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Found 29 results

  1. I have several manuals and books for sales. Please PM me if interested and we can 'talk price'. Thanks!!
  2. 3D PRINTER FILES 32K & TIPI Case CF7+ 3D Case CartShells Replacement Keyboard Plunger for the TI "Hi-Tek" Keyboard Speech Synthesizer Enclosure Texas Instruments LOGO Coaster TIPI+32K Sidecar Unit Off-site TI related 3D files 1/2 height disk drive faceplate for 3.5" drive and a GOTEK floppy emulator (Added 01/30/2021) CR-2032 Battery Holder for Mini Memory FinalGROM Shell Mini TI-99/4A Console Nano-PEB Case Another Nano-PEB Case Power Switch for Black & Silver Consoles Stackpole Switch Stem (Linked 12/08/2020) Storage Rack for TI cartridges TI-99/4A Rpi Box TIPI Case for the TI (Linked 12/08/2020) TI Logo Coin TI Logo Ring Wumpus TI related, but non-4A related objects Raspberry Pi 3 Case that resembles a TI-99/4A (Linked 12/08/2020) CC-40 EEPROM Case CC-40 SD Drive Enclosure (Added 12/15/2020) KEYBOARD STRIPS 4/A Talk, P-Term, TI LOGO Disk Manager 1000, Graphx, Disk Assembler, GRAM Kracker, TI-Calc, P-Code Editor/Assembler & Terminal Emulator II Miller's Graphics Explorer New Version of Miller's Graphics Explorer Submarine Commander Telco TI-Writer, Multiplan & Video Chess BEIGE Disk Assembler, BEIGE TI-Writer, BEIGE Graphx, BEIGE P-Code BEIGE Terminal Emulator II, Editor Assembler, TI Forth and TI-Writer (German) BEIGE 99/8 BASIC, BEIGE 99/8 TI-Writer, BEIGE 99/8 BASIC, BEIGE 99/8 P-System PS/2 Console (single row) PS/2 Console & BA-Writer (three row) MBX Bigfoot Manual Championship Baseball Overlay Championship Baseball Manual Honey Hunt Overlay I'm Hiding Overlay MBX Manual Meteor Belt Manual Soundtrack Trolley Overlay Space Bandits Manual Superfly Manual Terry Turtle's Adventure Manual Terry Turtle's Adventure Overlay MBX Advertisements in JPG format History of the MBX document Development Tools (Notes/Diagnostics & XB Call Links) QUICK REFERENCE CARDS TI-Base Quick Reference Card (See full manual in manual section below) TI-Editor/Assembler Reference Card TI-Extended BASIC TI-Writer, Multiplan & TI BASIC Willey Quick Reference Guide for TI-BASIC BINDERS & COVERS Editor/Assembler - Spine (Scan in JPG format) Editor/Assembler - Spine (Reproduction in .PSD format) Old Style Manual Cover Templates SHIFT838 Newsletter Binder TI - Binder Covers for Multiplan and TI-Writer XB256D Manual Cover 3 Ring Binder Spine for Yesterday's News Technical Data Cover AFTERMARKET / SCANNED and UPDATED MANUALS 3D Bowling 4A Flyer Adventure Module Manual All Star Baseball Alpiner Manual Aztec Game Manual B-1 Nuclear Bomber Backgammon Barrage scan Beyond Parsec scan Beyond Video Chess scan BHXP1 Experimental Aircraft Simulator Boot, Remind Me!, Road Hunter Boxer, Qmaze,Spot Shot, Star Runner Centipede scan Computer War Copy C Instruction Manual CorComp 9900 Disk Controller Manual Cortex BASIC 80 (manual in 'starter kit) F18A, FR99 compliant Data Base Management Manual By: Navarone Death Drones scan Defender scan Desk Top Publisher Manual By: Databiotics Dig Dug scan Disk Manager 1000-6 Disk Utilities 4.20 (Formatting slightly off) Donkey Kong scan Editor/Assembler Manual Electrical Engineering Manual scan (ADDED 01/09/2021) Fast Term II fbForth Manual Frogger scan Inventory Management Manual scan (Added 01/19/2021) Junkman Jr. scan Killer Caterpillar Math Routine Library scan (ADDED 01/09/2021) Midnight Mason