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Found 27 results

  1. Hi guys. I've been stuck for several days with a flu with only a MacBook laptop, and unable to test Mecha-9 and other games sent to me because the available emulators just doesn't handle VDP nuisances, Megacart and even less Super Game Module. So I ported my private emulator with support for Megacart and Super Game Module, you'll need to download also libSDL 2 from http://www.libsdl.org (there is a chance you should download it, because OS X v10.11.5 somehow doesn't recognize the integrated SDL library) It's pretty simple but it works like a charm at least in my Mac, and you can play any game from the original ones till Pac-Man Collection You need to boot into Terminal for using it, also you must download the BIOS coleco.rom I don't intend to update it in a looong time, so enjoy it! Edit: Sep/02/2020 v0.6.9, now allows to take screenshots while in pause. Also added my game Zombie Near to the pack of included ROMs. Edit: Jun/16/2020 v0.6.8, now allows to reverse joystick interpretation for up/down and left/right, useful with some controllers reported. I hope to not have broken anything in this release. Edit: Jun/13/2020 v0.6.7, now support for random number generation on games like Word Feud (using RAND_GEN from Coleco BIOS). Paused windows doesn't show trash if minimized/maximized or something passes over. Pause shows a message. Added Mecha-9 to the game collection included. Now finally includes libsdl to avoid installing it. Edit: Nov/30/2017 v0.6.6, now Raspberry Pi version included, also added Ctrl+Fn+F4 to save a memory snapshot and Ctrl+Fn+F9 to log PSG values in each frame. (although keys are configurable, Ctrl for these isn't) Edit: May/25/2017 v0.6.5, joysticks are now configurable, support shortcuts for full screen and saves state of it for next time (Mac Cmd+Ctrl+f and Windows Alt+Enter), enhancement of VDP emulation and undocumented modes, correction of execution time for some Z80 instructions, and solved bug where Sammy Lightfoot would crash. Raspberry version not available yet. Edit: Feb/15/2016 v0.6.4, now ADAM keyboard can be fully configured (very useful for users with non-US keyboards), and finally Raspberry version compiled. Edit: Jan/11/2016 v0.6.3, better emulation for Z80 solves pitch problem in speech in Sewer Sam and Squish'Em Sam, keys F4 and F7 are now configurable, Expertype and ADAM Bomb 2 are now working, fixed some ADAM keys for Windows, added 64K RAM expansion for ADAM, fixed bug in joystick support (not tested), added code to show joystick movement when using F7 (show codes). Raspberry not updated in this version because I didn't found my external keyboard Edit: Nov/27/2015 v0.6.2, solves small bugs in Z80 and VDP emulation. Ctrl+Fn+F4 creates debugging snapshots. Allows to use two keys to activate one button (both pressed at same time). Allows for two keys to activate same button (for example two controllers). Raspberry now shows status messages (important for F7 key codes). More keys are configurable: video recording, audio recording, screenshots, enable/disable roller controller. When using Roller Controller the sensitivity has been adjusted (was too fast). Edit: Nov/05/2015 v0.6.1, small bugs fixed. Pause and Reset key couldn't use joystick. Better compression for AVI and safeguard if 2GB limit is reached. PAL switching didn't update BIOS European byte. Able to exit using # and * key at same time (only Raspberry) Edit: Nov/04/2015 v0.6.0, all platforms updated! Added fast startup of Colecovision BIOS, Roller Controller enabled/disabled with only Fn-F5, VIDEO RECORDING!!! using Fn-F6 (AVI with ZMBV codec, playable with VLC Player), support for Right Shift + Enter to exit in Raspberry PI (useful for Retropie). BTW, several people has donated to CoolCV for the Mac version and also for the Raspberry version, including a Raspberry PI (still stuck in snail mail) but I've got another one for the development using the donations Thanks for contributing!!! Edit: Sep/23/2015 v0.5.4, Mac only, allows controller mapping to be changed (creates Documents/coolcv_mapping.txt), changed Fn+F7 to show instead key codes and joystick button codes, support for Super Action Controllers (you need to activate buttons in mapping file). Edit: Sep/01/2015 v0.5.3, Mac only, added Fn+F10 to save PNG screenshots, now also checks for file numbers previously used and doesn't rewrite them. Now also accepts dropping ZIP files, the first ROM/COL/BIN file inside will be used as game ROM Edit: Aug/31/2015 v0.5.2, Mac only, documented Fn+F8 feature to accelerate disk/tape read in ADAM mode. Added new feature to record audio files using Fn+F9, it saves files in your Music folder. Note it reuses numbers if re-run, so copy any files you like. Now you can use Q*Bert sounds for your cellphone calls, for example Edit: Aug/25/2015 v0.5.1, highly experimental Raspberry PI version now available in post #91 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/240800-coolcv-emulator-for-mac-os-x-linux-and-windows/page-4?do=findComment&comment=3307835 Edit: Aug/08/2015 v0.5.1, controllers should feel