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Found 23 results

  1. VecFever on eBay It's a flash multicart for the Vectrex. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectrex-VecFever-Multicart/323953128604 Vectrex VecFever Multicart Current released firmware. Comes in a Vectrex cart protector. not mine
  2. Hi All, This thread is intended for people that want to ask questions about the Ultimate Cart. Due to the good efforts of Santosp, there's a lot of new users that have just got this cartridge - and there are bound to be questions. So this thread is the place to do it. Before posting, it might be worth checking if the answer is in the documentation I've written for the cartridge. A copy of this should be sent out with every cartridge. If you didn't get it, you can download it from: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart This covers (briefly) how to use the cartridge, how to update the firmware and how to modify a cartridge case to fit. There is also a technical thread here - intended for people that want to develop for the cartridge, or discuss the technical aspects of it: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241888-ultimate-cart-sd-multicart-technical-thread/ The technical thread also has some photos of the internals of modified cartridge shell, so might be of interest. There is also a thread where some compilations have been posted: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242957-ultimate-cart-sd-multicart-info-bits/ Finally, regarding the firmware. There is no need to update it, unless you want to add the new XEX loader functionality. The process is a bit technical, and probably not for everybody. I'm willing to update the firmware for anybody in the UK if they PM me. Perhaps somebody can make the same offer for those in the US? Robin
  3. This is intended as a discussion thread for the Ultimate Cart hardware - an SD-card based multicart for the Atari 8-bit, featuring an altera FPGA and 1 meg of SRAM. If you want to ask me (or someone else) to build you one, you can ask in the pre-orders thread. This is an open-source project and has its own github repository: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart The fpga firmware source will follow in the next few days, but for now there are PCB files, programming files for the FPGA and a Bill Of Materials. Everything needed to assemble a board yourself should now be there. If you want to build one yourself and need some help, ask here. Since it features an FPGA, the hardware will allow lots more to be done with the cartridge. Co-processors, hard-disk functionality, other cartridge types (e.g. Corina) and stackable (e.g. SDX+other) carts should all be possible. The JTAG header makes it possible to reprogram the FPGA with a $10 USB blaster. I'm hoping people can get together to implement and discuss this some of this stuff here. Robin
  4. Hi All, Some of you may know me from the Atari 8-bit forum - I've designed a couple of open-source multi-carts for the Atari 8-bit (the UnoCart and UltimateCart). The Atari 8-bit was my childhood home computer, but I picked up a 2600 jr on ebay at xmas, since I fondly remembered playing Combat on a friend's Atari VCS after school. However I thought it would be nice to play some other games and try some of the more recent homebrew creations, and so... Over the last couple of weeks, I've been busy building a version of the UnoCart for the Atari 2600 - The UnoCart-2600. The video below shows it in action (code from a week or so ago - I've renamed it since then!) Like the UnoCart, this is something you can build yourself with minimal soldering. It just requires an off-the-shelf STM32F4-DISCOVERY board, an SD-card breakout board, and a breakout board for the Atari 2600 cartridge slot. Everything can be hooked up with jumper wires. The source code, firmware, breakout-PCB design and (very rough) building instructions are on a new github page for the project: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UnoCart-2600 The cartridge successfully auto-detects and emulates pretty much all the ROM dumps available on AtariMania (with the exception of Pitfall II, since I'm not emulating the DSP stuff). So far, this has just been tested on my Atari 2600 jr - would anybody else be interested in building one and helping me find any remaining bugs in the cartridge emulation? I've got a few cartridge breakout PCBs spare, since that is the only part that is hard to obtain. PM me if interested? Robin
