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Found 5 results

  1. It is time to show you a better video of “Anthropomorphic Force” since an older/obsolete video has seen the light, and also to open a thread in case you folks have some questions about it. This game is a work in progress. Some aspects might change/improve. There might be misspellings or other errors that will be corrected on the final version. This game does not require any additional hardware. It works on any Intellivision. It does use Intellivoice to play custom samples if it’s available (thank you to Joe Zbiciak for making this possible!) The video does not show how smooth the game really works and looks on a real Intellivision due to video conversion and emulator, vsync problems. The game works smoothly at 60 fps. I wish to stress that it is very important to receive your support on our previous games: Ninja Odyssey and TNT Cowboy. I am running very low on funds and I might have to look for greener pastures very shortly (before the CIB versions of those games are availabe). You can find more info here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/290305-tnt-cowboy-official-ordering-thread/ -Developed by Kai Magazine -Published by Elektronite -Cover by Miguel Angel Jimenez -Music composed by John Hassink and Oscar Kenneth Albero. Adapted to Intellivision by Oscar Kenneth Albero Special thanks to: -Joe Zbiciak -Arturo Ragozinni (Artrag) -Oscar Toledo (Nanochess) -Victor Sanchez -Xavi Sorinas
  2. Hello, I am Oscar Kenneth, from Kai Magazine Software. A few months back I presented you a Project we were working on: Thio’s odyssey. Turns out I received some offers and the game will be published by Elektronite, with a different name (Ninja Odyssey) and lots of changes and improvements. The premise is very different now and the playability has evolved a lot, including different shurikens, a red suit for double jump, an intro, final bosses, smooth moving multi-colored enemies and many more things. I am attaching a video link and some snapshots: The video is recorded at 30 Fps but the game runs perfectly smooth at 60 Fps, so it will look much better on your console. This game does not require any additional hardware and it works on any Intellivision console. We are working on other Intellivision games, so if you like this one, stay tunned That’s all for now. I hope you like the game.
  3. Elektronite is pleased to announce that we are now shipping A.F. for exclusive use on the LTO Flash! for $20 US + $1.10 US PayPal fees. Please send your DRUID (Unique ID) for your LTO Flash! cartridge to: elektronite at hotmail. com for instructions on how to order A.F. We will be selling 50 loose cartridges over the summer when we get cartridges in stock.
  4. Hello everyone, I am Oscar Kenneth, from Kai Magazine (Developer of Ninja Odyssey). Here we are again to let you know that we FINISHED the second game for Intellivision (now it is in beta-testing process) and that it will be published by Elektronite on April if the betatesting process checks out. The game’s name is: TNT Cowboy An explosive Western Action RPG. Imagine playing a game such as Zelda or Final Fantasy, in which you defeat your enemies by blowing them up with TNT charges. Yes, this game is a full blown action RPG with experience points, level ups, money, quests, etc, but also, the combats have Bomberman elements. Just watch the video and you will understand (NTSC colors): https://youtu.be/Ws0aIlTEql0 It can’t be appreciated on the video but the game works completely smooth at 60 fps (50fps on Pal/Secam) but the video conversion and emulator and vsync problems make it impossible for me to record a 1:1 video. This game also features a real time shadow system which modifies the shadow casted by the solid elements in the game as they change (due to the explosions) and the main character gets affected by the shadows as well. This game took us thousands of man hours to complete and it is really big. There is a full screen intro with several images, an ending with the same, several complex BGM, many many areas to play etc. The game is more than 200Kb big, which if I am not mistaken, it is the biggest finished game for Intellivision ever created (not demo, there are bigger demos). I usually make Kai Magazine covers myself (such as Ninja Odyssey and many of our other previous games) but for this game I hired a professional cover artist who did a really nice job. I also hired a music composer and I wrote and adapted the music on Intellivision format. We all went the extra mile for this game to make it as big as we could. I really hope you like it and that you will support it so we can continue making games for Intellivision. On that regard, I can tell you that we started the development on the third game already. “Antropomorphic Force” will be a fast-paced frenetic Sci-Fi Arcade Space Shooter with humanoid shaped robots, weird aliens, multiple scroll layers, multi-colored sprites (player and enemies) and lots and lots of stuff moving on the screen at the same time. We will show you something as the game advances further, but I can tell you that it already looks better than Ninja Odyssey and TNT Cowboy. As we learn more about the Intellivision hardware we can do better stuff. Thank you everyone for your support! Special thanks to Elektronite, Artrag, Nanochess,Victor Sanchez, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Xavi Sorinas for making this possible!