Micro Pinball Mine Sweeper original document Micro-Tennis scan Moon Patrol scan Moonvasion scan Ms. Pacman scan Munchman scan Mini Memory Line-by-Line Assembler Miller's Graphics Explorer Manual (Hotlinked from Ciro's Webpage) Mini Memory Module Night Stalker Manual Page Pro 99 scan Peripheral Expansion System - Theory of Operation Personal Record Keeping Picasso Publisher 2.0 Documentation Manual Picnic Paranoia scan Pole Position scan PreEditor scan PRE-SCAN IT! cleaned scan Protector II scan Rich Extended BASIC Manual Sabre Wulf (the official TI Manual) By: Rasmus Moustgaard Scrabble Shamus Slinky Game Manual Sorgan II Star Runner Manual Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Statistics Cartridge Manual Strike Three! scan Sparkdrummer's Challenge: Rescue At Atari Age (Original Manual) Spot Shot Stratego (Original Manual) Submarine Commander Telco, TI-Lander, TI-Runner, TI-Scramble remakes Terminal Emulator II Manual Tennis TI-Artist scan TI-Artist Plus! TI-Base Manual (See TI-Base Quick Reference Card above in Reference Card section) TI BASIC Support Module Documentation restored TI Extended BASIC Manual Features Linked Index TI - Microsoft Multiplan TI-Runner Manual (From original scans) TI - Runner Level Editor TI Speech Synthesis Tombstone City TRIS Game Manual scan MAD-HUG - Teach Yourself TI BASIC Q-Bert scan Tunnels of Doom scan Video Chess Volcano Fortress Yahtzee CARTRIDGE LABELS 4A Disk Operating System 2018 Contest 4K Short N' Sweet Games-A 2018 4K Contest Label-B Alex Kidd Aperture Atarisoft Labels Cartridge Label for Atarisoft Compilation Borzork (Not the official label) Bounce 'N' Pounce 8K Super Cart Cortex BASIC 80 Crossfire Disk Manager 2000 Escape North Korea (ADDED 12/06/2020) E.T. The Extra Terrestrial E.T. In His Adventure on Land E.T. In His Adventure at Sea fbForth Labels (Not the ones the author / creator uses on his cartridges for sale) FinalGROM 99 Cartridge Label FlashROM 99 Flying Shark Hide & Seek Rock Runner Miller's Graphics Explorer Cartridge Labels Mouskattack Mr. Chin Myarc Extended BASIC II Night Stalker - A Night Stalker - B Pengo Cartridge Label (Added 12/17/2020) JetPac (Powered By TURBOFORTH) Perfect Push Postscript/PDF Labels (assortment) Rasmus' 8-N-1 Arcade Rasmus 8-N-1 Arcade (Old School Version) Scrabble Skyway Snake Plissken Space Station Pheta Stuart's Internet Browser Super TI-99 Mario Bros. Submarine Commander & River Rescue TI-Lander (Added 12/22/2020) TurboForth and Development Cartridge Labels Turmoil Version 1 -- Turmoil Version 2 Tutankham cartridge label DISKETTE LABELS AND SLEEVES DBT Labels Logo Labels Panzer Strike Panzer Strike Diskette Sleeve Stratego 5.25 Diskette Label Texas Instruments Original Diskette Sleeve Retro TI Sleeve for 3.5" Diskettes Yesterday's News 5.25 Diskette Label TurboForth v1.2 for 5.25 Diskettes P-BOX CARD LABELS Myarc RS-232 Interface Card Label Myarc DDCC-1 Floppy Controller Label TI 128 K Super RAM Expansion Label TI 32 K Memory Expansion Label TI Disk Controller Label TI IEEE-488 Interface Label TI Flex Cable Interface Label TI P-Code Ver 4.0 Label TI RS-232 Interface Label TI Video Controller Label MISCELLANEOUS LABELS (Requires Label Maker for best results) "Solid State Cartridge" label ARTWORK Console In "Blueprint" Format" Elvira TI-Advertisement (Humor) Geneve 9640 Motherboard "Steampunked TI System" TI-99/4A Motherboard & Internal Power Supply "TI User Lives Here" Sign (PDF format) UberGROM Cartridge Schematic "Blueprint" "Unauthorized Service" Sign MISCELLANEOUS WORKSHEETS NanoSheet Make a computer desk for your TI out of a single sheet of plywood MISCELLANEOUS 3RD PARTY MANUALS Hamsoft 99 (Kantronics) - Amateur Radio Use Only Rave 99 Expansion Box (PE/2) MISCELLANEOUS TECHNICAL MATERIALS AND SCHEMATICS Video Controller Card Materials BWG Floppy Drive Controller Schematic FLUG DSDD Floppy Drive Controller Schematic Horizon RAM Disk Construction Guide TI RS-232 Schematic Disk Drive Operating and Service Manuals Mechatronic 80 Column Card Schematic Mechatronic 80 Column SCART cable for 6 pin DIN Myarc FDCC-1 Floppy Drive Controller Schematic NTSC to PAL Video Conversion Instructions Percom Floppy Drive Controller Quest 200 Ram Disk Schematic Terminal Emulator II Protocol Manual TI Product 360 DSSD Floppy Drive Controller Schematic Zeno Board Schematics & Technical Information SOFTWARE & PROGRAMMING C-99 Floating Point Library GPL Debugger Operations Guide Software Development System Programmer's Guide (Useful for guys writing for the FinalGROM99) PROGRAMMING AIDS Character Coding Sheets CPU RAM Chart DCHAR2 Layout Screen Sprite Table Sheet GENEVE 9640 MATERIALS Geneve 9640 Pinouts (pwr & video) GENMOD In UNAUTHORIZED UPDATES TO OUTDATED MANUALS nanoPEB Documentation V1 & V2 SELF HELP & INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS Console Debugging By: John Guion HISTORICAL SECTION The Nostalgic feeling of opening a NEW P-Box Texas Instruments - The Personal Computer Division White Papers Triton Advertising Flyer (Good Quality) From: OLD CS1 99/4A "National Assistance Group" Invitation/Advertisement
  3. I am seeking interest and estimates of value for this unique item I want to offer for sale. I want to measure interest and get an idea of its value. This is a notebook that I assembled to hold a collection of ATARI ST programming manuals that came to me as part of a bit lot purchased on eBay last year. All of the pages are in good shape. Questions: Is this of value to anyone? Estimates of value? Note: it weighs about 6 pounds. I suspect it will cost about $10 USPS Media Mail to ship to the U.S. lower 48. Thanks for your opinions/advice. Located in NC, USA near Charlotte
  4. I have pictures below of items I have that I would like to get rid of. EXCEPT, I'd like to have one of the controllers refurbished and one of the trackball controllers refurbished so I can play with them. All cartridges are unboxed. All games work, except for Defender and the Sean Kelly multi-cart. Instruction manuals are included for these games: super breakout, did dug, choplifter, centipede, pole position, qix, defender, galaxian, berzerk, space invaders, ms pac man, missile command, pac man, super cobra, star wars, pitfall, meteorites No manuals for these games: qbert, joust, star raiders, astro chase Assorted 5200 system manuals are pictured. Assorted keypad overlays are pictured. The box top is in very bad shape but the bottom is ok. None of the controllers work completely. Some start games and move characters but most all buttons do not work. The trackball controllers work but not completely (one will only go up but not side to side, the other has buttons that don't work). The Wico controller works well and comes with the Y adapter. The Competition Pro controller comes with the Y adaptor. It works but you have to really push up to get it to go up.
