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Found 12 results

  1. SELLING ENTIRE COLLECTION FROM 1980's. I worked as a sales rep for Activision in the early 1980's and have a LOT of prototypes (14 total - 8 for 2600, 2 for 5200, 4 for Intellivision), used games in boxes (40+ and mostly Actiivision titles), a 2600 and a 400 game console and even typed original drafts of instructions for 5 games. I want to sell it ALL IN ONE LOT. According to these blogs the protos should be worth about $80 each, no idea of the value of the instruction manuals, and we all know the value of the other games and consoles (not much...). I also have two unopened, sealed ROBOT TANK by Activision for the 2600. Check out the pics. I live in San Diego and YOU will pay shipping. First $600 (plus shipping) can have it ALL, right now! Or make your best offer. and highest bidder just may get this Collection. I had trouble uploading the pics from Google so here's a link top the pics - just copy and paste... (Sorry, I am a salesman, not a tech!!!) LOL https://photos.app.goo.gl/WN5DyyNTrGApAnec7
  2. Saw this on Shopgoodwill.com. Thought you guys might like to know about it.
  3. Trying to clear out the last of my NES collection here. Just spent an hour and a half cleaning + testing all of these decks. They all power up and work but I had one that kept giving me garbled graphics no matter how much I cleaned it or the cart (was one of the decks with the missing cart lids). Another one had a flaky cartridge load spring and would get stuck sometimes after the game was loaded. No other issues aside from those. Just needed some heavy duty cleaning. Didn't test the controllers but I remember all 3 of the Arkanoid Vaus controllers had problems with the dials. Guess that's a common issue with them from what I've read. I want all of this gone at once, so I'm not splitting anything up. Selling everything 'As-Is' too. Asking $150 + ship for the entire lot. Will also throw in a loose SNES deck if they buyer wants it. Couldn't test it though since I don't have any SNES power supplies or AV cables.
  4. OK, Here's how I'm going to do this. I need to sell my Vader 2600. I don't want to, but I'm not using it and I need the money for more important things. I'm going to list it without pictures, until I see that someone is actually interested, at which point I'll add photos of everything, along with a better description of all the included accessories. I just figure, if there's no interest right off the bat, I don't feel like getting everything unpacked and taking photos while I'm dealing with these kidney stones. I'll only be able to ship to the continental US, due to shipping costs and and all the other problems that happen when shipping to another country. Now, on to the description of what I'm selling and the prices. I have a Vader that's been fully refurbished, new caps, power regulator, etc. The shell is in really nice shape, It's AV modded and has a RGB color changing power LED installed. It will come with an original power supply, AV cable, 2 refurbished Flashback joysticks, and 20 random 2600 games (no duplicates). $100 with free shipping. I also have a Wico Bat joystick, in nice condition in the original box. A set of Epyx 500xj joysticks, nice condition A rebuilt set of Paddles that work flawlessly A recently cleaned and refurbished quickshot 1 in the original box. A sealed boxed copy of Warlords for the 2600, box is mashed, but still looks decent. I also have rebuilt original CX40 joysticks or a few different aftermarket ones. I can add or substitute any of these items to the above set for an added fee. I'll be 100% honest, I'm not sure how much this stuff is worth right now, so I just guessed at prices based on the amount of money I need and how much shipping will cost for items this large. I can be flexible on the prices as long as I don't feel like I'm taking a loss. Now, if you are REALLY interested in this stuff, let me know and I'll get the pictures on here. I want to avoid ebay if at all possible, but that's my next step if I can't find a buyer here. I'd much rather deal with friends and skip paying eBay and Paypal fees. One more thing, if anyone is interested, I have a boxed Atari Flashback 4 with wireless joysticks. I'd be willing to sell or trade it. $30 with free shipping or I'll trade for repairable 2600 paddles..
