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Found 9 results

  1. Sorry for stealing the title of another very popular thread I can't do this because I don't know how, but maybe someone could help @Mr Robot? Would it be possible to make labels that goes on the bottom of Atari hardware? Those are often in bad shape, or can get easily damaged during cleaning and restoration. It would be nice if there was a template and tutorial how to modify them, to list mods done to the machine. For example ATARI 130XE, Ultimate1MB, Sopihia2, Stereo etc. Maybe we could agree on one common format of such label. How to deal with the serial numbers?
  2. I came across two different label variations of Xevious, originally thinking that one must be a reproduction. I read about the different label styles at http://www.atariprotos.com/other/labelvar/7800/7800labelvar.htm but the site says nothing about subtle variations of the same style. At the bottom of the two labels one says "Printed in Hong Kong", and the other says "Printed in Taiwan". I believe the Taiwan style is the one that is uploaded in the label archives on Atariage. Does anyone have any information on Atari 7800 label variations?
  3. Does anyone know the dimensions of the label holder for the ti-99/4a. I am planning on making a 3D model and print ing it. I currently do not have one on my ti-99.
  4. I need some help on a project i'm working on, which would be making an old "Combat" cart into a different cart... Now don't worry, I'm not doing this to resell it as a "Super Rare" Game, just as a kind of title credit to a short film i'm working on. Steps including template for printing? Pasting the printed image on the cart (Best bonding solution, that won't bleed through)
  5. the activision labels for the Atari 2600 really deteriorate over time. So for those games I usually make a new label. Here is a Megamania label I created. It's a cleaned up scanned label so it would keep the original look.
  6. This is strictly a "just for fun" thread. I'll start with this GEM of an IS2 label. Post your best finds here, OEM, Homebrew, or Repro, we don't discriminate.
  7. Atari 2600 Replacement Cartridge Labels Pricing per title is based on size, number, and type of material. Many titles are only $2.00 each. Some cost more and a few cost less. If you are interested just message me (pboland) and I can send you my current catalog (too large to post here). Label Making Process: Great care has been taken to make these replacement labels. They are not just simple copies of the originals. Most of the label imagery is rebuilt from the ground up using related print materials, such as manuals, boxes, advertisements, posters and many elements have even been redrawn. Some labels in my catalog have alternate styles. In the case of “Fathom” (pictured above) both a text version or a picture version can be purchased. Most of the replacement labels are printed on six ink photo quality printers, while others are printed on color laser printers (depends on material type). Each label is laminated and computer cut to size to ensure proper fit and shape. All orders are made on demand, so these are not mass produced labels. For that reason I normally need at least a week to put an order together. Depending on order volume it may take up to two weeks to complete an order. PM (personal message) me for current turn around. Ordering information: Please message me (pboland) if interested. I will send you my current catalog and tell you my current turn around. If you can’t find the label you are looking for, be sure to ask. Keep in mind I do have a $20.00 minimum order (not including shipping). Shipping inside the USA is $7.50 (priority mail with tracking). If you are outside the USA please let me know so I can quote you the shipping cost. I invoice via PayPal once your order is ready to ship so I will need your PayPal email address at the time of the order. History: I’ve been a video game collector since 1995 and a member of AtariAge since 2006. I started making reproduction labels for myself in the early 2000’s. It wasn’t until 2010 that I made my first reproduction label for another person other than myself. I’ve been making them off and on since 2012. I do not sell on eBay. For those that don’t know, I make/design new controller overlays and cart labels (meaning not reproductions) for some in the home-brew community and I’ve been doing this since 2012 as well. I can make cart labels for many pre-crash systems. Link for messaging pboland [https://atariage.com/forums/messenger/compose/?to=9874] (You must be logged in to AtariAge for link to work) Small Sample:
  8. Hi! I have written some cool things on the VCS in the past 3 months but now I have started a big - and quick - project. I want to do a demo and I tought I can made it load the different parts from a table of addresses. Basically I want to load the picture drawing code sequentially using an address table. But how can I know the addresses of the start of the parts? I know labels are for that, but can I store them somehow in a table? And how? And how can I read the addresses back from table to JSR them? Can I use bankswitching with this? Please help me with this! The VBLANK and - mostly - the Overscan part will be the same - and used up pretty much all avaible cycles - so I don't want to waste space by copying them in all parts... I have 1 month to finish the whole thing. Effects are more or less done. I have ordered the Harmony cart - but didn't get confirmation on the posting so I'm afraid it will not arrives in time or at all.
  9. some of my games (fortunately not many) have their labels fallen off ,what type of glue can i use in order to reattach them without damaging the exposed circuit board?
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