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Found 113 results

  1. As a kid I enjoyed playing games, and would say " Not bad, but it could also use this..." As a teen I loved to use a sector editor to give me 1,000,000 points of energy (originally like 10,000) in the Adventure International Star Trek 3.5 game. I'd change wording in games, error messages into more funny messages, etc. In more recent times I've learned about sprite hacking programs (Hack-o-matic), Hex fiend, and other fan based tools that have made some dreams of game changing and altering come true. (Thank you fellow fans!) Lots of great advice from those here in the Atariage community. This is a list of games that I have had fun altering to date. I would say I got interesting starting 2014, but then all of this helped me grow in the computer/video game hobby. OTHER HACKS AND TINKERING 1977 Dad had the Sol Terminal 20. Cool machine. Lots of Trek80 and Targ played. Also had a 2600 rom reader on the Sol and a Flash cart. 1978 We got a Sears Telegames system, which got us into Atari stuff. 1980 Sold newspaper subscriptions and got my own Atari VCS. 1981 Sold the VCS, got a Atari 400. Was going to get a Colecovision but when I saw Choplifter, Miner2049er, and Archon I decided to get a computer. Also learned about floppy disks and piracy! 1982 Later in this year got on my first computer BBS. Now I could get games over the phone! Whoo hoo! 1984 Attended Atari user meetings at the Dallas Infomart for the Dal-ACE Meetings. 1986 Dad had already upgraded the 400 to 48K, but installed a Atari 1400 keyboard from Radio Shack. 1989 Bear in mind, no Internet yet, really believed Atari was dead. Saw a friend’s Mac SE with Dark Castle and managed to score a Mac 128K. Later would upgrade that to 4 MB. 1993 I got onto the text Internet while in college computer labs. 1994 While in Guam, scored a Mac Plus. Lots of BBSing while on the island. 1995 I saw my first graphical Internet page on Mosiac. (Didn’t think it'd catch on.) Dad gives me my first Newton 110 when I returned from Guam. At first didn’t know what to do with it. First home Internet service through a BBS (Chrysalis BBS in Dallas) 1996 Picked up a Performa 550 (68030) later upgraded to 68040 with math co-processor. 1997 Picked up the amazing Newton 2000. 10x faster than my Newton 110. Played video! Started using graphical web browsers. (I was a slow adopter on that one.) 1999 Out of college, found out Atari user group was still around. Borrowed 520 ST (upgraded to 4 mb) for newsletter. Used Pagestream and had a laser printer! First year to attend the First Saturday SideWalk Sale. 2000 Managed to score an Atari TT030, Lynx, Atari Jaguar. Atari user group folds due to having to move from the Infomart that they had for nearly fifteen years. I learned of Bubsy Bobcat on the Jaguar! Continued using TT030 alongside Performa 550 for Internet. Featured in the Dallas Morning News: Atari Jaguar on front cover. I met this local Dallas Amiga User Group (MCCC) as they were also in the newspaper article. 2001 Got an IT job, used a Athlon 1 Ghz processor with Win98. Later used Linux. Still tinkered with retro computers (Atari XE and ST). Got my first DVD player as the spiritual successor to the Jaguar, the Nuon Samsung 2000. 2002 Scored two Macintosh G3 Powerbooks for my wife and I. I was back in the Mac world using OS 9. Attended the JagFest in St. Louis (while visiting wife's family). Saw the Korean version of the Nuon there as a contest prize. 2003 Attended JagFest in 2003 in Austin, TX with KevMos3. Joined Amiga User Group. They helped me get an Amiga 3000 working that I picked up at the 2002 JagFest. Even had a Ethernet card! 2004 Upgraded to OS X.3 on the Mac. 2005 Won the retro-challenge (like the first or second year of it) using nothing but an Atari 800 for one month. Figured out I didn’t need portable computing right before smart phones. My Newton 2000 and Duo Macs became used less. I was handed a G4 12" 800 mhz Powerbook. Beautiful little computer! Well I was handed it in parts and I managed to reassemble it. Tinkered heavy in the Dreamcast after a friend showed me that system. For the next five years lots of calling BBSs and Internet with beige Atari 800. Many discussions over Atariage and Atari IRC channels. 2006 Worked with Warerat on testing XL memory on the Atari 800. Lots of chatting at Atarinews.org on Tuesdays. Put an archive of the Dal-ACE disks online. 2008 Started the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog Testing of Atari800DC version 0.77 for the Dreamcast with Christian Groessler. Gauntlet by Donald R. Lebeau. Thing I like about Atariage are the authors that show up from time to time. Shortly after he showed had a High Score Club contest and Donald offered a signed copy of some game art. I blast every pixel I could to get that. As of 2019 the score still stands... GAUNTLETAK (Graphics:6 Sound:7 Playability:8 HSCR *8*) doctorclu : 1235025 [5-4] 2009 Binary hacking and uncompression of Bubsy rom for the Jaguar. Picked up the Lynx Flash Cart. 2010 Dial-up/Telnet out set up at the Prison Board BBS Was the first to come up with a shell for the Jaguar's Skunkboard. Also created a photoshop prank where I claimed to use the clear case from a Battlesphere Gold cartridge. Only did that joke for a few hours but the outrage was priceless. Got a Macbook Pro dual Core processor laptop in parts. Fixed it up. Hated it. Traded for 1.2 Ghz G4 12" laptop. Used that G4 through my time in Kuwait along with a 1.4 Ghz G4 Mac Mini. 2011 My first Android device, the Archos 32, and my first experience with Angry Birds! Picked up the device while in Kuwait. There was a certain joy of posting "Happy 2011" on a Atari BBS. Seemed surreal to myself and others. Did a photoshop of a Jaguar and CD for a more streamline appearance. I beat Cybermorph a second time. IRC chat more commonly used for Atari chat. 2012 Wondered if there was a way to piggy back memory on the ECS? Got my first Intel iMac 1.5 Ghz from a sidewalk sale. Bought the Incogneto boards from Candle while in Kuwait. Had at time the unbeatable 5200 HSC Gyruss score of 279,850. 