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Found 18 results

  1. From the album: My Game Collection

  2. From the album: My Game Collection

    Sony Playstation 1 Console, Given to me by my cousin in 2003.
  3. From the album: My Game Collection

    yet again, another games shot.
  4. Polybius

    Xbox 360

    From the album: My Game Collection

    My Xbox 360 Arcade Edition (standard) console. I have about 25 games for it. the modern (post 2000) console I play the most. I figured i collect for the modern stuff too!
  5. Polybius

    Nintendo 64 in Box

    From the album: My Game Collection

    Nintendo 64 in the box, from same deal as the SX-64.
  6. Polybius

    xbox 360 part 4

    From the album: My Game Collection

    you know, xbox 360 games.
  7. So a Dave & Busters recently opened by me and for those who don't know it is a chain of Barcades / Restaurant where you can take your kids out and drink alcoholic beverages(seriously there are tones of kids and parents drinking). Anyways what I saw was mostly all new / newer arcade games. It looks almost completely different from an classic arcade where the "traditional games" are gun games or driving games and what is left are mobile game ports using ridiculous slap buttons. I only saw one fighting game and it was the DC injustice but without a joystick and only the large slap buttons to do your moves. There was no skee-ball but there were a small assortment of carnival style games. I went to another arcade that was in a bowling alley and it was all the same things. except they had skee-ball but it cost ~$1 per play. What they do seem to have is a rfid card that you load credits in and tap your rfid card on a small screen that reads the amount of credits the game costs. They absolutely have no Atari Games or traditional arcade cabinets with a joystick style game. No more are the joystick games or classic arcade buttons no more are any hardcore skill games. In someways I get it but it seems as if decades of arcade games are just gone from any new arcade. I remember arcades always used to have the older games, in the 90s they still had the games from the early 80s. Gone are the arcade tokens a tradition reaching almost a century back is gone in a modern arcade, they will only appear as a novelty in the gambling coin push games. If that doesn't make you feel old I don't know what will. What are your thoughts on this and modern arcades? Has the Classic Arcade come to an end? Post any pics of classic arcades to keep it's spirit alive. But hey maybe I am just jaded and becoming an old curmudgeon.
  8. Does anyone have a different way of collecting? a "sub-collection" or just something cool they like to get they're games with? a sort of non-standard collection? Me, I enjoy having the price tag on my games, as long as they have a high price on them. I also enjoy having games in rental cases... I find that very odd. but its cool. :thumbsup:
  9. Hey everyone. This is Blake Leftwich, the creator of Prehistoric Times and Gamebot. I'm also the co-founder of Eggroll Games. We make kids apps for mobile devices. We're doing something new that's not a kids app. It's called Tappy Lander! It's influenced by the classic games I love and I'd like to know if you are interested, have feedback, etc. More screens, info, dev diary updates, etc. at http://facebook.com/tappylander I'd love to have your likes, follows and support, and want to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  10. Get the word out MGC dates set for April 7th to 9th ,2017 for more information http://midwestgamingclassic.com I won't ask for help for jagfest section yet, have to make sure I'm able to go,plus might have other plans for mgc. plus its too early to tell. when I'm ready for helpers I'll post a new topic as well as mention on avc online forum.
  11. From the album: My Game Collection