  5. Hi All, The UnoCart is my latest multi-cart design for the Atari XL & XE. Its basically the little-brother of the Ultimate Cart (using a cheap microcontroller) and you can read about its development here. The UnoCart cartridge uses a micro SD card for storage, so you can reprogram it simply by copying new files onto the SD card from your PC/Mac. Like the Ultimate Cart, the UnoCart can emulate a wide range of cartridges and it also launches XEX files. However it is limited to 128k cartridge and XEX files, rather than the 1024k limit of the Ultimate cart. Most importantly, this means it does not emulate 8mbit Atarimax cartridges - so you still need an Ultimate Cart for that. However, it does have a couple of other features not present in the Ultimate Cart: - Fast search of all directories on the SD card, including partial matches (so you can search for "dig" and it will find "Mr Dig.XEX" and "Dig Dug.ROM"). - Limited support for ATR files (including the 16Meg ATR game compilations) with read and write support. There is also a review video from ndary below showing some of the features: Note there are a couple of inaccuracies in the video- it uses micro SD cards (not micro sims) and it does NOT actually support AtariMax 8mbit ROMs. You can read about the full set of features in the PDF manual available on the project website. The shell is a cheap 3d printed design which is mainly intended to keep the PCB safe and allow it to be inserted in an XL. It is not a proper Atari cartridge shell. The firmware is open source, and was written by myself and flashjazzcat, and we are planning to make a few cartridges available for sale. If you'd like an UnoCart, please reply to this thread (please don't ask for more than 2 cartridges). The price is £40 cased or £35 uncased + £3 P&P. There will be 14 cartridges available initially. I've got 5 ready to post out, so the first 5 will be dispatched immediately. Flashjazzcat is going to make a further 9, but these won't be ready for 2-3 weeks. For those that miss out, or prefer to DIY, there will be a construction article in Excel magazine issue #4, involving only a small amount of through-hole soldering and a readily available development board. Reserve your copy of the magazine here. Robin
  6. Hi all, The original shell for my Ultimate Cart was a hacked Atari grey cart shell, which I spray painted blue. Unfortunately the paint has rubbed off a bit, and its now looking rather tatty. So, now that I've got a 3d printer of my very own, I decided to design a shell for the Ultimate Cart. Like the rest of the project, this shell is open-source. I've uploaded both the STL files and the design files (OpenSCAD) to the github site: https://github.com/robinhedwards/UltimateCart/ The shell should fit any PCBs produced using the board files on github. This should be most of the boards out there, with the exception of the redesign by Panos that he used for his later runs (but I think these came with nice shells anyway). If you're not sure, compare your board to the pictures on github - if the connectors and screw holes are in the same places, it should fit. The cart has been tested for fit in my 65XE, and 800XL. Flashjazzcat has been kind enough to test it for me in a XEGS, 800 and 1200XL, and reports it fits well. If you don't have access to a 3d printer, I'm happy to make a few of these for others. This would be using the same printer and filament colours (bronze & red) as the pictures above. The price would be £22 + P&P (£1 to UK, £3 elsewhere). Send me a PM if interested. Robin
  7. I thought it is time to show "The Voice of Odyssey2" in action on video. I now could connect it to my European PAL G7400 thanks to the Voice+ adapter. I also got the C7060 multicart.
  8. Hey, AtariAge. I'm a new user who has always had a small collection of 2600 games, usually very common NTSC ones I just enjoyed playing. Recently I've gotten into more serious collecting and have a few Quelle games and this oddity. I purchased it from Spain for about 50 euros. It came cartridge-only, without a box or game list. What I find most interesting is that I cannot find an entry for it on Atarimania. I have seen a few 160 multicarts online but with different labels and no dip-switch on the front. Now, let's get to the physical description. It has one single dip-switch on the front, which can be switched 3 ways. I don't know if there's 3 ROMs in the cart, or what the significance of the switch is. I would open up the cart and find out but the label's in good condition and I'd hate to ruin it. What I find interesting is that the label dips down a bit in 5 little sections which means that the same shell was probably used for 32-in-1 carts with actual dip-switches. Also, it takes a little wiggling to get into my Atari. It might just be the console, or the circuitboard. To select the game, you select a mode with the dipswitch and turn the Atari on and off until you find a game you like. What's annoying is that since I don't have a list it's like blindly grabbing a 2600 game from a box of them. So far I've seen Spiderman, Alien's Return, and some interesting European games I haven't seen before. I've attached scans for future reference and to aid Rom Hunter in his quest for HQ scans, and also a size comparison with a standard NTSC Tennis cart. For anyone with experience with PAL carts: is it standard for the front label to be pointing towards the end-label, instead of the cartridge slot like NTSC games? The two Quelle games I own and this multicart have their labels like this. Also, how much would this be valued at? Also, if someone can aid me on how to dump the ROM I'd be very appreciative. Thanks, BizarreBootlegs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKZ_Gwx3k3OAJ7tMNR05dQQ
