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Found 97 results

  1. Hello all, after almost 3 years a new Firmware is ready for download. And yes, you remember correct, i started the entry 3 years ago with similar wording. What is new? - the content is shown in the menu - auto-size mode for *.lnx-files - modify up to 128Bytes at once for 93Cx6 chip - code optimation (e.g. Flash erase routine) - Support of 93C66 and 93C86* for all functions with USB (93C66 and 93C86* was requested from some developers - *93C86 only for Board 6) - only Board 1 with PCB 1.3d4: - bank mode available - 2 independet banks with 512KB (possible to switch back to fast-erase mode as before) - It is possible to switch between the banks if the FlashCard is inserted into the Lynx. As long as the LED is flashing, it is possible to press Anykey to change to the other bank. - To use the changed bank, the Lynx must be switched off and on again. - only Board 1 with PCB 1.3a4 limited edition: - optimation of demo cancle - the FlashCard do no longer start up the demo again if the demo is cancled to early (only 25th anni!) - If the FlashCard is inserted into the Lynx, it is possible to activate and deactivate the demo as long as the status LED is flashing by using the Ankey - To use the changed demo setting, the Lynx must be switched off and on again. - Easteregg Please use "Firmware V140N 20160107 Language V140x.fcb1" for Board 1 FlashCard. (PCB V1.271/1.276/1.280/1.3a4/1.3d4) Please use "Firmware V640N 20160107 Language V640s.fcb6" for Board 6 FlashCard. (PCB V1.913/1.923) Please note: at first use after Firmware update the FlashCard will ask to press the Anykey to initialize some parameters. The FlashCard only accept a Firmware file which work with the FlashCard! If the FlashCard do not accept you tried the wrong Firmware file! For details about the update please read the manual! The manual is available in English (en) and German (dt). Kind Regards Lynxman FlashCard Manual 1_40_en.pdf FlashCard Manual 6_40_en.pdf FlashCard Manual 1_40_dt.pdf FlashCard Manual 6_40_dt.pdf Firmware V140N 20160107 Language V140x.zip Firmware V640N 20160107 Language V640s.zip
  2. Hey if anyone has an extra or is looking to get rid of a copy please let me know! Thanks!
  3. $750. Paypal Invoiced. Free shipping US only. 29 games 9 still new sealed pictured below. Protective cases on all boxed games except sealed Gates of Zendocon Doubles of Scrapyard Dog and Cyberball. Sold as 1 lot not individual
  4. *Item is no longer available* Zaku - mint - Box in protective case Free shipping $200 invoiced through Paypal
  5. Unseen - Box in protective case $100 Paypal invoiced, free shipping.
  6. *Items are no longer available* $75 each or $180 as a bundle. Free shipping US only. All in protective cases. Invoiced through Paypal.
  7. Just got another great package from @Songbird in the mail today! I know what I'm playing 😁
  8. I thought I would list what inspired me to come up with this: -Rastan Saga -Gargoyle's Quest (The First two) -Zelda II: The Adventure of Link -Megami Tensei (The whole franchise.) -The Shadow of the Beast trilogy (Fantasy meets high-tech, surreal details, and many of the creatures.) -Ancient Mythology -Masters of the Universe (Fantasy meets high-tech) -Thundercats (Fantasy meets high-tech) -Steampunk (Most of the technology that does get displayed.) -The Curse of Issyos (and Locomalito and general) -Antiquity (Building and clothing aesthetics.) -Touhou Project A small list of the characters in The Demon Lands: -Megatherion (The Hero of The Agathodaimon) -King Agathion (Leader of Ul P'tak and the ruling Agathodaimon.) -Hedone* (Healer and friend of Megatherion.) *=In the Demonic Alphabet, her name is spelled "Headonea". This is due to the fact that 'ea' is the demonic equivalent of η. (Pronounced as [ā/eɪ]) -Alekto (The oldest of the three fury sisters. Often protective of her two sisters, but still willing to go on her own.) -Megaira (The second of the fury sisters, and known for being rather crude, even for demon standards.) -Tisiphone* (The youngest of these sisters, and the most daring of the three. Also known for being agile and quick-witted.) *=Written as "Tissipphonea."