  5. Wonder Boy clone for Intellivision Hello everyone! Allow me to present myself: My name is Oscar Kenneth, I develop retro videogames for a living, most of them for 8 bit systems. In case you are curious, you can see some of my games on this links: https://kai-magazine-software.fwscart.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaZO013JhpV07ksL5KmSrUQ/videos?view_as=subscriber https://www.facebook.com/Kai-Magazine-608839585897055/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/677910/Life_on_Mars_Remake/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lom.kaimagazine.second&hl=en Anyway, my friend Artrag told me about intybasic and he told me I would have a lot of fun coding with it (and boy, he was right!), so I bought the book from Oscar Toledo when he visited Spain a couple of months ago. Without wasting any time I started reading the book and I made my first game for intellivision. It is a practice project, just to get comfortable with intybasic as I prepare for bigger projects, but I think some of you might be interested in it; Thio's Odissey is a Wonder Boy clone (shamelessly similar in some aspects) but with my personal touch and also redesigning the game for the intellivision hardware capabilities. The game runs with smooth scroll at 60 FPS without any frame loss on any Intellivision machine without upgrades or extensions of any kind. Here you have a youtube video, but I must warn you the frame rate of the video is horrible. I haven't been able to record a video at 60 fps. Finally, you can download and try a small playable demo of 2 random stages here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=06841938343237182179 If you use an emulator, you will need the usual bios files: exec.bin and grom.bin. Some emulators have different issues with this (and many other) game/s: -jzintv works fine, but in some pc's or android devices, vsynk doesn't work thus showing tearing and also skipping frames at random. It works perfectly on the raspberry pi 3 and some pc systems with perfect scroll and no frame loss nor tearing. -bliss2 works fine, it might show some small vsynk problems with the scroll in some systems. -Nostalgia 4 works fine, with nice vsynk but the life bar shows a glitch when the scroll advances every 8 pixels. -Nostalgia 5 shows lots of graphical glitches. Not playable. If you use a real intellivision, you just need a flash card with at least 64k of flash memory. PLEASE NOTE: Those 2 first levels are not meant to be the real first 2 levels since those are too difficult to be the first ones, but I did put those on this demo so it lasts longer (not only 5 minutes) and presents a challenge. The game hasn't been tested yet on a real intellivision so I really don't know how far the compatibility goes, but it is a matter of fine tuning only. Also, the buttons I defined for the actions might not be the correct/usual ones. I can change that in a matter of seconds, so no big deal! Finally, if someone feels offended because the game resembles Wonder Boy too much, I can modify those graphics that are too similar in a matter of 2 hours, so no big deal either! I just made the game look this way because I thought it would be cool to see something similar to Wonder boy on intellivision, but I have no problem whatsoever on modifying those graphics that I made as similar as possible to the "real thing" on propose. The rest of the game (bgm’s, maps, etc) is not intended to be identical to the original wonder boy, so don't expect a port/downgrade. It is a clone. If you are still reading (congratulations!) I would love for you to give me your feedback and let me know what did you like and what did you not, etc. If there is enough interest in this game I might look for a way to publish it in cartridge version. Thank you everyone for your time on reading this. I look forward to your feedback! Thio.rom
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