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Found 11 results

  1. On Retrousb.com they sell a Vs Super Mario Bros cartridge for the nes. What I was wondering, is, Would it be possible to Port Vs Duck Hunt to the nes as well since I heard it has many differences compared to the nes version.
  2. It's tested and works 100% - - Got it with an XEGS off amazon. It was dirty and the trigger seemed to stick. Cleaned it off, re-glued one sticker on the side (other is missing) and put a light coat of vaseline on the trigger "bar" and now the trigger feels normal. Tested it out with Bug Hunt XE (included if desired). Looks fantastic other than the missing sticker. I use an LCD TV and have zero plans of ever using a CRT. Things I'd trade it for: Atari recorders, either model with an SIO pass thru 1010 or XC11 (with PS & SIO if not built in) or ***EDIT 2*** Just going to buy a data recorder. These guys will be up on eBay soon - thanks for looking.*** XF551 (with appropriate PS & SIO) Maybe something else - though, I'm really wanting a good recorder - just make an offer if you have Atari stuff you think I'd dig. ----------------------- edit: In addition, I have Flight Simulator II with it's two books, map and control reference card.
  3. Some Crazy, Weird and Bizarre Racing Games with Jason Heine of TheEMUreview! Some of the games are so bad they are good…and some are…just really, really BAD! Games Mentioned: Car Battler Joe (GBA) Road Blaster (iOS) Enviro-Bear (iOS) Jet Moto series (PS1) Rumble Racing (PS2) Starsky & Hutch (PS2) Mentions: Desert Bus (PC) & Namco Negcon and Jogcon controllers
  4. Why do 16-bit light guns look so ridiculous? SNES Super Scope: Sega Menacer: Compared to these 8-bit offerings: Famicom Revolver: NES Gray Zapper: NES Orange Zapper: SMS Light Phaser: Atari XG-1: I mean, I can understand that in the 90s, video game and toy makers were pressured to make guns look unrealistic as possible, but come on, the Super Scope and Menacer just look absolutely ridiculous. Even later gen systems like the PS1 Namco Guncon look normal in comparison. What's worse, with all the modular detachable pieces that can get lost over the years, it's nearly impossible to find one complete.
  5. What in your opinion, is the very best light gun system? Both for quality/accuracy of the gun, and the depth of the available library? Feel free to list some of your favorite light gun games as well! I have a massive CRT curved Tube TV and I am looking to expand my horizons. Currently have an NES, SNES, Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast hooked up to it. My favorite Light gun games: NES Duck Hunt (obviously), Hogans Alley, Gotcha! The Sport SNES Lethal Enforcers Sega Saturn House of the Dead, Die Hard Trilogy, Virtua Cop 1&2, Area 51 Sega Dreamcast House of the Dead 2
  6. Today I happened to stop into my local game store, and found among other fun new hardware a second dreamcast light gun. I was thinking about DC light gun games when it occurred to me that, thanks to my also having a Saturn racing wheel, and a saturn to dreamcast adapter which supports it, that I in fact had two light guns and a racing wheel. It also occurred to me that Dreamcast could run MAME, and had various ports to it through homebrew efforts. So my question is, can Lucky & Wild be played on a Dreamcast, using the system's own light guns and driving wheels? Given that the only machine I know for it is a 2 hour drive away from me (and needed repairs when I was last around), it would be swell to have it more easily played. I have a PC hooked up to my TV as well that should run it, but I figure I should ask here about the DC since I have all the requisite hardware (I would need to buy some PC light guns). I suppose I could also play on a Wii, but that's not quite the same as a real light gun for me. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing back.
  7. Ok, I finally got the cash together to buy a Harmony Encore. So my question is this, How many games used the light gun and are they good enough to justify buying the gun for? I have two CRT tvs I can use, a 13 inch portable (which I feel is too small for using the light gun) and a 32 inch floor model. If the light gun games are well liked, I'll pick up the light gun, but if members here don't think it's worth it, I'll trust the wisdom of the forum and put the money toward a Homebrew cart or some other accessories. On an unrelated note, is there a way to get "demo" roms of the homebrews available in the store, so I can try them before I buy them?
  8. Why am I posting this in the 7800 sub-forum? Because it came with everything including the XE light gun. So for the first time in my life I can play my 7800 light gun games. Awesome! Now I might need to get an NTSC copy of Sentinel.