  9. I did tiny 512kB flash cart for Atari 2600. sources and eagle files are on my git https://github.com/tdididit/a26-flashcart .a26 file contain 4kB rom picker binary rombuilder pc appliation will be soon - WIP a26-flashcart.a26
  10. Hi All, One thing I really wanted to add to the Ultimate Cart was an easy way to use XEX files on the cartridge. Thanks mainly to flashjazzcat, we've now added this as a feature to the firmware. XEX files present on the SD card can now be browsed and launched just like cartridge/ROM files. Loading is practically instantaneous. You can program the attached new firmware to your Ultimate Cart using the (free download) Quartus 15.1 programmer. You will also need a USB Blaster (<$10 on ebay). Consider it a beta - there may be the odd bug. This firmware also replaces my original menu with the improved version by flashjazzcat. Since this is now part of the firmware, you should remove any older version of it from the SD cart (i.e. remove _BOOT.ROM if you have it). This will become the current firmware, and I'll upload the source files to github once this has had a bit of a wider test. I'm sure this will be a very welcome addition to the cartridge firmware, and praise and thanks should be directed to flashjazzcat who wrote the XEX loader and the improved menu - tasks both way beyond my 6502 skills! Robin 10M08SAE144C8G.zip
  11. Can someone give me a rundown of the differences between some of these multicarts for 8bits? Looking for comparisons of features, pros, cons, and pricing. Love to hear positive arguements why one may be better than another. Not really looking to start a pissing contest, just looking for a nice side-by-side.
  12. Hey everyone, I have been toying around with developing an Atari 2600 enhancement cartridge, but I am not into the scene as much as others. Basically, I love the Atari 2600/800, used to write games for the A800 (but not the 2600, but played them of course), and now I develop gaming hardware, 3D engines, etc.. That said, I have been trying to make sense of the different products available for the 2600. So, after doing some research, seems the Harmony Cartridge does what I wanted to do more or less. I wanted a cartridge with a microSD card, that supported bank switching, RAM, and maybe had some support for features that Atari 2600 home brewers wanted as long as I could add them without shaking the trees too much. I am thinking about everything from added sound support in the cart, to a color LCD screen to RGB LEDs to add special effects. Anyway, I have been developing hardware for about 30 years, and the last 15, I have my own manufacturing in china, so if I did this, I would hope to sell 1000+ carts to break even, thus, I am just wondering about the market size. I found one cart that sold 204 units then the company seemed to go defunct, or the license expired? In any event, if I did this, I would probably put it on kickstarter at some point to get the word out and use that to generate sales, so any "special" features in the cart, hopefully enough people would get it, so it became a standard ideally. But, primarily I would follow the rules for all the bank switching and RAM carts that have been reverse engineered to be compatible. So, I can tell over the years that many of these "super carts" or "multicarts" have been developed, but its not clear to me if they are successful? Seems many never ship, or ship a little, or whatever. Maybe the problem is many developers have not done formal manufacturing and get overwhelmed? Alas, I guess I am putting out an "RFC" of sorts with the simple question -- is there a need for another multi/supercart for the Atari 2600 (sorry 7800 people, I never got into that console, so I will stick with the 2600 for now -- and if there is a need, based on my specs above, is there anything else that is very common that home brewers are desperate to have? As well, as making something that normal 2600 fans can use to play games that range from 4-64K. Finally, I don't want to go nuts on this and make a huge project that never gets done. I have shipped about 50-60 embedded systems over the last 15 years and the one lesson I have learned is keep it simple as possible to serve the purpose, you can always add stuff LATER! Comments? (I will post this on Atari Museum, and Atari 2600 on Facebook as well, so I can get a good cross section of comments, not sure were "developers" hang out primarily). Thanks --
  13. Hi everyone, I wired up a little 2k/4k multicart that uses a 74LS04 for a CE hex inverter. It works with the AMD 29F010A-90PC and with some minor wiring changes, the smaller Atmel 28C64-15PC However, it will NOT work with the Atmel 29C010A-12PC and I've tried several. Sometimes I get a glimpse of the game screen before it blanks out. An older post http://atariage.com/forums/topic/21851-2732-eeprom-and-problem-with-6-switch-atari/?do=findComment&comment=240804 describes a similar problem (though I have a 4 switcher) and he solved it by using a 7406 inverter. Before I take a chance on that inverter does anyone know what might be causing this problem? I'm trying to understand why it would effect the 120ns chip but not the 90 or 150? I really would like to use these chips since I have a few lying around. Many thanks.