2013 Installed one Incogneto board while snowed out of work for three days. The year I achived Star Commander Class 1 in Star Raiders. The year I beat Blue Max. 2014 BBSing Veered away from Atari 800 use after experiencing overheating problems after installing Incogneto board. Oh 04 January 2014 connected an Intellivision with ECS and Cuttle Cart 3 to a modem using the terminal program by Joe Zbiciak Video shows the end of the first known time for an Intellivision to call a BBS and records the second time such a thing had happened. "1979 Calling the Internet..." Later the Intellivision dialed to a BBS and then telneted to a shell account getting on Atariage and posting a message. Good times! The proto Dual Action Controller I was listening to the Intellivisionaries Podcast and they talked about how you cannot move and fire the disc with the same controller. Came up with the idea of put both mylar underlays in the same controller but cancelling out the upper or lower part of the underlays. Originally Intellivision 2 controllers were used which proved the point though a bit stiff. When the Intellivision Flashback came out however, well designed thin controllers worked quite well with this concept as Nurmix of the Intellivisionaries podcast would find out. Nurmix asked a few questions on the tinkering and then later tried the idea on the newer controllers and viola!! The research was later referenced by Nurmix in his dual-action controller thread. Nurmix converted Flashback controllers to the Dual-Action design, and the rest is history. So now many have had more fun at playing Night Stalker, Tron Deadly Discs, and AD&D thanks to my initial tinkering. Another fun addition, and first, I got to add to the Intellivision legacy. Battlestar Galactica (Intellivision) [Hack of Space Battle] Long before I was sprite hacking, I was hex and text hacking. This was a simple hack that taught me that as long as I stayed within the original character count given, you could hack information in a rom and it not break. Oh, and don't write over crucial instructions while you are doing it. Picked up a Amiga 500 from a friend. Fixed it up to 8 MB and SD card slot. Then got a Amiga 1200. 2015 Hacked an Atari 400 keyboard to an Atari 800. Created the sounds for Joust and Moon Patrol which CyranoJ ported from the Atari ST to the Atari Jaguar. Made me extremely happy as those are my favorite arcade titles, and CJ was and is great to work with. Picked up a Macbook Air 1.8 Ghz from a friend. (What I'm using to write this.) 2016 Picked up a 27" iMac 2.7 Ghz 32 GB RAM from a friend. Set up Internet server on the Newton 2000 for a while. Bubsy Fan Blog interviews Bubsy creator Michael Berlyn. Got the Atari Flashback Portable from Atgames that gets me back into the Atari 2600. Helped in testing hundreds of games to see what is compatible with the SD card slot. Then worked with fan hackers to get dozens more tuned up and working. 2017 Bubsy Kitt'N Kaboodle (Atari 2600) [Hack of Fast Eddie] This was the one that started it all. "Wouldn't it be fun to have Bubsy on my Atari Flashback Portable..." was the original idea. The handy tool of Hack-O-Matic was found, I had some guidance from fellow sprite hacker and friend Kevin, and off I went on adventures. Versions for the Atari 800, 5200, Vic 20, and Commodore 64 have also been hacked. And this has had the fun of being played in alpha versions on Atari 2600 emulators on the Atari Jaguar and Nuon as well. This game also turned into an unofficial way to advertise the release of the newest Bubsy game, the Woolies Strike Back. Actually helped get them a few more sales. Moon Patrol (Atari 2600) Hacking an already amazing hack that looked more like the Arcade, detail was given to make more arcade accurate enemies and eventually a buggy with three rolling wheels. During the summer and fall I helped on the Oregon Trail port to the Intellivision. Actually came up with the name "Oregon Bound" which I understand was later used for the TI port. Helped come up with some of the mini games and sound and music ideas for some segments. Was working with everyone on this game. Was also a lot of fun working with a group of people on the game AstroStorm programmed by Sporadic. I loved how the game had a very utility look and feel to the ship. And as I was playing said "wouldn't it be nice if we had ways to store powerups". Sporadic liked the idea and added that to his game. Got the Sega Flashback Portable from Atgames, causing me to get into some tinkering on Sega Genesis. To date, Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog on Atariage has had 175,398 visitors. Still call computer BBSs and write a blog on that as well. And the MCCC Amiga user group in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area is still active with live YouTube broadcasts every month. 