  5. In times like these it is becoming more important, urgent, even vital, that when going about your business and engaging in daily activities and hobbies such as our favorite pastime like vintage computing, that you keep an eye out for a complete set of manuals for your system. Including reference cards. They really add to the nostalgia factor and may even have information you don't know about. If you're an expert with your favorite machine and have no use for manuals get them anyways. They look good on a shelf and add a level of seriousness to your setup. And they're not getting any cheaper, but there's there's still time! Reading a vintage manual that you read decades ago can take you back just the same as playing with the actual hardware. The manuals and books add flavor and "detail" to the experience. I would even go as far to say they're more important than the boxes if you're messing with computers. The manuals and 3rd party books help shape today's experience in the same form as yesteryear's. They impart a sense of what was going on back then. What was important back then. It can be a real joy to work through the programming examples that illustrate various aspects of the hardware. And this applies even more so to 3rd party books - because authors not directly associated with the computer manufacturer had other goals in mind. Think experimentation and real working practical examples and projects. And different perspectives not shaped by corporate culture. Artful expressions and all that. And consider a folder of text files and .PDFs almost as valuable. You may be able to find a ton of stuff online today, it won't be there forever. Stuff goes missing on the internet all the time. Especially the suddenly important stuff that you just started looking for. While book and manual prices have remained cheap for the past 20 or so years, they are beginning to rise in price. It isn't too late to fill that bookshelf with goodies!
  6. I bought the cartridge mentioned above, but no information about it. I am looking for A) a BOX scan and B) the manual. Can somebody help me with it?
  7. (Special thanks to @Omega-TI for keeping these updated) "Images for FlashROM 99 (FR99) and FinalGROM 99 (FG99)" thread Cartridge binaries compatible with each or both the FR99 and FG99 "ROM burning images" thread Cartridge and other images for burning your own cartridges and ROMs "Manuals, keyboard strips, labels, and much more" thread Scans and re-makes of various manuals, keyboard strips, etc., as well as printable 3D objects
  8. Looking for a few manuals from different companies. I will compare the different styles each company used in their manual. Manual doesn't have to be in pristine condition, but does have at least be in 1 piece and readable. I plan to use the knowledge when I start writing up the manual For my homebrew.
  9. Hey, I recently picked up a 2600A woodgrain 4 switch and I'm looking to complete it in box but I don't know all the documentation that came originally with it. Does anyone here have a CIB unit that can tell me exactly whats supposed to go inside it. It would be appreciated. I posted a few pictures of what I have so far. The owners manual seems to be as photocopy. Thanks
  10. REPOSTED IN A NEW POST SINCE MOST OF IT'S GONE, TO MAKE IT CLEANER. I will cross stuff off when it sells. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. ALSO JUST ADDED: BOXED BASIC PROGRAMMING (INT'L), details in post #7, I'll post a pic later. (Reduced to $15) Check out all the pics ---------------- AS OF 1-26-13 10AM, the below before the red dashed line is all that is left ---------------- ---------------- TAKE EVERYTHING BETWEEN THE RED DASHED LINES FOR $15 PLUS SHIPPING ---------------- ---------------- (except the boxed Basic Programming) ---------------- 2600 Atari-brand manuals $1 each unless otherwise marked Berzerk Defender Demons to Diamonds Missile Command x2 Pac-Man Warlords Yars' Revenge Black Jack 2600 Activision-brand Manuals $1 each Stampede Starmaster 2600 other-brand Manuals $.50 cents each Star Wars; Empire Strikes Back x2 2600 Atari-brand Comics $2 each Atari Force #1 Atari Force #2 Atari Force #4 Centipede x2 Yars' Revenge x3 TI-99/4a carts $.50 cents each Parsec TI Invaders Tombstone City Extra Bonuses Call of Duty complete (Windows PC) $1 Sega Rally 2 Championship complete (DreamCast) $3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATARI 2600 CARTS SOLD Berzerk (pic) Breakout (pic) Defender (pic) Codebreaker (text) Combat (text) x3 Dodge 'em (text) Football (text) Math Gran Prix (pic) Night Driver (pic) Outlaw (pic) Pac-Man (pic) RealSports Football (silver) Sky Diver (pic) Solaris (red) x2 Space Invaders (pic) Star Raiders (pic) x2 Super Breakout (pic) Surround (text) Surround (pic) Video Olympics (text) Video Pinball (pic) Warlords (pic) Venture (red) Yars' Revenge (pic) Backgammon (text) $1 Basic Programming (text) $3 Combat (# text) $1 Hangman (text) $1 Slot Machine (text) $4 Slot Racers (text) $1 Video Chess (text) $1 Joust (silver) $1 Millipede (silver) $3 Pele's Soccer (pic) $3 Raiders of the Lost Ark (silver) $1 Superman (text) $3 Battlezone (silver) $1 Krull (silver) $4 Miniature Golf (text) x2 $2each Othello (pic) $1 Space War (pic) $1 Street Racer (pic) $1 Surround (# text) $1 SwordQuest Fireworld (silver) $2 Vanguard (silver) $1 Laser Blast $1 Journey Escape $1 Nexar (THIS CART IS PAL) $FREE with any purchase Sneak'n Peek $1 Super Challenge Football $1 Space Attack (x2) $1each Dark Cavern $1 Super Challenge Baseball $1 Dragster $1 Fishing Derby $1 Grand Prix $1 Kaboom! $1 Stampede $1 Ice Hockey $1 Pitfall! $1 River Raid $1 Skiing $1 2600 Sears-brand Carts (SOLD) Asteroids Space Invaders Target Fun Warlords Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back $1 TI-99/4a carts $.50 cents each [sOLD] Munch Man 2600 Atari-brand manuals $1 each unless otherwise marked [sOLD] Superman $2 Krull $3 Math Gran Prix $2 Midnight Magic SwordQuest FireWorld x2 Backgammon Othello Slot Racers Surround Video Chess Video Olympics Target Fun (SEARS) 2600 Manuals $1 each [sOLD] Pitfall! Skiing Barnstorming Boxing Grand Prix Ice Hockey x2 Kaboom! Laser Blast Journey Escape Towering Inferno Atlantis Space Attack Astroblast 5200 Manuals $.50 cents each SOLD Dig Dug Centipede Defender Missile Command Pac-Man Qix Soccer Star Raiders EXTRA STUFF SOLD Video Pinball box (some crushing, but still presentable, front is nice) $1 (will probably ship flat) Yars' Revenge box (some damage at top and top front, art is still nice) $Free with other purchase (will ship flat) Thanks.
  11. Finally got around to going through my 'Command Modules' to determine how many manuals I'm missing. Turns out there are far fewer than I anticipated, but enough to stick in my collector craw. Some I'm probably hopeless to find (Disk Manager 1 / Word Radar), while others maybe not so much (I mean, someone's gotta have a Weight Control & Nutrition or Story Machine). Anyway, thought I'd cast my line...PM me if you have any of these you'd like to swap for a few bucks. TI Label Disk Manager Disk Manager II Computer Math Games II Computer Math Games III Computer Math Games VI Equations Measurements and Formulas Number Readiness Reading ON (TI version only) Scholastic Spelling 5 (3-hole punched workbook w/ colour box-front sheet - also need front sheet for 4) Story Machine Weight Control & Nutrition Word Radar Space Bandits Superfly Scott Foresman Frog Jump Multiplication 2 Number Bowling Reading Adventures Reading Cheers Also looking for a box-only for Jungle Hunt, but figure I'll have to re-purchase it CIB to get that, and I didn't list any Funware titles, because like ya, that's gonna happen!