  9. I'm a bit of a light gun fanatic, and looking through the forum history it seems that it's been over a decade since there was a thread like this, so I thought it might be fun to see what the current AtariAge forum population liked in terms of light gun games and the hardware they play them with. Feel free to use this thread to talk about any classic era light guns and games, as well as the occasional newer light gun games that show up every now and then on some of the more modern consoles (I'm looking at you, Nintendo Wii). I'll start things off by going over a few of my personal favorite home console light guns and a some of the games for them that I like best, then any other light gun enthusiasts that may be lurking around these parts can chime in and add their own reviews and/or recommendations. My favorites happen to be (from left to right, top then bottom): NES Zapper Light guns just don't get any more classic and elegantly designed than the original NES Zapper. The "clang" sound of the trigger spring alone will instantly transport almost an entire generation directly back to their childhoods, and the comfortable ergonomics are nothing to sneeze at either. While it may be slow on the trigger compared to my other favorite light guns, and a little tricky to track down one in good working order, there's no doubt that the NES Zapper has made it's mark in the history books as an iconic piece of gaming hardware. Favorite NES Zapper Games: Freedom Force, Hogan's Alley, Operation Wolf, and Mechanized Attack Best Electronics Atari Light Gun This is one that you don't hear people talking about too often, but if you're looking to play some light gun games on the Atari 2600, 7800, or any Atari 8-bit computer then I don't think you'll find a better light gun to play them with than this. It feels solidly built and is vastly more accurate than any other light gun I've seen for the Atari lineup. At 3 feet you could hammer a nail with the shots from this thing; drilling one shot on top of the other for as long as the game lasts. It also has a very comfortable microswitch trigger, with the lightest and most responsive trigger pull I've ever felt on any light gun. The only real downside to it is the lack of a rear sight, but in spite of that shortcoming I've never had a problem hitting what I was aiming at with it. I sincerely hope homebrew developers make some more light gun games to support this wonderful peripheral at some point. Favorite Best Electronics Atari Light Gun Games: Sentinel and Shooting Arcade for the Atari 2600 Nyko Perfect Shot for Nintendo Wii I'm not sure this really counts as a "light gun" so much as it is a pistol grip attachment that converts a Wii remote into a light gun, but I'll be darned if it isn't the best light gun option out there that I've seen for the one modern console that revitalized light gun gaming in recent years. The ergonomics and aesthetics are very similar to a real double stack 1911 pistol, and the pass-through port on the bottom of the pistol grip allowing you to connect a nunchuck controller to it was just a brilliant addition for some of the more complex light gun shooters on the Wii. This pistol grip does suffer from the opposite problem as the previously mentioned Atari light gun, lacking a front sight rather than a rear sight, but since every light gun game that I know of on the Wii gives you an on-screen targeting reticle it's never been an issue to me. If you're looking to play some more modern light gun games then the Nyko Perfect Shot for the Wii gets my highest recommendation. Favorite Nyko Perfect Shot Wii Games: The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return, Dead Space: Extraction, and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles / Darkside Chronicles Nyko Super Cobra for PlayStation I think the PS1 and Sega Saturn were the first systems to really bring the full arcade light gun gaming experience to home consoles without any compromises, and the Nyko Super Cobra may be the most full featured and arcade-authentic light gun to play them with. Weighing in at a hefty 15 ounces, this beast of a light gun packs a heavy force feedback motor that jars your hand a little with each shot, a series of red LED lights that flash in sequence along both sides of the frame every time you fire, ambidextrous auxiliary buttons for grenade activation and reloading, and some nice extra features like toggle switches for auto-fire and auto-reload. As if that wasn't enough, this also happens to be one of the very few light guns out there for the PS1 that works perfectly with games made for both the Konami Justifier and Namco GunCon. There's also a Saturn version available, and did I mention that they're both dead accurate to boot? This is one light gun that I just can't say enough good things about! Favorite Nyko Super Cobra PS1 Games: Area 51, Crypt Killer, Time Crisis, and Lethal Enforcers I & II I think that about covers it for my current favorite light guns and games! How about you? What are some of your favorites?
  10. Just curious. My own opinion is that although I think it might inspire a few original and intriguing homebrews or hacks of existing shooters or allow realistic ports of shooter arcade games, I believe there is exactly one light gun homebrew for the atari 2600/7800/8-bit line-up (Bobby Needs Food), so it would probably be futile. But, perhaps there is more interest than is perceived. So, I guess I am leaning slightly towards the 4th choice versus the 3rd choice.
  11. Hi all, Two questions I've been speculating about - as someone not very deeply knowledgable (yet) on the hardware side of things... 1. Does a standard light-gun still work on a VBXE modified machine - on a CRT screen of course? Does VBXE modify the Atari's timing/syncing abilities, if the RF modulator is no longer present for instance? 2. A wider question... since especially with VBXE, LCD/projectors are commonly in use for us, I wondered whether it is at all conceivable/possible to interface to something like a Nintendo Wii controller with an Atari - hence light gun use on modern/very large projected screens - and without having to flash to a white screen to get enough contrast. It would be fun, but some way beyond my current skill to see whether or not there's any scope... Thanks, Wes
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