smoother now. Solves a bug in VDP collision register (failed in Carnival) and also allows to run Super Donkey Kong prototype (1983) deactivating SGM support (it crashed because the game wrote to port 7FH) (now ZIP file includes all platforms) Edit: Jul/31/2015 v0.5 Added keypad support for controller 2 in keyboard and experimental Coleco ADAM support for DSK and DDP (check Read Me file for details) I've tested only SmartBASIC, Dragon's Lair and Donkey Kong Jr. (Aug/01/2015 added Linux and Windows versions) Edit: Jul/29/2015 v0.4 Now supports for controller 2 in keyboard. Higher audio volume. Also implemented support for two joysticks (tested by grips03) with Fn+F7 to switch buttons and now it can launch ROM files (use context menu in your ROM file, select get info, change application to CoolCV, change for all) though not sure why there is a small delay in launching. Jul/30/2015 just added Windows and Linux versions. Edit: Jul/26/2015 Now also compiled for Linux, 32 bits and 64 bits be sure to run the right version. Also you need to drop your ROM file into the window. If it's running slow, make smaller the window. Edit: Jul/25/2015 I compiled this for Windows (very early). Same as Mac version, but you need to drop your ROM file INTO the window. If it's running slow, make smaller the window. Edit: Jul/24/2015 v0.3 I've made this an integrated app for Mac. Now download it, open it, then drag&drop your ROM file over the icon appearing in task bar (bottom of screen). In fact you can put the app in the Launchpad for running it easily (no more command line!!) Edit: Jul/23/2015 v0.2 ok, I didn't resisted the temptation to add window resizing and full screen mode. Snapshot saving/restoring. -pal option. And improved aspect ratio. coolcv_v0.1.zip coolcv_v0.2.zip coolcv_v0.3.zip coolcv_v0.3_win.zip coolcv_v0.3_linux.zip coolcv_v0.4.zip coolcv_v0.4_win.zip coolcv_v0.4_linux.zip coolcv_v0.5.zip coolcv_v0.5_win.zip coolcv_v0.5_linux.zip coolcv_v0.5.1_all.zip coolcv_v0.5.2_mac.zip coolcv_v0.5.3_mac.zip coolcv_v0.5.4_mac.zip coolcv_v0.6.0_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.1_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.2_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.3_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.4_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.5_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.6_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.6_all_extra_games.zip coolcv_v0.6.7_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.8_almost_all.zip coolcv_v0.6.9_almost_all.zip
  2. A friend recently bought a Mac Classic and was working to get it running, when he found something that frankly shocked both of us. That was a penny, both the computer and the penny have a 1984 date. Has anyone here have ever seen anything like this before?
  3. A bargain bin USB SNES style controller for Mac and PC! Is it any good though?
  4. Hello All! I recently picked up a Mac LC III curbside and it generally works great, and is running OS 7.1. I cleaned up the case and blew a bunch of duster inside (including floppy) to ensure it would work as well as possible. The machine itself works great, but when I try to put in a floppy, it will ALWAYS ask me to format it. It sounds like I remember they are supposed to sound, and it ejects the disk properly. It will attempt to format but then after the second check say "initialization failed" and eject the disc. I am wondering if: -Its bad discs (only have one pack of mac disks right now, others up at my parents need to go grab) -Its a bad drive (not repairiable, needs to be replaced) -The drive needs to be properly cleaned with a cleaning kit, internal dirt/grime on the read mechanism is whats the issue Additional information: -I tried yet to be formatted one sided discs from my Atari ST and those also wouldn't format -The discs I was using would read and format on my G3 Pismo, but then would crash the computer when I tried to eject them and then become corrupted. What is your take and what should I do FIRST? Thanks in advance!! Worst case scenario I do have an external 3.5 drive that I use with my IIgs I could always try..
  5. I bought a Mac Mini G4 1.25GHZ on eBay, it's in the mail as I type this so I don't have it to hand at the moment, and in the photograph, the top of the case is yellowed like the yellowing you see on beige box computers from back in the 80s and SNES consoles from the 90s, etc. I'm wondering whether or not this is the same process, and if it is, would retrobrite treatment work to restore the white color; can retrobrite even be done on the white part of the top of the Mac Mini case without messing up the rest of the case? Secondly, how difficult is it to overclock the Mini G4 and how stable is it at the various clock speeds(1.5GHZ being the obvious choice)? If I proceed with doing the OC, is there anything I should be concerned about? I've done soldering on an Xbox 360(glitch chip, JTAG) so the size of the resistors and the simplicity of the soldering doesn't really intimidate me, but obviously I don't want to break something if it's extremely sensitive.