  12. I have started filling up my CF7 card with, well, just about everything I have. But one of my pet peeves is having the software and no manual. of the 70+ games I have loaded on the card I am down to just a few I can't find a manual for and like the game. Most are little independent games that, probably, didn't have a manual t begin with. Before I make my own manual I was wondering if anyone happens to have a copy. Here is the list: Driving Demon Tile Breaker (breakout clone) War zone 2 (or whatever version) Rotor Raider Astro Fighter Water Works TI Scrabble (missing on CYC) Q-Bert I have looked in WHTECH, my CYC disk and the web.
  13. Here's a bunch of random stuff I don't need, or my doubles. Normally, I hate "Best Offer" type posts, but this stuff is so random, and some of it in random condition, just make an offer cash/trade. VERY open to trades. Of pretty much anything I don't already have. I just don't keep doubles of carts, manuals anymore, so these have to go. Make me an offer of an interesting trade and I may go for it. All prices are excluding shipping. I can get discounted shipping at work, so shipping prices are very reasonable (probably better than you'd think) and I'll only charge you actual. PM me with offers/trade offers if you can use any of this stuff. Without further ado... TI-99/4a setup for repair or parts. Has some dents and scratching, but otherwise doesn't look horrible. Some of the keys don't work. But the unit itself works fine. The numbers work, so you can start up carts and play. Repair it, or use it to repair a non-working unit. I suppose you could use it to just play carts if you have a joystick, as that seems to work fine. Comes with power supply and the following carts: TI Invaders, Alpiner, Parsec, Hunt The Wumpus, Tombstone City, Munch Man, Blasto, Reading Roundup. Fairchild Channel F and 6 carts. Unit does work. Controllers work, but a little unresponsive (not sure how it's supposed to work though, I was able to play the games). Missing lid. Unit not in bad shape, wood grain is pretty nice. A little dirty. The cables on the controllers are very twisted up, almost like they've been melted. Not sure if they were, or it's just from age/use, but in any case, I'd replace them. Comes with power supply, original Fairchild RF switch, and the following carts: 13 Robot War/Torpedo Alley, 2 Desert Fox/Shooting Gallery, 14 Sonar Search (loose end label), 3 Video Blackjack (loose end label), 5 Space War (no end label), 9 Drag Race (no end label). Note that games are still a little dirty, I wiped them off and they're not disgusting, but could be detailed. SOLD Loose Intellivision carts. All but 3 of these are the screw-together type for you looking for cart shells. A bunch of loose 2600 manuals: A bunch of loose 5200 manuals: Sound and video cards. All of these are not tested recently, as I don't have any computers anymore that could take any of these. They were all pulled from my own machines to upgrade, then stored in the static bags in a dry box on the main level of our house, so in theory should be fine. Clockwise from upper left.. unknown video card, says ASUS on it. Soundblaster PCI 128 with CD, Soundblaster 16 for you retro PC-gaming fans, Soundblaster Live! with discs. Call of Duty: D-Link cable modem, with power supply, disc, manual. 3-Com Cable modem with manual, disc. Unfortunately, I lost the power supply: Acer scanner. Works, just used it recently with the SANE scanner drivers. With power supply and if you want it, a USB cable: UMax Scanner. Also used this recently with the SANE scanner drivers. Power supply not pictured, but my wife says she knows where it is: Linksys 5-port wired (not wireless!) hub: Thanks for looking.