2018 Virtual VCS (Atari 2600 emulator for the Atari Jaguar) Pasting in game rom images into a program just thought to be a demo and finding some games that actually worked! Atari 800 emulator (Nuon) Same trick as above, replacing a built in game image in a burnable disc image with another game image. Got Return of Heracles to come up, though it doesn't play very far. Still fun to see that much. Battlestar Galactica (Atari 2600) [Hack of Space Attack] The following was Inspired by reading up on Space Battle for the Intellivision and after discovering that Space Attack for the Atari VCS works on the VCS emulator for the Jaguar. From that point on, the game was hacked to look and feel more like the show it was supposed to be based on in the first place: Battlestar Galactica. So this has changes in color to the enemy fire, the background color, the color the screen flashes when you ship explodes, the color of the squadrons, and of course sprites. Took a bit to track all that down. Miner 2049er (Atari 2600) [Hack of Miner 2049er and Miner 2049er II] Played first on the Retron 77 as part of a collection, I found the initial game had a surprising amount of detail of the Atari 800 version for a Atari 2600 game. But the character sprite didn't even have Bounty Bob's hat. So sprites were altered based on the Atari 800 version of Miner 2049er. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Atari 2600) [Hack of Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom] Recently played Buck Rogers on the Retron 77 and enjoyed it, but said to myself the same thing I've said over the years "If only Buck Rogers had a Thunderfighter like in the 1980s TV show. OH WAIT... I sprite hack now!" I'll try to make other adjustments, but so far the fonts and the ship are designed to match the show with Gil Gerard. Shame Twiki can't make an appearance. Alien Visitors Are Our Friends (Atari 2600) [Hack of Cosmic Ark] This fun project was started on a Battlestar Galactica (Space Attack hack) thread by Marcallie when he said: "This is great! Now go re-theme Cosmic Ark as V: The Final Battle." > Interesting. The Visitors collect humans while Earth forces try to stop you from eating their population? "Exactly! It would be very cool to play as the bad guys for once, right?" Actually sounded like a fun idea so I spent some time giving this more of a "V" the sci-fi series feel. Scraper Caper (Atari 2600) [Hack of Fire Fighter] Originally wanted to hack Towering Inferno but the characters were not much to work with. Fire Fighter had better character but too easy of a game. Anyway, just wanted to make some reality of the Bounty Bob game (Scraper Caper) that was advertised but never finished. But at least now we have Bounty Bob's nemesis, Yukon Yohan, in a game. Miner 2049er (Atari 800/5200) - Miner animations of TIX So Bounty Bob is a Canadian Mountie, but on the game art he is a Miner. Well TIX drew up new miner animations and I looked into making them a reality. I think many liked the end result, though I am partial to Bounty Bob being a Mountie. Moon Patrol (Atari 800/5200) - Working back and forth with TIX, EnderDude, Level 42, and a few others. Before it is all done we were able to modify the sprites, and change most of the colors. We had fun creating our own buggy designs. Below was a design I came up with which I thought matched the arcade best. To wrap up the year I released a version of VirtualVCS that had three version of Space Battle, Sky Diver, AstroBlast, and Space Chase. The most notable was Space Battle and the Battlestar Galactica Hack (fully working) and Sky Diver (also fully working). And with that, I played the first ever two player 2600 game on a Atari Jaguar against KevMos3 when he was in town 2019 ----------------------------------------------------------- I was surprised to see my name was still on the 5200 HSC listing for all time high scores. Been a while since I played the 5200 or any High Score Club for that matter. I figure someone will beat my scores so I will post these now to remember them. Countermeasure - (Level 1) doctorclu 184,450 Gremlins -(Night 3) doctorclu 2,503,623 Gyruss - doctorclu 279,850 Joust - (Skilled) doctorclu 1,611,000 Looked in the Atari XL/XE HSC ASTEROIDS (HYPERSPACE) (Graphics:6 Sound:6 Playability:6 HSCR *5*) doctorclu : 115370 [5-5] EMBARGO (SKILL 1) (Graphics:7 Sound:6 Playability:6 HSCR *6*) doctorclu : 37910 [3-13] [9-12] GAUNTLETAK (Graphics:6 Sound:7 Playability:8 HSCR *8*) doctorclu : 1235025 [5-4] JOUST (EXPERT) [Graphics:8 Sound:8 Playability:9 HSCR *8*] doctorclu : 1106250 [3-2] [10-18] LASER HAWK [Graphics:8 Sound:6 Playability:7 HSCR *7*] doctorclu : 75260 [5-7] WIZARD OF WOR (7LIV) [Graphics:7 Sound:8 Playability:9 HSCR *9*] doctorclu : 377400 [5-10] [2-3,7-21, 15-5] Lynx HSC. (I was surprised!) Battlezone 2000. doctorclu (180,600) For the Atari 2600 there is a huge pdf document. there I was for Spy Hunter June 28, 2009 for 193,200 I didn't have any scores in the 7800 HSC And for the Atari Jaguar as of 2010 I had a lot of the high scores, but now one remains, my epic gaming on Pitfall! PITFALL: THE MAYAN ADVENTURE [A]. Atardi & Doctor Clu (TIED) - 999,999 (Link). (Crazy that the score flips over.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More work on 2600 Buck Rogers. Created the sound effects for Revenge of Doh which was ported by CyranoJ from the Atari ST to Atari Jaguar. February 25, 2019 Two hacks, the 2600 Moon Patrol (black buggy) with three moving wheels and the 2600 Miner 2049er are nominated for Best Game Hack of 2018. Moon Patrol lands 2nd place with Miner 2049er landing 1st place. Rented a Mountie costume from Norcostco Texas Costume rental for the thank you from Bounty Bob himself. Was fun working with Cimmerian and the ZeroPage HomeBrew crew on this first year of the Atari Awards. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- March 28, 2019 People requested a Fast Eddie hack with my own character, so a version with my fursona "Buster the BBSing Bobtail" was created. All prizes combined contain a message, as I write this in December 2019 no one has figured it out yet. Unlike the previous Bubsy version, Buster was designed to run on his hind legs, and jump, more like a cat would. Starting to think a cat would never smile though. I think Garfield pegged that one. July 2019 - My signature was a great way to revisit my hacks. I decided today to kull it back, but wanted to place this here in remembrance in the fun that was 2018-2019 Atari 2600 Sprite Hacks Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Moon Patrol, "V" Miner 2049er, Scraper Caper, Bubsy: Kitt'N Kaboodle, Buster Aided BSG. Atari 8-bit/5200 Hacks Miner 2049er (800, 5200), Bubsy (800, 5200). Moon Patrol (800, 5200) Jaguar / Nuon Hacks Virtual VCS (Jaguar), Atari800 (Nuon) Commodore Vic-20, 64 Bubsy (Vic-20, C=64) Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales speedrun king 2006-2018 4th out of 1,000 on the Bubsy Woolies Strike Back (PS4) Leaderboard Visit Atari BBS's : CLICK HERE FOR THE ATARI BBS LIST August 24, 2019 Released Miner 2049er with a few more fixes, and then gave all the sprite versions the upgrade and introduced the newest sprite yet, Bounty Rob! (probably the closest to the Atari 800 sprite yet). In the future I still hope to combine the levels of Miner 2049er Volumes 1 & 2 to make one solid game with 6 levels! And maybe hack it further to bring it closer to the 10 levels of the Atari 800 version. September 19, 2019- So ClassicGamer74 reached out to me to help hack the Smurf Rescue game to the Moomin character since his daughter likes the Moomins. What are the Moomins? A popular Italian Anime is best I can tell. Watched a little bit of it, pretty trippy. Working on the game was fun changing this and that to give it more of a Moomin feel and less of a Smurf feel. Threw a wrench into the music so while it may not play a Moomin tune, at least it's not the Smurf's. ClassicGamer74 got a cart printed for his daughter, she loved it, and well, that is all that matters here. And ClassGamer74 learned some things about sprite hacking. Good times. November 9, 2019 Jamcat Reloaded came up with a great idea for a Battlestar Galactica game using the Star Trek Simulator Game by SEGA. March 28th I was able to hack the music and I guess my heart hasn't been into other music hacks because I have not been able to hack music since. Over time I quietly hacked more and more elements of the game to give it the classic Battlestar feel. Change of radar screen to a green field, hacking the triangle to something that looked more like a Viper, the font of the numbers, etc. The intent was to wait till February after the Zero Page Awards to give Jamcat a chance to enter his hack, but then hacks where thrown out of the Zero Page awards. With that, I went ahead and released the added hacks I made to Jamcat's idea. To date, those have not been overly downloaded, but that's fine, it's one hack I enjoy playing over and over again. And flying the ship like a Viper has made for some GREAT scores at the Free Play Arcade when I play the Star Trek Arcade game! November 21, 2019 TIX releases the Moon Patrol Redux edition for the 5200 (and Atari Computer I'm sure). The guy has been all over the place hacking 8-bit games since I helped show him what was possible with Miner 2049er and Moon Patrol last year. Was really cool to see the background updated to be more like the arcade, along with everything else. Got a chuckle out of seeing that. December 30, 2019- During this year worked to complete the Dal-Ace Newsletter Archive. Dal-ACE was a big part of my childhood, though I only attended the meetings a handful of times. Was something that I wanted to help preserve. Current status of the archive: 1983 - 1 out of 12 months. Oct. 1984 - 6 out of 12 months. Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Sep-Nov 1985 - 11 out of 12 months (All but December) 1986 - 6 out of 12 months. Feb-Apr-May-Jun-Aug-Sep 1987 - 7 out of 12 months. Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec 2020 July - Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tales mystery room solved. August - Bubsy: Kitt'N Kaboodle for the 2600 gets an update November - Helped track down some "bugs" in Biopede. 2021 January - Zool Handheld by Systema February - During snowmaggedon in Dallas, won the Blue Max round in the 8-bit high score club. Completed updating my Incogneto 800 and finished adding the 400 keyboard. A fun unique look. March - Receive the Game Drive for the Drive, create thread .e2p Files (Shared Leaderboards) April -Toys "R" Us VIDPro Display Card .. for Jaguar? July - Thanks to Allan the Dal-ACE newsletter collection is complete. Wins "Another World" for the Jaguar in the Darkforce! BBS raffle. September - In moving to a new house passed on a lot of stuff. Attended an Atari meet up in Dallas. As John of the Video Game Museum wrote: "- @doctorclu brought a literal truckload of stuff and gave it away for free!! I'm talking Atari disk drives, computers, joysticks, magazines, just boxes and boxes of parts. It was an event unto itself! " October - Congratulated for the packing job of a Headstart Explorer by bluejay. (What can I say it's been a slow year but part of the retro hobby experience).
