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Found 13 results

  1. So I know that a lot of games were exclusive to consoles or exclusive to arcades, but of those that were ported, which would you rather play? The arcade or console version? I know some games I prefer the arcade version because of the graphics and sound and the controls. But other games, I prefer using a console's controller over the arcades. Sometimes, there's also just the nostalgia of playing the consoles. What games would you rather play on the console and which games would you rather play on the arcade? My Partial list Arcade: Street Fighter and other fighting games Double Dragon and other beat em ups Raiden and other SHMUPS Most Atari games Racing games Console: Platformers like Super Mario Sports games like NBA Jam and RBI Baseball and Punch Out Strategy games like Bomberman Adventure games like Gauntlet
  2. This is more or less for the locals, but I have a sit-down Neo-Geo MVS cabinet I am looking to sell. The monitor works and the MVS board includes a 120-in-1 multicart. Both joystick panels work (Player 1 stick and buttons were replaced with new parts; new parts will be included for Player 2 side in case you want to install them). Includes cash box, but there are no locks on the coin door (cheap fix). I'm looking to get $300 for it (firm). If you are interested, send me a PM. I am located in Fairfax, VA. I live on the second floor, but this is pretty lightweight and I can easily strap it to an appliance dolly and take it down on my own. Will probably be willing to trade towards console video game items, but cash is nicer.
  3. I shared a status update, but I want everybody to have a chance to get these! https://shop.hdretrovision.com/collections/component-cables They are excellent component cables and while seemingly expensive, I can confirm they work great! Be sure to do their 240p test on your TV before ordering, or you'll be disappointed... http://www.hdretrovision.com/240p
  4. DeputyMoniker


    From the album: Some of my Collection...

    This was stolen from me a few years ago.
  5. Long story short, I found someone who's selling a Neo Geo CD on Facebook Marketplace. The guy's selling it for pretty cheap and according to him it works perfectly. It comes with two controllers and two games (I didn't bother to ask if they are the real thing or backups, though it can always ask). So the thing is: is it worth getting an uncommon console like that taking into account that most games are extremely expensive, the console weighs a ton and the loading times are abyssmal? Oh, and I'm pretty sure my girlfriend will kill me if she sees that massive hunk of plastic around. I've never seen a Neo Geo CD where I live, I'm pretty sure I won't see another one ever again. I know they can be quite expensive and the guy's selling it for not a lot of money so that's definitely not the problem. Maybe it's worth getting if the games are genuine? Maybe I can get it and if I don't use it I can trade it for some thing cool? Anyway, I'm just interested in hearing some opinions from people who might be familiar with the system, since I don't know anything about it and people like Metal Jesus or the guys at My Life in Gaming haven't made a video on it. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about the Neo Geo CD. PS: I wanted to include some pictures, but Facebook didn't let me see them, so sorry about that. Thanks in advance!
  6. A jaguar console with manual 2 controllers (1 in box) and dino dudes 140 plus shipping 6 lbs package sold jag in box like near mint in box possibly new old stock all baggies and paper work plus an extra controller in box 230 plus shipping 7 lbs package sold jag cd in box with all packaged software and manual, box is taped all over and no styrofoam inserts, 375 plus shipping games shipped, all in box with manual, but no inserts unless noted $15 games checkered flag x2 1 left club drive sold brutal sports football sold iron soldier sold theme park sold 20 dollar games syndicate sold 25 dollar games zool 2 (really great shape, includes insert) 30 dollar games double dragon 5 sold pitfall (again near mint) 45 dollar games wolfenstein 3d sold tempest 2k (again near min, includes insert) sold Highlander last of the macleods sold neo geo Cyberlip us complete 200 shipped sold 5200 4 port, tested and working perfectly, well I couldn't test ports 3 and 4 but honestly they probably work if everything else does sold includes switch box and ac adapter, no controllers. back lid is in perfect shape 40 plus shipping (11 pounds) sold mess of nes wireless crap, 1 dollar plus shipping (4 pounds) sold, intellivision games, dracula, atlantis, plus kool aid man 2600 15 shipped the us galaxian for the atari computers line 10 shipped always open to offer, buying more than 1 thing at a time makes discounts possible all price for the US also 2 copies of resident evil 7 available, 1 new sealed for 40 shipped, once new, but opened with a little bit of damage to the box, 35 shipped sold
  7. It has come time for me to finally commit to selling my NeoGeo. I don't want to... but, its wasting away. I haven't played it (more than a couple minutes for testing and pictures) in a year+. I would rather someone else spend time actually using it and enjoying it, instead of it sitting around gathering dust. Its a low serial, US, includes two original joysticks, the manual, and warranty sheet. Plus 3 games: Crossed Swords, Magician, and King of Monsters. The original power supply, and composite cable.. plus a mini-DIN to Euroscart for RGB out on a framemeister. I just tested it... and it worked great (RGB only... can't test composite). I cannot figure out what to sell it for because almost all the eBay ones are Japanese models, don't have 3 games, don't have two original joysticks, and don't have manuals (or RGB out... but that is minor). Someone help me price this thing. And if you are interested before it goes on eBay... let me know. We can talk. Here is an imgur album and I attached a single picture of it as well. https://imgur.com/a/33fOU4t Thanks for the advice in advance.