  14. What we have here is my entire Intellivision collection. It’s a pretty sweet collection containing 44 games (most of which have their manuals and overlays with three that are CIB), a boxed intellivoice and an original intellivision. I got almost all of it at an estate sale about 5 years ago. I’m not a fan of the Intellivsion and I never will be. I’ve hung onto it all these years because it was a feather in my cap to own it. But, it’s just taking up space and I have no good reason to hang on to. So to prove that I'm not a hoarder... here it is looking for a home that will value it. I’m the second owner, so far as I know, and all come from a smoke free home. I originally posted this here, but after a day of being up and not a single page view, I'm not going to waste my time waiting. It's now up on ebay. Hardware Original “Model 1” Intellivision - In working condition. At some point I had it open, washed the thing out and cleaned the contacts in the controllers. Intellivoice – Comes with the original box, but no manual. Also in fine working condition. It says B-17 Bawwwwmer just fine. Two plastic game cases (see photo), each able to hold 20 games and their manuals. One has a little damage on the lid where the front tab broke off, but both have intact hinges. Games Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Manual and overlays Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Treasures of Tarmin - Loose Cart Armor Battle - Manual and overlays Astrosmash - Manual and overlays Auto Racing - Manual and overlays Backgammon - Manual and overlays Beauty and the Beast - Manual and overlays Bowling - Manual and overlays Boxing - Manual and overlays Burger Time - Manual and overlays Centipede - Loose Cart Checkers - Manual and overlays Demon Attack - Manual and overlays Donkey Kong - Loose Cart Dragonfire - Manual and overlays Golf - Manual and overlays Horse Racing - Manual and overlays Lock ‘N’ Chase - Manual and overlays Math Fun - Manual and overlays Microsurgeon - Manual and overlays MLB Baseball - Complete in Box NASL Soccer - Manual and overlays NBA Basketball - Manual and overlays NFL Football - Manual, playbooks and overlays NHL Hockey - Manual and overlays Night Stalker - Manual and overlays Pitfall - Loose cart Poker & Blackjack – Complete in box Reversi - Manual and overlays Sea Battle - Manual and overlays Skiiing - Manual and overlays Snafu - Manual and overlays Space Armada - Manual and overlays Space Battle – Complete in box Space Hawk - Manual and overlays Star Strike - Manual and overlays Triple Action - Loose cart Tron Deadly Discs - Manual and overlays Tron Maze-A-Tron - Manual and overlays Word Fun - Manual and overlays Vectron - Loose cart Intellivoice Games Bomb Squad - Manual and overlays B-17 Bomber - Manual and overlays Space Spartans - Manual and overlays
  15. Happy 4th to my fellow Americans here. Happy Thursday to all else. I've mentioned elsewhere that I came across a large lot of Atari hardware/software/etc. and in this are a bunch of manuals and system/language disks that I'd like to re-bundle as correctly as possible. However, due to the somewhat generic (to my eye, anyway) way Atari labeled some of these disks, I'm not able to make a guess as to what they came with. Is there a site somewhere that lists the bundles of manuals and software that came with each line of ST/TT/Falcon systems? I've done different searches online, but maybe I'm just not creative enough to figure out what might work best. Thanks! Greg
  16. If you're as crazy about olden media as I am you may want to have a look at these torrents. Second post in this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/ag8ce1/ive_made_a_collection_of_approx_11000_old_game/ It's a terabyte or two worth of magz'n manuals kinda stuff...I already have a lot of it in my collection, but am now considering buying a new HDD and just grabbing it, because being able to download it all with couple of clicks instead of crawling thorugh all these sites and picking them individually is a massive time saver.
  17. When I was a kid I loved Fantastic Voyage. But even then, I thought there were errors in the manual. Reading the manual now, I see it points out two completely different game entities as being "clotlets". However, I suspect that one of those "clotlets" is actually "bloodcells", as bloodcells are the only thing not depicted in the manual. I found a manual scan on Atarimania and a text manual here on Atariage. Are there any other errors in the manual and are the errors generally well known among Atari fans? I googled for "atari fantastic voyage manual errors" but didn't find any information about these errors.