  9. What Lynx or Atari art do you frame up?
  10. I really enjoy T2K for the Jaguar. So much so I even went as far as having an open copy and a sealed copy of it. Today we have T4K which I have on the PS4. Very good in its own right but it doesn't feel the same in a lot of ways. This brought me to Polybius which I play on PSVR until my middle aged eyes hurt from it. The Leaderboards on PS4 are a great boon for old arcade goers like me, there's no question of who has what score and at what arcade anymore. PS4 has such a large install base of users it only made sense to me to play for score on the system and see how far up the leaderboards I can go. To my surprise, all my years of Tempest playing still pay off. Though I will always go back to my Jaguar on a daily basis.
  11. My Retro/Vintage Gaming Hobby I Am a Child from the Dawn of the Video Game Age Taking a side trip here away from my adventures here. Anyone who knows me personally, can attest that I am somewhat of a geek and so it’s no surprise that I became an mechanical/aerospace engineer by trade. With that stated, I always had an interest in building things and tinkering with electronics, etc.. As I was growing up in the 70's I was fortunate to experience and be able to participate in the dawn of a new era. It all started simple enough with my father coming back from a business trip in Texas one year with one of the first ever digital calculators. I was hooked. I loved the display, the tactile feel of the buttons and the ease of use. I was further inspired when I saw advanced calculators becoming available and even into my high school and college years where I always had to have the latest programmable calculators for my science, math and eventually engineering courses. Now this seems pretty minor in this day and age, but back then, looong before cell phones, home computers, high level object oriented programming languages, etc.. this was an exciting era for me. Read more here... http://rubikonadventures.blogspot.com... A long time friend of mine came by for a visit one day and asked if it was OK to shoot video of my old video game collection and my "man cave" where I hibernate during the winter months when I am not out exploring. Enjoy another facet of my persona here: https://youtu.be/818OZog0Y4I Me Meeting Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and founder of the industry.
  12. Songbird posted up an early Black Friday sale last week and I figured why not. Super Off Road was not on sale but, I'd been wanting to put it in my collection and try it out. T-tris was on sale and so was Cyber Virus, both from my Songbird wish list. Super Off Road. To start with do not buy this off ebay for $300+. Same with Desert Strike and Double Dragon. Songbird stocks them or order direct from Telegames UK if he is out, $70. It took me a couple races but it is a fun little mud racer. You pick up money bags during races and between races a store lets you do upgrades to your truck. I never played other versions of this but for what this is its fun and I can see myself playing it for quite awhile. The sound and music are good. The controls are good, any problems I had were from me just learning the course layouts. The graphics are pretty sharp and the trucks move around screen nice and fast when you get into it. I'd recommend a buy to anyone into racing or looking for something competitive. T-tris. Now I have played a lot of Tetris on many different devices. T-tris isn't a bad rendition by any means. I definitely will play this more than I do Klax on the Lynx. At the same time there is something amiss with it. During play there is no music. When you lock blocks into place there is a boing sound. There are several other sound effects and small samples throughout but that's it. I just turned the sound down after 5 minutes, the boing sound is really annoying without any music or anything else going on. Really that's the only glaring omission, the music. The cart does save high scores I noticed when I came back, always a welcome addition on the Lynx. Control is good, its Tetris controls. Graphics are bright and colorful blocks, its Tetris. Songbird box & manual? A+ glossy as always. I think it is worth a buy on the Lynx. If you collect and play Lynx a lot it will have coming back, just turn the sound down when you do. Cyber Virus. Wow this game is cool! It is a real 3D game on the Lynx like Battlewheels. Reminds me more of like a mech game than a 3D game like Doom. You have guns, grenades, missiles, armor and health bar. Each mission has a briefing which really boils down to shoot stuff, pick something up, shoot more stuff, exit level. Option shows you a handy map with current objectives. This is great because the levels are really big and the draw distance isn't very far. But everything looks so good on this game. It is arn hard though. I get 4 or 5 missions in and its game over. Even the first 2 training missions are kinda tough. Sometimes the robot enemies just swarm you or are just off camera and you're dead. Gameover. Sound and music in this one is top notch, kept it up the whole time. Box art for this one wraps all the way around the box, looks great on the shelf. If I can manage to finish this one I think I'll buy the lost missions cart next time. This was a really good buy.