  8. Hey all I was making a list of games to review and there in my pile of Neo Geo MVS games is a puchased from new, fully boxed Samurai Shodown V, now I love Samurai Shodown and was super excited when I purchased this, somehow though it just got forgotten, terrible really, I now need to give it some good play (else my review would be terrible)... Are there games you purchased new and at a great deal of expense that kinda slipped through the net that now you kinda feel bad about??? Taaa Sime
  9. TV/MONITOR: NEC XM-2950 or XM-2960 Sony PVM 3230 or 2950q, PGM-2950E, PGM 2710 Sony kx-27hv1, KV-2900, KV-3400 Gateway 2000 Destination II DL31-1 Sony GDM-FW900 Sony KV-25XBR Sony KV-32XBR100 gdm-5411 Mitsubishi cs-2667r Micomsoft SC-500N1 FM Towns: FM TOWNS II model HR20, HR100, or HR200 NEC PC-8801: Popful Mail (CIB) Arcade PCB: Drift Out '94 Atari 5200: (Carts Only) Bounty Bob Strikes Back Decathlon Gremlins Quest for Quintana Roo Zenji Atari Jaguar: Extremist Pack Extremist Pack 2 Extremist Pack 3 Jaguar Preservation Pack #1 Protector (Non SE) Atari Lynx: (CIB Only) Battle Wheels 2000 Checkered Flag Hard Drivin' Ms. PAC-MAN Raiden Warbirds Neo Geo MVS: (Cart Only) Metal Slug Neo Bomberman Waku Waku 7 Baseball Stars 2 AeroFighters 3 Viewpoint Bust-a-Move Again Last Blade 2 Pulstar Flip Shot Galaxy Fight Sega Dreamcast: Atari Anniversary Edition Capcom vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (Jpn) Cannon Spike Giga Wing Giga Wing 2 Mars Matrix PenPen TriIcelon Quake III: Arena Super Runabout San Francisco Edition Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 Unreal Tournament Sony Playstation: Ape Escape Azure Dreams Bravo Air Race Brigandine: Legend of Forsena Bushido Blade Bushido Blade 2 Carnage Heart Chocobo Racing Crash Bandicoot Destruction Derby 2 Dragon Ball GT:Final Bout Dragon Valor Ehrgeiz Final Fantasy Anthology (black label) Final Fantasy Origins (black label) Ford Truck Mania Fox Hunt Front Mission 3 Ghost in the Shell Intelligent Qube Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu Jet Moto (black label) Koudelka The Legend Of Dragoon (black label) Legend of Legaia MediEvil Motor Toon Grand Prix motorhead Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee PaRappa the Rapper Panzer Bandit (JPN) Parasite Eve Parasite Eve 2 Persona Persona 2: Eternal Punishment POP'N TANKS!(JPN) Rascal Racers RC de GO! SaGa Frontier Strider 2 Soulblade (black label) Sports Car GT Thousand Arms Tekken Test Drive Off Road 2 Tomba! Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return Touring Car Challenge Twisted Metal Twisted Metal 2 Vandal Hearts II Valkyrie Profile Vandal-Hearts(Manual Only) Vib Ribbon (JPN) Wipeout XL Wipeout 3 Sony Playstation 2: BOMBERMAN KART (JPN) Cyber Troopers Virtual On Sega Ages 2500 Vol.31 (JPN) Everywhere Road Trip Metal Slug 3D (JPN) Monster World Complete Collection Sega Ages 2500 Vol 29(JPN) Panzer Dragoon SEGA AGES 2500 VOL.27(JPN) RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive Ring of Red Virtua Racing Flat Out Sega AGES 2500 Series Vol 8 (JPN) NES: Adventure Island 2 Disney's Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers Dragon Warrior IV Faria, A World of Mystery and Danger! Ghost Lion Ultima: Warriors of Destiny