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Found 19 results

  1. I know this was done by many retro enthusiasts for different platforms, I did this myself for my Acorn Archimedes 3000. https://www.kernelcrash.com/blog/modifying-a-ps2-optical-mouse-for-an-acorn-riscpc/2016/03/26/ I cannot find anything on converting old optical mice for Atari ST though. Yes I know there are different converters out there, but going straight from (compatible) optical sensor to quadrature output seems more attractive to me. Certainly the original 'tank' mouse has its own charm, but sometimes one might prefer something less bulky and less clanky.
  2. Story: You are a mouse who is in love with a fish. A bear has come to the stream of your love and is starting to try to eat all of the fish! Defend your love, and slap the bear! Warning: do not slap a real bear! That would be bad for you and the bear, and could get you killed. Instructions: At the title screen control the bear to get the mouse's attention if you'd like, then press the reset or fire button to play. For extra coolness points: have the bear sing a song or recite a speech! Press up to jump as you are running. You can jump off of birds or fish to try to land on the bear's head and press the joystick button to try to slap the bear in the face. A good job may get you applause from the wildlife! When the score is higher, you may be able to play as 2 to 3 mice, Ernie the capybara, or the rat. When you crawl on the bear, it will attempt to brush you off, which may cause you to lose some control over your movement. Don't crawl on the bear too long, or it may accidentally slam you into the ground as it tries to brush you off. If this happens, press the joystick button to start over as a new mouse. slap_the_bear_1.2.bas slap_the_bear_1.2.bas.bin
  3. I'm wondering if anyone has ever tested an Amiga Tank mouse with an Amiga CD32 where you plug the mouse on the second controller port. Was the mouse compatible? I speak out of curiosity.
  4. I borrowed an Atari/Sega adapter for my Intellivision 2 and Telegames Super Video Arcade consoles from a friend last month, and got some interestimg results. This particular adapter was made by Grips03 back about 3 1/2 years ago, and it really is opening opening up new possibilities for controlling games on the Intellivision- with even some very cool mice and trackballs. Check it out:
  5. I've got a few Atari controller secrets to reveal which some of you may have never come upon. Here's the lowdown: 1) the Atari CX-22 Trakball has a desirable feature that the later-released black CX-80 Trakball doesn't have. In fact, there are other 2600-compatible trackballs that have this feature as well... 2) The combo paddle/joystick 2600 controllers made by Sears and Coleco are not as effective to play paddle games on a light sixer or heavy sixer unless you have a particular item to use with the controller. There are some people here who may have never known about this. 3) Omega Race is a two-button game requiring a special "Booster Grip" to properly play it. Some may not have that Booster Grip, but there is another way to play the game... and a controller from another gaming console is the key. 4) There's a particular mouse that can be used to play 2600 games, but there's a trick that you have to know in order to make it "active". I've got all this explained in today's presentation on my Wired-up Retro Ytube channel. Enjoy:
  6. Although this is slated for a bigger upcoming project, I figured it would likely be useful in a stand-alone application as well. Since I have a new compact motherboard design that will require an internal mouse interface with the ability to easily switch between joystick ports, and if desired completely disappear (stealth mode), I began work on a new mouse interface chip for the A8. It could have just as easily been used in an Atari ST, or with a bit of code finagling also made to work in an Amiga. Initially I looked at some of the GPL PS/2 mouse-to-ST/Amiga offerings, thinking that I would simply add what code I needed. However once I dived in, I quickly decided this would not be a good way to go, and so began my journey to write mouse code from scratch in my favorite development application FlowCode. Anyway suffice it to say i am probably 85% done, with the last 15% dedicated to supporting mouse movement acceleration (very tricky stuff). So here's a look at how this new mouse chip will be implemented in my new project, along with of course a TK-II keyboard