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Found 46 results

  1. I am going to manufacture new keyboard membranes for 800XL and XE series (for keyboard with springs). Maybe also for 1200XL. Would be here any interest? Price $25 for XL and XE. 1200XL would be slightly more expensive.
  2. So today I bought an Atari 600 XL computer from an Exchange store and hooked it all up to my TV. It works, but upon boot-up I get a wall of = signs that will not stop typing. I am able to run the tests upon boot up just fine - memory and sound both passed. But with the keyboard test, the = key remains down and I get a long, drawn-out tone which I cannot stop. Pressing the = key many times does not free it from its permanently activated state. So before I take it apart to fix it, I looked up a repair video on someone fixing an 800XL keyboard - Before I dismantle mine and look at it, I want to know two things - 1. Is this repair process in the video identical for a 600 XL, in terms of how things are put together? 2. Has anyone else had this issue, and can it be fixed with just a simple contact cleaning? Thanks!
  3. I have an Atari 800XL PAL unit with Supervideo XL mod that I paid a good bit for from Germany. The keyboard in it had a stuck key. I confirmed it was mechanical. Air did not help so I took the membrane loose. Apparently a mistake. Replacing after cleaning, only the function keys work. Reseated cable repeatedly. I was going to buy another unit on eBay and take the keyboard, but they are too expensive, so I will not be watching scene demos on this but shelving it, it seems. I can't afford a new one. (Someone is currently selling a PIECE OF FOAM from the box of a 600XL for $32....) Before I close the door on my A8 experience for probably a decade, I wanted to see if anyone had a spare keyboard for the unit that I could buy for a fairly low price. Probably not, but I wanted to take one more chance before I put this broken system away. Thanks. :-/ bp
  4. Hi All, Looking for a little help from folks who are really good with circuits... I've had a TRS-80 Model III for a few decades. A bunch of keys on the keyboard stopped working, so I assumed they were dirty and went through the process of desoldering/cleaning/resoldering all of them, only to discover that the same keys still don't work. I then found the Model III service manual online, which has a diagram of the keyboard interface on the CPU board. See the attached PDF for the diagram. From the diagram, I discovered that lines 9, 10, and 15 account for all of the keys which do not work. So the problem is most likely on the CPU board and not the keyboard itself. The problem is, I'm no electrical engineer and I might be a bit out of my depth here. Looking at the diagram, it looks like each of those lines is connected to a resistor (RP5) and maybe a diode (D0A, D1A, etc.) but I don't know if I'm even reading that correctly. I can't really tell if those are all discrete components or if some of them are the same component shared by multiple lines, though. So I'm wondering which parts are likely the culprit here, and how I might locate them if I pull the CPU board from the computer. I tested the 20-pin ribbon cable end-to-end and it seems fine, so the issue isn't in the keyboard or it's connection. It definitely seems to be something on the CPU board based on this diagram. Thank you! trs80-model-3-keyboard-diagram.pdf
  5. Hey all. I am struggling with the right Keyboard Hackfile needed to run with jzIntv on Windows 10. I pulled a working controller and Nurmix converter cable from my Intellivision II and connected to a Vision-Daptor. Windows does detect it, but it does not like the NE direction for some reason. When I launch jzIntv, the side buttons map to East and West direction, no keys register properly. I tried Swords and Serpents, Cloudy Mountain,Star Strike, Stunt Cycle. The keys are all jacked up. So I think that part of my problem is a bad key hackfile... Can anyone share a working version? I did try to get something from https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/5035/jzintv-intellivision-hackfile-not-working/14and http://www.intellivision.us/intvgames/interface/hackfile.cfg Thanks.
  6. I'm looking to sell a few items in my collection, may update with more items later. I have a Sega Dreamcast Keyboard with box, the mouse, and a Typing of the Dead CIB.. Looking for 115 shipped in the US. Reasonable offers will be entertained. Been a while since I've been on here, but I'm in the feedback thread and my ebay id is little_lebowski Also have a copy of The Kung Fu (China Warrior in US) a Turbografx 16 Japanese import. I'd like to get 10 shipped for it. Thanks for looking.
  7. I've acquired what I would almost literally call a "barn find" 800. The poor thing was the filthiest computer I've ever encountered and I've seen quite a few. The inside was so crusty with crap that the power switch had something partially blocking it from switching on. Once I rattled that out of the way, the machine powered up perfectly to an incredibly clean and stable Memo Pad. The outside was no better with filth ground into it. The only working key was the BREAK Key which was 100% functional. The entire rest of the keyboard was 100% non-functional. Not even an intermittent click. RESET, OPTION and SELECT work too but alas START seems to be sleeping (tested using a Pac Man cart). This 800 turned out to be a sort of "diamond in the rough" since after a FULL disassembly, a toothbrush, hot soapy water, a miracle sponge, etc. it looks almost new from '82! No cracks, scrapes, gouges not even discoloration! I think it was kept in a very, very dirty but very dark place. Here's the problem: I gave the keyboard (a Hi-Tek) a full keys-off wash and clean along with everything else. I fully expected it to come to life but no luck. The exact behavior as before. I checked all of the traces for continuity (everything seems connected) but it refuses to do anything. I know about the hitting keys over and over to get them to reconnect but I'm not sure that is the problem here since I cleaned just about everything including spraying contact cleaner on each of the little gold claws beneath the keys. BREAK, RESET, OPTION and SELECT continue to work and everything else is still dead. I don't think it's POKEY as the computer plays games great, the sound it great, etc. I know that the console keys are on a separate circuit to I will have to deal with the START key separately when or if I get the main keys working. The only keyboard matrix layout I can find applies to the 800XL, not the 800. And I cannot find anything that discusses the keyboard pin connector layout (the rainbow one in this case) that connects right under the 800's keyboard to the motherboard. Am I missing something here? Does anyone have any advise on what this might be? I feel as if I'm missing something very simple here. Thank you!
  8. I have an Apple II but no joystick so I am looking for some keyboard operated games. I have a few games on disk that came with the system but they all seem to be joystick only ones. Does anyone have keyboard operated ones they would recommend? Thanks, Ray
  9. I have looked at the schematics and determined that there is no real difference with the schematic. am i missing something? it appears to be identical..I would like to use one for the other and i can do the wiring.. Douglas
  10. Hi Guys, I stumbled across a thread on the ATARIMAX product forum where someone has a Swedish/Scandinavian keyboard layout on their Atari 800XL, and it got me to thinking... How did users of Ataris where AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboards are the norm cope? Did they get different keyboards? or have to put up with QWERTY? I've seen a QWERTZ keyboard where the Z and the Y were swapped from their "usual" places and a wiring job done on the underside of the keyboard to "swap" the keys? Or were sets of stickers/replacement BIOSes (e.g. for Czech, Polish, Hebrew) an after-market thing?
  11. I have a '99 that I fitted with a F18a some months back. I've used it a good many hours without issue, and some of that was online through TIMXT with a WiFi232 -- so the keyboard has been working fine. I'd not used the TI in a few weeks and turned it on and noticed in the FlashROM '99 menu that certain keys were not working. Those keys are: HJKL; and SPACE Press normal, hard, etc. and they don't register -- TI BASIC, TIMXT, Forth, etc. But, I left the machine on for a while and I notice they keys now do work...but you need to press them just a little harder than "normal" for them to trigger, and when you do, they usually repeat a few times. One depress of 'K' results in 'KKKK' and such. So something is really strange here. I assume the hardware heating up is the change, but the repeat action baffles me. Can anyone make anything out of this? I see no other oddities with the system. I disconnected my PEB and that had no effect on the situation. Is this a specific IC failing? Or...? Thanks. bp
  12. From the album: Chromebook Unboxing Mar 2013

