my 40th official video for my channel and to start off April right. I present my unboxing and game play review for the Neo Games home-brew release of the limited boxed edition of Spies in the Night for the Atari 2600! Enjoy and thank you for watching!
  18. Intellivision Thunder Castle & Tower of Doom Complete In Boxes See pics for very nice condition. Thunder Castle manual is a reproduction. Tower of Doom is all original and also comes with custom overlays. Actual items pictured. Both games tested and working but sold as is. Shipped in plastic game protectors in an actual box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283793730860
  19. Intellivision Boxed Console with 85 Games and Intellivoice 75 games complete in box all tested and working. More photos and game list to come shortly. All games shown in photos. Defender comes with reproduction box, reproduction manual and custom overlays. If shipping is less than the listed price, the difference will be refunded after payment. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283785462949
  20. Intellivision Triple Challenge Complete In Replica Box Comes with working cartridge and original manual. Shipped in a plastic game case and in an actual box, NO PADDED ENVELOPE! Game tested and working but sold as is. Happy bidding! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283777473494
  21. Not sure if this has been posted as a separate topic and I couldn't find one so here we go. Who here has preordered the sweet wood grain Amico Founders Edition? I purchased >1
  22. Several months ago, Bill Fisher found among his stuff (in his attic), a T-Card of Space Spartans that is a build of Space Spartans at the time it was handed over to Bill and I, after Mike Minkoff had started to look at what Brian Dougherty had been developing when he left the company. As you can see (I think), there are lots of things different about this version, as well as lots of stuff which don't work at all yet. But I will let you guys draw your own conclusions. Lathe26 ripped this rom earlier this year when I was in Seattle visiting my son, so I hope it is in a format that is easily usable for the standard emulators. SpaceSpartansDougherty.zip
  23. I have bought 2 systems in the last year and the controllers are always trash. They just stutter and don't respond consistently to disc presses and I want a system that actually works. I don't like the flashback controllers, already tried that adapter also. Looking for a system with perfect controllers or a way to make my controllers perfect! Thanks.
  24. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 283757879567 Intellivision Armor Battle, NFL Football, Major League Baseball - FCTVVO Versions Complete in box versions with the rare FOR COLOR TV VIEWING ONLY label inside the box artwork. All original materials include full color manuals, no insert line carts, logo overlays (NFL and MLB) with protector sleeves, and early game catalogs. All games tested and working but sold as is. Items will be shipped in a box, NO PADDED ENVELOPES! Bid with confidence.
  25. Can the Power supply I have pictured work with my Intellivision 2 console? When I power the console on with the biggest sleeved adapter all I get is snow and lines. When I wiggle the adapter the console shuts off. I set the adapter to 12v and positive polarity. I also cleaned the games I was using. The consoles is hooked up to the television with a Atari 7800 cable going into a coax adapter on my tv.
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