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Found 65 results

  1. Nibbler

    Atari Lynx pins

    Im looking for Atari Lynx pins to buy or trade the few doubles I have. Any tips where to find them other than ebay would be great too. Thanks guys
  2. Hey everyone, I'm selling an Atari Lynx II collection for $628 USD: Atari Lynx II - $150 Original Box AC Adapter Sun Visor/Screen Guard Pouch CIB Games (27) - $452 A.P.B. - $17 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure - $11 Block Out - $16 Chip's Challenge - $12 Crystal Mines 2 - $12 Hydra - $12 Ishido: The Way of the Stones - $11 Jimmy Conners Tennis - $9 Joust - $40 Klax - $12 Kung Food - $10 Ms. Pac-Man - $31 Ninja Gaiden III: Ancient Ship of Doom - $36 Power Factor - $7 QIX - $20 Roadblasters - $28 Robo-Squash - $9 Rygar - $27 S.T.U.N. Runner - $13 Scrapyard Dog - $17 Shadow of the Beast - $19 Steel Talons - $12 Super Skweek - $9 Todd's Adventure in Slime World - $15 Toki - $24 Viking Child - $16 Xybots - $7 Loose Games (2) - $26 Gauntlet - $16 Pinball Jam- $10 The system and games work great and each CIB game has its own protective plastic case (included for free!). The prices come from PriceCharting.com as of 03/14/2020, and I've listed them individually just so you know how I came up with the final number. I'll pay the shipping costs to anywhere in the continental US. PayPal is preferred, and all prices are listed in USD.
  3. The Atari Lynx 1-UP from: starforcepi.wordpress.com What’s the greatest handheld of the 1980s and 1990s? Why, the 16-bit arcade juggernaut named Atari Lynx, of course! I was a kid when the original Lynx 1 came out for us here in the old country in 1990, and was blown away. The Game Boy was a monochrome moron in comparison, and the Game Gear was all about converting Mega Drive and Master System games to pocket version – the Lynx, with its hardware-driven zooming and distortion of sprites, was going for Arcade experiences. BOOYA! Sadly, as with everthing Atari, this too turned to dust. BUT, fast-forward to 2018 and look at the love for this loveable giant! So much so, that McWill, a name you must’ve heard of by now, released one of the most impressive upgrades for a system I’ve ever seen – LCD replacement for the waning washed-out Lynx screen, with VGA output. The VGA output was a great addition, but the way I’ve seen people utilize it online seemed rather silly to me; you would have to use the Lynx as the controller when playing on the VGA. No sir, I don’t like it. So I decided to use the spacious room behind the screen to build an interface to: 1) securely place the Lynx on a stand; 2) output VGA; 3) connect a standard DB9 compatible controller (Mega Drive, Master System, Atari). It’s a tight squeeze, but the VGA, Controller port and Stand all fit neatly in the small 3x4cm interface window. This was an absolute pleasure to build, everything went smooth and simple, all the measurements were direct hits, hell even the stand only took me 10 minutes to design (8 hours to print, but hey). So let’s see it in full VGA action: It’s perhaps the best handheld to consolize: the GameGear has most games on Master System or Mega Drive, the GameBoy looks rather silly and clunky on a monitor, and TurboExpress is pointless, because it’s a 1-to-1 conversion of the actual console. I am glad I did it, I hope you will too, and stop placing those ugly connectors on the top of your handheld. Building the Lynx 1-UPI bought a pristine looking junked Lynx 1 for 20 euros – seemed a good place to start, let’s see if we can bring it alive! I replaced all the capacitors, power input socket, MOSFET, but finally it was the two 3906 transistors that were the issue. In order to do these replacements, you need a fine-point soldering iron and some tweezers, but everything on the board is quite spacious, so there’s no mistaking what’s what. This part is cheap: 7 dollars on console5.com. They have links and tutorials on that site, very complete. I also bought the McWill for 120 dollars, I was gonna do this mod regardless if this particular system was junked. So far everything together cost me ~150 dollars. After bringing the console back to live, it was time for McWillification! I followed the 1 page diagram that came with it, but it’s a little information dense, so I followed the following video instead: This worked better than I could have ever imagined, I know everyone says they’re gobsmacked when they see the difference, but it really is very true – I get why it’s such an expensive mod now. I was gonna leave it with that, honestly that’s just everything one could ever want from an upgrade… but, of course, me being the way I am, things escalated. You see, the mod came with the VGA socket, and I saw how people were placing these at the top of their handhelds, and you know what – it looked ugly. I want the facade of the handheld to be untouched. While I was adding the McWill mod I noticed the enormous space left behind the screen, which is when I had the idea: make the Lynx into a hybrid, with the connector ports at the back with a stand for console gaming via VGA, and