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding Atari800MacX emulator. There are games like Draconus and Blinky's Scary School that just work when changed the configuration to 130XE; but seems it's no use with others like Dropzone and Alleycat. Any idea on what to do in order to have all (or most) games working in this program? Regards, - Y -
  7. VintageGamer has reviewed Asphalt 6: Adrenaline for the Mac! Take a look... VIDEO REVIEW
  8. I am currently living in a small apartment, and my girlfriend will be moving in soon. In the interests of maximizing space, I am considering putting my numberous systems into storage and getting a nice emulation setup hooked up to my new TV. How anyone here ever done this, and did it work out for you? Now, what kind of a computer is needed for good emulation? I know next to nothing about hardware, and won't be building a machine. I'll just go to Best Buy when my tax refund comes back and buy a PC. Ideally, I would like to run stuff up to the Dreamcast era smoothly, if that can be done. If not, I'll settle for a machine that runs the classics. Any recommendations on an out-of-the-box machine that does the job? Also, any suggestions for controllers? Also, has anyone here had experience with a first-gen hacked Xbox? Thanks!
  9. I recently acquired a big lot of "new old stock" CompUSA mousepads in assorted colors and thought there might be some interest here. Whether you're a retro PC or retro Mac fan, CompUSA was a go-to store for a lot of us back in the 90s and early 2000s. All colors pictured are available and would be happy to supplement this stock picture for a photo or two of the exact mousepad you would receive. Asking $15 *including shipping* per mousepad OBO. Shoot me a PM and we'll go from there. Cheers.
  10. In Belboz's workshop zip file there's a "move" example which moves a Jaguar logo around the screen. The attached tarball lets you assemble and link it using `vasm` and `vlink` instead of the more traditional methods. I'm having a lot of fun getting these workshops and other sample codebases to work with the new assembler and linker. No idea what the license is on Belboz's tools. I'd like to include a LICENSE file in this tarball, but can't yet.
  11. Hello Im looking for an Atari ST virtual synth vst for mac, I can only find one for P.C is anyone one here aware if one exist's for mac? many thanks
  12. looking to sell my 512k complete set
  13. Hello, since the last OS X update I don´t have sound with Atari800MacX. It is disabled bei default, but at the moment I enable sound, it crashes. This true for both my MacBook Pros. One was just set up from the scratch and I´ve downloaded the installer for Atari800MacX, but it crashes. If I leave sound disabled, everything runs fine without crashes. But also without sound. Any idea or alternative Emulator for OS X?
  14. Just a few things I'd like to get out of the way. Thanks for looking. 🙂 Lot of 3 Nintendo Carts: Power Puff (GBC); Home On The Range & Backyard Baseball (GBA) $5 shipped 4 Vintage Mac software CD's includes You Don't Know Jack & Scrabble $5 shipped Jaguar TV Game Switch $5 shipped Atari Action Pack 2 CD and disks vintage Mac $5 shipped Simpsons Cartoon Studio vintage Mac $5 shipped Casino for vintage Mac SEALED $6.80 shipped Lot of Apple II games: Zork I, Type Attack, Where in the World, Magazine disk SOLD Box Only for Atari Jaguar Dino Dudes $5 shipped SOLD Manual for TI-99/4A RS-232 PEB card $3 shipped SOLD
  15. Hey guys, just putting out a feeler here to see if anybody has a Mac Mini G4(tested, confirmed working) or similarly specced PPC Mac that can run OS 9(hacked installer or otherwise, but not classic mode in OS X) they are willing to part with. The Mac Mini 1.25GHZ/power supply I just got off eBay and that I am in the process of returning due to it not working properly ran me about $50 shipped, so I was hoping for something in that neighborhood. I was really hoping for ~1GHZ or more clockspeed if something other than a Mini, but again, this is intended to be an OS 9 rig and I don't have a ton of wiggle room on the price including shipping so no 2.0GHZ upgraded G4s, sadly. Just as an aside, I wish Apple had made something with the performance of a Mac Mini that had the form factor of an iMac G4(and that could run OS 9, yadda yadda). What a beautiful machine.