  2. https://www.ebay.fr/sch/glm62/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  3. Hello, does anybody have an Adapter to connect an Atari Jaguar Joypad with a PC or know where i can buy it? Best regards Patrik
  4. Hi folks! I'm old Atari fan since about 1988 and I have read recently an article that if Jag games would be highly optimized and some hw constraints/bugs would be removed from the Jag then it could outperform even the PSX. I would just wonder if somebody would be willing to take that task these days and prove the concept by removing all the hw issues and creating working prototype ideally with simple game demo to show its true potential and maybe it would kickstart the new era for Jag by producing and selling fixed Jag version that would be much more powerful than the original one but not by adding more powerful chips in it but quite the opposite by just fixing the hw issues and polishing it overall and maybe even by removing the 68k chip entirely as Carmack suggested. And if there would be sufficient interest from community about such revised version of Jag then there would be space to start producing and selling games that would be on par with PSX or even better ones and that would spark just more interest about Jag and create an endless loop like snowball effect that would help to prolong Jag lifespan and make it thrive even more. These days by using the crowdfunding option such project would be entirely feasible if I look at how vibrant the Jag community is and if someone would be interested and capable enough to take and deliver that job after first some research would be done and the result would be that there is enough interest from the community to undergo such daunting task. Of course it would be more a hobby project that would just cover the costs and maybe could even make some extra money as to hw devs so to game devs too rather than expecting some serious money out of it. But if anybody would be interested about such project or any other interesting project within or outside of realm of the Jag or Atari that would be innovative enough and had a sufficient potential to invest the time and effort in it especially but not mandatory if it could make some serious money too then I could help with marketing and business side of things cause I used to be quite successful in sales in the past. So what do you guys think about such project? Do you think it could be feasible these days and there would be sufficient interest from the community? If anybody would be interested about such project or have other interesting project/s that would need the help on marketing or business side of things then let me know and I will gladly give you at least some advices if not get involved into the project directly or more actively. Thanks for your responses!
  5. Reply here if you want to order a SkunkBoard: Collector's Edition package containing the following: A Purple Revision 5 SkunkBoard, with or without the two USB-A host connectors, packed in a protective anti-static bag. A custom-made red and black 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive with the SkunkBoardSE and Jaguar logos, loaded with all the SkunkBoard software, source code, and misc. other assets. Everything you need to recreate from scratch what you just ordered if you so desire. Collector's Edition glossy purple box, matching original Jaguar game box dimensions. Standard cartridge tray insert. Completely rewritten User Manual, including custom diagrams and updated installer screenshots to guide you through the process of setting up and using your SkunkBoard, professionally printed, and matching original Jaguar game manual dimensions. Price: $120 + Shipping & Tax Domestic (US) Shipping: $8.50 International Shipping: $30 $40 to most countries Tax: 7.75% Sales Tax for California residents, 20% VAT for UK residents. Other countries likely need to pay VAT on receipt. Additionally, for international orders, you'll be responsible for any import duties/fees/taxes/tariffs on your end. Anyone ordering here will be placed on the list in the order of their response on this thread, after those who have already expressed interest elsewhere. If you were mentioned by name on the "Skunkboard: Special Edition (v5) Interest?" thread, or messaged me privately indicating interest prior to my post there yesterday, you're already on the list, no need to respond again. When your board is getting close to being ready, I'll message you privately to arrange payment and request shipping details. DO NOT POST YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THIS THREAD! All I need to reserve your spot is a reply here indicating you'd like to order. I expect to start shipping boards some time in February, but note I am building these boards by hand, so throughput will be low (I'm estimating ~20 boards a month at most, though at the current order rate, that should easily avoid a long-term backlog). I'm happy to provide updates on overall status, or notify you of your place in line from time to time, but please be courteous, respectful, and patient. This is a hobby for me, and if it ceases to be fun, it ceases to be worth my time. On that note, replying here in no way guarantees you will receive a board. While I currently plan to keep building these for quite some time, I reserve the right to cease production for any reason at any time. Likewise, you can cancel your order at any time. On the plus side, you can brag to your hipster friends about the passionately hand-crafted bespoke electronic device you have coming 😛 Happy Skunking!
  6. I've built some installers for my updated JCP code. First, what you're here for, the files: Windows XP - Windows 10: jcp_installer-02.06.00.exe macOS 10.9 - 11.1: JCPInstaller-02.06.00.pkg Now, the installer features: Fully code signed (signed binaries in signed installers) Optionally installs required driver support files, also code signed: libwdi (Modified to patch WinXP support back in) is used to install libusb-win32 drivers on Windows. This is the same backend Zadig uses to install libusb drivers on Windows. libusb dynamic library is installed in /usr/local/lib on macOS macOS: Supports version 10.9 and newer macOS: Universal binaries - Should run natively on x86_64 (Intel) and ARM (Apple Silicon) Macs macOS: Installs jcp in /usr/local/bin so it will be in the default search path in your terminal macOS: Notarized, so you don't have to futz with overriding macOS's draconian "security" settings to run the installer Windows: Supports Windows XP and above Windows: Optionally adds the JCP install directory to the PATH environment variable, so jcp will be in the search path in your terminal. No need to remember the install path when running it, just type "jcp" and windows will find it. Also, for those that haven't been following, here are the new features of JCP 02.06.00 Vs. 02.05.00: Serial EEPROM (high score/save game chip) dumping and flashing support, assuming your SkunkBoard has one (Rev. 4 boards, Rev. 5 boards, and anyone who's hacked one on to their board). Back up and restore your high scores and save games to/from your Skunkboard, or debug save game/high score support in your project! 