  18. Hi Everyone, I am not a collector of Atari paperwork. I do appreciate it and know there is a market for it, but I'm personally not a CIB or completest collector by any means. I just enjoy playing the games on classic consoles. To that end, I'm selling off my collection of manuals and catalogs that I have. I have commons and some more rare ones, each one has been cataloged as best I could on the spreadsheet below. https://db.tt/Bd2iyisAfw PM me if interested! Willing to sell or trade! Thanks!
  19. I really love the ability to look up manuals on this site! It's what brought me here as it's often easier to find carts than it is the manuals. I noticed that many of the games have well-done text versions (kudos to those who took the time to do them, especially the ones with the images made from text elements - not easy to do). I have a few manuals of the games that are missing scans. I'd like to send scans of them. What is the best way to do this?
  20. Who has both the box and manuals for these games on the sega master system? (Paying $5.00 each) Monopoly Black Belt Need only manuals for the following Sega Master System games: (Paying $3.00 each) Shinobi Rastan And I would like to have the manuals for these games on the Gamecube: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker ($9.00) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door ($5.00) Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights ($2.00) Mario Superstar Baseball ($2.00) Mario Power Tennis ($2.00) Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader ($2.00) Finally, both the case and manuals for these games on the Gamecube: (Paying $7.00 each) Metroid Prime Pac-Man World 2
  21. I have 3 Atari 2600 Supercharger tape game manuals for sale. The titles are "Killer Satellites", "Dragonstomper", and "Suicide Mission". Condition varies, so please see photos. Killer Satellites has a tiny discoloration. Suicide Mission has some creasing and a tiny tear or two on the front cover. Shipping within the continental US is $3.66. I'm asking $13 for the lot including the shipping charge, but I'm open to reasonable offers. Hoping to get these to someone who will appreciate them.
  22. Because some can't seem to find them, I thought I'd upload some text versions of the original library manuals. Sharp Shot is included . . . hint hint manuals.zip
  23. SOLD Selling as a lot some game manuals and other misc. All are mostly Nintendo stuff. about 27 individual pieces, all for $20 shipped U.S only payment via paypal
  24. I'm fairly new to the hobby, just two years in, with a very modest budget. Shortly after I got reacquainted with the VCS, I stumbled onto a few manuals. Once I had those few manuals, the carts in my collection without manuals seemed incomplete. That's how it began. Innocently enough. Since then, I've been collecting manuals along with carts (no boxes). But I'm beginning to wonder if I should get out of the manuals-game before I get any deeper. There's a lot to like about manuals, obviously. But perhaps I'm in over my head. The following goes without saying but warrants emphasis: the decision to collect manuals doubles the number of collectables to target. Which not only drives the expense of the hobby waaay up, there's also the added challenge of organizing and storing all of those manuals -- which, I foolishly thought, would be simple. Until I discovered there are plenty of manuals out there that are just a tiny bit longer than my 5" x 7" photo sleeves fitted into D-ring binders. Still not sure how to address those. To my mind, the biggest challenge comes with those rarer carts that one needs and encounters without a manual. How do you, AtariAge veterans, handle this scenario? I've got a couple of "rare" carts in my collection without the manual, a few fives on the Rarity Guide and a couple of sixes. Nothing more scarce than that. Combing eBay, I never see a manual -- by itself -- come up for these titles. They do however, come up semi-frequently together, cart and manual. And even more often CIB. So, what do you do? Do you buy the combo and then sell off what you don't need, or do you continue to wait in hopes a manual pops up a la carte someday down the road? Or do you buy it and just keep it all, amassing multiple carts, manuals, and boxes of every title? I guess ultimately, if the goal is a complete collection of carts with their corresponding manual, the bigger question is can it even be done? Is there anybody on AtariAge with a complete set of official 2600 releases -- forget homebrews for a second -- with their corresponding manual, but without boxes? Has anybody done it? Hell, how many have a complete collection of just official carts alone? How many have even done THAT? And CIB? Well, I can't even imagine it.
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