  14. Hi All, The Ultimate Cart is an SD-card based multicart for the Atari 8-bit, which I've been developing for the last few months. It allows you to browse the SD card on the atari and launch cartridge images from ROM and CAR files from the menu. The PCB is designed to fit in a standard grey cartridge case (after a bit of modification with some clippers and a file). It supports most ROMs up to 1 megabyte in size, including standard 8k and 16k cartridges, XEGS, AtariMax 1 & 8mbit ROMs, SIC! Cart, Bounty Bob, OSS, SDX & Williams. ROM dumps can be easily converted into CAR format with my conversion utility. To learn more about the hardware and development, the original thread is here. The project is open source. PCB files, programming files and source files will be available on github shortly, and I'll open a technical thread for discussion when this has been done. The hardware includes an FPGA and could be used for a lot more than a multicart - co-processor & SD-card based hard disk are two possible future avenues for development. There is a JTAG header to allow the cartridge firmware to be reprogrammed in the future. Now that I've assembled and tested the second board I think its probably time to open a pre-orders thread so I can get some idea of interest. The price will be £70 (+postage) for the cartridge board (ready to use, but uncased). If you are interested in one, please reply to this thread. At the moment, this is only to give me some idea of numbers and to reserve your place in the queue. It is not a commitment to buy or for me to supply one. I'm not sure how many of these I'm prepared to make, and it may take me some time, so I will contact people as I make the boards, and check they are still interested. Since its open source, I'm hoping some others may make the boards too, and might be able to charge less than me. Initially, I've got 3 more PCBs on the way, and I will prioritise any UK or European orders, since it will be easier to post/return if there are any unexpected teething problems. Beyond that I'll see how much interest there is. Robin
  15. Let's have a look at flashcarts and multicarts for the Vectrex and also the Sean Kelly repro cartridge shells. You will also see the new homebrew shooter game VecZ.
  16. I decided to release a compilation of the games that I've made in my half-year or so of working on Atari 2600 goodness. It includes updated versions of my four original games, as well as a fifth, new game. It should be 100% compatible with emulators and cartridges like the Harmony. Enjoy! Current version: 1.1.2 pinata_1_1_2_ntsc.bin pinata_1_1_2_pal60.bin Some of Piñata's features include: Five games, including arcade, action, and adventure: Heartbreak, Ping, Joyride, Fix-It Felix Sr., and Flipside. Hard modes for each game, set with left difficulty switch. Multiplayer modes for Joyride and Flipside, set with right difficulty switch. Driving controller support for Heartbreak. Full AtariVox save support for all games. Support for resetting high scores (hold reset and press joystick fire while on the title menu). Colorful game selection and credits screens. Ability to exit to title screen from games without toggling power switch (flip select and reset at the same time). Thanks to everyone at AtariAge who helped me out! For detailed credits, check the credits screen. manual_finaldraft.pdfpinata_105_ntsc.bin pinata_105_pal60.bin
  17. Hi, first time poster here. I just recently picked up this Multi-Cart at a local game shop. It had two price tags on it; a $2 tag, and a $99 tag. The guy didn't know which was right so he gave it to me for $2. I brought it home and tested it right away, and it works great. I guess each combination of dip switches gives you a different game, though I have no way of knowing which combination will produce what game. I tried doing research on this cart, and I've brought it to a few game shop owners for more information, but all I've been told is that it's a homebrew multicart, and it's been estimated to be worth between $50-$100. I was able to find one other image of the cart that I have online, but it has no information to go along with it. Can anyone tell me more about this? If it's rare, how many may have been produced, who made them, value, etc. Thanks guys!
  18. Does anyone know anything about the multi-cart that John Lester is playing with in this video? It appears to be by Sean Kelly, but John says it's got 154 ROMs on it, and on the menu screen we see "The Ultimate Multi-Cart". John says he picked this up at the Vegas CGE (I assume the 2010 expo). This particular multi-cart is not listed among the multi-carts in NIAD's Collector List so I just want to know if this is a previously undocumented product, maybe a CGE exclusive, and/or if it's a Sean Kelly creation.