  16. Collectable game from the 80's. Here is more information about it from MobyGames http://www.mobygames.com/game/macintosh/dark-castle eBay Auction -- Item Number: 261571506460
  17. I wanted to start a G4 Cube thread and pool some information and resources here as they are slowly disappearing elsewhere around the web. The cube is moving slowly from a viable web surfer (you still can do web and email no problem) to being more of a vintage program and gaming machine. Pictured below on the desk is my example. I am running OS 9.2.2 and 10.4.11 Tiger. More info on the Cube: http://lowendmac.com/2000/power-mac-g4-cube/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Mac_G4_Cube I have currently upgraded my RAM to 1.5 GB (the most it will take.) The HDD to 120GB, it will take 128 without partitioning schemes, though apparently there is a patch available that will allow it to accept "big" drives (more on that later.) And I found a Nvidia Geoforce3 MX 64 GB graphics card to replace the stock 16mb unit. Also will soon be ordering a DVD-R Superdrive (internal) to replace the stock unit which is prong to failure. Currently using a MCE external CD-R firewire drive. Here are the best places to get Cube upgrades, as well as for most other macs (ebay as well of course): https://www.macsales.com/ http://www.wegenermedia.com/ http://www.mcetech.com/ http://fastmac.com/ I am still looking for a G4 Cube processor upgrade. They don't seem to be available anywhere commercially, so I'm waiting until one pops up on ebay. Please do PM me if you have an extra one you are willing to part ways with. Some articles on the Cube: http://www.cultofmac.com/85894/decade-old-g4-cube-gets-updated-runs-leopard-looks-amazing/ http://www.macworld.com/article/3044049/hardware/behold-the-g4-cube-apples-most-epic-computer-ever.html I will post updates on upgrading various aspects of the cube, for starters RAM, Graphics card, and HD, but hopefully eventually the Processor and various software/hacks as well. More to come! Please post all your cube memories, wisdom and info here. https://youtu.be/69PE6XSqE0g
  18. What Emulators run under OS X?
  19. Greetings, I downloaded Atari800MacX. I then downloaded the ROMs. I can use BASIC and play some .atr games using keyboard. Bought a retrolink joystick. Having trouble making that work. Played around with USB Overdrive and Joystick Mapper, but not having much luck. Any advice? Thanks.
  20. I'm new to classic computing since I've only been collecting video games and haven't gotten into the computer game craze yet. The Qs: Q1# What are some of the best spectrum games to buy at first and how much should I pay for each? Q2# How much should I pay for a Commadore 64 with all the hook ups or complete in box? Q3# What are some of the best C64 games to buy at first and how much should I pay for each? Q4# What are some of the best Apple ][ games to buy at first and how much should I pay for each? Q5# How much should I pay for an Apple ][ with hook ups? Q6# How much should I buy a spectrum at with hook ups? Q7# How much should I pay for a: with (keyboard mouse and ac power at least or hook ups) all I did is copy the words off wikipedia Macintosh 128K Macintosh 512K Macintosh 512Ke Macintosh Plus Macintosh SE Macintosh SE FDHD Macintosh SE/30 Macintosh Classic Macintosh Classic II Mac. Color Classic Mac. Color Classic II eMac iMac G4 Macintosh 2 Power Mac G4 Cube Macintosh Portable Mac Mini G4
  21. I'm using Stella 6.0 on Mac OSX, and I've noticed that the colors in fullscreen mode are visibly different than in windowed mode. When I took screenshots on both modes, the colors in the screenshots appear to be the same. I suspect that it's a video driver issue rather than a Stella issue, but I'm wondering if anyone else has observed this. Edited to add: This also is happening on Stella 4.73, so it's almost certainly an issue on the Mac side instead of Stella, as I've never observed this issue before.
  22. So long before I amassed the epic console collection I have now, I had just an NES, and my Mac Performa 450. I spent most of the 90's alternating between them when home. I have MANY fond memories of playing games on my Mac, including Doom, Wolf 3D, Sim City 2000, The Oregon Trail, and countless others I can't even remember right now. I was thinking of getting a pre OSX Mac Laptop to game on (portable, space, can hook up to big VGA monitor) and wanted to get the opinion of some AA gamers. I've (almost) settled on a Mac Powerbook G3 "Pismo" model. My reasoning is the following- -It runs both OS9.2.2 (for 90's gaming) and OSX 10.4.11 (for some modern functionality) -At 500mhz and 1 gig ram, 80 gb hardrive potential, I could do some modern stuff with it -Includes CD rom drive, USB ports, and most modern connections needed, like Wifi Capability and ethernet. -I could hook it up to the monitor I use for my Atari ST and thus one less desktop taking up space (Already have a ST and Apple IIGS in my stable) Any input or thoughts are much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  23. This is more of a feeler listing as I would like to find out if it's possible to get a G5 1.6GHZ compatible AGP video card with at least 128MB VRAM(256 preferred, but dependent on cost) for a more reasonable amount of money than the +$100 listings i've seen on eBay. All things being equal, I would rather not dump a log of money into a machine that has somewhat of a checkered history as far as it's reliability is concerned. I don't have any hardware that I could use to flash an AGP video card myself, so I can't just buy a PC ROM card and flash it. As long as it works with my system and preferably has a VGA port in addition to DVI, I wouldn't mind a flashed GPU if it meant it was a bit cheaper. I was hoping to stay under $30 shipped if at all possible. Thanks for reading.
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