  13. I'd been waiting for the Songbird Centipede to come up in HSC Lynx for several months now. I figured Shred or jgk would put up good numbers for me to beat. Low and behold it was Carl himself who was my biggest challenge. All week I reigned number one then I notice Friday night Carl posts a score far greater than I had gotten. My old hands aren't like they used to be, holding the Lynx vertical for hours is a challenge in itself. I going to finish this challenge. All Saturday afternoon into the night, I played many a game. Stopping several times to rest my hands. Finally, got it. First again.
  14. I had forgotten I bought On Duty and Always Winter about a month ago. Coming all the way to northern Pa from Finland is quite a journey. On Duty is a cool little top down shooter that kinda reminds me of Commando mixed with nes Metal Gear. It has a lot of humor to it and doesn't take itself too seriously. Always Winter Never Christmas is a small novel along the line of choose the path to take, and is Sci-fi in nature. Once again it is filled with pop culture humor from other sci-fi franchises. After looking at the White Lynx web site I found there was another game on the Always Winter cart, Robot Run. A cartoon Star Wars inspired side scroller. You collect "junk" to get rations. It reminds me of flappy bird but instead of jumping you just move up,down, back, forward. It has a nice music track and backgrounds change periodically. Pretty fun after finishing the novel.
  15. I picked up Championship Rally at Portland Retro this weekend and I’m looking for strategies for Tournament mode. I haven’t yet beaten the first circuit...I can reliably get 2nd in every race, but can’t quite rack up 8 points. some questions for you all: 1. Braking (button B) doesn’t seem to do anything in tournament mode. I feel like it’s the same as just letting off the gas. Am I doing it wrong? Should I be doing some heel-toe motions? 2. What’s up with that moveable bush on the Desert map? It’s at the first turn, and I don’t believe any of the others are moveable... 3. What’s the best path on the City map? Should I take the first left, or the second? 4. Any tips for getting into first place?
  16. A real labor of love is finally complete. An Atari drawing for everyday of the month of October 2016 (31 drawings), now in one beautifully printed collection, Inktober 2016 | Atari Propaganda. Atari Lynx, Atari ST, and Atari Jaguar are featured most of the time, but there are a few bonuses in there as well. Because I am not one for heavy marketing, I want to make sure that everyone who would like a copy of this collection can get it for a deal right up front. I also don't want to spend the next year packing and shipping books, I got more Atari art to make darn it! So here is a bit of encouragement to purchase sooner rather than later. If you purchase the Atari Propaganda collection before the end of the day January 27th, you can get the $20 book for $18 USD (%10 off). If that is still too much, sign up for my mailing list (link at the top of my website) and get an additional %15 off of a single copy making your purchase $15 + shipping. This includes a dated signature from the artist of course. Not interested in buying the whole collection? Not a problem, I also have all the larger (8.5x11") art prints of every drawing on sale as well for $7 a piece. Pick the ones you really want, without the hassle of flipping the pages of a book. Thank you for the support, and enjoy the Atari fan art goodness! Atari Propagand Book Product Page (purchase here): http://williamthorup.com/product/inktober-2016-book/ Individual Art Prints http://williamthorup.com/product-category/art-prints/inktober_2016/ Get your extra 15% off coupon here: https://goo.gl/t0y69l Digital gallery of all the artwork included in the book: http://williamthorup.com/inktober-2016/
  17. Some great classic TV commercials in this short video. Including Batman Returns. Which was a decent port for the handheld. Link: https://goo.gl/cKSmC4
  18. Being a noob to the world of Lynx, why is this one so rare? All I can find so far seems to be a $260 & $330 listing on Ebay! Do they usually go for cheaper when they show up or is that about right? Those are both boxed too, but still.....I know the Telegames titles tend to be rare, but I think that's a huge leap in price compared to some of the other rarer ones I've searched for. Seems like a kick ass title for the Lynx regardless I remember the Strike series for Super Nintendo/Genesis, etc. I always found them interesting, but never got to play em.