6MB cartridge dumping support Serial EEPROM selection support, for SkunkBoards that have two Serial EEPROMs (Rev. 5 boards) I've tested these out on Windows 10 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, and macOS 11.1 (Big Sur) on an Intel Macbook. Please test them on whatever computer you skunk with and report success/failure along with a short description of your configuration (Windows/macOS version, your processor type, USB1/2/3 port used, and whatever else you think might be relevant). I'm especially interested in feedback on Windows Vista, 7, and 8, as well as ARM/Apple Silicon Macs, since I don't have easy access to these configurations for testing. NOTE: I've sporadically seen problems with Windows flagging the installer as a severe threat for exhibiting evasive behavior. For me, this happened when I wasn't signing the binaries. Windows doesn't like the way libwdi goes about dynamically generating a signed driver inf file at install time it seems. Signing the binaries seems to have resolved it for me, but let me know if you still see this. Be assured there's no actual threat here, it's just libwdi being somewhat clever, and Windows being extra cautious. Update: One other note for Windows users: The easiest path to a working setup is to run the installer before plugging in your Skunkboard, then plug the board in after completing the install, then run JCP. You must plug the Skunkboard in (and power on your Jaguar) after installing JCP to complete the driver install process on Windows. If you run JCP prior to that, it'll throw up an error about missing libusb libraries. If you get that, no harm done, just plug the skunk in and then try again. When plugging in the Skunkboard for the first time, you might get a "found new hardware" wizard on older versions of Windows, in which case you can just go with the defaults and Windows will find the pre-installed driver automatically and complete the installation. In my Windows 10 testing, the process was seamless and it just silently added the device and completed the driver installation process on its own. As noted, libwdi had to be modified to restore Windows XP support to the latest version. Since it's LGPL code, I've made my changes available here in case anyone else wants to use them: https://github.com/cubanismo/libwdi However, note I did the absolute minimum amount of work to get libusb-win32 drivers installing using the very basic embedded installer example project. If you're trying to build a WinXP-compatible Zadig out of this, it will fail.
  7. I just released the first part of my Unreleased Jaguar series and thought you might enjoy it. It's going to be lengthy as I'm covering every game planned for the system during its active years, but not released. Part one details seldom if ever discussed sales figures and statistics before getting into the games. It runs in mostly alphabetic order, and at this point, I've covered A-AR. Some games will be held back as I try to verify information or get in touch with people involved, so don't fret if a game gets passed over. Anyways, I've done a massive amount of research to verify and dismiss a long list of games. If you want to check out the series, I wholeheartedly welcome you to. If you were involved in the creation of unreleased/canceled Jaguar games or If you've been involved in preserving Jaguar history relating to games and would like to contribute your story, please reach out to me. I would love to chat. -Jenovi Unreleased Atari Jaguar https://youtu.be/3A4P_oDB0TY
  8. CyranoJ


    JagStudio is an advanced development suite for the Atari Jaguar that allows you to code using Assembler, BASIC or C and is based around Reboot's powerful RAPTOR API. Regardless of your programming capabilities, Beginners to Advanced coders can utilize this flexible package that will fully suit the needs of anyone looking to program exciting new games for the Jaguar. The benefits of using JagStudio are the Hardware Abstraction Layers (HALs) and the combination of external modules available to use. This allows you, the developer, to get on with writing your games while taking advantage of the Jaguar's powerful chipset without worrying about tedious, underlying mundane routines. The same results that once took days or weeks to achieve can now be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to the power of JagStudio! You are one click away from 64-bit creativity! The current release of JagStudio along with any previous versions can be obtained at its homepage: https://jagstudio.reboot-games.com Some of the features of JagStudio are: Code in your language preference of Assembly, BASIC or C. (Assembly and C are currently in Beta... help us make them better!) Commands have been renamed (from rB+) to reflect the individual modules they control and prefixed as such: rapPrint, u235PlaySample, etc. RAPTOR API Debug Function brings useful program variable visibility to the forefront, aiding ease of game development. GameDrive support along with MRQ file creation. ROM builder now adds FAST GPU depack by default for quicker startup times. Ability to build and split ROMs up to 6MB into HI/LO for EPROM burning. Updated both RAPTOR and U235 Sound Engine APIs to current versions, bringing additional benefits of both in a single updated package. Added universal JagPad Input - A single call that works with either U235 or ZeroSquare sound engine so projects can be easily converted between the two should your needs change. Many enhancements and bug fixes to the original rB+ code (eg, you can now include files >4mb, all files unpacked using GPU by default) All documentation and examples have been updated with a simple rB+ to JagStudio conversion guide to bring your old projects over to the fully updated JagStudio. Includes project examples for all supported languages (Assembly, BASIC and C) for anyone looking to get started quickly. We plan on keeping this alive and active, with ongoing improvements and new features and look forward to seeing what you all make with it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this newly created sub-forum. Happy coding, everyone! The JagStudio Team. @CyranoJ @Sporadic @Clint Thompson A huge "Thank-You" to ggn for creating rB+ upon which all this is based. Please do not pester him with support requests for JagStudio. JagStudio 1.1 has been released! We are now feature complete with Raptor 2.0.20. If you already have JagStudio installed, then to upgrade; - Backup your existing JagStudio folder. - Extract the new zip. - Copy the new JagStudio folder over the top of your existing one. (Obviously this will undo any changes you might have made to the example projects, but you can always copy those from your bakup). Head on over to https://jagstudio.reboot-games.com for the download, online docs and details. 1.1 Change log; * Added Angle calculation and direction vector. See example BASIC project 'calcangle' * Added Collision List. See example BASIC project "collisionlist". * Added Z-Sorting for Sprites based on a sprite property. See example BASIC project "zsort". * Added New "fader" BASIC project. Example on how to do CLUT fades. * Added Clock functions. See new clocktest project (BASIC). * Added Raptor Sprite Shift. Eg. rapSpriteShift(xshift, yshift, sprBug1, 3) - See project "spriteshift" (BASIC). * Added Dynamic object scale - See project "shootbang" (BASIC). * Added Simplified version of zeroPlaySample. Now you just pass the start and end addresses - the length and rounding are worked out for you. Eg. zeroPlay(channel,start_address, end_address, frequency, params). * Added Simple way to stop sound on a channel when using Zero player. Rather than the old way of calling zeroPlaySample with 0's. Eg. zeroClearChannel(channel) * Updated All documentation with some further clarity and the new functions. * Fixed BCX Print generating a \n * Fixed Fix build.bat so it creates a <projectname>.s in the build folder for C projects. * Fixed Fix build.bat so it can send ABS files to the JagGD. * Fixed Fix comment in object template for scale max to 228. * Fixed xdivs, xdivu, xmuls, xmulu where sometimes they would use an address register and fail compilation. Have fun and happy coding!