  19. Does anyone here know anything about this Jag "multicart kit"? "Retro-kidz" is printed on the label. I couldn't find anything about it online. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 171415654545 The same seller also has a multi I/O board listed as BIN.
  20. I have 1 fully operational colecovision ... and another that operates but will only run 32k cartridges. If I put in the Ultimate multicart or a megarom cart it will not run. Multicart gets the splash screen and then goes blank. It seems to have problems with the bank switching. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion .. other than blowing into the cartridge slot. Attached is pictures( more gold & yellow) of the coleco mother boards top & bottom from the system that will only run 32k carts And yes, it has a modified power switch but that was only installed last night and the problem predates it. And here is the fully working system ( more green & silver) of the coleco mother boards top & bottom from the system that will run all cartridges carts
  21. I'm looking to sell my Sean Kelly multi-cart. It's version 2.5. The label has a copyright date of 2000, but the actual onscreen menu sez 2015; go figs. Works like a charm. The games that it includes will be listed at the end of this post. I'm asking $35 shipped, US only. Titles on the multi-cart: 3D Crazy Coaster • 3D Minestorm • 3D Narrow Escape • 3D Pole Position • 4D Rotocube All Good Things • Armor Attack • Art Master Bachs [sic] Prelude • Bedlam • Berzerk • Berzerk 2 • Birds of Prey • Blitz! • Bonnie Clean Sweep • Cosmic Chasm Daisy• Dark Tower • Disc Duel Demo Engine Analyzer Figgy • Fortress of Narzod • Frogger Heads Up • Hyperchase • Hypercube Jukebox Melody Master • Melody Master 2 • Mikes Molecules • Mine Storm Cheat • Minestorm 2 • Mr. Boston • Moon Lander Patriots • Polar Rescue • Polar Rescue Beta • Pole Position Repulse • Rip Off • Rockaroids Deluxe Scramble • Solar Quest • Space Wars • Spike • Spike Hoppin • Spinball • Star Castle • Star Fire • Star Hawk • Star Trek • Star Trek 2 Tempest Demo [pardon me for editorializing, but this is AMAZING; I pray that it gets finished some day!] • Tour de France Vector Vaders • Vector Vaders 2 • Vectrace • Vectrexians Web Wars
  22. Hi All, I thought I'd post to announce my new hardware project - I'm building an SD-card based Multicart. https://youtu.be/PjkCTXqirv8 Although its far from being finished, it already shows the available ROMs/CARs on the SD card on an Atari menu, and will then reboot to the selected cartridge. At the moment it only supports 8k ROMS and 8-mbit Atarimax ROMs, with bankswitching etc, but I plan to support all cartridge types soon. Adding a new ROM is simply a case of copying a new file to the SD card - no more flashing ATRs etc. Not sure if there's any other available hardware that currently does this? I don't have an SIDE or MyIDE. The hardware is a Altera Max 10 eval board, with my 3.3v cartridge breakout board attaching it to the atari. There's an external 1 megabyte SRAM which cartridges are copied to. Initially the atari boots to a small 8k boot ROM which is stored in dual port memory on the FPGA. The FPGA is also running a soft-cpu to copy files from SD card to SRAM. I'm planning to make a PCB for this next, with the aim of fitting inside a standard cartridge case. Never done an FPGA board before, so that may take me some time. The boot ROM is also far from finished - I'm having to learn 6502 from scratch. There are some other possibilities for this too - the same cartridge could be re-programmed e.g. as an atari co-processor/accelerator board. I'm planning to leave a JTAG/USB Blaster header on the board to make this easy. Robin
  23. Hello, new member here: I just bought this game... ...Off eBay, and I thought I'd attempt to get a value/rarity estimate on it. Was $20 too much for this? It's similar to the multitude of PAL multi-carts listed on the rarity guide, but this exact design (a space program going horribly wrong over a field of box-art; four dip switches on the front) isn't listed. (Though the exact same image was shown on the box of another 2600 multi on eBay that recently ended-though the cartridge itself did not have the same image on it as its box.) I'd asked on Digital Press first, but since their forum is about as active as a sloth I'm asking here as well.
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