  5. Hi, I have some CD-i games that I am looking to get rid of. I dont' have a CD-i so I can't test them but they all are in decent shape. I would expect them all to work, but I can't be sure since I don't have a CD-i. Some of the discs have moderate scratching but like I said, I think they will probalby work. They don't have manuals but two of them have brochures for other CD-i games. There are also little orange stickers on the bottom right corners. They can easily be taken off with no damage done to the slip cover. I'm asking $40 shipped or best offer. The games are: International Tennis Open: Good, disc has moderate scratches. Nothing awful though. Battleship: Good, has light scratches and some fingerprints. Sargon Chess: Good. Light scratches and fingerprints. Pinball: Good. Case has a piece of paper taped on front. The disc has some moderate scratching and fingerprints. Escape From Cyber City: Good. Light scratches and fingerprints. Tetris: Good. Only light scratches. Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia: Very good. Very light scratches and fingerprints. Mystic Midway: Good. Has some moderate scratches. I'm open to offers. Just looking to get rid of them really. Thanks! PM me with offers or any questions you may have. Also I realize the picture is upside down, I'm not sure why lol.
  6. Up for sale are 4 Japanese Sega Saturn games. All of them have been tested but the cases vary in condition. The games included are: Sakura Taisen 2 (Complete with manual, paperwork and poster. Case has some scratches on it.) Tokimeki Memorial: Forever with you (Complete with paper sleeve and character cards. Case has multiple cracks and paper sleeve us scuffed up on the top) Virtua Fighter (has manual. Case has some cracks on the lower left hand corner on the front and a little crack on the back) Some Soccer RPG by Enix (Has manual. Case is severely cracked and the manual is creased. Being given away for free with the lot.) I'm asking for $20 plus shipping OBO PayPal gift payment only. I can ship anywhere in the contiguous US (Shipping would get too expensive if I shipped worldwide.).
  7. My ebay page for all sales: http://www.ebay.com/usr/m15granger 100% on Racketboy, +19 (additional +5 not yet on RB transaction totals page yet) 100% on Atari Age, +1 100% feedback on ebay, 236 positive Items up on ebay, all current auctions: 8 auctions going up the evening of 5/26/15. - 13 Game Genesis Lot #1 - 13 Game Genesis Lot #2 - 11 Game Genesis/SNES Lot - El Viento - Rocket Knight Adventures - Ranger X - Robocop vs Terminator - Alisia Dragoon FYI, my ebay handle is m15granger.
  8. THIS HAS SOLD. Hi all. I have for sale 19 complete in box Atari 2600 games and another game that is missing a manual. For a complete album of pictures head here: https://imgur.com/a/rMsjU8P I'm asking for $160 Paypal shipped to US. For trades, Id be interested in an Atari Jaguar. I have complete multiple sales/trades on Reddit, if you'd like to see my feedback, I'd be happy to PM it to you. I'm in the USA and I can be open to shipping internationally. I have shipped a collectible to Taiwan once and to Canada once. Let me know if you have any questions or offers. Thanks! Games are: Adventures of Tron Atlantis (Imagic) Blueprint Combat Commando Raid Cosmic Ark Dark Cavern Fire Fighter Gorf Infiltrate Lock 'N Chase MASH Moonsweeper Mountain King Phoenix Radar Lock Reactor Starmaster (missing manual) Super Cobra Wizard of Wor edit: added suggestions from wongojack
  9. So I recently found a lot on craigslist. I've been looking for an apple II to add to my collection and this lot had that and more. After coming to an agreement on price I met with the woman to pick up everything. When I did I was blown away by how much was actually in the lot. She explained to me that she used to work at Apple and, without giving her name and actual title, I will say that she was high up in the education division at apple. She also had a big hand in the EWorld network that apple tried to get off the ground to compete with AOL. So I'm not quite sure if I've got something really good in this lot. Here is just a small list of some of the things in the lot: Apple II+ with monitor and disk drive (all work fine) Apple II GS complete setup with 3.5" and 5.25" disk drives (boots up but have not tested the drives Mac SE setup in an official apple Mac carrying bag (boots up) Hundreds of boxed software titles from games to Office programs to educational tiles. tons of sealed titles Lots of sealed titles labeled DEMO, NOT FOR RESALE, and EVALUATION COPY ONLY (games, educational titles, and office software - inlucded a sealed "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" labled as a Review Copy) Apple promotional items like pins, bumper stickers, water bottles, mugs still sealed in the packaging Apple computer club shirts Apple eworld shirts Apple Employee convention lanyards Apple Employee Christmas cards and gifts Mission Impossible/Apple cross