all the ports hidden behing a minimal cover during handheld gaming. I first ordered DB9 sockets for a controller, and placed this together with the VGA socket on the inside of the battery cover. I made a little window in the battery cover, 3D printed a frame and cover for the ports, and there we have our interface. For the controller ports I had to solder 6 wires on the button pads of the Lynx PCB. Luckily most of these have soldered extension traces, so you can avoid blocking the normal button-to-pad press, but for two I had to solder directly onto the pad: be mindfull to be as flat as possible. Then we wire up the VGA socket to the pads on the McWill screen, this is shown in the accompanied diagram of the screen. We then place the DB9 and VGA socket in the space between the batteries, where the little light tube of the old screen sat (ignore the loose wires, they’re from the battery input, I cut them for ease of access). In the left picture, top connector is the VGA socket you can see running to the McWill screen. The lower connector go to the front of the PCB to the button pads. When assembled the VGA socket is lower, and DB9 is upper. Next to these I added screw connectors, so that I may fix the system to a stand, as shown in the next pictures: Unlike the Nintendo Snack Pack, this was a joy to make. I did it to unwind and relax, I didn’t want to build something from the ground up, but this just gave enough inspiration to just slightly 1-up it. The Lynx Stand and little VGA cover in particular really clean the mod up nicely, and makes this thing into a fully consolized system. I must admit though, I’ve been mostly playing it with the stand and controller via the McWill screen, not via VGA, but hey, it’s there. Finally, it all cost me a substantial 150 euro, but it was worth it. The Atari Lynx is a very strange and powerful handheld, spanning 7 years with 72 games, it’s still enjoying new homebrew releases every year, with a small but dedicated following. I’m very happy to be one of them. Upgrades: Full capacitor replacement MOSFET replacement 3906 Transistor replacement Power input socket replacement McWill Screen upgrade VGA output port DB9 input port Custom interface window & stand
  4. So I was thinking, what were the best multi-format games up to 1995 that could have realistically been released on the Atari Lynx, but weren't? By this, I mean games that were available to be converted and the Lynx and would have been powerful enough to run them. I'm not including Mario, Sonic etc. because they were exclusive to other systems. Also, I haven't included any fighting games because these work far better on consoles IMO. Here's my Top 40. 1. Sensible World of Soccer - would have been amazing 2. Worms - the original was amazing on Jaguar (and not so good on SNES) 3. Secret of Monkey Island - I've never played it, but Dracula The Undead works well 4. Flashback - an all-time classic 5. Another World - a bit short, but still a good game 6. NHL 94 - the best ice hockey game of all time 7. Jungle Strike - superb sequel (and no on-foot sections that ruined Urban Strike) 8. Cannon Fodder - works well on the Gameboy Color and could have been lovely on the Lynx 9. NBA Jam TE - the Game Gear version has stood the test of time 10. Prince of Persia - the SNES version would be an excellent edition to the Lynx library 11. The Chaos Engine - also known as Soldiers of Fortune in the USA 12. Speedball 2 - futuristic sports game 13. Turrican - a cool run and gun game 14. Turrican 2 - might as well have the sequel too! 15. Bubble Bobble - another all-time classic 16. Pang - this was pretty playable back in the day 17. Alien Breed - another game with a good reputation 18. Syndicate - this might be pushing it a bit in terms of the Lynx's power! 19. Super Frog - the best platformer on the Amiga 20. Centipede - I believe a demo of this already exists, however a full update would be cool 21. Lemmings 2: The Tribes - the sequel to one of the top Lynx games 22. R-Type - classic shoot 'em up 23. R-Type II - and its sequel 24. Star Wars Arcade - now this would have been great on the Lynx! Why didn't it happen? 25. Tempest - Tempest 2000 might be a bit much, but a version of Tempest would be welcome 26. Defender - another arcade classic 27. Defender II - and its sequel 28. Zool - this was a snazzy platformer 29. Zool 2 - with the sequel on the Jaguar 30. Smash TV - the spiritual sequel to Robotron 2084 31. Total Carnage - also made it to the Jaguar 32. Rainbow Islands - fun two player game 33. Millipede - could have been updated for the Lynx 34. Temple of Doom - the arcade game 35. Empire Strikes Back - would also have been a great addition 36. Galaxian - very playable shoot 'em up 37. Galaga - also very playable, would have worked well on the Lynx 38. Q*Bert 3 - conversion of the SNES game 39. Gauntlet - the proper game, rather than the one the marketing guys got hold of... 40. Gauntlet II - and its sequel So there you have it, 40 games that would have been great on the Lynx. Who knows, maybe one day some people far more talented than me will do the honours.