SNES: Cybernator Dirt Trax FX Gemfire King of Dragons Knight of the Round Lamborghini American Challenge Mechwarrior 3050 Soul Blazer Genesis: (CIB) Burning Force Castle Of Illusion The Duel: Test Drive II (box) Final Zone Ghostbusters Golden Axe II (box) Marble Madness (box) Midnight Resistance Splatterhouse 2 Super Monaco GP Traysia Warsong Genesis: (Manual Only) Bio hazard Battle Chiki Chiki Boys Galaxy Force II Moonwalker Phantasy Star VI Road Rash 3 Robocop Vs. Terminator Rocket Knight Adventure Shinobi III Streets of Rage Sunsetriders Super Street Fighter II Sword of Vermilion Toe Jam & Earl Top Gear 2 X-men Sega CD: Devastator (JPN) Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit Master System: (Cart Only) Wonderboy in Monster Land Sega Saturn: Bug 2 Highway 2000 Mass Destruction PowerSlave Robotica Scorcher Scud the Disposable Assassin Sonic 3D Blast CDi: Tetris Hotel Mario Pac-Attack Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold Mutant Rampage: Bodyslam The Last Bounty Hunter Who Shot Johnny Rock? Chaos Control Crime Patrol Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars Thunder in Paradise The Lost Ride Xbox: Steel Battalion TOCA Race Driver Nintendo 64: Cruis'n Exotica CRUIS'N WORLD Next Generation Magazine (Video Games) Back Issues V2 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 v3 #1 #2 #3 #4 #12
  10. This photo is actually from 2017 but (surprisingly) my collection hasn't changed that much. I am casing CIB NES and SNES games now and I have more Sega CD games than what's pictured. But this is still pretty much how it looks. I have a lot more photos up on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/retromegabit/
  11. Full English Report HERE. Original Japanese Report HERE. According to both sources, the machine comes with 20 built in games (all NA versions), and features SD card support, 2GB memory, and other bells and whistles. Is this the return of the Neo Geo Pocket? Just look at this thing. Its NGPC: The Next Generation!
  12. Just a post to gauge any interest before i put these to auction on ebay...but I have 4 Neo Geo AES carts (originals, not duplicates or conversions) that I'm about to put to auction on ebay, unless anyone want to make me any offers here. They are all in mint condition & complete & in perfect working order (have been stored in a wardrobe since purcahse during the late 1990's) and I can and am more than willing to supply pics, and other details, to prove their originality. Just for interests sake, I am the same person who sold a super-rare Kizuna Encounter Euro AES cart back in 2004, and can verify this if required. This is ony to help verify my legitimacy and bolster confidence in any interested parties. The carts are all 100% real - and although I dont expect some of the astronomical amounts asked for these games by ebay "buy-it-now" sellers, I would like any potential offers to be realistic, before I bite the bullet and ebay them... The carts are: Fatal Fury - Mark of the Wolves (A.E.S., U.S.) Fatal Fury - Real Bout (A.E.S., U.S.) King of Fighter '97 (A.E.S., U.S.) King of Fighters '99 (A.E.S., U.S.) Sengoku 3 (A.E.S., U.S.) P.M. me if any interest, Aaron Hilier
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