  9. I don't know if anyone has played the Jaguar version of Flashback, but someone has fixed the intro jingle bug. http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/6135/ Credit goes out to Diego Ribeiro.
  10. Hi guys, I decided to show what I have made so far with JagStudio. Inside the .zip file, I have included a title screen demo, and a shooter demo. I am also working on platformer and overhead demos as well. Pardon the lack of actual screenshots, but I don't know how to take them in Virtual Jaguar. My JagStudio Demos 4-21-2021.zip
  11. First, here's some potential 7800 ports that I might make: -Thunder Force (Sharp X1/Fujitsu FM7) -Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja -Darius -Salamander/Life Force -Space Gun (Will have Light gun, Mouse, and Trak-Ball support.) -Marble Madness (Will have Trak-Ball support.) -The Fairyland Story -The Legend of Kage (Possible dual joystick support.) Lynx ports: -Magical Drop -Cadash -Aqua Jack -The NinjaWarriors -The New Zealand Story -Chase H. Q. -Bionic Commando -Gradius 1 & 2 Jaguar: -Xexex -Turrican 1 & 2 -Lemmings (Will have mouse support.) -Osman/Cannon Dancer (with spelling and grammatical fixes.) -Magician Lord -RayForce -Metal Black -Gun Frontier -Ghost Lop -Arabian Magic -Pnickies -The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy (with improved controls, I might add.) Before I go, here's Dark Edge, a sprite-based 3D fighting game from Sega: I hope this gives someone here an idea or two... Update: I also wanted to say that many of these ports can also be done the other systems mentioned. Update 2: Come to think of it, Quadtari, Comlynx, and Team Tap support are also on the plate.
  12. Before I begin, this will focus on original titles, and not arcade ports. -Zenithian Khei (Mega Man X meets Super Turrican 2) -Ginnan (Actraiser with an Old English/Anglo-Saxon twist. Part of the Middanyeard series.) -At least three shmups/space shooters. -At least two more Middanyeard games. -At least two titles in the Demon Lands series. -One Isometric game.
  13. Hi everyone, I wanted to present to you the collection that has fascinated me the most for a few years before putting everything up for sale. There will be a topic in the appropriate section with links as and when I put in sale Thank you for your interest
  14. Auctions End This Sunday, 7/11! I’ve decided to sell my indie Jaguar CD games collection and thought some of these may be of interest to the group. All are new and unplayed, professionally pressed releases (not CDRs) and starting prices are about what I’d originally paid or below. Some of these rarely turn up for sale anymore. https://ebay.com/usr/kurtori
  15. Hello JAGUAR fans all over the world! Here we are again with another nice piece of gear themed after your beloved 64-bit system. This time it's a Jaguar backpack with factory made elastic zipper-tag featuring beautiful "JAGUAR" logo! More details about our new product can be found, among others via eBay: eBay UK eBay USA
  16. Wormhole 2000 (home brew) for the ATARI Jaguar: Very soon to be released on cartridge at: http://tjocktv.se/shop/
  17. I wanted to feel out interest from others in the Skunkboard: Special Edition (Revision 5): I am fully aware game drives are becoming available (Unless there's some new obstacle, they'll be available very widely before these are) and have more features than skunks do. Before jumping in and responding that you want one of these, please familiarize yourself with the game drive. No matter how much software I stuff in the updated skunk BIOS, it isn't going to rival @SainT's sweet hardware. I'm counting on it in fact, because I can't build *that* many of these. However, I have designed and built a few, adding a few features here and there (See below), but largely for the fun of it. I'm sure at least one other person is going to want one, and I'm only going to order one more batch of PCBs at most, so I want to find out how many I need. Features: Everything Skunkboard v3 had 8MB flash, 2x4MB banks or 1x6MB Mini-USB port to upload ROMs/homebrew/code/raw data/etc. from a computer to the flash or Jaguar RAM, do printf debugging, etc. Two Serial EEPROM (save game/high score) chips One 128 byte for original production run Jag game ROMs One 2048 byte for newer ROMs and probably most new development Selectable using the controller from the boot screen or using JCP. Can also be disabled entirely via JCP. New version 4 and 5 BIOSes to support the Serial EEPROM functionality. Upload/download Serial EEPROM/save game content from your computer using JCP just like you can with ROMs on older skunks. Added back in the other two USB connectors1 Beautiful purple PCBs with updated silkscreens: Special Edition logo Link to the github repo where I'll release the PCB design files Acknowledgements Cartridge edge connector pin numbering on both sides and JTAG header pin labels High-quality PCBs with 30u" thick hard/electrolytic-gold plated 30o beveled cartridge edge connectors2 Individually assembled and tested by me. Price: $100 + shipping, probably tax/VAT/etc. too. Depending on interest, I'm looking into a special edition box & updated hard-copy manual as well. Small runs of boxes are expensive, so there'd be an additional charge for those that wanted a box. I need to find out how many people (if any) are interested before I can quote a price there. For more details on the development of the revision 5 skunkboards, see the Smelly Adventures thread, but don't get too scared by the first few posts: My soldering is much improved. I'm not going to pawn off any mangled boards Footnotes: I may or may not add some stuff to finally make use of the other USB connectors. No guarantees. As far as I know, Rev.1-Rev.3 Skunkboards had hard-gold edge connectors as well, as do the Zaxon ones. The somewhat rare Rev4 PCBs appear to use ENIG. The prototypes pictured here use ENIG, but if I order a production run of these, they'll use hard gold. See here for the benefits of hard gold connectors. Basically, they last much longer.