  5. Hi guys! Waiting for something better I've re-done (or rather re-covered) one demo music from Raster Music Tracker for Atari 8 bit. Attached .lnx and .lyx files, .ogg file recorded from mednafen and even its source in Chipper (set program to 480Hz to play this one properly). Enjoy! 🤠 freedom.zip
  6. Fishing for ATARI is a fun fishing game for 2 players on 1 Lynx! The game is a bit unusual, as it's a 2 players only game, but both players play on a single ATARI Lynx handheld game console. To play, you should lay down the console on a table, and have each player sit on a different side. Each player will use a single button (DPAD for player 1, A or B for player 2) to try to catch as many ATARI machines as possible before the time runs out. HOW TO PLAY You can download the game here: https://drludos.itch.io/fishing-for-atari In the archive are included ROM files in Lnx (emulator) and Lyx (flashcart) formats. The fully commented source code is also included in the archive! This game was my entry to the Silly Venture 2019 Atari Lynx Game Compo. I hope you'll enjoy it! From what I've been told, it's a great game to play with your significant other or with your kids!
  7. From the album: Lynx Graphics

  8. From the album: Lynx Graphics

  9. From the album: Lynx Graphics

  10. From the album: Lynx Graphics

  11. I got a new piano for 2020 as a surprise from my wife. It is an absolutely adorable Nord Grand. Compared to the Lynx it sounds like a dream come true. While reading the manual I found out that you can create your own instruments from your own samples. This led to ideas of how to connect the kbd to the Lynx etc. But after a while I realized that the optimal Handy Music composer could be easier to create on a tablet! The plan is to record the good sounds of the instruments from a real Lynx. Like the sounds that are used in my games. The goal is to create loop sounds that can be repeated. There would be three levels in the composer. Top level: Tempo Compose level: Blocks to play Block level: Interactive drums for creating sfx and interactive piano for melody patterns. Once the blocks are complete you could create small loops like with The output format would be SASS source that can directly be compiled and used in games. Anyone interested to join in on developement?
  12. I am starting to prepare myself for the next RGC in 1 month in Paris. So I had to look back to 2109, and in my opinion it is one of the biggest year for the Lynx. So many things... Of course, 11 new games for the programming competition, new developpers, games completed and released this year, new hardware... Just one example : Retroguru (Nop90) released no less than 5 completed games this year, and maybe a sixth one for the SillyVision Lynx Compo... Awesome work ! So I started to design a poster for the RGC, and I'd like to share with you the preliminary draft. And I probably forgot so many things (did not even mentionned new development tolls, like Milfork or Unity 8 bits as I haven't tested them yet - and upcoming part is really limited to some selected and recents projects), so feel free to point me toward missing stuff, or mistake... For developpers, if you uploaded a ROM of your game, I will put it on SD flash card and Agacart for demonstration during the show. If you don't want me to do so, drop me a PM. If you want to send me another version, drop me a PM also.