  19. We cordially invite you to the 12th edition of the largest event for fans of ATARI consoles and computers in the world! This time we are celebrating our 20th anniversary... "Silly Venture"! Join us! Last year we broke the record in terms of the number of participants and works submitted for competitions! Just face the facts: All of that at an ATARI-only party! Without your participation this would not be possible - many thanks! The legend continues. Just has to. Long live the Atari demoscene! My Dears, due to the 20th anniversary of Silly Venture, we wanted to give you more than one T-shirt colour to choose from - especially since the logo designed by mOOnie looks simply amazing on all of them! (not forgetting the neat ATARI logo on the sleeve) We will probably choose the 3 or 4 that get the most votes, however we ask that people who decide to buy them take part in the survey. T-shirts will go to print next week - you will be able to order them pretty soon! (also with home delivery). Oh, and the most important thing - t-shirts will be even better quality than in previous years. The survey can be found at the official SV2020 profile on FACEBOOK: CLICK ME NOW! PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO VISIT OUR SV2020 WEB-SITE FOR MORE INFO! WWW.SILLYVENTURE.EU
  20. Hey everyone, Recently came into possession of the a one of a kind item, the original art for Paperboy on the Atari Lynx that used to hang in the old Atari office. Just got it re-framed with new acid free matting and UV glass. I've already had a couple of offers on this, and wanted to sanity check pricing on such a piece.
  21. I recently purchased this retail standee display and accompanying items. The Batsignal lights up when you press the button and it still works. It runs off of a 9V battery. I'd never know of Grey Matters magazine before finding this and attempting to find copies of other volumes doesn't look easy. Hope you all enjoy and if anyone knows of other Lynx displays I'd like to see them. http://imgur.com/gallery/AFodP
  22. In my effort to provide documentation for lynx, I've started a new task : "vectorisation" of the Atari Lynx Schematics. I've done it with KiCAD. The schematics are based on the 4 part of Atari Lynx Hardware Schematics This is not the "final" version. Some parts were hard to read/understand. If you see any mistake, please feel free to report it. Schematics v0.1.pdf
  23. I was looking for the woman who worked with John Skruch when I worked for Atari and I found THIS! I hope this is not a repeat post, but this is AWESOME! http://www.digitpress.com/library/books/book_atari_lynx_hint_book.pdf I always loved the Zarlor Mercenary "Game of Life" egg and the Chips Challenge Mandelbrot generator. Notes: The RoadBlasters egg is wrong - you have to be holding a button when you drive into the tree. Toki eggs were unknown to Sunnyvale apparently (hehehehe).
  24. First, here's some potential 7800 ports that I might make: -Thunder Force (Sharp X1/Fujitsu FM7) -Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja -Darius -Salamander/Life Force -Space Gun (Will have Light gun, Mouse, and Trak-Ball support.) -Marble Madness (Will have Trak-Ball support.) -The Fairyland Story -The Legend of Kage (Possible dual joystick support.) Lynx ports: -Magical Drop -Cadash -Aqua Jack -The NinjaWarriors -The New Zealand Story -Chase H. Q. -Bionic Commando -Gradius 1 & 2 Jaguar: -Xexex -Turrican 1 & 2 -Lemmings (Will have mouse support.) -Osman/Cannon Dancer (with spelling and grammatical fixes.) -Magician Lord -RayForce -Metal Black -Gun Frontier -Ghost Lop -Arabian Magic -Pnickies -The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy (with improved controls, I might add.) Before I go, here's Dark Edge, a sprite-based 3D fighting game from Sega: I hope this gives someone here an idea or two... Update: I also wanted to say that many of these ports can also be done the other systems mentioned. Update 2: Come to think of it, Quadtari, Comlynx, and Team Tap support are also on the plate.
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