chip (this schematic shows part of the I/O section). Unlike the mouse support that existed on the early versions of TK-II firmware, and then was later abandoned, this one has true ST mouse emulation as its primary goal (plus some enhancements). Yes I know people would love to have a USB mouse instead (as well as a USB keyboard interface), but with all that I have going on I'm afraid this is the best that I can presently do. Especially considering the learning curve required to implement this in USB as well likely needing to switch over to a different processor family to really do it right (yet another learning curve to climb). Besides despite what the rumors would have you believe, there are plenty of NEW PS/2 mice and keyboards still available, as well as some that offer wireless support. And lets face it, PS/2 protocol is a hell of a lot easier to work with. Ohh and did I mention that I get lazy from time to time . Anyway I doubt if I'll be making any PCBs for stand-alone plug-in usage, but if someone is ambitious, I will be providing the PIC MCU Firmware (in JOY2PIC and Microchip file versions). Stay tuned for more info and eventually the firmware release. - Michael
  7. I would like to use a USB trackball on PS1 games that support the Playstation Mouse (especially Atari Anniversary). I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is any type of adapter that would work for this? There seem to be adapters out there that are designed to allow the use of USB mouse and keyboard on FPS for the PS2, but since those games were likely not designed for the Playstation Mouse, I am doubtful that I'd get the same kind of accuracy and responsiveness on games designed for the Playstation Mouse, but perhaps I am wrong?
  8. I'm looking to sell a few items in my collection, may update with more items later. I have a Sega Dreamcast Keyboard with box, the mouse, and a Typing of the Dead CIB.. Looking for 115 shipped in the US. Reasonable offers will be entertained. Been a while since I've been on here, but I'm in the feedback thread and my ebay id is little_lebowski Also have a copy of The Kung Fu (China Warrior in US) a Turbografx 16 Japanese import. I'd like to get 10 shipped for it. Thanks for looking.
  9. is this mouse for atari , here is AM and AT button so i think it measn Amiga and Atari is it true?
  10. I'm looking to put together a definitive list which can be pinned. Would love your thoughts on the second item. -Arkanoid - Revenge of DoH -Beast Busters -Defender of the Crown -Gridrunner (included with Jeff Minter Classics) -Elansar (Cartridge Version Only) -Impulse X -Star Wars Arcade -Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Games that WOULD benefit from a mouse patch but doesn't yet exist: -Syndicate Thanks!
  11. Has anyone ever heard of optical mice for the playstation one? The original ps1 mice were ball mice, of course, with the little rubber coated steel ball that skidded on the mouse pad. I've seen a couple ads on eBay. I asked about this one Topway AMS-1068 and the seller said it was optical. On its way over from Germany to arrive somewhere in January. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PS1-gamepad-Mouse-mouse-grey-AMS-1068-Topway-NEW-BOXED/202096481060?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D49566%26meid%3Da19e70d24adc480184fecea0475b14eb%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D263385070423&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 There is another here I have no idea about. Raton is just "mouse" in French. Any knowledge of the existence of a new wave of optical ps1 mice being designed in Europe? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Raton-PSX-Mouse-nuevo-sony-playstation-1-play-staion-one-ps1/263385070423?hash=item3d52f93b57:g:TKYAAOSw~HBaMGQ6
  12. Hi there. I'm offering PS/2 mouse adapter for Atari ST/Amiga with the following features: Atari ST/Amiga mode (switchable) third mouse button support on a machines that support it Slow mode for other computers, namely XL/XE, which cannot read the default full speed small enough to fit inside ST kebyoard (see photos) The modes can be switched durning power on by holding a mouse button durning power on: LMB switches between Atari ST and Amiga mode. RMB switches between default and slow mode. You can hold both buttons to switch both modes in the same time. The actual configuration is then stored into internal EEPROM. The price is 12 EUR + 3 EUR shipping to Europe or 4 EUR outside Europe. I'm accepting Paypal only.