    My ColecoVision Flashback, Bought new, $40, at Dollar General
  12. AVC Online Announces the new venue for Video Game Summit Chicago, IL 12:00pm 2/16/15 Remember how much fun you used to have playing Atari, Nintendo and all kinds of games on your computer? Well, you will have the rare opportunity to play these great games again at the Video Game Summit, Chicago 's premier video game trade show. In fact, dealers in retro games will be on hand offering games, controllers,systems and memorabilia and will be prepared to buy or trade for the games you have held onto since you were a kid. Who knows, you might just have an Atari cartridge worth $1000 or more collecting dust in your attic. "Retrogaming," the playing and collecting of classic video and computer games, is more popular than ever. In fact, a dedicated group of programmers still issues new games for game systems,such as the Atari 2600, last seen in retail stores over fifteen years ago. The Video Game Summit, now in its twelfth year, brings together classic and modern generation gamers from all over the country to swap stories, games and to compete in sanctioned tournaments and raffles. The event is open to the public and people of all ages with an interest in video games or computers are encouraged to attend. According to the event's organizer, Dan Iacovelli, "we plan to have many retro and modern game consoles for play”. After last year's show we found out that our venue for the past 10 shows was no longer available this year. So the search begun after the show ended last year. It was narrowed to at least three locations, two of the three weren't available. It almost looked like 2014 was the last show, luckily we found that our third venue was open. So are proud to announce the new home of VGS for 2015 is the Midwest Conference Center in Northlake,IL right off the expressway. The date of the show will be July 11th, 2015 from 10am to 6pm at our new location The Midwest Conference Center, 401 West Lake St. Northlake,IL 60164-2401. Admission is $10.00 per person (children 12 and under with an Adult are Free) Vendors are 60.00 each consist of one 6 foot black skirted table and two chairs and electricity) or 50.00 with out power Attendees and Vendors will all get the following: A. a copy of the normal print version of the 2015 program* 1 entry to the Ultimate Prize Package which consists of the following items: 1. 2015 Color Program 2. VGS shirt 3. Promotional posters from 2011-2013 4. Special Edition posters from 2011-2012 5. poster from this year 6. Gamestop e-card(e-mailed to winner) B. 2 entries in to our pick the package raffle, where you get to bid on smaller packages made from prizes donated by sponsors. *Those register online before the program is announced for sale at magcloud.com will be e-mailed a copy of the ebook version for free( once it's announced they will be sold online) you will be required to either print it out or have it on your mobile device when you come to the show (this cuts down on the printing of normal copies) To register for the show go to http://www.videogamesummit.net/?page_id=20 Connect with us: Video Game Summit Yahoo Group: http://gamesource.groups.yahoo.com/group/VideoGameSummit/ Follow us on our twitter: http://twitter.com/VideoGameSummit Facebook group page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=93322237423 Squidoo page: http://www.squidoo.com/Video-Game-Summit Myspace page: http://myspace.com/videogamesummit Dan Iacovelli is available to answer any questions at (708) 688-4561 or [email protected] The Video Game Summit is sponsored by the following: AVC Online and ESGA Softwaorks About AVC Online: AVC Online (Formerly Atari Video Club Online) is am online club that has been supporting Atari Video games and computers for more then 13 years. We have also been involved with Atari Jaguar Festival since 1997. For more information on AVC Online visit: http://avc.atari-users.net END PRESS RELEASE
  13. I'm only posting this new web app for info on an old console due to that this app is accessible through a modern device. Anyway, if you go to http://vectrexmuseum.com/mobile/vecapp.php you can find some info on a new web app for iphone, Ipad etc. If you go to he web browser on your device go to:http://vectrexmuseum.com/mobile/ you can find ebay auctions for UK, Germany ,and USA.
  14. Multiplayer Bomberman in reverse is about two janitors who clean up bombs left behind from fire clouds which randomly appear. Sometimes, these clouds leave behind other janitors in their wake. Kirby in reverse features Kirby eating stars, which he spits out as vicious creatures which wreak havoc on the land. He heals cosmic horrors literally by sucking out their wounds through his fists or as projectile weapons. However, the cosmic horrors have eventually decided it is not worth their time attacking Pop Star, as they seem to have gotten less and less aggressive as they have gone there, and eventually the only evil being left for Kirby to help is a corrupt, but lazy and clumsy penguin. In reverse, Mega Man betrays Dr. Light every time. The Incredible Machine in reverse is about the systematic dismantling of Rube Goldberg machines. Spyro in reverse is about an extremist who fights for the cause of nonsentients by sucking out their wounds, which manifest as fire. He also gives the NPCs useless items and then performs random acts of crime towards them in the spirit of the cause. Robbit Mon Dieu (You probably don't know what that is, so see review at http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/198497-robbit-mon-dieu/reviews/review-49079) in reverse is about a robot who revives a dangerous and powerful alien, and then stows away on a spaceship. He periodically gets off to perform petty crime. Electronic Arts' Create in reverse has the end goal of restoring everything back to its original state. Earth Defense Force in reverse is about a grand urban renewal project performed in collaboration between soldiers and giant insects. Pac-man in reverse is about someone who vomits dots almost continuously and chases after ghosts, all while running backwards. De Blob in reverse is about a being made of paint who sucks out all the color in a city in an attempt to become more colorful himself. It doesn't work. In reverse, NiGHTS is on Wizeman's side and eventually succeeds in giving two children nightmares. Warhammer 40k in reverse is about mass acts of spontaneous creation across all corners of the galaxy. In reverse Monopoly, players sell everything they own. Nobody buys it, so they all lose money. However, they will always end up with the same amount of money every time. Scrabble in reverse involves people taking turns lifting tiles off of a game board. Pitfall and Montezuma's revenge in reverse are both about people who are on a guilt trip and returning all of their stolen treasures to exactly where they found them. The Game & Watch game "Fire" in reverse is about two firefighters who throw people up into burning buildings. In reverse Sonic 3, Sonic and Tails keep losing all of their Chaos Emeralds, until a helpful echidna gives them back. In reverse, Sonic Generations is about a blue hedgehog and his former self screwing up the space-time continuum.
  15. 2014 Video Game Summit Announced The date of the show will be July 12th, 2014 from 10am to 6pm at The Heron Point Convention Center,665 West North Avenue , Lombard,IL (adjacent from the Fairfield Inn and Suites hotel) Admission is $5.00 per person (children 12 and under with an Adult are Free) and booths are $30.00 (a booth consist of three 2 x 5 tables 2 side tables and one front table). booth price includes admission for two and a choice click here for more Video Game Summit Crowd Funding Projects he Video Game Summit Staff and AVC Online announce our second of many crowd funder t-shirt projects to come. In October 13th, 2013 we started a trial run of Black VGS t-shirts which only ran for 2 weeks, that didn’t go well. We we brought it back for another try this time going for 21 days starting Dec 15th till Jan 5th 2014. the cost of the shirts are 18.00 (our goal is to sell 30 or more before end of the project)with the profits going toward the show. Also a new item has been added A Black Hooded Sweat with the same designs as the black t-shirts also going for the 21 days (same dates as black-t-shirt) at 34.00 (same goal as the shirt) Profits as well go toward the show. for more click here
  16. From the album: My Game Collection

    Another shot of the xbox 360 games.
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