  13. I picked up Championship Rally at Portland Retro this weekend and I’m looking for strategies for Tournament mode. I haven’t yet beaten the first circuit...I can reliably get 2nd in every race, but can’t quite rack up 8 points. some questions for you all: 1. Braking (button B) doesn’t seem to do anything in tournament mode. I feel like it’s the same as just letting off the gas. Am I doing it wrong? Should I be doing some heel-toe motions? 2. What’s up with that moveable bush on the Desert map? It’s at the first turn, and I don’t believe any of the others are moveable... 3. What’s the best path on the City map? Should I take the first left, or the second? 4. Any tips for getting into first place?
  14. About 6 years ago, for a Jaguar, a created a VRBasic Translator (in .NET) that translates VRBasic code into C and then feeds it into the C compiler to get the target platform (Jaguar) binary. Since, allegedly, there's no BASIC for Lynx (I really wouldn't know, as I'm ignorant on the platform's history and only got familiar with coding it in C/Asm few months ago) - it looks like it might be worthwhile to port the VRBasic to Lynx as that might entice more users to the platform. I took the liberty to implement the Microsoft's syntax of BASIC, so this would be unfortunately quite far from the Atari 800 XL's Basic syntax (with line numbers), but: - it's still much more accessible than C - no Line numbers - no curly braces - no semicolons - you can use hardcoded paths to your art assets (sprites) right in your code (without using any external tools), and the backend will do all the heavy lifting (loading, conversion, alpha keying) at the compile-time, so on Jaguar it just works Here's one sample to show the syntax: ' VRBasic Sample 05 - Sprite Drawing ' Sep-2013 ' Declare the sprite variable as a global variable to avoid passing it to every function using it Module Globals Dim ImgWall As Sprite End Module ' Draw all colors in the palette Sub DrawPaletteAt (xp As Integer, yp As Integer) For idxColor As Integer = 0 To 255 DrawPixel (xp + idxColor, yp, idxColor) Next idxColor ' Draw some helper points every 32 pixels to assist with picking the color index For idxHelper As Integer = 0 To 8 DrawPixel (xp + idxHelper*32, yp+1, 127) Next idxHelper End Sub Sub Main () SetGraphicsMode () DrawPaletteAt (32,0) ' LoadImage takes a full path, so you will have to update it based on where you installed the VRBasic LoadImage (ImgWall,"c:\jaguar\_Projects\_VRBasic\src\Samples\ArtAssets\TileA2_16_Colors_Palette.gif",8) ' Now let's place the palette of the loaded image at the desired destination in our palette - for example at index 100 CopyPalette (100,ImgWall) ' Of course, since we changed the palette indices of the image after loading, we need to update the image data for the same offset ' Under Virtual Jaguar, upon every restart of the *.j64 (e.g. when it reaches End Sub for Main () ), this will have the effect of further offseting the colors, since VJ does not seem to reload the *.j64 (merely jump to Sub Main), thus the Image Data are not physically reloaded OffsetImage (100,ImgWall) ' Let's display the sprite roughly in the middle of the screen ShowImage (ImgWall, 160,100) Wait (5000) End Sub Obviously, the platform's specific functionality (sprites, palettes, etc.) would have to be recoded for Lynx (or use TGI), but the basic language should, in theory, compile fine (assuming no major differences between jaguar's C and cc65) right out of the box. I should also have a full PDF documentation, somewhere on my hard drive...
  15. Auction up on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Lynx-System-Bundle/202783520419?hash=item2f36d6f6a3:g:cfkAAOSwOahdhTP4
  16. Hi. My name is Rich and I have a small VR channel on YouTube. I invite you to see my retro console collection on YouTube. I'm about to get to 900subs and I'm doing something special.
  17. Being a noob to the world of Lynx, why is this one so rare? All I can find so far seems to be a $260 & $330 listing on Ebay! Do they usually go for cheaper when they show up or is that about right? Those are both boxed too, but still.....I know the Telegames titles tend to be rare, but I think that's a huge leap in price compared to some of the other rarer ones I've searched for. Seems like a kick ass title for the Lynx regardless I remember the Strike series for Super Nintendo/Genesis, etc. I always found them interesting, but never got to play em.