  13. From the album: RetroIndieGamer's classic games collection

    From left to right we have Star Raiders, Circus Atari, Basketball, Mouse Trap, and Super Football. All of these are fun. Unfortunately, I can't play Star Raiders since I don't have the keypad controller.

    © Retro Indie Gamer 2013

  14. Just wanted to share here today that I've managed to find the best method for getting a mouse working on quite a few 5200 games- 1 and 2 button 5200 games. Here's what you need: 1) A Masterplay Clone that doesn't only make Atari joysticks compatible with the 5200 but has 2-button game compatibility designed to get Sega Genesis controllers working (mine was the 2016 model made by Atariage member, Atariguy1021) 2) A Commodore 64 mouse (model 1351) 3) a 9 pin splitter cable (1 female end to 2 male ends) and a Sega Genesis controller- this is only necessary if you're wanting to play the 2 button games. The setup is explained in my latest presentation which includes a lot of gameplay footage:
  15. This seems like an interesting device: https://hackaday.com/2021/01/22/mouster-brings-usb-to-retro-computers/ A very small USB adapter that takes any USB mouse (not only PS2) and turns signals into DB9 for the joystick port. Works with some USB game controllers too. Wonder if it would be any good on the TI-99/4a. Unfortunately firmware source code doesn’t seem to be available and the price is perhaps a bit steep (25 euros), but still acceptable.
  16. I'm putting together a spinner mounted on an upside-down mouse (pillow block bearings with a knob), as I've seen describe here in the hardware gallery. It works well except I have to mount the whole thing on the side of the mouse where there's not much room. Is it possible to change Stella to use the mouse x-axis instead of the y-axis for the paddle? That would make a more natural position for the knob. I'm using Stella 6.0.1 on raspberry pi with retropi. thanks in advance. -Doug
  17. I've seen USB adapters for connecting Atari 2600 paddle controllers to a PC, but what about connecting USB optical mice to a real Atari to use as paddles? I'm interested in trying a regular wired USB optical mouse or PC wired USB optical trackball for controlling paddle games - not only would it give a different gaming experience than paddles, but optical controllers would also be "jitter proof". I have already made my own spinner controllers for MAME and Stella on the computer very simply, by duct-taping an optical mouse against a shaft (such as a wood dowel, or a wood dowel through a section of foam pool noodle) connected to a knob, and it works beautifully. So I am curious about making an adapter using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi or similar, that you can plug the mouse into, and outputs the variable resistances that would emulate a real paddle controller on the 2600. (The paddle button would be a simple matter of wiring the button to the appropriate pins.) Has anyone tried this, seen a page on this, or got any idea how a microcontroller might output the resistance range (1M ohm) that a native 2600 paddle controller would?
  18. Please excuse the n00bness of these questions, I don't have any experience with a hard drive on an Atari ST system... I have an Atari Mega ST2 with a Megafile 60 connected. I was able to partition the hard drive into two partitions, and I have a C icon on my desktop. - How do I get a D icon on my desktop so I can access the other partition? - When I drag a folder from a floppy to the hard disk, it is identified as a file, not a folder, and does not copy. How should I copy folders? - How can I move files instead of copying them? - Is there a way to select all files in a window, even if there are more files than will fit in the window? - The double click speed of the mouse is too fast. I've tried slowing it down with the control panel, but it doesn't seem to work. How should I be adjusting the double click speed? Thanks!
  19. I'm looking for Apple M0100 mice (Mouse IIe, Mouse IIc, or similar models). I'll take them in any condition - broken, missing pieces, cut cable, bad attitude. My plan is to make USB optical mice out of them to sell. There are a bunch on eBay, but people want ridiculous amounts for them, even in bad shape. If you send me one, and want it converted, I'll give you a break on the final price (as yet, undetermined). If you send me more than one, you can get one of them back, converted to USB for free. If you just want to offload your old mice, I'm offering $10 each in good condition, $5 for broken ones. I'll also pay for (reasonable) shipping. Message me if you have one (or a box full) you want to get rid of.
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