  18. So I recently decided I wanted to add an Atari Jaguar to my video game collection again, mostly for it's excellent port of NBA JAM T.E....and a few other select games. But as the NBA JAM series is best enjoyed with era-correct arcade hardware (not a hand-held control pad) I figured I would just build myself a controller as no commercial options exist. For maximum game compatibility, I decided to build it as a full-featured Jaguar controller, with an 8-way joystick, 3 action buttons (C,B,A), all 12 keypad buttons, and the Pause/Option buttons. I briefly had the thought of scavenging the keypad out an original Jaguar controller, but as I had already "built" my own keypad out of 24mm pushbuttons for a ColecoVision controller I built, I figured I'd just repeat it. So here it is, my Jaguar Edition - VVG Enhanced Controller: Built into a Hammond Mfg. 17" x 11.25" aluminum enclosure, and featuring: *iL Eurostick 8-way joystick w/ Cherry micro-switches *iL standard length, threaded SST shaft *Crown joystick bat-top (Black) *iL PSL-L concave push-buttons w/ Cherry micro-switches (3-Red) *Sanwa OBSF24 24mm push-buttons (14-Black body / Dark Hai plunger) *Jaguar controller donor PCB & cable *Custom keypad and C.P. artwork overlays Hopefully now I will play and enjoy my new Jaguar a lot more than I did my previous one!
  19. Did someone encounter a bug in Tempest 2000 where in the bonus stage where you have to go through all the rings, there are some rings that are too high to reach ? I tried to play this stage several times and i cen never finish it. I remember that i was able to finish those stages before, so i don't know what could have happened.
  20. I'm selling a SkunkBoard flash cartridge for the Atari Jaguar on eBay. It is autographed by John Mathieson, the designer of the Atari Jaguar. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Curt Vendel Memorial Fund. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133700870888 This is a true one of a kind collector's item. For more details on the listing and the cause, see my announcement thread in the Jaguar forums:
  21. Hey all! I’m a fairly new member here. Rekindled my fondness for the Jaguar last year and have gotten back into collecting big time and it’s been a blast! I’m looking at a few items on the AA Store that are cheaper here than on eBay. Curious how trustworthy the store is? I assume it’s legit, but I always get nervous buying from new places and putting my debit card info in. Anyone ever have any issues or have any insight at all into the store? Thanks!
  22. I have the following Jaguar Games and accessories for sale. Please see pictures for condition. Please note, one of the Brutal Sports Football does not boot. I'm selling the box, cart and instructions. Two games are missing the instructions. All boxed games come in a protective plastic box, unless noted differently. Shipping: I can only ship to USA and Canada. You are responsibly for Shipping fees, and Insurance if you choose to have the package insured. If you don't get insurance I take no responsibility. Payment - PayPal Please PM to purchase. thanks for looking. Empty Boxes - in plastic protective case Cyber Morph - $16.00 CD Memory Track box and papers only - $12.00 Jaguar CD manual with Registration card and CD Memory Track Instructions - $50.00 $35.00 CD Games - no plastic protective cases for the boxes. The CD will be bubble wrapped separately from the game box to protect the box from the CD moving around during shipping. Myst - $22.00 $20.00 sale pending Cartridge Games White Men Can't Jump, with Team Tap - $55.00 $50.00 Click on a picture for bigger image Empty Boxes: CDs: Cartridges:
  23. Hello, (this is my first post). I recently purchased a copy of Doom. I noticed it was slightly different than the photo posted on Ebay and I'm confident it's not the one in the photo. I'm okay with that, but I want to make sure it's a real game. The box seemed a little shinier than other Jaguar boxes and I'm afriad it's a reproductions. I spent about $160 (CAN) on it so I really want it to be 100% original. Is there anything I can do to make sure it's original? Also, I was not able to test out the cartridge because I had a water leak and had to box up all my consoles while they replace the carpet.
  24. Papa

    Jaguar Raiden

    From the album: Custom Arcade

    This is our Jaguar arcade cabinet showing off Raiden!!

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway 2015

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