  18. I was looking for the woman who worked with John Skruch when I worked for Atari and I found THIS! I hope this is not a repeat post, but this is AWESOME! http://www.digitpress.com/library/books/book_atari_lynx_hint_book.pdf I always loved the Zarlor Mercenary "Game of Life" egg and the Chips Challenge Mandelbrot generator. Notes: The RoadBlasters egg is wrong - you have to be holding a button when you drive into the tree. Toki eggs were unknown to Sunnyvale apparently (hehehehe).
  19. I recently purchased this retail standee display and accompanying items. The Batsignal lights up when you press the button and it still works. It runs off of a 9V battery. I'd never know of Grey Matters magazine before finding this and attempting to find copies of other volumes doesn't look easy. Hope you all enjoy and if anyone knows of other Lynx displays I'd like to see them. http://imgur.com/gallery/AFodP
  20. In my effort to provide documentation for lynx, I've started a new task : "vectorisation" of the Atari Lynx Schematics. I've done it with KiCAD. The schematics are based on the 4 part of Atari Lynx Hardware Schematics This is not the "final" version. Some parts were hard to read/understand. If you see any mistake, please feel free to report it. Schematics v0.1.pdf
  21. Some great classic TV commercials in this short video. Including Batman Returns. Which was a decent port for the handheld. Link: https://goo.gl/cKSmC4
  22. A real labor of love is finally complete. An Atari drawing for everyday of the month of October 2016 (31 drawings), now in one beautifully printed collection, Inktober 2016 | Atari Propaganda. Atari Lynx, Atari ST, and Atari Jaguar are featured most of the time, but there are a few bonuses in there as well. Because I am not one for heavy marketing, I want to make sure that everyone who would like a copy of this collection can get it for a deal right up front. I also don't want to spend the next year packing and shipping books, I got more Atari art to make darn it! So here is a bit of encouragement to purchase sooner rather than later. If you purchase the Atari Propaganda collection before the end of the day January 27th, you can get the $20 book for $18 USD (%10 off). If that is still too much, sign up for my mailing list (link at the top of my website) and get an additional %15 off of a single copy making your purchase $15 + shipping. This includes a dated signature from the artist of course. Not interested in buying the whole collection? Not a problem, I also have all the larger (8.5x11") art prints of every drawing on sale as well for $7 a piece. Pick the ones you really want, without the hassle of flipping the pages of a book. Thank you for the support, and enjoy the Atari fan art goodness! Atari Propagand Book Product Page (purchase here): http://williamthorup.com/product/inktober-2016-book/ Individual Art Prints http://williamthorup.com/product-category/art-prints/inktober_2016/ Get your extra 15% off coupon here: https://goo.gl/t0y69l Digital gallery of all the artwork included in the book: http://williamthorup.com/inktober-2016/
  23. Hi, Has anybody been able to compile the tgidemo from the cc65 samples? Installed cc65 according to http://atarilynxdeve...nt-environment/ According to the README file it should be supported for lynx but I haven't been able to compile it successfully. I'm trying to compile this from a cygwin window with the gnu make installed. $ make -v GNU Make 3.82.90 Built for i686-pc-cygwin Copyright © 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html> This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. I made the following changes to the Makefile: SYS = lynx EXELIST = tgidemo $ make tgidemo.c Unresolved external `_close' referenced in: tgi_load_driver.s(22) Unresolved external `_open' referenced in: tgi_load_driver.s(21) Unresolved external `_read' referenced in: tgi_load_driver.s(20) Unresolved external `_tgi_mode_table' referenced in: tgi_stddrv.s(9) Unresolved external `_write' referenced in: fwrite.s(10) ld65.exe: Error: 5 unresolved external(s) found - cannot create output file Makefile:67: recipe for target `tgidemo' failed make: *** [tgidemo] Error 255 Any help/info would be welcome.
  24. I noticed that best-electronics-ca.com is selling refurbished Lynx decks for around $45, which seems pretty straight to me. They offer both the Lynx I and II. Does anyone have an opinion as it which one I should get? Personally, I think that the first model looks cooler.
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