    My Nexus 7 set up with my Belkin Bluetooth Keyboard/Stand combo. Prior to picking up the Chromebook this is what I was using for productivity. It wasn't ideal but it got the job done. Made me miss having a laptop though

    © 2013 Curtis Mitchell

  13. So, I've been looking through the forums to see if anyone has had the same issue as I have, but I haven't been able to find anything. Last week, I purchased an O2 that looked to be in really good condition. I turned the console on and was able to get to the "Select Game" screen, but couldn't get past it. I tried different carts and it seemed that pressing a number to choose the game did nothing. I figured something might be wrong with the keyboard, so I decided to buy another O2, but it seems to have the same issue. Has anybody had this problem before, and if so, is there any way to fix it? I really don't want to have to look for a third O2 and would like to fix these if possible.
  14. Hey there, im looking for a programmer familiar with intellivision basic . to write a very simple program that is basically like a modded ,more in depth version of the intellivision synth stock program that comes on the ECS . i use and love whats there by default but i would love to cycle through some more sounds to play . and if it could be made to load through the tape data slot on the ECS that would be awesome as well ,as there is not a valid multicart out anymore . id be willing to pay a bit and it would also be helping the community as well . thanks . !!
  15. The Intellivision Music Synthesizer plays Breakout! The keys act as absolute position inputs, so if you want to go the rightmost position on the screen, then you press the rightmost key on the synthesizer. The black keys move the paddle a little bit higher up the screen, and the white keys move the paddle back down to their original height. The graphic along the bottom of the screen shows which key (or pair of keys) you are pressing at any moment. I'd call this a "work in progress" but it is more of a quick demo that I wanted to share before heading to PRGE. The .rom is available to download, but be warned that I haven't tried it on real Intellivision yet and the footage is done with jzintv. I'll also attach a .rom that you can use to test an Intellivision Music Synthesizer to see if it has any issues with the keys. The source code for both projects is mostly written in IntyBASIC, and the source code for the testing program is attached and is also available here. Thank you to @intvnut for posting the basis for this project (including IntyBASIC callbacks) in this post. BreakoutSynthVideo.mp4 breakout_demo.rom synth_kt.rom synth_test.zip
  16. Why wasn't it ever released?? Has anyone located a working prototype or two?? What was the force that blew its chances of release to the market down??
  17. From the album: Atari 800 Keyboard Fix