promotional posters (huge posters) Disks sealed in envelope withe "REVIEW ONLY" stickers on it (Apple system update disks for employees I believe) There were a lot of items labeled as DEMO and such because companies would send her software for her to review for Apple to give the Ok. Much of the copies here are not opened and still sealed. What's really cool to me is that I grew up using an apple II and IIGS at school. Because of her position, the computers she gave me were the ones she personally used to for work. So to think that the computers I just got had a hand in the development and review of the software I used as a kid is just really great. I paid $200 for everything. I'm just not sure if all the demo sealed items (also some not sealed) are anything special or if they are common enough. And I don't know much about the promotional items, whether they are particularly collectible or not. I will upload pictures as well bit by bit. (my computer is giving me issues with this)
  10. I'm selling off a moderately sized lot of PC games that I came across when cleaing out my closet for a move. A friend pointed me to this forum for exposure. I hope someone here might be interested in them and give some feedback on the value of the lot. I priced it at $10 given there are nearly 30 games, but that might be too high. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 151325311962 Updated link to relisted item
  11. I am looking for Atari 2600 cartridges (working ones) to grow my collection for under $20 if anyone can help me out let me know, give me a PM and I will let you know which ones i'll grab for my collection. Thank you. Cody Kolbinskie- Retro collector since 1997.
  12. Hello all! I'm new here to the AtariAge forums, but am really enjoying the sense of community and camraderie you guys/gals share and look forward to being an active member going forward. It's only been over the course of the last 3 months or so that I've gotten into collecting retrogames (all part of an over-arching effort to recreate my childhood, piece by hard-to-find piece), but I've already gotten quite a few systems and decent libraries for each (2600, Colecovision, Intellivision, SMS, NES, Genesis, SNES, several stand-alone games, et. al.), and I couldn't be having more fun both finding and playing them. One that I just got into this week is the TurboGrafx-16. Actually, I don't even have the home console, but rather picked up a Turbo Express for a good deal that I happened across. The only game it came with is Devil's Crush, and while that game is great, I'm eager to build up a small collection of fun titles for playing on my new toy. Of course, I've always heard that the shmup was the specialty of the PCE, so I'm eager to pick up some of those, as well as perhaps some of the system's other notable releases. As far as specifics go, I'm interested in finding a good deal on the following: Blazing Lasers Air Zonk Bonk (and of the three, although I've heard III is the best) Any of the Super Star Solider games (Soldier Blade in particular I've read is excellent) A lot of people say good things about Keith Courage? Don't know much about it R-Type Ninja Spirit Dungeon Explorer Magical Chase Legendary Axe I realize some of those are probably more rare/expensive than others, and if so, it's okay as none of them are make or break. They either are games I've heard good things about or ones that looked interesting in the brief videos I watched of their gameplay. All I'm really looking for is a good starter collection of Hucards for my trusty little Turbo Express. I really don't care so much about manuals and cases. If they're there and dont' bump the cost significantly, then sure--why not? But even if it's just a bunch of loose cards you have and you're looking to de-dupe, then hey, I might can take them all off your hands in one fell swoop--as long as they're not sports games; man I hate most sports games. <Exception granted = Tecmo Super Bowl> Of course, I'm also open to suggestions of other good games that I should keep my eyes open for, should an opportunity to purchase them at an affordable price present itself. Are there certain releases which work better on the TE than others? And likewise, are there games that I should -avoid- picking up because they -don't- play so great on the small screen? Speaking of which, I'm also open to picking up an actual TG-16 core console with a couple of controllers, and maybe even a CD attachment if the price(s) is right. But for now, I'm pretty happy with my fantastic little TE handheld and its TFT screen, which is FAR superior to the stock Nomad display, a handheld which I paid just as much. (Although to the Nomad's credit, being able to do A/V out is a feature sorely missed on the TE.) Thanks in advance to those who respond! And thanks also for being such a cool, knowledgeable, and friendly community of collectors. You guys are doing the hobby proud!
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