    Turns out this approach allows for some pretty frantic Defender or Dropzone
  18. This thread is about how I went about getting controllers to work with the Atari800Win emulator. My first problem is that three of my four notebooks have broken down (after repeated repairs, both professional and DIY) and therefore I'm running my emulator on an HP Mini, a small notebook computer. This presents some various obstacles, of which I will explain. Like most people who first begin to use emulators, I had no controllers to use with the emulator and was therefore using the keyboard to play the games. The first problem I encountered was that being that I was using a mini laptop and did not have a full sized keyboard. With no number pad or NumLock key this was a drawback. Needless to say, I quickly had a desire to use a real controller rather than arrow keys, etc. for my gameplay. I did my research and read up on how to use a joystick/controller with Atari800Win. The results were disappointing. It seemed, from what I'd read, that I needed special controllers or adapters, designed to be plugged into either the printer port or the game port, neither of which I had on my laptop. Darn! Frustrated, I decided to hold off on playing the Atari800 games and wanted to revisit some of my old Super Nintendo favorites. So I downloaded and installed ZSNES and a few roms. It quickly became apparent that my lack of a controller was now even more detrimental to gameplay because of the many more buttons on the SNES controller versus the original Atari controller. Since the only available place my computer had to plug in a controller was a USB port, logically I began to read up about use of USB controllers with emulators. After looking at the various classic USB gaming controllers available on Ebay, and watching some reviews on YouTube, I settled on the SNES USB Controller made by Tomee. I went ahead and ordered two of them. They were very well made, the price was quite reasonable. The convenience of Plug and Play made using them with the ZSNES emulator quite easy. I simply went to the emulator's menu and clicked Config>Input>Input Device #1, and began to assign the D-Pad and buttons. It worked perfectly! Then I went back and tried to get these controllers to work on the Atari800Win emulator. Not quite as easy initially but I did get it figured out. Do the following steps: Step 1) Plug in one or both USB retro gaming controllers. NOTE: My laptop computer has two USB ports on one side and one on the other. When I had both controllers plugged in on the right hand side the emulator would NOT recognize both controllers. When I moved one to the left side (i.e. one plugged in on the left and one on the right) then it DID recognize them both. Step 2) Click the following: Input>Joysticks, the Joystick Options dialog box will popup. For Joystick 1 select "2Axes 11Keys Game Pad". If a second controller is desired, then for Joystick 2 Select the other 2Axes 11Keys Game Pad (there should be two) from the drop down menu. Remember, if the two controllers are plugged in next to each other then the emulator may not "see" them both. If using a desktop computer perhaps plug one on the front USB port and one in the rear etc. Step 3) Recommended: In the Joystick Options dialog box click Advanced. The "Advanced Options" dialog box will popup. Then make sure "Do not toggle options using joystick buttons" is checked. This will allow full use of the controller's D-Pad and ANY other button on the controller may be used as the fire button. Step 4) Play! I hope that this will be of some help for people who are having difficulty getting their controllers to work for the Atari800Win emulator.
  19. I just got an Atari Mega STe, but it lacks a keyboard. So.. I need one. Mega ST or Mega STe doesn't matter as long at it's in uk, us or norwegian layout. I'm not too found of QWERZ and in particular not AZERTY, so unless a spare keyboard with the right keycaps is available that's not interesting.
  20. Hi AtariAgers, I have of course Googled this concept and found a schematic, but I'd like some first-hand opinion please. Back in the day several companies sold small devices that could be installed inside the computer are and solder to the motherboard. Has anyone done this? I am looking for some pictures. Thank you. Cheers, KB
  21. This may be a strange newbie question but I noticed Atari 65xe and 130xe look a lot like Atari ST. What I'm interested is if the case is actually made of same or similar material and if the keyboard is of comparable quality? Is it like a mini ST, physically?
  22. Ok, we have a Rarity guide covering the Games for the Atari systems, but what about the systems themselves, and for the accessories, like the controllers, keyboard add ons, the video jogger mat, etc.? has anyone thought about constructing a rarity guide around the accessories and hardware? I know it might be a bit more difficult, but I think we should have a "Atari Hardware & accessories Value guide". I mean, wouldn't you like to know how rare that All-Black 2600 JR is, or if you have a super rare Controller? what about your amiga joyboard? And how rare is that "Sunnyvale Heavy sixer"? I know we have talked alot about how rare a console or controller is, but wouldn't it be nice to have it registered and numbered on a scale like we do with the games? I know I would!
  23. Would anybody here happen to have a spare beige TI-99 keyboard (preferably not the Mitsumi membrane type)? I have an extra beige console in working condition that I plan to sell, but it's keyboard is mangled. Please PM me if you do. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hello Everyone, I recently got an Atari 800 computer and it is missing the down arrow key. I have googled around a bit and have had no luck finding anyone that sells them, so a buddy of mine recommended asking if anyone here knew where I could get one. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Robert Santellan AKA Your Geeky Tipster
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